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Mom’s Hot Friend

By Isa Adam

Copyright@2018 by Isa Adam

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

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"Why do you always do this to yourself Mother?" the blond young man sitting beside his mother's bed said mostly to himself. He took his mother's hand in his and kissed her palm lightly. Were he any normal son, he would have been beside himself with worry and would have probably shed a few tears at seeing his mother so helpless on a hospital bed hardly even moving. However, this wasn’t so in Bandon's case. Having a mother like his, he'd be down here at the hospital at least once a month paying her bills after his mother had so stupidly injured herself. Her latest injuries weren't even as serious as the others she had had before so Brandon was confident her mother would make a full recovery.

This month's injury had been gotten when his mother had deemed it appropriate to go mountain climbing. If this were any other woman, it would have been a great idea for an adventure but for his sixty-year-old mother you had both asthma and arthritis, the same could not be said. She should have known that there was no way she could last at the mountains in her state. If only Brenda had decided to grow old quietly like the rest of his friend's mothers them everything would be okay. For Brenda, old age and disease had only brought about the realization that she wasn't going to be around for too long. She'd since made a vow to live her life like she never had before. Any sane person would have adjusted their lives just a little bit. Eating some new strange food would have been an option or maybe even travelling to an exotic region on earth where she could meet a lover. Anything would have been better than dabbling in activities most people even half her age never involved themselves in. Brandon would have been okay with any sensible thing his mother did, but his mother could never be a sensible woman. Instead, she'd decided that the best way to go would be to break every bone in her body before she died from old age.

Brandon would be lying if he said he didn't worry about the sleeping woman in front of him. She was his mother after all and having never known his father, probably the only parent he would ever have. Watching her lie their defenseless with her hair as blonde as his splayed against the pillow and her slightly wrinkled skin looking pale gripped his heart in the most unsettling of ways. Of course, he worried about her and this dare devil in her that had awoken didn't make things an easier. What if something went horribly wrong one day and she never woke up? What was he supposed to do them without the most important woman in his life to guide him through life? His mother was responsible for most of the good things he had in his life. His job, his house. Losing her would mean losing a piece of himself along with her. He just couldn't imagine that. However, Brenda just didn't seem to get how much she meant to her son. Otherwise, she wouldn't put him through all this hell.

Brandon tensed up as his mother stirred in her sleep. The last thing he wanted was to give her another speech about why she should try as much as she could not to break any bones when the woman clearly seemed to relish the idea. He would rather she didn’t awaken then, so he wouldn't have to explain why she was better off involving herself in activities more suited to her age because then she'd give her that scathing look of her. The one he'd never quite gotten used to. Besides, she'd probably throw accusation after accusation at him until all he could do was stay silent while she went into a rant. He'd been down this familiar path more than he had wished.

"I thought she'd be awake by now. I guess age does really stop you from bouncing back up. Especially after that unfortunate accident she just had," Brandon looked up and followed the unfamiliar voice to the door. No one apart from him ever visited his mother. They'd all thought it was pointless after the first three accidents.

The woman standing there was a beautiful one. Much younger than his own mother but then again, his mother had never given in to aging just like she hadn't given in to anything else so far. Even his desperate pleas. Looking at the woman then, Brandon didn't think he could have ever like her. She was the kind of person who would attract the wrong kind of attention wherever she went. Her clothes said a lot about her than he would have liked to know. The long yellow scarf wrapped around her neck and the long dress shirt that was so colorful that it hurt his eyes made him think of all the insane types he had seen on television. They were always dressed liked that. The differently colored bangles along her wrist, beaded necklace, strange looking pants and what were the strangest set of red pants he had ever seen didn't help either. Brandon had a feeling they'd be an ankle hidden underneath them. In his head, he could imagine the type of work she did. It could be something respectable like an artist or a social worker but since her attire was odd anyone would have assumed she was insane.

"Can I help you?" he asked trying his best to be polite even though the urge to chase her away was strong. His mother wouldn't want to see this one in her room.

"No, you can't," she replied calmly leaving him utterly surprised. That had been a strange thing to say. Who would ever give such an answer unless they were from an entirely different world? Paying him no mind, the woman let herself inside her mother's room and made her way to the other side of her bed.

"She's a lovely woman, isn’t she? Age hasn't really touched her. Only a few women are lucky to look like her at their ages," she complemented. Brandon who was still trying to understand that someone like this actually existed only stared at her dumbly.

"Who are you again?" he asked unable to keep the rudeness out of his voice.

"I am nothing but a pawn…" she started but then he cut her off with a gesture of his hand. He was not in the mood to hear any of her nonsense because the way this was going, he was going to find himself recruited into some strange cult.

"I meant to ask for your first name," he said sounding harsh even to himself.

"My name is Summer," she introduced herself with a small bow of her head. Brandon couldn't help but think how the name suit her perfectly. It went well with the colorful clothes and what seemed like her sunny outlook on life. It fit too perfectly. Maybe it wasn't even her real name. With people like her, he could never tell.

"And how do you know my mother?" he asked this time trying not to sound too overbearing.

"Your mother and I are in the same group," she replied, and her eyes took on a dreamy look.

