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The Hots For Aunt Pat

Written by Jack Vitale

Copyright © 2018 Jack Vitale

Published by Vitale Publishing

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The Hots For Aunt Pat

My father’s one obsession in life was fucking my mother’s older stepsister. He’s had the hots for Aunt Pat ever since they were in high school together. He tried fucking her back then, but just couldn’t get into her pussy no matter how hard he tried. He tried again when he and Mom were separated about ten years ago, but there was no fucking again. She just wouldn’t put out for him and that’s all there was to it. No fucking for Mike.

Last week, he tried again at my sister’s wedding, and in despair, she told him to go fuck himself right out on the dance floor. So far, it’s been almost thirty-five years and good ol Pop still hasn’t popped Aunt Pat’s prohibited pussy. I know all this because she told me this on the night I did what my father couldn’t do.

Yeah! I fucked Aunt Pat.

It was the day of the big wedding. She had flown down to Florida without her husband and was staying at a hotel near the airport. She was staying there because she was afraid to be in the same house with my father. She told me all this at the wedding when we danced together.

“I just don’t trust him, Denis!” she said to me while I held her close to my body, feeling her real nice tits pressing to my chest. “You father’s obsessed with me and I know he’ll find a way to get me alone,” she said while rubbing my back with her fingers and my cock with her real flat belly. “I’m even afraid to go back to the hotel by myself. Knowing him, he might be there waiting to rape me.”

Hearing that, and feeling her rubbing body on mine, I quickly offered my services to my terrified, yet nicely built aunt. Truth be told, I was starting to become obsessed with her myself. For a babe over fifty, Aunt Pat still had one hell of an awesome body. I honestly couldn’t blame my father for having the hots for someone so Goddamn nice.

In her youthful prime, she must have been a real hot looking piece of ass. Fucking her then and fucking her now, would have to be on any guy’s mind.

By the time the wedding ended, I knew it was definitely on the mind of this horny thirty-year old guy. By the time we got to the hotel, I had a feeling it might have been on her mind too. At least, that’s what I hoped.

“It’s real nice of you to take me home,” she said once we were inside her room. “I really wasn’t in the mood to put up with your father’s crap. You’d think that after all these years he’d give up trying to fuck me.”

“Maybe he had good reason, Aunt Pat! Let’s face it, you Are pretty nice!”

She laughed. “You mean for an old married woman, don’t you”

That wasn’t what I meant. “No! Not at all!”

After telling me I was very sweet for saying that, she went on and on about her being married and him being married to her stepsister and her not cheating on her husband, and so on and so forth, saying all the things a married woman says when she wants you to know she doesn’t fool around. At that point, I figured that any chance of fucking her was out of the question.

“I suppose!” I said since I couldn’t think of anything else.

That’s when she turned with her back to me. “Would you mind unzipping me! I just gotta get out of this Goddamn dress!”

After undoing the zipper, she quickly let the slinky black dress fall off her shoulders, then held it there while I stared at her bare back. She wasn’t wearing a bra and that excited me. A few seconds later, she shocked me even further by dropping the dress to the floor. Now wearing only her black bikini panties, my sexy aunt was exciting me more than ever and I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Was she merely teasing me or was her display of bare flesh the beginning of something really good?

Whatever the case, I just stood there gawking at her still incredibly nice body. It was still incredibly nice all right, and still incredibly fuckable. The woman’s ass, covered only by brief bikini panties, was delightfully large and nicely rounded with no distorted flab or fat. The back of her legs were shapely and very muscular, free of the shit you usually find on the legs of a fifty-year old woman. As for her big beautiful tits? The best was yet to come and I was ready! Whoa! You wouldn’t believe!

When she turned around to face me, my eyes zoomed in on a pair of tits still large, but not sagging like you see on some older babes. I couldn’t help but gawk at what my real hot aunt was showing off so willingly to a guy who had nothing on his mind but fucking his sexy aunt’s incredibly hot body. Only when her hand grasped my chin and she lifted my face did I look up at her smiling, lustful face.

