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Father of the Bride: a Westmore Family Short

Anna Avila

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Inevitable Interaction

Chapter 2: Honesty is Complicated

Chapter 3: A Dip with Daddy

Chapter 4: A Kinky Confession

Chapter 5: Consummating a Promise

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Chapter 1: An Inevitable Interaction

“Mother, I do not want to have this conversation again! He is impossible!” Haylie wailed with exasperation. “He doesn’t ever change his mind, no matter how I approach it.”

“He just wants what’s best for you. It’s always been that way for all of you. It’s just… he’s harder on you because you’re his first-born.” Her mother cooed and soothed, trying to calm the waters.

Helen understood her daughter’s frustration. It had been over two years since Haylie Westmore started seeing Paul Newcombe, and her father had never found peace with the fact that she was not just dating—but now soon to be wed to—a man 14 years her senior. He was cool to his daughter and her fiancé, and barely talked to Haylie of his own accord these days.

“Just come for dinner. I’ve told him that you really want him to hear about the wedding planning… and he seems like he wants to listen. He loves you, Haylie. He just can’t bear to lose his baby girl.”

“It’s not that, Mommy. It’s about Paul. For some reason, he doesn’t like Paul.”

“I don’t know that’s true.” Yes, I do, Helen thought wryly. “But… I know it’s not going to get better until you two hash things out once and for all.”

“Ugghh. Fine! I’ll be there. But I expect you to keep him in line. If Daddy starts being hateful, I’m leaving.”

“Of course, honey. I’ll be here to help.”

Jim Westmore looked over the photo in the silver frame on his desk. Helen and their three children, smiling for the camera at the Grand Canyon. It was the only old-school road trip they had ever taken as a family; the kids grew to prefer vacation destinations that could only be reached by plane. But for that two weeks, they were like a 1950’s movie: quaint and content, their biggest worries where to stop for dinner and what time the hotel pool closed.

Even then, anyone looking at the picture would discern that Haylie was the even-keeled, wise one. At 14 years old, she had her hands on the shoulders of the two younger ones; she was always corralling them, coaching them, loving on them. She’ll make a great mother, Jim thought for the thousandth time.

And then for the thousandth time, the bile rose in Jim’s chest, and his stomach turned, at the thought of her making babies for that lecherous old loser. What does a 38-year-old man want with a girl practically half his age?

Yes, of course she’s beautiful, Jim answered in his mind. Every man wants her. He closed his eyes as he thought of Haylie’s long legs, mermaid blonde hair, and sparkling smile.

He just didn’t know how he could let her go… but he figured he was going to find out soon enough.

Helen had put out a supper of salads and cold cuts. She was slicing veggies for the sandwich tray when he walked in. “Jim, I don’t know another way to ask. Please find a way to make peace with your daughter tonight.” She looked up at him, her eyes misting.

“This rift between you is making life difficult for all of us. Did I tell you that Andrew isn’t even sure he wants to come home for Thanksgiving?” Helen screwed her eyes shut. “He said… and I quote, ‘Why… so I can watch Dad and Haylie shoot death glares at each other for a week? No thanks.’” She shook her head at the knife and tomato.

“I know you want her to stay here with us forever. It’s like that summer after her freshman year spoiled you… but time marches on. We have to support her choices.”

You might have to. I don’t. I’m never going to lie to my children if I don’t agree with who or what they’ve picked for their lives.” He loosened the knot of his tie as he pulled the refrigerator door open.

Helen watched her husband take out and open a beer. At 6’3” he was formidable, a mass of man, still mostly built like the linebacker he had been in college before blowing out his knee. Staying healthy with the knee trouble was a challenge, but finally he had embraced swimming. From the bedroom window, she would watch him occasionally out in their pool; he treated even his casual laps like a competition to be won. That his sandy-blond hair was thinning didn’t matter; he had compensated by growing a full golden beard that made him look like a younger Kris Kristofferson. The kids had all inherited his “California coloring” instead of her brown hair and pale skin.

It’s why he and Haylie butt heads so easily: they are peas in a pod, Helen thought. She dried the butcher knife and put it away.

“I’ll be a few hours. I’m going to take your mother to the new Italian restaurant by her house, and then help her get some things sorted from your dad’s stuff. She is finally ready to start dealing with clothes and papers.”

