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Hump the Hostess, and Her Sister Too!

Written by Vic Vitale

Copyright © 2018 Vic Vitale

Published by Vitale Publishing

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Hump the Hostess, and Her Sister Too!

No one saw us leave the party. Nor did anyone see us get into the van, lock the doors and draw the curtains shut. Everyone at the party was having too good a time to notice two horny people get into a van for some serious unbridled sex.

As we began to kiss, I could hear the laughter coming from inside the house. I could also hear Maureen's pleading voice.

Oh God, Vic! I want you so much!” she said as she tore at my clothing. In turn, I lifted her dress over her head, leaving Maureen in only her bra and panties.

Right after, I kissed her lips, licking all around her wide-open mouth, hungrily searching for her meaty tongue. “Oh, mmm!” she moaned as my tongue entered her mouth, easily grasping hold of her tongue. As it did, she resisted neither it nor my probing hands as they roamed her very turned-on body. Her loud mouth husband was involved in a hot political debate. He was too drunk to notice his wife leaving the party. At the same time, my wife was also too busy talking. She didn't see me exit the bash held annually at Maureen's sister's home on Long Island.

Despite a strict Catholic upbringing, Maureen's contempt for her husband, and her need for good hot sex, easily overcame her religious beliefs. She simply had to have sex with another man. Ironically, it happened at a church party. Even more strangely, I was that other man.

So, with everyone else having a jolly old time, Maureen and I walked casually down the block towards a luxury van ideal for a quick whatever. Naturally, we made believe we were just talking and enjoying a cigarette, something that wasn't allowed in Ellen's home. I didn't like that rule, but it gave Maureen and I a damn good reason to get away for what we both wanted.

Eager for the hot fuck with hot Maureen, I rubbed her smooth silky legs, her soft pushy breasts, and finally her wet eager crotch. Because of the lady’s church-filled background, I knew it was the first time anyone other than her husband had ever touched her between the legs. Luckily, religious background didn't matter anymore. Maureen wanted another man touching her dampened crotch and the church be damned.

"Oh, yes, yes!" she moaned while I played with her pussy, feeling its wetness right through her panties. She was on fire, and in seconds, was lying on the carpeted floor in the back of the van with her legs spread wide open. It was then I slipped my fingers under the elastic band of her panties, touching her moist swollen love bud. “Oh, God!” she cried after her mouth broke away from mine. “It feels so good! I love what you're doing to me. Don't stop! Please don't stop!”

From a block away, we could still hear her husband’s bellowing laugh as we struggled to remove our remaining clothing. Ignoring the idiot, we quickly assumed the sixty-nine position with me spreading open her soft smooth thighs. Then, while the house partying continued, I began an eager finger-fuck of Maureen’s juicy cunt, and an even more spirited lapping of her swollen clit.

This excited Maureen so much, she happily sucked my cock into her mouth and started giving me the most unexpected blowjob of my life. Her sucking and licking was so good, I could have easily cum inside her mouth. But, cumming inside the sweet lady’s mouth was not what I wanted. I wanted my load going into Maureen's pussy while I fucked her hot neglected body. Needless to say, Maureen wanted that too. She wanted that and she wanted more.

So, without any coaxing from me, she moved onto her belly and spread her long shapely legs. “Give it to me!” she pleaded while pressing her soft ass against my hard cock. “Fuck my ass, fuck my cunt! I don’t care! Just fuck me!”

With that kind of plea, what else could I do but plunge my hard cock between her ass cheeks and into her cunt, bringing a loud gasp from Maureen's mouth and a pressing of her ass to my groin. In no time, her body started moving with mine, her soft ass rubbing vigorously against me as we fucked intensely.

“Yes, oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she cried.

As Maureen starting coming, her body trembled and she began to shake uncontrollably. At the same time, my cock also trembled and shook, sending a hot load into her quaking, but satisfied cunt.

For a few minutes, we lay in total silence listening to the sounds of laughter emanating from the house down the block. Strangely, I could still hear the voice of the man whose wife lay naked beneath me.

