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Part 1


Kylie Oree

Copyright 2018

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The sign written in Galstand, or Galactic Standard, on the shuttle lit up, showing most electronic assistants would be able to connect to the main networks of Idar, the shuttle’s destination. The sign lighting up was met by many people absorbed in their EAs as they downloaded all the things they missed while the I-S faster than light drive was active.

Rolend Hurf had his EA out, and he was about to connect to the Idar network, but out of the corner of his eye he say a woman who appeared to be in her early twenties. The black skirt that looked like it reflected light and went down to just above the woman’s thigh caught his attention first. Then he looked up, noticing a small ring with a red gem on her right hand, then seeing she was wearing a tight red blouse with it. When his eyes went to her face he had a sudden suspicion she had noticed, and he turned back to his EA, hoping he wasn’t caught.

The brief split second image of the human woman was in his mind. As Rolend entered the commands on his EA to connect to the Idar network he sighed. Nice, but an old man like me has no chance. he thought, trying to brush the woman out of his mind so he could focus on what came up on his EA as the Idar network connection finished.

Still, he couldn’t help but to steal another glace at the woman. He turned his head, trying to look at her out of the corner of his eye. Instead a large felinoid alien obstructed his view. He saw this was a male, looked to be rather strong, some kind of warrior. Rolend wasn’t bothered by the alien, the shuttle was full of them, after all, but he frowned as he couldn’t see the woman that got his attention earlier.

He finally turned his head to get another complete look at the woman. Only a second. Rolend told himself. He aimed his gaze higher, to try and get a look at the woman’s face. A smile came on his face as he realized she had dark red hair that matched the blouse, he went to focus on her face but he couldn’t help but feel like her gaze was on him. Rolend immediately faced ahead again. The image of the woman stayed in his mind, but he pretended to be reading releases of one of the news networks based on Idar. It was a story about some members of a major syndicate being released before trial. Rolend shuddered, instantly closing the story, instead just looking ahead at the next seat on the shuttle kind of blankly.

Rolend’s temptation for a third attempt at looking at the woman was interrupted by the shuttle starting to shake a little. He knew that meant the spacefaring vessel was entering Idar’s atmosphere. The shaking lasted only a few seconds. Then Rolend felt the switch from the artificial gravity of the shuttle, and the weaker gravity of Idar itself. Weighing less is nice. Rolend thought as he looked down at his body, then instantly regretting getting a meal during the trip.

Finally it was time to get off the shuttle. Rolend got off with everyone else, looking around the Idari spaceport. He saw the Gothic arches and architecture, and then looked straight ahead, finding a sign pointing him to where he could find the automated taxis that would take him to his hotel for the night.

He saw on one of the holos playing it was covering the indictment of the syndicate members earlier in the day. Rolend suddenly froze in place, not walking ahead. He took a deep breath, then let it out. After repeating this a few times he felt what felt like an elbow hit him in the back.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” It was a woman’s voice, and Rolend judged by the Galstand accent it was almost certainly human.

Rolend turned to look and saw it was the red haired woman he had stolen glances at just a few minutes before. He smiled briefly, but then tried to make his face appear neutral, hoping the woman didn’t notice. “I’m sorry.” Rolend said quietly. “I should have kept moving.”

“It’s fine!” the woman said, her voice lilting. Then she smirked, “But I’m sure you can apologize to me by carrying my bag for me!”

Rolend looked at the woman for a moment, then noticed she was carrying a black overnight bag. “I don’t kn-“ he began to say, his voice a little above a whisper. He couldn’t finish his sentence before the woman spoke up again.

“If you don’t want to carry my bags say you don’t want to carry my bags. Don’t be a pussy and hedge.” the woman insisted. Then she thrust the bag against Rolend’s chest. “Now follow me.” she ordered before walking ahead.

Rolend tried to think of an objection, but as the woman walked in front of him he saw the black skirt was still made of some reflective material, it was still rather short, and it was also rather tight on the woman’s body, then he looked ahead to the escalator the woman was starting to step on. Rolend tried to say something, but his mind was filled with the full view of the woman’s back and he started to dutifully follow along, making sure to stay several steps behind her but not letting anyone get between him and the woman.

Once on the escalator Rolend looked up towards the woman. He was aware at some of the larger alien species walking up on the left. He could even see some obsidian looking rocks that moved through the air to the upper level out of the corner of his eye. What really caught his attention was the very clear view up the woman’s skirt. “They… match.” Rolend said to himself upon noticing what she was wearing, seeing a dark red triangle shape under her skirt.

