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The Promise Of You


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Table of contents


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven


I guess that there are at least a few good things about being a werewolf…

1) Every full moon, you get to change into a beautiful, magnificent beast.

2) Werewolves are generally feared by vampires, their mortal enemies.

3) are powerful hunters, who command respect from many.

4) rewolves possess lightning quick reflexes and heightened senses.

5) And lastly, apparently, rumour has it that when you have sex with another werewolf it’s, it’s…f**king amazing…

Not that I would know anything about that, because I’m a virgin.

I had to remain intact.

Dem’s the rules.

Because, I’m the female Were promised to the next Alpha of the legendary

Rosewood Pack.

None other than, Logan Black.

Gorgeous bastard…


~ Eleanor ~

I ran as fast as my legs could take me, but still he caught me up.

My lungs were burning like a fire had been lit inside me and I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck.

“I’m gonna get you Eleanor Harrison, you can’t escape me!”

Fury surged through my veins and I balled my fists ready to punch his pretty face.

“Go away, Logan Black! I hate you!”

He yanked a handful of my long hair.

“The same!” he shouted and grabbed me by the arm.

My eyes welled up with the sharp, unexpected pain.

“Get. Off. Of. Me!” I yelled at the top of my voice.

Some of the nearby parents looked around and started laughing at us…two arch enemies playing rough and tumble in the field.

Logan grabbed my red face into his sweaty hands.

A sick feeling flooded my body as he inched ever closer to my face.

He smelt of dirty, yucky sweat and grass.

“Eleanor, you have to kiss me now. That’s the rules of the game.”

“No. I don’t want to!” I screamed and tried to twist away from his vice like grip.

He was having none of it and he pulled my face to his and kissed me clumsily, but firmly.

I tried to resist, but then my tired body gave up.

Luckily it only lasted a few seconds and that was long enough.

Logan pulled back away from me with a triumphant grin on his stupid face as the warm air around us shimmered and sparkled, making the dusky sky a hazy purple, pink. It seemed to weave a spell around Logan and myself, until we were in some sort of a cocoon bubble that hovered around us and I had never seen anything so pretty in all my life.

I let my head fall back and stared open mouthed around me.

“Wow. It’s beautiful,” I breathed thinking that magical fairies had come to rescue me from the ugly frog.

Logan stared around him and grinned.

“Cool, man.”ch

Suddenly loud voices were raised and about ten older people, mostly parents came running over.

Everyone seemed super excited about something.

“We’ll have to tell Ward and Mary. Good gracious. Praise the Lord. She’s the one. Eleanor Harrison is the one!” Reverend Hastings shouted.

I was confused and where were the fairies?

“I’m the one, what?” I asked no one in particular.

Ward, Logan’s dad showed up.

“Well, well, it’s finally happened. How wonderful. She’s the one, alright,” he said grinning at me.

“I’m the one, what?” I repeated and pulled a face.

My mom and dad appeared at my side.

Mom swept me up into her embrace and dad stroked my hair.

“Eleanor sweetheart, you’re the one destined to marry Logan. The prophecy was sealed with your first kiss. You are promised to the next Alpha of the Rosewood Pack,” mom gently explained.

I looked at them both like they had gone crazy.

“No way!” Logan shouted at no one in particular.

“Yuck. I don’t want to marry him! I hate him!”

Then, I threw up on the grass and burst into floods of tears.

* * *

Chapter One

~ Eleanor ~

Thirteen years later…

“Daddy, why do I have to marry him? I don’t even think he’s that good looking,” I fumed, much to my father’s amusement.

He looked at me and watched me pace so vigorously he must have been worried for the real wood floor, then he rubbed his tired eyes and sighed dramatically.

“Eleanor, firstly Logan Black is very good looking.”


“And, secondly, it’s just the way things are. You were promised to him when you kissed and now that you’re twenty one, you must fulfil that promise. It’s an ancient tradition and most girls would be jumping at the chance to be married to the Alpha of the most powerful pack in North America. Stop complaining.”

I exhaled a frustrated breath. “It’s Ellie, remember?” I bit out and flounced out of the kitchen.

“Sweet Jesus above, that girl. Lord, give me strength,” I heard him mutter.

I went up to my room and peaked out of the window knowing full well that I would see him working in the huge field next to my bedroom.