Jim nodded and kissed his wife on top of her head. “Thanks, sweetheart.” He sighed. “I’ll just be here… trying not to put Haylie in a suitcase and send her to a convent on Easter Island.”

“Do they even have— actually, never mind. Good luck. And Jim…” She looked up at him. “Don’t make her cry.”

Chapter 2: Honesty is Complicated

“Mom?” Haylie took her key out of the front door and closed it behind her. The house seemed too still. “Where is everyone?” she called.

Jim sat at the patio table under a shady pergola, his shirt sleeves rolled up, his wingtips kicked off. The sun had just started its descent, and the breeze was mild. A second beer bottle was empty in front of him. Faintly, he could hear his daughter inside, confused at the empty house.

She appeared at the back door.

“Daddy? Hi. Where’s Mother?” There was a note of suspicion under her question.

He looked up with a silent sigh. She was as stunning as ever. The happiness and excitement of a bride-to-be showed all over her face, even with her eyebrow raised skeptically. Haylie had always dressed modestly, unlike her younger sister—but no long sleeves and high necks could hide her pouting pink mouth, lush breasts, eager nipples, and round ass.

It didn’t help that Jim could imagine exactly what she looked like naked. It had been a while… but not so long that he couldn’t envision her bare body right now. He fought to keep his eyes on her face.

“Hey, sweetheart. Umm. Your mom decided to go see your grandmother tonight.”

Haylie huffed angrily. “She promised me. This was such a set-up,” she muttered.

“Don’t be mad at your mother. She just wants to keep peace in the house.”

“Well, it’s not like it’s up to me.” Haylie folded her arms, still in the doorway. “Daddy, I don’t want to have this conversation if it’s just going to go like the other times. Mom was supposed to be here to referee.”

“It won’t go like the other times. I promise, Haylie.” He looked at her pointedly. “I promise, baby. I miss you. I want us to be our old selves again.”

She softened, her posture relaxing as Jim’s voice began to coax.

“Go on into the kitchen and get some supper. Mom put things out. I’ll be here.” He held up his palms to signal surrender. “We won’t argue. I swear it.”

She turned on her heel and disappeared back into the house.

Jim was looking out over the pool and the hot tub when another bottle appeared in front of him, ice chips flaking off as she put it on the table. Haylie sat down next to him, an overpoured glass of red wine in her hand.

“Okay. Let’s hash it out.”

She watched him twist off the bottle cap. Haylie hadn’t realized how much she missed him, until she was next to him. Not the James Westmore Jr. with whom she had argued constantly over the ten months, and who couldn’t be in her presence without steaming and stewing about her choice of husband—but her Daddy. The one who had carried her to bed when she was a sleepy girl, and taught her to ride horses, and sent her to the best schools.

The one who taught her to swim, that summer after her freshman year. Haylie’s stomach fluttered at the memory, one of many she had locked away for a long time; seeing the pool up close brought back images she couldn’t banish.

Her first year of college had been hard. She had loved her classes, and dorm, and roommates, and sorority pledgeship… but she had also loved the wrong boy. He was an upperclassman, one who spotted the fresh meat her first night on campus. Tucker had pursued her carefully for months, wooed her with dates and flowers and promises—and then taken her virginity. She stayed over at his room every night for the next week. Haylie was gooey-eyed and dazzled with love. She wrote their names together in the back of her day planner to see how it would look on their wedding stationery.

Three weeks later, Haylie’s roommate hesitated before showing her pictures of the boy online… groping drunkenly on another big-breasted blonde freshman in a tiny bikini at his fraternity’s big spring luau, his arm around her possessively, his tongue in her ear.

“But… I don’t understand... I haven’t heard from Tucker in three days. He said… he was going home for the weekend for his parents’ anniversary dinner.” The roommate’s eyes filled with sympathetic tears, as the realization dawned and she watched Haylie’s heart shatter.

She’d kept everything inside for a long time, attempting to muster the fortitude to make it through final exams. She lost weight, looked tired all the time. She wanted to just hide out in bed in her dorm, so she started taking uppers to get through finals. It earned her a 3.5 GPA, but by the end of the semester, the stress of the secret had unraveled her.

It was Haylie’s third night back home for the summer, when she melted down and told her parents everything. Tucker. The pills. The sex. Every detail.

