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Black tie. Black suit. A spray or cologne on my neck and wrists. I put on a silver watch I got for Christmas last year, and for a moment I check the time. It's nearly 7 in the evening. That's when I start to feel it again. 

It's an urge, a primal urge. Maybe it's driven by the full moon that looms over the city. Maybe it's just a blood-pumping genetic trait I have within my body. Or maybe, it's because I've felt being in love before and it's a goddamn drug I need another hit of. But I feel that urge, the need to feel soft skin and smell sweet perfume. It makes me tense, makes me clench my jaw tight and makes my hands start to get hotter. 

I'm alone in a hotel suite in upper Manhattan. Out the window I see Times Square and all the crowds and waves of tourists that overrun it. In the room I see the swank bed and furniture that's mine for the evening, and I long for a woman to share it with. 

But alas, business travels don't often end up with the company of a beautiful companion. I walk to the edge of the bed and run my fingers along two tickets for a Broadway show. Maybe I can find someone tonight to go with me. It's wither that or spend the night alone and caving under the pressure of my need for sex and romance.


Alone, I put the Broadway tickets into the pocket of my suit and leave the hotel room. It's quiet this high up in the building. That's what money can buy someone, quiet and privacy. Keys, money, and tickets on my person, I walk down the hallway to the elevator and hit the button. 
While I wait, my stomach starts to flutter in the anticipation of something I can't name yet. I can't quite describe it. Its instinct. Instinct tells me that I'm in for something tonight, something out of the ordinary, something that will take me out of the boring business world I travel in, something that will give me what I need. 

In the golden reflection of the elevator doors I catch another look at myself. Damn it, I look groomed. I'm not used to this. I'm not used to wearing a suit or having my hair slicked and combed nicely. Even my face is smoother than it's been in months. This morning I was smooth shaven, so now I have the stubble of an evening shadow that defines my sharp jaw line. I lick my lips and straighten up. 

This is business, I tell myself. 

The elevator doors open and I walk into the dimly lit cube of soft music and the aroma of forest air fresheners the hotel management insists on filling the place with. It’s nice, but as the elevator doors close I can't help but think that the scent of a woman would be even nicer. 
Elevator music lulls softly through the tiny speaker in the corner of the elevator. It doesn't do its job in making me anymore relaxed, though. I could punch the damn box I'm getting so wound up. Soft music, that's the last thing I need to hear. 

A whimper off a woman's lips, right into my ears... Now that's what I need to hear. 
It feels like an eternity that it takes the elevator to lower to the lobby floor, and once it does I take a deep breath to calm myself and I enter the lobby. It's a luxurious space with plated, tile floors and wood carved pillars. The furniture is made of red fabric and kept vacuumed to a perfect clean. Chandeliers hang overhead, and the tourists that meander about the lobby take photos of them. Far across from the elevators is the desk where the receptionists are busy on the phones and with hotel guests that haven't figured out how to travel in New York yet. There's the chatter of people and the scuffle of shoes across the polished floor. There's the smell of the city through the revolving doors to my right, and there's the smell of pine through the rest of the lobby, as if I'm standing in a forest where trees emit carbon dioxide. 

I have no need for the lobby, and with time to waste I could use a drink. The bar it is, then. Just past the lobby and to the left around the corner bear the grand staircase that goes to the conference rooms, there's a lounge area. I walk under the dim lights that cast a light shade of red over the booths and bar stools and couches of the lounge. I welcome the soft sound of glasses clinking and drinks pouring. There's the shuffle of ice behind the bar counter as the bar tender prepares three mojitos. The room doesn't smell like pine. It smells like perfume and cologne and smoke from the cigar section in the very, very back. 

Black is the common color of attire here. Black suits. Black dresses. Short dresses showing legs and cleavage. While I stand at the edge of the room and observe, I catch a few eyes of ladies. They see me and smile, turn away then look back. Can't blame them. I know I'm handsome, but I've got my sights set on a woman sitting at the end of the bar with her back to me. 

This woman stands out from all the others in the room. Light brown hair, soft looking skin, she wears a bright red dress in contrast to the dark colors of our environment. I approach her, chest out, confidence on. 

"Mind if I sit beside you?" I ask her. 

She turns my way, and I get a look at her face. She's a knockout. Full, red lips and hazel eyes pierce me. I wasn't ready for her. I wasn't ready for just how beautiful she is. "Only if you can guess my drink order," she teases with a mischievous smile. 

"Challenge accepted." I stroke my jaw and study her. Her eyes are painted in a smoky shadow, eyelashes curled, and when she bats them I nearly fall to my knees. Her dress is short enough on top to tease a sight at the top of her breasts, but not short enough to see too much cleavage. For a second, I dart my eyes downward to the end of her dress. Her legs are crossed toward me, and I could drool at how tempting their smoothness is. "Red dress," I say. "Strong eye contact, and you didn't try to pull some giggly, flirty line when I approached."

She squints her eyes upon me, and I know she's sizing me up the same way I'm studying her. 

"But you're confident. A confident woman, sitting alone in a bar like this. Maybe you like a little danger. Maybe you're waiting for someone, but if you were you wouldn't have offered me the chance to sit with you."

He lips curl into a smile. There's a simple at the corner of her mouth. Sexy as hell. 
"Something strong," I guess. I wave down the bar tender. "Sir, I need two whiskeys, neat." 

The bar tender nods and begins our drinks. 

She eyes me, looking me up and down, smiling with a gleam in her eyes. "Impressive." 
I sit on the bar stool next to her and lean my elbow on the counter. "Thank you."
"Does that trick work with many women you encounter?" 
I stroke my chin. I know I need to be careful. If I'm too cocky, a woman like her would surely turn away. "I don't approach other women." 

