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The Fashion Queen by Karen Blayne

Abby and Stephanie were down at Dairy Queen exchanging gossip. They were friends since Abby used to babysit Stephanie when she was younger. Both were looking for jobs. Stephanie had just left school and Abby University where she’d managed to scrape through her degree only to find jobs were few and far between. Harold rolled up and stood them another milkshake seeing as he was flush with funds that week. “Well if you really want a job there’s an office that needs an office junior. They never have anyone around to sign for deliveries.” Stephanie thought Abby ought to try but Abby thought not, she’d be overqualified but Stephanie could pull it off.

Sam was looking through the books once more. Three maybe four months and that was it. When he was young, he’d written a game and hosted it. He’d amassed nearly six million dollars which had paid for his computing science course and still left some money in the bank. Well in his private company really. The assistant at the hosting company had suggested it when his sales had taken off.

Full of dreams he’d thought he’d invent something practical. Well his muse for video games had disappeared but he’d underestimated the time it took to get approvals and how much more difficult it was to sell and ship something physical rather than download it and play instantly.

The only staff member he had left was Charlie who lived in his own world. Well with his social skills he was a liability in some ways but sit him in front of a computer with no one to talk to and he was more than happy. He would hold off to the bitter end but it wasn’t far off coming of that he was sure. There was a knock on the door and a perfectly groomed girl walked in and looked round. “Can I help you?” “I’m trying to make my mind up if I could live with your colour scheme.” She turned and looked at him “Oh I’m Stephanie and Harold said you needed an office junior.” “I do? And who is Harold?” “He delivers things and mentioned there didn’t seem to be anyone around to sign for anything when he tried to deliver a package so we thought you need an office junior to sign for things.” “I don’t remember a package recently?” She scrambled in her bag and pulled one out. “I signed for it so you’d better give me a job then its official.” “I can afford minimum wage?” “No way, I have my reputation to think of.” “Minimum wage plus ten cents an hour?” “O.K. It’s just having a minimum wage job sounds so awful.” “We have a share purchase plan? You buy a share then we deduct it from your pay.” “How much?” “A third of your pay and after three months you’ll have paid it off.” “But I’d be a part owner?” “From day one.” “O.K.” It all helped with the cash flow and it would be nice to have a decorative pair of legs around the office.

He opened the package. A purchase order for three units, the last of the big spenders. He wondered if he’d get paid before the company went under. He swivelled his chair and picked up a plain box and fished three out. “You’re never going to just send them like that?” “What would you suggest?” She looked at the three objects sitting on the desk. “A nice box I think, I’ll get one printed down the road. They do great boxes. All my Christmas gifts get boxed up there. Now we need a design and a logo.” “We do?” “Of course we do. I’ll throw one together.” She pulled a laptop out of her back pack and opened it up. Fifteen minutes later the design and logo were finished. “Do you like them?” “They look very professional.” “Good I’ll be back soon.” She trotted out the door and Sam watched her leg seams until they disappeared out of sight. It would delay the order but did it matter?

She came back with a pile of boxes and dropped them on the table. “I had them print a dozen because the price per box was less by the dozen.” He looked across. “There’s more than a dozen there.” “He didn’t get the right Pantone colour on the first run so it took him two more attempts to get it right. I stood over him whilst he did it.” She looked down at her blouse. “Thank heaven I remembered to do my top two buttons up when I came out.” He looked puzzled. “Oh I always try to give him a good glimpse when I buy my boxes. It distracts him on the colour on the first run.” She beamed at him. “Now where are these supposed to go to?” She looked at the address and tapped her smartphone. “Well we could pay Harold but my transit pass is cheaper. Shall I hand deliver them?” He nodded and she wondered off carrying the three boxes in her arms.

The next morning she was in bright and early. She placed a china mug on his desk full of steaming coffee. “I could have gone down for my own.” “I brought a kettle in and some coffee. I think it looks better in a china mug don’t you?” She sat down and crossed her legs. “Now how many orders do we have today?” There was a pause “Any?” Slowly he admitted there weren’t any. “You mean I’m a part owner of a company that’s on the brink?” He nodded reluctantly. “But the whatever they are work right?” “Well yes.” “What does Charlie do?” “He’s my technical guy who knows how everything works and he’s doing the documentation right now.” “OhMyGod. If it gets out I’m working for a losing company the bitches will spread the dirt all over town. So we have to draw attention to ourselves and get noticed right?” He nodded. “I’m good at that.” She smiled.

