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Tempt Me

You slut! Didn't it hurt?"

My mouth hung open as Kelly described her anal adventures to me. I had no idea that her and Eric were so kinky. It was 9 o'clock on a Friday night and we were having a girls night out. The stiff pink colored fruity libations we were drinking definitely caused our lips to loose.

"A little at first, but then it felt so good," Kelly replied.

I was intrigued.

"He started off very gentle and after some initial intense pressure my body relaxed and I found that I actually kind of liked it."

I was in shock. I had seen back-door action in porn before but it always looked like it would hurt way too badly. Now listening to Kelly describe her trysts with Eric I actually found myself becoming a little jealous, why I had no idea.

"Actually, the best orgasm I've ever had in my life came during anal sex."

"Bullshit," I laughed.

"No really, it did. Eric was fucking me from behind while reaching around and taking care of me. When I finally came it almost felt like a double orgasm."

Kelly's descriptions of her anal pleasure were starting to effect my boozy brain in surprisingly carnal ways.

"Another side benefit is that I've never seen Eric so happy or so horny. He is so beside himself with gratitude every time I let him stick it my ass that I earn a lifetime of brownie points that I can cash in anytime, no pun intended."

We laughed our asses off at that last comment and then took another swig of our rather stiff cocktails.

The conversation proceeded to other topics after that. Eventually, the alcohol took hold and we needed to call it a night. Just as we were saying goodbye Kelly leaned towards me and said, "Hey how about getting together on Sunday?"

I was hesitant. I always felt like a third wheel when I got together with Kelly and Eric even though I loved them both. It was just tough being the single one in our little threesome.

"Oh come on Annie, you know you want to," Kelly pleaded with me.

"Fine. What time?"

"How about coming over to our place around 7 o'clock?"

"Sounds good, I'll be there."

The car door closed and our Uber driver proceeded to take Kelly home.

I headed up into my apartment and after setting down my keys proceeded straight to the bedroom. It was getting late and my body was definitely feeling drained. It had been a long week and I could use the rest.

I quickly took off my clothes and threw them into a pile against the wall. My drunken brain absolutely did not care about neatness this evening.

My head hit the pillow and although my body was exhausted my mind was not. I kept thinking about what Kelly had said and couldn't help but imagine her and Eric in their backdoor adventures.

The images that involuntarily appeared in my imagination caused my body to react in very lustful ways. After trying unsuccessfully to put the thoughts out of my mind, I realized there was only one way to quiet the voices in my head.

I reached my right hand down between my legs and used my left to grab at the nipples on my breast.

The only way to get over the fantasies in my head was to give into them and so I closed my eyes and joined Eric and Kelly in their anal adventures.

* * *

I arrived at their house early on Sunday and Kelly greeted me with a big smile on her face.

"Annie," Kelly yelped in her regular overly enthusiastic tone.

We walked in and she directed me to the living room. Kelly sat down next to me on the sofa and I heard the sound of the martini shaker echoing from the kitchen.

"Eric is making us some cosmo's for cocktail hour," Kelly said with a smile.

"Sounds good," I replied as the taste buds of my mouth began to water. Eric was well known among our friends for making delicious drinks.

A few minutes later Eric entered the room with frosty glasses filled with liquid pink happiness. It took him two trips to get all three drinks into the living room after which he sat down in the chair across from Kelly and I.

The three of us got to talking about our week, work, and all the other banalities of life. Eventually though, as the pink liquid began to disappear, our laughter increased and we started to reminisce on old times.

One drink led to two and then to three. All three of us were beginning to get a little bit silly when suddenly the atmosphere in the room changed.

* * *

Kelly leaned over and kissed me. I was shocked but didn't pull away. Her lips were soft and warm and felt very good against my own. Her mouth opened and her tongue proceeded to slide against mine. The sweet taste of cosmos accompanying her passion was delicious and fucking amazing.

She leaned into me, one hand brushing against my breast. The excitement was immediate and I quickly reached out to pull her into me. Her kissing became more intense as her hands traveled up and down my body. I wasn't sure what the hell was happening, but I knew I didn't want to stop

My eyes had been closed since the moment Kelly's lips met my own. It was an instinctual reaction. Now, as our make-out session grew hotter, my eyes opened and I saw Eric watching us.

His eyes were wild with excitement. I don't think he could believe what he was seeing either. Eric sat awkwardly in his seat, shifting his weight from side to side as a large erection grew inside his tight pants. I noticed one hand travel to his bulge and begin to rub.

The sight of him watching me, watching us, caused my own excitement to grow. I could feel my panties getting damp as Kelly worked her fingers around the waistband of my jeans.