"Oh, just me?" 

"You're the only one I desire to approach." 

She eyes me and runs the tip of her finger along the edge of her first drink, on the edge of the empty glass. "Is that so?" 

"It is so." 

The bar tender puts the whiskey before us. I pick up my glass and wait for her to pick up hers. "Here's to new friends," I toast. 

She clinks her glass to mine and we each take a slow sip. Neither of us show the burn as we feel it. She's strong. She's used to this drink. She has me wondering where she's been and what she's done to lead her here, to this bar, right next to me. I can smell her perfume now, differentiate it from the countless others in the room. It's a hint of flowers and other mixtures of a woman's scent, her scent. I let it fill my nostrils while I look back into her dangerous, hazel eyes. 

"Now, do I get to guess your name as well?" I ask. 

She takes another sip of whiskey. "No, I don't mind giving you that. Violet. I'm Violet Granger." 

"Violet Granger." I take a sip of whiskey, my eyes on hers. For a second I look at her lips, so full and red and tempting. It feels hotter in this hotel bar, too hot for all of my suit. "It's a beautiful name for a beautiful woman."

She laughs. She turns away from me and bites her lip for a moment. "You're doing so well. Don't lose your smoothness now, Mr., eh..." She looks my way, running her finger along the edge of the whiskey glass. 

"Wes," I answer. "My name is Wes." 

She takes another sip of whiskey. "So, Wes. What brings you to the city? To this hotel?" She checks out my suit and tie. "I'm guessing... Business. You're a traveling salesman."

"Not quite." I hesitate, wondering whether or not I should be honest with her about my work. But a woman like her, there's just something about her that tells me she can handle it. "I'm a shark."

Her eyebrows raise. "Oh, a shark? So, you came straight from the ocean, then." 
I laugh with her. She teases me and it turns me on, but I keep my head off sex and keep the conversation. "When people owe money, and they don't want to pay up, they send me to take care of them."

"Take care of them? You mean, kill them?" 

"No. Just, take care of them. My job is to get the money by any means necessary." 

"By any means..." She strokes her hair, and for a second she looks at my arms, sizing them up. "Including rough means?" 

I lean into her and lower my voice. "Any means." 

Her eyes widen a little. She doesn't back away. She takes in a sharp, quick breath and locks eyes with me. Her face flushes a little and she squeezes her legs together. She grabs her drink and sips a little more than she should. 

"And you, Violet?" I keep my eyes on hers. "What are you doing here in the city?" 

She loses her smile. She looks down. She's nervous now, straightening up, and she increases her legs like she's getting ready to run. She speaks softer now, her voice a little more shaky. "Nothing. Just trying to get away for a weekend."

"Is that so?" I lean closer to her. "What are you trying to get away from, Violet?" 

"Nothing. I'm not running from anything. I'm just on break. That's all." She tries to move away from me. "I have to go, Wes. It was nice to meet you." 

I put my hand on her right thigh and atop her from going anywhere. "Not so fast, Violet. You're lying." 

She freezes. Hands on the bar counter, she doesn't make a move. I can feel the goosebumps form on her smooth thigh. She's warm. She's soft. My hand on her leg makes the blood in my veins pump hard. 

In that frozen moment of tension, all I hear is the clinking sounds of the bar and low chit chat of others around us. I can still smell Violet's perfume, and it's fucking perfect. 

"You know who you owe money to, don't you?" I ask her. I grab her seat and drag it closer to me. "You know why I'm here with you, Violet." 

She starts to tremble. I can feel it with my hand on her thigh. "You don't scare me, Wes." She looks at me, hazel eyes full of nervous fury. "And I don't owe that bastard a damn thing." 

"Your husband won't take no for an answer, Ms. Granger," I warn her. I slip my hand to her inner thigh and squeeze her, making her eyelids flutter for a moment. "And neither will I. You know I'll do what I have to in order to get what I want."

Her breath is quick. Her breasts seem to swell in excitement against her dress. 
I lean into her ear and growl, "By any means necessary." 

She grabs my forearm and digs her pretty red nails into my skin. "Bastard!" she whispers. "You can do whatever you want to me. My husband won't have me again." 

I push my hand up her thigh, and she closes her legs around it, squeezing me in between her hot flesh. 

"I don't care about your husband," I tell her. I look her in the eyes, eyebrows lowered, blood pumping hard and making my hand hot in between her legs. I squeeze her thigh and love the way it makes her shudder and squeeze my arm. "What I want, Violet Granger, is you. So, you have two choices. I can take you out of this hotel and drag your pretty ass back to your husband, or you give me what I want." 

"Sex," she says before gritting her teeth. "You damn animal, Wes!" 

"More than just sex." I lean close to her, so close my lips graze the edge of her ear. "I want a night with a woman like you, Violet. I want an entire evening with you. Because a woman like you is more than just sex. A woman like you is soul and body and time. I want everything of you. Every last bit. So what's it gonna be?" 

In the quiet of the bar, I can hear her quick breaths. She parts her legs and releases my hand. She pushes it away, and she stands from the barstool and straighten her dress. As she corrects and strokes her hair, I see her face still flushed like the skin of her chest. She looks at me. She scowls, but she doesn't walk away. She stands up to me. "Alright then, you bastard. Where do we start?"


My hand stays on Violet's lower back while we walk out of the bar. There's a swing of her hips while we go, and I take the chance to look down at her buttocks while she walks in front of me. 

"Keep staring at my ass," she warns, "and I'll make this a night you'll never forget while you recover in the hospital."