Sure enough, he was there cutting the grass back comically surrounded by several colourful, pretty butterflies.

Every time that I got close to him, my body reacted in a shameful way. My breasts ached, my heart stuttered, and my pussy became slick with rampant desire.

All part of the damned curse of being promised to him.

I watched dry mouthed as his powerful torso rippled like he was starring in some boy band video when he tore through the weeds with a sickle. He turned and I saw his muscular, corded back. A back that I longed to sink my long nails into as he made love to me…

God, why did he have to be so…beautiful?

His body was well, amazing.

Slabs of muscle, honed to absolute perfection.

Sweat dripped down his sinful body in rivulets that I wished I could lick from his tanned, toned skin, before we made love.

Get a grip!

Only thing is my husband to be, Logan Black didn’t make love, he fucked liked an animal. Because that’s what he was.

The thought left a sour taste in my mouth, but I gradually slipped back into a fantasy of him touching me, teasing me and pleasuring me beyond my wildest dreams. A shiver of arousal pulsed deliciously through me, heating my blood and heightening my senses.

Logan was becoming a regular fantasy for me and in two days, I would get to live it.

But, I was worried that he’d be horrible to me and hurt me when we made love because over the course of the last few years, that’s all he’d ever done.

Parties where he’d purposely left me out.

Summer gatherings where he’d been extremely rude and ignored me.

And, not forgetting the pack cook out when he deliberately shoved me into the lake, rendering my white dress completely see through.

The list of the things that Logan had done to make me feel bad, was endless. But, here I was panting as I lusted after him – the man whore of Rosewood.

At least my attraction to him wouldn’t cause a problem when I had to sleep with him.

Waves of fire surged to my core, causing my underwear to dampen with moisture heated arousal.

I let a hand slip inside my cotton bra and squeezed my nipple, desperate to relieve the growing pressure. At the same time, I let my fingers lift my skirt and push inside my panties, gliding through the growing wetness before I dipped inside.

Unable to hold it in any longer, I moaned softly.

Why the hell did he affect me like this?

He was a first class asshole who strutted about acting like he owned the place, but then I guess in time, he would.

I squeezed my breast more firmly, happy that from this angle, he couldn’t see what I was up to.

Sensing that someone was watching him, he tipped his handsome face up and we locked eyes, then Logan grimaced at me before looking away.

Even in anger he looked impossibly handsome.

An idea popped into my head to get his attention and I wasted no time by locking the door, then slipping out of my clothes.

As I stood there touching myself in all my glory, I willed him to turn around and see what I looked like.

Oh boy was he in for a shock.

I was planning on teasing the son of a bitch for the rest of his life.

Logan didn’t want to marry any more than I wanted to marry him.

This hating each other thing did not bode well for us and we were stuck with each other, with no way out.

In time I was sure that we would grow to despise each other, but who were we to mess with ancient tradition?

* * *

~ Logan ~

I saw her watching me and I was sure she had a hand down her shirt.

Dirty little bitch.

She was in for a shock when she married me.

If I wanted to bend her over in the kitchen and fuck her hard, then I would.

If I wanted my dick sucked as I watched Game Of Thrones with a few beers, then like a good wife, she’d do it.

And, she’d swallow every single drop.

Oh yes…

I’d make her ring my dick out until my balls were empty and aching, then I’d turn her over and fuck her into next week.

Yep, Miss Eleanor Harrison was in for a rude awakening.

I had certain tastes in the bedroom and I expected her to be at my beck and call.

Of course, I couldn’t stand her, or she me. Ah yes, the thin, fragile line between love and hate. That, in itself, would make for some hot, explosive sex.

She was a real beauty of course, which was a blessing.

Long, dark hair, deep brown eyes and the lushest, kissable lips you had ever seen. Large perky breasts and a gorgeous ass that was the envy of many of the women in town.

All curves and no fucking edges.


Another bonus about Eleanor was that she was a virgin.

She had to be for the prophecy to be fulfilled.

Her pussy would be so sung and tight and no one else had ever been in it.

That thought had my dick hard and as I carried on with my task, I fantasised about fucking her and choking her until she nearly passed out.

The horny bitch would grow to love me being rough and dominant with her.

Basically, she had no choice.

She had to suck it up and I couldn’t wait for her lush lips to be wrapped around my ever ready shaft.

