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My Sister and I Were Had Bi Lesbians

Written by Gabriella Vitale

Copyright © 2018 Gabriella Vitale

Published by Vitale Publishing

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My Sister and I Were Had Bi Lesbians

The four day weekend in Maine was meant as a getaway for both my sister and me, a quiet retreat away from our husbands and families. We would see the sights, get in a little skiing, but above all, we’d just relax.

When I made reservations at the ski lodge, I had no idea that Pammi and I would have the most incredibly lustful four days of our lives, a lurid time that included incredibly heated lesbian sex between the two of us.

First off, neither one of us ever cheated on our husbands, nor did we want to. Secondly, and most important of all, the idea of females having sex together just never occurred to either one of us, and if it did, I especially never thought about doing it with my own sister.

Why we did it, I can't explain. I'd like to say we were seduced by the beautiful young lesbians, but If I did, I'd be deceiving both you and me.

I'm a mature adult woman with a mind of her own, well beyond being coxed into any kind of relationship with either man or woman. I did it because I wanted to, and so did my sister.

It was late on a Friday afternoon when Pammi and I checked into the ski lodge. After getting settled into our room, we headed to the lounge for a few cocktails before going to dinner. It was crowded with weekend skiers, people like us, getting away for a few days of R & R.

As we sipped on the hot toddies the barmaid had made us, my sister made an observation about the lodge completely void of men.

“Is it my imagination or what?“ she asked, then told me we were being eyed by several women sitting at the bar across from us. That's when it hit me. Id seen a sign in the lobby when we checked in. It had said something about a lesbian weekend, something I never paid any attention to. So, in a state of panic, I asked my sister

“What do we do now? We can't just check out.

What we did was just sit there as two women came over and sat on either side of us, knowing immediately that the two housewives didn’t fit.

“You're straight, aren't you?“ one of them asked my sister who was too scared to move. The fact is, I wasn't too courageous either as the other woman spoke to me in a quiet seductive manner.

“I see you're married,“ she said in a sexy whisper. “So, tell me, pretty lady? Are the two of you here for something a little different?

We were being hit on by two lesbians and didn't know what to do about it. I know I should have told her to fuck off, but I didn't. Something deep down inside me liked the attention I was getting from the lovely younger woman. The truth is, so did Pammi. She started talking to the other women while I did the same to my own new friend.

“Actually, I'm just here to relax,“ I told her. “I'm really not into that sort of thing,“ I said, hoping she'd let it go at that. She didn't.

Mary went right to work on me.

“You're very pretty!“ she said at the same time I heard Denise say the same thing to Pammi. “I'd really like to get to know you better,“ she said and Denise said exactly the same thing to my sister.

As I said, we could have gotten up and walked away, but for some unknown reason, neither of us did. We stayed and listened as both lesbians told us all about themselves, at the same time telling us all the nice things neglected housewives loved hearing, like how nice we looked and how much they liked being with us.

Then came the touching, the rubbing of my back and knee by a woman intent on seducing me. At first, I told her to stop saying I wasn't interested. Then, as the rubbing persisted, I didn't tell her to stop. I didn't because I was beginning to like her hand on my back first, then my leg as her long fingers glided back and forth. She knew.

“You like it, don't you?“ she asked while her fingers caressed my inner thigh and her eyes stared into mine. “You like it so much, you want me to do more,“ she said, and I suddenly realized she was right. I did want more from this lesbian who wanted much more than a feel of my leg. But, how could I? My sister was sitting right next to me doing some real good resisting of her own.

Unsure of what to do, I looked to my left at Pammi. She and the other lesbian had their faces close together and were staring into each other's eyes. And if that wasn't enough to astound me, when I looked down at my sister's lap, I saw the woman's hand between Pammi's legs rubbing Pammi's pussy. Shocked, I turned back to my own seducer, the tall beautiful brunette whose own hand was edging slowly towards the wet crotch between my own legs.

“They'll be leaving in a minute or so,“ she told me and I panicked.

“They . . . they w-will?”

Yeah, honey! They will! We can join them if you like,“ she said, then touched me right where I wanted to be touched by anyone.

My eyes closed and I thought of my husband. What would he say if he knew a woman was fingering the pussy only he had ever touched. For sure, he wouldn't be happy. Then again, who knew? Men liked seeing women do it. He'd probably get just as excited as any of them if he saw me having sex with this woman. What the hell! I thought. Would it be so terribly wrong If I did?