I put my hand around her waist and pull her against me. I smile politely so onlookers believe we're together. "Challenge accepted, baby." 

We wait for the elevator doors to open. Violet faces forward, but she sneaks a glance at me. "Where are you taking me?" 

"To my room."

"For what?" 

"You'll see."

The elevator doors slide open. I wait for Violet, and when she doesn't immediately step on I pat her butt and force her to go. I go in after. "Just do as I say, Violet, and you'll get out of this fine."

"Keep touching me and I'll have to attack you," she threatens with fire in her stare. 
I smirk at her. "A lot of fight in you. I like that." 

A man in a blue sweater, with a rolling suitcase tries to get on the elevator with us. 
I stretch my arms at wither side of the opening and block him. "Sorry, pal, this one's taken." 

"What do you mean?" he snivels. "There's only-" 

"It's taken," I bark at him. I stand in the way until the elevator doors shut. 
The elevator begins to climb while the lulling music plays. I back up and stand beside Violet. Away from everyone now, I get another hit of her perfume. 

"You're an asshole," Violet says. "You didn't have to be such a mean brute to him." 

"I want you alone." I put my hand on her lower back. Facing forward while the digital numbers above the elevator buttons climb, I dip my hand to her buttocks then lower until I reach under her tight dress. 

Violet flinches for a second. She stands still, facing the elevator doors. When I caress the back of her thighs I feel goosebumps on her skin. She starts to breathe faster, shallower. 

"I want you alone, so I can have my way with you," I tell her. I lean just the right way to move my fingers in between her warm legs. 

She takes in a sharp breath. "Bastard," she whispers. 

I bite my lip. My hands are hungry for her flesh. I'm craving the feeling of her body, her pussy and her lips. I venture up her legs until her thighs meet around my fingers. I push up a little further. I'm achingly close to feeling her womanhood. 

She takes a step forward and spins around. Face red, breathing fast, she pushes me back against the elevator wall. "You bastard!" 

But this only ignites the burning within me. My blood is racing, pumping through every muscle in me and flowing straight to my dick and swelling it to an aching, thick hard-on. 
I approach her with my shoulders raises and nostrils flaring. Madness swells within me. Attraction takes hold of me. I corner her against the wall and snarl at her, "If you disobey me, Violet, I'll have to be rough with you." 

Her lips quiver. Eyes on mine, she has the same kind of aggression in her stare as I do. "I can handle it, Wes. Anything you got, I can take it." 

I grab her by the waist and shove her hard against the wall. 

She grabs my arms. "Not so hard," she whispers. 

I pause, taking a moment to calm my raging desires. I look her in the eyes, and I nod. I keep my hands on her body, giving them a taste of what they ache for, to feel her. I push myself against her, and she feels my erection. She takes in a sharp breath that makes her chest stick out. Her breasts rub against my chest. Our lips are close. When she breathes fast, I feel it on my lips. As I groan, she can feel the heat of it. 

"Think you can handle it?" I whisper. 

The elevator keeps climbing up and up. The music lulls from the speaker, but all we hear is one another. 

My hand slips in between her legs where I feel her hot thighs once again. They quiver at my touch. I move my hand upward, and she squeezes her legs around my hand. 

"Open your legs," I command. My voice is low and rugged now, teeming with driving testosterone. "Violet, open your legs for me. Or I'll have to make you." 

She hesitates, looking up into my fierce gaze. She grabs a hold of my arms and squeezes the muscle. "I hate you," she whispers. She parts her legs for me, barely able to keep her eyes on mine. 

I wear a smirk as I feel up her thighs. Her skin gets hotter in between her smooth legs. I feel the fabric of the bottom of her dress, and I despise the fact that it's still draped over her body. I push it upward so my fingers have freedom to feel what I desire. 

It feels hot in this elevator. The heat between our bodies could steam up the metal panels of the walls and block out the camera if we took this too far. 

Violet's eyes shut when I push my hand up her dress and press against her sex. There's only the fabric of her panties between my fingers and her slit. I've never hated an article of clothing so much. She's hot. I stroke her. My lips graze against her lips and she shudders in delight. 

"I could press the emergency stop right now," I growl. "And I could take you right here. I don't care who watches. I want you, Violet. I want you so bad it hurts."

Her fingers curl into my arms. She squeezes me. Her head tilts to the side, inviting my lips to her skin. I take the invitation and press my lips onto her soft, warm neck. She sighs in pleasure. When her body shivers I feel her womanhood squirm against my fingers, making me stroke her harder. She grasps my shoulders and pulls. I kiss and suck on her neck. I lick her, smell her, taste her and savor every little millisecond of it. Feeling her makes me rage, makes my dick swell to its limits and rage against my pants. I growl as I press against her. 

My fingers stroke her in circles. I make her hot. I make her squeeze her thighs around my hand. I'm about to slip my fingers through the side of her panties to feel how wet she is. 
When the elevator dings and the door opens at the top floor. 

We freeze. 

Violet puts her hand on my chest and pushes me away. She's flushed and panting. She corrects her dress and hair and straightens up. 

I have to take a few deep breaths to calm myself. "Alright then," I order, "get out and head down the hall." 

She stumbles a little in the hallway. She's weak in the knees, and I catch her. 

"I can walk," she insists. 

"Go ahead." I hold back and let her walk in front of me. "I love the view from behind." 
She stops and spins around, making her hair flip off her shoulders. Her diamond earrings dangle and glimmer in the hallway light. "Ass," she calls me. 

I just smirk at her and stroke my jaw. "Keep walking, Violet. Last room on the right." 
She glares at me a final time before turning and walking. Her hips swing. Her ass sways left and right. She's mesmerizing. She awakens the primal animal in me that just want to rip her clothes off and claim her as my mate. 

