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Nieces Suck Too

Written by Jack Vitale

Copyright © 2018 Jack Vitale

Published by Vitale Publishing

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All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. These tales are by no means True.  They are fictional fantasies from a mind so lurid, no one’s off bounds. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. By no means did we intend any disrespect for the ladies engaged in lurid sex and speaking obscenely. Hopefully, these women will enjoy the naughty story written especially for them. 

Nieces Suck Too

I was told by a reliable source, a young gut who worked where I did volunteer work, that the young girls of today are all sluts and whores who all put out on a whim. He said that almost every one of them will suck you cock and let you fuck them in the ass, cunt or mouth. Those were his words, not mine! That’s what this guy told me and I took it as gospel since he was a fairly good-looking young guy himself.

He swore to me it was all the truth. Getting laid is not what it used to be. You don’t have to wine and dine a woman anymore to get into her pussy. She’s there for the exact same thing you are. Believe it or not, the woman wants to fuck too. And in the case of the young ones, they’ll do more for you than just put out.

They’ll suck your cock and let you fuck them in the ass too.

Armed with this newfound information, I decided to find out for myself if this guy was bullshitting me. So, I went to a non-alcoholic club frequented by the under twenty set even though I’m a little bit older. Despite being seventy years old, I don’t look my age. Being in very good shape, and with a little hair color, I’m able to pass myself off as a guy in his forties or fifties. This works even more effectively in the darkened clubs where it’s hard to see anyway, let alone if a person is too young or too old to be there.

I wasn’t there an hour, when to my delight and astonishment, I met a young girl who gave me what I wanted merely for a beer or two from the six-pack I had in my car. Believe it or not, the eighteen year old hottie happily sucked my cock, then just as happily fucked for me simply because I had the beer she was too young to buy. This really amazed me. The young girl not only did what I wanted, she told me that all her friends did the exact same thing as she. They fuck and they suck simply because it’s the thing to do.

Lo and behold! My source wasn’t bullshitting.

It was truly amazing. Who could believe it? How about that? I thought while having another amazing thought. What about all my wife’s young nieces?

My wife has quite a few young nieces who are in that same age group. Did Maureen and Bridget and Danielle and Tara all suck cock too? Did her allegedly innocent nieces all take it in the ass like my young lady at the club did? If so, would any of them be willing to suck their uncle’s cock, or let him drive his big fat boner up into their young tight asses? Given how nice these four young ladies all were, the thought of them doing any of these things for me was mind-boggling to say the least. So, at the next family barbecue, I started to take a little more notice of all the ladies in question.

Do they or don’t they?

The first thing I noticed was the four young ladies all sipping on a beer, something their parents happily allowed despite the fact none of them were of the legal drinking age. I also couldn’t help noticing they all wore short tight mini-skirts to show off their finely shaped legs and super fine asses. What I also noticed was the big fat hard-on I got just thinking of what could happen when the four young nieces all went to that same club.

Given their penchant for beer and alcohol, would they let the older guys take then out to their cars for free illegal beer, then suck off those same guys before fucking for them too? I didn’t know this for sure, but I sure as shit wanted to find out for myself if my wife’s nieces all sucked too.

So, the following Saturday, I told my wife I was meeting my brother for a few drinks, and on the way to the club, I stopped off at Seven-Eleven for a six-pack of beer. This would be my bargaining chip. After going inside the large room, I perused all the young babes on display, and in a matter of minutes, found who I was looking for, looking hotter than ever in their short, tight mini-dresses.

“Hi, Uncle Jack! What are you doing here?” Bridget and Maureen asked, and I told them I was there to listen to the new band. They said they were too, but wished they could have a beer while they listened. This was my move, so I offered them the next best thing and they happily walked with me out to my car that was conveniently parked in the rear of the parking lot.

Sitting between them, I watched as they each popped open a can of beer. At the same time, I could see their short dresses back to their asses and their long shapely legs parted just enough to see right between them.

Looking to prove a theory, I saw no point in delaying the inevitable. I placed a hand on each of their inner thighs just below their pussies. If I were wrong, they’d merely chastise their uncle for being so bold. I wasn’t wrong.

Mmm, Uncle Jack! What are you doing?” Bridget asked while parting her legs even further for me. All of a sudden her sweet pussy was there for that taking, so I took it. My fingers pressed to her wet crotch and I began a vigorous rub while she used her own hand exactly as I hoped she would. Bridget rubbed my cock while Maureen started unzipping my pants.

“Mmm, I just knew you’d have a big one!” Maureen said with my cock out and in her hand. The next thing I knew, my wife’s eighteen-year old niece had my big one inside her mouth with her meaty tongue licking on it. As for her one-year-older cousin, her tongue was licking too, licking on my tongue inside her mouth, kissing her uncle while her cousin sucked her uncle.