“Your father loves them honey, but he can’t have them. Not ever!” she said, then grasped the side of my head and brought my mouth right down to her big beautiful tits. “But you can, sweet baby! You can have my big titties anytime you want!”

So much for her not cheating on her husband, I thought as my mouth lowered to her tits and I began to suck on one, then the other, the back again, tasting both her delicious hard nipples inside my mouth while at the same time, using my hands to ply the soft pushy flesh of both her big tits. My aunt reveled in the sheer joy of having me fondle her breasts, throwing her head backwards while moaning loudly to my touch and my licking tongue.

“Oh, yes, Denis! Yes! Make me feel good, baby! Suck my titties and play with them. I love it, sweet baby!”

As nice as it was to nibble on my aunt’s big beautiful tits, and as much as she liked what I was doing with them, I just couldn’t ignore the rest of her great body. So, I didn’t.

While still sucking on one of her gloriously big tits, my one hand grabbed her big soft ass and it squeezed both her cheeks with my fingertips. At the same time, my other hand moved between her parted thighs for a feel of her panties sopping wet with her love juice. Just as I did that, Aunt Pat’s quaking body started moving back and forth to my swift rubbing fingers. She obviously liked being fingered and she clearly liked having her big tits sucked on too.

“That’s it, baby! Finger my hot cunt, Denis honey! Get it ready for fucking!”

Just to be sure I was hearing her right, I probed my aunt to say it again. “Is that what you want from me, Aunt Pat? Do you want me fucking you?”

She confirmed it. “Oh yes, Denis! I said I did and I meant what I said.”

Foolishly, I pushed the envelope. “But you said you didn't cheat?”

“You didn’t hear me right, Denis! I said I won’t cheat with your father. I never said I wouldn’t do it with you. Now, are you going to fuck me or not?”

When she said that I was like a wild man, hungrily chewing on her tits while tugging her panties down her solid muscular legs. Just like that, she was totally naked and the two of us were falling onto the bed with Aunt Pat’s real solid legs spreading wide open for me.

Somehow, while still playing with her titties and kissing her wet hot mouth, I got my pants open and tugged them down my legs. My cock, with a mind of its own, shot through the opening of my drawers and immediately poked my aunt’s juicy cunt lips. At that point, her solid calf muscles wrapped themselves tightly around my body and she pulled me down on top of her.

“It’s time, Denis baby! Your hot aunt wants to fuck. Is that what you want too, Denis baby! Do you want to fuck as much as I do?”

“What do you think, Patti baby?” I asked while kneeling between her opened legs and leaning on my hands. “Fucking you is all I want!”

All at once, my cock moved into her juicy wet pussy and her big soft tits pressed to my real hairy chest. Then, as the older woman’s arms and legs held me fast, our lower bodies started moving together as one.

I was fucking my Aunt Pat, and while I moved my cock in and out of her very hot pussy, I couldn’t help thinking of my father. He was home sleeping off his drunk while I was getting the cunt he always wanted. Too bad for him, I thought as I gripped her ass cheeks tightly, feeling them shaking inside my hands as she came again and again.

“I’m . . . I’m doing it, baby! Ughhhh, aghhh, ohhhhh! I’m coming! Fuck me! Keep fucking me!” the good aunt cried out to the bad nephew, the one who should have used some restraint with his mother’s stepsister, but had no self-control whatsoever once he felt both her arms and legs clinging to his body as this very hot older woman fucked for him even better than she probably fucked her own husband.

I didn’t know that for sure as Aunt Pat’s hot body shook in orgasm and I started to come myself, filling her juicy hole with all the hot juice I could muster. The moment was so good for both of us, I saw myself telling my father the very next day how I fucked the hot piece of ass, then had her do to me what he could only dream of in his wildest dreams. For sure he’d be pissed when I tell him how she took my cock in her mouth right after I fucked her hot body and fell onto my back with my cock oozing cum.

“Would you like me to clean that up?” she asked when her long fingers wrapped around my cock and she brought my dick right up to her waiting mouth. “I don’t do it very often, but I’ll be happy to do it with you if that’s what you like your women doing after you fuck them.”

“I’d like anything you’d do with me, Aunt Pat, especially that!”