Finally at the door, she stands and she waits. I catch her eye and smile at her. "Having fun?" 

"Loads," she answers with attitude. 

I open the door and motion for her to go in. 

Inside, she checks out the room. "You must get paid handsomely to afford this." She runs her hand along the champagne bottle that sits in an ice bucket on the dresser. "Dirty money goes a long way, I guess." 

I take off my suit jacket and sling it over the bed. "Yes. It goes a very long way." 

She folds her arms and leans on one leg. She glares at me. "Enough games, Wes. Why did you bring me all the way back up here? To screw? Because if that's how this is going to work, let's just get it over with."

I take my time, and I flash her a cocky smile. "Easy, Violet. I get it. You want me inside you already." 

"You ass!" 

"However," I interrupt, "that's not why I brought you up here." I nod to the dresser. "Top drawer. Open it." 

She turns to the dresser, and she pauses. "What's in there?" And when she looks my way, she sees that I'm not going to make it easy by answering. She opens the dresser, and her eyes widen. "Wes..." 

"Put it on." 

"Wes, you can't be serious." 

I take a step towards her. "I said put it on." 

She reaches into the drawer and grabs the thing as if it's an ancient artifact, with such caution and care. She holds it in front of her eyes. It's a necklace, a silver chain with a diamond pendant hanging from the end. "Wes, this is..." 

I get closer to her. "For you to wear," I tell her. I stand behind her and see her in the mirror. "Put it on, Violet." 

She simply let's the diamond dangle in front of her eyes to admire it. Her mouth open, eyes still wide, she stares. 

I slip the chain out from her fingers and undo it. "It would look better on you, Violet." I put the chain around her neck. I hold the ends in my fingers and with one free hand I brush her brown curls over her shoulder and out of the way. "The only thing that would make this more beautiful is you." I fasten it behind her neck and let it drop. "See? It looks so much better when it's on you." Her back to me, I kiss her neck and then lower to her shoulder, getting another hit of perfume and hearing the sweet sound of her quickening breath. 

She turns and she faces me. "You didn't have to do this, Wes-" 

I put my finger on her lips. "Stop talking. I didn't say you could talk." 

The fire flashes in her eyes, right back at me, making me smile back at her with a devilish kind if cockiness. She bites her lip for a moment, eyes looking me up and down. "What do you want from me, then?" 

I look down to the bottom of her red dress. For a second I lick my lips, already imagining my plan coming to fruition.  "I want you to wear the panties I've selected for you." 

Violet gulps. Her eyes meet mine, and she bites her lip. "The panties you've selected..." 

"That's right. Turn back around and look in the dresser." 

She turns around and carefully reaches back into the dresser. She retrieves a sheer pair of lace lingerie. It's black lace and see-through. She faces me, her eyes a little more dilated now in excitement. She licks her lips and speaks softer, a little quiver in her sweet voice. "Am I supposed to wear these? I already have underwear on." Her eyes twinkle a little. "You already felt them." 

I smile back at her. My manhood twitches when the thought of touching her crosses my mind. I'm still hard from the elevator, and it's an erection that's not going away any time soon. I take the panties from her and nod my head towards the bed. "Get on the bed, Violet." 

Her eyes flash me a wicked look of flirty resistance. "If I don't?" 

"If you're bad," I warn her as I take the panties, "I'll punish you." I step out of the way, keeping a fierce gaze into his eyes. "Now, get on the bed." 

She slowly walks to the edge of the bed. She turns around. She sits down on the very edge of it, her smooth legs out and tantalizing. "Now what?" 

The pair of panties dangle from my fingers as I approach her. I lick my lips. She's a delicious meal on the edge of the bed. My eyes take their time, and I admire every curve of her legs and hips, the little way her lips quiver as I get closer. "Now," I tell her when I stand right before her, "I'm going to dress you the way I want you." 

She holds onto the edge of the bed. Her chest rises and falls a little faster as she breathes harder and deeper. I'm throbbing in between my legs for her. My mouth waters. My fingers are hungry for her skin. I kneel before the bed, right before her legs. I caress her smooth skin. I trace my fingers along her calves. 

"I could kick you right now," she threatens. "And get away from you." 
I look up into her eyes and growl back at her. "If you try anything I'll have to use my toys to keep you still." 

She bites her lip, her eyes flashing a look of aroused curiosity. "Toys?" 

"That's right. I came prepared." I pick her leg up and place my lips on her calf. It's soft to the kiss, warm and tender. I kiss her in inches, going higher up her leg until I trace my tongue along her inner thigh. 

She trembles. Her fingers curl into the edge of the bed. She watches me, anticipating my next move. 

My eyes on hers, I kiss her thigh. I lick her. Her legs close in around me. She gets warmer. I can sense what she's feeling, that growing tightness inside her, a craving for more. 

I part her legs and kneel in between them. My hands run up her legs, then under her dress. My fingers wrap around the waistline of her panties. "Raise your hips," I order. 

Her eyes on mine, cheeks and chest flushed pink, she raises her hips. I slide her panties down her hips, down her legs, and to her ankles. I slide them off her body and toss them aside. The pair of panties I want her to wear, the black see-through one, I lay it on the bed next to her. 

"Aren't you going to dress me?" she asks. 

"Not until I taste what I want." 

I make her part her legs. She sits up straight and tense and watches me with wide eyes. I kiss her thighs. My fingers slide under her dress and push it up to show me her hot sex. It's a shade of pink, blushing like the rest of her. 

