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Brock Landers

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Tommy Harper is on a cruise ship in the Atlantic Ocean, heading towards the Bahamas, having booked the trip after attending the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony for one of his fellow teammates.

It had been a long week of partying and catching up with his old friends, and afterwards Tommy needed some time to himself, away from all obligations and acquaintances. When he saw an ad for the week-long cruise leaving the next day, he jumped on it.

And now he’s reaping the benefits of his sudden whim, relaxing by the pool, checking out the young, hard-bodied women all around him. He’s not looking to score, necessarily, but he wouldn’t turn down the opportunity if it arose. Which it soon does.

A young woman he’s been eyeing is heading his way. She’s been lying around on the other side of the deck for the past couple hours and Tommy has noticed her looking his direction multiple times over the course of the afternoon. And now, from the looks of things, she’s looking to have some fun.

She’s a beauty, tall and lanky, with coffee-colored skin and the sharply-lined face of a supermodel. Small nose, prominent cheekbones, lips lined with pink lipstick, and alluring, seductive eyes. Her long black hair hangs down around her face, framing it perfectly. And her body is smoking. Toned arms, great tits, flat stomach, bubbly ass, and firm, strong legs.

Tommy looks up as she stops right next to his lounge chair. Looking down at him, she tells him that her name is Tyra and holds out her hand. Tommy tells her his name and shakes her hand. But instead of shaking it proper, Tyra grabs Tommy’s hand and pulls him to his feet.

Without saying a word, she leads him by the hand across the pool deck, through a lounge area, down two flights of stairs and into the stateroom area.

A short time later they come to a door. Tyra pulls out a plastic key, opens the door, and leads him inside. After closing the door behind them, she walks him over to the couch and sits him down and tells him she’ll be right back. Then he disappears into the bedroom and closes the door.

A minute or two later Tyra comes striding out of the bedroom. She’s still dressed in her bikini but now she’s wearing a pair of pink and purple fuck-me pumps. And she’s holding a 12-inch long pink dildo in her right hand. After positioning herself directly in front of Tommy, a few feet away, she slides the dildo into her mouth and starts to suck on it.

Tyra blows the dildo for a full minute, taking it progressively further down each pump, until almost the entire thing is disappearing down her throat. Saliva is everywhere, coating the dildo, spilling onto the floor. She deepthroats the dildo for a few seconds before yanking it out, glistening with her spit.

Popping the dildo back into her mouth for a moment, Tyra slips her bikini bottoms off and steps out of them, revealing a smoothly shaved snatch. Then she pulls her top off too, freeing up her incredible tits. They are firm and shapely, not too small but not too big, and they fit her frame perfectly.

Now that she’s naked except for her shoes, she gets to work with the dildo. As Tommy lovingly admires her dark, beautiful skin, she turns around so her sweet, round ass is facing him, then slips the dildo into her pussy.

Tyra bangs herself from behind for a few seconds, the pink dildo sliding in and out of her pussy while she looks over her shoulder at Tommy, watching him watch her. Smiling, she flashes him a wink, then slides the dildo out of her pussy and slips it into her mouth, sucking her pussy juices off of it.

She repeats this process a few times, slipping the dildo into her pussy, then pulling it out and sucking on it, until she’s warmed up and ready for the real thing.

Tyra drops the dildo onto the floor, leans over, puts her hands on the wall, and sticks her ass out. Turning her head to face Tommy, she beckons him over with her finger.

Smiling, Tommy walks towards her. Once he is standing next to her, he drops to his knees and starts to kiss and lick her asscheeks before spreading them wide, opening up her pussy and asshole to him.

Bypassing Tyra’s asshole for now, Tommy starts licking her pussy, running his tongue up it from the bottom to top, ending right before he gets to her asshole to do it again.

As Tyra moans and groans above him, Tommy works her pussy lips with his tongue until it’s nice and wet. Then he sticks his tongue out as far as it will go and slides it inside her snatch and explores around, working it in circles and shaking his head back and forth, loosening up her insides.

After Tyra is good and loose, Tommy starts bobbing his head forward and back, fucking her pussy with his tongue, forcing it deeper inside her with every thrust.

Tyra’s groans grew louder and more desperate with every passing moment. She begins pushing her ass back towards his face every time he comes forward, meeting him in the middle, allowing him even deeper access to her insides.

