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Meet your new Boss by Karen Blayne

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Sam looked down at his watch and was impressed, he’d actually checked in and got through security in less than five minutes which for a London airport was amazing, five hours was more the norm at Heathrow his normal point of departure. London City airport, he hadn’t been surprised when Jessica had told him she’d booked him to London via Paris since it was cheaper that way, at least he wasn’t working his passage on a container ship nor travelling as a courier, something she’d discovered that if he just had carry-on baggage then the courier companies would sometimes pay his ticket if he carried their bags instead of his own as checked in baggage. He dreaded her schemes to save money on the travel budget. It was something to do with the UK green tax that was higher for long distance flights than short ones. So he’d flown in on Air France into Paris then connected a few minutes later into Heathrow. He was in Heathrow by eight am say a few minutes later than flying direct but because he’d flown in from Paris he was at a different terminal so hadn’t had to queue for an hour with all the other passengers that arrived on jumbo jets from across the Atlantic. In fact there had been no queue at all for the passport check, the food had even been edible on the jumbo across the Atlantic.

He was quite certain his luck couldn’t hold. He sat down on a comfortable seat, this was a London airport wasn’t it, and looked round. Most passengers seemed to be London city types, the occasional elegantly dressed female. He’d glanced at the sandwich prices but at £4.50 a packet he thought they were double even Heathrow airport’s prices. Jessica would be pleased that he hadn’t had to catch either the Heathrow or Gatwick express trains. Well at £50 return to get across London Jessica always maintained they were just another UK tax on travellers. There were two teenage girls, probably sisters sat diagonally opposite, occasionally one would get up and walk around only to return a few minutes later. Pretty blonde girls who were expensively clothed with the sort of expensive hard shell custom carry on cases on wheels that were within a quarter of an inch of the maximum size. They got up and trundled their carry-on luggage away. He read a bit more paper, the Daily Telegraph, he hadn’t intended to buy a paper just a bottle of water but the paper was half the price of the bottle of water and came with a free bottle of water so he’d brought the paper.

He’d just finished the editorial when the two girls returned and sat down opposite him once more. Flippantly he asked them if they had enjoyed their trip to Europe and back. The taller girl looked at him then asked him to repeat himself more slowly in a Russian accent. He felt perhaps he shouldn’t make flippant speech but complied and explained that since the city airport only had small planes he’d assumed then had flown out to Europe then back again. She smiled as she understood his joke then turned to explain it to her sister. They chatted for a few moments and because he’d done some language training and knew feedback was important he’d gently corrected their English when they replied. He looked up, he’d been at the airport for twenty minutes and they were boarding his flight to Paris. He wished the two girls a pleasant flight and disappeared to his gate.

Well it was a sort of gate. Stairs down to the ground level, a small waiting room where they double checked his ticket, five minutes later they opened the door and the passengers shepherded across the tarmac to a tiny plane with propellers. He thought it was rather sweet. The flight took an hour and a half but with his MP3 player and sound isolating ear buds it seemed a much shorter.

Paris, oops he needed 19 Euros to pay for the Air France bus across from one airport to the other. He looked in Jessica’s instructions, 30 Euros in notes were tucked in the bottom so he was soon on the way. Past the Seine, a very wide commercial looking river, a very large train station with lots of high speed electric trains, along a few more roads then he was at Charles de Gaulle Airport ready to catch his next flight. He looked down at his ticket 2f. The passenger on the bus next to him pointed to the large signs saying 2E and mentioned that was the one whose roof had collapsed under the weight of snow, he started to get up but was waved down, no no he should get off at the next stop 2F. When they approached the 2F entrance, he stepped down and up into the terminal. The self-service check-in machine didn’t recognise him but an attractive young lady led him up to the counter and opened up a computer, soon he was checked in. Three minutes later he was through security still clutching his 11 Euros, perhaps a sandwich for lunch? He’d thought the City airport was expensive but 6.50 Euros for a simple sandwich? He settled for a long ham roll at 3.70 and strolled up the escalators to catch his plane successfully resisting the temptation of buying something for Jessica from the very exclusive and expensive duty free Paris fashion shops and putting it on expenses.

