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Two Lonely People

By Isa Adam

Copyright@2018 by Isa Adam

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

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"Look who finally decided to show up," the older lady seated at the back said sarcastically as a young woman walked in with her head held high in an air of indifference.

"Hello Mother," Meg Campbell responded coldly as she made her way into large room. Everyone's attention turned to her and her mother clearly bracing themselves for another argument between mother and daughter. Meg wouldn't give them the satisfaction today. All she wanted was to get done with this and go back to work or anything else that would serve the same purpose and keep her away from her family.

"Good morning your highness. I would bow if I didn't have this damn knee brace," her mother shot another nasty comment her way. It was just like her to talk to her daughter like that when she was only thirty minutes to a wedding rehearsal she clearly didn't want to be in. The least she could have done was appreciate her effort to fit the wedding arrangements into her busy schedule.

"Some of us have jobs mother," Meg said taking her place next to her mother.

"Jobs that keep you away from your family and what is important," her mother attacked. Meg simply rolled her eyes. It was just like her mother to be dramatic. If she knew her mother well enough, she had a vague idea where this was going but try as she might, she couldn't bring herself to care.

"And some of us have weddings to plan," her sister, Brenda said harshly fixing Meg a deathly stare. Despite Meg feeling glad that she'd kept the pending argument with her mother at a pause, she didn't appreciate her sister's rude interruption. The two of them had never really like each other despite living in the same house for years. There was always something to fight over when it came to these two. Whether it was a dress for Christmas or who got invited to Brenda's wedding, something always got between them.

"Cool down girls,” Jamie, their step dad cut in stopping the intense staring contest between the two women. It was only until he covered Meg's eyes that it worked, and they actually stopped looking at each other. If there was one thing he knew about his girls, it was that they never gave up in the face of a competition no matter how silly it was.

"So, what did I miss?" Meg asked breaking through the awkward silence that had spread into the room at her arrival.

"Pretty much everything. We're about to leave," a voice shot out from the front. Okay. Maybe she wasn't really thirty minutes late but who was this individual to rudely point that out. Meg turned her head sharply toward the unfamiliar intruder. Up till now, it hadn't really registered that there were other people at the rehearsal apart from her and her messed up family. The world seemed to grow even smaller when she was in their presence.

"And who are you?" she asked rudely. More rudely than she would have intended while she squirmed in her seat trying to get a better look at him.

"Max," the man replied standing up from his chair, so she wouldn't have to crane her neck. Meg's breath caught in her throat and her eyes widened at the sight of the man before her. He had ebony skin, brown eyes and a devilish smirk. The kind that would make girls go crazy. If she wasn't in such a bad mood, then maybe she would have considered going out with him.

He was handsome by all of her definitions. So handsome that she could imagine her friends fawning over him already. It was a good thing they couldn't make it because that would have been embarrassing for both her and Max (whatever he was doing here).

"Well, Max, I'm the bride's sister so while I appreciate your opinion, it doesn't really matter to me because mine outweighs it," she said rudely earning her a mean stare from her mother. Meg, however, couldn't be bothered to care less. The older woman was always trying to make her act nicely toward men especially those as handsome as Max thought from her memory no one would ever meet that description for Meg. This had to be the single most attractive man she had ever met.

"Well I'm the groom's brother and also his best man so…" his voice trailed off at the end. It was a good thing it did, because Meg couldn't have hidden the shame she felt for not having been chosen as the maid of honor despite being the bride's sister. That job had gone to Savanna instead, the petite blonde who happened to be her sister's best friend. Savanna, with her quirky behavior and her sunny outlook on life, had always been one of the people on her list. It wasn't clear what the list was really about, but Savanna was there. Right at the top and now there was also this Max fellow. How the empty-headed woman was to be expected to do anything for the bride was beyond her. At least Meg could have been better suited for the task.

"I told you should have chosen me. Now can you see how embarrassing it is? Even this guy got chosen and you went right for Savanna without a second thought," Meg yelled turning her attention to Brenda.

It was just like her to vent out her frustrations no matter who was in their presence. Savanna could only look hopelessly at the sister. As much as she had never liked Meg, the woman scared her half to death. She wouldn't have done anything to upset her if she could hurt her. When she'd first gotten the offer to e maid of honor, she'd had to think it over for days before she halfheartedly decided to do it. She'd known how much it would have offended Meg even if she was never in good terms with her sister.

"The only thing that's embarrassing is how you haven't gotten a man at your age and I have when I'm still younger than you," Brenda retorted. His comment would have normally started a terrible fight between the sister's if their stepdad wasn't there to restrain them.

"Calm down girls," he insisted just as Meg opened her mouth to speak. He was aware of how uncomfortable they were making the other guests. Were they younger, he would have sent them both to their rooms and grounded them for at least a week for not being sisterly to each other. It was times like this when he longed for those days.

"Whatever," Meg said as she got up and left. Everyone followed awkwardly out of the room since there was nothing else to do in there.

