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Brock Landers

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Tommy Harper is on a cruise ship in the Atlantic Ocean, heading towards the Bahamas, having booked the trip after attending the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony for one of his fellow teammates.

It had been a long week of partying and catching up with his old friends, and afterwards Tommy needed some time to himself, away from all obligations and acquaintances. When he saw an ad for the week-long cruise leaving the next day, he jumped on it.

And now he’s reaping the benefits of his sudden whim, relaxing by the pool, checking out the young, hard-bodied women all around him. He’s not looking to score, necessarily, but he wouldn’t turn down the opportunity if it arose. Which it soon does.

A young woman he’s been eyeing is heading his way. She’s been lying around on the other side of the deck for the past couple hours and Tommy has noticed her looking his direction multiple times over the course of the afternoon. And now, from the looks of things, she’s looking to have some fun.

She’s a beauty, tall and lanky, with coffee-colored skin and the sharply-lined face of a supermodel. Small nose, prominent cheekbones, lips lined with pink lipstick, and alluring, seductive eyes. Her long black hair hangs down around her face, framing it perfectly. And her body is smoking. Toned arms, great tits, flat stomach, bubbly ass, and firm, strong legs.

Tommy looks up as she stops right next to his lounge chair. Looking down at him, she tells him that her name is Tyra and holds out her hand. Tommy tells her his name and shakes her hand. But instead of shaking it proper, Tyra grabs Tommy’s hand and pulls him to his feet.

Without saying a word, she leads him by the hand across the pool deck, through a lounge area, down two flights of stairs and into the stateroom area.

A short time later they come to a door. Tyra pulls out a plastic key, opens the door, and leads him inside. After closing the door behind them, she walks him over to the couch and sits him down and tells him she’ll be right back. Then he disappears into the bedroom and closes the door.

A minute or two later Tyra comes striding out of the bedroom. She’s still dressed in her bikini but now she’s wearing a pair of pink and purple fuck-me pumps. And she’s holding a 12-inch long pink dildo in her right hand. After positioning herself directly in front of Tommy, a few feet away, she slides the dildo into her mouth and starts to suck on it.

Tyra blows the dildo for a full minute, taking it progressively further down each pump, until almost the entire thing is disappearing down her throat. Saliva is everywhere, coating the dildo, spilling onto the floor. She deepthroats the dildo for a few seconds before yanking it out, glistening with her spit.

Popping the dildo back into her mouth for a moment, Tyra slips her bikini bottoms off and steps out of them, revealing a smoothly shaved snatch. Then she pulls her top off too, freeing up her incredible tits. They are firm and shapely, not too small but not too big, and they fit her frame perfectly.

Now that she’s naked except for her shoes, she gets to work with the dildo. As Tommy lovingly admires her dark, beautiful skin, she turns around so her sweet, round ass is facing him, then slips the dildo into her pussy.

Tyra bangs herself from behind for a few seconds, the pink dildo sliding in and out of her pussy while she looks over her shoulder at Tommy, watching him watch her. Smiling, she flashes him a wink, then slides the dildo out of her pussy and slips it into her mouth, sucking her pussy juices off of it.

She repeats this process a few times, slipping the dildo into her pussy, then pulling it out and sucking on it, until she’s warmed up and ready for the real thing.

Tyra drops the dildo onto the floor, leans over, puts her hands on the wall, and sticks her ass out. Turning her head to face Tommy, she beckons him over with her finger.

Smiling, Tommy walks towards her. Once he is standing next to her, he drops to his knees and starts to kiss and lick her asscheeks before spreading them wide, opening up her pussy and asshole to him.

Bypassing Tyra’s asshole for now, Tommy starts licking her pussy, running his tongue up it from the bottom to top, ending right before he gets to her asshole to do it again.

As Tyra moans and groans above him, Tommy works her pussy lips with his tongue until it’s nice and wet. Then he sticks his tongue out as far as it will go and slides it inside her snatch and explores around, working it in circles and shaking his head back and forth, loosening up her insides.

After Tyra is good and loose, Tommy starts bobbing his head forward and back, fucking her pussy with his tongue, forcing it deeper inside her with every thrust.

Tyra’s groans grew louder and more desperate with every passing moment. She begins pushing her ass back towards his face every time he comes forward, meeting him in the middle, allowing him even deeper access to her insides.

This goes on for a while before Tyra needs more. She grabs the back of Tommy’s head with both hands and pulls him into her, forcing his tongue deep into her pussy and his nose against her asshole, smashing his face against her flesh, smothering him with her ass.

Tyra lets out a deep animalistic groan and starts grinding her ass against Tommy’s face while her hand continues holding his head in place, making it all but impossible for him to breathe.

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