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She sat in the hammock on the Garden Island looking out at the Pacific Ocean. Kauai was her favorite island and Princeville was by far her favorite resort. She laid in her bikini letting the tradewinds slightly swing the hammock side to side. She was thinking about how badly she needed this vacation. Work had been crazy busy and her boyfriend had turned into a complete asshole so while the breakup was a good thing, they are always a pain in the ass.

Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted two very nice looking men throwing a football around on the beach. She adjusted so she could watch them behind her sunglasses. There is something damn sexy about a well-built man with no shirt on and shorts barely hanging on his hips. Both men were quite nice to look at but one was certainly more her type. He was taller, leaner and twice as tan. Every time he ran for the football after a throw that was too high, she admired his gorgeous shoulders and back. She found herself wanting to run her fingernails down them.

After a few minutes a beautiful girl came out and began talking with the guys. Bitch. She hugged the shorter guy, laughed and walked away. The guys discussed something and her dream guy was all of a sudden alone tossing the football in the air solo. She couldn’t help but smile. At just the wrong moment, he looked over and caught her staring at him. She knew she was busted. It was too late to look away, so instead, she just smirked and nodded slightly in his direction. Soon he began walking toward her. She was hoping this vacation was about get even better.  

His name was Mike. He was here to be the best man for his friend’s wedding. That would explain the beautiful girl who had done nothing to earn the “bitch” she had already labeled her as but sometimes just being beautiful is enough to earn daggers from other women. Mike was a construction worker which explained his fantastic tan physique. He had recently found his fiancé in bed with someone else and wasn’t overly thrilled about being here celebrating a wedding but he was too good of a friend to let that show.  She liked him instantly.

After talking for a while, he looked at his watch. He had a rehearsal dinner to get ready for. He told her he hoped he would run into her again and trotted off back toward the rooms. She was disappointed that their meeting had ended with them both still wearing their bathing suits but with a little luck, sometime in the next 6 days they would run into one another again.

Shortly after the break up, she had upgraded to a suite thinking that if she was now going to Kauai solo, she would treat herself to a real vacation. First class, spa appointments, and a suite were the first calls she made after she stopped feeling sorry for herself that she had suffered yet another failed relationship. Now that the sun had set and she had finished her drink, she went back to her room and thought of Mike. She ran herself a bath and looked at herself in the mirror. She had a nice body still although she was fast approaching 30. Her breasts were full and her hips were wide. Her stomach wasn’t quite that of a Victoria’s Secret model but it was close enough that she looked good in a business suit or string bikini. Besides, usually men didn’t look past her breasts anyway.

She pulled on the string tied around her neck and looked at her large breasts in the mirror. They were as perfect as always. She reached up and touched them. She again began to think of Mike and imagined they were his hands that began to squeeze and rub her breasts. She could feel her bikini bottoms getting wet, so she pulled the strings on her hips and let the fabric fall to her feet. She looked at her trimmed pussy in the mirror and smiled. She was happy with her body although it was yearning for more. She slipped into the tub and began to pinch her nipples and run her other hand along her thighs. She wasn’t quite worked up enough yet.

She let go of her breasts and ran her hands up and down her chest, stopping just below her stomach. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine Mike looking into her eyes and how much he would enjoy touching her this way. She rolled onto her stomach and moved her hands to her ass and began to rub her cheeks up and down. Her fingers started moving toward the center and she began to lightly rub circles on her asshole. She shivered in the tub. She then began to reach her other hand further down and began stroking between her legs. After a minute, she was ready for more.

She slipped her hand between her legs and gasped aloud as she found that sweet spot. She slipped her other hand in the same direction and began to work herself from both the inside and outside. Soon she was cumming all the while pretending it was Mike’s fingers working their magic instead of her own.

She figured Mike would be at the rehearsal dinner until at least 9pm but then the wedding party would likely return to the hotel bar. She sat a small table on the edge of the bar nearest the ocean so she could hear the waves crash while she drank her wine. The waiter had been a little surprised when she ordered the bottle of Silver Oak but he was smart enough not to comment and brought it out with a single glass. If all went well, she would be sharing the bottle soon enough but if for some reason she’d miscalculated, she’d at least have a decent buzz before going back to her room to pleasure herself yet again.