"I'd better get back," she said, and in a few minutes was gone, sneaking unseen down the block and into a back door.

A Second Hot Sister

A few minutes later, I stepped out of the van and lit a cigarette. It was then I heard a voice, then I knew our quick and sudden departure didn't go unseen.

"I was wondering where you two went," Ellen said, then stepped out from behind a tall Oak tree. "And now I know!"

As it turned out, the sweet and caring hostess knew a lot more than she first let on. Maureen's younger sister, and the lovely hostess of the gala party, apparently saw us leaving her house, then watched from a block away as we both entered the van for our mid-day tryst. So, while we fucked inside the spacious vehicle, Ellen walked over to the bouncing van and listened attentively to the moaning sounds coming from inside the fuckmobile. But, instead of leaving like she should have, Ellen stayed for more.

While listening, the thirty-eight year old married woman with the long blonde hair, stood in the shadows and waited for the van door to open. When it did, one equally horny sister patiently waited for the other to leave. Not knowing where this was going, I threw away the cigarette, then looked at Ellen. When she grinned slyly, I grinned back, knowing full well where it definitely was going. With that, I stepped inside the van and left the door wide open. A moment later, Ellen closed the door after coming inside to pick up where her sister had left off.

I really should be going!” she said before giving me a passionate kiss, a heated lip-lock that told me she wasn’t going anywhere just yet.

“You should, but you won’t!”

“Uhmmm, ohh, uhmmm! You’re right! I like this! Keep kissing me!”

And so I did, kissing Ellen like I kissed Maureen, a swapping of tongues that led to a lot of touchy-feely, which in turn led to the inevitable fuck of another hot and horny religious woman.

With Ellen's panties removed and her dress back to her waist, my cock moved between her spread open legs and into her surprisingly eager cunt. At the same time, her mouth continued with the passionate kisses while her long tanned legs wrapped tightly around my body.

“Uhmm!” the hostess moaned while humping. “You’re right! I’m not going anywhere. I love it and I need you fucking me!”

A second or so after my penetration of the lovely party hostess, we started fucking and didn’t stop until Ellen’s body shook in orgasm.

About twenty minutes later, Ellen and I returned to the party together. Her loud mouth husband was too involved with Maureen’s loud mouth husband to notice whir his wife was or what she was doing. Arguing politics was far more important to this jerk than knowing his wife was giving another guy a blowjob.

As for me, I sat quietly watching their wives chatting with Loretta, my wife’s younger sister, a babe who was also kind of nice and very well built like my wife. Every now and then, all three of the married hotties would look my way and grin slyly like they were talking about me and what I’d done with the first two sisters.

That’s okay! I didn’t mind being talked about by the very nice women, three hot looking babes whose husbands all went fishing together for a week at a time. Let them talk! Let their husbands argue their debates. I already know what I’ll be doing whenever one of these clowns gets so drunk, he has no idea his horny wife is cheating on the sorry bastard. A few weeks later, it happened again, and for a second time, the knight in armor came to the aid of a damsel in distress.

This time, I was at a Christening for someone’s new granddaughter. The small celebration after the church took place at Ellen’s house with all of the usual suspects being present and accounted for. Naturally, this meant free flowing liquor and the usual debates that often accompanies heavy alcohol use by this very group of loudmouth boring husbands.

As for me, I just bided my time until the end of the night and the inevitable pissed off wife. Earlier in the night, my own wife had grown tired of it all and left the noisy party for quieter surroundings. Naturally, this move by the queen paved the way for what was sure to happen if the heavy drinking continued.

“I need a ride!” Loretta said to me with a pissed off look on her pretty face. My fucking husband's way too drunk to drive!

Just then an angry Ellen walked over and said that all the husbands had passed out drunk on the floor, and that Loretta’s husband could sleep over right where he lay if his wife wanted. She did.

“Bill can stay over forever for all I fucking care!

The next move was clearly mine.

“Sure! I’ll take you!” I said, even though I wanted to say something else despite the fact it wouldn’t be proper to say I’ll fuck you to another guy’s wife, even though she was probably thinking the very same thing.