The woman stepped off the escalator, walked a few feet ahead and suddenly stopped. Rolend stopped a few feet behind her. The woman turned, a scowl on her face. “Come here!” she ordered loudly.

Rolend didn’t raise an objection, walking a few steps towards the woman. He was slow, his palms starting to sweat a little as he approached her. He tried to avert his gaze from the woman’s face but she almost instantly took her hand under Rolend’s chin and moved him so she was right in front of his field of view.

“You were looking up my skirt!” she accused. She didn’t let go of Rolend’s chin. She even made a point to squeeze her fingers and thumb harder.

Rolend tried to jerk his head out of her grip, but to his surprise she managed to hold him in place with no additional effort. “I did not.” he replied.

“Because a man following me follows far enough behind on an escalator at just the right angle. It’s pretty fucking obvious what you were doing.” the woman continued. “Maybe you are just a pussy. A man would at least admit it.”

“I wasn’t looking up your skirt.” Rolend reiterated. His eyes then looked downwards, aiming towards the bag that was still in his arms.

“And now you’re looking at my breasts too!” the woman added. She sighed. Then her voice got quieter and lower. “Apologize. Now.” she ordered.

“I didn’t do anything.” Rolend insisted, but his eyes moved back up towards her face.

“Pussy.” the woman said derisively, letting go of Rolend’s chin. “You’re going to make this up to me. You walk now, you’re paying for our taxi, and we’re going to your hotel. You’re going to get the hotel room. In your name, of course. Then you will give me the card to the room, and then you will fuck off and I’ll forget all of this.”

“I-“ Rolend tried to begin to speak, but he found himself cut off again. It was like he kept struggling to find words to object to the woman.

“In front. Now.” the woman said. Rolend offered no further objection as he moved in front of her and walked towards where a taxi could be secured. He didn’t notice the woman behind him smirk with satisfaction.

The taxi ride was silent as the vehicle flew through the city to the hotel Rolend had been planning to stay at himself. He kept trying to think of a retort, something to say that would get this nameless woman to stop, but any time he took a moment to look over at her to say something his mind was instantly filled with a mental image of her entire body.

By now Rolend had taken enough glimpses of her body to have taken in every detail from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head. The black shoes with three inch heels that she seemed able to walk in with absolutely no problem. He noticed the toned legs that eventually came to be covered by the tight skirt. The red blouse that had brought out her hair. The ring on her finger. He then saw her face in his mental image. The only thing he had not noticed were her eyes.

Rolend looked over at the woman again, and she looked back. Rolend immediately looked away and looked downward, but his mental image was complete. The last feature of her that he had not previously noticed was along with the red blouse and dark red hair, she had red irises to match.

With the full image of the woman in his mind, Rolend started to imagine what she would look like with her skirt sliding off and too the floor, revealing the matching panties he saw earlier.

No! I fucking hate this woman! Rolend tried to plead with himself. His eyes closed as he started breathing deeply, trying to do everything in his power to cast the thought of the woman he was riding with out of his mind. The deep breathing helped, at first. Rolend tried to notice the things in the back of the taxi, the feel of the seat on his back, the feel of the floor of the vehicle. These thoughts worked for a couple seconds, but almost instantly the image of the woman was back in his mind.

I hate this woman! I hate this woman! I hate this woman! Rolend kept repeating the thought to himself like a mantra. Each time it would expel the image from his mind, but in the moment between repetitions of the mantra, the image would come back to his mind.

Ihatethiswoman! Ihatethiswoman! Ihatethiswoman! Rolend tried to have the thought as quickly as possible, increasing the speed at the mantra. While her image would only stay in his mind for a tiny moment, no matter how fast he thought his mantra, he couldn’t expel her from his mind entirely.

“IHATETHISWOMAN!” Rolend finally yelled.

“Would you like to repeat that?” the woman asked. Rolend noticed she had an obvious smirk on her face, one that was almost predatory.

“I didn’t say anything.” Rolend said, his voice now a whisper.

“So who is this woman you hate?” the woman said, continuing to press the subject. Her smirk turned into a smile. Rolend didn’t say anything in response, only looking down. “Good boy.” was what she said next. “You’re getting off light with this. You should be thankful.” Rolend felt like the woman was in rather high spirits, but he simply looked down at the floor as the ride continued. Still, he felt slightly better after she praised him, even if it was with a condescending “good boy.”

Once at the hotel, Rolend went to check in. By this point the image of the woman undressing was burnt into his mind, but he somehow managed to focus enough to get a keycard.