Proving a point was never happier. A few minutes later, both the cousins made their old uncle even happier. They both sucked him off at the same time, not stopping until they both got from his cock what they both wanted, a mouthful of cum that they each swallowed with the same joy they gave me.

“Thanks for the beer, Uncle Jack!” they said upon leaving me on the backseat of my car. I asked them to stay, but realistically, there was no point in that. I was through for that night. There was always another night.

This time, it was on a Tuesday, and this time, I ran into niece Danielle, a petite girl-next-door type whose long blonde hair made her look like a character out of a fairy tale. But, trust me, once you hear her story, you see as I did, that young Danielle was more like her two cousins than Snow White of Cinderella.

She didn’t drink, but she definitely smoked, and for that, we had to go outside the club since New York laws prohibit smoking at restaurants and bars. There are also laws that prohibit a man from having sex with his wife’s young niece. On that night, we gladly observed the first law, but totally disregarded the second for reasons soon to become obvious.

Danielle enjoyed her cigarette while sitting on the back seat inside my car. For the blonde-haired teen’s next pleasure, she wasn’t sitting. She was lying down with her dirty old uncle on top of her. But first, there was the foreplay.

Lighting her cigarette with one hand, my other caressed her shoulder. As she puffed on it, I held her close and kissed her cheek. In between the blowing of smoke, my mouth moved from Danielle’s cheek to her more than eager lips.

The young niece wasn’t unlike her cousins when it came to making out. Danielle loved kissing guys, especially older guys who could give her what all young girls wanted. In this case, Danielle wanted my tongue inside her mouth as much as she wanted the cock inside my pants. In the time it took to smoke a Marlboro 100, the eighteen-year old Danielle had both.

She had them both at the same time with her short skirt draped around her waist and her young legs spread wide open. She still wore her thong panties because the need to get my cock inside her was way too strong.

They just moved to the side as my cock surged past them and into another young girl’s very eager pussy. My being her uncle was of little concern to my brother-in-law’s only daughter. She was today’s generation.

Gosh! Uncle Jack! That really feels good inside me.”

“Than you like fucking for me?”

Oh yes, Uncle Jack! I love fucking no matter who it is, and right now it’s you I love. Fuck me til I cum and then I’ll suck your cock. Is that what you want, Uncle Jack? Would you like me sucking your cock? I like that too, you know!”

Shit! I still don’’t believe it. Within a week’s time, I got a blowjob from three of my wife’s young nieces, while a third one fucked for me in addition to giving me a hot blowjob. I guess you could say that guy was absolutely right! The young girls of today, even family, are all cock-sucking sluts who’ll fuck for anyone.

At that point, I didn’t need any more convincing, but I got it a few weeks later when one of my wife’s brothers said he was taking his lovely bride on a week-long cruise to celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Since my wife and I lived only a few miles from his house, he asked if I’d mind checking up on their adopted teenage daughter to make sure she was okay in their absence. With all the shit going on in the world, he just wanted to make sure his young daughter wasn’t getting into any kind of serious trouble.

The way it turned out, the man had reason for concern.

They were only gone a day when I decided to check up on the young teen before calling it a day and going home for the night. After I pulled into the driveway, I got out of my car and walked through the garage towards the door leading to the inside of the house. To my surprise, the door wasn’t closed all the way.

It should have been considering what was going on inside that house. They certainly didn’t need anyone walking in on them. As I reached for the doorknob, I heard the all too familiar sounds of hot sex taking place.

“What the fuck!” I said aloud as I heard the grunts and groans coming from inside the room right next to the garage. Apparently, young Tara wasn’t behaving exactly as their parents would have liked.

Creeping quietly through the first door, I stood just outside the second door, looking in on something right out of a porno movie. One guy had Tara bent over at the waist, fucking the eighteen year old from behind

Right next to them, Tara’s cousin Brooke was on her knees in front of the other guy and the nineteen year old was sucking off the other guy’s dick just like her other cousins and sucked off mine. No! This wasnt the kind of behavior my brother-in-law and his wife would have expected from the supposedly saintly teenage daughter. I, on the other hand, wasn’t disappointed.

Remember? I’d been forewarned!

Both these girls were behaving exactly as I knew they’d behave. The two nicely built lovelies may have been presumed innocent by their parents, but this horny old fuck knew differently. These two hotties were more than just okay. They were better than any dirty old man could ever want.

The girls saw me first. Tara stood up quickly and Brooke leaped to her feet even quicker. Both guys just stood there with dumbfounded looks on their faces. They were busted and they knew it. I moved slowly towards all four. The girls offered an explanation, but there was nothing they could say to explain themselves out of what was going on. I had caught them dead to rights and they knew it. All they could do was hope I didn’t tell their parents. Not to worry.

