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Laundromat Quickie

Written by Jack Vitale

Written by Jack Vitale

Copyright © 2018 Jack Vitale

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Laundromat Quickie

The laundromat office is very small. It’s only big enough for a small desk and a chair snuggled nicely under that desk. Once you pull out the chair, there’s hardly any room to stand, let alone fuck. If a guy wanted to fuck a babe inside that office, it would have to be right on the desk. And since the office was the only private area of the small Laundromat, the desk is where I fucked Tracy, the very petite and once happily married laundromat owner.

Like all impulse sex, this sex started innocently enough. We chatted for several minutes after she weighed my laundry and gave me a receipt. Since she didn’t appear to be in any hurry, and since it was very close to closing time, I didn’t rush either. I mean, how could I leave? The woman I was looking at made leaving impossible. Dressed in very sexy clothes, and looking incredibly hot, Tracy was willingly showing off her real nice body.

Most of the time it was sexy shorts and a halter top, but on this particular night, the forty-five-year old Tracy was wearing a denim mini-skirt and a very low-cut, skin tight shirt. It was an extremely sexy outfit that did nothing but show off her ample chest and a very nice pair of shapely beefy legs. If I didn’t get a big fat boner from seeing this extremely appealing woman, I’d surely be seeking the help of the nearest doctor.

Looks aside, I also liked talking to the well-built little lady, and as far as I knew, she felt the same about me. I knew this because she’d told me many times just how much she enjoyed my company. Before that night, I had no idea that Tracy wanted much more than the enjoyment of my conversation. All it took was a lusty look at her eyes and her moist pouted lips. They both told me it was all right to stop talking to the owner and kiss Tracy’s mouth; it was all right to grab her waist and pin the woman to the wall out of view of the front window.

Once I did that, it became all right to grab her ass and dry hump her body too. It was all right because the tongue inside my mouth told me it was all right to squeeze her ass and let her feel my big hard cock.

What wasn’t all right was finding a place to fuck a woman who obviously wanted to fuck. There were no tables or cots, only a small counter. There was only the bathroom and the small office that was only big enough for a small desk. We could have fucked on the toilet, but who wanted to do that, certainly not me?

That left just one place, and Tracy didn’t even bother to lock the front door. The sex she wanted was much too urgent. So, she took me into the small office and went right for the zipper to my pants. “I want it! And I want it now!

Suddenly, Tracy had it. She was holding my cock in her hand while feeding me her long beefy tongue. Just as quickly, I had it too. I lifted her skirt and slipped my hand underneath, finding a wet mushy crotch that needed a hearty rub from my fingers. I wanted it too. Therefore, I didn’t hesitate. I tugged her panties around her ass and knelt down to pull them down her legs. Once they were off, I came face to cunt with something else I suddenly wanted more than life itself.

With that, I gripped her bare ass and started licking her juicy wet cunt. Tracy wanted my cock, but she didn’t mind the delay. I was licking on her cunt lips and sucking on her clit, getting her in a better mood for the cock she wanted. No! This honey didn’t mind that at all. She showed that by humping her body to my face, at the same time holding my head. She was coming with or without cock.

“Oh, yeah, baby! Fucking do me! It’s fucking happening! It’s happening!”

This time, Tracy got the hard one. She got it deep inside her cunt while I held her ass and humped away. She didn’t mind this either. She wrapped both her beautiful legs around me and humped along with me. Oh, yeah! We kissed again too! I ate her tongue while she ate mine. After I came, Tracy ate something else.

This time, I sat on the desk while she sat in that chair. There wasn’t much room in that office, but we didn’t need much room. The room inside her mouth was perfect for my cock. She sucked on it viciously while licking it hard again. If anyone had entered that office right then, they would have seen the laundromat owner giving one hell of a blowjob to a very satisfied customer.

Like I said, she got my cock big and hard again. Tracy did that for a reason. She wanted to bend over her desk with her beautiful ass facing me. She then wanted me to shove my hard cock between her ass cheeks and into her pussy. So, I did what Tracy wanted, fucking her again to another terrific orgasm. Right after that, I did what I wanted.

I should have used a rubber, but I didn’t have one. I should have used KY Jelly too, but I didn’t have that either. I used what was available at the Laundromat: Downey Fabric Softener. Tracy didn’t mind. She was very accommodating that day. She took my soap-coated cock up her ass and let me fuck her there too.

"Fuck my ass! I simply love it in the ass!"