“Oh? Why’s that?” she asked as I felt her tongue licking the head and its oozing cum. “Mmmm! Does it excite you having a family member blow you? Or is it me in particular you like sucking your cock? You can tell me. I won’t be offended.”

Before I could even think of what to say, the particular one had my cock inside her mouth and was sucking like she’d done it much more often than she’d said.

“Goddddamnnit, lady! I thought you said you didn’t do this? Damnnnnnnnn!”

“Uhmmmm, ohh, uhmmmm! What’s the matter, baby? Don’t you like how your aunt’s blowing you? I could stop if you don’t like it!”

Thankfully, Aunt Pat didn’t stop. She just changed her position so that I was able to eat her hot pussy to yet another orgasm in a hot sixty-nine session, one where Aunt Pat sucked off my cock, then took my load and swallowed it all like she’d been doing that all her life.

Oh, yeah! Dear old Dad ain’t gonna be too thrilled to know I did the girl of his dreams for a second time right after we ate each other to another hot cum. But, you know what? I ain’t gonna tell him a fucking thing. Let the sorry bastard keep on wishing and hoping and dreaming. He’s been bragging for years about all the pussy he’s had.

Well, guess what? I got the one pussy my father couldn’t get.

I got Aunt Pat’s pussy.

2. Aunt Pat Cums Again

What you’ve just read happened fifteen years ago. It happened just that one time and never came close to happening again. The circumstances of our lives just wouldn’t allow a second hot tryst. Like it or not, we had to move on, so we did, until yesterday when I received an invitation in the mail. After reading it, I just believe it. The perfect body had just turned sixty-five and her daughters were giving their widowed mother a big party to celebrate.

Happily, it wasn’t a surprise party. Aunt Pat knew there’d be many guests coming to her party. One of those guests wanted to come before the party since he though he had just the perfect gift for the birthday girl.

The party was at seven in the evening, but I went to her house around two in the afternoon, leaving the woman plenty of time to get dressed for her party. It also gave us ample time to relive our lurid past.

That was my plan when I knocked on her door, my brain seeing her as she once was in that hotel room, my cock already anticipating a lurid return to years gone by. Sadly, both my brain and my cock were in for a rude awakening since the woman in my mind no longer existed.

Unhappily, the very nice woman who greeted me at the door wasn’t wearing a skintight short sexy dress and five inch hi-heels like her younger sexier self once did to entice.

The woman I was now looking at no longer enticed anyone by wearing a rather mundane housedress, the kind you often see on elderly women with many grandchildren. The fact is, my once hot sexy aunt now looked the part of the aging grandmother she actually was.

With her graying hair, eyeglasses perched on the edge of her nose, and a bland dress that showed absolutely nothing of her once great body, it was quite evident that Aunt Pat’s babe days were long over and far behind.

It was also clear to me that my early visit with high sexual expectations was for naught. It seems that the instant I saw my one time bedmate, any thoughts of passionate hot sex quickly left my mind.

“Come in, dear!” she spoke softly like I was her grandson and not the man whose cum once filled both her mouth and very hot cunt once upon a time. “You must stay for tea and fill me in on what you’ve been doing all these years. I’d love to know it all!”

“Urr, sure!” I said since I didn’t know what else to say to the woman who once aroused me to no end, but was now having the opposite effect on me. She, on the other hand, wasn’t the least bit disappointed.

“My, my, Denis! You haven’t changed a bit! You’re still a strikingly handsome young man. Tell me, honey? Have you married and whos the lucky girl?”

My answer came quickly. “There is none. We divorced!”

She smiled broadly like it was the best news she’d ever heard. “Isn’t that curious?” she said while taking my hand and leading me into the parlor where she changed her mind about the drink of choice. “Perhaps you’d rather just skip the tea and have a nice glass of wine, or maybe a cocktail?

After I said yes to that, she took out two glasses from the cupboard and poured from a bottle of red wine that was already sitting on the cocktail table.