Kelly paused, using her teeth to playfully bite my lower lip, she pulled gently and slowly releasing as she backed away from our kiss.

Her eyes were sultry and a smile crossed her face.

"Why don't we take this into the bedroom?"

Kelly looked from me to Eric and then back to me, asking my permission to take this one step further.

I was terrified, and yet exhilarated. Eric was extremely attractive, but I had never thought about him in that way before. He was Kelly's man and I wouldn't have dreamed about having those thoughts. I worried about this changing things. I worried about ruining my friendship with Kelly. However, I wasn't sure that I had the willpower to deny my body this opportunity that it now so badly craved.

So, with some hesitancy, I nodded and the smile on Kelly's face grew larger.

The three of us headed into their bedroom. The king-sized bed was draped with a soft plush cream colored comforter. Kelly, with a sense of purpose, headed directly over to the bed and pulled back the comforter revealing their soft Egyptian cotton sheets.

She turned around and stared into my eyes, motioning with her finger for me to come closer. I did as I was instructed and soon found her lips pressed against mine with lustful enthusiasm.

Her arms wrapped around my body, hands wandering up and down my curves. My nipples hardened and the wetness between my legs continued to grow. This was my first time kissing a girl and I was surprised by just how much I liked it. Wandering hands eventually found their way to the hem of my shirt. Kelly lifted slowly and gently, eventually removing my cotton top and throwing it to the floor.

She was less gentle with her own shirt, tearing the top from her body and pressing her skin against mine.

"Mmm...," I moaned with pleasure.

Her fingers quickly moved around to my back and worked the clasp of my bra free. My nerves built as my breasts fell free and I saw Eric staring at me. This was my first time being naked in front of either of them, and self-consciousness started to get the better of me.

My fears were soon quelled when Eric formed a large smile on his face. He liked what he saw, which made me want to show him even more.

Kelly's hands gently cupped my now exposed breasts. They reacted to her touch quickly, especially as her fingers circled around the taught skin of my nipples.

"Oh fuck," I yelped.

Perhaps the taboo nature of our situation was getting the better of me but I felt like I might just come from the touch of her hands against my chest alone.

She continued to trace my curves, pausing every so often to tease my wanting skin. My breathing quickened and I bit my lip trying unsuccessfully to retain some composure.

Just as I thought I could not possibly take anymore Kelly's hand came to rest on the belt my jeans. She pushed the copper colored button back through the hole releasing its hold on my waist. Then, one by one, she released the teeth of the zipper that covered my now drenched mound.

I wanted her so badly. My body yearned for her attention.

As if reading my mind Kelly lowered my pants as she also lowered herself down onto her knees.

She guided my right foot out of my pant leg and then my left until finally I stood completely naked in the bedroom of my best-friends.

Before my nerves had a chance to build again, Kelly plunged her face against the wet lips between my legs and pulled at my clit with her tongue.

"Holy shit," I almost collapsed on top of her as my knees buckled.

Her tongue felt amazing as it pushed, pulled, and danced around my sensitive folds. She worked on my pussy with such expertise I had to wonder if she done this before.

Her talented tongue distracted me and I hadn't noticed that Eric now joined us. His touch startled me and I instinctively pulled away. But as my eyes turned to his, my body submitted to his attention.

Eric wrapped one arm around me and then the other before leaning in to kiss me. It felt so strange to be kissing the boyfriend of my best-friend, but Kelly's efforts on my on my wetness assured me that it would be okay.

His lips were soft, not as soft as Kelly's, but still very pleasurable. His tongue darted into my mouth and I responded with equal enthusiasm. His hand drifted across my torso eventually resting upon my exposed breasts. The dueling pleasures brought by his hands and Kelly's mouth quickly built me towards an orgasm that I had no hope of containing.

"Oh my god."

Tingling sensations began to build on top of my skin.

"Oh fuck guys..."

My body pushed into both of them.

"Oh, oh, OH…”

One of my hands grabbed on to Eric shoulder as my other hand grabbed a handful of Kelly's hair. My orgasm was imminent and I braced myself for the explosion.

My body tensed.

My heart pounded.


A new pleasure took hold as orgasmic juices poured out of me onto Kelly's tongue. I had seen squirting before in porn videos but never knew it was real until just now.

I could hear the orgasm exiting my body and splashing against Kelly's face. This just seemed to make her more excited as her efforts continued, and she worked to pull every bit of pleasure from my body.

Eric moaned at the sight of my release on his girlfriend's face. His fingers pinched my hard nipples and pulled at them with testosterone-fueled animalistic excitement.

My legs buckled and gave way. Eric's powerful arms held me tightly, preventing my fall and prolonging my pleasure.