This goes on for a while before Tyra needs more. She grabs the back of Tommy’s head with both hands and pulls him into her, forcing his tongue deep into her pussy and his nose against her asshole, smashing his face against her flesh, smothering him with her ass.

Tyra lets out a deep animalistic groan and starts grinding her ass against Tommy’s face while her hand continues holding his head in place, making it all but impossible for him to breathe.

Tommy is rapidly approaching the point of passing out when Tyra finally releases her hold on him. His head flies back and he gasps for breath as she looks down at him, smiling widely.

Tommy asks her if she likes that. Tyra says that she does. Then he asks if she wants some more. She nods. So Tommy dives back in.

But this time he goes straight for her asshole.

Tyra lets out a gasp and follows it with a low moan as Tommy goes to town on her asshole, working the edges with his tongue, getting it all wet and slippery. Once her asshole is ready to go, Tommy plunges his rigid tongue inside it, forcing it as deep as he can before pulling it back out and driving it forward once again.

Tommy tongue-fucks Tyra’s asshole while she bucks her lower half into him, her ass bouncing back against his face while her fingers work her clit.

After almost a full minute of Tommy tonguing Tyra’s asshole, she lets out a deep, shuddering groan and her body freezes up. Tommy immediately realizes what’s happening and pushes his face forward, forcing his tongue deeper into her asshole, and holds it there, jamming it as deep as he can inside her.

A few seconds later Tyra starts smacking away at her pussy and lets out a piercing shriek. Her legs starts to shimmy and shake and then a torrent of juices shoot out of her pussy, drenching the floor, as an orgasm racks her body.

Once that passes, Tyra once again grabs ahold of Tommy’s hair, this time pulling him to his feet and close to her, so he is situated directly behind her, his hard cock pressing against the material of his swim trunks and against the crack of her ass. Without saying a word, she reaches back with both hands and yanks his shorts down, then grabs ahold of his hard cock and slides it into her drenched pussy.

Tyra slams her ass back against him a couple of times, enough to cover it with her pussy juices, then moves forward, letting his cock slip out of her pussy.

Before Tommy knows what’s going on, Tyra spins around and drops to her knees and starts licking his cock, cleaning it of all her juices.

Once that’s done, Tyra takes the tip of his cock in her mouth and starts bobbing on it while jerking him off with her free hand. She’s making slurpy, choking sounds, turning him on, while staring up at him with need filling her eyes.

After working his cock for half a minute, she takes it all the way down her throat and holds it there, gagging and coughing but not pulling away. While Tyra deepthroats Tommy, she runs her hand under his sack and gives it a squeeze, lifting his up onto his toes just a bit and forcing his cock deeper inside her mouth.

Tyra finally pulls her head back and takes a moment to catch her breath while Tommy relaxes, giving his cock and chance to calm down. The downtime doesn’t last long, however, as Tyra spits on his cock and works the saliva in with her hand before taking him in her mouth again.

This time, as Tyra sucks Tommy’s cock, her hands wander back towards his ass. After fiddling around back there for a few seconds, she starts rubbing his asshole with her finger, which is still lubed up from the saliva from her sloppy blowjob.

Tommy grabs her by the hair and pushes her head back against the wall, holding it there, while he fucks her face. She responds by sticking the tip of her finger into his asshole and moving it around in circles, loosening him up.

Tyra playing with Tommy’s asshole turns him on like crazy, and he starts pumping his cock further and further into her mouth, pummeling her with it while still holding her head against the wall.

This causes Tyra to force her finger deeper into his asshole, which in turn causes Tommy to jam his cock into her throat as far as it will go and hold it there. From this point it becomes a question of who will give in first.

After more than ten seconds of not being able to breathe because of Tommy’s cock filling up her throat, Tyra flinches, letting her finger slip out of his asshole. Tommy, in turn, pulls back, yanking his cock out of her throat. The tip is white from lack of blood flow and it’s coated in so much saliva that it’s glistening in the light.

While Tyra gasps in air, still on her knees with her head against the wall, Tommy turns himself around, so his ass is to her. Then he spreads his cheeks apart and backs up, forcing her head into the crack of his ass.

Using his ass to hold her head against the wall, Tommy rides Tyra’s face, forcing her to lick his asshole, which she does with great energy. As she grunts and groans beneath him, Tommy grinds against her face, riding her tongue with his asshole and smothering her.

