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Fallon O’Shea

WARNING - this book contains sexually explicit scenes for readers 18+. If you are offended by acts of sexual pleasure/pain (inc. BDSM), the besmirching of religion, the defiling of sexy priests, or the occult and their practices, do not enter here, for this is The Devil's Work and it has only just begun...

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The Temptation

Jacob O’Malley stood at the church door, disgusted with himself for violating his own body and succumbing to his carnal thoughts, while he welcomed each of his congregation before Sunday mass. The spring sun was shining over the green grounds of Saint Mary’s church in the small Irish village of Kinmore while the faithful parked their cars and made their way down to the service.

His blue eyes scanned over all their faces as they meandered in, hopeful he would recognise her. Two days ago, a woman, with full red lips, had come to his confessional booth and set ablaze a wicked desire in his flesh with her false words of contrition. It had been shameful to Jacob, the thirty two year old Catholic priest, with his first church and congregation in his charge, that his carnal desires had risen from him but if he knew who the mystery woman was, he could guide her back to the path of God and salvation and redeem himself.

‘Good morning, Father O’Malley,’ said Mr Henry Beaumont, the local storekeeper, with his plump, rosy cheeked wife, Margery, beside him. Their daughter, Alexandra, a plain young woman in drab clothing, a size too big for her, cowered behind her mother’s shoulder with her eyes on the iphone in her hands.

‘I trust the morning finds you all well, Mr Beaumont.’

‘Thank you, it does,’ replied Henry.

‘How are you settling in to life in Kinmore, father?’ asked Margery.

‘Oh, fine just fine,’ he replied.

It had been over three weeks since he arrived and he was finding it difficult to settle into the slow pace of the countryside.

‘Must be a nice change from the fast life in Dublin, though, you’re a young man, I expect you enjoyed its conveniences and technology,’ Margery said.

‘I was brought up in the Galway County, Mrs Beaumont, so I’m no stranger to the country side and much prefer it to the big city.’

She nodded, pleased by his response. ‘You must come over to our place for dinner one of these nights, I heard you’ve been to the Halloways already.’ Margery looked at him expectantly and Henry frowned.

Jacob nodded his head politely, ‘that’s very kind, I would love to.’

Alexandra’s eyes flickered to Jacob’s face, then darted back to her phone when he looked at her.

‘Wonderful. How about Tuesday evening?’

‘Tuesday’s no good, I run the youth program in the hall in the evenings, I’m afraid.’

‘Wednesday then?’ She stared at him with bright eyes and Jacob knew Margery wasn’t leaving without a solid confirmation. Best to get it over and done with, he thought dryly.

‘That’d be fine, thank you, Mrs Beaumont.’

‘Come along dear, let’s not hold the father up,’ said Henry, and ushered his wife and daughter into the church.

He greeted several more of the congregation. His eyes still searching for those red lips burnt into his memory. She had whispered through the confessional window, ‘you have led me to temptation, Jacob O’Malley.’ Whatever it was he had done, he felt obligated to rectify it for his God and felt an urgency to find her.

The Abbott, who had sent him to this posting, had been sketchy in his details as to why the last priest abandoned his post but Jacob quietly wondered if his confessor had something to do with it or whether it was an isolated event.

The Halloways, with their three grown sons and two daughters, approached him. Mr Shamus Halloway was the wealthiest man in the area, a real estate mogul and head of the local council for the past fifteen years.

‘Father O’Malley!’ boomed Shamus, brightly.

‘Morning, Mr Halloway.’

He greeted each of the family members, Mrs Bridget Halloway, their eldest daughter Fiona, their three strapping sons, all over six foot tall, Fergus, Kieran, and Rowan.

‘You didn’t meet our youngest, Kelly, when you were over for tea, she’s back and forth from university, you see,’ said Mrs Halloway.

Kelly, a dark haired, voluptuous young woman appeared from behind her brothers, and extended her hand. Her short black coat was buttoned up to her neck and flared at the knees adding to the curve of her hips.

‘Pleased to meet you, Father O’Malley.’

He took her hand and cupped it in his, ‘the pleasure is all mine, glad you could make it.’

He examined her lips. They were full and moist but he couldn’t be sure if they were the same lips that had confessed a desire for the unspeakable things the Confessor wanted him to do to her.