And so, with my dick all coated with laundry soap, I grasped her big soft ass cheeks and parted them with a gentle ease. A moment later, the head of my cock poked her anal opening and eased its way into the sugar sweetness of the laundry owner’s ass.

I didn’t stop moving until it was all the way inside her and Tracy and I were ass fucking like I’d seen many, many times in porn films. While corkscrewing her butt, I gripped her hips and moved her body with mine, fucking my sweet piece of ass clothes launderer.

"Like it pretty baby?"

She shook her head ecstatically. "Ohhh, yes, yes! I just love a cock in my ass. It feels so good, I could fuck all day with a hard cock up my ass."

I could do the same, especially with Tracy. Not only was she a good-looking, well-built woman, she clearly liked fucking for me. Who cared if she was the wife of another guy, I thought as her body began to tremble and mine began to erupt. We were both coming and we were doing it on a small desk inside a small office inside the neighborhood laundromat.

When I arrived the next night, my laundry was ready. So was Tracy. She brought along a rubber, a tube of KY Jelly and a pillow for the desk in her small office. The only thing was, we never got to use the pillow, or even the desk for that matter.

On this second night of sex, the laundry owner's wore a sexy pair of cut-off jeans, short-shorts that showed off her shapely solid legs, and a snug fitting shirt that showed me the little lady had a real nice set of tits. She looked hot enough to do right there in the front of the laundry, but I didn’t. She wouldn’t.

“Is that your van?” she asked of my luxury van, a sleek model with darkened windows and real comfortable seats that turn into bed if necessary. When I told her it was, she asked if I’d take her out for a ride once we loaded the laundry.

“Sure! Why not?” I said, at the very least expecting another blowjob.

I just have to get my daughter to watch the store,” she said while walking towards the small office. A few minutes later, Tracy returned with a pretty young girl clad in a mini-skirt and too tight top. The well-built honey was Michelle, Tracy’s eighteen year old daughter. Dressed in almost identical shorts outfits, the hot looking mother and daughter duo had me having lurid thoughts: an obscene fantasy of a pussy-licking threeway.

Five minutes later, my clean laundry and I were inside my van with me driving around the block with another guy's wife by my side, and an image of the man’s daughter on my mind.

“She’s very pretty,” I said of her daughter. I didn’t say what I was thinking. Nevertheless, she read my thoughts.

“Don’t get any ideas!” she said with anger. “She’s only a child!”

“I’m just saying. She’s clearly your daughter. She even dresses like you. You’re both well built and very sexy. A guy could get some wild ideas with you two.”

Not what she wanted to hear. “I’ve seen enough! I wanna go home! Take me back to the laundromat.”

Doing what she said, I drove back towards the store and down the street behind the laundromat.

“You can park over by that fence," she told me of a place that was dark and secluded. As I shut off the engine, she moved closer. The time for anger was clearly past. There was no more talk of her sexy daughter. It was time for the mother and her won sexual needs.

So, when I put my arm around her shoulder, she kissed my mouth without any hesitation whatsoever. When I put my hand on her bare knee, her short legs opened very wide. You wanna guess what happened when I grabbed for her wet and eager pussy? Yeah, you got it! The store owner grabbed for my cock! No doubt about it! The horny little lady was definitely looking to fuck again.

Zippers opened in seconds, with hands slipping inside shorts. In no time, I was squeezing Tracy's pussy while she was tugging on my cock. At the same time, the woman's mouth gave me the kind of kiss I suspected she normally gave her drunken husband.

Her fucking tongue literally attacked my mouth, grabbing for my tongue while her hand grabbed for my cock. Naturally, I imagined her giving me a blowjob, which in fact she later did. But first, there was the matter of fucking horny little Tracy's body.

Now on fire and crawling all over me, she tugged her own shorts around her ass and climbed aboard.

"Stick it in me!" she cried out with her short muscular legs clinging to my upper thighs and her big tits pressing to my chest. "I want you fucking me, so stick it inside me!"

She still had her panties on, but that didn't matter to either of us. My cock easily shoved them aside as she lowered her body down onto mine. The next thing I knew, the laundromat owner was bouncing her cute little ass in my lap and fucking the shit out of the laundry client.

Oh, yeah! Let's not leave out the hot kissing we did that night. This real hot Tracy was not the kind of babe who could fuck without her tongue sucking on another tongue. Not that I minded her intense kissing. So what if I had a real sore mouth the next morning. A hot fuck with the hot little Tracy was definitely worth having a sore mouth.