A few minutes later, we were in my car driving towards her house. Loretta was sitting right next to the door looking out the window and not saying a word. She was clearly still annoyed at her husband. This was good.

Pissed off wives make for easy lay.

“Too bad about Bill,” I said at a traffic light while looking over at the thirty-nine year old married mother of two. That’s when I noticed her short dress pulled back to her ass and her nice legs spread wide open with her hand between them. I couldn't believe it. The pissed off wife was actually playing with herself.

"Yeah, real bad," she said, then turned to face me. "He's out cold while his horny wife's all alone with a very handsome guy,” she said in a soft seductive voice, then started moving slowly towards me. The next thing I knew, Bill’s wife was right on top of me with a look in her eyes that said his once faithful wife was looking to cheat on the loud mouth schmuck. And if this wasn't wild enough, the wife’s hand said even more when it dropped to my lap and my cock.

Even though this was exactly what I wanted with the hot horny cunt, I made like it really surprised me. "Loretta! What the hell are you doing? You’re Bill’s wife, and my wife’s sister, you know? We can’t be doing this!”

Naturally, she disagreed. “Oh, but we can, sweet Vic!” she said while opening the my pants button. Right after, the zipper came down and Loretta’s hand went inside my drawers. Don'tcha like horny Loretta playing with your big hard cock? I know you liked my sisters playing with it. Well, I’m just like them, Vicki honey! Hot Loretta wants to play with your big hard cock too!”

Oh, I liked it all right! So much so, I put my arm around Loretta's shoulder and pulled the horny cunt even closer. Right after that, my mouth covered hers and we started kissing with open mouths and our tongues sucking wildly. The way things were going, we could have fucked right then and there.

The only thing was, we were still at a traffic light with the car behind us blowing their horn. So, in my haste to fuck the horny wife, I hit the gas hard and pulled the car over to an isolated spot next to a dark clump of trees. Then, with Loretta still on fire, we moved to the roomier quarters of the back seat.

Once there, her dress came off first, then her underwear and thigh-high stockings. My pants and shirt followed and we resumed our heated kissing while I got a handful of wet hot pussy and she got a handful of big stiff dick.

Whether it was supposed to or not, the time had come for an old man and a married younger woman to go all the way to fucking Heaven.

"Oh, yes, yes!" she cried out while I fingered her dampened cunt. "Oooh, I love that, Vicki baby! she yelled while I toyed with her clit and fingered her very loose vagina, twisting and turning two of my fingers deep inside the cunt of Bill's very horny, neglected wife.

Me too, baby! I'm so glad your old man got smashed."

"Fuck my old man!" she yelled with a vengeance "I want you to fuck ME! Can you do that, sweet Vicki baby? Can you fuck horny Loretta just like she wants to be fucked, like she needs to be fucked, like you fucked my two sisters!”

Being who she was, I couldn't believe the language coming from the former holy roller's mouth. Who knew this very sweet lady cursed like this? Then again, who knew the righteous married mother of two would be fucking for another man on the back seat of his car while her husband lay drunk on the living room floor of her sister’s house?

"Sure, baby! I'll happily fuck your hot horny cunt!"

I said that, but I wanted something else first. Remember? The woman had long beautiful legs and all I could think about was licking their deliciousness just before I ate the tastiness between those long beautiful legs.

So, with Loretta’s long tanned legs spread wide open, my mouth started lapping the sweet tasty flesh of her smooth inner thighs. Once I was fully satisfied with that, my tongue made instant contact with her pussy and her delicious bottom lifted to my face. Right after that, those long shapely limbs came around my neck with her smooth bare feet rubbing wildly on my skin.

"Ohh, yeah, ohhh, yeah! she sighed loudly as I ate out her sweet delicious cunt and she bellowed for all to hear. "Suck me, Vicki baby! Suck me good!