“Are you out of your mind? We’re a technical car review show not somewhere where a bloody tart can show off her legs.” “Just get out there and interview her. It doesn’t matter what she says I’ll have cameras three and four on leg shots. Look Jake it’s cheap and with our budget at the moment and the ratings we just can’t afford anything else.”

Stephanie sneaked a look round at the studio. She had a few sample bits of material which she laid down on the sofa. Then she looked at the monitor with the nice cameraman who had sneaked her in. She looked thoughtful. “Why don’t you practise sitting down and I’ll bring a monitor over so you can see what the camera captures?” She sat down and crossed her legs and swivelled to the side. The cameraman stood her up. “Now watch me.” He sat down and exaggerated the movements. “You’re teasing the audience so you want to give the impression that at any moment you’re going to put everything on display but not actually do it.” “Bright knickers then?” “Perfect but just give a glimpse once early on then keep your legs together. Bend forward to straighten a cushion or something. You just want a glimpse mind.” He set the camera up then Stephanie practised her movements. “Right then see tomorrow for the interview.”

She was being interviewed on a car show. Who did she know who knew about cars? “Alex tell me about your car thingy.” Alex looked up at her as he polished his wheel nuts. “Stephanie what are you after? You’ve never shown any interest in cars before.” “If the company I part own was to sponsor you?” “You mean pay for the gas for the run?” “That’s about all we could afford but I could find some nice vinyl ads to put over your bodywork so it looked more professional?” “And dad would be impressed that someone else was paying part of the cost. OK what do you want to know?” “Just describe it to me and tell me what makes it unique.” She switched her smartphone on to record.

“Have we ever talked about the facts of life son?” “You mean insert tab A into tab B?” “No avoiding smartly dressed up girls. They’re only after your money. A few flattering words, a dozen meals in fancy restaurants and they move on to the next victim after draining your credit card dry.” “I’m sure Stephanie isn’t like that.” “And I’m sure there will be no future in it. Girls like that are trouble, big trouble. Even your dragster is cheaper.” “Yes dad.”

She was on first, the warm up six minutes before the presentation on antifreeze. “And now a big hand for our first guest of the evening Stephanie.” The studio audience clapped half heartedly as Stephanie walked across the studio floor carrying on of her boxes. She bent forward before placing the box on the table displaying just a tiny glimpse of red beneath the hem of her skirt. She brushed the back of her skirt down before twirling round and sitting down legs crossed over showing them off at her best angle. “Now my dear what have you got to show us?” Came the bored voice. “I thought your viewers might be interested in some of the design decisions first before we come to the actual product. We had a difficult decision about which alloy to use. We seriously considered using 4130 alloy for the crankshaft.” The interviewer looked surprised for a moment. “But the box isn’t even big enough to hold a conventional crankshaft.” She crossed her fingers and wiggled slightly so her hem moved up half an inch. She gently smoothed it down again. “Miniaturisation was one of the technical challenges.” She agreed “But by using 4340 alloy allowed the design to be lighter and stronger.” She continued repeating Alex’s phrases from the evening before that she’d learnt by heart. Even getting the stress right on the sentences as he had all the while her movements would cause her hem to raise half an inch before she smoothed it down yet again. It was like reciting poetry really. The interviewer looked as if he was about to ask an awkward question so she flashed him discreetly so the camera didn’t see then lent forward which totally threw off his line of thought. She switched to another subject Alex had spoken about proudly. “And of course we used a Gen 2 USB-C connector to handle the interface.” She was proud of that one and just hoped he wouldn’t pursue the subject. She glanced at the studio wall clock, five minutes and forty-three seconds, only seventeen seconds left.

“You aren’t going to tell me that box contains a device with a miniaturised motor with a 4340 alloy camshaft.” The interviewer asked in disbelief. “No it uses a direct drive electric motor to keep the weight down. The camshaft would have been too heavy.” “So all this talk has been nonsense and you have no real idea of what you’re talking about. You haven’t even opened the box to show us anything.” “Well I am a part owner of the company so I should know what I’m talking about. We’re sponsoring a dragster which will be incorporating much of what I’m been talking about even though it’s been dropped from the product. It’s next run is on the Sunday after next. I thought your viewers might be interested but we’re out of time now to open the box.” She stood and turned to the camera with the red light on top. “Thank you all for watching.” Before picking up her box and walking out of camera with it, leaving the interviewer in shock. The cameraman grinned. Played him like a professional she had. He liked the way the box with the logo had been in view for the full six minutes and she’d managed to get an extra few seconds in. The viewers would be searching the web soon. He’d chat to the producer about taking a camera out next Sunday to film the sponsored dragster.