Kelly finally stopped and allowed me to recover as Eric lowered me onto the bed. They then turned to each other and started kissing, sharing my juices in their intertwined tongues.

While my exhausted body recovered, I watched in lustful voyeurism. Watching it online was nothing like watching it in person. The sight before me was far sexier.

Eric and Kelly helped each other remove their clothing and soon all three of our bodies we're exposed. I could see Kelly's nipples tighten as Eric's cock twitched with excitement. She worked her hand around his shaft helping it grow to its fullest potential. Finally, when there was no more room for the blood to flow Eric threw Kelly down on the bed beside me and lowered his face between her legs.

She grabbed at her nipples and pulled hard, obviously enjoying his attention.

Kelly turned her head and our eyes met. Watching her ecstasy build made mine to grow as well. She reached her hand towards me and I grabbed it in mine. She pulled me towards her and I slowly pressed my trembling naked body against her.

We kissed, softly, then harder. Her taste was delicious and I could not get enough.

Her fingers wandered across my face and down my neck as my hands cupped her breasts and circled her hard nipples. Kelly's body began to rock as waves of pleasure built inside her. Eric continued his attention to the heat between her legs as I made sure the rest of her body was not ignored.

"Ohhh,” Kelly moaned against my lips.


It was obvious now that she was near completion.


Kelly wrapped her arms around me, pulling me in tight. Her legs closed like a vice around Eric's head, locking his tongue in place.

Her back arched, higher, higher, and then...

I could smell her sex combining with mine on the face of her husband. The scent was intoxicating and I could feel the wetness beginning to build again on my own sensitive lips.

Kelly continued to grind her hips against Eric's face over and over until finally her body could take no more and she released him.

"Annie, will you open that drawer for me?" Kelly asked as she motion towards the nightstand.

I crawled across the bed until I reached the nightstand and pulled open the drawer. Inside was a menagerie of tools for sexual gratification.

"Pull out the lube and the silver vibrator please."

I did as I was instructed and closed the drawer, bringing the items back to Kelly. She had a devilish grin on her face as she took the items from my hand and set them down on the bed beside her.

First, she took the lube and sat up on the bed. Eric stood in front of her with a knowing look on his face.

With a click, the top of the lube opened and she poured a line of slickness across the top of his engorged shaft. The lube was plentiful and began to spill off his cock. Kelly wrapped her hands around his stiffness and spread the shiny liquid across it's flushed surface.

Eric's cock now gleamed in the dim light of the bedroom which made it seem all the more massive. Once satisfied that his member had been properly lubricated, Kelly took her hand and reached around behind her, sliding her fingers into the soft folds of her beautiful creamy skinned ass.

Her fingers slid up and down, occasionally disappearing inside it's depths.

I watched in fascination as my eyes traced her body from her hips to her face. Kelly closed her eyes with a look of pleasure not pain.

She turned around and kneeled on the edge of the bed, presenting herself doggy-style to Eric.

"Come here big boy, it's your turn."

Eric stepped towards Kelly, lining up his twitching shaft with her spread cheeks. She reached over, grabbed my hand, and locked eyes with me.

With the tip of Eric's huge swollen cock now resting on Kelly's forbidden opening, Eric wrapped his hands around Kelly's waist and proceeded to slowly thrust forward.

"Mmm," Kelly groaned in what can only be described as a mix of pleasure and erotic pain.

Her hand squeezed mine harder as she bit her bottom lip.


Eric's hips slowly slid back and forth, going a little deeper with each thrust.

"Just like that," Kelly said as Eric gently increased his depth.

"Okay, a little bit harder."

Kelly's body was obviously adapting to Eric's girth. She urged him on and he responded.

"Kiss me," Kelly called out to me.

I slid myself over to her and caressed her face in my hands as our lips locked.

"Mmm…,” she continued to moan throughout our kiss.

"Annie," she pulled away from me asking for my attention.

"Grab the vibrator and fill me."

It took me a moment to realize what she was asking. Although Eric was now behind her thrusting his girth into her tight taboo entrance, Kelly still had a wet mound that could use some attention.

I grabbed the vibrator, flicked it on, and adjusted the speeds until I found one I liked. I tried to come behind Kelly and enter her but Eric's pounded prevented me.

It took me a few seconds to come up with another plan but then seeing the space between her legs I slid myself sixty-nine style under her body until my face was directly underneath her hot wetness.

I watched for a moment, amazed as Erics cock slid completely in and out of her tight ass. The sight of it, this close, was exhilarating. Eventually, I remembered what I was there for and raised the vibrator to her clit. I pressed forward slowly until its length disappeared between her wet lips and filled her.