He had a pleasant relaxing flight back, even a bit of Brie with his meal surely a first for air line food, all in all he was very happy with Jessica’s penny pinching plans but he wasn’t quite certain he’d admit to it. Back in the office things weren’t looking too good. Two of their major customers had gone bankrupt but fortunately due to Jessica’s tight rein on their outstanding debts it wasn’t quite enough to sink the firm. Still pay rises looked like being a thing of the past this year. He’d just about finished winding up the project he was on and was wondering what might turn up next when Jessica suggested he took a few days holiday since he had plenty that he hadn’t taken over the years. So now he was at home relaxing reading a few books, listening to music, and admiring the two teenage girls and their friends who seemed to live around next door’s swimming pool.

The door bell rang so he wondered over to open it. Probably a sales person of some type selling a ‘cut your lawn service”, or a ten year fixed natural gas price contract. He recognised the first two girls from somewhere, next door’s friends from the pool? The taller older one stepped forward and kissed him on the cheek, then stepped past him as the younger one came in and kissed him on the lips. Obviously someone he knew? He tried to place her as she passed into the room as well leaving the third slightly older girl with an airline carry one bag in each hand and from the two straps across her shoulders a backpack on her back. He stepped aside and motioned for her to enter. She acknowledged him with an almost military nod and marched in looking very serious. There was something about the expensive carry on bags that rang a bell.

“Duscha has decided she needs to improve her English so we are coming with you to visit for the summer.” The first girl announced with a heavy Russian accent. “Sorry, could you repeat that?” He noticed the third girl was first inspecting the front door lock, and then the windows. “I forget to introduce myself. I am calling myself Mikka, this is my sister Duscha, and finally Yalena our how do you say it minder perhaps? We met at the London City airport very briefly some time ago.” “Wouldn’t you be better with an English teacher?” “They are two a penny and only know Shakespeare, Duscha wants to be an engineer so they would be useless to her.” “So I’m expected to teach her English this summer?” She seemed a bit high handed to say the least. “I do have a job to do you know.” “It is all arranged with Jessica. You are to phone her on this number.”

He dialled the number and spoke to Jessica on her mobile. “Well since you reached my mobile I guess you’ve seen that the Russians are coming then.” He recognised her voice. “The Russians are coming?” “Mikka turned up this morning with an offer to buy Mike out plus an offer to take any production we can spare over our normal orders for the next 12 months and everyone gets a 5% pay rise. Provided” “Let me guess I teach them English for the next four months.” “Oh was that what they wanted. Anyway think about it carefully because without them we have enough orders to keep going for two more weeks then we’re out of credit at the bank. Mike was pleased to get even a small offer for the company.”

He put the phone down and turned back to Mikka. “You understand I’m not a qualified English teacher.” “Yes but you know English and you are an engineer.” “How did you track me down?” “Oh Yalena has contacts, we knew which flight you were taking, the rest was easy.” “So where will you stay?” “Here of course, Yalena’s report is saying you have three bedrooms, two of which have beds, so Duscha gets the spare room, and Yalena can sleep on the floor in here.” “And yourself?” He dreaded what the answer was going to be. “Yalena tells me you have a double bed so that’s not a problem unless you snore and Yalena’s report didn’t mention that.” He closed his eyes briefly and when he opened them again he saw Mikka motion to Yalena, seconds later Yalena was on her knees in front of him undoing his zip, she fondled him, licked him as if tasting him then concentrated on giving him a blow job. As she did so Duscha slid out of her jacket and peeled off her top over her head. Then she undid her belt and jean zipper and wriggled out of her tight jeans. She unclasped her bra and stood before him showing him her dark pubic hair through the lace of her boy shorts. Mikka leaned across and kissed him on the lips. “Duscha is young and likes admiration, she was certain she saw it in your eyes at the airport.” She deepened the kiss and with his release he collapsed backwards onto the chair. Mikka curled up in his lap and rattled off some instructions to Yalena who picked up the carry on bags and carried them off upstairs.