Jim had suppressed the urge to vomit, as Haylie sat in the living room and tearfully admitted to her parents that she had let this… this little piece of shit… go all the way with her. Her father had wanted to kill the boy; jump directly onto a plane headed for Charlottesville and show up at his frat house and snap his neck. Helen had cradled the girl while she bawled, shushing into her blonde curls and stroking her back as Jim paced in rage.

“This is normal. We have to just let her heal,” Helen had warned him later, when they were alone. “You cannot interfere. The boy is nothing. This too shall pass. We have to teach our daughter how to recover from loss, how to get healthy, and enjoy her life again.” She was absolutely firm. Jim had always deferred to her in the emotional matters of the girls, so he sucked up his white-hot fury, and focused on Haylie.

She wondered if he imagined the same things she did when she looked at the blue pool. Haylie sipped her wine. Probably not. It’s been five years. He’s forgotten that summer.

“I guess we’d better get on with it,” she said tentatively. Neither of them wanted to have this conversation.

“Daddy, I—” “Sweetheart, it’s not—”

She gave a half-hearted smile. “You go first.”

“Sweetheart. I like Paul. He seems nice.” Haylie watched her father speak, her pale blue eyes looking into the mirror of his. “I can tell that he will take very good care of you.”

They both looked down at the ring on her left hand. The diamond was enormous; Jim had taken it for almost four carats, and it flashed brilliantly in any light. Too big for a young girl, he thought the first time he saw it. So gauche. He hated the way her engagement ring always seemed to catch his eye.

“It’s great that Paul has been so successful. But you know that success isn’t the only thing.” Jim took a swig of his beer. “He’s already been divorced once, right? Maybe he’s not good at marriage. And, look at your aunt’s ex-husband. He made millions and still was a total scumbag.”

“Daddy, that’s not going to happen to me. Paul isn’t that kind of person.” Jim blurted out a scoff. She put her hand on his forearm, as if to still him. “He isn’t, Daddy! And… you promised to behave and listen.”

Jim clenched his jaw and nodded.

“Look at me,” she said softly. “Daddy, I don’t want to replace you. Is that what you are worried about?” She took his hand.

“You’ve always been there for me. Always. That can’t ever be erased by a boyfriend or a fiancé… or even a husband.”

He looked straight up at the swimming pool.

He does remember, she thought. “I’ve graduated. I have a job. I can’t live here with you and Mom forever. You know how the Westmores are expected to succeed.” She paused. “Do you think I wouldn’t stay here with you if I could?”

Jim’s brow furrowed. Is she saying what I think she’s saying? She can’t be. She’s moved past our summer. “Stay here? Surely you haven’t thought about that.”

Her small cool hand traced up his arm, under his sleeve. “Of course I have. All the time.” Haylie swallowed and inhaled. “Daddy, I think about being here with you all the time.” Her hand squeezed his bicep. “I think about it… every night.”

Jim’s cock begin to move. He cleared his throat. “Haylie, you’re the light in my eyes. I just want you to be happy. I worry that no one can take care of you like I would.”

“No one ever will. But I still have to have a proper life, Daddy. Get married, have a home. Start a family.”

The rage flared in Jim’s chest. A baby with that schmuck. He tried to keep his voice calm. “You’re not in a hurry for a family, are you?”

She laughed instantly. “Oh God, no! That’s years away. I’m not taking this IUD out for any reason.”

He was hard now, thick and quickening. “Why don’t we go swimming, sweetheart? Just a quick dip. We won’t be disturbed for hours.”

Chapter 3: A Dip with Daddy

Haylie felt like she was in a dream. The glass of wine on an empty stomach had her floaty, as she rose from the patio chair and moved toward the swimming pool.

Part of her brain was refusing. “We still aren’t done talking,” it was saying. “I haven’t told him everything. He still hasn’t promised to accept my fiancé. This is a delay tactic,” her brain warned.

But the part of her brain that had turned her nipples hard the minute Jim had mentioned “taking care of her” was overriding the system.

“I’m just going for a swim in my own home,” that part retorted. “This is normal.”

She stopped at the water’s edge and kicked off her sandals. Then her cardigan, dropped over her shoes. Haylie looked across the water, her back to her father, as she unbuttoned her cotton tank dress to the waist and pushed it off her shoulders.

Jim’s eyes were riveted. This was like the vision he played out so many times, remembering their summer. Haylie’s skin glowed in the pink light of the setting sun, and he watched intently as she posed for him, shedding her clothes for his appreciation. As her sundress fell in a pool at her feet, he couldn’t help but inhale.