The way it looked to me, Loretta loved having her pussy eaten. From her reaction alone, one could only assume it had been some time since her boozing husband had done it to her. Too bad! The man clearly loved his beer more than he loved having those long beautiful legs open for his sucking mouth. What can I tell you? The guy’s a schmuck! He’d rather get drunk than hear this:

"Suck me, sweet baby! Suck me good!Loretta moaned, then continued moaning while I licked and sucked and fingered her neglected, very tasty pussy. “We . . . we should have been fucking long before today, Vic” she sighed while grinding her cunt to my face, letting me take her closer and closer to that unexpected fuck we should have done years ago. Then, it happened. The long awaited fuck.

Loretta slapped me hard on the back and cried out for my cock: "Fuck me, Vicki baby! Fuck me! Stick it in my cunt and fuck me!"

What else could a guy do? He dropped his pants in a hurry and knelt quickly between her spread open legs.

Then, with Loretta still saying how much she wanted it, my bulging cock slipped easily into her loose and wet pussy. And as it did, I could feel her long arms and legs come around me as her wet dirty mouth continued with the dirty talk I suddenly loved hearing.

"Oh, yes baby! Fuck my cunt!" she cried out while my hands gripped her ass and we moved together as one, fucking on the back seat while Loretta swore to her heart's content. "Fuck the hot pussy! Fuck it, you horny bastard! Stick your cock in the whore's cunt and fuck her hard!"

So, with us fucking like crazy on the back seat, it wasn't long before I felt her jerking body and her ass cheeks tighten within my hands. Clearly, it was coming time. The cheating whore was letting go. Those were her words, not mine. Even though she was definitely cheating on her husband, Loretta was no whore. She was merely a good piece of ass who clearly loved fucking.

As she shook in my arms, I let go with a load into her loose and slippery cunt, not stopping until my body jerked just like Loretta's body had jerked. A few minutes had passed before either of us could speak again.

"I'd done this before, y'know," she admitted while I held her close. "My husband loves to drink and I love to fuck. Is that so wrong, Vic?

What else could I do but agree. “Ur, no!” I responded.

Right after, Loretta showed me something else she loved doing, something she happily did without me asking. "Uhmmmm," she moaned while licking the hard head of my cock. Don’t ask me why, but I actually tried to stop her.

No, Loretta babe! We’ve done enough!”

Who sez?” she retorted while licking. "Uhmmm," she sighed as the entire shaft moved into her mouth and she started sucking on it right there on the back seat of my car. Stopping her was impossible so I gave up trying.

If her husband chose to drink, and his wife wanted to blow guys to get even with him, who was I to say she couldn’t? Besides, his wife’s blowjob was much too good to stop. So, I didn't. Christ! How could I?

Bill’s wife was blowing me like no woman ever blew me. In no time, the lips and tongue of this very talented lady had me stiff again, and eager for more hot fucking with her also hot pussy.

The only thing is, there was no time for it. The Communion party was over for sometime now and I should have been home long ago. Her husband may have been passed out drunk and unaware of what was going on, but my wife wasn’t in the dark like Bill. Nor was Pat stupid. The three sisters were flirting with me all night long. It wouldn’t take much from my wife to put two and two together.

So, no matter how horny I felt, and how much Loretta wanted the same sex I did, I told her no and took her home with a promise for a later encore. She wasn’t too happy about it, but them’s the breaks! She’ll get over it soon enough.

Once inside my house, I went to the hall bathroom and stripped down to my underwear before putting on a robe. Right after that, I went into my bedroom to check on my wife. Was she sleeping, or was she still awake and pissed off at me for being so late? Well, she wasn’t sleeping. Shit! She wasn’t even in our bed.

Pat was in our private bathroom taking a shower, and this excited me. That’s right! My cock got big and stiff again. Just the mere image of Pat’s naked body under the hot streaming water, had me just as hard as when Bill’s wife was blowing me. This astonished me so much, I sat down on the bed to think about it.

I’d just gotten some of the best sex I ever had from a very nice younger woman, yet I was still horny with a big raging hard-on. Even more amazing was the fact that my latest boner was caused by none other than my fifty-year old wife. After all, she was a woman I’d been married to for almost thirty years, and a woman who recently told me she’d lost interest in sex. Well, not tonight.