“Are you like my body?” “Do you like my body?” he corrected. “Yes it’s a very nice body but not as beautiful as mine I think.” Duscha stood pouting in front of him, cupping her breasts and brushing her nipples with her thumbs. “I have good boobies? Did I say that right or should I say breasts?” Sam had an idea it was going to be a long four months. “OK OK, four months of English lessons it is but everything is now in English. Do you have any English text books?” They shook their heads. He thought of the two sisters next door perhaps they had some old children’s books he could use. “Get dressed then and we’ll go next door.” He turned to see Yalena come down the stairs. “Do you speak any English?” “A little not very much.” “All three of you will learn English by immersion then.” Yalena looked puzzled until Mikka translated for her when her face lit up and she replied in rapid Russian to Mikka. Sam looked at her and motioned for her to speak once more. “I happy am to learning the English there is good jobs for the english-speaking body guards.” She announced slowly.

He shepherded them next door and soon had been given a collection of children’s books. Duscha quickly started chatting to Jennifer the younger of the two teens. Pointing at objects, when she didn’t know the English word, Mikka was a little slower in starting chatting to Emily but soon magazine illustrations and descriptions of fashions had her interest. He sat next to Yalena and together they read the adventures of Peter Rabbit out loud. The girls were invited to come over and swim whenever they felt like it, but that of course led to the absolute necessity of buying swimming costumes. They didn’t know where the best Malls were, not a problem. Sam’s car was in the drive. Sam soon found himself driving the five girls down to the nearest Mall. He hadn’t realised that there were so many different things to consider when buying a swimming costume. Soon the four girls had an assortment of bikinis and were headed towards the changing rooms but he noticed although Yalena had looked through the racks and was looking longingly at a favoured one she hadn’t taken it to the changing rooms. “Don’t you like it?” he asked quietly, “Yes but it’s a month’s wage.” She replied just as quietly. He dug in his pocket and pulling out a roll of fifties he passed her half a dozen. “Pocket money so spend it or I’ll buy you the lime green one next to the till.” Yalena glanced at the bright lime green colour and grimaced. “I am having take the money.” She smiled and she slipped the money into the patch pocket on her thigh then marched to the back of the store and looked through the bin of sale items before emerging with a triumphant look and entering the changing rooms.

Sam was called upon to give his approval to Mikka’s and Duscha’s selections. Yalena shyly put her head from behind the curtain and motioned for him to come closer. She opened the curtain and turned around for him modelling a blue bikini that had a touch more material in it than some that Mikka and Duscha had tried on. He nodded his approval and stepped back into the store. Mikka had nearly a dozen bikinis spread out on the counter. Duscha was deliberating between a pale pink one and a light green one when Mikka just heaped them together with hers. When Yalena arrived with her modest bikini Duscha took it from her and when Mikka’s back was turned simply added it to the pile.

She stepped back and spoke quietly to Sam, “I think Yalena deserves one or two nice things too, don’t you?” Sam nodded his agreement, surprised that Duscha should be so sensitive.

After lunch they gathered round the pool once more, the girls were discussing their new purchases. So Sam found himself a lounger and stretched himself out closing his eyes behind his sun glasses. This was definitely the life, this teaching English was a piece of cake, you just let the teenagers talk amongst themselves. His peace was shattered by a bucket full of cold water. He opened his eyes to see Duscha start with shock, drop the bucket and dive into the pool. He stood up dripping wet. Yalena came up to him carrying a dry towel. “What was that for? It was certainly unprovoked.” “Unprovoked he says, a teenager wears for you her new bikini to grab your attention and you close your eyes to sunbathe? You say nice things about my bikini or you go in the pool!” She rested her hand meaningfully on the edge of his lounger, Sam suddenly realised that living with teenagers wasn’t as simple as he first thought but did manage to blurt out something to the effect that the new bikini brought out the colour of her eyes, gambling they were blue as well. Perhaps he should even have a peep sometime.