His daughter’s lithe long legs were topped by a swell of hip and a smooth round ass, barely covered in tiny bikini panties. He caught a glimpse of her back, just before she pulled her ponytail holder out and shook her thick blonde curls down.

Jim was rock-hard now, a tent in his pants as he watched Haylie reach back to undo the hook of her bra, slip it off and drop it on the ground. She was moving slowly, purposefully. As she put her thumbs inside the sides of her panties and slid them down, she bent at the waist to push them over her thighs. Between her legs, he caught a glimpse of the blonde wisp of hair there. The finest silk in the world. The phrase had occurred to him the first time his fingers had touched it. His dick throbbed painfully.

She took her time rising, letting her fingertips slide lightly up her thighs, hips, and sides. Her arms continued up, slowly, slowly. They were over her head, then, and like a dancer, she rose on her tiptoes and dove smoothly into the deep end of the blue water.

The splash was small. He knew the water would be gentle, warmed by the day’s sun, not too brisk. She crossed underwater to the midpoint, stopping near the 4-ft depth.

Haylie turned to face her father as she stood up. She put her head back, smoothing down her wet golden hair as her succulent tits rose up out of the water. They were still perfect, Jim noted. A perfect handful. Round and firm, like they should be on a 24-year-old. Her nipples were a deep rosy color, tightened up into hard aching points from the cool water and now the breeze. Beads of water rolled down her body, down from her collarbone, between her breasts, along her smooth arms, down along her taut stomach, dripping off the tiny sparkling jewel at her navel—the piercing—of which he hated the notion but loved the sight. She looked like a naiad, some kind of water fairy from his private erotic fantasies.

“Daddy, are you coming?”

Jim stood up and walked around to the shallow stepped entrance to the pool. He moved slowly, openly devouring his daughter’s body with his eyes as he approached. He stopped at the handrail, and tracked her mirror-blue gaze down to his crotch, where his log of a prick was making an obscene show under his thin wool trousers. “Do you want me to swim with you, baby?” His voice was husky, thick.

Haylie nodded, licking her lips, blinking slowly, the look she used to give him when she was mentally transforming into his playtoy.

His daughter had a way of… becoming. She was no longer just his progeny; she turned into something else. Something other—like the water nymph. A dream girl, one who had his coloring and his lust and his stubbornness. One who could both forget the shame of their acts… and embrace it.

It was her turn to stare, as Jim unbuttoned his dress shirt, unbuckled and unzipped his pants, pushed off his socks. His body was thick; she had always loved how solidly he was built. Haylie knew he could always protect her. His legs were like tree trunks; she figured he could still leg-press 500 pounds without sweating. He had broad shoulders, and a chest that kept some definition even at 50, covered with fine reddish-blond curls.

She began to move toward him through the water, naked golden body rising as the pool floor sloped upward. Haylie wanted it, now. He was maneuvering his boxers off around his inconvenient erection, and she watched as it sprung out. Angry and large, searching for her.

He stepped down into the pool, and held his arms out. “Come to me, sweetheart.”

Haylie hadn’t hugged her father in months. But this very particular embrace was the one she needed, and she just hadn’t realized it. She reached him, and threw her arms around his neck, burying her face in his chest. “Oh, Daddy. I’ve missed you.”

Jim growled as he wrapped his arms around her, her skin cool and damp, her soft breasts pressing against him. His cock was urgent between their bodies. He kissed the top of her head, then put his lips against her ear, his soft beard brushing her temple. “I love you so much, Haylie. I hate that you want to give all of this to another man.”

She whimpered softly and turned her face up to his. “Daddy, I don’t want to. But I can’t give it all to you, either. Grandmother would not have it. Westmores are to ‘grow the family lines from the outside in.’ Right?” Haylie opened her mouth, her soft pink lips begging for his.

He fell to, then, his mouth closing over hers hungrily, sucking all of the oxygen out of her. She moaned in the depth of her throat, as he wrapped his arm around her waist, lifting her off her toes. “You’re still like a tiny doll, baby girl.”

He began to murmur to her, between wet kisses, as her tongue explored his. “Yes, your grandmother wouldn’t have it.” He nibbled her full lip. “Yes, your mother would have some concerns.” His tongue teased her mouth, tickling it with the lightest flutter. She moaned again.