Stephanie wondered just what she’d let herself in for. “Dad could you look over a dragster for me?” “Are you thinking of buying one then?” “No it’s Alex’s dragster but he was never very practical at school but he has money.” “Thinking of buttering him up?” “Good God no way. No but I need his dragster to win so I thought if you can an eye over it you would at least spot the obvious that he wouldn’t.” “You’re babysitting for twice as long as it takes me.” She wrinkled her nose. “OK.”

Alex looked on as Stephanie’s dad looked through his dragster. “You know there is a computer interface on here which will give you a lot more information about what is happening when you run it.” “There is?” “You can also reprogram them to get better performance.” Alex looked confused. Her dad spotted a few things that could be done to lighten the weight of the car. Heavy chromed wheel nuts might look good but a lighter one with a wire passed through the nut worked just as well and saved a few ounces. Stephanie measured up the panels for the vinyl as her dad went through the dragster. He also balanced the wheels. For as he said since he was there he might as well and the dragster would be easier to steer once done.

“I almost won last time out. Think I stand a chance this time?” Stephanie kissed him on the cheek “I’m sure you will.” She just hoped she wasn’t on the hook for babysitting the twins.

The phone rang in Charlie’s office. “No, I’m not interested.” Stephanie put his mug of coffee down on the desk. “Anyone interesting?” “Just some headhunter, they seem to think the company is going under so are trying to entice me away but I’ve hit an interesting problem at the moment that I want to solve.” Stephanie quietly stepped out of the office. “So just how important is Charlie?” “If he leaves then we go under.” Stephanie got busy on social media hyping up Alex’s dragster and everything else she could think of. After lunch she asked Sam to show her everything he could about the gadget and she quietly absorbed it all taking notes.

Jamal had his own You-tube studio. After promising to dance in one of his videos he let her produce her own You-tube video about the product. She crossed her fingers and uploaded the video complete with a web link to where you could buy it.

Just one thing left to do. Charlie, boyfriend wise he was out of her league but she waited until the end of the day then drifted into his cubical. “Charlie could you give me a back rub?” Charlie looked surprised at the request but stood behind her and gently rubbed her back. “A bit higher more neck and shoulders please.” Dreamy he wasn’t bad at this. He had a soft gentle touch she found arousing. She brought one of his hands up beneath her breast and massaged her breast with it before turning within his arms and kissing him.

Soon they were as carried away as she’d planned and Charlie found himself being fondled and guided into her. He didn’t last long but that was all right. He held her in his arms “I should have lasted a bit longer.” He said in his normal self-disparaging way. “It was nice you found me attractive and we can work on making you last a bit longer with practise. Shall we say every day after work?” She smiled at him. There that was Charlie safe from the head hunters.

“Would you like to spend the night at my place?” Charlie asked hopefully. “I daren’t. I live with my parents so it’s the office after work or nothing I’m afraid.” Charlie heaved a sigh. He had thought about a new higher paid job and having Stephanie as a proper girl friend but he’d settle for Stephanie after work hours and his present job. She was something, usually. He found it difficult to talk to girls. He’d brought a book once on how to chat up girls. He’d even tried a few lines from it but all he’d ever got were looks of distain. Funny how he and Stephanie had hit it off, he wasn’t sure he fully understood what was happening but whatever. He liked it when they lay on the floor and he brought her to a sort of quivering state with his tongue between her thighs. He’d never have thought about doing anything like it himself but she’d been patient with him as he fumbled.


“Do you know anything about computers?” Charlie was happy to look at Alex’s dragster and see what could be done with a small battery powered computer.

Charlie peered at the dragster then took his glasses off to get a better look. “I installed a new high performance camshaft.” Volunteered Alex. “Did you upgrade the software at the same time?” “No it is a car not a computer.” Charlie humphed. “So you want it to win?” he questioned Stephanie who nodded in reply. Charlie looked thoughtful. “I need to do a few things. Do they still set you off with a set of Christmas Tree lights?” “Why yes.” “Thought so.” He borrowed Stephanie’s laptop and sent off three orders. “Let me know when they get here and I’ll do the rest then.”