"Oh fuck," Kelly called out as we both buried our thick shafts inside of her. Eric and I fell into a rhythm with one thrusting deeply into her body while the other pulled back.

Every once in a while my thrust and Eric's overlapped and Kelly grunted in erotically-filled pleasure.

I was getting so fucking turned on I couldn't stand it. My own mound was now soaking wet and I begin to imagine myself in Kelly's position with Eric's cock filling me.

Apparently Kelly could read my thoughts because her tongue soon found my clit and begin to flick against it wildly.

My hips bucked up against your mouth as I urged her to continue her efforts. My head swirled as I watched Eric's cock sliding in and out and felt Kelly's tongue flick back-and-forth. This entire experience felt surreal and I never wanted it to end.

Kelly began to moan against my pussy and I could tell that Eric and I had pushed her to the brink.

Eric increased his speed, and I followed his lead.


Kelly was only moments away.

"Oh fuck..."

I felt Kelly's inner walls tighten against the vibrator.


Kelly's pulsing tunnel collapsed around the vibrator as her legs quivered. She braced herself and called out for Eric to come.

"Fuck me in the ass Eric."

The sounds of their bodies clapping together increased.

"Harder Eric, I want you come in my ass."

Eric grunted with each thrust, his body losing control as he penetrated her.

"Come on Eric, come in me, please come inside my tight ass."

I reached down to start fingering my own wetness.

"I want to feel you cum in ass Eric."

It only took three more thrusts until Eric finally lost control and exploded inside of Kelly's forbidden hole.

After pausing for several moments, Eric withdrew his still twitching cock and Kelly rolled off of me to the side of the bed.

The room was silent except for the sounds of heavy breathing. We all used the opportunity to catch our breath and recover from our three-way ecstasy.

A few moments later Kelly turned to me and asked, "So what do you think, are you ready for your turn?"

It took me a moment to comprehend what she was asking. She could see my excitement and wanted me on my knees this time to explore her new favorite form of pleasure.

I didn't respond, I was terrified. The thought of Eric sliding that huge thing inside my tight hole made me weak in the knees.

However, I remembered the look on Kelly's face. I remembered the sheer ecstasy as Eric and I worked on filling her body. The thought, the possibility, of having that was too much to pass up.

"Okay...I guess I can try…”

Kelly looked at me with that same earnest smile.

"Trust me."

With a wink Kelly moved across the bed and grabbed the bottle of lube.

A knot formed in my stomach. I couldn't tell if I was more nervous or excited about the taboo pleasure I was about to receive.

Kelly returned to our location and after giving me a soft kiss reached for Eric's cock and slowly stroked it back to life.

I watched as Kelly expertly brought Eric to attention while heavily lubricating his thickening shaft. The sight of Eric's huge swollen cock was exhilarating and I hoped that I would be able to handle its girth.

Once Eric had been properly prepared Kelly turned her attention towards me.

First she helped to me into position on my hands and knees at the edge of the bed. She then disappeared behind me and I lost sight of her. A few seconds later though Kelly made her presence known as her tongue flicked at my mound and sent a jolt of electricity through my body.

"Mmm…,” I moaned in pleasure as her mouth went to work.

I heard the popping sound of the lube bottle opening and as her tongue continued swirl as I felt the coolness of lubrication dripping between my exposed cheeks.

Kelly's fingers raced up to meet the descending liquid, slowly and gently working it in a circle around the outside of my tight hole.

The sensation was incredible, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. The dual stimulation of her finger and tongue were driving my body crazy and I squirmed with delight.

As my excitement built, Kelly began to slowly penetrate my lubricated hole with a single finger. The sensation was strange but not painful. In fact, with the combined efforts of her tongue and finger I actually found the penetration pleasurable.

My body relaxed, and Kelly increased her efforts. She began to penetrate me faster and deeper, sometimes with multiple fingers and my body opened to receive them.

I wasn't sure if it was the anal penetration or Kelly's tongue but I was now dripping wet with excitement and open to anything they wanted to do with my body.

Kelly removed her fingers and came around the bed in front of me. She kissed me, softly caressing my tongue with hers, then slid underneath me moving herself into the same sixty-nine position I had been in moments before.

Her tongue reengaged my clit and my breathing quickened. Eric now stepped forward and pressed his throbbing member against my shy lubricated entrance. I was still scared but now my excitement was starting to take control.

Eric pressed into me slowly, just barely opening my slippery entrance. He held it there for several seconds before slowly pulling back out.

I focused on breathing deeply and tried my best relax.

Eric continued his slow gentle thrusts each time penetrating me just a little bit farther.