"Are you sure about that?" he asked again receiving a stern look from her. He didn't bother to ask what kind of group that was nor, did he care. His mother was always in some sort of group doing something out of the ordinary.

Brandon just couldn't help it. He didn't know why her mother would be friends with someone like this when they were clearly from very different sides of the world. It wasn't like Brenda to just pick people to be around her randomly. She was so specific that she usually had people with certain beliefs around her. Summer didn't seem to fit into that category. But then again Brenda hadn't been doing anything remotely normal for the past few months. This would in fact be something easier for him to stomach than his sixty-year-old mother going for mountain climbing. Maybe this was her peak and Brandon could finally take a break from having to babysit the woman.

"Your mother thought it fitting to…" Summer started to explain but then Brandon thought it fitting to cut her off again. The last thing he wanted was to know about her mother's plan with this woman. Not when he was running late for work again. His boss couldn't be bothered to let it slide anymore since Brenda's accidents had become a common occurrence for the office. He would have thought they were all lies if he didn't know the woman personally.

When Brandon came back to the hospital the next day, he found his mother seated up in bed with Summer seated next to her. The woman had completely slipped from his mind after their meeting the previous day. He just didn't think he had it in him to absorb any more of his mother's activities.

"Here he is," his mother said happily as she watched his son come into her room," have you met Summer?"

"Unfortunately, I have," he replied rudely taking his place opposite the strange woman. Summer didn't look offended. Coming to think of it, she hadn't grown upset at any pint the previous day. Brandon could only wonder what it would take to upset her.

She was wearing as much color today only with more and longer blinding scarves. He wondered how she could stand to wear that when the heat was so unbearable.

"Don’t be rude dear," his mother said a bit too sweetly. "Why don't you show her to the cafeteria to eat something."

"Okay," Brandon replied thinking that things finally made sense. He'd seen the pleading look on his mother's face when she'd asked him to take her away. There was something here that no one was telling him. Something he was going to have to find out on his own.

"Come with me," he said, and Summer followed him outside.

"So, Summer what group did you say that you and my mother shared again?" I asked more than eager to hear her part in this.

"I never said that," she replied nervously playing with the beads of her necklace. His mother had clearly gotten to her. It was going to be hard to convince her to trust him after he'd been so mean to her before.

"Don't be like that Summer. I'm sure it's a group I'd want to join," he insisted earning her a laugh. It was a beautiful thing and for some reason Brandon found that he would like to hear her laugh more often.

They ate in silence with Brandon occasionally throwing a question or two her way. She clearly didn't want to answer any of them in case she slipped up. It didn't surprise him to think that his mother clearly had something on the stunning woman seated with him. It turned out that Summer was actually a social worker just like Brandon had suspected. With her name in mind, it was going to be pretty easy to find but what she had going on with his mother.

It was two weeks before Brenda was discharged from the hospital. During that time, Brandon got to see more and more of the strange social worker. He still had no idea what she was doing with his mother, but he'd hired someone to take care of that part only that it was taking longer than intended for some reason.

As time went by, Brandon began to discover that he liked the young woman more than he would have liked to admit. Sure, she was eccentric, but she was also very unique. They had a few things in common like their love for old movies. Something that Brandon's friends used to think was weird for him. Still that didn't explain why he felt the urge to kiss her whenever they stood next to each other.

It was the last day at the hospital when the results came. Brandon wished they'd come earlier since he'd come to feel attached to Summer. He didn't see himself invading her privacy by going into something that she clearly didn't want known. For some reason, he felt it would be best to tell her the whole truth.

"Can we speak in private," he asked leading her to an empty room.

"What is it?" she asked in that unassuming tone of hers. He pulled out the file he'd gotten. He still hadn't opened it and wouldn't unless she was okay with it.

"Before I really knew you. I hired someone to find out what you and my mother have in common. Now it just feels invasive and I would like to hand this file to you," he said giving it back.

"Why didn't you just ask your mother?" Summer asked.

"She would never tell me because whatever it is would make me upset," he replied. He'd asked himself the same question a lot of times and the truth was that he'd been afraid to know in case it wasn't something very pleasant.

"I like you Brandon. We should get together some time," she said. He was surprised about how forward she was.

"Okay," he replied nodding unsurely. It happened too fast. They were about to embrace when their lips accidentally brushed against each other.

They stood like that for a while before Brandon finally kissed her. Her arms wrapped around him pulling him ever deeper into their kiss. It was only meant to be a kiss, but Brandon could no longer think straight with her standing so close to her. He pushed her to the wall and pressed his body into his. She moaned as his hands gripped tightly at her waist.

He started to take off her clothes fumbling with all the scarf's. When they were all finally off, he didn't think he could wait any longer. She wrapped her long legs around his waist as he tried to unbuckle his pants. He found her entrance and slid into her. A moan escaped her throat as he started to move inside her hard and fast. She held on tightly to him as he thrust into her even deeper.

With a few more thrusts, they were both cumming. They lay on the floor before they recovered from their orgasms. They got dressed and crept out of the room hoping that none of the hospital staff had heard them. Brandon and Summer just couldn’t wait to see each other again. They could tell that they had, though still unexplored was going to be great.

The End

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