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China Doll For A Day

Written by Jack Vitale

Copyright © 2018 Jack Vitale

Published by Vitale Publishing

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China Doll For A Day

When my wife’s younger brother came to South Carolina for a visit, no one in the family knew that he was having a sexual affair with Bob’s ex-wife. Now, all of a sudden, I was the first to know that he was popping the very tasty Jessica Chew.

My wife, on the other hand, didn’t know a thing. Totally, clueless, she thought the two were just good friends. I, on the other hand, knew everything. You see, I saw and heard them doing it in the middle of the night when I had to get up to take a leak.

It all began the day he arrived for a one week visit. That’s when my wife and I saw her widowed brother wasn’t alone. I was surprised, but my wife was shocked to see the her kid brother wasn’t alone. Not only was he accompanied by a very attractive younger woman, the Asian lady joining Tommy was once married to his brother-in-law, Bob, the same guy who was once married to the sister of Tommy’s dead wife. A little confusing, perhaps, but true, nonetheless.

Not sensing the obvious, and thinking it was the right thing to do, my wife put the two supposed friends in separate bedrooms. And since her brother didn’t wish to make my wife look silly, he and Jessica went along with the platonic setup for the time being. They could always change sleeping arrangements later on in the night, and they most certainly did. This was how I learned who was fucking whom.

It was around two in the morning when I got up to take a leak. When I finished going, I stood out in the hallway for a minute or so before going back to bed. That’s when I heard them. She was moaning loudly and he was grunting like a man often does when banging a babe. In this case, my brother-in-law Tommy was banging his supposed friend.

When a bedroom door isn’t closed all the way, and sex is going on, there’s a good chance you’ll see a woman on her back with her legs wide open. You’ll probably even see a man on top of the Chinese woman with his bare ass moving in and out while pumping away. The man can’t see you, but the woman most certainly can since her eyes are as open as her shapely legs, and staring at right at you.

Even as she brought her legs up over Tommy’s back and continued fucking for him, the big smile never left Jessica’s face. If I didn’t know better, I’d say the Asian hottie liked me watching them as much as she liked being fucked.

For the next hour or so, as I lay in bed trying to sleep, all I could think about was the naked Chinese babe and her sexy teasing smile. It may have been Tommy who was fucking the hot Asian, but it wasn’t my brother-in-law I was seeing in my mind. It was me, and fucking the tasty Jessica had quickly became a top priority for me. How I’d do this, I didn’t have a clue. I only knew I had to screw the Chinese hottie and it had to be soon.

So, when the next day came, it was actually my wife who paved the way for the hot China doll and me, and Pat did so by telling me she and her brother wanted to visit a niece who lived in Wilmington, North Carolina. As it were, this was great news to those in the mood for some Chinese take-out.

Simply put, I couldn’t go to visit the niece because of some very important work at home, and Jessica chose not to go because of a severe migraine. This meant only one thing: We were both lying and I’d be home all day with the Dim-Sum of my erotic fantasies.

So, at ten o’clock on a Thursday morning, Pat and Tommy got in the car and left for North Carolina. At exactly ten-fifteen, Jessica strolled out of the bedroom looking as sexy as ever in a tank top shirt and cut-off jean shorts. The sexy outfit showed a well-formed chest and a pair of slim, but very shapely legs.

With only a lusty look in her eyes, she moved right up to me. “So? We’re alone now? Does that mean what I think it does?”

I was just about to answer when the divorced hottie made her move on me. The next thing I knew, her arms wrapped around my shoulders and her wet mouth pressed to mine. All of a sudden, the sexy Chinese woman was not only kissing me with her velvety tongue, she was rubbing her lower body on my real hard cock and moaning loudly while doing it.

Needless to say, my first thought was to grab a hold of her real fine ass, and when I did, her heavy rubbing became even more intense, her kissing even wilder. The Asian babe was clearly a hot one and she made no bones about what she wanted from the older man while her mouth licked my mouth and face.

"I need your cock!"

“You do?”

“Yeah, I do, Mr. Vic! I need it just like I needed it last night! Only now, I want your cock instead of Tommy’s. Can you do that, Mr. Vic? Can you fuck the hot Chinese woman whose hot cunt you’ve been thinking about all night long?”

I told her I did, then hastily opened the front of her jeans shorts, tugging down the zipper as fast as I could. A second or so later, my hand was inside her shorts and I was feeling her very wet panties. It was then we resumed kissing, then my fingers moved under her panties for a touch of some hot Asian cunt.

At the same time, Jessica got my zipper down and quickly found the cock she said she wanted. Her fingers wrapped tightly around it and she started jerking me off while I hastily removed her shorts and panties and my pants too.

