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Sexy Sixty Grandma

Written by Jack Vitale

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Sexy Sixty Grandma

From what I was told by my best friend, Billy, turning sixty really bothered his mother’s mother. It seemed the maternal grandmother just couldn't handle getting old. So, in an attempt to fight off the inevitable, Grandma Jacqueline changed her lifestyle dramatically for the better.

First off, she dyed her hair back to its original blonde color and let it grow real, real long. Then, to add to her new youthful look, she discarded her drab makeup in favor of makeup that would only enhance her youthful, pretty face. And if this wasn’t enough, she bought all new clothes, real sexy outfits to show off a sexy body that defied her natural, but unwanted age.

Once all of that was done, this real sweet lady that everyone liked, made the most drastic move of all: she took on a lover, a younger man who could make her feel young and exciting again. And from what I was told, everything worked out very well for my friend’s real nice grandmother. She looked and felt like a much younger woman again.

Her family knew all about the dramatic change in Grandma Jackie’s appearance and, needless to say, they weren't too happy about it. Luckily for her though, they knew nothing of her new younger lover. If they had, they'd be real pissed about that too. That's why Grandma kept her secret to herself and told no one except the one person she couldn't help but tell: her young lover.

Her secret tryst began because Jackie didn't drive and needed someone to take her everywhere she needed to go to fix herself up. This is where I came in. Since her grandson didn’t have his license and I already had mine, she asked if I’d mind chauffeuring her around to do all her shopping and getting dolled up. Being I really liked the woman I couldn’t say no to someone so sweet and nice. Who knew I’d get to like the real nice lady in a way I never thought I could?

Sometime during my chauffeuring of Grandma Jacqueline, I realized I had the hots for the new sexy woman I was driving everywhere. And the best part was, I think the hot looking blonde knew she was getting to me. I’m saying this because of things she started doing, and they weren’t by accident.

While sitting next to me in the car, she'd make sure her short mini dress would slide all the way back past the top of her stockings, showing off her tanned sexy legs in a way that drove me wild and crazy. She may have been fucking sixty years old, but let me tell you, this old lady had real sexy legs, shapely legs that drove me fucking wild with lust for her.

And when she leaned back in the seat, her tight blouses would do nothing but enhance the large bulging tits I couldn't help but gawk at like I gawked at the younger girl’s big tits. It was a fucking tease and I knew it. Grandma Jacqueline was trying to excite me, trying to get me to make a move on the lady who wanted to be young again. Then one day I’d had enough.

Wed just pulled into her driveway after Id taken her to get her hair done. Jackie looked exceptionally sexy that day. She had her face all made up; her new hair style only accentuated her pretty face, and the short tight skirt she was wearing did nothing but make her shapely body look even better. To say I was aroused by my friend’s grandmother had to be an understatement.

As I shut off the car engine, she leaned back in the seat and crossed her gorgeous fucking legs. "You're so sweet for taking me everywhere," she said, then moved closer and put her arm around me. "I wish I could show you how much I appreciate what you've done."

As she said that, Grandma Jacqueline's hand touched the back of my head with her fingers slithering through my hair. If that wasn't a come on, I didn't know what was. So, I went for it. I moved my one hand to her bare knee and started to rub the outside of her bare thigh above her stockings.

"Maybe there is!" I said while my fingers glided back and forth, moving down along her thigh until they were just below her panty line. At that point, Jackie edged closer, smiling lustfully while looking at me in a new and different way.

My husband's not home, you know!" she said, then grasped the back of my neck. "Would you like to come inside and show me what that something is?" she asked, but before I could answer, she kissed me hard on the mouth with her tongue surging fast between my lips.

Almost instantly, my hand moved from the outside of her leg to the soft smooth skin of her inner thigh. When I did that, Jackie opened her legs further, letting my fingers find the wetness between her legs.

As I played with her cunt, Jackie kissed me like some of my younger girlfriends kissed me, sucking on my tongue like I didn't know women her age could. And if that wasn't enough to astound me, the not so old Grandma did something else some of my other ladies did. She took hold of my cock and started rubbing it right through my pants.

"Whatta you say, sweetie!" she said while squeezing my dick. "Wanna go inside and fuck the new Jackie's body?"

Suddenly, the woman Id always called Grandma Jackie out of respect, was now known to me as Jackie, a hot piece of ass looking to fuck for me. Should I have told her no? I didn't think so.

Once inside her house, Jackie wrapped her arms around my shoulders and kissed me again. Only this time, she didn't use her hand to play with my dick. She used her belly to rub against it while her tongue went wild inside my mouth. That's when I realized what a great ass my friend’s grandmother had. I got my hands under her short skirt and grabbed hold of it, squeezing her soft cheeks right through her panties. That's when Jackie got even wilder.

She leaped into my arms and wrapped both her legs around me, at the same time pressing her cunt to my dick. "Oh, yeah!" she cried out while my cock dry humped her wet crotch.

"I want your cock!" she yelled. "I want it inside me and I want you fucking me!"

The next thing I knew, she was telling me to take her into the bedroom where my friend’s grandfather once gave the woman his cock. I felt kind of funny about it, but did what she said anyway. Jackie wanted to fuck and so did I. Later for my friend’s grandfather.

As we toppled onto the bed, her long slim legs came around me and my cock pressed against her hot pussy. At that point, she started moving her wild body, dry-humping my cock while kissing me. She was a hot one and I had to give her what she wanted.

“Grandma Jackie! I gotta fuck you! "

"Yes. yes, Mikey honey! Fuck me! Fuck hot Jackie! Give her your cock!"

Panties aside, I got my cock into her, shoving it in as far as it would go. At that point, Jackie's solid legs came back around me and we started fucking. And believe me, we started fucking. I couldn't believe how hot a woman her age could be. Her body moved wildly with mine, taking my every thrust while squeezing my cock within her incredibly hot cunt. She was on fire as my dick started to explode into her and her body started to shake in orgasm around it.

She cried out loud. "I'm coming, baby! Fuck me, baby! I'm coming!"

"Me too, Jackie! Me fucking too!"

After my juice filled up her hole, we lay there in silence, each holding onto the other. I had fucked my friend’s grandmother, and wed probably fuck again, not that I minded fucking the hottest woman I'd ever known.

The only thing was, I had no idea I'd be fucking her so soon after, or that she'd do something I couldn't even imagine his grandmother doing.

After I stood up, Jackie sat up and crawled over to the side of the bed where I was standing.

"I love your cock, Mikey! I'm gonna want it all the time," she said, then took it into her hand. "Think you can give it to me all the time?" she asked as her mouth came around it, licking the come-soaked head with her moist lips gliding up and down the growing shaft,

I took one look at who was blowing me, and it wasn’t one of my girlfriends or some whore I was paying. It was my best friend’s grandmother, the lady whose knee he used to sit on when he was just a little kid. But, the woman whose mouth was sucking on my dick and licking it hard again for fucking, wasn't Billy’s grandmother anymore.

She was Jackie, a hot piece of ass who refused to act her age.

End of Story

These tales are by no means True.  They are fictional fantasies from a mind so lurid, no one’s off bounds. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. By no means did we intend any disrespect for the ladies engaged in lurid sex and speaking obscenely. Hopefully, those women will enjoy the naughty story written especially for them. 

About the author . . .

Jack Vitale is a writer of erotic fiction. His work is hot and graphic and told as all good smut should be told. In reality, Jack Vitale is a pseudonym for the seventy-five year old author who prefers to keep his real name to himself given the erotic nature of the material he writes to help supplement his social security income.

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