Oh yes, I fully intended to educate her in the ways of Logan Black and once I’d sired a few kids, I go back to Vanessa, my occasional fuck buddy and enjoy my nights in town at her place. I had it all worked out and when I was eventually the Alpha in charge around here, things were going to go all my way.

I readjusted my hard as nails shaft thinking that I’d need to see to it when I’d finished in the field.

I longed to sink my fangs into her lush, giving curves, but her stubbornness would need to be dealt with first. If anyone was up to that job, it was me.

Glancing back up at the window at my soon to be wife, I nearly chopped my left hand off with the ancient sickle when I saw her standing there topless, playing with her dark, brown nipples. Her mouth was slightly open and the image of her slim fingers touching her tits, was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

“Fuck. Me.”

She let her hands drop to her sides and moved even closer towards the windowsill. The cool breeze blew through her hair and she looked absolutely, stunning, like a goddess.

Her breasts were perfection and I dropped the sickle onto the ground and blatantly stared up at her, before my feet propelled me closer to the window to get a better look.

As I got nearer, I saw that she had no panties on either.

Good God, the girl had a smoking, hot body.

All soft and womanly. All woman.

Underneath her slightly rounded stomach, I could see a faint, dark line of downy hair between her legs and I wanted to run my tongue right along the length of her sweet, little pussy slit right there and then, but, I’d have to wait until our wedding night.

My mouth literally watered as I watched the angel in front of me.

As I looked at her goofily like a guy that had just discovered internet porn, she turned around and gave me a long look at her gorgeous ass before spinning back around to face me.

Eleanor pushed her hair behind her shoulders and locked eyes with me.

Hers danced wickedly across my face. “Hey, Logan, you like what you see?” she asked bringing her breasts together into an eye popping cleavage.

They were that big that she could actually lick her fucking nipples…

So, she did. Her pink tongue swept across the top of one, circling the hard nub as my dick swelled uncomfortably inside my old jeans.

I goggled at her and wiped the sweat from my brow.

“You know I do, baby,” I shouted back and gestured to my painfully hard groin.

She laughed triumphantly.

It sounded like an evil witch’s cackle.

“Well, remember what I look like, because other than on our wedding night, you won’t be getting anyway near me,” she shouted and slammed the window shut.

I felt my jaw drop as anger surged through me.

No one in Rosewood treated me like that.

I was fuming with her.

“Little bitch.”

* * *

~ Eleanor ~

I awoke early, missing my mom desperately.

She should be here today, on my wedding day to reassure me and help me to get ready. My mom wouldn’t be able to get me out of marrying Logan bastard Black, but she would have made me feel better.

Instead I had the pleasure of loud Aunt Connie who I could only stand in short bursts.

Shaking my head, I peeled the covers back and went into my bathroom.

Looking at my reflection, I wondered if I would look any different when Logan Black had taken my virginity.

His face the other night had been a picture and when I saw him the following day, at the rehearsal dinner, he had completely ignored me and when we did have to speak, he was rude to me, much to his mother’s annoyance.

Mary Black was the only good thing about the Black family and I hoped that we’d become close.

I slowly showered and washed my hair in preparation for the wedding, then dried it and applied my makeup, keeping it simple. Aunt Connie arrived and put my hair up into my veil and in fairness she wasn’t that bad. She helped me into my white, lace dress and guided me downstairs.

When daddy saw me in my beautiful gown, he got all misty eyed.

He wiped them on a handkerchief, then stuffed it back into his pants pocket.

“Eleanor, you look perfect. Your mom would be so proud of you. Her little girl marrying the Alpha.”

Don’t remind me.

Much as I wanted to run for the hills, I knew I would never do that for fear of disappointing the man who would always be the most important in my life.

“Ready?” he asked and held his arm out for me to link.

I nodded and gathered up my full skirt.

I had chosen to have just one flower girl as I felt like the whole thing was complete farce and I couldn’t be bothered dragging my close friends into it too.

My cousin Lucy waited at the garden gate beaming, at us next to the horse drawn carriage. I grinned at her excited face and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.

“Ellie, you look so pretty,” she told me and threw her arms around my neck.

Happiness thankfully sneaked in from somewhere as I gathered her up into a tight hug.

“Thank you. You want to get in the carriage with me and Uncle Henry?”

My favourite horse, Ace was up front and I planted a kiss on his dark nose. He locked eyes with me as if he knew my current turmoil then, he nudged my nose gently.