Yalena took pity on him and took out her bottle of water proof SPF 50 and proceeded to massage him with the oil rubbing it well in on his back and shoulders. Sam felt himself drifting off to sleep. “I you only do this so I can do Duscha, if she sees you have it she will follow.” Oh well another illusion shattered thought Sam.

That evening Yalena made herself busy in the kitchen and soon there were three plates of stew sitting on the table. “Yalena, where’s yours?” “In the kitchen.” “Bring it in here and eat with us, that way you can practise your English whilst we eat.” Yalena looked surprised but after receiving an affirmative nod from Mikka did a credible curtsey in her slightly baggy trousers. “I obey O Master. I saw this once in a Disney film? Is it good?” “Yes but let’s not hear you say it in public, people might get the wrong idea. Women are supposed to be liberated here and not still have masters.” Yalena looked surprised but made no further comment. Sam turned the conversation to what they’d seen at the Mall that day. Soon the girls were discussing dresses with lots of descriptive words. After the meal they settled down to watch a couple of Sam’s DVDs.

Mikka and Duscha disappeared quickly upstairs, Yalena unrolled a sleeping bag on the rug and grabbed a pillow from the settee to rest her head on. Sam wasn’t sure about her sleeping on the floor but she seemed happy. He bent down to give her a peck on the cheek as a good night kiss but she rolled slightly and his lips landed on her opening lips and he received a deeper kiss than he had intended. She closed her eyes afterwards and snuggled down with a self-satisfied grin.

When he entered his bedroom Mikka had already slipped down between the covers and appeared to be asleep. He thought about taking advantage of the situation but then decided that too much had happened that day. If Mikka was interested then tomorrow was another day besides he wasn’t certain he was capable of anything, the day had been exhausting.

Next morning Yalena dressed in her short cotton nightdress awakened them with two cups of steaming coffee. Sam blinked, he could get used to this alarm clock. Mikka sipped her coffee then threw back the duvet and before Yalena could escape hitched her night dress up and spreading her thighs she pointed to her crotch. Wordlessly Yalena sank her head between Mikka’s thighs and obviously was giving her oral sex. Mikka stretched out and pulled Sam in for a deep kiss and caressed him with her fingers. “So the sex manual was right for once men are getting an erection first thing in the morning often. Conveniently I’ll be ready for you shortly. I say that correctly?” She ran her fingers over his hardening erection. “Yalena he needs some attention now.” Yalena switched to Sam and once more took his throbbing erection in her mouth but after a few strokes she said something in Russian which made Mikka laugh. “Yalena thinks we’re both near.” Mikka pulled him on top and Yalena guided him in. Yalena was correct thought Sam, when Yalena raked her finger nails down his back it triggered his release into Mikka which in turn seemed to set off Mikka.

Afterwards they lay in each other’s arms, Yalena fetched a towel which she spread on the bed under Sam. “Your back is bleeding slightly.” Was the explanation. She was content to sit on the edge of the bed watching them until Sam got up then motioned for her to lie down on the bed. He spread her legs apart and to her shocked expression started to kiss and nibble his way up her thighs starting at the knee. “You’ll spoil her. I don’t think she’s ever had this sort of attention paid to her before.” Sam thought he’d received far too much attention from Yalena and no one really seemed interested in treating her as a person. He nibbled higher, licking her blonde pubic hair before settling down to muffin munch with the aim of giving her a proper climax. Yalena had other ideas however and just as he sensed her approaching O she quickly slipped from under him, turned over onto his back then after squeezing his hard on and kissing him firmly on the lips she lowered herself guiding him in. He felt her twitch above him and then she collapsed on top of him. This time he really was exhausted and lay back with Yalena sprawled on top and Mikka snuggled up on his left shoulder. Duscha came wondering in without knocking. “When’s breakfast?” she asked then looked at the sprawling bodies. “Good God you haven’t both been at the poor man before breakfast? I mean to say you said I could tease him first. You started without me.” “You could get your own coffee and cereal.” Murmured Mikka, Duscha looked affronted. Yalena got up “Let’s go and get you some coffee and organise your breakfast.”