Right after, the two naked people toppled over onto the bed where my first thought wasn’t to fuck hot Jessica, but do something else I knew she’d like.

Starting with her ankles and working upward, I licked and lapped every square inch of the Chinese woman's wide-open, beautifully shaped legs. At the same time, my fingers explored the inner regions of her tasty cunt, twisting them deep inside her pussy while I licked on her muscular calves and dined on her dimpled knees. It was Heaven, pure fucking Heaven.

As my mouth feasted on her other leg, licking the soft, smooth skin of her tasty inner thighs, I toyed with her swollen clit. This excited her so much it made the fifty-year old woman's body move more rapidly to my touch.

“Ohhhhhh, I love what you’re doing, sweet baby! No one ever does that to me.”

“They don’t? Mmmmmm! Ohhh! Mmmmm!”

So, my fingers fucked her and my tongue licked her too. She continued to moan loudly as my mouth and tongue moved gently along her other thigh, edging closer and closer to her very hot pussy. Teasing her unmercifully, I ran my tongue in tiny circles through her small patch of pubic hair. By the time my tongue touched her cunt lips, Jessica's body was totally out of control.

"That's it, Vic honey! Eat my cunt! I need you eating my cunt!"

She was as hot as any woman and ready for cock just seconds after I started eating her. As for me, I was ready too. The only thing was, I couldn't stop. I loved the Chinese woman's cunt and didn't want to stop eating her. I wanted to eat her until she came, then fuck her for a second pop of her hot pussy. After that, who knew? Maybe I'd eat her while she ate me. Whoa! Talk about hot?

When she finally came, Jessica had her beautiful yellow legs wrapped tightly around my neck and back with her cunt moving wildly to my face. The woman was a wild one and I hadn't even given her my cock. That moment of joy came a few minutes later with her lower body still moving up and down, her hot cunt practically begging to be fucked. That’s when she pleaded.

"Let me have it, baby! Stick it in my hot cunt and fuck the noodles out of me!"

Just seconds later, my cock moved swiftly and easily into her juicy cunt and we started fucking on a day bed inside my office. A few minutes later, she came again, shaking her body as my cock emptied its load into her pussy. It was my finest fuck. Later, as I stood over Jessica's naked body, she again talked dirty.

"I really loved your cock!”

“You did?”

She reached up for what she loved, wrapping her long fingers around it.

“Oh yes! I loved having you fuck me with it and I loved feeling it inside me.”

She paused while jerking me off with slow tender strokes.

"But, you know what I really love with your big beautiful cock?”

Of course I did. And I loved it too!

As her moist lips wrapped around it, and her tongue started licking, I fell over on top of her with my face landing between her gorgeous legs. Then, as she nibbled wildly on my dick, I started licking the juicy folds of Jessica's sweet delicious cunt. As good as it was earlier, eating her tasty cunt for a second time was even better. I guess it was because of where my cock was.

“Mmm, I just love your cock inside my mouth! Mmm! I hope you don’t mind me sucking on it! Mmm, I’ve always wanted to do this! Mmm! I love sucking your big beautiful cock! I’ve never loved doing anything more!”

At that point, I couldn’t agree more with the divorced Chinese woman. If there was anything better in life than doing a sixty-nine with a very hot woman, I couldn’t think of it then. This scenario, of course, applies to both men and women. When the ladies do it together, the guy wants to watch, but soon gives in two temptation and has to join in. That’s what happened a few months later.

It was during the following summer that I flew back to New York to attend a friend’s wedding by myself. I was alone cause my wife doesn’t like to fly, therefore, didn't accompany me on this three day trip. This was good for me because being alone gave me the perfect opportunity to pursue the woman whose pussy I’d popped a few months earlier.

Interestingly enough, it was my brother-in-law Tommy who paved the way for me banging his girlfriend a second time, and he did so by offering me a place to stay while I was in New York. Then, to really put icing on the cake, he was leaving for a week long trip to Las Vegas, and he was going without Jessica. So, while he and two of his brothers blew their money on Craps and the slots, his girlfriend and I would be alone at his house blowing each other.

My First day at Tommy’s house was uneventful regarding sex. There was no sex, or even the slightest hint of it. Right after Kevin picked up Tommy for their drive to the airport, both Jessica and Tommy’s daughter, Tara, left for their jobs. The young girl worked nearby and drove to work, while my intended lay worked in the city and had to commute by railroad. I would neither see nor fuck Jessica much before darkness set in later that night.

At the time, the stocky teen was the last thing on my fucking mind. She was, after all, Tommy’s adopted daughter, that in itself being a no-fly zone. All I could do was look at the kid’s big tits; touching or sucking them was totally off limits.