“I love you,” I whispered wishing that everyone was as easy to get on with as him.

“Come on Eleanor, we don’t want to be late,” daddy fussed.

I frowned, but pushed it down and slowly made my way over to him.

We helped Lucy up into the carriage, sitting her in between us, then we set off on our short journey towards the small church in the centre of town.

* * *

~ Logan ~

She better not be late.

Not after what she did the other day.

Little bitch had me hard all night and I’d had to go home straight away and jerk off with her beautiful face filling my fantasy.

The past two nights I had dreamt about us together.

Her tight, little pussy wrapped around my length…

It was erotic and horny as fuck, but I’d make her pay for causing my wet dreams later.

I grinned to myself at the night I had in store for her.

It would start with her sweet, virginal mouth wrapped around my dick…

Me thrusting roughly into it, my orgasm gathering heat until I exploded and came straight down her pretty, little throat.

I grew hard as I pictured the wicked image.

The church was packed to the rafters, everyone wanting to see the next Alpha tie the knot with his bequeathed virgin, mate, or some tired old bullshit.

I stood to attention as the wedding march cranked up and my brother Caleb turned around, then nudged me in the ribs.

“This is it man. Your fucking life is over,” he whispered and chuckled.

“Shut it,” I warned and felt my eyes burning, changing colour slightly as they did when I got aroused.

Or mad.

Caleb’s own eyes widened and he patted my shoulder. “Okay, calm down. You need to keep your temper in check, bro.”

As Eleanor reached my side, I turned and my breath caught like I was some soppy dude, madly in love with her which was a crock of shit.

I had to say though, she looked absolutely breath taking in a beautiful, white, lace gown. Her breasts had been coerced into behaving themselves somehow and her make up was simple, letting her stunning beauty shine.

I felt myself warming ever so slightly to my bride.

She gave me the first genuine smile I’d ever seen and I started to relax, deciding that the situation is what it is and we’d just have to make the best of it.

I reached forward and pulled her veil back from her face and smiled back at her.

We could make this work. We had to and I knew we could.

The minister droned on and I only started to pay attention when it came to the vows.

“Do you Logan Christopher Black take Eleanor Isobel Harrison to be your lawful, wedded wife?”

I paused for a minute to wind her up, causing Eleanor to frown. “I do.”

The crowd breathed a huge, collective sigh of relief.

“Do you Eleanor Isobel Harrison take Logan Christopher Black to be your lawful wedded husband?”

She met my eyes as she said the words. “I do.”

Then we were pronounced man and wife and everyone clapped and cheered, shouting

“Kiss the bride!”

I took a deep breath, stepped closer to her, took her face into my hands and gave her the sweetest kiss I could muster.

Eleanor reeked and tasted of garlic. She must have eaten a whole, fucking clove, but I had to push through the disgusting taste for my mother and the excited throng.

She kind of kissed me back, then smiled at me, knowing my discomfort.

“Enjoy that, Logan?” she teased.

I could feel my eyes flashing at her before I leant in to her ear. “You’ll pay for that later, Mrs Black,” I whispered.

She fluttered her long eyelashes. “I’m sure I will, my dear husband.”

We made our way out of the church to a shower of confetti and I helped her into the carriage in a perfect, new husbandly way.

As a few drops of rain had started to fall, the two dads quickly pulled the hood over the carriage tucking us in, nice and snug before waving us off. My new bride found the bottle of champagne stashed in a personalised ice bucket just for the occasion and wasted no time in opening it.

After pouring me a glass, she settled back into the seat, then stuck her juicy tongue out like some third grader.

Oh, that’s how she wanted to play it?

Without taking my eyes off her, I reached into my pocket. “Here you go, eat some gum. You taste disgusting.”

She giggled, clearly happy at my displeasure then her slim fingers took a couple of pieces out of the pack and I made sure that she had popped them into her mouth before we went any further.

As the carriage took off at speed and we were safely out of sight of anyone, I gathered handfuls of lace, then slowly ran my hand up the inside of her thigh, pushed her legs roughly apart and rubbed my fingers over her silky underwear.

Every time that I was within close proximity to her, her scent filled my nostrils and soaked into every, single pore.

Damned prophecy…

“Logan? What are you doing?”

“Hush, no one can see us and even if they did, we’re married now.”