She had just poured the second glass when she heard them come in. It was a group of fifteen or so, mostly couples that were obviously family with Mike bringing up the rear. They sat at a large reserved table on the other side of the bar. She watched from just inside listening range as the situation unfolded. Mike clearly wasn’t feeling as joyous as everyone else about the upcoming nuptials and he was nervously looking around the bar trying to avoid more questions about his missing fiancée. It wasn’t the time or place to get into the sordid details, so he had just told people she couldn’t get the time off of work to join them.

Mike was looking around the bar trying to plan his escape when he noticed her. He smiled and raised his glass in her direction. She nodded slightly, barely moved her glass toward him and slowly took a sip of her red wine. He excused himself from the table and carried his drink over to her table.

“This must be my lucky day,” he said.

“Must be,” she replied.

He laughed and said, “May I join you?”

She nodded.

He pulled out the empty chair and sat down. “Needed a whole bottle huh?”

“I find that the whole bottle is better,” she replied. “If I order a glass, it’s been open for who knows how long and it’s never as good. Quality is important to me. Things need to be just right for them to be worth putting in my mouth.”

She again took a slow sip from her glass. She noticed Mike shift in his seat. Likely to hide the movement his groin was making due to that last comment.

“Don’t get me wrong,” she continued. “I’m all for trying new things but I expect the best. No matter what. I don’t want to waste my time. I enjoy things greatly, more than most women do, and I am not afraid of having more than most women can handle.”

Mike shifted again, only this time it was him that took a drink. He downed his Jack and Coke and motioned to the waitress to bring him another one. “Go on,” he said after the waitress disappeared.

She knew that she had him but she wanted to be very clear about what she was expecting. “I like the feeling that I get when I have what everyone else wishes they had the courage to go get. Look at all the women in this bar who right now don’t have the courage or willingness to order exactly what they want. I know what I want and I ask for it. A bottle of Silver Oak might seem a bit much, but trust me, I can handle much more than that. However, I prefer to start the evening out slow, sultry, and then eventually I might hit it hard but only after taking it nice and slow for a while first. Only then, when the slow, sweet feelings turn to a burning need for more will I hit it harder and faster.”

Mike wasn’t sure what to do. He’d never met a woman like her. He knew he should go back to his room alone soon if he wanted to have any chance of looking good for the photos tomorrow but he was rock hard under the table and couldn’t wait to find out exactly what she was referring to. Why the hell should he care about the photos anyway? It wasn’t his wedding. Hell, he’d been great about the whole thing for the past two days and he was getting damn tired of it. All he really wanted to do was go fuck some girl’s brains out and it appeared as though he had definitely found the right girl for that. He dropped two hundred dollar bills on the table, stood up and offered her his hand. She again smirked and nodded her approval and they headed off toward her suite.

They began kissing in the elevator and barely found time to break away so she could open the door with her plastic key card. They fumbled their way to the couch, kissing with his hands tangled in her hair. Their tongues were exploring each other. Mike began to kiss her neck and she began to run her hands up and down his chest. He slowly began to unbutton one button at a time as he kissed her. She decided to lay back and see what he could do without direction.

He was good. He had her shirt and bra off and was paying just the right amount of attention to each breast. He was laying on top of her with his knee just between her legs. Her panties were already soaked but being able to feel his strong thigh between her legs and his rock-hard cock pushing into her side was only adding to her delight. She began to tilt her head back and arch her back. Mike knew just what to do. He slipped his hand behind her back and unzipped her pencil skirt. Then, he lifted himself off the couch, slipped off her heels, and pulled off her skirt. She lay there with just her black panties on. He looked down at her and smiled. Mike was definitely pleased with what he saw and she knew it.

He put his arms under her and lifted her off the couch with ease and carried her to the bedroom. He gently placed her on the bed, slipped further down, then pulled her panties off with his teeth. He began to kiss from her ankle all the way up her thigh until he found the wetness between her legs.

Mike was a pro. He began kissing and licking and teasing her just enough before he began to suck and pull and make her cum all over his gorgeous face. He smiled and slipped a finger inside of her. She sucked in her breath as he slipped in a second and third. He was still taking it slow but she began to cum again in a matter of minutes. Not something easily accomplished by most men.