"That's fucking hot,Kelly exclaimed from beneath my dripping mound.

Listening to Kelly's excitement increased my own and I couldn't help but smile.

"Ohhh…,” Eric moaned as the tightness of my ass grabbed his sensitive cock.

The sensation of pressure as Eric filled me with his cock was intense but not painful. He gave me a sense of fullness that I found myself really enjoying. This fullness, along with the eager licking of Kelly's tongue was quickly working my body into a frenzy.

"Oh fuck," I moaned as I took in all the attention.

My moans of pleasure seemed to excite my threesome partners and their efforts quickly escalated.

My body, now relaxed, easily took in Eric's full and deep penetrations.

Something about getting fucked in the ass brought out primal animalistic urges inside of me. I felt powerful and aggressive.

"Eric fuck me harder," I yelled out.

He grabbed my hips and and buried his erection deeper inside of me.

I gasped, but then balled the sheets in my hands and asked for more.

"Oh yes, harder," I begged.

Eric started grunting and moaning continuously as his own orgasm quickly built.

"Oh Annie, I'm going to come,Eric said regretfully. He was trying to hold out for me, but my own orgasm was only seconds away.

"Come in my ass Eric. I want to feel you come inside of me."

This dirty talk was very unlike me but I couldn't help myself. These two had driven my body into an erotic place I had never experienced before.

Having received permission, Eric moaned louder and pumped his cock furiously into my forbidden passage.

Kelly brought her fingers up to my dripping wet lips and worked on my orgasm with unbridled enthusiasm.


My skin tingled.

"Oh fuck..."

My muscles tensed, bracing for the waves of pleasure.


My body clenched around Eric's penetrated cock as an orgasm violently ripped through my body.

The sudden increased tightness of my clenched ass around Eric's cock pushed him over the edge and I felt his heat explode inside me. At the same time I heard my release splashing against Kelly's tongue and fingers.

The orgasm continued for what seemed like an eternity, pulsing and pulsing, over and over. Finally I could no longer hold myself up and I collapsed onto Kelly.

Eric withdrew himself from me and set off to the closet to fetch us some towels.

I rolled to the side and Kelly moved up the bed, lying alongside me.

She stroked her fingers through my hair and traced the curves of my mouth and neck. Her caress felt amazing and slowly the adrenaline drained from my body.

She leaned in and kissed me gently. After a few seconds she pulled back, looked deep into my eyes, and cracked a very large grin.

"I told you to trust me."

The End

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The Letter A

Sitting at the kitchen table I hopelessly clicked around the internet searching for inspiration.

Nathan what the hell do you want for your birthday. You have to be the hardest man in the world to shop for.

He laughed as he continued to pour his normal morning bowl of cereal. Nathan really was impossible to get a gift for. He generally had simple tastes and since he made a good living he bought the relatively few things he wanted. Now that we had moved in together I really wanted to step it up in the girlfriend department and get him something great. Unfortunately this task was proving to be infinitely harder then I had anticipated. We had been dating for over a year now and I still couldnt figure him out sometimes.

Seriously though. I have no idea what to get you. Do you have any ideas that could help a girl out? What do you want?

You know what I want,he said with a devious smile on his face. With a wink and a chuckle he returned to eating his breakfast.

I did know what he wanted. Nathan wanted what every man wants, backdoor access. I never did understand what it was about anal sex that men found so irresistible but it seemed like at every possible occasion hints were dropped in a probing but noncommittal way. He knew it was off limits but wanted to make sure that I knew on the off chance I fell, hit my head, and had a personality changing concussion that he was enthusiastically ready to go.

In all honesty I had been curious about it for some time but just assumed that it would hurt too much. Following behind Nathan on the computer I sometimes clicked on the links in his history that he had forgotten to clear and watched the girls taking huge shafts hard and deep as they encouraged their men for more. These girls were mostly professionals and getting paid to act that way but as Nathan had a particular fetish for so-called homemade pornI also was able to watch what looked like everyday girls that seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves.

I really wanted to make Nathan happy. I didnt want our sex life to be missing something that was important to him. What I wanted was for him to look at me as his own personal pornstar that he could fuck with reckless abandon. I was pretty open to most things and really tried to make him feel fulfilled but this one particular act had been a hangup for me.

It had been a hangup for me, until now! That is what Nathan wanted and damn it I was going to do my best to try and give it to him.

* * *

As he finished his breakfast and got ready to leave I started thinking about what preparations I needed to take care of.

Goodbye sweetie, Ive got to run,he said as he quickly kissed me on the lips.

Have a great day honey. By the way, try not to work to late tonight. I have something that I wanted to talk to you about tonight.

