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Mila Wished to Fuck

Written by Gabriella Vitale

Copyright © 2018 Gabriella Vitale

Published by Vitale Publishing

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Mila Wished to Fuck

I am Mila. I am from Ukraine. My time in your country has been good in many ways, bad in others. When I come to America ten years ago, I am forty-nine and married. When he dies of heart attack a few years later, he leaves me to raise our fifteen-year old son. My hope was to meet man to take care of Mila and boy, but this never happen and Mila needs to get job.

After ten years of working at same nursing home, I am fifty-nine and without son. He lives with girlfriend while Mila lives alone. She has no one to take care of her needs for sex. Then one day, she meets a man who gives her the dick she needs so desperately.

We meet at his brother's house on holiday. I have no way to get home and he offers to drive me. I sit in the back while man and wife sit up front with wife driving. While she talks of many things, I think of only one. Having her husband in my bed. His name is Vic and I like him very much. I wish for Vic to fuck me,

Ten years is long time to go without man. Mila needed the dick of a man inside her body. As you Americans say, I am horny. The woman's husband appeals to me and I want his dick for myself. I do not wish to break up their marriage. I just wish, as Americans say, to fuck. I want to fuck for Vic.

On the way to my house, we stop at their house first. The wife says she has to get up early for work and wishes to go home first. She trusts Mila with her husband. She doesn't know I will invite him up to my apartment for drink, then maybe for the fuck Mila needs so much.

He drinks Vodka right down, then asks for another. I give him bottle, then go into bedroom to change. When I return, he has big glass for Mila, and she has big surprise too. I wear long black nightgown with plunging front and slit on side. It shows off Mila's big breasts and nice legs. As Americans say, I look hot.

Man hands me drink and smiles. His eyes show passion for me. I like that, Maybe he give me dick. "You're lovely," he says, then stands to face Mila. I look at his pants. They show something I no see before. His dick has grown hard. He likes Mila. He wants Mila. He takes drink from my hand, then places it on table. There will be no more drinking for man and me. There will only be what Mila wants more. Man takes Mila's waist and pulls her against his body. I feel big dick touch me. I go crazy with lust for man.

My mouth moves to his and I open it for his tongue. He sucks Mila's tongue into his mouth while dick rubs hard against me. I rub back because I want dick bad. Man knows that I do as his hands grab Mila's soft ass, lifting her nightgown to her waist. When he does this, he stops rubbing his dick on me. He stops because his hand finds Mila's crotch and he rubs it with all his fingers. I like this so much, I grab for his crotch and his dick. Man likes that. He helps me undo his zipper and I take out his dick as quickly as I can.

"Play with it!" he tells me and I do so happily, jerking wildly on it while his fingers go underneath my panties to touch my wetness. I like the way he touches me very much. It makes me feel even hotter. I want him to fuck me.

"Please!" I beg this man. "I must have your dick inside me!" I tell him while rubbing both it and his balls, doing to this married man what I used to do with both my husbands. He says nothing. He just continues to use his fingers on my crotch, rubbing my lips while playing with my very aroused bud. I lose my patience. I say new words for me. "Fuck me! I want your big cock!"

So, with an anxious heart and cock, he take Mila to the couch and lays her down. Soon after, he tugs her panties down her body and pushes her legs open. I no refuse. I happily hold them open for him as he leans over me. I want this. I do!

"I must fuck you!" he tells me what I want to hear. He has wife, but he says he wants Mila. No! He wants to fuck Mila.

"Yes, yes!" I say. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" I tell him like true American woman. "Fuck me with your cock!" I say to other woman's husband as man moves his dick between my lips and into my love hole, asking me at the same time if I like it.

“There! How’s that, baby?” he asks stupid question. Of course I like it.

"Ohh, ohhhh," I moan as it moves all the way inside me and he starts moving, fucking Mila just like she wants.

In ecstasy, I bring my legs around his body and hold him close. At the same time, my lower body moves with his, my hole squeezing his dick inside me. We are doing what he does with his wife. We are fucking. In time, I start to have feelings I have long waited for. My body trembles and it shakes. I feel it explode.