With a stern look, I gazed at the two guys. Both their dicks had shriveled up from the embarrassment of being caught. That was okay. Their time had come and gone. It was my turn now.

“I want you guys out of here and now!” I told them and they hurriedly grabbed for their clothes without a word. A few minutes later, they were gone and I was left with two very naked, very lovely young ladies.

“So? What do we do now?” I asked as I moved between the two and slipped my arms around both their bare waists. “Should I tell your parents, or should I let you two sweet ladies off the hook?”

Brooke and Tara were neither stupid nor as sweet and innocent as their respective parents presumed. They knew their lurid behavior could never be told to anyone.

“Our parents must never know, Uncle Jack. They’d be crushed if they ever found out. Gosh, Uncle Jack! Isn’t there anything we can do to make you forget what you saw? I’m sure there must be something we can do to make you forget!

As she said that, I turned my head to look at Brooke’s eyes and liked what I saw in them. Right after, that same look translated to the kid’s hand when she opened my fly and reached inside.

“Maybe there is!” I said to her as she took out my cock and started jerking me off. After that, I said nothing because the taller of the two turned my face towards hers and kissed my mouth. The something I could do had started.

Tara fed me her long tongue while feeling my hand between legs. Once there, I found the juicy cunt of a beautiful eighteen-year old girl whose eyes spoke the same hot words as her nineteen-year old cousin.

Kissing both the young girls, as well as playing with both their pussies while they played with my cock was nice. But, let’s face it! There was much more to do than just play with each other.

So, up the stairs we went. Now lying side by side on a bed in an upstairs bedroom, the two cousins brought their long meaty legs back to their heads and spread them wide for the old man. From then on, the rest was pudding.

He ate one sweet cunt while fingering the other, sucking on Tara’s pussy while twisting my fingers inside Brooke. After that, he licked the nineteen year old, sucking on her clit while using his hand on her younger cousin. It was oral stimulation at its highest, and something neither one had ever experienced before. He got them both to cum before getting himself off.

That came right after when I mounted the younger of the two while her cousin playing with herself. Tara took my cock, wrapped her long beefy legs around me and fucked for me with Brooke watching in lurid anticipation.

“God! I want your cock, Uncle Jack! You really made me feel good with your mouth. If you fuck me like you fucked my cousin, I’ll do the same for you after. Would you like that, Uncle Jack? Would you like me sucking your cock?”

I wanted that so badly, I fucked Brooke even faster than I wanted. She didn’t mind my fast hard pounding thrusts because I was getting her off again while doing the same for myself. I shot my load into Brooke, then felt her body shaking in orgasm. After that, I got up off the bed and stood there as both girls knelt before me.

“You both know what I want?”

They shook their heads together. “Yeah! You want us blowing you.”

Brooke’s lips slid up and down my shaft with her tongue licking my hard head. Her cousin’s tongue licked my balls along with my shaft. The cousins worked nicely together in the stimulation of my cock. Judging by their eagerness to please, neither one was a beginner. These two had sucked before and would probably suck again.

In the meantime, Brooke had my cock all the way to her throat when I looked at the door to the bedroom and got a very pleasant surprise. It was another of my wife’s young nieces, only Colleen was a lot older than the rest at twenty-three. What Colleen was seeing had rendered her speechless. What she was looking at clearly excited her.

So, with a glazed look in her eyes, the older girl walked slowly toward her younger cousins. Brooke saw her first, then Tara. They both stopped sucking and stood up on either side of their buxom cousin. Colleen was shorter and heavier. Her breasts were huge compared to her cousin’s pert tits.

Tara and Brooke wanted me seeing their cousin’s huge breasts, so they had her sweater and bra off in seconds, followed quickly by her short skirt and panties. They had her naked in no time, and it wasn’t just to look at her awesome body.

“Go ahead, Uncle Jack! Colleen loves cock as much as we do!”

The next thing I knew, I was on my back on the bed with another pair of wet lips gliding up and down my cock. Colleen got what she wanted inside her eager mouth. She’d get it inside her cunt too, but first, Brooke and Tara would get what they wanted with Colleen.

With the blonde still sucking on my cock, she ignored the opening of her beefy legs and two tongues licking her from her muscular calves on up to her smooth creamy thighs. Colleen ignored them, but that didn’t mean she didn’t know where those tongues were going. She knew exactly what her cousins were doing, but didn’t try to stop them.