Violet shudders in arousal when my mouth ventures closer to her slit. Her chest rises and falls fast. Her nipples harden and poke against her dress. I grip her legs, and I take what's mine with my lips and tongue. 

I put my lips on the top of her sex and savor the feeling. I savor the scent of her, the feeling of her heat. I suck on her swollen clit and make her tremble. I part my lips and my tongue is free to explore her exquisite pussy. Her taste makes me groan. She's wet. Her juices begin to drip onto my tongue and I slide the tip of it up and down and in between the lips of her sex in a gentle massage. 

Her legs press around me. She begins to squirm on the bed. Her hips swivel. She leans her head back and her eyes close. 

Another flick of my tongue and we both moan. My hot breath on her slit, I kiss her and lick her and feel that her sex was designed for my mouth. Soft, wet and hot, I've never laid my lips and tongue on anything hotter. 

She lays back on the bed. I straddle her legs upon my shoulders. At this angle, I can slide my tongue into her pussy and swivel it inside her until she's whimpering for more. Her fingers curl into the back of my hair and she pulls me in for more. I'm more than glad to satisfy her aching craving. 

I flick my tongue against her clit while my bottom lip massages her sex. Her legs shake. They tighten around my head. I feel her soft, warm flesh on the side of my face and her fingers pull on my hair. Her juices are flowing beyond her control. I'm drunk off her. She thrusts upward into my tongue and comes for me. I lick every delicious, fucking drop. I massage her with my tongue until she settles. 

Violet pants now after her release. She's swollen, sensitive and flushed. I lick and kiss her gently. I take her legs off my shoulders and stand before the bed. 

My dick is strong and hard against my slacks. The animal inside me wants to climb onto her and fuck her deep. My body craves to fill her with every drop of seed my sack carries. But I hold back. 

I take the see-through panties and kneel before her. She sits up. "You're done?" 

"No," I answer. "You're mine all night. This is just the beginning." I move her legs and slide the panties onto her ankles. Then, I slide them up her legs. "Raise your hips." 

She does so while she continues to catch her breath. 

I slide the panties onto her. I take her hand and help her stand. She adjusts her dress. "Now what?" she asks. 

"Now," I say, "we have a show to get to."


There's a limousine waiting for us outside the hotel. The driver is a tall, lanky man with straight hair slicked back and courteous smile. "Good evening, Mr. Stone." He nods to Violet, and he opens the door for her. 

"A limo?" Violet says. She smirks at me playfully. "You're really trying to impress tonight, Wes." 

I take the door from the driver and he goes to the front of the car. I take Violet's hand as she steps inside. "I'm simply doing my best so you'll enjoy yourself, Violet." 

We sit inside the limo under dim lights. The driver looks at me through his rearview mirror. "Sir," he says, "we'll be at the theatre in approximately fifteen minutes." 

"Very good, Frank," I say. "Now, do me a solid and roll up the partition."

He nods. "Of course, sir." The partition window goes up, and my hand goes immediately to Violet's leg. 

She folds her hands in her lap in a relaxed manner. I smell her perfume. It's addicting. I look at her, into her eyes and then over her gorgeous, tantalizing body. 

"Why don't you want him to see us?" she asks. Her red lips pout a little and make me think dirty things about what I could use them for. "What do you plan on doing to me, Wes?" 

I reach across her leg, grab her by the back of her thigh and make her body turn to me. "What I told you I'm going to do, Violet. Have my way with you. All, night, long." I put my lips upon hers, but I don't kiss her. I tease her, letting my lips barely touch her, making her breathe a little faster and want it. 

She puts her hand on my leg. It sends tingles through me. I'm hard again in seconds. My dick is roaring for release and the opportunity to claim her wet womanhood as his own. 
"What do you want from me now?" she whispers. 

"Grab my cock," I order. "Stroke me. I want you to feel how much I desire you. I want you to feel how much my body needs yours." 

She trembles with excitement when she places her hand in my crotch. She brushes against my bulge, and then she grips my shaft and squeezes me, making me growl with my lips still on hers. 

She whimpers as she feels me. 

"Can you feel it?" I whisper. "Can you feel how hard you make me, Violet? I want you. I want to be inside you." I force my hand in between her warm legs and press against her sex. Against the sheer lace of her panties, I feel her heat, and I feel she's getting wet for me again. 
Her eyes shut. She turns her head, exposing her neck for my wanting mouth. I kiss her neck. I sigh into the kiss. She gropes my dick and whines for me. My fingers trace along her pussy, but I stay outside her panties. The animal in me wants them soaked, and then to tear them apart and fuck her until she screams my name. 

"Do you want it?" I whisper. "Do you need me as much as I need you?" 

She breathes heavy, but she doesn't answer. 

"Do you want me inside you as badly as I want it?" 

She tilts her head back. Her legs open a little more for me. Her other hand lands on the back of mine and she squeezes it as I stroke her. 

"Violet, answer me." 

She opens her eyes and looks at me. There's a fire in her eyes, a defiance that only makes the animal in me more determined to gain control. "You're evil," she whispers. 

"Tell me what I want to hear, Violet." 

She holds out. She squeezes my hand, maybe about to pull it away, or push me harder against her moist sex. 

I pull aside her panties. I trace my fingertips along her slit. She's dripping, aching. She shudders when I brush my fingers against her swollen, little clit. "Tell me you want it." 

Her eyes are locked on mine. She hates me. She wants me. She bites her lip, and she pulls at my wrist. She pulls my hand towards her sex. I resist, only offering her the tips of my fingers. 

"You know what I want to hear," I growl as my cock swells and rages against my suit. I toy with her sex with my fingertips. It's torture for both of us. 

Still, she holds out. 