Sam got up, and looked down at the blood on his thighs, well it would soon wash off in the shower. He’d pick up the towel and drop it in a bucket of cold water to soak out the blood when he got dressed. Downstairs he found Duscha eating a bowl of cereal and sipping her coffee. Yalena was in the kitchen busy placing a plate of bacon and egg in the microwave which she set off when she saw him. “Bacon and egg OK?” “OK, Yalena did Duscha really need you to put a bowl and cereal out for her?” Yalena shrugged, “She’s young and I doubt if she knows which cupboard to look in. Besides it’s what I get paid for.” “What did she mean by teasing me?” “Well she needs to improve her English, her mother disapproves of Mikka’s young man so they were packed off here to Canada. Mikka misses the sex, Duscha wants the admiration so they came up with the idea that Duscha would tease you and Mikka gets the more physical side of you. I just lend a hand when needed like this.” She groped him lightly on the way to do the washing up.

That afternoon, after Yalena had changed the front door lock to one she approved of, they were once more gathered round the swimming pool. Duscha had on yet another new bikini, a pale blue one that hinted at nipples beneath so Sam had complemented her on it and got a glimpse of approval from Mikka. Apparently it was the subject of much girl discussion so Sam seeing an empty bucket by the side of the pool, felt the temptation was too great. He scooped the bucket full then crept up behind Duscha before pouring the contents over her. Her shriek was satisfying to say the least, she spun round to face him and his jaw just dropped. The wet bikini had become totally transparent and a pair of nipples faced him. Duscha had a sort of self-satisfied smile on her face that disappeared rapidly as they heard the garden gate open. A totally embarrassed Duscha threw her arms around him, pressing her wet bikini against him so no one could just see how transparent it was. Yalena saw her predicament and hauling herself out of the pool where she’d been doing lengths she grabbed a bath sized towel and spread it over Duscha. Sam picked her up in his arms “I think we need to get you back so you can change.” He murmured, Duscha just wrapped her arms around his neck and clung on as he carried her back into their house, Yalena tagging on behind.

 “Upstairs and shower her to get the chlorine out of her hair.” She commanded when they entered the house. “Shower her?” spluttered Sam, “Yes she’ll enjoy the attention, but you may only look and wash body. Anything else and Mikka would tell me to kill you so we’d have to leave the country early.” She smiled at him. Sam realised Yalena had finally cracked a joke in English, he’d heard that was a good sign, she must be relaxing. He took a shower with Duscha in the large double shower stall helping her to remove the bikini and wash her hair before taking the soap and exploring Duscha’s body with soapy hands. She did the same to him finally running her fingers over his firming rod. “Whoops. This is Mikka’s or perhaps Yalena’s territory.” She slipped out of the shower and grabbed a towel retreating to her bedroom.

Yalena came up to take a shower and groped him in her familiar way. “Oh dear she’s been successful in tease you? Would you like me to finger it after my shower?” Sam thanked her and made his way unsteadily to his room.

The following day the girls decided to go shopping. Sam hadn’t imagined that he could be involved in an expedition round the list of stores and malls that Jessica next door had come up with as being essential. That was until Yalena had pointed out to him that his minivan would hold everyone as well as their purchases comfortably. He shrugged and grabbed the keys. At the first upmarket department store Mikka led him to the gents outfitting and picked out a dinner jacket with accessories for him. Sam wasn’t totally happy about this but Yalena silenced him with the quiet comment if it kept Mikka happy to spend money what was his problem? Duscha looking impressed at the sight of Sam in his dinner jacket asked “Do we get new evening gowns as well?” “But of course.” Replied Mikka, “but we couldn’t wear them unless Sam was suitably dressed now could we?” Yalena smiled at this logic.