“I hope you like Merlot?” she asked and I told her I did while sipping from my glass and studying my aunt at the same time. She was clearly heavier by about fifty pounds, but she wasn’t what I’d call fat. I say that because the tight housedress didn’t show a big belly, only a relatively slim waist as well as an oversized, but nicely rounded ass I was suddenly starting to like.

“It’s actually my favorite.”

“Mine too!” she said before inviting me to sit on the big stuffed couch. “Please, honey! You sit down and we’ll chat a while. We could do that while I get ready for my party. You can talk while I get dressed. Is that okay with you dear?”

“Urr, sure!” I said again, now sitting right in front of her, but not saying a word because of what she started doing.

“I have to get dressed dear Denis, but first, I need to get undressed.”

“You do?” I asked while sipping.

“Oh yes!” she said while finishing her glass and asking for another. “I could go to my room for that, but it might be more fun doing it right here in front of you. Would you like that, Den? I know you liked it the last time I did it.”

Like I said, I didn’t quite know how to respond. When she did it the first time, I was really looking forward to having her undress in front of me.

Fifteen years later I wasn’t so sure.

Aunt Pat didn’t wait for an answer. Instead, took a long sip of wine before placing the glass on the cocktail table. She then turned with her back to me.

“Would you mind? The buttons are in the back. Can you undo them for me?”

“Urr, sure!” I said a third time, making me look like some intellectual idiot, but I didn’t care. Once I undid all six buttons, I saw the same image I saw once before, the bare back of a woman not wearing a bra.

As she slid the dress off her shoulders and held it there temporarily, she turned her head to look at me. “Kind of reminds you of old times, doesn’t it?” she said just as she released the dress and let it fall to the floor. What was left was an old woman in her panties looking back at me over her shoulder. Her eyes said she wanted an answer so I gave her one.

“It definitely does, Aunt Pat!” I lied. What I was looking at was nothing like the first time, although it wasn’t all that bad either. Her once near perfect body had spread at the waist and hips and her thighs were much more meaty than I remembered, as was and ass that looked bigger because of her bikini panties.

Yet, I couldn’t help liking what I was looking at despite the obvious changes. But did I like her well enough to want to fuck her again? That was the big question as she turned around to face me. That’s when I saw the one thing about my aunt that hadn’t changed, and that’s when all my questions were answered.

“Wow!” I said when I saw the magnificence of my aunt’s enormous tits. “Just as nice as I remembered, maybe even bigger?”

“They’re bigger cause I’m fatter.”

“You’re not fat, Aunt Pat!” I lied again, looking to make her feel good, hoping she’d return the favor in kind. She definitely gained a few pounds over the years, but not enough to make her unappealing.

As far as I was concerned, my father’s one obsession was Still as sexually appealing as any woman, and I was definitely more than ready to fuck her again. As I gawked with lust at her memorable mams, she moved up to me and reached out for my arms. “You’re very sweet for saying that even if it isn’t true,” she said as I felt her long fingers squeezing my arms.

“I said it cause I meant it,” I said as my hands took hold of her meaty hips.

“I know I don’t look the same as that woman in that hotel room,” she said while letting her spectacular, firm and erect tits press against my chest. “On the other hand, I’m not all that different, am I?”

Her graying hair tied in a bun and the glasses perched on her nose, gave the impression Pat was someone’s grandmother, which she was, several times over. That no longer mattered. Even at sixty-five, there was still something about this woman that hadn’t changed, and that certain something was about to make my Aunt Pat very late for her own birthday party.

Heatedly, I stooped down and sucked one of her hardened nipples into my eager mouth, and while I hungrily dined on one of her delicious tits, my fingers slipped inside the elastic band of her panties, bringing them down around her big soft ass before dropping it to the floor. My impassioned aunt was so consumed by my stimulation of her big tits, she thrust her head backwards, spread her legs wide and screamed out her plea.

“Finger me, baby! Please finger my hot cunt! Please! I beg you!”

So, in an attempt to satisfy her urgent request, my hands took hold of her lower body while I continued sucking on her hard nipples. My one hand cupped her soft spongy ass while my other moved between her parted thighs. In response, Aunt Pat lifted her one leg slightly, allowing several fingers of my hand deep inside her wet horny pussy, happily accepting the twisting, turning, movements of all my probing fingers.

