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Mountain Peak

Maxine spent a long night alone. She had dreams of her time with Sam in that cabin. He'd taken command of her and she'd let him. It wasn't like her to give herself completely to a stranger. But she'd taken that risk, to be impulsive and give into this beautiful man and it'd been completely mind blowing. She'd never felt like that before.

And we wanted more.

They'd exchanged numbers. It felt so old-fashioned after having sex, but she liked the chivalrous touch. He told her that she could schedule another lesson, not that they'd ever had a real lesson in the first place.

The alarm went off at eight and she was already wide awake. There was only a few hours left in her reservation and she didn't want to leave without saying goodbye to Sam. He'd made her feel alive and spontaneous and she wanted to make sure that he knew that.

She jumped from her bed and slipped on a pair of leggings and a tight tank top. It showed off all her curves and made her breasts look fantastic. She let her long auburn hair down and brushed the waves out so it had body. A few swipes of lipstick and eye liner and she felt amazing.

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