Once he’s had enough of riding her tongue with his asshole, Tommy backs off. But before Tyra can catch her breath, he spins her around so she’s facing away from him, parallel to the wall, then he pushes on her shoulders, sending her upper body towards the floor. Her palms are on the floor, her arms locked out, her back arched and her ass up in the air. Doggy-style, his favorite position.

He squats behind her and smacks her on the ass, once on each cheek. She lets out a pair of yelps then smiles and looks back at him. Tommy asks her if she likes that. Tyra nods. So Tommy smacks her ass again, harder this time.

Once he’s done slapping her ass, Tommy drops to his knees and sidles up to her. After taking a moment to appreciate her incredibly tight body, including her well-defined back and shoulder blades and perfect ass, he grabs ahold of his hard cock and slips it into her soaking wet pussy.

Tyra lets out a little yelp as Tommy starts pounding away at her pussy, hammering it with all he’s got, not taking things slow at all. His hips move in rapid, aggressive thrusts, slamming up against her ass, making it shake and jiggle while she moans in pleasure.

Wanting to amp things up a bit, Tommy grabs a handful of her hair and gives it a healthy tug. Tyra lets out a sharp gasp and arches her back even further to alleviate the pressure.

Tommy is mesmerized by her straining back muscles as he fucks her from behind. The sharp shoulder-blades sticking out like razors and her vertebrae pressing against the skin are a thing of beauty, turning him on like crazy.

He continues pounding away at her pussy while yanking on her hair, creating the marvelous tension that makes rough sex so incredible. He’s trying to figure out where to go next when he sees the dildo Tyra had been using on herself earlier lying on the floor.

Tommy lets go of Tyra’s hair and pushes on her shoulders, forcing them to the floor. She’s still on her knees, but now her face lying sideways is on the floor and her ass is sticking even further up into the air.

Keeping his cock inside Tyra, Tommy grabs her wrists and yanks them back so they’re near her ass. He tells her to grab one asscheek with each hand and hold her ass open for him. As Tyra does as she’s told, Tommy reaches over for the dildo.

Staring down at her asshole, which is open wide thanks to her hands spreading her cheeks apart, Tommy lets out a little shiver of pleasure. There’s nothing he likes more than the look of a woman’s asshole open to him, just waiting to get abused.

With this in mind, Tommy lets a trail of saliva drip from his mouth. It lands just above Tyra’s asshole and works it’s way down, disappearing inside of her anus. Now that there’s a little lube in there, Tommy can go to work.

With his cock still inside Tyra but not moving against her, Tommy slides the tip of the dildo into her asshole. He slowly works it back and forth, opening her up, while moving his hips against her, fucking her pussy at the same time.

Tommy takes things slowly, working Tyra’s asshole with soft strokes while fucking her pussy with gentle thrusts. But she’s having none of that. Tyra obviously isn’t into the soft stuff, as she starts working her ass backwards into him, hammering her body against his hips and forcing the dildo deeper into her asshole while letting out little yelps of pleasure with every thrust.

Tommy takes the hint, moving his hips faster and faster, hammering away at Tyra’s pussy while shoving the dildo further and further into her asshole. Once it’s practically disappeared inside her anus, Tommy climbs up onto his feet, keeping his cock inside her the whole time. Now, standing above her and squatting down, he can pummel her the way that she wants it.

With the dildo stuck deep inside Tyra’s asshole, Tommy slams his body down onto hers, drilling her into the floor with every thrust while she screams and groans beneath him. Leaning forward, he places his hands on her head and pushes down, holding it flush against the floor.

Tyra releases her asscheeks and hooks her arms around Tommy’s legs, allowing her to hold on for dear life as he hammers away at her pussy. Her screams have reached a fevered pitch and she tells Tommy to keep going because she’s going to cum.

So Tommy does, giving her everything he has, until Tyra’s body shakes and shimmies and she lets out a low, deep moan as an orgasm washes over her.

But Tommy still isn’t done. In fact, he’s just getting started. Dropping back down to his knees, he pulls his cock out of Tyra’s pussy then slides the dildo out of her asshole. He leans forward and slips the dildo into her mouth, forcing her to taste herself.

Tyra does so willingly, sucking all her ass juices off of the dildo before sliding it into her mouth until it practically disappears before slipping it back out. She continues blowing the dildo while Tommy sticks his cock between her ass cheeks and rides it without penetrating her, his balls slapping up against her pussy with every pass.