The next thing I knew, the four of us were standing and moving towards the stairs leading to our rooms. Denise held my sister's waist while Mary took my hand. There was a look of anxiety in everyone's eyes. While Pammi unlocked the door, Denise stood just behind, looking down at my sister’s nicely rounded ass. I could tell she couldn’t wait to undress Pammi and get her hands on the bare soft flesh of my sisters' hot butt.

Once inside, she grasped Pammi’s waist from behind and pulled her close to her body. “God, you’re nice!“ she said, reaching in front for Pammi’s wet pussy.

“Ohhh,“ Pammi moaned as the younger taller woman gave her cunt a real nice rub, at the same time using her other hand to squeeze my sister’s scrumptious boobs. Then, as I watched with my own pussy getting extremely moist and aroused, Mary started unzipping my one piece ski outfit.

When all of a sudden it was opened down to my belly with Mary’s quick hands unhooking my bra and squeezing my very hard nipples.

Fucking nice!“ she exclaimed, then moved her other hand to my panties, slipping her fingers under the elastic band for a touch a very excited, very eager pussy.

“Ohhh, ahhhh!“ I moaned loudly with my eyes closed and my head back against Mary’s abundant chest. “Don’t stop baby!“ I sighed “It feels so fucking good!“

“Oh, I'm not gonna stop, sweet housewife,“ she told me as her fingers toyed with my cunt lips and very aroused clit.

Not long after, Mary’s mouth covered mine with her delicious tongue splitting my lips. Her kiss was wet and wild and her hands just as aggressive. As her mouth sucked on mine, her fingers went to town on my cunt, getting me primed and ready for what she really wanted.

Meanwhile, Pammi and Denise had stripped completely naked and were kissing and fingering on their way to one of the beds. “Nice wet pussy!“ Pammi exclaimed while finger fucking Denise's hot cunt “Can’t wait to suck on it!“ my sister said, shocking the crap out of me. The next thing I knew, that's exactly what Pammi was doing

Much to my amazement, my sister didn’t hesitate, diving head first into the splendor of the lesbian's delicious cunt.

“Ohhh, ohhhhh“ Denise moaned as Pammi licked her juicy folds. “Eat me baby!“ she begged. “Finger me too!“ Denise asked and Pammi obliged. “Yeah! Denise yelled, moving her body wildly to my sister's aggressive hand and mouth.

Not to be out done, and in a state of total arousal, I led the naked Mary over to the other bed and lay her down on her back. “Would you look at this!“ she said as I bent over towards her hot pussy. “The straight housewife wants what we all want, hot delicious pussy!

Yeah, I wanted her pussy all right! Never in my life had I ever wanted anything more. Thinking this, I dove face first between the lesbian's legs, licking and sucking like I never sucked before. I may have been a straight housewife, but I never felt more like a lesbian than I did right then.

As the afternoon whizzed by, the lust continued. Mary and I did everything physically possible on one bed while Pammi and Denise did the same on the other. We all loved each other passionately, kissing, sucking, nibbling, fingering. Slurping, moaning, screaming and bouncing our bodies in one orgasm after another. Then, after a brief rest and a cocktail or two, we switched partners.

I got to do all those great things with, yeah, my sister.

We didn't plan on it happening. It just did. Before we both knew it, my face was between Pammi's legs and my pussy was over her face. What happened at that point was done purely out of instinct. There was a cunt to lick and suck on and neither one of us gave a thought to whose it was. We were so into it by then, there was no stopping the inevitable from happening. I did Pammi while she did me. It wasn’t planed to happen, but since it did, there was no way we ween’t enjoying it.

“Uhmm, ohh, uhmmmm!” Pammi moaned while licking and sucking me.

I did the same. I had to. Doing my own sister was THAT good!

“Uhmm, ohh, uhmmmm!”

That night, while the two of us each lay in our own bed, my sister turned to me and smiled. There was a real seductive look in her eyes . “Did you ever think we'd do anything like that?“

I smiled too. “With them, you mean?“

“No, Victoria!“ she said, then got out of her bed and quickly into mine. Suddenly, my sister was touching and kissing me like she did earlier in the day. “I mean with us! Did you ever think we'd do anything like this?“

I never answered her.

Pammi's tongue was sweet and gentle as it eased its way between my lips, delicately searching for my tongue. And when she found it, I happily let my sister suck it into her mouth for a new and thoroughly thrilling first time experience. Another new experience for me was what I did while we tongue kissed and she fingered my scorching hot pussy. I touched her pussy too. I never planned on touching my sister’s just as wet pussy.