‘She doesn’t come to church often, Father,’ said Mrs Halloway, scornfully. Kelly rolled her eyes.

‘You’re always welcome in the house of God, Kelly.’

The corners of her mouth curled, ‘thank you, Father.’

Jacob stared at her for a moment too long and the three brothers exchanged an uneasy glance.

‘Please find your seats, and may the day see you well.’

Mr Halloway nodded and led his troupe of adult children into the church. Kelly and Fiona linked arms and trailed behind their brothers. Jacob watched Kelly walk up the aisle. Her ample buttocks swayed back and forth and his eyes roved over the curve of her creamy calves. He stared at her blankly, imagining his hands running over her naked buttocks while he penetrated her from behind.

‘Father?’ said a voice, startling him from his unclean thoughts.

Shaken from his daydream, he looked down at the face of the altar boys who were getting ready for the service.

‘We’re ready, Father,’ said the head boy.

‘Very good boys, let’s get on with it then.’

The mass went as every other mass does, except Jacob’s mind and eyes wandered to Kelly’s legs far too frequently. The Halloways were in the front row, with a disgruntled looking Mrs Beaumont behind them. He tried not to look at Kelly, sat with her mother and sister looking bored, but his eyes kept coming back to her, looking for some certainty that she had been the one who had tempted him. If she were the confessor who had admitted her desire for him, surely she would have paid more attention but she barely looked at him, instead she kept glancing at her phone.

As he stood at the pew, he decided it was his opportunity to reach the Confessor through the word of Christ, whether it was Kelly or not, he felt certain she was here - watching him. He surveyed the sea of faces, especially the women. Many young wives, young mothers, and grown daughters not yet married peered back at him.

‘Temptation is a powerful attraction, the work of the devil himself that would lead us to act contrary to the will of God. Some temptation may seem harmless,’ he glanced at Kelly and caught her eyebrow arch over her left eye. A chill ran through him to his groin – he had her attention now. ‘Other Temptations are obvious and easy to avoid but it’s those small acts of temptation that lead to greater sin and suffering.’

Kelly licked her lips absentmindedly to moisten them and he paused, fighting against the stirring heat in his groin. He gripped the pew and focused on his words, resisting the memory of the her glistening lips as she confessed her desire for him and his act of self-molestation in the shower afterwards.

‘We are never wholly free of temptation, but through our faith to god, with perseverance and humility, we can become stronger in the face of our enemy. It was Saint Peter who taught us, “be sober and vigilant. Your opponent, the devil, is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”’

He looked at Kelly and her bare knees parted a fraction and he imagined his head between them, devouring her. He fought against his carnal urges and slammed his fist on the pew.

There was a collective inhale of shock, along with a few giggles from the women, and he continued, ‘“resist him, steadfast in faith, knowing that your fellow believers throughout the world undergo the same sufferings. The God of all grace who called you to his eternal glory through Christ Jesus will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you after you have suffered a little.” Amen.’

‘Amen,’ came the united voice of the congregation.

After the service, morning tea was served in the hall and Jacob received praise for his sermon. He excused himself and headed to the confessional booth for the first time since his encounter with the mystery woman. The confessional booth seemed somewhat ominous to him today in light of what had happened in there. Tucked away in the far end of the church, the rosewood booth loomed over him. The gargoyles on the church walls looked down at him, judging him for his unclean thoughts.

‘Don’t be ridiculous,’ he chided himself and entered the booth from the side door.

He settled into his seat with the Bible in his lap and his rosary beads in his hand.

It wasn’t long before members of the congregation began to filter in and out of the booth without incident. It was the regular stuff, coveting the neighbour’s house, stealing a sweet from the corner store, hateful feelings towards another, or spreading gossip.

One of the men, whose voice he recognised as one of the Halloway boys, Rowan, confessed to carnal knowledge of a woman he had no intention of marrying, though it was non-descriptive and not very exciting. When the Halloway boy left, Jacob flicked through the bible for a passage about sex before marriage for next week’s sermon. The door to his booth creaked and he swung around alarmed, dropping the Bible on the floor.

A female figure in a long dark cloak placed her finger to her full red lips.

‘What are you doing?’ he hissed, stunned.

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