I cup her slit with my palm and pet her. She takes in a sharp breath that makes her thrust her breasts forward. Her eyelids flutter for a moment in that sweet release of finally being touched the way she needs. 

"Say it," I tell her. "Tell me you want it." 

She still fights me. But her body gives in. She presses my hand against her sex and makes me stroke her. I feel her heat. I give her what she wants. I pet her, toy with her, push the tips of my two middle fingers in between the lips of her sex. She starts panting. Her nipples harden against her dress. I kiss her lips, and she's too overcome to kiss me back. I lick her neck and take a whiff of her scent. I get drunk off it while I play rougher with her aching pussy. My thumb on her clit, two fingers in her slit, I massage and stroke her. She squirms in her seat and digs her nails into the skin of my arm. 

I massage her faster. She drips over my hand. She's close. I try again. "Tell me you want it, Violet." I threaten to stop. When I pause, she moves my hand for me. 

"Don't you dare," she threatens with her eyes closed. 

I'm a slave to the pleasure she requires. She's winning this fight. There's no doubt. My cock rages and roars to be inside her, but my fingers finish the job. I toy her into a quivering orgasm and she gushes upon my hand. It's warm and beautiful. He stroke her gently until she's finished, then correct her panties and lick my fingers. "I love the way you taste," I tell her. 

She bites her lip and opens her eyes. When she looks at me, I can feel the scorching heat from her stare. She's satisfied for now, but not for the night. "Shut up, Wes," she says with a grin.


We make it to the theatre. I have box seats for us, and we share it with two other couples while watching the Broadway musical. 

Violet has her eyes on the stage. I have my eyes on violet. How can a woman be as gorgeous as she is? As enticing? She reeks of sex and temptation, but she demands the treatment of a queen at the same time. I put my hand on her leg. When I move upward and inside her leg to feel the warmth of her flesh, she crosses her legs away from me. She doesn't have to look at me to know I'm not satisfied with this response. 

During intermission, we mingle in the lobby. I order us drinks from the bar. I hand her a martini and speak softly into her ear, "You're a bad girl for not letting me have my way with you, Violet." 

She smiles back at me, and she knows she has the power over me because of my desire for her. "What are you going to do about it, tough guy?" 

"Get what I want," I whisper. When no-one is watching, I cup her butt into my palm and squeeze. 

She flinches. She flashed me an angry glance, but then she bites her lip and positions herself against me. She teases me. She presses back against my crotch and makes me swell with longing and aching. When no-one is looking, she reaches behind her and squeezes my hardening cock through my suit. I groan, and she smiles when she hears it. 

Back in our seats, she's not done with me. The musical continues, and her eyes look toward the stage, but her hand is playing other games. She slyly places it on my knee. My pulse quickens. She runs her hand to my inner thigh. My heart pounds. She moves her hand upward to my groin where my swollen, aching prick is waiting for her touch. But she doesn't give it to me. 

I lean into her. "You're being a very bad girl right now." 

She smiles, keeping her eyes forward. "What are you going to do me, Wes?" 

"Force you to leave the show early with me." 

Finally, she takes a hold of my thick cock and squeezes. I shift my hips and grit my teeth. The frustration of having to keep my composure has me ready to explode. 

"I know how this ends anyway," she whispers. 

I can't take anymore. I grab her hand and we leave fast. 

Out in the lobby, I get on my phone. "Frank, bring the car around. We're leaving." 

I lead Violet to an empty hallway of the theatre where were alone. I push her up against the wall and pin her with my body. She's breathing fast. Her breasts press against me, nipples hard. I grab her leg and wrap it around mine so hers are spread. I place my fingers under her dress and against her warm sex. "I want your body more than anything right now, Violet. I want to taste every part of you." I stroke her pussy and she sucks in a fast breath. 

She grabs a hold of my arms and squeezes. 

"I want to be inside you, deep," I growl. "And fuck you so hard the walls shake." 

She starts to tremble. She's wet again. I can feel it, the moisture that begins to soak her panties. I tug them aside so I can feel her hot slit. I kiss her hard and mad. I move her lips. I massage her tongue with mine. I press my erection against her while sliding two fingers into her pussy and feeling just how bad she needs my body. 

"Wes," she whimpers. "You're making me... Oh..." She bites her lip and quivers in my arms.

"You're a bad man, Wes." 

"Call me whatever you want," I whisper. I bite on the edge of her ear and my hot breath lands on her neck when I kiss her. My fingers explore her and feel her warm wetness. Damn it, I want her. In need her. Why have I held myself back this long? I want her naked under me. I want to take her and use her for my pleasure. No woman turns me on like this. None. Only her. Only Violet. 

My cellphone rings. Frank is back with the limo. 

I slowly take my fingers from Violet and lick the taste of her. "Our ride is here." 

Her eyes are ablaze as she looks at me. I can see the goosebumps on her skin. She's on fire like I am. I lick my lips and take her hand. 

Frank opens the door. I put Violet into the limo and order him to drive us back to the hotel.  
Violet is breathing fast. She sits next to me, hands at her sides, breasts pushed forward with every breath she takes. "What are you going to do to me, Wes?" 

I loosen my tie. All these fucking clothes feel constricting. I'm suffocating and my rigid cock is roaring to be set free to her. I don't answer her question. I grab her and turn her to me. I grab her by the side of her neck and pull her soft, quivering lips to mine. I kiss her hard. Fast. I groan into the kiss as my blood pumps like a raging river. 

She whimpers for me. She grabs my body. She pulls me against her. She tilts her head and invites me to treat her neck to licks and kisses until I'm leaving marks on her perfect skin. She breathes fast. Shallow. She's hot. She's in need. 