She responded to this vicious finger-fucking with a humping movement of her lower body, vigorously fucking my hand if you will. “Ohh, yes, yes!” she cried, then tugged my face away from her tits, bringing it up to her mouth and right to her juicy eager lips. “Kiss me, baby! Kiss me like you once did!”

As her meaty tongue swooped into my mouth, my fingers toyed with her swollen clitoris and pulpy cunt lips. Her impassioned body began to shudder, her groans becoming raspy, her breath sharp and uneven. My aunt became so crazed with passion from our intense kissing and my manipulation of her pussy, her aggressiveness caused us to topple over onto the living room floor. Then, while clinging tightly my back, Aunt Pat pulled me over on top of her eager body.

“You know what I wanna do?” the sixty-five year old woman said while wrapping her muscular legs around my waist, instantly engulfing my cock into her moist, loose pussy.

“You wanna screw!”

“Yeah, baby! You know I do! Screw me good! Screw me like you once did!”

As I started to move my body back and forth, her sixty-five year old body began to gyrate wildly. Each thrust forward of my cock, brought a return thrust from Aunt Pat. At the same time, her tongue continued to dance in and around my mouth as she got closer and closer to the throes of orgasmic ecstasy.

When that moment joyfully arrived, Aunt Pat held my neck tightly, strengthened her grip on my body and began to spasm violently. While I felt the wetness of her mouth against my face, I also heard the grunting sounds of a passionate woman reaching one hip-grinding orgasm after another.

A second later, with my Aunt Pat's cunt muscles doing their magic on my cock, I felt myself about to expel my boiling hot load into her body, and so, with one last plunge forward, I splattered, I gushed, I exploded every bit of semen I had to give into the cunt of my old, but very zealous aunt.

As we lay in silence on the living room floor, our bodies still shaking, I had a startling revelation about what I’d just done and with whom I’d done it. She was my sixty-five year old Aunt Pat and I’d just fucked the woman as if she were a much younger cunt. The amazing part was, this incredible older woman whose fucking days should have been over, fucked like she was a much younger woman.

She may have been my aunt and my mother's older stepsister, but she was clearly a very passionate woman who obviously loved sex as much as any woman. Just how much she loved sex would soon cum to light. Another thing I’d soon discover is that a quick hump on the living room floor would never be enough to satisfying my still insatiable aunt.

The quick hump was only the beginning. The blowjob was next.

Inside her dimly lit bedroom, her wet lips felt good on my cock as I lay there with one thought in mind: coming inside the mouth of a sixty-five year old woman, a real hot babe who clearly showed no signs of age anytime soon.

“Uhmmm,” she moaned in mid-suck, licking it, teasing it, sucking it with a tremendous enthusiasm, eating my cock the exact same way she fucked for it.

With a blowjob like that, it was very easy for me to dump my load into her mouth, then watch as she swallowed every drop.

After she finished, I lay there half dead from our little romp. Sex with this much older woman was incredibly fulfilling and terribly exciting. Little did I know it then, but the real hot sex with my Aunt Pat was only just beginning.

“That was really, really nice!” she said before telling me she was going in to take a shower. “I’d ask you to join me, but I really have to get ready for my party.”

She read my mind. Joining her in the shower sounded like a damn good idea.

“We have time!”

“No, honey! We don’t! I want to look nice for everyone and I don’t want to rush. Besides, we have all day tomorrow to shower together.”

“We do?”

“Yes, silly! You Are coming back after the party, Aren’t you?”

“Do you want me to?”

“Only if you promise to screw me again. You know how much I like it when you screw me. I think I’ve made that abundantly clear?”

My Aunt Pat wasn’t the only one who liked me screwing her. I liked it so much, I spent the night as she asked, fucking her several more times before the two of us fell asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning, we took That shower together where we fucked again before returning to her bed for a delicious breakfast of not so aged pussy for me and big hard cock for her.

“You know, Denis? I could really get used to having you around,” she said during our real food breakfast. “You’d make me very happy if you moved in with me.”