After bending over to spend half a minute licking Tyra’s asshole, Tommy rises up, grabs ahold of his cock, and slips the tip of it into her anus.

Tyra lets out a low gasp followed by a deep moan of pleasure as Tommy starts moving his hips back and forth, working his cock deeper and deeper into her asshole.

As Tyra grunts and groans and sucks on the dildo beneath him, Tommy ramps up the intensity, jamming his cock as far into her asshole as it will go before pulling it back out to do it all again.

He’s giving it to her balls-deep, his cock slamming in and out of her asshole, his hips bouncing against her ass while he tries not to cum.

Wanting more, Tommy grabs Tyra by the shoulders and pulls her upper body towards him. Using her shoulders as leverage, he hammers away at her asshole more aggressively than ever.

Tyra’s palms are on the floor for balance, and without them holding the dildo in place, it’s impossible to keep it in her mouth because she’s making so much noise. It falls to the floor beneath her, and rolls towards Tommy.

He lets go of her shoulders and picks up the dildo. Gripping it with one hand at each end, he hooks his arms over Tyra’s head and pulls the dildo against her throat, choking her with it while he continues fucking her asshole.

Tyra’s screams turn to muffled cries as her air is partially cut off. But she continues slamming her ass back into Tommy, harder than before, actually. It’s obvious she likes this new turn of events.

Tommy does also. Too much, in fact. Something about how aggressive Tyra is even when helpless is intoxicating, quite nearly putting him over the edge.

Before that can happen, Tommy releases the dildo with one hand, allowing Tyra to breathe. But the new burst of breath just turns her on more, and she starts hammering her ass back into him almost hard enough to knock him off balance.

To counteract this, he grabs her hips and holds her in place, her ass pressing back against him, his cock completely engulfed by her asshole. But still Tyra wants more, grinding up against his cock, smashing his balls into her flesh, pressing back against him with everything she has.

At the very last second before cumming Tommy is able to back away. As Tyra looks back at him with a huge smile on her face, he smacks away at his cock a couple of times to get it calmed down, at least for a little while.

To buy himself a little more time, Tommy sticks the dildo back into Tyra’s mouth, wraps his arms around her waist and lifts her up. After carrying her to the couch, he spins her around and drops her onto it, facing him, her back to the cushions.

He grabs her ankles and spreads her legs, opening her body up to him. Then he slips his cock back into her asshole and starts pumping his hips, hammering away at her, his cock slamming deeper into her anus with every thrust.

Breathing hard and gasping for air, Tyra slips three fingers into her pussy and start banging away. She forces her hand deep inside her snatch and holds it there, filling it up, making her asshole feel even tighter.

Tommy is hammering away at her with everything he has, his balls slapping against her, his hips slamming into her ass, making it bounce and shake with every pump.

Tyra is shaking her head back and forth, her eyes wild and her face screwed up in a mask of intense pleasure. A short time later her body tenses up for a moment then releases, sending juices squirting out of her pussy like they were shot out of a cannon.

Tommy quickly pulls his cock out of her ass and drops to his knees, putting his face right in the firing line. Tyra’s pussy juices off splash against him, soaking his face, getting inside his mouth and nose and completely drenching him.

After she’s run dry for the time being, Tommy rises up again and slides his cock back into her gaping asshole.

Tyra lets out a deep, animalistic moan as Tommy begins hammering away at her asshole once again.

As she moans and groans beneath him, Tommy grabs the dildo off of the couch in jams it into her mouth. While still hammering away at her asshole, he fucks her face the dildo, slamming it into her mouth with extreme aggression as she coughs and gags and spits runs out of her mouth.

Tommy pulls the dildo out of her mouth. It’s coated with saliva, soaking wet and dripping everywhere. No longer moving his cock against Tyra but leaving it planted deep in her asshole, the slides the dildo into her pussy.

He presses forward until the dildo has completely disappeared inside of Tyra’s pussy. Tommy holds it there, deep inside of her, then goes back to fucking her asshole proper.

Having one cock in her pussy and one in her asshole seems to turn on Tyra immensely, as she is screaming louder than ever before and bucking up against Tommy with reckless abandon.

Tommy grabs one of Tyra’s hands and puts it on the dildo so she can hold it in place, freeing up his hand. He then grabs her legs behind the knees and leans forward, pushing her legs down onto the cushions by her side.