I open her legs and pull her dress up above her waist. I slip my fingers under the lace of her panties then yank them down. 

She raises her hips for me to slide them off. Now, she's exposed for me. Her sweet, perfect pussy is all mine, wet and hot. I kneel onto the floorboard of the limo and kiss her thighs. I lick up her legs, savoring every inch of her perfect flesh that touches my mouth. She rakes her fingers through the back of my hair and tugs. She pulls my head in between her legs. She moves her hips forward and presents herself to me like a carnal treat. And I'm starving for her. 

I trace my tongue closer to her sex. I can smell her. I want to get drunk off it. I kiss her on the very edge of her inner thigh, so close to her sex that we're both going to explode from the tension and tease. 

She whimpers for me, all for me. Her legs begin to quiver. Goosebumps form on her skin. Her eyes close and she leans her head back against the limo seat. She can feel my hot breath land upon her sex. I use the tip of my tongue and trace it along her lips again, making her whimper louder. 

She grabs at the back of my hair now, messing it up. She pulls on it to get me closer to her sex. Her body tells me she needs it, she needs me, the talents of my lips and tongue upon her aching pussy. But I hold back again. 

"Is this what you want?" I ask her. I place my lips gently around the top of her sex where my tongue brushes against her swollen clitoris. I perform a gentle sucking motion and tiny licks of my tongue upon her clit that make her tremble. 

She bites her lip and stares at me. Her eyes lock on mine. They're glazed over in a haze of burning arousal. She does not have to answer. I know this is what she wants. 

I lean away. I lick my lips. "Good girls get that, Violet. But you were a bad girl tonight." 

She opens her eyes. She keeps her hands at her sides and takes in a sharp, quick breath. “And what do bad girls get?" 

I smile at her with wicked thoughts dancing through my head. I kiss her once more on her sensitive clit and makes her shudder. I lean back and grab her legs. "They get punished." I sit down on the seat beside her. I pull her legs over my lap then turn her over until her butt sticks into the air. 

She turns her face to the side and watches me in hot anticipation. "Wes, you bastard." 
"You should've given me what I wanted earlier," I tell her. I raise her dress until her bare buttocks is exposed for me. It's beautiful, round and ample. I place my palm on her warm flesh and squeeze. 

Her eyes roll back and she arches her back. She begins to tremble again. I spank her, gently at first, and she grunts. She sighs in pleasure. She begins to squirm in my lap, and it makes my cock raging hard. I spank her again, harder. I squeeze her flesh and massage it. 

She starts to moan while her fingers curl into the leather of the seat. Her sex becomes hotter with every smack on her ass I give her. "Ah! You're so rough," she pants. She starts breathing fast and shallow. She squirms in my lap, and when I spank her again she yelps and grasps the seat hard and tight. She bites her lip and begins to moan in a higher pitch. 

"This is what you get for being a bad girl," I tell her. I rub her buttocks. I rub the red, hot mark that I've left on her. Then I squeeze the other cheek hard. I rear my hand back, and I spank her there. 

She cries out. 

I rub the spot I've spanked and massage her. "Are you going to continue being a bad girl and resisting me?" 

"Screw you," she gasps, eyes closed, and then she bites her lip and waits for more. 

I spank her harder then run the spot. Squeezing her butt makes the animal inside me roar and rage. I'm ready to tear her dress off and fuck her hard until she's screaming. It's all I can to hold back. I spank her again, and again. Then I spank the other cheek and grunt. I'm her master now, her commander, teaching her the lesson she needs to learn. 

"Yes," she whispers. 

I smile when I hear her whisper this. I smile because it satisfies me to know my punishment is giving her pleasure she can't control. I spank her. "Yes," she moans louder. I spank her. "Yes!"

Her thighs begin to quiver. Her hips swivel upon my lap. She arches her back. I can tell she's close to an orgasm. 

I slide my hand in between her perfect legs. My fingers find her dripping wet slit. The heat from her sex drives me crazy. I lick my fingers, then slide them into her. 

She screams out. Her sex tightens around my fingers. I slide them in and out. She doesn't need slow, so I massage her insides hard and rough. She drops over my fingers. Her whole body shakes. She slaps her hand against the seat. She throws her head back and cries out, "Yes!" Her sex ignites into a soaking orgasm. Her come oozes out over my fingers until her sex makes a wet sound as I continue to massage her. I hold her with my other arm so she doesn't fall off my lap. 
She shakes. She trembles. Her sex pulses over a dozen times with my fingers inside her. When she's done, I massage her gently, and she pants with red cheeks on her face, flush with lust and desire. 

I slip my fingers out and lick her come off of them. I grab her and turn her to me. "That's what you get for being bad, Violet." 

She grabs me by my suit collar and yanks me to her. She crashes her lips onto mine and moans while she kisses me hard. I run my hands over her body while we kiss. Her skin is hot. Her sex is still dripping. Her thighs are still shaking. I grab her hand and place it in between my legs. I make her squeeze my raging cock. It's swollen for her, and it needs her attention. 

"You're going to satisfy me now," I order. 

She hesitates. She looks into my eyes. "Wes?" 

I move her off my lap. I place her beside me. One arm around her, I unzip my fly and dig into my suit pants to retrieve my erect, aching dick. When I pull it out through the fly of my pants, her eyes are glued to it. They widen, and they stare at my cock with hunger. 
I take her hand and draw it to my shaft. "Stroke me," I tell her. 

She wraps her pretty fingers around the base of my shaft. She grips me loosely. She bites her lip. She stares at my cock, then she looks into my eyes to see that I'm hungry for her to stroke me. Eyes on mine, moves her hand up my shaft until her palm is wrapped around the head of my swollen dick. I groan for her. My muscles flex and my cock pulses in her palm. She can feel it, and it makes her squeeze my cock a little harder. 