"Ohhhhh, aghhhh!" I sigh as I hold onto his ass and push upward. The feeling is wonderful. I am having orgasm. I am coming just like American women. Man grabs hold of Mila's ass, then kisses her mouth. As his tongue finds mine, he holds my cheeks tightly and pushes hard into me. He is coming too. He grunts loudly, then jerks his body a few times, emptying his seed into Mila's body.

We rest.

After man stands, Mila closes her legs and sits up in front of him. I have fucked at last. I have fucked man who gave me ride home, a nice man, a man who has wife at home. Mila should have been happy with what he do for her. She is, but she wants more from man with wife. She wants to suck man's dick.

As he stands over me, my hand reaches out and takes his dick between my fingers, rubbing it with one hand while holding his balls with the other. "It is nice! You make Mila very happy," I say. "Now, Mila makes Vic very happy!"

He doesn't stop me. He lets my tongue lick along the tip of his dick, then along the shaft that is growing hard. He watches as my lips surround it and I take it into my mouth. He watches as I suck him like I sucked both my husbands. Before long, Mila's mouth is out of control; her head is moving faster and faster. She likes having his dick in her mouth and she likes sucking off this man.

He likes it too. His body is moving faster and faster while his hands hold onto Mila's head. He is fucking Mila's face like he fucked Mila's cunt. He is coming too. As his juice enters my mouth, I taste it on my tongue. I have never done this before, not even with husbands. But, I don't stop man from doing it. I want his juice. I want his come. It fills my mouth and I leave it there, tasting it while I chew it, letting it stay there while my lips hold onto his cock.

"Nice, Mila!" he tells me as he pulls out his dick. That is when I finally swallow the come that is in my mouth, letting it float down to my belly. "You suck very well!" he says to me as I go to stand, but he stops me. "Do it again!" he tells me as his hands hold my face tightly. I want his cock to fuck me again, so I do what he asks, taking his dick back inside my mouth. Before too long, it has grown big and hard again. That is when he pulls it out of my mouth and asks me to stand. Once I do, he turns me around and presses cock to Mila's soft ass.

"What . . . what are you doing?" I ask as he rubs it against my behind. He doesn't answer. He just lifts Mila's nightgown up past her waist, then bends her over. Suddenly, I am leaning over with him holding my ass with two hands, spreading open my two cheeks. "Tell me?" I ask, but he answers with his dick. "What are you . . . ohhhhh, aghhhhhh!"

It moves swiftly into me, taking over my body where I've never had a dick before. It is strange, but it is good. I like the feeling of a man's dick inside the hole of my ass. He likes having it there too.

He even tells me to say words I never say before.

"You like it in the ass?"

"Y-y-yes! I love it in the ass!"

"Say it! Say you like being fucked in the ass!"

“I . . . I like being fucked . . . fucked in the ass! I like being fucked!" I say, then say more. "I like fucking! I love fucking! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Man fuck Mila good that day. So good, she wants him back for more, but this is not to be. The man cannot come for more with Mila. He say yes, but his wife say no to husband having lover. How she learns of sex I do not know. Maybe the man feels guilty, so he tells his wife he cheats? I can understand his guilt, but I don’t understand, as you Americans say, why man is so much a schmuck.

Even so, Vic gives Mila what she needs so desperately. But, as good as Vic is for Mila, he is no more; she must forget his nice dick and look elsewhere. What Vic does for me is nice, but it was only a small taste of what I want from a man. Mila wants a man’s dick more than just the one time. She wants a big dick, not some of the time, not most of the time, but all the time.

Nursing Home Bang

I am Mila. I am fifty-nine and a widow living alone. I have a son, but he lives with girlfriend. A few months ago I have sex with married man. It was very good, but it ends too fast. The man gave me what I need, then leaves my life forever. Since then, there are no men for Mila.

She is alone again and just as desperate for a man.

For ten years now, I work as administrator in old peoples home. It is a good job that pays me well and I get to meet many nice people. I like job very much. I especially like it when I get to meet man who likes me as much as I like him. This man is Dominick. He is fifty-nine, same age as me, but unlike me, he is married.