For the next five years, making Aunt Pat happy easily became my entire life’s work. As for my father, there was no such happy ending. I wanted to tell him on his death bed, but I didn’t have the heart.

He died not knowing that his son accomplished what he couldn’t. My father may have had the hots for Aunt Pat, but it was I who fucked her into perpetuity.

Not that I blamed the old man for wanting sex with Aunt Pat. Many men did, including myself. The woman possessed a dynamic body to kill for. Even at fifty years of age, her abundant breast, slim waist, nice ass and solid shapely legs could rival women half her age. That’s how nice her body was. Was it any wonder my father was obsessed with banging this well-built woman.

Sadly for the old man, he never did. He died without ever balling who many men considered one of God’s greatest creations. I, on the other hand, was very fortunate when it came to the lady’s flawless body. I had the pleasure of making love to her in her prime, and for many years thereafter when she wasn’t quite as perfect. And I must tell you now, the pleasure both times was equal. Trust me when I say that this beautiful woman can arouse at any age.

Like Mother. Like Daughter

As my lover turned seventy years of age, Aunt Pat’s daughter became fifty, the same age as her mother was the first time we had sex. Coincidentally, I was the same age as Tracy when she and I had sex. It wasn’t planned. It just happened like it did with her mother twenty years earlier.

Like her mother. Tracy’s built like the proverbial brick shit house. She’s also married to a real putz who doesn’t take care of his conjugal business. I knew this because her mother told me so. Aunt Pat knew this because her daughter confided in her mother, telling Mom her entire personal life, up to and including her infrequent orgasms, something poor Tracy knew nothing about since her schmuck husband never gave her one.

As for Aunt Pat, she didn’t have this cumming problem with her present lover. Even at her advanced age, she never failed to achieve a powerful climax simply because her younger lover made sure this incredible hot woman was thoroughly satisfied during their very heated sex. As for the daughter, it wasn’t something I thought about simply because Tracy and I were only just friends.

In the beginning, my intentions regarding Tracy were purely honorable. Not only was she a married woman, she was the daughter of the lady I’d been living with for the past five years.

While my sex with her mother wasn’t nearly as frequent as it once was, it was STILL pretty hot when it DID happen. Despite her age, Aunt Pat STILL loved fucking for me and she gave her all very time.

Having said that, the very last thing on my mind was balling the just as sexy daughter when she invited me over to see the massive reconstruction of their once small ranch home. The little house was now a big house with more bedrooms than anyone could ever want. One of those new bedrooms was plenty for what happened the day I dropped by to see Bill and Tracy’s newly refurbished home. He was working and their children were at school. Well-built little Tracy was all alone inside the house with all those extra bedrooms.

“I’m upstairs, Denis!” she yelled out to me after I called out her name. Tracy told me to use the new stairs to come up to where she was putting the finishing touches on one of the spanking new bedrooms. As I walked into that room, she was bent over the bed while making it up with all new bedding.

“Wow! Really nice!” I said, but I wasn’t talking about the nice new comforter and matching pillow shams. I was referring to Tracy’s beautifully shaped ass.

At the time, the petite woman in the provocative position was wearing a bathing suit. She’d just been swimming in their backyard pool and hadn’t yet changed. Not only did it show off her finely shaped ass, it clearly showed Tracy’s other fine attributes: her solidly built legs and well-stacked chest. I reacted as I shouldn’t have with well-built Tracy. My dick grew to its maximum size.

As Tracy stood up to greet me, I made like I was interested in the development of her new home, but the fact is, I was more interested in the development of my brand new hard-on, a giant boner caused by seeing her fabulous body in a very brief bathing suit. Little did I know at the time, but there was more madness to Tracy’s methods than I ever dreamed possible.

Pat’s daughter moved closer. “Do ya like, Denis?” she asked with her cutesy smile. I told her I loved the new bedroom and the nicely made up bed. The fact is, I wanted to tell her that the bed was nice, but it needed to be messed up by a man like myself fucking a beautiful, well-built woman like herself.