Our eyes locked together and Eleanor’s breath hitched sexily as she opened her legs like a wanton, little slut. I kissed her neck, sucking and biting it and rubbed her soaking crotch, until she was putty in my hands.

“You’re wet, my hot, little bride.”

My eyes widened when her chest heaved pushing her breasts up to meet my face. I lightly kissed them and licked her softly scented skin. I could smell the delicious aroma of her arousal and it fucking excited me more than anything.

I delved inside her the tight bodice of her dress and released the girls.

I captured a breast, teasing, kneading, caressing the flesh as she gasped her delight.

“Mm, yes,” she whispered softly.

I swallowed noisily trying to compose myself.

“Eleanor your tits are fucking perfect.”

I was desperate for a taste. My lips moved across her sensitive skin, my tongue devastating her. Gently taking a diamond nipple, I lavished it with loving attention, drawing her breast deeply into my hot, wet, mouth. Her slim fingers found my deck and dug in as my mouth pleasured her.

“Logan, Logan,” she whispered.

“You’re gorgeous, let me finger fuck your pussy.”

I moved her panties to one side and squeezed her clit before I explored her and my fingers were soon coated with her juices.

“Mm, beautifully tight and wet. You like that, don’t you, you little bitch?”

She bit her lush lips and the image sent desire slamming through my veins. My dick was literally bursting out of my trousers and I wanted her hand on it.

Quickly unzipping my trousers, I released my rock hard shaft and grabbed her hand.

“Jerk me off, dear wife,” I breathed and nibbled her ear.

She gulped and stared at it. I laughed as her eyes widened, taking in the image of the first and last dick she would ever see or touch.

“I, oh, wow…”

Eleanor gulped loudly and brought her shaking fingers closer to me.

“Come on, you know you want to…” I teased and grabbed her hand before placing it on my erection.

She had absolutely no clue what to do.

Oh, we were going to have some fun together…

“Hurry up before I make you blow me.”

Her long, slim fingers wrapped around it and she slowly started to move it up and down. I flinched as her thumb rubbed across the top of it, feeling the pre-cum that had gathered there, the evidence of my acute arousal.

I groaned at the wickedness of the situation, knowing that we didn’t have long. Little bitch had me panting like we were in tenth grade.

“Yeah, Eleanor, jerk me off,” I murmured, encouraging her to pick up the pace.

She slowly, then more confidently started to move her hand up and down.

Once I was satisfied that she sort of knew what she was doing, I turned my attention to her pussy.

As she jacked me like we were in middle school, I never took my eyes off her. I massaged her hot, nub until she was absolutely gagging for me to finger her, then I gently pushed a thick finger deep inside her. I groaned as her pussy welcomed me as the first man to ever touch her. My finger glided through her wet channel as she started to splinter apart, taking her lush mouth, I added another, then another. I picked up the pace, teasing her with my rhythmical plunges deep inside her.

She broke the kiss and she looked stunning in the low lighting of the carriage.

If I was the romantic type, which clearly I’m not, it would have been like a dream setting.

“Logan,” she whispered when I crooked my fingers, hitting her ‘g’ spot with expert precision.

I finger fucked her sweet, heavenly pussy within an inch of its sheltered life.

Her head fell onto my shoulder and she started letting out the sexiest, little pants.

“Faster, oh yes, make me yours,” she whispered as she started to fall apart.

“Come for me, Mrs Black,” I commanded and kissed her roughly, sucking her tongue, letting it mimic the movements of my dick that would be deep inside her later.

I could feel the impending tremor in her kiss as she pulled my lips back to hers and kissed me to hide the loud moan as she flew completely and utterly apart. Her climax ruptured gloriously and I watched her in awe, letting her ride my hand as the waves crashed ruthlessly through her.

Gently taking my hand out from between her legs, I wrapped my fingers around hers and helped her to finish me off as I felt my impending orgasm growing with each stroke of her warm hand.

“Fuck, I’m coming, yeah, that’s good,” I groaned as she finally got into the swing of things.

My balls shrunk up as I barrelled towards my blessed relief and I thankfully managed to grab a handkerchief from my jacket pocket for me to come into.

“Watch me come, see what you do to me,” I panted.

I swelled as my orgasm burst to the surface. My dick pulsed inside her sweet touch and I came watching the desire in her beautiful eyes. Thick ropes of hot, semen shot inside the cotton square as pure pleasure cursed through my aroused body.