She let Tara lick her pussy, but only Tara. Brooke wasn’t allowed anywhere near Colleen’s pussy because she and Colleen were blood-related. Tara was adopted, therefore, pussy-licking eligible for any of her cunt-lapping cousins. By now, Tara’s tongue felt too good to ignore. It got Colleen in the mood for what she really wanted.

With Tara playing with and sucking on both her big tits, Colleen took my cock and fucked for me just like they did. She didn’t mind other women pleasing her. Her fine body was being pleased in more ways than one. After she came, the buxom blonde chose to do some pleasing herself. She ate the pussies of both Brooke and Tara (Yes! Even Brooke!) while letting me fuck her big soft ass.

I’d love to end this story by saying that the mothers of these girls all found out what I was doing with their daughters, and all three sisters-in-law happily did the same for the old man. Sorry! That wasn’t the case.

These three mothers in question were all from an entirely different generation, one where the woman gets married first, then fucks and sucks and takes it in age ass. They all do it eventually. Their daughters just did it a lot sooner in life than their Moms.

Earlier, I said the girl’s mothers were raised different from their young daughters. They would never do what their girls did as far as outrageous sex was concerned. Well, I’m delighted to say I was dead wrong about the supposedly sugar-sweet Mommy’s. These hot ladies turned out to be just as lascivious and just as bawdy as their indecent offspring, maybe even more so, as you’ll soon find out in Part II of this amazingly hot story.

You be the judge.

Nieces Suck Too, and So Does Their Mom

I was at a family reunion when my wife’s recently separated sister-in-law asked me if I’d like to see her brand new car. The party had been going on for several hours and darkness had already set in when the two of us walked down the street to where shed parked her new Lincoln Town car.

A few minutes later, we were nestled inside the luxury vehicle with me starting the engine. Danny’s soon to be ex-wife then asked me if I’d like to take it for a spin. Of course I would. It was a very beautiful car, and besides, it gave me a great chance to talk to a woman whose fine, and suddenly available body couldn’t be ignored. Much like her teenage daughter, Danielle’s Mom was oozing with sex appeal. Fucking the dark-haired Sarah would certainly be as nice as fucking her cutesy daughter.

So, after taking the car out for a fifteen-minute drive on the highway, I parked the car at a nearby park, a place Sarah suggested simply because she said it was quite secluded. She said we could talk there without being interrupted. Of course we could. We could also fuck there as well if this is what the last wanted, and as it turned out it was. This fact became abundantly clear after just five minutes of idle chatter. The next thing I knew, I was holding my wife’s sister-in-law close and kissing her mouth just as I did with her daughter. This was good, but even so, it surprised me that the mother gave in so soon.

Needless to say, I never expected to be tongue kissing one of my wife’s relatives during her family reunion. I mean, who knew that the separated lady hadn’t had a cock in quite some time? If I’d known that, I’d also know that the kissing of her mouth was only the beginning of our heated passion? As it happened, the mother looked to be just as hot as her already fucked daughter. My fucking future couldn’t have looked any better.

Did it really matter that my wife was at the reunion and she might wonder where I was? Actually, no! All that mattered was my hand going under Sarah’s skirt and her hand going inside my pants. Once our hands got into the act, there was no returning to the party anytime soon.

Quite naturally, I liked her playing with my cock and I loved the feel of her wet panties on my nibbling fingers.

They both told me that this was one very hot lady, and we all know there’s nothing better than fucking a woman while she’s hot. Sarah was THAT hot, much the same as her daughter, Danielle! So what if she was my wife’s sister-in-law and Danielle’s mother. So what if my wife was wondering where we were. We took the new car for a long ride and somehow lost track of the time.

My wife didn’t have to know I took off Sarah’s panties and laid her down on the front seat of that new car. I’ll never tell her I got on top of her sister-in-law and shoved my cock all the way into Sarah’s hot pussy, then fucked her until the two of us came. No, my wife didn’t have to know any of that. All we had to do was drive back to the family party and pretend like nothing ever happened.

So, as I backed the car back into its original spot, the two of us got our story straight. We drove onto the highway and got caught in traffic. That’s what took so long, we’d say if anyone asked. Sarah said she could do that. No one would ever know wed fucked at the park. All we had to do was get out of the car and lock it, something Sarah just couldn’t do. It seems that my horny sister-in-law was a little too aroused from our passionate lovemaking and she wanted much, much more. The only thing was, the heated Sarah wasn’t interested in just fucking.

To be Continued . . . part 2:

Nieces Suck Too . . . the Saga Continues: So Does Their Mom

About the author . . .

Jack Vitale is a writer of erotic fiction. His work is hot and graphic and told as all good smut should be told. In reality, Jack Vitale is a pseudonym for the seventy-five year old author who prefers to keep his real name to himself given the erotic nature of the material he writes to help supplement his social security income.


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