I grit my teeth and hold back, even though I want to pull her hair and rip her dress off. "Put me your mouth," I command in a low, rugged voice. 
She licks her lips, but she doesn't go down. 

"Violet, don't tease me," I warn her. I grab the back of her hair and curl my fingers into it. "Suck me." 

She flashes me a sly grin. "Yes, sir." Her voice is like honey, smooth and slow and tantalizing. She parts her lips, leans over my lap and lowers them onto the head of my cock. 

As soon as I feel the warm sensation, a jolt of adrenaline pumps through my entire body. I ache for this woman. Tingles take over me, and I almost lose my breath for the moment. My chest swells and I squeeze her hair into my fist. When she licks the sensitive head of my prick I groan deep from my gut. 

She knows she has the power over me now, and she savors it. She kisses the head of my cock, licks it, teases it. She wraps her lips around it and almost slides me into her mouth, but she holds back and continues teasing me with soft kisses. 

I have to loosen my tie and then throw it off my neck. It lands on the floorboard. I unbutton the top buttons of my shirt. My body feels like it's on fire. I need out of these clothes just like I need her out of her dress. 

"Do you like it?" she asks. 

I pull her lips to mine and kiss her passionately. "Yes," I say as I kiss her. "Keep going until I'm satisfied." 

"Yes sir, " she moans. She leans back down to my cock for more. She slides me in between her lips and takes my further. I feel her wet tongue along my shaft. I feel the way she sucks on me, licks me and makes me ache. I'm throbbing hard. She can feel me pulse in her hand as she grips the base of my cock. It's tall. It's proud and full and all hers. I begin to squirm in the seat. My balls feel full and tight, ready to explode. She has me. My woman. Her pretty lips have more control over me now than ever before. 

She sucks me to the head of my cock then kisses me. She bobs back down for more. 
I hold the back of her hair and let her use her talents upon me. I lean my head back and shut my eyes. I try to breathe slow to stop my oncoming orgasm. I don't want to finish now. I want to enjoy this delicious moment as long as I can stand it. 

She sucks me faster. She leaves me soaked and wet. While she sucks, she strokes. She stimulates the entire shaft of my cock and the head. I dip my hand in between my legs and squeeze my balls. They're full to bursting. 

She leans up. She keeps her hand around my cock as she licks her lips. "Mmm, I can taste your precome, Wes." 

I lean forward, put the tips of my fingers under her chin and raise her lips for another kiss. She's right. I can taste my juices upon her lips. "You turn me on so fucking bad," I tell her. 
She returns to my cock and moans while she works me over with her mouth. My whole body feels tense. It's all I can do not to thrust into her mouth. I reach my hand down her back until I cup her buttocks in my palm and squeeze. I've never longed to fuck as badly as I do now. She has that effect on me. I'm in a haze of desire for her. I'm lost in it. All I know and all I can feel is the pleasure she's giving me. 

She strokes me while keeping the head of my cock in between her lips. I have to warn her. "Violet, baby, you're going to make me come." She doesn't pull away. She continues with the steady motion and sucking. She draws up an orgasm from deep within me that electrifies me to the tip of my cock. I throw my head back. I grab onto her hair and the seat. My body flinches. My muscles tense then lock up. I spill over the edge and I come. My groin pulses. I thrust upward into her mouth. My cock pulses violently, then I feel jets of white hot come shooting from me into her warm, wet mouth. I roar in my orgasm. It takes me, again and again. 
She pulls away from my cock after swallowing the first streams. My juices drip off her lips. The rest of my come spills over her hand. I breathe heavy, panting, sweating. Finally, my body relaxes. I grab her and pull her to me. I taste my come as I kiss her hard and fast. We both groan. We both breathe heavy. She c9ntonues to stroke me. I'm aching in her hand, so sensitive that when she barely touches the head of my cock I shiver and shake. 

I speak to her while I kiss her. "I need to get you back in the hotel room, now." I feel her waist and her breasts. Her nipples are hard. Her flesh is warm. I dip my hand in between her legs and feel her inner thighs. I feel her sex. She's wet and wanting. 

"I need you so bad," she whimpers to me. 

Frank gets us back to the hotel. I keep her panties and save them in my pocket. I take her hand, and we walk coolly into the hotel lobby. Around my one arm is the jacket of my suit and the tie, and my other arm is around my woman. When no one watches I squeeze her butt and she flashes me a cheeky grin. 

In the elevator, we're not alone. We stand still behind another couple who hardly even touches each other. With their backs to us, they don't notice me slip my hand in between the back side of Violet's legs. I push my fingers in between her thighs until I feel her wet slit. 

Violet flinches. She stares forward. She bites her lip and tries not to make a sound, not even the smallest whimper. She lets me slide my fingertips along her wet and wanting slit. I tease her. And slowly, she reaches her hand out beside her to squeeze my erect cock through my pants. 

I grit my teeth to keep silent. She pets my cock. She squeezes my shaft. It makes me get aggressive with my fingers. I flick them along the lips of her sex. Her knees bend a little. Her face turns red. Her eyelids start to flutter. I really know she's losing control when she squeezes my cock so hard it hurts. She squeezes like she's using it to keep her balance. 

The elevator doors open. We step off on the same floor with the couple in front of us, and Violet corrects her dress before they notice. The man of the couple catches my eye and squints at me as if he's suspicious. I just nod to him and tell him, "Evening." I take Violet's hand and take her to our room. Finally, I have her all to myself. 

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