This should make Mila shy away from this man, but she does not. She likes him much too much to forget him. As with Vic, Mila wants Dominick fucking her just like Vic fucks her, nice and easy and nice enough for orgasm.

“How about going for a drink?“ he asks one day while visiting his mother, and after saying how nice I look in short summer dress. I thank him, then tell him I didn't know him well enough to go for drink. But, the truth is, I don’t want to look easy. If Mila gets into his bed too soon, he may thing she is bad slut. This is no good for reputation.

“Oh no! I cannot go with you,” I say even though I want to say yes.

Yet, he persists. “I'll be back later tonight. Maybe we’ll get together then?“ he says and I again say no. Even though I am quite horny and need man’s dick, I pretend to be shy and uninterested.

At six o’clock I leave work for dinner, but, instead of thinking about what I wish to eat, I think about the man who wants to take me out to drink. The idea of what could happen after the drinks is what excites me terribly. So, all through dinner and after my meal, all I think about is returning to the home and the waiting man. Only now, it isn’t the patients who require Mila’s attention.

When I arrive back at the home, the man is already there. He spends some time with his mother and now wants to spend the rest of the night with me.

“You look very nice, Mila!“ he says because I do. While home, I put on fresh makeup and brush out my hair. I even change from one summer dress to an even shorter one before going to office. “Change your mind about some drinks?“

“Sure! But, I can't stay too late,“ I tell him as we walk down the hall where there are many vacant rooms.

“In that case, Mila,“ he said, “why don't we go in here!“ he says while leading me through the doorway of a vacant room. Inside that room, the lights are dimmed and there is Champagne on ice. “I thought ahead,“ he says while pouring wine. I should be annoyed by him assuming I would even show up, yet I am not mad at all. I love the attention this strange man gives me. I want him giving me more.

Theres a couch and a small bed in the room. The couch is nice to sit on and talk while we drink the Champagne he bring. The bed is Nice for the inevitable fuck I already know I am going to give the man who does nothing but compliment the woman who loves being complimented.

When he kisses my mouth, I don't refuse his tongue parting my lips. Why would I? I wants this man tongue kissing me. No man does that to Mila in months. Well, this man does, and he tongue kisses her until inevitable happens.

His hand moves to my thigh, and I don't stop him from doing this either. I even parts my legs for his probing fingers, the fingers that caress the soft smooth skin above my stockings, the fingers that are oh, so close to where I really want him touching me. And while his hand is rubbing my inner leg, my hand does not sit idle. No, it doesn’t! It reaches between Dominick’s legs for what feels to be the biggest, hardest dick Mila has ever felt.

I can’t help but exclaim. Oh my Goodness! What is this?“

“It's for here!“ he says as he grasps me hard between the legs, roughly squeezing my pussy. “It's for that delicious hot cunt of yours if you want it, sweet Mila

Want it? Goodness! Mila want his big dick more than anything she’s ever wanted. She shouldn’t, but she DOES!

What follows is was me unzipping his pants and him slipping his fingers under my panties. After that, I have his dick out and in my hand and he has my pussy pulsating with his expert finger work. This American man is a true artist in his stimulation of my pussy, fingering my love bud while thoroughly massaging my aching cunt lips.

It makes me so excited, I start to jerk him off with a hungry passion while we continue our torrid tongue kissing. In no time, the two of us are hot and ready for what we both want. The hot fuck of Mila’s very hot body. It is wrong to want it on my job, but I don’t care. I want it so bad.

“Give it to me, Dominick!“ I tell him, completing forgetting where I am, putting in some extra time on the job I love. The fact is, it is Dominick who is putting it inside Mila while she is putting out for new man.

“Take it, Mila!“ he cries out as he sends his hard dick into me, then starts moving his body, fucking the woman who doesn't even bother to take off her clothes. She just tugs her panties to the side as she feels the big hard boner moving into her body. “Fuck for me, Mila, baby! Fuck for me!“

“I am, baby! I am!” I cry out while moving my body with his, fucking for another American man in a vacant hospital room at the senior care center where I work during the day taking care of the elderly. It isn’t right, and it isn’t proper, but Mila doesn’t care what is proper and what is right when she has a big hard dick taking her to places she’s never been before?

