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Banging My Son’s Wife

Written by Vic Vitale

Copyright © 2018 Vic Vitale

Published by Vitale Publishing

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Banging My Son’s Wife

There was no way I could ever fuck my son’s wife, no matter how nice her little hand felt on my dick. Shit! What would the boy say if he knew I popped his wife? Jesus! A good man just doesn’t do what this little girl wanted, no matter how nice she was making him feel.

“You just gotta stop, Trace!” I pleaded, but the little honey didn’t stop. She did what she was doing and more, the more that made me forget my son and concentrate on how nice his wife was making me feel.

“But, I don’t want to stop!”

“Godddd, Tracy! Nooooo, ohhhhh, Tracy!” I pleaded, but I knew I was only making believe.

We met at the mall after doing some late Christmas shopping. Being it was dark out, I offered to walk her out to the parking lot and her car. When she tried to start the old clunker, it wouldn't turn over. Naturally, my idiot son didn't have road service.

“I’d better drive you home,” I said, being the nice father-in-law that I was. At the time, my intentions were purely innocent. I mean, no man ever thinks of a daughter-in-law in a sexual way, even if the five foot tall honey is as cute as a button and has a body to die for. Naturally, I had no idea what the diminutive and well-built Tracy was thinking.

“You like me, don’t cha?” she said as I went to start the engine of my station wagon. I looked at her with dumbfounded look on my face, not realizing she was putting the make on me.

"Yeah, I like you! Why wouldn't I like you? You’re my son's wife?"

She gave me a disbelieving look. No! That’s not what I mean. I think you like me a REAL lot!” she said, then did what daughter-in-laws ain’t supposed to do with their husband’s father. The next thing I knew, her hand was in my lap and she was pulling down my zipper. Needless to say, I was fucking stunned by a move so brazen and uncalled for. A good woman just isn’t supposed to touch her father-in-law’s fly.

“Look, Tracy!” I said with her husband’s face flashing before my eyes. “You don’t know what you’re doing!” I said as her little hand reached inside my pants and she did the absolute unthinkable by taking hold of my dick. The next thing I knew, the little honey was really doing the unimaginable.

My son’s wife was blowing me.

Naturally I resisted. “Christ baby, no!”

But, she insisted. “Uhmm, ohh, uhmm! Yes, Daddy, yes!”

As hard as I tried, there was no resisting little Tracy that day in the mall parking lot. I gave in completely to the little Lolita whether I wanted to or not. If she wanted to suck on my cock, who the fuck was I to stop her? If my son’s wife wanted to blow me, where did it say she couldn’t?

Hey! I’m just guy, a guy who’s too fucking weak to resist a beautiful woman’s mouth on his cock, so I didn’t.

Luckily, we were parked in the back of the parking lot where no one could see what was going on. And what was going on my friends, was an unexpected blowjob from a very unexpected source, a horny woman who obviously liked what she was doing.

"Mmm, I love a cock in my mouth. And I love the taste of come too!" she said while gazing up at me, practically telling me to shoot my load into the mouth of the woman I once thought of as Billy's sweet innocent wife.

But, the sad truth was, this wasn't Billy's sweet innocent wife whose tongue was dancing in tiny circles on the head of my cock, getting it ready to explode inside her sweet delicious mouth. Oh, it was Billy’s wife all right, but she sure as shit wasn't so innocent. Oh, no! Little Tracy was not the girl next door anymore. She was Lolita, and Lolita’s mouth was sucking on my cock and making it come.

It was then I made up my mind. If I were going to enjoy what was happening, I'd have to forget who Tracy was and just enjoy what comes naturally. The situation was clearly out of my control. Why fight the fact I was coming, and Tracy wanted every last drop of my come inside her sweet, not so innocent mouth.

“I’m . . . I’m letting go, baby!”

“Uhmm, ohh, uhmm! Yes, Daddy, yes!”

As I let loose with all my load, the tiny babe took it all, swallowing every last drop of my salty goo. But, as it turned out, the blowjob wasn't over with me coming inside little Tracys made for sucking mouth. It was over when Lolita had my cock all hard again. Yeah, that’s right! Billys sweet wife continued to suck, getting my dick hard enough for what the young cunt really wanted from the old man.

"I wanna fuck now, Daddy! she said after lifting her face from my lap. "Whatta ya say, Jack baby? Can you fuck hot little Tracy now?"

What else could I do? Son's wife or not, I just couldn't turn the hot little honey down. Besides’ I was so turned on by then, there was no way I wasn’t fucking the hot little honey.

When you're into home repair, station wagons are great for hauling lumber. When you want to get into a babe's pussy, they're great for that too. So, with me on my back and Tracy straddling my lower body, she lowered her own horny body onto mine.