Nathans face grew concerned.

Is everything ok?

Yes everything is fine I just want to discuss something with you.

Nathan paused a moment longer and then looking at his watch hustled out the door. I knew that he would spend the rest of the day obsessing over my ambiguity. His car ride to the office was sure to be filled with deep reflection trying to figure out if he was in trouble for something. I smiled and laughed at the thought of his torment. It was my little contribution to foreplay. With the present that I was going to be giving him tonight I was sure he wouldnt hold a grudge.

I sat back down in front of the computer and began a search. I wanted to learn everything I could so that we might have a successful night. The last thing that I wanted to do was to end up painfully yelling at him to stop as he stood riled up and flustered just having had his fantasy yanked out from under him.

As I searched the web one recommendation seemed of the utmost importance and that was lubrication. I needed to run to the store and buy some water-based lubricant. Some brands were recommended more highly then others and I jotted them down for future reference. The suggestions on technique varied much more widely.

Some recommended to start in the spoon position while others recommend being on top so that you could control the speed and depth. The whole thing was a bit overwhelming and I started to feel flustered about the whole thing. Maybe this was a bad idea. I should probably just call the whole thing off. Nathan wouldnt know any different and we could just keep or sex life as normal which I thought was pretty enjoyable.

Even as these thoughts crossed my mind I knew that I would not be listening to them. I wanted this. I wanted it for Nathan and I wanted it for myself. I just needed to not over-think the whole evening and let it unfold as naturally as possible. With this new determination I took a deep breath and turned on the private browser function. I wanted to do a little more research and I was always more of a visual learner anyways.

* * *

After completing my marathon porn session and getting a little excited in the process I headed for the store to purchase the all important lube. As I drove towards the supermarket the images of those men thrusting into the forbidden fruit of the women kept playing in my mind. The men, driven mad with ecstasy by the access they were given, looked to be enjoying themselves on a level restricted for this most intimate of taboos. The womens responses were varied but in almost all cases they looked exited about the thrill they were providing for their partner. That was what I wanted. That was the expression that I wanted to see on Nathans face.

All the more impressive was the women that actually orgasmed during anal sex. I wouldnt have imagined this possible but it seemed as though it was not as uncommon an occurrence as I might have believed. Pulling into the store I pressed pause on my internal porn reel and parked the car.

Walking into the store I felt a surge of embarrassment come over me. I felt dirty. Looking left and right I could swear I was being watched. What would the person at the register think. What if the checkout clerk was a guy? I tried to push these thoughts out of my mind as I looked down and briskly walked through the appropriate aisle. As another woman with a cart exited the corridor and turned to proceed to the cereal section I looked up at the object of my desire. My eyes scanned the shelf quickly and I grabbed the first brand that I recognized dropping it into my basket. Moving away from the scene of the crime I stared into my basket.

The image of a lone bottle of lube seemed to scream slut and I realized I needed to add some items in hopes of making my excursion seem like more then just a lust filled journey. I threw a box of Q-tips into the basket as well as a bottle of body wash. These were the closest items that provided cover for my smutty ways. I proceeded up to the counter and much to my relief was checked out without much acknowledgement. Normally I would have been a little insulted by the service but in this case really appreciated the anonymity of the transaction.

I hopped in the car feeling relieved. I had done it.

Well the hard part is over. The rest should be a piece of cake,I said aloud as I laughed at nervousness.

* * *

Once home I spent the next several hours rehearsing the evenings sequence of events in my head. I not only wanted to fulfill his fantasy by given him access to my now trembling virgin ass but I wanted to make the experience as hot as I possibly could. If I was going to do this then I wanted to make the night one that he would never forget. Especially since this might be the only time I ever let him do it.

Looking at my phone I noticed that the time was growing near. I had taken a shower in preparation and had the lube strategically staged in the drawer of the nightstand. I had studied hours of anal porn during the day and was determined to do my muses proud. I looked at the time again noted that only a minute had passed.

Looking around the room my vision fixed on the liquor cabinet.

A glass of wine probably wouldnt hurt,I said as I proceeded to pull out a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Pouring the glass I erred on the high side and soon found myself balancing precariously with wine rippling near the rim.

Calm down Katie,I repeated to myself as I sipped the fruity liquid to prevent spillage. The wine tasted amazing going down and I hoped there was enough time for some of its intoxicating effects to take hold of me. The phone rang and looking down I could see that Nathan was calling me from his cell. I picked up the phone and tried to hide the nervousness in my voice.

Hey babe. How was your day?

Long. Better now that I am talking to you though.