Hey! Enough talk about pain. Let's get back to the pleasure of the forty-five year old married lady cumming with my cock buried deep inside her pussy. Then there’s the added pleasure of my cock dumping its load into her horny cunt at the same time. Oh, yeah! A very pleasurable fuck all right! The fifty-year old guy got much more than he expected from the younger wife.

Damn, that was good!” I told the sweet honey what I felt. Now let's get to the real enjoyable part: the aforementioned blowjob.

Right after cumming, she started to slide off my body, falling all the way down to the van floor. Once there, she quickly put her tongue to work again. Forgive me for saying this, but she licked my cock me like it was an ice cream cone, nibbling on it with both her lips and tongue. With that kind of stimulation, I couldn't help but get hard again. Then, she stimulated me even more.

Tiny Tracy took the rod into her mouth and started sucking on it like it was the only cock on Earth, cock sucking at its very best, and a blowjob sure to extract the entire contest of both my balls if allowed to continue. The only thing was, it couldn’t continue. An interruption of the daughter kind wouldn't allow that.

“MOM! What are you doing in there?” I heard Michelle ask while banging her hand on the driver side window. I then heard my lover’s disappointment.

“Oh CRAP!” an annoyed Tracy cried out after being busted by her daughter. “I can’t believe she’s here. I don’t know what she saw, but you’ve got to take her home for me. Please Vic! I’ll be forever grateful if you did.”

Hey! I was the one who was eternally thankful. In taking the young cutie home, it gave me a chance to get the little hottie by herself. Who knows? The two women looked and dressed alike. Just maybe the hot mother and her hot looking daughter fucked alike as well.

Since they lived only a few blocks from the laundromat, the drive was a relatively short one. Michelle said nothing, but I could feel the young girl staring my way as I drove towards her house. When I pulled up in front of the house, she finally spoke.

“I saw what she was doing, ya’ know?”

Turning to look at her, I said my first words. “You did?”

“Yeah, I did! My mother was blowing you!”

Not knowing what to say I said nothing. This was good. She wasn’t finished.

“Yeah! Even with the fogged up windows I could STILL see her sucking your dick,” she said anxiously and continued. “So, was she good! Did you like it?”

Still lost for words, I stared at her with a blank look as she went on and on.

“Not telling, huh? That’s okay! I know I’m better!”

This got my attention. “What did you say?”

“You heard me! I can suck cock as well as anyone. Want me to show you?”

Of course I did, but how could I let this sweet young honey suck my cock without her mother knowing? For sure, Tracy would be pissed, and the last thing I wanted was having the real hot Mom mad at me. I already knew what a great fuck she was. Unless I actually fucked Michelle, there was no way to know if the kid was just as good as her mother. Could I risk losing Tracy by letting her daughter blow me? I didn’t think so!

“No! I gotta go!” I said, but Michelle persisted just like I knew she would.

“How 'bout fucking me then? I'd really like to fuck for you! It'll be a lot more fun than getting a quick blowjob from my mother.

“I don't think so, Michelle!” I said as she slid over towards me. I tried explaining the situation to the kid as I tried to get her out of the car. Unfortunately, my words weren't good enough and my actions weren't fast enough. Before I could even open the door or finish my explanation, the hot Lolita was unzipping my pants and slipping her tiny hand inside for my dick.

At that point, I should have stopped the insanity from going any further. The thing was, I couldn’t stop the madness or Michelle. Her little hand felt too good on my cock, and a few minutes later, something else felt even better. Michelle’s wet lips wrapped around my cock and she started sucking me off.

“Uhmm, ohh, mmmmmm! I . . . I just love your big beautiful cock! It tastes so fucking good! Uhmm, ohhh, mmmmm” Michelle expressed her satisfaction with the big dick filling her mouth. I expressed mine by moaning loudly while fucking the kid’s face and mouth. Damn if she wasn't better than her Mom.

Despite the total joy I was receiving from the young girl, I couldn't help wondering what her mother would say if she knew her alleged innocent daughter was giving her lover real good head? For sure, she'd be pissed. To hear Tracy tell it, hot little Michelle was still a fucking virgin.

Yeah, right!

Putting all that aside, I came to a big decision. Not only wasn't I stopping Michelle from blowing me, I was definitely going to fuck her hot cunt when she finished sucking me off. By then, I didn't give a shit about her mother, or even her father. If the kid wanted to fuck, there was no reason in the world not to give the hot piece of ass what she wanted.

