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Dominating and submitting to one another in the same intense session!

By Brogan Wells

Published 2018

All characters are over eighteen

From a sexual point of view the two of them really were the very worst influences on one another. For Gemma and Oscar sex was the very breath of life, the cornerstone of every good relationship and the kinkier it was the better. Neither of them knew how anybody could possibly be happy with ‘normal’ or ‘vanilla’ sex. For them wild and kinky was very much the order of the day.

Gemma and Oscar had met working in a bar around six months ago. Gemma was a rather short girl of twenty with long ash blonde hair, large breasts, plump thighs and a very firm and rounded ass. She was also a rather forward, bubbly girl who was not afraid to talk about her sex life. Oscar had been attracted to her straight away. He was twenty-one years old, tall and slim with a lean yet muscular build, boyish features and light brown hair which he swept back over his forehead. He was very charming, dashing too and it was hardly surprising that Gemma had instantly returned his advances.

Gemma and Oscar worked a lot of shifts together in the bar but their favourite times together were on Monday evening when the bar was largely deserted and the manager took the evening off. This had given them a good opportunity to talk and get to know one another better. Previously, due to being busy serving drinks, they were forced to confine their interactions to snatched flirty conversations.

“You’re a really fun person to be around, Gemma, do you know that?”
“Aw thanks hun,” replied Gemma, twisting on her feet and twirling her hair with her fingers. “You’re not so bad yourself, you know that?”

Their eyes met. Oscar moved forwards and slipped his arms around Gemma’s waist. She smiled and draped her arms around his neck. Their lips met and they kissed, slow and lingering, for several long moments. Gemma smiled as she felt his hardness pressing against her and a great wave of relief washed over her. She had been longing for this moment almost from the first moment she had met Oscar.

“So,” asked Gemma coyly. “What sort of thing do you like then?”
“What do I like?” Replied Oscar archly. “Well goodness me, Gemma, are you talking about sex? We’ve only just kissed for the first time and you’re already talking about sex? Quite a forward girl, aren’t you?”
“Oh you love it and don’t pretend that you don’t,” retorted Gemma teasingly, breaking off from his embrace and turning to take care of some glasses in the dishwasher. “So what? You want me to go first? Fine. Well I tend to swing both ways, Oscar. Sometimes I like to be spanked and tied up and sometimes I like to tie ‘em up and give ‘em a good whipping. I like to be dominate but I like to dominate as well, it just depends how the mood takes me.”
Oscar smiled. “I quite agree,” he said smoothly. “I like to be able to feel it afterwards, to have trouble sitting down from the marks of the cane against my ass, or to be sore from where my chest has been scratched in the throes of passion!”
Gemma turned around and hurried over to him, threw her arms around him and kissed him passionately over and over again. “We’re two of a kind, you and I!” She exclaimed with a flourish. “Take me home tonight!”

That evening, after work, Gemma took Oscar back to her place and let him tie her up whilst he made love to her. It was the most erotic evening of Gemma’s life. She loved that she already trusted Oscar enough to allow him to bind her in this way and she already knew that he was going to be the love of her life.

And so it proved. The following morning Oscar allowed Gemma to bend him over the bed whilst she whipped his ass and upper thighs until he cried before tying him up and fucking him, digging the high heels of her shoes into the side of his calves so that he cried out even louder. Afterwards neither of them could ever recall having orgasmed so hard in their lives.

Two months after they started going out Gemma and Oscar moved in with one another to a small apartment close to the fashionable docklands area of town. Their apartment was situated on the third floor and gave out to a good view of the marina.

In the last two weeks Oscar had left his job at the bar and had started a career in journalism with the local newspaper. So far he was really enjoying it and indeed it was his dream job. Gemma missed him a great deal at the bar of course but she herself was trying to become an estate agent and so she knew that he could not have stayed forever. Besides, the extra money coming in certainly helped with their finances even if it did mean they didn’t see nearly as much of one another as they would have liked.

It was the early summer. The days were warm and long and it was the perfect time for love, or at least it would have been had Gemma and Oscar not been so busy all of that week. Gemma had mostly been working evening shifts whilst Oscar was kept busy all day and they had only really seen one another or very early in the morning. This was difficult for them both because they were a very passionate couple and they tended to have withdrawal symptoms from one another if they did not make love on a frequent basis.

Fortunately all this was about to change. Today was a Friday and Gemma and Oscar both had the weekend off. What was more Gemma had only worked the afternoon shift and thus they would be able to spend the entire evening together as well. Gemma had been thinking about what she and Oscar were going to do with one another all day and was aroused to the point of distraction. She had sent Oscar a series of text messages throughout the day which left no doubt as to her intentions towards him once he arrived home and she knew he too would be very turned on at work and it aroused her still further that she would be dominating his thoughts like this.

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