Aggghhhhh!” Dominick grunts as he empties his load of juicy hot juice into me.

“Ohh, ahhhh, ohh!” I sigh as I come again and again. “I’m . . . ohhhhhh, ahhh!”

There you have it. Mila is once again a bad woman. She goes without for so long, then finds Vic. He is married to nice wife, but he gives Mila what she needs before going back with wife.

Mila is again unhappy until Dominick. He has wife too, but he doesn’t tell his wife about Mila. This man is no schmuck like Vic. He gives Mila what she needs before going home to the mother of his children while I go home to no one. One week later, I have someone.

His Terribly Hard Dick

The boy’s name is Eric. He works for the lawn mowing service that maintain grounds where I live. I have been watching him for weeks, eying his muscular body as he walks by window. It doesn’t take Mila long to realize the effect this boy is having on her. She wants him like she wanted Vic. Yes, this is right! She needs him doing what Vic does to her. She needs his dick.

Eric couldn't be more than twenty. He is probably too young for old woman like Mila. She not look her age, and she STILL has a nice figure, but there is no reason for handsome young man to want sex with desperate old woman. Yet, she must find way.

As I stare out the window at this incredibly good looking young man, I realize how unhappy I am. I haven't had sex since Dominick. How could I possibly be happy without sex? I love sex. I want sex. I need sex. I need a man's dick inside my horny body, the big beautiful dick of this terribly handsome young man mowing my lawn. Mila wants his dick!

As he works under the hot, boiling sun, I see the sweat rolling down his face and the rest of his wonderful golden body. Seeing him sweat like this is terribly exciting to horny old woman. So much so, I see the two of us making mad passionate love, sweating wildly as we fuck like wild rabbits.

Mila must find way, and she does. She will pay boy for sex with her

So, I invite boy in for a cold drink. At the time, I am wearing a short, tight robe over the same sexy nightgown I wear for Vic the night he fuck me. It is slit at the side and transparent as it shows off much of Mila’s nice figure. She looks sexy in these clothes, but to make her even sexier, she puts on even more makeup and lipstick.

As you Americans say, Mila looks hot, almost like trashy whore. This is okay. She will do whatever it takes to get boy’s dick inside her very horny body. So, with the robe belt tied loosely around my waist, I open the front door and call him over to talk.

"I thought you might be thirsty,I say to the young man who is even better looking than I thought when I see him up close. My body begins to tremble as I think ahead to him and me doing the sex I need. We each look the other over after he comes inside. What I see of him is the big fat bulge of his terribly hard dick; what he sees of me is a robe open at the top showing off much of Mila’s very nice cleavage.

"I . . . I was!" he stammers after drinking the glass of water, all the while staring at the opening of my robe and the pair of big breasts so close to showing themselves. It’s almost as if he can't believe what hes seeing. As far as he knows, only wrinkled up old fogies live at the complex where he earns his money for college. Seeing a nearly naked younger woman with real big tits is totally unheard of. This is good. The old lady and her big tits have gotten his attention. It is time to hold it, so I let my robe fall open all the way as I pour him another glass of water.

"Would you like some more?” I ask while showing him my big bulging breasts tucked nicely inside the very sexy nightie, as well as my shapely legs and bikini panties fitting snugly around a super horny pussy. His eyes bulge and his hands shake. What he sees makes him unable to answer. All he can do is stare at what not so old lady is showing off to him with happiness.

The boy is hooked. It is time to reel him in. So, I slide my robe off my shoulders. I let it fall to the floor. This leaves Mila in all her sexy splendor; she wears a transparent nightgown that shows the boy she is no old lady.

This time, he speaks. “I don’t know what you’re doing lady, but if it’s what I think it is, I like it a lot. I gotta tell you that, lady!”

He makes me smile, si I get to point. “Then, you like Mila?”

He answers fast. “Hey lady! What’s not to like? You may be my grandmother's age, but she sure as shit don't look like you. Christ, lady! You're hot, real hot!"