The way I saw it, who better than the woman’s husband to help revitalize his wife’s enthusiasm for some good hot fucking. So, with a big hard cock poking my robe, I got up from the bed and moved to the bathroom door. While listening to the running water and Pat humming a song, I grasped the doorknob and quietly opened the door. What I saw made me freeze where I stood. Only the transparent shower curtain separated me from Pat’s wet naked body. My mind raced in lurid anticipation.

It told me to think with my fifty-two year old cock instead of my head.

As I moved towards the tub, she stopped humming. Pat sensed the presence of someone in the room. She stopped soaping her body and looked through the shower curtain right at the intruder.

Her arms crossed her big breasts and she turned to face the unwelcome visitor before speaking. “Vic! I hope that’s you!”

I assured her that it was. “Who else would it be?”

She asked mockingly: “You could be a stranger here to rape me.”

This peaked my interest, and I was quick to respond. “I’m no stranger baby! But I am here to rape you. That’s for sure!” I said and this clearly got her attention.

She opened the curtain all the way. The look in her eyes wasn’t anger. It was sheer lust. Her bright green eyes showed an interest that hadn’t been there in months. My wife of many years was no longer disinterested in the passion she once loved even more than I. Clearly, she wanted me as much as I wanted her.

Without a second to lose, I didn’t even take off my robe. The need to hold her naked body close to mine prevented any logical thought. So, I grasped her bare waist, then her soft ass cheeks, not caring at all that my robe was getting soaked from the hot running water. All I cared about was having Pat’s wet mouth on mine while my cock rubbed hard against her nude wet body.

All that mattered was her tongue inside my mouth as I got into the tub and pinned my wife to the shower wall. Nothing else mattered except my sole reason for being there with her. So, in a fit of undeniable passion, we kissed with our tongues while she rubbed her horny body on the cock now out in the open.

I gripped her ass cheeks tightly and in one sudden move, Pat leaped into the air, her solid muscular legs wrapping tightly around my lower body. At the same time, her arms clung tightly to my neck while she rubbed herself hard my big bulging cock. She was close to cumming when her mouth broke from mine.

“Go ahead, Vic! Put it inside of me! You know I want to fuck for you!”

Indeed she did. If there was ever any doubt about my decision to enter the bathroom when I did, it was quickly forgotten as my hard cock prepared to enter the delicious hot pussy of my wife of many years. So much for her being angry with me? The way it looked, the hot babe wanted this fuck even more than I did.

“Oh, yes, yes! That’s it! That’s it! I feel it! I want it! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!” she cried out as my cock quickly filled up her insides and her lower body started moving rapidly with mine. Holding onto her big soft ass, I moved as Pat moved, fucking my wife just like I another guy’s wife an hour or so earlier.

“Oh, yes! I feel it! I want it! Fuck me, baby!” she cried as my cock filled her insides and her lower body started moving with mine. Holding her soft ass, I moved as Pat moved, fucking my wife just like I fucked her sister an hour earlier.

Fucking Pat was not unlike fucking Loretta. Her juicy cunt clung to my cock the same way Loretta’s juicy cunt clung. Only my opened eyes told me whose cunt my cock was penetrating and whose mouth sucked on my mouth. While fucking Loretta to orgasm, her ass shook in my hands as she grunted and groaned in undeniable ecstasy. Like the other wife, Pat’s ass shook too; she even grunted and groaned while I pressed her trembling body to the shower wall.

Afterwards, she put on a short terry robe and moved into the bedroom. When I joined her, she was looking into the mirror while brushing her hair. The robe came halfway down her meaty thighs as it clung tightly to her big, but nicely rounded ass. In the mirror, I could see her large bulging breasts and their stiffened nipples poking the too tight robe. My wife looked very sexy as she looked back at me in the mirror. This is when the guilt set in.

Looking at me through her reflection, Pat was doing what she’d done many times before, telling me in essence that she loved what we just did. This made me wonder why I’d look elsewhere for sex, and that I’d been a fool for doing what I did. What she did next made me feel even worse.