Sam picked up the packages and mentioned he’d see them either in the large book store near the entrance or back at the car. Hours later they found him with a stack of books at his elbow, things he’d been meaning to buy for ages but simply hadn’t had the time to go and look for them. There was something much more satisfying about handling a real book and being able to browse the shelves than to be presented with a ten page list of titles that some computer program thought he might be interested in. He started to weed through his stack to pick out the four books he could afford when Mikka motioned to Yalena and his entire stack was carried to the check out together with Mikka’s credit card. He looked a bit put out until Mikka mentioned she’d heard that reading was a good way for Duscha to improve her English. He rapidly did a mental flip through the books to see if there was anything that might corrupt an impressionable teenager but then thought that Duscha could hardly be called impressionable. She’d probably corrupt the books.

That evening Mikka dressed him in his new finery and had him zip her new evening gown up at the back. Well it was more at the butt since it didn’t cover very much back at all. The material was soft and Mikka looked as if she might fall out of it at any second. He reached round to cup her breasts. “Not now Sam, Yalena has cooked up something special for tonight. Besides I might want to wear this dress again so don’t crumple it.” Grumbling he descended and took the glass of sherry Mikka handed him.

Moments later Duscha came down the stairs making an entrance. She stepped up to him and leaning forward stole his glass of sherry, letting glimpse at the wisp of lace covering her breasts as she leant forward. “Duscha, you’re too young to drink Sherry.” Complained Mikka, Duscha leant forward once more and handed Sam his glass back. “Old grump.” She whispered.

They took their places at the table Mikka was asking Sam how he thought their English was doing. Sam was keeping half an eye on Duscha who seemed to be looking particularly mischievous this evening even if she was dressed in a grown up evening gown. Yalena came in carrying a hot covered serving dish supported by a pair of oven gloves. Sam’s words came to a halt. Yalena was dressed in an abbreviated French maid’s outfit that looked best suited to a very private Halloween party for two. Duscha clapped her hands, “Oh you like it, I picked it out. Mikka wasn’t sure if it was too little but I thought it would arouse you perfectly. Yalena turn round for him so he can admire the way the skirt opens at the back. Bend forward so he can get a better look at your bum. Isn’t it perfection? Don’t you think she has perfect legs for stockings? You need good ones so seamed black silk stockings really set them off nicely.” Sam looked at Yalena “What can I say?” “Oh you like it then?” “Very much and Duscha is right you do have good legs.” Yalena blushed at the compliment, then down at his crotch. “Food first I think and then we’ll have to see what I can find for dessert.”

Mikka turned her back to Duscha “Unzip me.” She tugged her knickers down and before picking up a strawberry and dipping it in the cream then walking round to the rug and lying down. She placed the strawberry above her stocking tops and between her inner thighs. “Yalena come and eat your dessert.” Not to be out done, Duscha walked round to Sam, “Unzip me please.” She picked another cushion from the sofa and placed it on a second rug. She took two strawberries and the dish of cream from the table and stretched out. “Sam your desert awaits.” Sam looked at Mikka but by this time she was otherwise occupied, Yalena motioned for him to get busy eating. So Sam did getting more and more aroused as he munched the cream and strawberries. “Lick it all up!” cried Duscha bucking her hips to give him more access. She held his head in place with her hands. There was a movement to his left.

“Duscha I’m ready for him now.” A bewildered Sam found himself rolled on his back Yalena took Duscha’s hand and wrapped it round his hardness. She moved Duscha’s thumb over the tip “Lesson time, feel how lubricated he gets when he’s ready.” Mikka dipped her second finger in her best friend a penis will ever have and showed Duscha she was well lubricated as well before getting astride his hips and guiding him inside. “Why does he need to be guided?” “You have two holes, one is well lubricated and the other is not. Not every men are good at getting it in the right hole and it’s much more comfortable in the lubricated one.” Replied Yalena matter-a-factly. “Oh you mean...” Duscha went bright red at the unspoken thought. “Oh and Duscha you should feed him more fruit and less cream to keep him healthy.” Duscha returned to the table and found another small strawberry which she bit in half before bending down over Sam and kissing him feeding it to him whilst Mikka was riding him. “Done.” She cried. Sam had to agree with her shortly afterwards.