“You like that, little one?” She nodded wordlessly, as he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth and began to flick it like a clit, with the tip of his tongue. His huge hands slid down her back, cupping her ass. So perfect, still. He squeezed her butt, gently, appreciatively.

“Hold on to Daddy.” She whimpered and nodded again, pushing her mouth back toward him. He raised her body up, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, his cock nestled underneath her hot slit as she clung to him. Haylie was 5’6” but it was no match for her father, who raised her and clutched her to him easily. He put his mouth to her ear again.

“Do you feel that, princess? Do you feel Daddy’s big cock against you?” She nodded at his lewd words, whimpering.

Jim held her firmly to him, her legs locked around his waist, as his hand slipped under her ass. There it is. Oh, yes. Haylie cried out as his thick fingertips found her wetness. She began to plant tiny kisses along his neck, as little gasps of pleasure slipped out of her throat.

“I missed you so much, my sweet girl.” He let just the tips of his fingers trail through the slippery drool from her needy slit. She nodded, kissing his cheeks.

“I missed you, Daddy. But,” she paused, for more little doll kisses, “you were so mean.” Kiss. Kiss. “I want you to be happy with me.” Kiss. Kiss.

“Mmmm. Your pussy feels so good, baby. How could I not be happy with this?” He let his index finger slide an inch further in, as she made a squeaking noise.

“You know what I mean. Daddy, you need to let me marry him.” Haylie slipped her tongue into his mouth, darting the tip around, tasting him.

“I do? I ‘need’ to?” Jim plunged his finger all the way into his daughter’s wet cunt. She cried aloud in surprise and sensation.

“Oh God!” He began to pump his finger in and out, holding her tight around the waist, his cock pressing angrily against her thighs. “You do, Daddy. Ohhh. Yes… shall I tell you why?”

He looked down at his blonde doll. “Yes. Is this an important story, baby? Do you need my full attention?”

Haylie blinked her eyelashes slowly at him, nodding. Her blue eyes were disappearing as her pupils dilated with desire. Her pink lips were growing rosier, to match her hard nipples.

“Then, come sit on Daddy.” He carried her down, until he was sitting on the ledge of the pool, just his calves and ankles in the water. He turned her body around so that her back was resting against his chest and her sweet ass was nestled against his aching cock.

Now, have her now, do it now, urged angry cock, prodding against the crack of her bottom. Jim ignored the urge, and slid one hand up Haylie’s body to find her breast and nipple, and the other hand down between her legs, seeking out her swollen wet clit.

“Here you go, princess. Open your legs for me. Daddy will just play with you a little, while you tell me.” He rubbed her clit in lazy circles, as he began to knead and squeeze her tit gently, pausing to pinch and rub the nipple.

Her breath caught, and she began to tell her father about her fiancé.

Chapter 4: A Kinky Confession

Jim let his thumb stroke the golden silk of his daughter’s pussy as his fingers rolled around her slippery clit. Her voice was shallow and breathy, her cheeks pink as she settled into him.

They had spent hours this way, that summer when she was 19. Haylie could lie back against him in the pool, their private bubble, and say anything to him. It was easier to say the difficult things when she didn’t have to make eye contact; she could whisper shameful confessions—and know that he was accepting because his cock would knock against her bottom to signal his arousal and approval. Daddy never judged.

“You know the rules, little one. Daddy plays while we talk but if you get too distracted, I’ll stop.” She nodded, then a whimper as his thumb brushed her nipple.

“Daddy, there are things you don’t know about Paul. About me and Paul.” She inhaled as his fingers softly squeezed her clit. “You’ve never wanted to talk about him so I never got to tell you.”

“I know he’s a 40-year-old man who wants to bed a young girl.”

“I’m almost 25… and he’s only 38. Not 40.” Jim made a hmph-ing noise. “Daddy, it makes a difference! You know it does. You know it made a difference that Mama was almost 20 when you married her, and not a teenager like everyone said.”

She had a point. He had been accused of cradle-robbing in his day too. He cupped her breast in his hand, enjoying the soft firm heft.

“Daddy, Paul and I like each other so much because we’re both different. We both like things that nobody else would understand.”

“Like this, Haylie?” He slid two fingers down through her liquid slit and found her opening. She moaned softly as he put his mouth on her ear. “Is this one of the things you like that no one understands?”

“Y-y-yess, Daddy. Exactly.” Her hips begin to roll, barely perceptible. Under his hand, under her breast, he could feel her heartbeat jumping. It had been so long for the two of them.

