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Too Hot For Her Own Good

Written by Vic Vitale

Copyright © 2016 Vic Vitale

Published by Vitale Publishing

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Too Hot For Her Own Good

At a recent family barbecue, I couldn't help noticing one of my wife’s many young nieces. Charlene had grown up quickly and nicely. In no time at all, she had matured into a well built, beautiful young woman. There was no denying that, but there something else I noticed about the pretty eighteen-year-old lass.

Her short skirt was much too short, her tight shirt way too tight.

She was only a child, but had already grown tits that were considerably larger than her mother's really nice breasts. I hated to admit it, but the young girl looked much too hot for her own good.

Needless to say, I couldn't help wondering how many of Charlene's school chums had already thought the same thing as me, her horny old uncle through marriage. How many of the young studs had already tried getting under that short tight skirt and inside her too tight shirt?

I knew she was leaving for college soon, and couldn't help wondering if she'd be wearing the same sexy clothes on campus. If so, I knew from experience that the horny guys would pounce on someone so nice in a second. No doubt about it. I went to college too, and horny guys like me all looked for hot looking girls like Charlene.

Because of her religious upbringing, her parents thought differently. Their little girl would never do anything wrong, they’d say. She's only a child, and nice children like her would never ever do what her devious uncle was thinking. Think again.

I knew in my heart that the good looking honey wouldn't be able to resist the attention she'll get from all the jocks whose only goal was to get under her short tight skirt. She'll love hearing them say how beautiful she is. She'll love it so much Charlene will eventually remove the short skirt for at least one of those guys. And who knows? She may even take it off for one of her female roommates looking to give the newbie some first time female love. Stranger things have happened at college. We all know that, don’t we?

Well anyway, Charlene went off to college and her uncle bided his time. He already knew the outcome that Charlene confirmed a few months later when she came to call.

She had been to college and returned, and there was a pressing need to talk to her favorite aunt and uncle about things she didn't dare talk to her parents about. The aunt wasn't home, but the seventy-year old, but very horny uncle surely was.

“You were right, Uncle Vic!” she told me. “I fell prey almost immediately. He told me how nice I was and I gave in to him. I couldn't help it. Honest!”

Titillated by her story, I told her to go on, then listened intently as she described her first sexual encounter at school, then a second and a third. By the time she finished, I was ready for a sexual encounter of my own with my wife’s very sexy niece. Oh, yes! Charlene was wearing a short tight skirt and just as tight blouse. Her horny uncle was not only enjoying her tales of lust, but the sight of her fine body as well.

“If my parents ever found out what I did, they'll kill me,” she said. “That's why I'm telling you, Uncle Vic. I just had to tell someone. I hope you don't mind?”

Mind? Why would I mind? “That's what uncles are for,” I told her before giving the kid a real big hug, a move that would prove fatal for us both.

Holding her close to me made me realize one thing. The well-built blonde wasn't there because she needed to tell someone of her sexual escapades. Charlene hot body was there to have another one. Yeah! That’s right! The young hottie wanted to fuck for the man whose advice she was seeking.

“Hmmm, hold me close, Uncle Vic!” she whispered into my ear, then licked my ear, a move that took me totally by surprise. I started to back off, simply because of who she was, and what her parents might say if they knew what was going on with the dirty old man who was lusting for their young daughter’s body.

The only thing was, Charlene wouldn't let him back off. She rubbed her big beautiful tits against me before pressing her wet delicious mouth to mine.

Before I knew it, she was splitting my lips with her long meaty tongue, hungrily grasping for my suddenly not so reluctant tongue. I didn’t know what to do so I did what comes naturally. I tongue-kissed the girl just like I tongue-kissed my wife or any other horny hot woman.

What was happening was kind of surprising. Still, I didn't stop it from happening. Why should I? The kid was looking to get laid and so was her horny uncle. Did our age difference matter or the fact that she was the oldest daughter of my wife’s youngest brother? Fuck no! Or maybe I should say, fuck, yes!

The too short skirt was the first to go, leaving the hefty blonde in a pair of too tight thong panties. “Oooh, yes!” I said as I flipped her around with her soft ass facing my real hard cock. “Real cute butt!” I told her, then pressed my taken-out cock against her soft ass cheeks.

Charlene responded by rubbing her real cute butt to my real hard hard-on. “Like my real nice butt, huh?” she asked and I answered the girl by slipping my fingers inside her panties, getting a real wet pussy to play with. Her response was exactly what I hoped for. “Ooohh, you like my hot pussy too!”

I liked it so much, I fingered her wet cunt lips and swollen clittie, at the same time, dry humping her cute ass with my cock. Charlene liked it too. She started moving more aggressively against me while I got her cunt ready for what she'd really like.

With the kind of stimulation I was giving her hot horny body, the eighteen year old honey was naked in no time and ready for what she was really there for.

“So, you wanna fuck, huh?” I asked the girl, using words I never heard from her sweet innocent mouth. Guess what folks? Miss Innocence used them too.