“Thank you!” the woman said, swiping it right out of his hand. Then she pointed to the bag Rolend had put down to get the keycard from the kiosk. “I need you to deliver my bag to my room!” she said happily.

Rolend grumbled, but began to walk towards the elevator and the assigned room. The woman followed him. Once at the room, the woman swiped the keycard and the door opened. Rolend started to hand the bag over to the woman but was interrupted. “You aren’t done until the bag is placed on my bed!” she declared.

With that declaration, Rolend entered the room. The woman followed and the door closed behind her. Finally the bag was on the bed. Rolend tried to look away from the woman, but the thoughts of her in his mind were making him almost completely unable to think. Even when he tried to think about something else, the thought of her dominated his mind after a second.

The woman made a point of dramatically sighing. “Well, since you did get the bag all the way here without fucking up” she began. Then she smiled devilishly. “Maybe you would be interested in a trade.” she proposed. The woman then took her hands and held them near the top button on her blouse. “Take your shirt off, and I will undo a button.”

“That’s” Rolend tried to begin, “Not” he tried to think of the last word. The thoughts of this woman undressing were so potent that he struggled to search for the word “fair.” The thought of her undressing for real was too much, and without another word he took off his shirt, throwing it to the floor.

“Good! So responsive!” she said with a bright smile. Then she undid the top button. It did nothing more than reveal a little bit of skin beneath her neck, but Rolend was completely fixated on this new section of skin that he had not previously seen. “Do you want to see more?” she asked, moving her hands to the next lower button.

“Uh huh.” Rolend said blankly. He managed to nod, but it was overly exaggerated.

“Hm. What price for the next button?” she teased. “How about… all your clothes.” she said.

No! Don’t do it! You hate her! Rolend’s mind tried to scream, but the past thirty minutes of undressing her in his mind had taken their toll and his hands found his way to undoing the button on his pants and starting to strip entirely.

Once that was done she looked over Rolend’s body as she undid the next button. More skin was revealed, which did captivate him, but he could also see she was wearing a red lacy bra as well. Then he heard the woman’s voice, “Well, not great, but acceptable.” she mused openly. Then she had another one of her smiles as she walked towards Rolend. Her right hand stretched out, palm facing upwards as she grabbed him between the legs. He felt a chill through him for a moment but it went away and he felt the warmth of her fingers slowly tracing his anatomy.

Rolend looked down, watching the woman’s fingers trace around him. He noticed her soft skin gently moving a finger across the top of his member. After the first time, she would lift up the finger and move back to the base, tracing across him again. She smiled with a look of amusement as she did so. “Is this not good enough for you?” she asked, her voice lilting, teasing, as Rolend did not become erect as she did this.

“No, it’s great!” Rolend insisted, he looked down as he watched the woman’s finger. “It feels great!” he tried to insist. His thoughts were flooded with arousal, but after a few repetitions of the woman’s finger moving across him panicked thoughts started to go through his mind as no matter how aroused he was, he would not become erect.

“Maybe you’re unappreciative.” the woman mused, still smiling as before. “Or maybe you’re one of those dysfunction types.”

“No!” Rolend insisted. “I like it. It’s great! I can get hard! I swear!”

“Sure doesn’t look like it!” the woman replied. “Poor little guy.” she cooed. Then her finger stopped tracing Rolend. “If you aren’t appreciating it I won’t bother.” she said firmly, her voice going from playful to louder and more forceful in an instant.

“I do appreciate it! Really!” Rolend said. “Please don’t stop! I love it! Your touch is amazing! It’s the best touch I’ve ever had!” his speech sped up and his voice went higher as he spoke.

“I thought you hated me.” the woman commented. “You don’t even know my name, my hobbies, anything about me. You’re so selfish, you get a chance at being with me and make it all about you.” she moved her hand in a long wave across the front of her body as to demonstrate this point further. “You got naked just to see me undo a couple buttons and you don’t even look appreciative.”

“I don’t hate you anymore! Honest!” Rolend said next. “You’re great! You’re wonderful! You’re hot!” Then he took his right and gripped himself, starting to rub along the shaft vigorously. “I can get hard! You’ll see! Those touches just weren’t enough is all!” he blurted out.

“Are you saying I’m not enough for you?” the woman asked next, looking down at Rolend as he desperately tried to give himself an erection. Then she sighed dramatically. “Fucking seriously, do I have to do all the work here?” she asked rhetorically. “I know I can make you get hard. I can get any man hard.” she said boastfully. Rolend didn’t manage to notice the amused grin she had on her face.

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