I didn't remember her taking off her panties, so I guess she wasn't wearing any before we started. Somehow, that didn't surprise me. The hot little honey was looking to fuck from the second we met at the mall. Her cunt was loose and wet for my penetrating cock. No surprises there either.

Hot women have wet cunts, Confucius say.

"Oh, yes, baby, yes baby, yes!" she cried out in a fit of intense passion, fucking me in the back of my lumber car. A few minutes later, while I gripped the soft smooth flesh of Tracy's outer thighs, she started to come. "Oh, yes, yes, yes!" she cried out with her soft bottom grinding to my groin and her long nails digging into my neck. "Fuck me hard, baby! Fuck me hard!"

That was a silly statement coming from the tiny Tracy. It was she who was doing the fucking. I was merely lying there with this very horny girl bouncing wildly on top of me, doing enough fucking for both of us.

Ten minutes later we were done fucking and I was driving my car away from the mall and all the Christmas shoppers. After dropping her off at her home, I arranged for a road service before going home. It had been over three hours since I left to go shopping. My worried wife was waiting at the door.

"Jack! Where have you been?" she asked and I told her what had happened with Tracy's car and how I helped out our helpless daughter-in-law. Naturally, I didn't tell how her I fucked our not so helpless daughter-in-law and how she blew me too. "That's really nice!" my naïve wife said. "She's such a sweet little thing. It's good that we're there for them when they're in trouble."

Yeah, and if things go the way I’m thinking, this won’t be the only time the little Lolita needs my help.

Banging My Son’s Wife . . . the Saga Continues

What happened at the mall with my young daughter-in-law shouldn’t have happened. It was, after all, Christmas, and you're NOT supposed to do bad things on Christmas. You’re supposed to do nice things, not screw your son’s wife on the backseat of your car in the department store parking lot. Anyway, that’s what I did with hot Tracy and now I’m feeling real guilty about it. Well, sort of.

To be honest, I was only guilty the first week or so. That’s when I came face to face with both my wife and Tracy’s husband, my only son. Seeing their happy faces made my face gloomy cause of what I’d done with little Tracy. I knew it wasn’t right and I felt bad because of it . . . for the first week or so.

After that week, my son and wife returned to their respective day jobs while I stayed home alone with, yeah, you guessed it, hot teasing Tracy. So, no matter how you cut it, I was fucking doomed.

The young girl may have been my son’s wife, but she still had a body to die for. Even while I’m fucking my own wife of thirty years, I can’t help thinking about fucking well-built Tracy just like we did the first time. Naturally, I knew this was an idea I had to put out of my mind no matter how good it sounded. The young girl was STILL married to my son and no guy in his right mind should ever try to bang his daughter-in-law once, let alone the second time I wanted. At least, that’s what I was thinking when I had to take a leak real bad.

At the time, she was in taking a shower in the only bathroom in the house. I was reading the paper when the urge to piss hit me hard. I tried to hold it until the kid finished, but as time went by, that was becoming increasingly impossible. I had to go real bad and there was nothing else to do but go into the bathroom and do what I had to do without her knowing I was even there. Trust me! The last thing on my mind right then was screwing the kid.

So, with my bladder bursting, I ran to the bathroom door and turned the doorknob, pausing long enough to listen to Tracy humming a song. That’s when the thought of pissing left me briefly and the idea of fucking returned. Hearing her voice and picturing her naked in my mind, made me forget all the things that could go wrong if I tried what I was thinking

Once inside the bathroom, I crept quietly towards the toilet while at the same time staring lustfully at the woman on the other side of the shower curtain. While the image wasn’t totally clear, it was clear enough to see what I already knew about my foxy daughter-in-law: Tracy had one hell of an awesome body and she looked even better with no clothes.

Her big tits alone were enough to make me open my pants and take out my dick, not for the intended piss, but for using it where it wasn’t intended. That thought alone almost made me tear back the shower curtain and commit the nasty deed, but, as luck would have it, I never got that chance.

Tracy saw me.

"Dad! Is that you?" she asked, and I moved towards the toilet in a hurry.

"Yeah! Sorry, Tracy! I really had to go! I’ll be out of here in a sec!" I told her as I let go of my stream of piss into the bowl, listening as my daughter-in-law laughed to herself.

"That’s okay, Dad! I understand totally. You go right ahead and take care of your business. Just hand me a towel when you’re finished."

Not long after, the shower water stopped running and I heard the sound of the shower curtain being tugged to the side. Why she’d done that I had no clue?