But, the sad truth is, I couldn’t say that to Tracy. Any thoughts I had concerning her awesome body had to be kept to myself. For one thing, she was supposedly a happily married woman, and as far as I knew, women who are happily married don’t go to bed with other guys, especially the guy presently banging their ageless mother. At least, that’s what I thought before the married woman noticed my big bulge.

So, with a big sly grin on her face, Tracy stood up in front of me looking down at the super large boner bulging my pants. “What’s that, Denis?” she asked, nodding her head towards the obvious. “You got a big fat hard-on from seeing my new bedroom? Or did you get one from me in my sexy bathing suit? Is that why you got a hard-on, Denis? Has hot little Tracy excited you?”

Of course she fucking excited me. Like her mother at the same age, the little bitch was THAT hot. Any guy would find her hard to resist. And like Aunt Pat, Tracy always got my cock big and hard. This time was no different.

Well, maybe a little. Tracy was leaning against my hard-on while she lowered bathing suit straps off her shoulders. That alone told me that this hard-on was going to be a lot different from all the others. Suddenly, much more of her plentiful chest was showing and I was drooling like I did twenty years earlier.

Yet, I had some reservations. “Your husband won’t like what you’re doing.” I told her, not even saying what her mother might think.

She answered so sexy like. “My husband’s not here to know, is he?”

With that, the straps moved further down her arms. All I could do was gawk with lust at the massive tits still partially covered, but very much exposed. I wanted to move my hands from her soft hips and squeeze her big soft mounds, but I didn’t. She was Pat's daughter and a nice guy just doesn’t screw his lover’s daughter no matter how much he wants to.

“Tracy! You can’t be doing what I think you’re doing!”

“But, I am, sweet Denis!” she said while tugging the top of the bathing suit down even further. “What about now? Does this excite you as much?” she asked as she dropped the suit to her waist, uncovering a pair of large breasts that were just as large as Mom’s bare breasts and just as succulent. “Whatta ya say now, Denis? Is hot little Tracy STILL exciting you?”

Hey! Enough is enough. Forget her husband. Forget her mother. I’ll worry about Pat later. So, I moved right up to Tracy and grabbed her waist, pulling the little hot one against me.

“Yeah, baby! You excite me! You excite me an awful lot! And now little lady, ‘ol Denis is gonna excite you too!”

With that, my hands gripped her hips tightly and I bent over to suck one of her big hard nipples into my mouth. Showing she didn’t mind, Tracy grabbed my head and held it to her bosom.

“Oh, yeah Denis! That excites me an awful lot too! Suck on Tracy’s real big titties! Make her feel good! Make her hot!”

Aiming to please, I did exactly what she asked. I sucked on and played with both her big tits before reaching down behind her for a feel of the little woman’s very fine ass. Not surprising, this excited her too.

“Mmm, yeah! Play with my toosh! Squeeze my cheeks! Play with my hot ass!”

I did that too, but not without doing something else. I stood up and kissed her mouth, getting the best reaction of all. Her arms wrapped around me, her mouth opened wide, and her velvety tongue surged into my mouth. From then on, the married lady and my lover’s daughter ceased to exist, replaced instantly by a hot piece of ass looking to fuck for me no matter what the consequences.

On fire from our kisses, little Tracy leaped into my arms and started rubbing her pussy to my cock. It was so unexpected, but oh so fucking nice. I felt both her rubbing cunt, as well the softness of her bare ass when my fingers slipped inside the bathing suit bottom. I couldn’t believe how wild she’d become in so short a time. Not only was she rubbing her pussy hard against me, she stopped kissing just to tell me just how much she loved what we were doing.

“Oh, Denis! I want that cock I’m feeling! I want it inside me and I want it fucking me! Can you do that, Denis! Can you fuck me with your big hard cock!”

To be Continued . . . part 2:

The Hots For Aunt Pat . . . the Saga Continues

Like Mother. Like Daughter

About the author . . .

Jack Vitale is a writer of erotic fiction. His work is hot and graphic and told as all good smut should be told. In reality, Jack Vitale is a pseudonym for the seventy-five year old author who prefers to keep his real name to himself given the erotic nature of the material he writes to help supplement his social security income.


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