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Brock Landers

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Tommy Harper is in Scottsdale, Arizona, spending a few days on his own after attending a professional golf tournament with some of his corporate buddies, just relaxing and taking in the sun before heading back home. After having a great dinner at a popular steakhouse, he is in the bar of his resort, hanging out by himself in a booth with a bottle of wine, scoping the area for women.

It isn’t long before he notices a short-haired blonde with an enormous rack and an incredibly tight body wearing a black dress cocktail looking his way with interest in her eyes.

She looks to be in her early to mid-thirties, which is younger than Tommy by a good ten years but still quite a bit older than he is used to, but that’s more than all right. He has no aversion to older women, in fact, in many ways he prefers them. Their experience, their openness, and their willingness to take control are all things he finds that older women are more comfortable with than younger ones. It just so happens that most of the time he finds himself in situations with younger women.

But not tonight. The blonde is interested in him, that much is obvious. So he grabs a bottle of wine from behind the bar and heads over towards her.

They quickly make their introductions. She says her name is Sharon and that she is here on vacation, celebrating her recent divorce, just looking to have a good time for a few days. Tommy starts to tell her his name but she interrupts. She knows who he is. Her ex-husband was a big baseball fan.

After quickly sharing the bottle of wine and making more meaningless small-talk, they order a bottle to take with them and head up to Sharon’s room, Tommy walking behind her, unable to take his eyes off her impossible tight, incredibly sculpted ass.

Once they are in her room, Sharon doesn’t waste any time at all. She grabs Tommy’s arm and leads him over to the couch. Once there, she turns him around so his back is to the cushions. Facing Tommy, she pushes on his chest, dropping him to the couch.

Sharon takes a step back, putting a few feet between her and Tommy, then slips her dress off, revealing her enormous, gorgeous tits. She grabs ahold of them and plays with them for a few seconds, then brings one up to her mouth and sucks on her nipple.

After her nipple is hard, Sharon pops it out of her mouth. Smiling at Tommy, she gives the other nipple the same treatment, bringing it up to her mouth and sucking on it until it too is hard.

As Tommy sits there, staring, his cock pressing against the material of his pants, Sharon smacks her tits a couple of times, then squeezes them together, staring directly at Tommy the entire time.

He’s longing to suck on Sharon’s tits, but she still wants to tease him some more, so instead of giving him what he wants, she turns around, showing him her impossibly tight but round ass, her holes obscured only by a light gray g-string that framed her behind perfectly.

Tommy would have never thought he could forget about Sharon’s tits, but her ass is so ridiculous that it overtakes his every thought. She bends over at the waist, keeping her legs perfectly straight, every muscle taut, and slips out of her g-string then drops it to the floor.

Turning her upper body so she can look at Tommy, Sharon smacks her asscheeks, making them jiggle. Smiling widely, she drops onto all fours on the floor in front of him, her legs spread wide, her pussy and asshole wide open

Reaching around with her right arm, Sharon begins to rub the outside of her pussy, getting it nice and wet. After it’s warmed up, she slips two fingers inside and starts banging herself.

Once her fingers are coated with her pussy juices, Sharon slips them out of her pussy and slides them directly into her ass, using her wetness as a lube. With her body still turned so she can see Tommy, she works her asshole with her fingers for a short time, then pulls them out and sticks them in her mouth.

Tommy’s cock is harder than ever, pressing painfully against his pants, but he doesn’t free it. He likes the discomfort his hardness brings, and knows the longer he suffers now, the better it will feel when Sharon finally frees his cock.

For now, she turns and starts crawling towards Tommy, her ass sticking way up in the air, her tits hanging low and heavy, her nipples brushing against the floor.

She reaches Tommy, then stands up and climbs atop him, straddling him on the couch, her ass pressing down on his hard cock, which is still in his pants.

Putting all her weight on Tommy, Sharon leans forward so her tits are in his face. Then she shakes her chest from side to side, bouncing her tits off his head forcefully, using them to smack him around.

Once she’s had enough of that, Sharon grabs the back of Tommy’s head and pulls him into her, smashing his face against her flesh, directly between her tits. She wraps her arms around his head, holding him in place while squeezing her tits together, trapping him against her chest with nowhere to go.

After smothering Tommy with her flesh for a good ten seconds, Sharon releases him. But he barely has a chance to catch his breath before she forces one of her nipples into his mouth, still gripping the back of his head, giving him nowhere to go.

Tommy sucks greedily on Sharon’s nipple, noisily drawing breath through his nose to keep air in his lungs while keeping his mouth attached to her breast like a feeding baby.

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