“Daddy… he knows. He understands… our family.” She lifted her ass, trying to press against his hand. His cock thumped under her, yearning for her body in return. “I didn’t tell him. Paul told me he could just tell from that very first dinner, the night he came to the country club with us. That we were so easy together.” She arched her back, pressing her nipple against his hand.

“He didn’t say anything about any of it for a while. Not at first. But… the sex wasn’t amazing. He was good at doing things that made me feel good… but I didn’t enjoy… you know, the actua—”

Jim began to use his thumb on her slick clit as his fingers slid in and out of her pussy. “The fucking, baby? Are you saying that Paul was good at eating you out, but that the intercourse wasn’t enjoyable?”

She groaned at the dirty words coming from her father’s mouth. This was so wrong.

“Unnnmmmh, uh huh. Yes, Daddy.” Her ass pushed against his hand as he fingered her. “He’s also kind of small, Daddy. But it’s not bad, it’s not too small. Mmm, Daddy, yes… like that…”

“Stay focused, my princess. So if he’s got a small penis, and is not good in bed, why are you staying with him?”

“Daddy, Paul made me an offer. A good one.” Her hips were rolling now, her lush ass grinding back against his hot hard shaft. Her head lolled back against his shoulder.

“He said if we got married, and as long as I was okay with the things he liked to do… and would keep it a secret… that I could have anything I wanted.” She held her left hand out, and splayed her fingers; the extravagant ring looked like it was on fire, in the last rays of the sun.

“And what does he like to do? What are the things you have to give him?”

“He likes to dress up and role play, Daddy. It’s weird, but I don’t care. It’s harmless, and I’ve always just let him have his fun. He has a trunk full of stuff. Clothes and whatnot. It’s really the only thing he enjoys. Regular sex isn’t fun for him… which I guess is why he isn’t very good at it.” Haylie wiggled her fingers, watching the diamond sparkle.

“But apparently his first wife was a bitch about his little… hobby. Made fun of him, and threatened to talk about it. That’s why his attorneys were so hard on her and she only got a little settlement… even though Paul had already made big money by then. And she’s under a major gag order.”

“He said you can ‘have anything’? Like what… jewelry? What does that mean, baby?” He put his arms around her waist, hugging her, pulling his daughter back against his erection as her body writhed against his.

She turned her face to her father’s neck, and made the confession Jim didn’t realize he had been desperate to hear for years.

“Jewelry. Houses. Clothes. Travel. Cars…” Haylie’s tongue flicked out, tasting his skin. “You, Daddy.” She arched her back. “Us.”

Slowly she lowered her left hand, reaching under her hip to take hold of her father’s massive cock.

“Paul will take care of my every want, as long as I play his games occasionally… and in return he says I can still be a Westmore.” He grunted as her small soft hand encircled him. “Paul and I made a deal. The ring is our bond. I want to marry him… because it means I can be Daddy’s girl forever.”

Jim felt something down in his core, suddenly. A hot searing pull, something that shot from his sternum down to his spine, to the base of his balls, heavy with sperm.

“You made that deal… for me, Haylie? For us?” She nodded, into his neck, her face unseen as her hot cheeks warmed his clavicle. Her hand began to stroke, gently rubbing the angry fat plum head.

“If I marry Paul… I can have you,” she murmured. “Which is why I was so sad and mad that you never gave me a chance to tell you.” Her hand gripped him, slick juice beginning to drip from the tip of his cock.

“When Paul came to ask me for your hand in marriage… you already had made the deal?”

She nodded, sitting slowly up without missing a stroke. His voice was beginning to shift, as her words dawned on him.

“You already knew about his kink… and didn’t care… so he gets to be himself, and I get to have you.” Jim was processing it all. “And he knows? About us?’

Haylie maneuvered her body around in the water, half in, turning to face Jim. He put his hands around her waist as she straddled his thighs to sit across them. “He suspects. He doesn’t know the full details, or about our summer… just that the Westmore family has always been ‘very close’ and we like to spend a lot of private time together, and that I love living here.”

She raised her ass up, hovering over his turgid erection. It was covered in precum now, and her golden-pink cunt, still juicy from his fingering, was inches away from it. She brought her hands up to his barrel chest, and raised her eyes to meet his. Her face was all he could see, all he could breathe.