The dick inside my hand had finished its business, but it throbbed as I held it tightly, knowing full well the glorious sight that awaited me the second I turned around to face the naked Tracy.

Quite naturally, it would have been prudent of me to put away my dick before I reached for the towel rack, but that sensible thought never occurred to me. What I was seeing in front of me made me forget all the right things to do and concentrate only on the wrong. The shock of seeing Tracy’s naked body had rendered me speechless as well as void of any logical thought. All I could do was stand there and gawk at the blonde’s big erect tits and glistening blonde pubic hair, forgetting totally the woman’s earlier request.

Tracy, however, didn’t forget, nor did she miss seeing what I had neglected to tuck back inside my pants. Her eyes remained glued to my bulging cock even as she again asked for a towel. Only this time, her request wasn’t just for a towel. It was for something much, much nicer.

“You know, Daddy, you can dry my back if you like," she said after getting out of the tub and turning with her back to me. "Would you like to do that, dear sweet Daddy? Something tells me you would!" she said in a very sexy voice while staring back at me over her shoulder. "I know I’d like that too!"

What else could a horny guy do?

So, with her beautiful bare ass facing me, I began to dry her shoulders, rubbing the towel all over her beautiful body, gawking shamelessly at her real fine shape. She had a very slim waist and softly rounded hips and ass; her legs were beautifully shaped with a solid muscular tone. What I felt for her before was only intensified now that I got to see her naked.

I now wanted to fuck my daughter-in-law more than ever.

"Oooohh, that feels so good!" she sighed as she bent over at the waist to dry her legs. I almost shit as she spread her feet apart, exposing her wet pubic hair as well as her juicy cunt. So, out of sheer Instinct, I moved the towel to her ass and began to massage the soft, smooth flesh squeezing each cheek with my towel-covered hands. I couldn't believe she wasn't stopping me, or what she said next.

"Dry the insides of my legs, Daddy. I'd really like that!"

Being the dirty old fuck, I didn’t have to be told twice. So, I knelt down on the floor and looked between Tracy’s beautiful parted legs. What I saw was the pink pussy of my daughter-in-law, the pussy she was clearly offering me.

That was all I could take. I lost it.

My hand slipped between her legs and I grabbed her juicy cunt, shoving four of my fingers deep inside her very hot, very wet opening. Like I figured, Tracy offered no resistance whatsoever. There was only loud groaning as her body started moving to my penetrating fingers. There was no doubt she liked what I was doing to her body.

"Oh, yes, Sammy baby, yes, yes, yes!" she called out my name while holding onto the tub, her body moving back and forth to my twisting fingers.

Even though the finger fucking of my daughter-in-law's hot pussy was quite enjoyable and very arousing, it lasted no more than a few minutes, enough time for her cunt to get ready for what she really wanted from an eager father-in-law.

"Fuck me, Sammy!" she yelled, then stood up quickly. Suddenly, the hot little bitch was facing me. "Give me your cock, Sammy baby! Tracy wants to fuck again! She loved it the first time and she wants it again!”

So, eager to satisfy the young cunt, my pants fell to the floor and I faced Tracy with my stiff cock pointing right at her flat belly.

"Is this what you want, Tracy baby?"

"Yes! Yes! I want it! God, I want it!" With that, the eager bitch took pulled me by the dick towards her hot anxious body.

Then, without hesitation, I grabbed her by the ass and lifted her tiny body up off the floor. Her arms and legs came around my body as I pressed her ass to the wall and plunged my prick deep into Tracy’s loose and wet pussy.

As we began to fuck, her mouth pressed to mine and we began to kiss like I didn't know I could. Her lips parted and her tongue sucked my tongue into her mouth. She was one wild babe. I couldn't believe a young girl, a mere child at that, could be so fucking hot. Tracy's lower body moved wildly with mine, humping like crazy to my fast paced thrusts. The young babe was one hell of a fuck who was actually wearing me out. I was sure glad when she started to come.

"It's happening sweet Daddy!" she cried out as her ass shook inside my hands. And while she was coming, I shot my own load into her clenching cunt hole. Suddenly, it was over. I had fucked my incredibly hot daughter-in-law. But, I was wrong. It wasn't over. She was one hot babe who just couldn’t get enough.

A short time later, we were standing under the hot shower, caressing each other and talking. I’d already done much more than I should have and was prepared to leave the bathroom when, from out of nowhere, Tracy started licking my body.

Most guys only dream of fucking their son’s wife. Most guys never do. I was one of the lucky few to have fulfilled their dream. The dream of having your daughter-in-law go down on you is another far-fetched thought few men ever realize. I was quite fortunate in that respect too. I had a daughter-in-law who fully appreciated how I made her feel with my cock buried deep inside her very horny pussy. And to show her appreciation for making her feel like she'd died and gone to Heaven, Tracy chose to take my cock deep inside her mouth too.