As I watched with a feeling of total guilt, she opened the robe and let it fall off her shoulders; it draped seductively around her body before falling to the floor. “What I’m feeling cannot end. It mustn’t end. I won’t let it end,” Pat said before falling to her knees right in front of me.

Being a stupid man, I STILL didn’t get it. “What . . . what are you doing babe?” I asked, but the wife was one step in front of her lame husband.

“What does it look like, silly? One good turn deserves another!”

Clearly, I had a wife who fully appreciated how I made her feel with my cock buried deep inside her very horny pussy. And to show her appreciation for making her feel like she hadn’t felt in years, Pat chose to take my cock deep inside her mouth too.

Please understand, my wife had done this before, but she was never very good at it. A blowjob from Pat was more obligatory than it was anything else. She considered it to be her wifely duty and nothing more. That was before. This was now. This time, she was more into it, sucking me off like she never had, licking my hard head like it was a cone of ice cream and not the head of a man’s cock touching the tip of her nibbling tongue.

So, with my own feeling of utmost glee, my fingers slithered through her jet black hair as I felt her wet lips gliding along the shaft of my cock and her long meaty tongue licking its hard head. If I thought Loretta was good, I didn’t know how good a really good blowjob can be. “Nice, baby, nice!” I told the woman who moaned loudly while she licked and sucked my cock to its pending eruption. Even if I wanted, there was no way I could stop myself from doing what I did inside my wife’s mouth.

This was another distinct first for my wife of many years. Most women will never do this, not even with their own husbands. For damn sure, my wife would never let me deposit my load inside her mouth, let alone swallow every last drop. But, like I said, this night was different, very different.

Later on, as we lay in our bed contented and ready for sleep, my wife turned onto her side and looked me straight in the eye.

“When a woman thinks she’s losing her man to another woman, she’ll do whatever it takes to keep him. We love each other very much and we have a very good thing going on here. Do you understand me, Vic? You saw what I just did with you. It’s not something I’ve been doing, but surely something I should be doing more of.”

I couldn’t agree more with my clearly caring wife. She just fucked like she used to fuck for me. And the blowjob she gave me? Whoa! That in itself was extraordinary. My wife never sucked me off like that, not even on her best day. But, why was she doing this? Was there a message there for me? There was.

“Just remember one thing, Vic! It wouldn’t take much for you to lose it all.”

So, with that thought rattling around in my head, I became a good boy for my wife alone. Never again did I fuck another woman, or even look at one with lust in my heart. Well, maybe not never. Fucking my wife alone lasted only a year, pretty good considering my once prolific rate of infidelity.

Interestingly enough, it was my wife herself who put me in the position to screw around on her. What I mean is, there were no plans to cheat on my wife with her current female employer. Things just happened and before we both knew it, I wasn’t only one doing the screwing. Pat and I were both cheating and we were doing it right in front of each other.

The East End Orgy

It all began when my wife’s boss and her real macho husband invited us and about fifty others to a full weekend barbecue party. The several day affair took place at their lavish summer home on the East End of Long Island. What took place that day at Montauk Point was a far cry from the other parties we’d attended at their townhouse in the city. At those earlier affairs hosted by the shapely redhead, there was no sex whatsoever. The same can’t be said for those later days in the country. Whatever promises my wife and I made to each other about abstaining from cheating would be broken ten times over.

This party didn’t get heated right away. The guests chatted quietly amongst themselves while sipping on cocktails and noshing on finger food provided by party hosts, Larry and Ricci Bielman. That all changed once everyone got all buzzed from all the flowing liquor. People not only started to loosen up and be carefree, those same people started doing things too obscene for words.

Men and women everywhere were making out with each other, and in some cases, they were doing more than just kissing. Women had guy’s cocks out and were jerking them off while those same guys had their hands between the babe’s open legs. This stunned me, but not as much as seeing two women doing the same kissing and touching just like the others. Talk about a wakeup call?

After all, my wife’s employer and the party hostess was a major player in the business world. You’d think someone of her stature would never allow such shenanigans in her home. An office party was one thing, but her own home? You’d think she’d want to protect her untarnished image and not be involved in something as scandalous as an out and out sex orgy. At least that’s what I thought as I watched all this insanity unfold right before my very eyes.