“Daddy, I’ve never stopped thinking about us. And I took a long time to consider it all. To make sure I wasn’t just rebounding that summer… from that asshole Tucker and what he did.” She put her pink lips against his, the softest kiss.

“And?” Jim’s voice was husky, thick with need.

“It’s been five years since. And everyone I dated afterward, in college… they were nothing. They couldn’t make me laugh, or take care of me.” Her body moved, an infinitesimal gesture, as her eyes searched his face. He could feel the heat of her pussy over the head of his cock. She kissed his mouth again. “They couldn’t make me feel good, Daddy.”

He nodded, groaning against her lips.

“Only you, Daddy. I needed you… but I need to keep up appearances too. So I went out and found a good man, who loves me and will give me everything in the world.”

Haylie lowered her body again, a millimeter, the drool from her pussy lips close enough to mingle with the precum on his aching dick. “Everything, Daddy. He’s giving me you.” Her tongue darted out, teasing his lips.

“But only if you want it. I made the deal, but it’s nothing without you.” She paused, sinking down a millimeter further, the hot head of his rock-hard cock resting just inside her velvet-wet pussy. The sensation was maddening. She pushed the tip of her tongue into his mouth; her father’s mustache was soft, and Haylie had always loved how it abraded her delicate skin when she kissed him for hours. Her eyes locked onto his, her big lashes fluttering.

Her voice was a whisper now.

“Do you want me forever, Daddy?”

Chapter 5: Consummating a Promise

The fragile moment they had been perching in—all the unsaid things, all the carefully said things, all the tiptoeing through memories and secrets—exploded then. Jim roared to life, a predator’s howl , as he clutched his daughter by the waist and pulled her down, impaling her on his huge cock in one thrust.

Oh, God. She was as silken and hot as he had remembered—and revisited in five years’ worth of masturbatory fantasy.

“Daddy! Oh God, yes!” She cried out, shuddered, as her body acclimated to the violation. “Fuck!”

“Yes, Haylie.” With his hands on her waist, he began to pull her forward, encouraging her to rock. “Yes, I want you forever.” She clutched his pectorals as he moved her body. “Yes, I want this tight perfect pussy, the one that sprung from my loins, the one that I dream about every night.”

She moaned, and began to roll her hips on her own, inflamed by the thickness inside, moving in ways that only a woman full of cock knows how to move. “God, yes, Daddy.” She kissed his mouth, hungry, forceful.

“Yes, every night. Paul knows that I think about you. He knows that you’re the only one I want to make love to. He doesn’t mind.”

Jim’s meaty hands grabbed her bouncing breasts, big handfuls of flesh, squeezing, owning. “The only one, baby girl? Is Daddy the only one who gets these beautiful tits?” She threw her head back and moaned, her ass continuing to grind.

“Oh goddd, Daddyyy, ummmnnggh…” He brought them to his mouth, crushing the soft flesh together, whipping his head back and forth to take huge suckling swallows of her rose-hard nipples.

“Yes, Daddy, uhmnngh, these are all for you… no one else gets to suck on me.” He began to thrust from beneath, matching her movements, getting deeper inside her.

“Fuck yes… fuck me, Daddy. Fill me up,” Haylie begged, her voice cracking. She put her hands on his biceps, as if to hold on for the ride. He grunted around a mouth full of nipples, and began biting the tender skin. She squealed, his teeth sinking into the pink and white flesh.

“Mine,” he growled, dropping his hand. He put his huge palm across her flat belly, where his cock was working her insides beneath. He could feel himself inside her, through her abdomen. He could feel himself buried inside his daughter—the daughter he made.

Haylie nodded, eyes gone with lust, pink mouth open obscenely, lips bruised and raw from his savage kisses and whiskers.

His hand circled around, to clutch her plump ass cheek, fingers digging in as she rocked and fucked. He pinched her nipple with the other hand.

“Mine, Haylie. You’re mine.” She nodded, glazed, wordless. She squeezed his arms, gripping him as her grinding and his fucking bounced her lithe body around. Her cunt was pouring, making lubrication as fast as it could to accommodate the hot thick intrusion that was battering her cervix.

“My good girl,” Jim grunted, pumping his cock up into her. “Daddy missed you so much. But we don’t ever have to be apart again.”

She nodded again, tongue slipping out to lick her lips, searching for his. Her pussy was running the show now, her mind clearly withdrawn into an animal place where she existed to grind on a massive cock, her breasts heaving, skin reddened, eyes rolling back in her head.