“Shit, I’m still coming,” I whispered as I emptied myself in readiness for later.

“You want this?” I asked her as I offered her the come laden handkerchief.

“No,” she shot back, going the cutest shade of red.

I chuckled, straightened up and dropped the soiled material onto the floor I turned to face Eleanor.

My wife and I regarded each other, our breathing ragged, then I helpfully straightened her up.

“You hate me, don’t you?” I said kissing her forehead.

Eleanor swallowed noisily and reluctantly met my eyes.

“Yes,” she replied.

“But, you fucking loved that didn’t you?”

She defiantly met my gaze. “Yes. And, so did you.”

I let my head fall back and let out a loud chuckle.

“Course I did. I’m a man. An Alpha. I love touching women. I love fucking women making them swallow my hot Alpha come. But, for the time being my focus is on breaking you the fuck in, then when you’re pregnant, I’ll get back to sleeping with who the hell I like…”

“Logan Black, you’re a bastard,” she breathed as tears welled up in her eyes.

A tiny twinge of guilt rolled through me that I had overdone it with her, but I couldn’t let her know that.

“So. Fuck.”

She swiped the tears away from her eyes with the back of her hand. “You’re horrible. I wish you hadn’t caught me that day then I wouldn’t be stuck with you.”


“Aargh,” she shouted with her fists balled.

I gave her a wry smile. “Little bitch. I’m going to have to take you in hand.”

“Whatever,” she muttered and gathered her dress up.

Oh, I would be spanking her gorgeous ass later that night…

* * *

Chapter Two

~ Eleanor ~

The wedding breakfast was delicious and I managed to make polite, small talk with Logan as I got a little drunk.

After what had gone down in the carriage, it was the only way I’d get through the night. The way he had treated me in the carriage was deplorable, but what could I do?

I was stuck with him…

I was excited, but ashamed at the way that my body had responded wantonly to his touch. He knew how to ring my bells probably due to the huge amount of experience he had. And, I was also worried about how his enormous dick was going to fit inside me without splitting me in two.

The speaker announced that it was time for the first dance and my new husband helped me up and I followed him hand in hand onto the dance floor.

I looked right into his dark as night eyes and I knew that I was insanely attracted to him.

Who in their right mind wouldn’t be? Logan Black was tall, dark and model handsome, but the arrogant bastard knew it.

I also hated the fact that in the year 2018, I had no choice in getting married to him.

Van Morrison’s ‘Someone Like You’ played for us – a song that he had chosen and one of my mom’s favourites.

As I thought of her, my eyes filled with hot, fat tears.

Logan must have felt my tears on his cheek. “Hey, are you crying?” he asked me sharply.

I sniffed and pushed down a sob. “Yes, I was thinking about my Mom. Not that you’d care,” I said quietly.

He seemed to relax his arms around me. “I’m not a complete monster you know. It must be tough for you, it being just you and your dad, but my Mom has always wanted a daughter. Now, she’s got one.”

I gave in a bit and cuddled into his body.

“She has.”

We smooched giving the crowd exactly what they wanted to see. Our bodies fit together perfectly, like we were made for each other.

The Alpha and his virgin bride…

“Eleanor, can we make a truce? We’re both in a situation that neither one of us likes very much, so we should just try and make the best of it.”

“You’re right,” I said and smiled at my dad who was beaming at the two of us.

Logan sang along with the beautiful words of their wedding song and my resistance started to waiver a bit. He was that much of a catch that most of the other female weres were as jealous of hell of the fact that I was now his wife.

Maybe it was time to cut him a little slack and see past the fact that he was an asshat.

My new husband kissed my neck and I got all hot and bothered, desperate for his warm hands all over every inch of me. Want and need for him blasted through my body. His soft lips felt wonderful on my skin and I started to imagine us later.

He brought them around and kissed me lightly on the lips.

“Look, like I said before, I’ll only fuck you to make you pregnant. I’ll leave you alone and get my needs seen to elsewhere,” he whispered as the song ended.

Then the bastard had to go and spoil it…

My breath caught in my throat as I swallowed a sob. “How sweet of you, dear husband,” I sneered sarcastically and moved back away from him.

He bared his straight, white teeth and stared down at her. “Yes, I am, sugar. And, don’t you ever forget it,” he replied pinching my arm.