Alex looked put out that Charlie wasn’t very interested in admiring his new set of racket sockets. Stephanie had noticed that social graces were not one of Charlie's strong points. She gave Alex a quick peck on the cheek then carried Charlie off. “Can you do something?” “I think so, but I need to think it out it.”

Charlie wanted to do a few test runs so Alex dutifully rolled his machine out. Charlie taped one small box to the space frame with duct tape and another was glued to the cockpit very carefully. He borrowed Stephanie’s laptop once more and peered at the screen, typing a few commands in. “Coffee?” he inquired. “Are you finished?” asked Alex. “Well I have but its still updating so if we have a coffee first it should be ready.”

They sat and drank their coffee then Alex got dressed and sat himself in the cockpit. Stephanie worked the traffic signals and with a roar the dragster took off and hurtled down the track. They followed in the pickup truck. “It felt different.” They drove back to the start towing the dragster back then looked over the results. It was as fast a time than Alex had driven before. “What did you do to it?”

“I updated the software to match the new camshaft. It’s less power on the low end but once you’re above 3,000 revs then it makes a difference. The sensors for the anti-lock brakes were already there I just used them to stop the wheels spinning.” Alex decided he didn’t want to know any more details.

Stephanie applied the vinyl to the outside of the dragster. She thought it looked very smart in its new colours.

On the day of the race Stephanie was dressed as a race queen first in a top and tiny white skirt and later she changed into a pair of shorts that might have been painted on in the logo she’d designed. She obligingly draped herself over Alex’s car at the cameraman’s request. Needless to say Alex won the day. “It’s becoming a bloody circus. We’ll have cheerleaders next.” The disgruntled TV interviewer muttered within Stephanie’s hearing. “Alex may I borrow the keys to the car?” Stephanie smiled sweetly at him. Alex distracted by the interviewer’s questions handed them over. “So how great a role has Stephanie played in your success?” “Well since she’s become involved I’ve managed to shave two tenths of a second off my times so her input has been valuable.”

Fortunately Stephanie was wearing tight shorts so sliding into the safety outfit didn’t present the same problems as if she had been wearing a skirt. The camera was trained on her as she dressed then stepped into the driver’s seat. “Do you know how to drive a manual?” Asked Charlie worriedly. “My dad’s a car mechanic so I was brought up on them. What are the revs to change gear?” “I reprogrammed the oil light so when it comes on change gear. Just press down hard on the accelerator the computer will make sure the wheels don’t slip.” He stepped back and precisely measured just the right amount of fuel into the tank. There was no point in carrying the weight of an extra gallon of fuel if you weren’t going to use it. Then he pushed the dragster to the starting line.

The Christmas tree lit up and Stephanie was away hanging on for grim death to the steering wheel as the car shook and vibrated its way up the track. Alex turned and saw his precious dragster racing up the track again. “Who’s taken my machine?” “Well you gave her the keys.” Alex closed his eyes. “You mean she’s driving?” Asked the interviewer is disbelief. The cameraman followed her progress up the track then swung the lens to see her time on the display, two hundredths of a second faster than Alex. Inwardly he grinned, no doubt her lighter weight had helped.

Charlie drove the pickup truck to the end to see how she had fared. He found a very shaken up Stephanie in the dragster and helped her to climb out. She looked at him “People do that for fun?” He nodded “Ready to try it again?” “No way my poor bum will be bruised for a week.” “Help undress me. No just the racing gear.”

She sat in the pick up truck’s driver’s seat and touched up her make up and brushed her hair whilst Charlie hooked up the dragster. “Still I showed them didn’t I?” Charlie grinned at her “You sure did.”

When she got back to the start line she asked “How did I do?” “Well you beat Alex’s time by two hundredths of a second and he was the fastest so far today.” She nodded “I thought I fluffed the first gear change, it was the first time I’d used that type of gear box.” The cameraman caught both the Jake’s and Alex’s facial expressions. “That was your first run in a dragster?” “And last I think. I prefer something with a bit more comfort.”

Somehow a composite of Stephanie’s studio interview and the drag track found its way onto social media with the infamous company logo on the side of the car.