“He doesn’t last very long does he?” “They last longer if you treat them gently but they are good for hugs afterwards, vibrators aren’t very useful for that.” Duscha wondered off her sex education lesson over for the day. Mikka was well pleased with the effect Yalena’s outfit had had and decreed she should wear it every day to serve dinner.

It was a few days later that the UPS van rolled up and a large brown cardboard box was delivered to the door. Sam wondered what it contained as Mikka supervised its transport upstairs. Mikka had obviously been busy shopping on the internet. He wasn’t kept in waiting for long before Duscha poked her head round the banisters. “You are coming up stairs now?” “Perhaps would you like to come upstairs?” he corrected, “Oh no you definitely will once we get you upstairs.” With that she giggled and disappeared back upstairs. Sam sighed and followed her, undoubtedly yet another dress he would have to admire. The noise seemed to be coming from his bedroom and when he entered he found Yalena had been blindfolded and tied to the bed. Mikka had a range of sex toys spread out on the carpet and she was experimenting on Yalena to see which was the most effective. There were nipple clamps with attached vibrators, which he recognised, other devices that seemed to be a mixture of suction bulbs with a vibrating pink tickler that Mikka had applied to Yalena’s nipples. Judging from the squirming Yalena, they were very, very effective. Duscha had been unwrapping things and had pulled out a lethal looking rabbit vibrator that had beads under the clear plastic cover. “It needs these batteries inserting before I insert it in Yalena. Is it right to use inserting twice in one sentence?” “Well yes but you should try to vary it.” “Oh you do that with these controls, they vary the vibrations and all sorts of things.” She routed in the box once more and came up with a harness. “Is this to tie her down?” Sam picked up the instructions and after inserting the batteries slotted the vibrator into the harness and handed it back to her. She looked baffled for a moment then called Mikka over and motioned to her to get undressed before she buckled it round Mikka’s waist.

Sam sat on the bed and kissed Yalena’s forehead and held her hand as Mikka experimented with the vibrating strap-on. Yalena arched her hips upwards as her body sought to gain the utmost pleasure from Mikka’s thrusts mixed with the movements from the rabbit. Eventually Mikka’s body stimulated by the vibrations coming from the base of the strap-on could take no more and she collapsed on top of Yalena.

Duscha undid Yalena’s bonds and rolled Mikka over and quickly tied her unresisting body down to the bed. Then she transferred the blindfold and the nipple toys across to her and set them in motion before motioning to Sam to get to work with his tongue between Mikka’s thighs. Sam by now was well conditioned to do as he was bid. The recovering Yalena joined in with a magic wand vibrator to bring Mikka back to fever pitch. Sam was just feeling Mikka starting to get aroused under his tongue when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Duscha, who by now had strapped herself into the strap-on, motioned him out of the way. Yalena’s mouth opened wide and she stepped away as Duscha eased the lubricated vibrating rabbit into her sister. Sam thought the best he could do was to keep Mikka occupied so she didn’t realise just who had penetrated her, bent over and kissed Mikka on the lips, forehead, neck and anywhere else he could reach to distract her whilst Duscha with a gleam in her eye repeatedly thrust the vibrator into her sister. Mikka’s chest was red with arousal. Yalena looked on horrified. When eventually Duscha decided she’d toyed with her sister enough Yalena hustled her out of the bedroom and Sam desperately continued to distract Mikka with the magic wand vibrator as long as he could keep her orgasming hoping that she wouldn’t realise her sister had been the one with the strap-on.