So am I in trouble. I just want to make sure I get ready for the beating if theres one coming.

I dont know. Is there anything you should be in trouble for?I asked teasing.

Just kidding, you are not in any trouble. However I cant make any promises about the beatings.

He laughed obviously relieved.

Well I need to make a couple of calls so I am going to hang up with you. I should be home in about twenty minutes. Love you.

I love you too.

After he hung up the phone I sat back down in the family room chair and tried to mentally prepare myself. While waiting it occurred to me that one way I could make this thing go down a little more erotically was to go ahead and shed my clothing now. I had never greeted Nathan naked before but figured that it might set the appropriate mood.

Stripping down I decided to also turn up the thermostat a couple of degrees. Curled up in a ball naked and shivering was not exactly the look I was going for. Once the temperature was set I headed into the bedroom and laid down on the leaving to door to the room open.

I heard the sound of a key jiggling at the front door and knew that the moment had arrived. As the creak from the hinges signaled Nathans entrance I took a deep breath in a futile attempt to relax.

Hey babe, will you come in the bedroom for a minute. I want to show you something.

* * *

Striking the sexiest and slimming pose I could manage I stared at the opening with anticipation. Nathan came into view and froze as his brain attempted to make sense of what he was seeing.


Happy birthday sexy. I hope you dont mind but I am terrible at waiting and wanted to give you your present a little early.

Yes please,was his only response.

I stood up from the bed and walked over to him planting my lips on his as my right hand massaged the outside of his pants. Leaving his lips I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and lifted it over his head. Nathan tossed aside the wrinkled garment and I proceeded to lower myself into a more accessible position. As I moved down his body my lips gently caressed his hardened chest and defined abdomen. He was not a fitness buff by any stretch but in winning the genetic lottery he had always had a thin and muscular physique.

My lips reached his waist and I slowly withdrew his belt from the loop. With a quick tug of my fingers the button of his pants fell free. Using my teeth I grabbed onto the zipper and pulled it into its fully retracted position. My mouth now only an inch away moved up the outside of his underwear feeling the outline of the harden shaft that lay underneath. With both hands I now grabbed hold of his remaining fabric and pulled them to the floor.

In response to the release of it confinement Nathans cock snapped out into its fully extended position. The view of his excitement drove me wild and I grabbed the base of his erection plunging his engorged member deep into my mouth. Nathan moaned in pleasure as I held him buried deeply in me. Focusing on breathing through my nose I tried to hold back the gagging reflex that now teetered in my throat. Finally relenting I pulled his appreciative manhood from my throat.

Nathan kicked off his shoes and socks with blinding speed and with a quick step exited the pants which lay around his ankles. I looked him in the eyes letting him know that tonight I was in charge. He understood the subliminal message and looked to me for direction.

Lay down on your back.

Nathan complied and as he slowly reclined into position my mouth meet the tip of his cock. I rolled my tongue around the sensitive skin and I could feel it twitch in the grasp of my lips. Sufficiently teased I slid my tongue around the bottom of his hardened mast and lowered myself into him enveloping every inch available. Nathan arched his back in response and I felt his hand rest on the back of my head.

He was not following my rules. I was in control and should have restrained his hands in a submissive position. However, I knew what was coming. Soon I would be in full control of his body. Stiffening his strong muscular arm Nathan proceeded to press down on the back of my head while thrusting up with his hips. I appreciated his enthusiasm and tried let him control the depth and pace.

As the speed began to increase I knew that I needed to make my move. Summoning all of my will I withdrew from his throbbing cock. Nathan looked on in dismay.

Whats wrong?

Nothing is wrong. I just want to give you your birthday present.

You mean this isnt my birthday present? Can it please be my present? I really dont want to stop.

I flashed him my best sexy smile as I walked around to the nightstand. Pulling the drawer open I withdrew the bottle of lube making sure to carry it in such a way that he could clearly see the contents.


Nathan, tonight I want you to fuck me in the ass. I want you to take me how you have always fantasied about taking me.

Nathan looked at me with wide wild eyes.

Are you sure?

Oh yeah I am sure. I want you to fuck me hard and hold nothing back. This is my present to you and I want you to get everything you desire.

Nathan continued to lay in stunned silence.

Pulling from the visuals I had acquired in my earlier research I climbed on top of him. Grabbing his hard cock I slid him inside of me and started to thrust my hips back and for. Nathans face slowly changed from shock to exhilaration as he contemplated what was to come.

Popping open the top on the bottle I poured a small quantity of lube on my finger tips. Without breaking rhythm I continue to thrust as I reached back and slid my fingers between my soft cheeks. I worked the lube in circles around the outside of my tight hole just as I had read to do. As the stimulation from Nathans penetration sent tingles through me I pushed a finger inside. This was the first time that anything had ever penetrated my ass. The pressure felt strange but it was not painful.