As for me, I wasn’t doing anything except looking at my wife. She wasn’t doing anything either except watching what was going on from her seat at the bar. The look on her face wasn’t what I expected. It told me she wasn’t the least bit bothered by the lurid behavior of her co-workers. It was like she already knew what these people were capable of, and that she’d been down that same road herself. Could it be? I thought. While I was doing my own sex thing with her sisters, was my wife getting even without me knowing? Could it be?

While I pondered that lurid thought, people were heading into bedrooms. Whether it was planned or not, a full-blown orgy was clearly underway and it wasn’t stopping anytime soon. This alone told me to get my wife out of there before she too got involved like I figured she might.

Anyway, this never happened cause before I could move, Larry moved right next to Pat and put his arm around her shoulder. That was just the beginning, I thought, and I was right. This big burly guy placed his other hand on my wife’s belly and he started moving it upward towards her real big tits.

When I saw she wasn’t stopping him from doing this, I started to move from the other side of the counter. No way I wanted the bosses' husband touching my wife’s really nice tits. I already knew that if he did that, it could only lead to what the others were already doing, and there was no way was I letting another man fuck my wife right there in front of me. The only thing was, I couldn’t move.

Larry’s wife and another young girl were blocking my way with Ricci being the first to speak. “Where ya goin’ honey? We got real big plans for you!”

Regrettably for me, their big plan went into action right away, sealing my doom before I could even make a move. One of them reached down for my cock while the other kissed my mouth before I could say a word. So, as I tasted Ricci’s tongue inside my mouth, the other girl whispered into my ear while her fingers undid my zipper and her hand moved inside my pants.

Hi! I’m Nikki! You’re married to Pat, aren’t you? She’s real nice! We like her a lot, an awful lot!” this young blonde said as the older redhead force-fed me her tongue and the blonde kid played with my dick. As it were, my wife’s employer and this very nice young girl were the perfect distraction to keep me from my wife’s seduction. And the amazing part was, their tactic was working.

With me preoccupied, Larry was now doing a lot more than just touching Pat’s tits. He had her blouse open and was tongue-kissing her mouth, doing to my wife what his wife was doing to me. While at the same time, there was another woman unhooking Pat’s bra.

That woman, I came to find out later, was Darlene Clanton, the wife of one of the one of the company execs. Ironically, her tits were just as big as Pat’s, shown off nicely since she was already topless.

So, as we all watched the lurid going’s-on, this other woman had my wife as bare breasted as she was in no time. Pat’s huge set, whether she wanted this or not, and I honestly think she did, were there for the taking, and both Darlene and Larry took them without any resistance whatsoever.

Meanwhile, back at my cock. It was now out in the open with both Nikki and Ricci competing to jerk on it with the younger blonde winning out by kneeling down on the floor in front of me.

At this point, my wife’s welfare gave me little concern and what she did ceased being an issue. Larry and Darlene could do whatever they wanted with Pat and it wouldn’t bother me in the least. Nikki and Ricci’s distraction had done its job.

One of the hot cunts sucked on my cock with great passion while the other cunt kissed me just as passionately as she moved my cock in and out of her cohort’s mouth. Even if I wanted to stop Darlene and Larry from taking off Pat’s skirt, I couldn’t.

Nikki’s tongue on my cock kept me right where I was while the big bosses’ tongue inside my mouth made sure no one would stop another man and woman from stripping my wife naked They did this easily with no reluctance from Pat and no stoppage from me. I couldn’t stop them even if I wanted.

Because of Nikki’s hot sucking lips, I was too busy cumming inside the teenager’s mouth. At the same time, Pat was getting close to cumming from Darlene’s very talented fingers and Larry’s aggressive mouth work. This unlikely couple had my wife close to the boiling point while Ricci and Nikki had me boiling over as well.

From then on, I was never with less than three very eager women, and Pat was never alone for a moment either. If I didn't know better, I’d say my wife and I were the guests of honor at our own roast of sorts. The only thing is, there were no bad insult jokes, only some good hot fucking for both of us. So much for our promise to abstain.