As she began to regain control of her breathing, he slowly made his way up her body and he placed himself on top of her. She was pushing her hips into his to let him know that she was ready for him but he just laughed, rolled to his side and began to run his fingertips from her neck to her knees and back again. He was deliberately not spending too much time on any of her premier locations and she began shaking in anticipation. He laughed again then placed himself on top of her once more.

Mike didn’t enter her right away, he just let her body start to move under him. She was trying to get him inside of her but she just wasn’t strong enough with his weight on her.

“Please,” she said.

Mike began to smirk. That was what he had been waiting for. He knew she liked to be in control and he was sure she would be before the night was through, but for right now, he just wanted her to know that he was in charge of what they were about to do. He looked deep into her eyes and entered her with one strong thrust.

Long, hard, deep thrusts were what Mike had in mind. He would pull back until he had almost slipped out of her and then he moved as far inside of her as physically possible. She was moaning and clawing at him, trying to get him to go faster, to fuck her proper. He again pulled back and looked at her. She knew he was in total control at the moment and that he wanted her to know that too.

She was okay with that, at least for now. “Please,” she begged again.

Again, Mike smiled and then he pulled back and let her have it. They fucked hard and fast for a full ten minutes before she screamed and shuddered and once again began to cum.

She didn’t know how long Mike could last but so far he had been a very pleasant surprise. She was feeling very happy about how this night was going and she couldn’t wait to see how it would end. Soon she would have to turn the tables and begin to make Mike beg for more, but for now, she just smiled as he once again began to place the tip of his cock just outside of her pussy. Her hips were trying to get inside of her but again his weight kept him in control.

“Please,” she said for a third time that evening. Then she closed her eyes and began to let his body take over hers as he once again shoved his cock as deep into her as it would go.






I was sitting at the end of the bar, minding my own business and enjoying the scenery, when I caught a glimpse of a woman who was vastly different from the rest of the skinny, emaciated girls that seemed to populate the bars out here in SoCal. She was standing by herself, leaning against the bar on the other side of the room, checking things out, just like I was. And true to form, mere milliseconds after I spotted her, she turned towards me as if sensing my interest.

We locked eyes and stared at each other as our brains went through the millions of instantaneous, unconscious determinations that would decide our level of attraction for each other.

It took less than a second for my brain to come to inform me that I was, indeed, incredibly attracted to her. And she must have come to the same realization, as before I could even think about what my next move should be, she started walking across the bar towards me.

As she approached, I observed her in a more clinical, rational way, taking in her entire body at once, then piece by piece, and putting it all together.

She was a very tall woman—practically the same height as me even without heels—and built like a brick shithouse. She wasn’t fat but she wasn’t skinny either. She had some meat on her, from her midsection to her hips to her bubbly ass to her long, powerful, figure-skater legs.

As she came closer I got a better look at her face. She had prominent features; big, brown eyes, a good-sized nose, full lips and long blonde hair. Her makeup was subtle, accentuating her features but not drowning them, making her look more like an old-school pin-up star than a modern slut.

Then there were her tits. They were the first thing I noticed but I’d deliberately skipped over them so I could come back to them at the end and let my gaze linger. They were huge: the size of my head if not bigger. Absolutely incredible. And while it was too early to tell if they were natural, I didn’t really give a shit. The way I figured it, if I could touch them and play with them and suck on them, that was good enough for me.

It wasn’t until she sat down next to me that I realized she was a bit older. Early-thirties, probably. Not old by any stretch of the imagination, but older than me by a good seven or eight years. But that was okay, I didn’t have a problem with older women. In fact, I’d always dreamed of being with one.

“How’s it going?” she said after sitting down, taking charge of the situation right away, which was no surprise to me. That was one of the things I’d noticed immediately; she appeared to be the kind of woman who wasn’t afraid to take the lead.

“Not bad,” I replied.

“You want another beer?” she asked, gesturing towards my nearly empty glass.

“Sure,” I said.

She whistled down to the bartender and I came over immediately.