“Yeah, I wanna fuck! Can you do that Uncle Vic? Can you fuck my hot horny body?” she spoke like she’s never spoken in public and I loved it! My next move would make her dirty talk even better, an I couldn't wait to hear her say all the magical words.

Before fucking young Charlene, I thought it necessary to give her something I was sure she hadn't had done to her hot little body. After all, what are favorite uncles for? What better than to lick and suck her bud to the brink of coming, then give her the cock she'd certainly be begging for.

As she watched, my hands grasped her knees and slowly pried them apart, exposing her young, almost virgin pussy. Her hair was plentiful, her lips moist and full, shining through the large mound of pubic hair. I bent down, pressing my face and mouth to her bush.

Like her aunt, my wife, Charlene moaned loudly when I licked her cunt lips. Women love having their cunts eaten. Whether it’s young Charlene, my older wife, or even Charlene's mother, every woman loves it when a tongue laps her pussy lips and clit.

They even talk like they never talk to anyone.

Dirty talk.

“Ohhh, God! Suck my pussy! Eat my cunt!” the young girl yelled while I licked and sucked, thrashing her head from side to side as her lower body moved up and down to my now wet face, “Oooh, Uncle Vic! Eat me! Eat me! Suck my pussy and make me come. Please do that, Uncle Vic! Make me fucking come!”

I loved the dirty talk from sweet Charlene, but I loved having her come for me even better. As she lay gasping with my hands still beneath her body, I tugged her shaking body gently towards the edge of the bed. She sighed softly, even opened her eyes briefly to see what was going on.

A moment later, she closed her eyes. Charlene had caught a glimpse of the big cock that was about to enter her young and horny body.

“Is that for me, Uncle Vic?

“Oh yeah, babe!

“That’s nice! I really want it!”

With that, my hands moved from her ass to her legs, just behind the knees. I pushed them back gently to her head and held them there while my cock teased her cunt lips.

Charlene again sighed, again opened her eyes.

They remained open while my cock began to slither between her moist cunt lips. Only when it was deep inside her body did she close them. Her legs as well, closed around my body, holding me tightly as we began to fuck.

A child? Yeah, right!

“It feels so good, Uncle Vic!” she sighed into my ear. “Keep doing it to me! Keep doing it! I love it so much!” she cried as her lower body began to move more vigorously with mine, her cunt tightening hard around my dick. “Fuck me, sweet uncle! Fuck me!”

“I am, baby! I fucking am!”

“I wanna come!” the kid cried out as her arms and legs tightened and her body moved to my thrusts. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” Charlene said just before she kissed me with an open mouth and a grasping tongue.

Nothing else was said as our mouths clung together at the tongue and our bodies clung at the cock and cunt. Two sweaty bodies moved violently as one until . . .

“Oh, God! Oh, God! I'm Com . . . I'm . . . ohhh!” she said while coming.

“Aghhhhh, ohhhh, ahhhhh!” I tried to say while coming. Words didn't come as easily as I did. Right after, as I lay on my back gasping, the young girl sat up and looked down at me. She was smiling broadly. “What's the matter?” I asked. “You look like a kid on Christmas morning.”

“I am! You gave me the best gift I could ever get,” Charlene said as she bent over towards my cock. “And now, Uncle Vic! I'm gonna give you one too!” she said while taking hold of my dick. “I've only done this once before, so I hope you like it.”

“Ohh, I'll like it!” I told her as her lips came around my dick and she started licking, at the same time staring up at me with widened eyes. “Yeah, I like it all right!” I said, then leaned back and closed my eyes, thoroughly enjoying Charlene’s gliding lips and licking tongue.

Charlene she still wears the short tight skirts, but not in front of her prudish parents. She wears them when she comes to visit her favorite uncle, a dirty old man who never once denied his illicit claim to fame. And why should he deny his love for good hot pussy? You read about this love with Charlene. Happily, the good hot pussy doesn’t end with the hot teen.

The saga continues with yet another hot pussy.

The Sexy Dress Tease

It was just past noon on a Saturday when my son’s wife dropped by on her way to an afternoon wedding. Dressed to the hilt in a short sexy cocktail dress, Leslee was alone because her husband was in the bridal party and went on ahead. She thought she’d spend some time with her aging father-in-law, a man she assumed was lonely and needed the company of a female. Well, she was certainly right about that, only I wasn’t looking for just company with the hot looking Leslee. And because of her very sexy dress, my well-built daughter-in-law wouldn’t be getting to the church any time soon.

When she walked into the house unannounced, I almost shit. One look at Leslee’s great body in her very short, very sexy cocktail dress was much more than any sane man could take. Not only did her very sexy look excite me, it did something else it shouldn’t have. It gave me a big fat boner.

“My God, Leslee honey! You look so beautiful!” I said as she paraded back and forth in front of a man whose dick was pounding hard from the sight of another sexy looking woman. This time, it wasn’t young Charlene getting me big and hard. It was Frankie’s wife, Leslee. That’s who was making me big and stiff.