As soon as Nikki got up off the floor, Ricci took her place while her husband got into a position for fucking my wife. He moved in front of Pat and took hold of her soft ass just as his wife took hold of my cock. Then, as Ricci swallowed it whole, Larry lifted Pat’s body to his waiting cock.

The next thing I knew, she had her arms and legs wrapped tightly around the burly guy and he was fucking her right where she sat. That should have bothered me, but it didn’t. Ricci’s blowjob of my hard cock was much too good, as was the mouths of the two women who had moved along side of me.

One of those women, I’m surprised to say, was another eighteen year old hottie looking for sex with the older folks. She was Michelle, a company intern who’d been with the firm for only a few months when they invited the petite girl for the weekend, and for good reason. Her awesome naked body could not be ignored as she moved right up to me and pressed her wet mouth to mine before speaking.

“Mmmm! You kiss nice, mister!” she said after moving her lips from my lips, but making sure to leave her big tits pressed to my body. “I think I like you!”

Well, little girl! I like you too!” I told her before kissing her back, tasting both her wet lips and velvety tongue, already thinking about fucking the tiny young girl right where she stood. The only thing was, we couldn’t fuck even if she was willing, and I think she was. We had company with the other woman standing alongside me, and despite her age, the company’s sixty-year old bookkeeper couldn’t be ignored either. Clearly, Jackie’s still-nice tanned naked body belied it’s age. In fact, so did the widowed woman’s appetite for sex.

The shapely blonde may have been older than all the other hotties, but she was clearly a hottie nonetheless. “Mmmm, I want your cock!” the old babe said, then went about getting it, dropping to her knees right next to Ricci. “What do I have to do to get it, suck on the damn thing!”

The next thing I knew, a woman old enough to be my mother, was blowing me like she wasn’t an old lady. The tongue of the older blonde titillated the head of my cock while her delicious wet lips slid up and down the shaft of my cock. At the time, I had no idea who this amazing cocksucker was, but to be perfectly honest, I didn’t really care who she was, or if she was my mother’s age. If I hadn’t already committed myself to fucking young Michelle, rest assured I’d have balled this lady named Jackie without even a second thought.

But, as it turned out, I couldn’t do either women. Like the first time, something interrupted me, and once again, it was Ricci. She had stood up, but instead of kissing me like I figured she might, she kissed young Michelle’s not so reluctant mouth. The hostess was clearly enjoying female interaction of women swapping tongues while they each used their fingers to touch the other’s exposed pussy.

As it were, Ricci wasn’t the only one enjoying the ladies kissing and touching. I kind of liked it too. Jeez! How could I NOT like seeing these two female hotties doing each other. That each had a great body with one of them being old enough to be the mother of the first one.

While it wasn’t exactly that taboo scenario, it was nice enough to think about even as I fed my cock into the older woman’s mouth and easily gave her sucking mouth my load.

After I came into Jackie’s mouth and helped her up off her knees, I couldn’t help seeing Ricci and Michelle weren’t the only women tongue-kissing. My once straight wife was now doing her fair share too. While being fucked by Larry, Pat was tongue-kissing Darlene who was still fingering her pussy. And if that wasn’t mind-boggling enough, old Larry was also tongue-kissing Nikki.

The other teenager had left Ricci and me and was now having a grand old time playing with my wife’s big tits.

Oh yeah! A full blow orgy was clearly underway.

To be Continued . . . part 2:

Hump the Hostess, and Her Sister Too! . . . the Saga Continues:

The East End Orgy

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Vic Vitale is Not a poet. Nor is he is a prolific novelist. The seventy-five year old man is merely a writer of pure hot smut.

His work is hot, graphic, but total bullshit. The stories he writes are gross lies conjured up in a mind so lurid, no babe is untouchable or off-limits. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

He writes about anyone, be it a nice looking real life female friend, a sexy well-built celebrity, or even a hot for fucking family relation. If the babe arouses him, he’ll feature the lovely lady in her own graphically explicit tale of debauchery.


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