“Hey Vicki,” the bartender said. Apparently her name was Vicki. And from the way her and the bartender were interacting, she was obviously a regular.

“Hey Frank,” Vicki replied. “Two beers. A Killian’s for me, and—” She turned her head towards me.

“A Killian’s for me too,” I said.

“Just put it on my tab,” Vicki said to Frank.

“You got it,” Frank replied. He disappeared then reappeared ten seconds later with the two beers. He set one in front of Vicki and one in front of me then disappeared once again.

“Thanks for the beer,” I said, taking a sip from the chilled glass.

“No problem,” Vicki replied.

“I have to ask, though: What prompted this little palaver.”

“Well, I saw you looking over at me and decided to see if it was just casual or if you had something else in mind,” she replied.

“And what does your gut tell you?” I asked.

“If I thought it was just casual I wouldn’t have come over,” she said.

I laughed and we both took another drink of our beers.

“Was I correct in my assumption?” Vicki asked once she’d set her drink down.

“You were indeed,” I said. “I must confess to having more than just a casual interest in you.”

“That’s good to hear,” she said. “Because I feel the same way about you.”

A little tingle went down my spine and I tried unsuccessfully not to smile.

“But I have to warn you,” Vicki said. “You may want to think a little more carefully before you commit to anything.”

“Oh yeah?” I said, suddenly cautious. “And why is that?”

“Because I’m a bit of a control freak,” she said. “I like to be in charge, to take the lead and run the show, doing whatever I want along the way.”

 I let out a relieved little laugh. “That’s it? I thought you were going to say you were really a man or something.”

“Nope,” Vicki said. “I just like to get that part out of the way up front. Most men don’t deal with it very well.”

“Actually, I don’t mind that sort of thing. I kind of enjoy it, to be perfectly honest.”

“Yeah, I kind of figured that about you,” Vicki said. “You look like you’re not afraid to get a little freaky in the sack.”

“Is that right?”

“Yep,” she said. “That’s why I headed over here in the first place. I’m an expert at reading people. Of course, just because I could tell you were into that sort of thing doesn’t mean that you can actually handle a night with me.”

I laughed softly.

“You think differently?” Vicki asked.

“Let’s just say I haven’t come across much that I can’t handle,” I said.

“Is that right?”

I nodded.

“Fair enough,” Vicki said, a knowing little smirk worming onto her face. “But I have to warn you, most of the men I approach like this same the same thing. They all think they can handle me. Every single one of them. But it’s rare I find one that actually can without complaint. Especially with what I dish out.”

“It’s that intense, huh?”

Smiling, Vicki nodded vigorously.

I smiled back. “Then it sounds like it would be fun.”

“So you’re game?”

“Absolutely,” I said. “On one condition.”

The look Vicki shot me was more intrigued than skeptical. “What’s that?”

“If I can handle whatever you can dish out tonight, then I earn another night with you. Where we find out if you can handle what I can dish out.”

“Sounds fair enough to me,” Vicki said.

“So you like to receive as much as you like to give?” I asked.

“Not as much,” she said, smiling. “But pretty close.”

“Same here,” I said.

“Then it appears we have come to an agreement,” Vicki said.

“It does indeed.”

Vicki pounded the rest of her beer and rose to her feet. “Do you mind if we go to my place? It’s just a couple blocks away.”

I too finished my beer and set the glass down. “No problem at all.”

She grabbed my hand and gruffly pulled me off the stool. “Then let’s go.”




Five minutes later we arrived at Vicki’s place. She unlocked the door and held it open for me. I walked in, stopped just inside, and looked around. It was a nice place, if a little plain. Comfortable but more functional than anything else.

Vicki closed the door behind us. I turned around to face her and found that she was already on her knees, right there in the hallway, looking up at me with focused intent.

“Oh,” I said as she reached out and started undoing my belt. “Okay then.” I knew she’d said she liked being in charge, but this wasn’t quite what I was expecting. Not that I minded.

It took her less than five seconds to have my belt unbuckled, my zipper down, my button undone and my pants and boxers down around my ankles. My cock was sticking straight out, already fully hard. It wasn’t enormous but it was pretty good sized; most girls found it to be a little too big for their tastes but I didn’t think Vicki would have that issue.

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