So, with that being said, I headed off to the bathroom. It was just past noon when I went in to take a bath. Since I thought I was alone, I didn’t bother to lock the bathroom door. I mean, who knew that Tommy’s daughter took her lunch break at home at just about the same time I was washing my balls and dick? Well, actually, I was doing a lot more with my cock than just washing it when the young girl burst through the bathroom door eager to relieve herself.

“Oh Gosh” she blurted out. “I’m sorry, Uncle Vic! I forgot you were here!” she said while sitting on the toilet, her short dress and sexy silk panties draping her mid-calves, leaving her bare thighs and shaven pussy very much exposed for my leering eyes. “But, I just had to go so bad! You understand, don’t you?”

All I understood right then was two things: For one, her early arrival had caught me in the middle of a heavy duty jerk off session, and two, I was getting real excited at what the eighteen year old girl was showing off to me.

I knew she was Tommy’s adopted daughter, but what the fuck, what’s a guy to do? I’d already fucked his girlfriend. Was there anything so wrong with fucking the man’s daughter too? No! I didn’t think so either, especially when it was Tara now doing the leering . . . at the older man’s boner.

Even while wiping herself, and she did that slowly and deliberately, a move surely meant to tease, she never took her eyes off the giant bone my hand continued to move in rapid fashion. Something told me right then that Tara wasn’t going back to work anytime soon. Her next move confirmed that.

Without saying anything and with a sly grin on her pretty face, Tara knelt down by the side of the tub and immediately reached into the water for my cock. The next thing I knew, the buxom brunette was doing the jerking for me, making my dick feel better than its felt in years. I had all to do from pulling her into the tub with me, but I did.

“How’s that feel, Uncle Vic? Does your dick feel better now?”

“Jesus, honey! It sure does, but you’d better stop doing what you’re doing!”

“Why, Uncle Vic? Don’t I make you feel good?”

Oh, it feels good, baby! In fact, baby, it feels too good!” I told her as I felt myself about to let go. “You’re gonna make it pop if you don’t stop right away.

Tara didn’t listen. She kept right on jerking. “Then, let it pop, Uncle Vic! I want to see you come. I’ve never seen an old man come before. C’mon, Uncle Vic! Come for me! Wait! I can make you come if you want.”

Just like that, the real nice cutie was almost in the tub with me, her face in my lap and her hot mouth and wet lips around my dick. Jesus Christ! The last thing I expected from my brother-in-law’s adopted daughter was blowjob.

That being said, I didn’t want to come inside her mouth either, but the buxom tart gave me no other choice but to let go. Her Goddamn licking tongue and her beautiful wet lips took me all the way to the end and I easily let go with all I had, down her throat and into her belly.

That was the first time Tara blew me, but not the last. Later that day, after she got home from work, Tommy's buxom daughter and me did more than just a blowjob in the tub. This time, she walked in while I was taking my late day nap. Before I knew it, she was undressed and crawling into bed with me. Naturally, I was startled by the kid’s lurid actions, not to mention concerned that Jessica was due home any second from work.

“Jesus, kiddo! What do you think you’re doing?” I asked as Tara got into my bed without wearing a stitch of clothes, her big tits bouncing freely as she shimmied her ass under the sheets. “Your Daddy’s not gonna be too happy about this!”

“But, Uncle Vic!’ she exclaimed emphatically. My Daddy’s not here to see us, is he?” she said now lying naked on top of me. Not long after that, the kid fucked me Yeah! You heard me right! The kid fucked me, not the other way around.

Hey! I’m sixty fucking years old! Standing up and humping my body back and forth just doesn’t happen anymore. At my age, you lie on your back and let the young honey sit on your cock. That way, she does all the work, and let me say now, young and hot Tara did all the work for both of us.

She ground her big soft ass to my groin while her big tits heaved and her body bounced like the proverbial bucking bronco. Talk about a real great fuck? The kid got me good, and then did me real good . . . with her cock-sucking mouth.

Okay! This is where it got really interesting. We should have stopped with the hot fuck knowing we were cutting it real close. Jessica was due home from work and the time for her arrival was getting dangerously close. There was really no time for a blowjob, but the kid insisted.

I told Tara exactly that, but she wouldn’t listen. She said we had plenty of time and not to worry. Jessica was always late anyway, she said as my cock slid into her mouth and she started licking and sucking and sucking and licking.

Yeah! She blew me all right. The only thing was, her sucking of my dick was so good, we forgot all about Jessica.

To be Continued . . . part 2:

China Doll For A Day, and the Daughter Too!

About the author . . .

Jack Vitale is a writer of erotic fiction. His work is hot and graphic and told as all good smut should be told. In reality, Jack Vitale is a pseudonym for the seventy-five year old author who prefers to keep his real name to himself given the erotic nature of the material he writes to help supplement his social security income.


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