Sam looked through the books once more. Well this was it, he couldn’t afford the rent next month and pay their wages. He’d let the other two know the end was here. He spoke to Stephanie first and explained. “Let me go and talk to them.” She tripped off to talk nicely to the building manager and came back an hour later. “We can stay until he manages to find a new tenant but since he has twelve empty offices at the moment I think we’re good for a few weeks.”

The phone rang could Stephanie come into the studio that afternoon. Stephanie gave Sam a neck and shoulders massage and asked for the afternoon off. For another massage Sam was happy for her to go off. She stuck her tongue out at him as she went through the door. At the studio she found out Jake had had an accident and they desperately needed someone with presence to anchor the show. “But I don’t know what to say. I learnt my lines before.” An assistant floor manager smiled “I’ll sketch it out for you and we’ll have a teleprompter on the floor out of camera shot to feed you your lines.” Her cameraman smiled “I don’t think it matters what you say as long as we get some good leg shots.” “Ignore him well maybe not it’s true what he says. At least you can relax about saying the right thing and that’s half the battle. Oh we’ve got a city councillor who chairs a planning committee coming in to talk about a new development. We think he is hiding something but a sweet looking innocent face might just get him to open up, with an experienced interviewer he’d be more guarded.”

When she walked on the set the audience sat up. A whisper went through them this was the girl who had the fastest time on the drag strip. With the audience behind her she felt more confident. She introduced the first speaker on winter tires and watched the teleprompter for her lines to feed the discussion. This was followed by the city councillor and off the bat she asked if everyone used winter tires would that lower snow clearing costs? The councillor relaxed with a young inexperienced girl interviewing him this would be a peace of cake. The assistant floor manager grinned to herself and flashed the first seemingly innocuous question on the screen in front of Stephanie. “So the committee felt that Highbred buildings were a better fit for the development than the other bidders even though they were not the lowest bidders?” “They have a good track record and have done excellent work in the past.” The screen showed that 75% of recent developments approved by the committee had been built by Highbred builders. Then the screen showed the list of directors that seemed to include the councilor’s wife, his sister and his brother-in-law. The councilor started to sweat. “I was unaware of who owned the company.” Stephanie thanked him for his time and moved on to the next presentation.

“Well done, we nailed him together. The City auditor just rang could we pass them a copy of our files. Oh if you ever want to try a career as a celebrity I can find you work for ten percent.” Monica, the assistant floor manager, made sure her phone number was on Stephanie’s phone.


In the office Sam noticed changes. Charlie was smiling more. The number of orders was raising. It was crazy after three months of virtually no orders suddenly they started to arrive. He was working late one evening when Stephanie popped into their shared office for her bag with her lipstick astray and looking throughly kissed. “Your lipstick is astray?” “Oh is it. Thanks.” She picked up her liquid lipstick and did a few repairs. “There that will do until I get home.” “You’ve been snogging with Charlie?” “Not just snogging but there’s no danger of him leaving now.” He just looked at her. “Well a third of my wage is at risk. My magic company share becomes worthless if he leaves so I thought I’d better put out for him to make sure he stays. The head hunters were already ringing him.” “What about me?” “What about you? If you think you’re getting a blow job or entry rights for ten cents an hour over minimum wage you’re living in the wrong century. Besides Charlie is getting the hang of it now. He’s getting quite good and I wouldn’t want to waste all the effort I’ve put into training him.”

Sam mulled over this new attitude of staff, weren’t executive assistants supposed to put out for their boss? Perhaps if he changed her job title but somehow he didn’t think it would be enough.

Things were looking up. A few large contracts had come in. He could afford to pay the rent. One had them had mentioned how useful the video was in showing the product off to its best advantage. Video what video, he Googled and there was Stephanie talking about his dream product. It couldn’t have made that much difference could it? Then a buy out offer arrived. $330 million dollars for the company and the rights to the brand and logo. He accepted. His days of being an entrepreneur were finished. He’d invest his ill-gotten gains in a nice safe index linked mutual fund and live off his dividends. He took Charlie and Stephanie out to lunch at a good restaurant. “I’ve sold the company and I’ve decided to give you both a million dollars as a thank you for staying with it through thick and thin. Stephanie your share is worth an additional $3.3 million by the way. Stephanie blinked then turned to Charlie. “It’s too much for me. Someone will steal it from me or con me or my dad will blow it on the horses. I won’t know what to do with it. Help me Charlie.” “You could always marry me and we could pool our money.” “Really? You’d do that for me?” Charlie lent over and kissed gently on the lips. “I feel left out.” “Oh you need a baby sitter?” “Left all alone. Sob sob.” Stephanie thought he was laying it on a bit thick.