“That’s it, baby! Suck me good!” I told her with my head back, feeling her lips sliding up and down my shaft and her tongue tickling the hard head.

She looked up at me with one hand caressing my balls and the other jerking my cock in and out of her wet mouth. For a virgin, she sure was good at sucking cock. So good, she was bringing on the inevitable.

The kid sensed the pending explosion. “Are ya gonna come? I can swallow if you want me too! I can swallow, really!” she repeated her desire and I gave both her wish and my come.

“Ohh, aghhhh, ohhhh!” I groaned loudly as my juice shot from my cock and filled the kid's mouth. Michelle took it all and swallowed every last drop. A few seconds later, she was sitting up and grinning.

“I'll bet you never expected that?” she asked with a sly grin.

The truth is, I already knew she'd suck cock as well as her mother. Whatever their age, women like them always give great head. It’s in their genes. The mother was hot for fucking and so was the kid, and that included sucking.

So, without using meaningless words, I answered with appropriate action. My hand slipped inside her shorts grabbed her right between her solid legs. What I found then was wet panties and a very wet pussy. Suddenly, all I wanted was my cock inside Michelle's allegedly virgin cunt. That was no problem. She wanted that too and she showed me as much.

Michelle responded to my rubbing fingers by spreading open her short, but real nice legs. “Oh, yeah!” she said as my hand roughly massaged her dampened pussy. “Looks like we're gonna fuck after all!” Michelle said before pressing her mouth to mine. Just like that, the tongue that was nibbling on my cock a few minutes earlier was now playing with my tongue inside my mouth.

Yeah, little girl! We're gonna fuck all right, and Tracy be damned!

Not surprising, her panties came off easily. The car seat moved easy too. All at once, Michelle was on her back with her solid legs back and open. And just like that, I was kneeling between the short, but nice legs of the young teen, my cock ready to penetrate those virgin cunt lips.

So, without a thought as to who she was, I lowered my body onto Michelle and let my prick slither into her wet and juicy pussy. Right after, her little legs tightened around my body and her cunt tightened around my cock. A second or so later, her tongue moved back between my lips and into my mouth while her cunt squeezed my cock and her lower body started moving with mine.

It was definitely unexpected, but the quick fuck with Michelle was definitely good, so good, I easily came for yet another time. “I'm letting go, baby!” I said as my prick started to empty into the kid's pussy. Needless to say, the hot cunt didn't mind that at all. She wanted my juice.

“Go ahead then!” she cried out while her body tensed, then started to jerk like crazy. “Give it to me! Come inside me! Im . . . I'm cumming too!”

So, I gave my load to Michelle, then gripped her ass cheeks while she came. It was good, but it was over, a one shot thing. Michelle got what she wanted and that was that. All I had to do was make sure her mother never found out what I did with the young tart.

Then again, why would I do that?

Perhaps the mother knowing about Michelle and me wasn’t such a bad thing after all? Considering how hot each one is, having them both together can only be a good thing. Even though they’re both straight and family related to a degree, who’s to say what could happen during the heat of passion?

Some women have been known to go off the deep end when placed in this situation by just the right man. That being said, I had all the intentions and experience to take these two lovely ladies out of the shallow waters and into the depths of their own sexual nirvana.

Before Michelle, there was Tracy, the teen’s fortyish mother, and the diminutive owner of the small neighborhood laundromat where the sex began in the star’s tiny office. Sex with the mother, as it was in the beginning, was just as good and equally memorable as fucking the much young daughter.

Now I hoped to combine the two hotties into one big bonfire.

All I needed to get my plan into motion was have Tracy learn of my affair with her daughter. This, as it turned out, wasn't as difficult as you might think. All it took was the two hotties having one of their patented mother/daughter fights, and then Michelle blurting out anything to piss off her already angry mother.

In this case, the daughter saying she fucked for the mother’s lover, was certain to get a rise out of the very possessive mother. Having said that, Tracy was fit to be tied the very next time I came to the laundromat around closing time.

To be Continued . . . part 2:

Laundromat Quickie: Mother and Daughter

About the author . . .

Jack Vitale is a writer of erotic fiction. His work is hot and graphic and told as all good smut should be told. In reality, Jack Vitale is a pseudonym for the seventy-five year old author who prefers to keep his real name to himself given the erotic nature of the material he writes to help supplement his social security income.


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