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A Cool Night

By Isa Adam

Copyright@2018 by Isa Adam

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

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Reese took his time getting dressed. For some reason, he felt nervous about seeing Lilly. This had never happened to him with any other woman and why should it have when he was every woman's fantasy. Every woman apart from Lilly and he didn't understand why. He was handsome, athletic rich and charming. Lilly should be lucky to go out with him. However, it hadn't felt like that was the case when she had agreed to this date. He'd had to call her over and over again until she finally relented. Probably because she felt sorry for him. No woman had never really felt sorry for him and he had to admit that it didn't feel good.

By the time he was done getting dressed, Reese had only fifteen minutes left to pick Lilly up. He lunged for his car keys and rushed outside to his car amidst his best friend's laughter and taunts. Reese knew that he must have looked like a fool to his friend. He'd never seen Reese act like this before and thought it was completely ridiculous.

To some point, Reese had to agree with his friend. This had to be the most ridiculous thing he had ever done. Why was he rushing after one woman who seemed to enjoy giving him a hard time when she could have had any other willing woman with even less effort? Perhaps women even more beautiful and sophisticated than Lilly who he had only seen with one t-shirt whenever she came to the bar. Lilly who couldn't even be bothered to fix her bushy blonde hair into something more respectable. However, it was these features that drew him to her. It was what made her stand out almost all the women he had ever been with and it was what made him drive and an unreasonable speed to her house because he didn't want to blow their first date by being late. Lilly felt like the kind of woman he needed in his life which was strange because Reese had never thought he would need a woman. He had always imagined himself as a bachelor even when he was older. Something in him had both dreaded and looked forward to the day when he would get women even half his age into his bed. However, now that he had met Lilly, all he could think of was settling down and starting a family.

Fortunately for him, Reese made it to her house just in time and without getting into a car crash. He rushed out of his car and to her door at a speed so incredible he could hardly believe it was him. It seemed like Lilly was already turning him into a better athlete. He paused at the door to calm his breath. The last thing he wanted was to look sweaty and out of breath when she saw him. That would only make her think he was desperate for her attention although he was in all truth. He wanted her to treat her like he was more than an insignificant part of her life. Something she had to get over with before he got even more desperate.

When he felt confident enough to see her, Reese rang the doorbell. Lilly took her time answering it but when she did; Reese felt it was worth it. He'd never seen her in a dress before. It wasn't one of those fancy ones he was used to seeing on his women, but he couldn't help but think she was the most beautiful creature he had ever set eyes on. The dress itself wasn't too short or slutty. The lace fabric reached just above her knees leaving her long shapely legs exposed to his gaze. Its neckline didn't expose much of her chest and he was strangely glad for that. The last thing he wanted was to do something inappropriate. She wore flats instead of heals and her hair much to his dismay was held in a lose bun. He liked it wild and free.

"Cat got your tongue?" she asked bringing him out of his thoughts. He realized he'd been staring for too long. He looked up and their eyes met. He didn't think he ever wanted to look away.

"You look lovely," he said awkwardly. She simply shrugged her shoulders and made her way to his car. It made him feel terrible when she did nothing to acknowledge his presence. He wasn't used to women being so cold to him.

Lilly didn't wait for him to get the door for her. She opened it herself and sat herself in the front seat of his car. He slipped in beside her to drive them to the restaurant. It was hard when all he could think of was how she smelled of vanilla. It was nothing like the sweet expensive fragrances of his past girlfriends but to Reese, it was divine.

"How was your day?" he asked her, trying to make conversation.

"I would have thought you'd would stop asking me that after calling me five times in one day," she accused. For the first time ever, he felt his cheeks heat up. He looked away from her imagining a shade of red on his face. What kind of woman was this to make him abandon all of his usual habits?

The drive was quiet up until they reached the restaurant. Reese climbed out of his car and ran to the other side to get it for her, but she was already out at the time. He stood there awkwardly before the valet came to take his car keys.

"Let's go inside," he said waving awkwardly at the restaurant. This earned him a strange look from the valet who had seen him there numerous times with numerous women. He was always so smooth and confident that it came as a shock how he acted toward this new strange looking woman who was so unlike the others. Reese couldn't help but wonder what the valet thought was going on here.

Reese place his hand on her lower back and walked her inside. He thought his touch might offend her but when she didn't react; he didn't let her go until they were seated at the table five minutes later.

"This place is so stuck up," she said looking around distastefully.

"You don't like it?" he asked nervously. Out of all the women he'd brought here, she was the only one who had ever complained. It was after all the best restaurant in the city. You had to book a reservation at least three months in advance to get in. He only got in so easily because he knew a few people and could easily pull a few strings. He couldn't say he was actually surprised, but Lilly's reaction toward the restaurant. She was so different from any other person he had ever met.

"I like it. I just don't like them," she pointed to the crowd around her with her small button like nose. Reese felt himself laugh and slowly started to relax. He agreed with her there. He'd always thought the people around him were too pretentious and stuck up. Sadly, he had become one of them over time.