“It's a real change for me,” she spoke the truth. Leslee never wore sexy clothes to show off her great body.

Her over protective husband wouldn’t allow it. He didn’t want the world seeing her beautiful body. Not that I blamed Frankie. I knew what would happen if she ever showed off her gorgeous body to a leering male population. Shit! They’d all get the same giant boner I got, and they’d all want to do what I wanted and that was fuck Leslee’s great body.

Frank thinks I look too sexy,” she said while I gawked at her beautifully shaped legs and finely shaped ass, feeling myself getting more aroused than ever. “What do you think, Dad? Do I look too sexy?”

Her husband was absolutely right. Any guy who looked at Leslee in her short sexy dress would definitely want his dick inside her hot sexy looking body. Crap! I knew for sure I did even if she was my son’s real sweet wife.

Yet, how could I tell her what I was thinking? Leslee was as close to being flesh and blood as you can get without actually being family. A nice man wasn’t supposed to think about fucking someone so close to family no matter how much she excited him and how much he wanted to. Still, I had to tell her something.

Yeah! You look beautiful, baby!”

Apparently, my answer made Leslee very, very happy. So much so, she whirled around the room a few times before landing right in her father-in-law’s lap. At other times, that would have been okay. Through the years, all the kids sat in my lap many, many times. This time, however, was different.

This time, having her fine ass sitting on a cock-bulging lap wasn’t such a good idea, and poor Leslee was about to find this out the second her fine ass touched the massive rod poking my sweat pants.

Oh my God, Dad! What’s that?” she asked while looking at me over her shoulder. “Is it what I think it is?”

What could I tell the sweetheart of a girl? That she teased me with her hot sexy body and now I wanted to fuck that body just like I fucked young Charlene. So, unless she wanted the same thing happening to her, she’d better move her sweet ass and fast!

“Maybe you'd better get up,” I told her, but really didn’t mean it. Shit! I wanted Leslee staying right where she was. Her ass on my cock felt THAT nice. So, nice I let her keep it there while my hand moved to her upper leg just above her thigh high stockings, touching the bare flesh of her beautifully shaped, incredibly smooth leg.

Once there, I rubbed her leg like I rubbed the legs of all the other women I fucked. At this point, I expected Leslee to stop me, but for some insane reason, she didn’t stop my rubbing fingers. Instead of making me stop what I liked, she did something ever crazier. Leslee started moving her lower body and pretty soon was grinding her nice soft ass against my big hard cock.

That’s when I knew for sure my daughter-in-law wasn’t getting up anytime soon. This was good, yet, I still had to question her lurid actions. I needed to make sure before I went any further with what I was thinking about my son’s wife.

Will she or won’t she?

“What are you doing, baby?” I asked, not sure of how to proceed until, well, until she fucking told me.

“I like what I’m feeling, Dad! What about you? Do you like it too?”

Like it? Shit! I loved it!

The only thing was, I wanted more. Yet, how could I? In spite of what I was feeling, and in spite of what she was saying, and in spite of what I’d already done with hottie Charlene, I knew I had no right to get what I wanted with my son’s devoted bride. So, no matter what she said, I just had to say no.

“Yeah I do, baby! But you know we can’t.”

“Yeah! I guess you’re right, Daddy!” she said while looking back at me with her eyelashes fluttering and her soft ass still rubbing on my hard cock. No matter how nice you’re making me feel, it wouldn’t be right for us to go any further than what I’m feeling right now. That wouldn’t be right, would it?”

“No, it wouldn’t,” I told Frankie’s wife what I felt in my heart, but not what I felt between my legs. While my heart was feeling something different, my big bulging cock was telling me it was perfectly okay to be fucking whoever I wanted, even my son’s wife, especially my son’s wife, the beautifully built body God put on the Earth specifically for the sole purpose of fornication.

Thinking that, my hand moved quickly from Leslee’s outer leg to just below her pussy on her inside thigh. So, when her legs parted further, I didn’t hesitate. It was clear to me that she wanted my hand on her pussy, so I put it there and rubbed it. What she said next made it very clear what else Leslee wanted.

“Go ahead, Dad! You can rub my panties if you really want to. I know I’d like that too. I want you rubbing my wet panties with your fingers,” Leslee told me with her ass grinding more wildly against the boner she felt for sure. “Mmm, I really like that too! I love your big cock on my ass. And I know I’ll love feeling your fingers too!”

To be Continued . . . part 2:

Too Hot For Her Own Good . . . the Saga Continues

About the author

Vic Vitale is Not a poet. Nor is he is a prolific novelist. The seventy-five year old man is merely a writer of pure hot smut.

His work is hot, graphic, but total bullshit. The stories he writes are gross lies conjured up in a mind so lurid, no babe is untouchable or off-limits. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

He writes about anyone, be it a nice looking real life female friend, a sexy well-built celebrity, or even a hot for fucking family relation. If the babe arouses him, he’ll feature the lovely lady in her own graphically explicit tale of debauchery.


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