I smile more. “Then you will screw Mila if she pays you?” I ask as I place a hundred dollar bill on the table by the door. This makes my intentions clear.

Eric looks down at the bill, then back at me. “Whoa, lady! I can't believe this! You wanna pay me to do you? Why, lady? You don't hafta pay anyone to do a hot looking body like yours. Grandmother's age or not, I’ll do this hot body for nothin’ Jeez, lady! You're hot, real hot!"

When he says that I move right up to him. “Mila wants sex and she will pay you for it. This is no good?” I ask him as I slide the straps of my nightgown off my shoulders. A few seconds later, the flimsy garment is lying by my feet and I’m standing naked in front of him. “I show you all of me. Do you like?”

Yes, I like! And you don't have to pay me. With a hot body like your’s, I’ll do you for absolutely nothing!” he says as his terribly hard dick rubs against my belly after he grabs my waist and pulls me against his oh-so-manly body.

I am happy to say there is no more speaking. While standing there totally naked, his mouth presses to my mouth and our lips part. As my tongue finds his tongue, both his hands grip my ass tightly and he rubs his hard mound firmly against me. I love what is happening and can't wait to have his big hard dick inside me. Then it happens.

Oh Lord, does it happen.

I am on my bed with my legs spread open for young man. He kneels on the mattress between my spread legs, his hand holding his big dick. I want this dick more than anything, so I tell him that. ”Fuck me! Stick it in cunt and fuck me!”

Eric knows what old lady wants. "Sure, Mila baby! I'll do you gladly, baby!" he says, then leans forward, letting his stiff rod go quickly between Mila’s wet cunt lips. What she feels then is like nothing she has ever felt with any man. This dick is younger than others; it is bigger and harder because of this.

Mila loves the feel of big young dick. So, with a sudden surge of youthful energy, she wraps both her legs around the kid and start doing the incredible. She is an old woman, but with this boy, she is young and alive again.

Because of this, we fuck and we fuck and we fuck, not stopping until his giant dick explodes inside me and my rejuvenated body shakes in orgasm after orgasm. I don't have to tell you how absolutely wonderful it is for Mila.

She forgets both Vic and Dominick and thinks only of young Eric.

So, because I am dead tired from hot fuck, I fall asleep immediately after. It is wonderful feeling, but it is tiring for body that looks young, but is really old. Eric is gone and so is the money. His note says he took it because he needs it. It also says I was terrific and he'd love to do me again whether I pay him or not.

Mila smiles again. She is terribly happy now. She no longer feels alone and unwanted. She has someone who wants her on a regular basis. It doesn't matter that he's only twenty and she’s nearly forty years older. It also doesn't matter that she gives him one hundred dollars each time he comes. The only thing that matters is that Eric gives her the dick she needs whenever she wants it.

Life is good.

A few months later, my life takes a bad turn when Eric has to return to school. Both he and his nice big dick leave me alone and without the good hot sex I have become so used to getting. So, after several weeks of going without, I am quite horny when I leave home for job.

Dry Cleaned and Banged

It is six A.M. on a Monday morning. Because I need dry cleaning back the same day, I drop it off on way to work at rest home. The tailor doesn't open until eight, but I know he is there and will be nice enough to take dirty clothes off Mila. Who knew dirty clothes aren't only clothes he wants off Mila’s horny body?

It is still dark out as he lets me into shop. It seems strange that he locks the door behind me. This isn’t necessary. I think I will only be there a few minutes. I guess the tailor thinks otherwise. And since he gets right to the point, I'll do the same by skipping over where he tries to kiss me and I don’t stop him.

Before I know what is happening, we are kissing madly and exchanging tongues in a fit of heated desire. I should stop him, but I don't want to stop the handsome Spanish man. I liked kissing this younger man and he clearly likes kissing me, the older, well built Jewish woman. In other words, why stop something you like, even if it can get you into serious trouble? The next thing I know, my panty hose are draped around my thighs and his hand is between my legs, grabbing my wet panties. If I am going to stop him, this is the time to do it. But, I don't.