Using his newfound leverage, Tommy destroys Tyra’s asshole like never before, giving her his entire weight with every thrust, forcing his cock balls deep into her anus.

After a while, Tommy needs a break. He leans back, letting his cock slide out of her asshole. He drops onto the floor, sitting on his butt, his face mere inches away from Tyra’s pussy and asshole.

While she tries to catch her breath, Tommy pulls the dildo from Tyra’s pussy. After staring at her gaping asshole for a few seconds, he slides the tip of the dildo into Tyra’s anus.

She lets out a little gasp, which turns into a groan as Tommy pushes the dildo deeper inside her. After it’s all the way in, he tells her to reach down and grab her asscheeks and hold them wide.

After Tyra has done what she’s told, Tommy quickly yanks the dildo out of her asshole, admiring the beautiful gape the dildo leaves in its wake. After staring at it for a few seconds, Tommy leans forward and licks the outside of her anus with his tongue then slides it inside.

Tyra moans in pleasure and her body shivers. Tommy looks up the length of her body and sees her face turned towards the ceiling in a mask of ecstasy, her eyes closed tight, her mouth slightly open and her breath ragged.

Tommy lets his tongue slide out of Tyra’s asshole and replaces it with the dildo. This time, after sliding it all the way inside her, he starts banging away at her with it, rapidly hammering the dildo in and out of her asshole, upping the speed and intensity with every second as Tyra barely keeps control of herself.

While Tommy bangs away at her asshole with the dildo, Tyra squirts again, pussy juices flying out of her just as violently as before, drenching Tommy’s face and hair for the second time, not to mention the floor around him.

Laughing under his breath, Tommy slides the dildo out of Tyra’s asshole once again. This time he climbs up to his feet and sticks the dildo into her mouth, forcing her to clean it of her ass juices. After banging her mouth a few times, he forces her to deepthroat the dildo, holding it there for a good ten seconds while tears leak from her eyes, making her mascara run.

Tommy eventually pulls the dildo out of Tyra’s mouth. She gasps and chokes, coughing and spitting, her face red and her hair and makeup a mess. But Tommy isn’t ready to give her any breaks yet. He’s seconds away from an orgasm, and he’s not going to let up one bit until he’s through.

Tommy tosses the dildo aside and grabs ahold of his cock and slides it into her asshole, pushing it all the way inside of her, balls deep, and starts to hammer away at her ass.

As Tyra gasps in pleasure, Tommy grabs her under the knees and shoves her legs up until they are pressing down on the couch alongside her body, essentially folding her in half. Holding her legs down, he pummels her with everything he has, his cock slamming into her asshole with uncontrolled aggression, his hips bouncing off her bubbly ass, making it jiggle and shake, her tits bouncing in a circular pattern.

As Tommy rises towards orgasm, he releases Tyra’s legs and let his hands migrate to her tits. Squeezing tightly, he uses them for leverage, allowing him to pound her even harder. Her screaming grunts fill the room and she’s staring directly at him, nodding her head up and down, her eyes full of lust and desire.

The looks Tyra’s giving Tommy is what finally puts him over the edge. He slams his cock into her one final time and holds it there, deep in her asshole, pressing forward, grinding against her, forcing it as deep as it will go, before releasing, sending his cum shooting out of his cock and deep into her asshole.

Mere moments after he cums, Tyra does too, a loud gasp escaping from her throat followed by a couple brief exclamations towards a higher power as her body shakes and shimmies in a violent spasm.

Once her body stops moving, Tommy pulls back, letting his cock slide out of her asshole. But Tyra isn’t quite finished with him yet. She quickly flips over so she’s sitting on the couch in front of him, then leans forward and takes his still hard cock into her mouth.

Tyra sucks her ass juices off Tommy’s cock, staring up at him, her eyes smiling the whole time. She keeps bobbing on it until he can’t take it anymore, backing away due to the unbearably intense sensation.

Laughing, Tyra climbs off the couch and gives Tommy a smack on the ass, then grabs his hand and leads him towards the bathroom. After showering together, they put their swimsuits back on and head out towards the pool to hang out.

Tommy isn’t one for spending more than one night at a time with a woman, but since he’s stuck on the cruise for a week anyway, he figures he might as well enjoy it with Tyra. And who knows, maybe they’ll find another pretty young thing to hang out with as the week goes on. The odds aren’t all that great that Tyra will be into that sort of thing, but one can always hope.











































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