She picked up her phone. “Abby would you mind a baby-sitting job. I’ll pay you fifty thousand for the year. Meet us at the Pavilion on High.” She turned to Sam “You’ll like Abby she used to babysit me before she went to college.” They talked about what they thought they would do with all the money. Sam had decided he’d been lucky a couple of times and now was the time to invest in an unexciting index linked mutual fund. Charlie nodded and said it sounded a sensible idea. Abby turned up dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. “Loved your you-tube.” She spoke to Stephanie first then more generally. “So who needs baby sitting for a year at fifty thousand?” Stephanie pointed towards Sam. “Him he has money problems. We all lost our jobs when the company was sold.” “And you’re offering me $50,000 to help sort them out?” Stephanie nodded and Sam glowered there was no other word. Abby smiled at Sam “Well at least I’ll be able to afford a decent apartment for a while.” She turned to Sam “Now it’s no big deal lots of people have money problems. We can start by sitting down and looking at what you owe and what assets you have.” Charlie looked like he was going to burst with laughter at any second so Stephanie hustled him away. Murmuring they had to see about getting married but she was sure Abby and Sam could sort things out. “Oh and don’t forget he needs to buy a house.” Charlie had a bad attack of coughing as Stephanie led him to the door.

Abby looked at Sam sternly “Is someone having me on?” “No, I really do have money problems but why don’t we go back to my place and we can talk about more privately. Abby mulled for a moment. “Well since its Stephanie who vouches for you and she’s paying lets go and talk.” Sam pulled out his wallet and left a $50 tip under his plate which was frowned upon by Abby. “You really will start to have money problems if you eat at expensive restaurants and leave $50 tips.” Sam shrugged his shoulders and they took a cab to his home. “Cabs are expensive. Transit is cheaper.” “Have a coffee and sit down whilst I try to think of where to start.”

He brought a mug back from the kitchen for her. “I think Stephanie said we were all unemployed now that the company had been sold.” “Right I remember that bit.” “What she didn’t say is she and I were the only shareholders. She owned one share which gave her over three million dollars. Now do you see how she can afford to pay you $50,000 for a year of your time.” “But how, why, when?” “Stephanie’s you-tube remember?” “Yes.” “It was just enough to get us noticed and saved us from going under.” Abby looked at him speculatively “So it’s not so much lack of money but too much?” “Right. I’ve spent so much time putting things together and running things that I haven’t had much of a social life.” “You poor baby.” Abby stepped across and perched herself in his lap and kissed him gently on the lips. “Acceptable?” “I’ll need another to make sure.” Soon they were making out like teenagers. Eventually they came up for air. “We aren’t exactly teenagers going so far and no further.” “True.” “Do you think we could make a go of it?” “Stephanie is good at how people feel and work together. I think the basic sexual chemistry is there. Do you drink heavily, take drugs or gamble?” “No do you?” “No.” “Let’s take a gamble then.” “I like the sound of that. Just how much are you worth by the way?” “Three hundred million. I thought to invest it in a nice unexciting index mutual fund and live off the dividend.” “My kind of guy.” Abby snuggled up to him.

Charlie and Stephanie wondered what to do with their lives. “I could always get a job somewhere?” Mused Charlie, “Let me call Monica first she said she’d be happy to act as my agent. I mean to say my looks won’t last forever but she seemed to think they might pay well.” Charlie shrugged, “Why not.”

Alex and his Dad were watching the car program together. “Now that’s the sort of girl you should be interested in. A celebrity who is worth millions, and set up some new record time on the drag strip. Good legs as well.” “Dad that’s the same girl you warned me off saying she was only a gold digger.” Alex thought it was time to find a new hobby. Owing a dragster didn’t seem so much fun when it was dependant on running the latest software. He talked to Charlie about what the software did. Apparently it wirelessly picked up the ambient temperature and humidity then adjusted flow to the fuel injectors. Besides which he’d had a generous offer for his dragster by someone who wanted to own the car that had made Stephanie famous.

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