Instead of doing this, I reach between his legs and grasp Benito's big hard dick. Then, after pulling down his zipper, I reach inside his pants. All of a sudden, I have a strange man's dick inside my hand and I am jerking off dick while his fingers rub my very hot pussy.

It is then I have second thoughts about who he is and I lie about having a husband. “I shouldn’t be doing this! I’m a married woman you know, and you're not one of my own! I moan as the Spanish man's fingers slip beneath the Jewish lady's panties. When he touches her wet clitoris, her fate is quickly sealed. The horny woman is his in whatever way he wants.

Mila is Jewish, but, at this point, being of a different race doesn't matter to anyone. I guess this is why I don’t stop him from removing the rest of my clothing. This leaves Mila completely naked in the back of the strange man’s tailor shop. This is something he likes seeing.

“Now that’s the way I like the women I fuck! he brags. “Married, naked and ready to fuck! Whatta ya say, Jew lady? Wanna fuck for the Spic’s big hard dick?

He is a very crude man, but for the next thirty minutes or so, Mila forgets what he is, and she remembers who she is, a slut whore in need of man’s dick. There is no husband for Mila even though she STILL wears wedding ring to make herself feel better. This works for her almost as much as fucking for Benito on a desk in the office of his tailor shop.

On my back with my legs open and back to my head, Benito lays on top of me, pumping his big hard dick in and out of the whore’s extremely hot pussy. Given this situation, it doesn't take long to explode my body in orgasm after wonderful orgasm. Then, while I lay gasping for breath, Benny grunts, then empties his semen into me. For a few minutes after, we just hold each other tightly until Benito finally speaks. “That was real nice sugar, but you'd better get your white ass out of here before my old lady shows up. Dianne gets real mad when I fuck other women, especially when they're not Cuban.”

As he says that, we both hear the clanging bell of a store door opening. I already know who it is, but I ask him anyway. “What’s that?”

“Oh, shit!“ Benito says. “It’s too late! She’s here!”

Frightened half to death by what he says about his wife’s anger, I look over his shoulder. A few seconds after looking up, this very big woman is standing in the doorway to his office glaring down at Benny's bare ass and my spread open legs.

“I see you got yourself another whore!“ she says, and this scares me even more so. What is this woman saying and what is she going to do? Is she angry enough to hurt me cause I had sex with her husband? I’m not sure what to think as Benito lifts his body off of mine and walks over to his wife.

Trembling where I lay, I can see them talking to each other and looking at me at the same time. The wife looks angry, but as it turns out, there is nothing to worry about. Dianne has no such intentions to hurt Mila. She does however, have a definite plan for Mila’s still naked body.

I know this because of what husband say to his now-smiling wife. “Whatta ya think, babe? Her name is Mila Twatov, and she’s a Jew! You’ll do a Jew, won’t you?”

Of course I will! Sex has no religion, honey!the wife replies while looking down at Mila’s nakedness, gawking at me as if shes planning something Mila doesn't care to know about. “This Mila Twatov's not too bad at all! I could see why you went for her. She’s looks very hot, but is she hot enough for what I want with her?”

Benito’s smile is big, from ear to ear. “Oh, yeah! She’s hot for fucking all right!”

At the time, my legs are closed, but bent at the knees. My arms are folded and resting on top of my belly. I am afraid to move, afraid to do anything, so I just lay there watching as this much bigger woman looks down at me while smiling just like husband smiles. What happened next is like nothing Mila Twatov expects.

Mila doesn't understand as the big Spanish woman uses both her hands to pry open Jewish woman’s legs. “What . . . what are you doing to Mila? I ask nervously. What this woman is doing makes no sense to me, unless of course, the woman is funny like some women I know from old country. Those women are queer and they only go with other women. None of them ever marry a man like Dianne married Benito.

Mila is confused until she feels the wet mouth of the Spanish man’s wife touching Mila where only men ever touch Mila. Now she knows. This woman is queer, just like women from old country.

To be Continued . . . part 2:

Mila Wished to Fuck: the Saga Continues

About the Author

Gabriella Vitale is a pseudonym for the still-young and vivacious sixty-year old writer of smut so vile, she needs to keep her real name a secret.


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