So, with my own feeling of utmost glee, my fingers slithered through her dirty blonde hair as I felt her wet lips gliding along the shaft and her velvety tongue lick its hard head. Tracy, my son’s wife, and the least likeliest of women to ever suck my cock, was doing it better than any woman ever had. Not even my wife of many years, the celebrated Margo, could do what this unlikely girl was doing to me with her wet mouth, incredibly active tongue, and a hand that never stopped.

Even if I wanted, there was no way I could stop myself from doing what I did inside young Tracy’s mouth. Most women would never do that, not even with their husbands. For damn sure, my wife would never let me deposit my load of jism inside her mouth, let alone swallow every last drop.

This was another distinct difference between the two wives. Tracy happily did what Margo would never do under any circumstances, and I wasn’t even her husband. If only my wife could see us now?

The fact is, she did.

“What the hell!” I heard Margo’s voice and froze in place inside the small tub. Tracy did the same thing while letting my shriveling cock slip from between her lips. The poor girl started to shake as she looked up at me for an answer to our pressing dilemma, which, of course, there wasn’t one.

We were busted. My wife, had come home early from work and caught us right in the middle of the best blowjob ever. There was no explaining to the woman who had occupied my bed for the better part of thirty years. She was not only angry with me for cheating on her, Margo was quite annoyed with the young girl as well, and rightfully so.

I mean, why shouldn't she be pissed at the cock-sucking Tracy. In her eyes, the young tart was a major threat to her marital well-being, not to mention the slut who was cheating on her only son, and with the boy’s father, to boot.

How bad was that look in Margo’s eyes? It was real bad.

“I can’t believe you, young lady! Screwing for one of my men wasn’t good enough for you. You needed to open up your slut legs for both of them. How dare you! And what were doing with your Goddamn mouth! How dare you do that with my husband! You and I really need to have a serious talk about this! Just wait until I regain my composure.”

Before storming out of the bathroom, my wife told Tracy to go to the room she shared with our son. She’d talk to her at a later time after she cooled off. As for me, Margo told me where to go as well, and it was pretty much where you’d expect given the current situation.

Making a long story short, I spent a week at the nearest motel before returning home to get more clothes. Normally, I would have called first, but since my wife wasn’t returning any of my phone calls, I found it necessary to come by the house totally unannounced.

It was around three on a Friday afternoon when I arrived at the place I once called home. The house was deathly quiet, but that wasn't unusual since those who still lived there were supposedly working. At least, that’s what I assumed as I walked up the stairs leading to the bedrooms. When I reached the top of the stairs, I learned very quickly that not everyone had gone to their jobs that day.

My bedroom door was open and you couldn't miss hearing a woman's loud moaning voice coming from inside the room. The woman was clearly my wife and there was no doubt what she was doing, but not with whom. Margo was obviously fucking for someone else, but who exactly was fucking my once faithful wife? I asked myself in a fit of anger, even though I had no right to protest. After all, it was I who cheated in the first place. Who was I to condemn anyone? I thought as I ran up to the open door and looked inside the room.

At this point, I got the biggest shock of my life, one that had me seeing the world as a much brighter place. It seems that my buxom wife wasn't getting laid after all. Margo was definitely fucking all right, but it wasn’t with another guy like I first thought. Young Tracy was kneeling between my wife’s spread open legs and what this young tart was doing to Margo astounded the crap out of me. She was licking on Margo’s pussy just like I used to lick on my wife’s pussy until Margo cut me off for doing the same thing to Tracy’s hot pussy.

Wow! Talk about a wake up call?

So, without them hearing, I moved quietly into the room and stood by the foot of the bed, looking down at Tracy's bare shaking ass and Margo's spread open legs. Who knew? I thought, then reached inside my pants for my cock. It was harder than ever because of the hot lesbo action taking place between the two most unlikeliest of lovers. Jesus! If my son could only see his wife and mother now?

To be Continued . . . part 2:

More of Banging My Son’s Wife . . . the Saga continues with Margo and Tracy and Sam

About the author

Vic Vitale is Not a poet. Nor is he is a prolific novelist. The seventy-five year old man is merely a writer of pure hot smut.

His work is hot, graphic, but total bullshit. The stories he writes are gross lies conjured up in a mind so lurid, no babe is untouchable or off-limits. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

He writes about anyone, be it a nice looking real life female friend, a sexy well-built celebrity, or even a hot for fucking family relation. If the babe arouses him, he’ll feature the lovely lady in her own graphically explicit tale of debauchery.


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