I continued to work my finger in and out of the hole in larger and larger lubricating circles. The more that I continued to work my finger in and out the more I found myself enjoying the intriguing sensation. I knew that soon something much larger then the diameter of my finger would be entering me so I slowly added a second digit to my lubrication efforts. The pressure increased and I ceased my movements. With my fingers frozen I assessed the situation. It was not pain that I was feeling. The fear was getting the better of me and not knowing what to expect the pressure had startled me.

Overcoming my fear I resumed my efforts. As I thrust my fingers in and out I started to imagine it was Nathan that was filling my forbidden entrance. The thought excited me and I found myself increasing the depth with each thrust. This was when I knew I was ready. Stopping my passionate ride I stared at Nathan.

Are you ready?

Hell yeah.

I am going to go slowly at first.

Of course.

Sliding myself off of his wet slippery cock I grabbed the shaft and pulled myself into position. Feeling his tip between my cheeks I slid the rounded edge until I felt it begin to slide in. I took a deep breath and exhaling forced my body to relax.

With my eyes fixed on his I slowly and carefully lowered my tight ring of muscles around his thick throbbing cock.

* * *

The sensation was intense and I had to stop twice to adjust. With unrelenting forward progress I lowered myself around him until his dick was completely inside of me.

Oh my God honey that feels fucking amazing,he said with unbridled enthusiasm.

Holy shit I cant believe how good that feels. I love you so much Katie.

His words had their intended effect and I started moving up and down as his thickness pushed against the sensitive walls inside of me. The act gave me a full sensation. As I moved up and down I could feel his tip rubbing against the backside of the nerves that normally brought me to orgasm during sex. The more I moved up and down the the less pressure I felt and the more intense the tingle inside me became.

I quickened my pace and looked on in elation as his face contorted in fits of pleasure. I felt so powerful in that moment and I reveled in the leverage I now held. The hormones that fueled me were pushing my body towards an unexpected climax. I did not want to let this happen before Nathan had his chance and decided that a change of position might help. I stopped my momentum and looked into his eyes.

I want you to take me from behind. I want you to pound me in the ass until you cant take it anymore. I want to feel your come inside me.

I raised myself off his glistening staff and proceeded to perch doggie style with my ass in the air ready for his penetration. Nathan pushed himself into position and after carefully positioning his hips proceeded to slowly press into me.

The entry was the hardest part and I felt myself begin to clench. Remembering the stimulation I had been enjoying just a moment before I forced myself to relax and accept him into my body. Once his tip past the boundaries of my tight passage the pleasurable sensation returned and his girth caused bolts of excitement to shoot through my body.

Feeling powerful and in control again I encouraged my man to take what was his.

Oh Nathan, your dick feels so good in my ass. Fuck me harder.

Nathan timidly picked up the intensity of his thrusts. Our bodies made a clapping sound as he slid deeply inside me.

“Oh fuck yes. Harder. Come on, harder.”

Now losing all sense of chivalry Nathan grabbed my hips tightly and pulled me back into him as his throbbing cock smashed into me. The harder he pushed the more stimulated I became. Nathan started to grunt uncontrollably and I knew that our carnal affair was soon going to come to an end. In frantic excitement I reached down and started to circle the sensitive folds of my clit. Nathan again increased his speed and in response I increased mine. As I felt my muscles tightening around his thickness in anticipation of my own orgasm Nathan spoke.

Katie Im going to come.

As the words crossed his lips I felt an explosion of warmth fill my body and the sensation pushed me over the edge.

Dont pull out. Stay in. Im going to come,I pleaded with him.

Feverishly working my fingers I felt myself cross the threshold and my body was overcome with orgasmic waves of pleasure. My muscles contracted around him amplifying the sensation and I found that I could no long support my own weight. We collapsed into the bed together exhausted. He remained inside of me as we both basked in the sweaty sexy mess that our escapades has brought. Through my post-orgasmic fog I found myself remembering the girls on the videos. I was one of them now. I understood the deep feelings of intimacy that come with this most trusting of taboo acts.

I lay there astounded by the pleasure I had been able to experience. In my best case scenario I had never imagined that I would enjoy it so much. As Nathan softened and withdrew from me he rolled over onto his back. He laid there with his eyes closed, completely spent by his efforts. I smiled and delighted in the complete happiness that was now permanently visible on his face. As I closed my eyes and drifted off to a sex induced slumber one thought crossed my mind.

I wonder what he is going to get me for my birthday?

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