Meg found herself mumbling as she made her way to their mansion. This place wouldn't have even been their even it wasn't for her step father. He'd taken them out of poverty and into a life where they could never lack anything. Meg knew that her mother had desperately wanted her daughter to find someone like him, but she had to understand that there weren't as many and with Meg being the kind of person that she was it became even a harder goal. After a while, he mother had only hoped that Meg would find anyone no matter who he was and what he had. Nothing would have made her happier than seeing her daughter finally settling down and start her own family.

Meg sometimes wanted the same thing. Being without anyone to love in her life sometimes got to her. She didn't even remember the last time she had had someone to care about apart from her family members. It was probably two years ago when Alex had dumped her because she was too particular about everything, but Meg couldn't help who she was. After months of trying, she had finally given up when he friends had set her up for a terrible double date. It had to be the worst experience in her life. All she could remember was how the man had constantly asked her about her bank account almost like he wanted to borrow her money. When questioned about where they'd found the man, her friends had admitted that it was on an online dating app.

As Meg made her way to the house, she could feel a lot of eyes on her. She was a beautiful woman after all. Nothing compared to her sister who was the complete opposite of her, but she was still attractive. Right then, she wore a peach colored blouse, a black pencil skirt that clung to her slim curves and accentuated her waist and black stilettos with a blazer. Her caramel skin looked radiant and her deep brown eyes stern and serous. Her hair was like she remembered her father's—thick and bushy and so unlike her sister's and mother's who had soft wavy hair. Another thing that didn't make her seem like part of the family. She could remember her mother comparing her to her father on more than one occasion when she was younger and still craving his company after his sudden death. She had been her favorite then unlike now when everything she did seemed to displease her mother. She could never be good enough unlike Brenda who could never do wrong in her mother's eyes.

"Why do you always look so angry?" Meg heard someone talk to her. She was so startled she almost dropped her purse.

"Why are you sneaking up on me like that?" she yelled as she turned to face Max. He wasn't bothered by her harsh tone or the hard glare she fixed him.

"I think we got off on the wrong foot," he said that devilish smirk of his on his face again.

Meg didn't feel like she had time for him. She completely ignored him and made her way to the house. Max, however, didn't look like he was ready to give up. He followed her talking all the way. Meg found herself smiling. It was nice to know that some people would take the risk of getting to know her despite what a nightmare she was. It was even more impressive with him because she was giving him a very hard time.

"Am I ever going to get rid of you?'' she asked him once they were at the door.

"Not unless you agree to go out with me," he replied smiling at her cunningly. She found herself responding to his charms despite her efforts not to.

"When?" she asked pretending she wanted to get this over with.

"Tonight. At the creek," he replied.

"Will you leave me alone if I do this?" she asked.

"I doubt you'd want that after spending time with me," he replied, and she found herself laughing despite her better judgment.

"Fine," she said. She stretched out her hand for a handshake and he took it in his. Instead of shaking it, he kissed the back of her hand leaving her feeling flustered.

When night came, Meg got dressed up for her big night. It had been a while since she'd gone on a date, so she wanted to make a good impression. She chose a red dress that showed off her curves and red high heels.

In Meg's opinion, the creek was a silly place to have a date. She had come here so many times as a teenager with so many different boys that the appeal had died with time. However, she had a feeling she would spend time with Max no matter where he took her. He probably had that kind of effect on so many girls.

Meg met him at the creek where he said he would be. He looked incredible in his jeans and white shirt. Meg couldn't help but feel like she was too dressed up.

"You look great," he complemented her," I feel like I didn't put much effort at all."

"You look good," she assured him.

Meg took the time to look around her. He'd clearly taken his time to prepare for his. There were light and flowers everywhere. In the middle of all of that, stood a table with trays of food. He led her there and pulled out a chair for her. Meg was glad to know that they were having sea food. He must have known that that was her favorite.

They talked as they ate. It turned out that Max and Meg had a lot in common. They both worked in law firms and had crazy rivalries with their siblings. It was a wonder he'd been chosen to be the best man. They had both given up on relationships and hadn't dated in while. Just like Meg, Max had thought he was better off alone though the agony killed him.

When they were down with their meal, they moved to sit at the river bed. The grass was wet and would definitely leave stain on her clothes but for the first time ever, Meg didn't feel like she cared. With Max, things were much easier. It was at this point that things got a bit more intimate. Meg always had a rule about not sleeping with a guy on the first date but seeing that they had already come to know each other so well, she let it slide.

She was the one to make the first move. She placed her hand on his knee and moved into kiss him. He took hold of her hair and kissed her back. Her breathing became faster and her heart started to beat quicker. Just kissing him made her feel consumed with lust. He must have felt the same because he started to take off her dress. His hands roamed all over her body as he kissed her neck.

He took off the rest of her dress along with his own clothes. He lay her on the grass and climbed on top of her. Positioning himself between her legs, he found her entrance and slipped in. Her eyes widened as he stretched her out completely. He gave her a moment to adjust to is wide girth before he started to go even faster inside her.

Later on, they sat side by side and talked until there was nothing else to talk about. They walked back to the mansion hand in hand both of them glad to have finally found someone who was good for them. Meg hoped that this time would last because she had a feeling that Max was the man for her.

The End

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