“It’s time, Haylie. Time to give Daddy your show.” He bit her exposed neck, and slapped her ass, the noise echoing across the surface of the pool. She cried out, a plaintive sound, raw hunger and need all collapsing into one response.

She bore down on him, as he thrust up, rubbing her swollen clit against his hot groin as her pussy squeezed him. “It’s time, Daddy,” she whispered, her eyelids fluttering. She dug her nails into his arms, as her orgasm started.

Jim’s heart flooded as he watched his angel begin to whimper and moan, building up into shrieks and screams. “Oh fuck! Daddy! Fuck me!” Her head flew back, and he put his arm around her waist to pin her in place. “Yes! Daddy! I’m cumming! Now!” Her hot cunt began to spasm, urgently, as it tried to milk his seed toward the natural biological outcome.

“Oh yes, baby, good girl, that’s it… fuck me, Haylie. Cum for Daddy… unggghh. Yes… that little pussy is still so tight and perfect… you’re my favorite girl… fuck, yes… ride it, my little fucktoy…”

Haylie was screaming now, high-pitched and rhythmic, no words forming as he fucked all the sound out of her, erupting in utterances and blurts, her eyes screwed shut as she came all over her father’s thick prick.

That was it, then, and Jim couldn’t hold off. As her orgasm continued its crest, the wet satin grip of her pussy around him was doing work, and he felt his balls clench with need.

“Yes, baby… it’s time for Daddy to fill you up… oh God…” He grabbed her hips, and worked her ass back and forth on his dick, rolling her supple body up and down as her thighs and calves and hands clenched involuntarily.

“Do you feel that, angel? Do you feel Daddy’s cock? Uummgnnhh… god… fuck…” He was stabbing up into her, when his load exploded, shooting cum up inside her womb.

“Yes, Haylie, take Daddy’s cum… God yes… my sweet little bitch…”

His load was eternal, spraying semen inside her, pulse after pulse, her pussy still clamping and spasming.

“Yes, Daddy. Fuck me… give me your cream. Ohhh, Daddy, I’ve missed you,” she breathed, her voice hoarse as she came down.

“Oh yes, Daddy, don’t stop…” She rolled her hips back and forth, as he groaned, grabbing her tit and slapping her ass again. “Do you feel my cunny milking you, Daddy? Your little girl wants all your cum…” She took the lead back over as her father’s balls drained inside her, bouncing her ass and grinding her leaking pink gash against him.

“Every drop, Daddy. This is your little pussy, isn’t it?” She bit his chest, and licked his nipple. “I’m your good girl forever… you can fuck me whenever you want, Daddy…”

“Ohhh godddd unnnmmghh yes Haylie yes…” Her golden hair leapt as she bobbed her cunt up and down on his cock, the liquid squelching noise inflaming him.

“Yes baby, fuck your Daddy… oh goddd… baby… yes… unghhh unnnngghh fuck… unnghgh…”

His words were a stream of filthy patter, as he ejaculated inside his tight, beautiful daughter.

“Give me all of it, Daddy. Every drop. All for me…” She squeezed him inside, greedily. Haylie’s blue eyes were twinkling, as she coaxed the last dribbling spurts out of him, the same way she used to coax sweets or money out of her father.

Finally, Jim exhaled, leaning back on his elbows at the edge of the pool. She was a sight to behold—nipples and breasts red with fingermarks, white cream frothing at her crotch, where his cock was still thick inside her. Too bad about that IUD, said a voice in the back of his mind.

“No, we’re not going there,” he thought.

“What, Daddy? What’s that look on your face?” Haylie bit the side of her fingernail, suddenly sheepish. It only took a moment to take stock of the situation and realize that she was outside, in the dark, in her parents’ pool, straddling her father’s dick, wearing nothing but her diamond engagement ring. Was he having regrets?

“Just realizing how stunning you are, angel. How right this feels.”

She smiled and put her hands on his stomach, which was still trembling, as she leaned forward to kiss him.

“It does, Daddy. We should never give it up again.”

He took her left hand in his, and held it up, kissing her palm. “Thanks to you, baby, we never have to.” She smiled demurely, proud to have pleased him.

“I can’t wait for you to marry Paul and begin this next chapter of your life. You’re going to make a beautiful bride.”


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