"Good evening sir," a waiter greeted as he stood in front of the couple, “What should I get you?"

The menu was in French so Reese had to order for both of them being the only one of the two of them who spoke French. He ordered some very expensive wine. The kind that he got on many occasions when he had a lady to entertain He knew Lilly would love the wine. When Lilly nodded her head in approval after the first sip, he released the breath he'd been holding. He'd been afraid she would opt for a beer instead being how crazy she was. However, the food was another matter all together.

"Is this all of it?" Lilly asked staring at her plate with a bored expression on her face. The waiter seemed stunned.

"What do you mean by that? Don't you like it?" Reese asked.

"It's just that I didn't eat anything home. I thought the food would be…there," she explained.

"But the food is there, madam," the waiter argued with his French accent clearly fighting the urge not to laugh.

"Don't tell me you actually think this is right? You probably get a burger every time you go home after making us buy this. You should drop the accent. I don't buy it," Lilly said raising her eyebrow at the waiter.

"Could I get you anything else then?" he asked acting offended though Reese could see the sad smile on his face. Lilly had probably been accurate in her description of him.

"You could get us the bill,” she replied, and the man broke into a giggle before leaving their table. Just like Reese, he had never met a woman like Lilly.

"We could get the wine and go somewhere else for dinner," Lilly said to Reese.

"Where would we go at this time of the night? All the good places are full by now," he argued.

"Why don't we go to all those good places you used to go to before you became so stuck up," she replied.

"Stuck up?" Reese asked. She was about to answer when the waiter came back with the bill. Reese settled the bill and they were ready to go.

"You don't have to carry that," Reese protested as Lilly took the bottle of wine in her hand.

"This is really expensive wine. I'm not leaving it for that waiter of yours," she replied flatly.

Reese found himself laughing for the second time that night. He didn't even mind the strange looks the other guests threw him as they made their way outside him laughing loudly and Lilly stubbornly holding a bottle of wine. This date was even more messed up than he imagined it would be.

"Where are we going?" Lilly asked once they were back in the car. Reese sat still for a moment thinking. Clearly nothing fancy was going to impress her, so he would have to do something with even more meaning. Lilly had mentioned earlier how he was stuck up. Whatever his next move would be was going to have to prove her wrong. That would mean taking her to a place where he'd last frequented when he hadn't been rich or famous.

"Here we are," Reese said getting out of the car. He didn't bother to get her door this time.

"Where are we?" she asked looking around at the place in awe.

"This was where I started playing football," he explained making his way to the center of the vast school field.

"Really?" she asked walking ahead of him.

The field itself wasn't much. It belonged to a high school he'd gone to as a child. However, to Reese it was everything. It was where he learned how to play and become the great man he was today. If this didn't impress her then nothing else was going to.

"I see you have a heart," she said. She smiled, and Reese felt himself lose his breath. He'd never seen her smile before and he had to admit that it was by far the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

"I'm glad you like it," he said. For the first time, he felt connected to her. He reached out for her hand and it took it in his. He was going to make this night special for both of them.

"Does this mean that we're not going to eat tonight?" she asked. Reese laughed. It was just like her to think about food when they were at such an important place. Luckily, he'd already thought this through.

"Don't worry about that. I've got you covered," he said leading her to the center of the field. In the time it had taken him to drive here, he'd had the chance to contact a few of his old friends one of them being his high school principal who let him use the field.

"Whose are those?" she asked stopping suddenly. She strained to make out their figures.

"No one important," he replied. They were probably there to drop the food.

His guess must have been right because whoever they were, they were already gone by the time they'd gotten close enough.

"That smells great," Lilly said settling down on the blanket laid on the grass. She leaned toward the small basket in the middle and opened it.

"We used to eat this chicken when we were kids," he explained. He took a bite and closed his eyes at the taste. It felt exactly like it had when he was a kid. Lilly had been right. He had been too stuck up before now. He was glad he didn't have to be that way with her and she wouldn't care at all.

They talked all night as they ate. Lilly had a good appetite and left nothing untouched. They had a lot in common so there was a lot for them to talk about.

"I really like spending time with you," Reese said.

"I like spending time with you too," she replied shyly like she didn't like to let people know that she could feel anything.

When he kissed her, her arms wrapped around his pulling him even closer to her. He pushed her to the ground so that her back was pressed against the blanket. He climbed over her and started to unzip her dress. When her clothes were off, he gazed down on her naked body admiring how smooth and creamy her skin looked. She helped him take off his clothes and they tossed them aside.

When he moved into her, she arched his back in response. He started to thrust into her fast as her fingers nails dug almost painfully into the skin of her back. Her legs wound around her waist as he pounded deeper and harder into her. She came over and over again. She had her last orgasm more intense than the rest. He came right after her.

He rolled off her and they lay side by side looking at the stars. Reese didn't think he would ever forget a night like this one and to think it had all started with a one-night stand. Lilly moved closer to him and he held her in her arms thinking of how lucky he was to have someone like her. He couldn't wait to spend more time with this woman.

The End

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