I just couldn't help myself.

She was making me feel so good, my hand went to her pussy out of instinct. What I found between Pammi's open legs was a pussy just as wet and just as eager as mine. She was as hot as I was, telling me this night of female sex was only just beginning for the eager blonde and the very hot brunette.

In a fit of uncontrollable passion, the two of us rolled all over the bed, still kissing, still touching. Then, as Pammi's fingers twisted and turned inside my vagina, and her tongue wrapped itself around my tongue, I began to have those feelings I longed for. I started to cum.

Not only was it the most wonderful feeling of my life, it made me want to do things I once thought of as sickening. Pammi got me those feelings, and it was now my turn to do the same for her.

So, with my sister on her back with her solid legs spread wide, I began by licking her smooth legs just above her knees, lapping up the softness of her sweet smooth inner thighs. Pammi moaned softly as my frisky tongue moved closer and closer to the musky fragrance of her sweet delicious cunt.

Then, as I lay there, face to cunt with my sister's pussy, I began to lick it like I wanted to lick it. Quite, naturally, Pammi went crazy, bouncing her body on the bed with each lick of my tongue and each suck of my lips. Then, as my fingers penetrated her, and they started twisting deep inside her pussy, the buxom beauty really went ballistic, pleading for much more of the same.

“Eat me, baby!“ she cried out. “Get me off! Get me off!“ she said and I did, sucking on her pussy with one purpose in mind. “I’m cummmming, Vicki baby! I'm cum . . . ohhhhh, aghhhhh!“ a scream, then a long deep silence.

After cumming, Pammi climbed on top of my body, and before I could say anything, started licking my thighs while lowering her hot pussy down onto my face. What else could I do but except what Pammi wanted?

Unlike Pammi, I didn’t mess around with her smooth creamy thighs. I got right into sucking on her wet cunt lips and of course, her very swollen clitoris. When I did, Pammi went absolutely totally crazy, attacking my cunt with a fucking vengeance, doing things I didn't know how to do until that very day.

In between sucking and licking, we both used our fingers as well. Before that weekend, I had no idea how good it felt to have a finger inside my asshole. The ladies showed me, and I liked it so much, I immediately did the same thing to Pammi, fingering her ass while she did mine.

Right after, we talked softly together.“Gosh, honey! What do you think our husbands would say if they could see us?”

Pammi just laughed. She knew how guys thought. “Are you kidding me, honey? I bet they’d love it. All guys love seeing women doing it. Us being their wives makes no difference to them. They’ll probably wanna screw us right after too, maybe even swap the two of us. Gosh! How hot would that be?”

When she said that, I kinda shook my head in defiance. Unlike my sister, I didn’t feel the same way about our husbands swapping us for sex. The fact is, I wasn’t thinking anything about sex with our husbands. That ship had temporarily sailed. My erotic thoughts at that moment were NOT for men, but for my sister and the lesbian I slept with earlier.

“I don’t think so, honey! I’d much rather do it with you,” I told Pammi my thoughts for us that night. The only thing was, my sister had fallen asleep in my arms. Any plans for continued sex was over for the time being.

When I awoke the next morning, I found a note from my sister. Pammi had decided to hit the slopes early before the day’s rush began. This was okay with me since I wasn’t much of a skier anyway.

Besides, I was more interested in meeting either of the two ladies from the day before for much more of the same ladies hanky-panky. So, with that lurid though now obsessing my mind, I took a nice hot shower, but instead of wearing the standard ski outfit, I put on a more provocative knee length dress, one meant to entice all takers of fine hot pussy.

Thinking sex alone, it was just past nine when I arrived at the dining room for breakfast. But much to my chagrin, it appeared that I’d be dining alone. The way to looked to me, my sister wasn’t the only skier looking for a clear path to ski. All the other guests had done the same as Pammi by having an early breakfast, thereby leaving non-skiers like me by their lonesome.

Not only would my sister be gone for a good part of the day, the same would be true for Denise and Mary as well. Neither lesbians nor bisexual housewife be for the sole bisexual lady in dire need for another woman’s touch of her every eager, highly aroused body. Dear, oh, dear! What should a desperate lady do?

To be Continued . . . part 2:

My Sister and I Were Had Bi Lesbians: the Saga Continues

About the Author

Gabriella Vitale is a pseudonym for the still-young and vivacious sixty-year old writer of smut so vile, she needs to keep her real name a secret.


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