Later that evening he caught Duscha’s eye. “Well it was so cool seeing her thrashing around with my fake penis up her. I mean never in my wildest dreams have I ever had so much control over my big sister. You won’t tell on me will you?” Sam dismissed her with a pat on her bottom.

His neighbours invited the girls to attend their sports day at school. So Sam found himself chauffeuring the minivan once more. It was rather warm outside plus Emily and Jennifer wanted to watch the Judo display, they enjoyed watching the falls, so Sam and everyone were sat in the air-conditioned gym listening to the instructor/teacher making a small presentation about what they were about to see. Yalena perked up, and Sam looked to see what had caught her eye. All he could see was a younger pupil being pushed to one side by an older larger one, possibly a member of the football squad? Yalena stripped off in public to her underwear a very respectable looking modest sports bra and panties then motioned to Jennifer to lend her fighting outfit.

Once dressed she marched across to the bully and pointed to the mat, he shook his head and turned away to ignore her, Yalena poked him in the chest with her finger repeatedly and he retreated towards the mat. Once there she felled him. When he got up she dropped him again. She played with him eventually dropping him a dozen times in a dozen different ways before motioning with her hands that she was finished with him. Sam looked at Mikka who was beaming with pride, “She’s good no? Russian Special Forces.” Sam gave her an enquiring look. “Oh they wanted a new helicopter or something and we wanted Yalena so an arrangement was made. I think I’ll get changed there is someone interesting at the back.” Sam suddenly thought back to his conversation with Yalena earlier when he thought she’d made her first joke in English. He wasn’t quite so sure now she’d been joking at the time.

As Yalena stepped back the much younger smaller Duscha stepped up to take her place. The large football player rapidly went down four more times before refusing to get back up. Mikka whispered “She has to be quick to drop him as she doesn’t have the same stamina as Yalena.”

The gym was silent as Mikka walked across to the assembled contestants after seeing Yalena and Duscha in action they weren’t quite certain what was going to happen next. She stepped up to a rather shy looking guy near the back before smiling at him and taking his hand to lead him to the mats. He looked a little scared about what was to happen. Mikka gently dropped him to the mat, then reached forward to kiss him better. He went bright red especially when the cat calls came from his friends behind. They faced each other once more only to be interrupted by Yalena who showed him how to counter Mikka’s moves. The gym relaxed and Yalena spent the rest of the afternoon coaching students to improve their performance to the delight of the instructor who confessed he’d seen some of the techniques but never quite mastered them. Yalena invited Zachary, the boy who’d fallen for Mikka to come round during the summer for a little practise, for as she said to Sam later on, if he kept Mikka amused so much the better.

It was September and Sam had thoroughly enjoyed the summer. Jessica had rung and mentioned after the abnormal summer slowdown which had been longer than usual business was picking up nicely and she had a new project for him to sink his teeth into when he returned to work. Duscha’s English had improved enormously as had Mikka’s and Yalena’s. In a week they were due to leave. He was going to miss them all, Mikka still warmed his bed but he felt she really wanted to spend more time with Zachary. It was odd really the way she set limits on Zachary, holding hands and kissing him but going no further. Yalena explained Mikka was growing up and serious about him so didn’t want him to think she slept with just anyone, probably Yalena most of all, and her very direct way of coping with life.

Yalena asked hesitantly “Where do I buy an abortion?” “Oh you’re pregnant, how wonderful! Sam you must make of her an honest woman and marry her.” exclaimed Duscha clapping her hands. Sam looked a little taken back, “Well I didn’t have enough money for the pill and I hoped I’d be safe.” Explained Yalena. He reached out to her and enfolded her in his arms. “Mikka do you have any objection?” Mikka shrugged “She’s not a slave she can make her own choices.” “Mikka, we don’t really want the company do we, I mean we only brought it so I could have my English lessons. Perhaps we could sign it over to Yalena as a dowry?” Mikka nodded her agreement.

“Meet your new boss Sam.” Announced Duscha.

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