Fat chance I thought as fresh tears welled up in my eyes.

It was going to be a long ass night…

* * *

~ Logan ~

Eleanor Harrison, no, wait, Eleanor Black, had to be the single, most infuriating woman I had ever had the displeasure of meeting.

I watched her flitting about like the belle of the bastard ball, completely ignoring me. I was trying to make her feel better by telling her that I would leave her alone after tonight. But, whilst it was one thing for me to fuck around, there was no way in hell she would be doing the same thing,

As the night went on, I decided to get drunk, to match my beautiful bride.

Time crept on all the wedding guests seemed to be having the time of their lives, dancing, drinking and laughing.

Except the bride and groom of course.

At about 1am, the guests started filtering home and I went to find her to suggest that we do the same.

I found her around the side of the barn with her best friend, Katy.

She was crying and not for the first time that day, I felt bad.

Katy was comforting her and rubbing her back.

“You know what he’s like? I’m going to be miserable with him and I can’t imagine ever loving the arrogant bastard,” she sobbed into her friend’s shoulder.

My jaw tightened at being called an arrogant bastard, but, to be fair, the little bitch was right.

“Look, you have to do this and my advice is use and abuse him,” Katy said rather loudly.

Eleanor blew her nose and stared at Katy. “What? How?”

“Well, he’s gorgeous.”

My wife exhaled sharply. “Yes, he is.”

“And, he probably has a huge dick…”

Logan nodded his agreement.

Katy was a smart girl.

“He has…” Eleanor whispered not meeting her best friend’s eyes.

Katy’s head snapped up as she sniffed out something juicy. “What? How do you know?”

Eleanor hopped around from foot to foot. “I, um, we, I, jerked him off in the carriage as he fingered me,” she blurted and started to pace.

Katy’s lips formed a wide grin. “Way to go, girlfriend. And? How was it?”

“Amazing, he made me come. And, when he touched me, fuck, he blew my mind,” she breathed and went all gooey eyed as my chest puffed out.

“So, this is good,” her friend informed her.

She was correct.

We might detest each other, but that didn’t have to stop us fucking each other.

A lot.

Eleanor smiled.

She did have a beautiful smile.

“Yes, it is good, but he was horrible to me saying that he’d make me pregnant, then go elsewhere to one of his skanky little sluts in town.

“Oh,” Katy breathed and frowned.

“The bastard turns me on so much that sometimes, I think that I’m going crazy.”

Katy nodded thoughtfully. “Ah, yes, the Logan Black effect.”

“Oh God. He’s got me right where he wants me,” Eleanor giggled.

Mm, perceptive girl.

Her best friend slowly pushed to her feet. “Well, you can have him right where you want him.”

“I can?”

“Go and enjoy that sinfully, hotter than holy, hell body. Even if he is Satan, use him. You don’t have to love him. Shit, you don’t have to even like him. Just make sure he pleases you in the bedroom and just fuck him for all he’s worth.”

Eleanor mulled over her friend’s suggestion.

Katy looked around and leant in closer. “Word on the street, so to speak is that he’s a fantastic fuck.”

My chest again puffed up as I heard gossip that for a change, was correct.

“You reckon?” she asked and even in the near darkness, I could see her cheeks flushing in a cute way.

“Damn straight girlfriend. Now, dry your tears, stick your big tits out and go and ride your man’s big dick like a fucking, rodeo bull,” she instructed her with a loud high five.

That was my cue to disappear out of sight before they discovered me loitering.

I headed back inside and waited for her.

As the minutes ticked by, I could feel himself getting more and more turned on with thoughts of what the night had in store for us…

* * *

~ Eleanor ~

I found him talking to Caleb near the entrance to the barn and spurred on by Katy’s pep talk, went up and with thoughts of kissing him senseless.

I tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned, I grabbed him to me and took his lush, sweet, mouth.

Logan wasted no time in responding to the kiss, twisting his tongue with mine and sucking it deeply into his mouth.

We crushed our mouths together, devouring each other like we were the only two people in the room and I had to admit that he could really kiss. He tasted of beer and gum and I drowned in his strong, masculine tang.

I threaded my fingers through his thick, shoulder length hair, digging my nails into his scalp, positioning him exactly where I wanted. His tongue darted and twisted with mine, jousting for position as it took deep licks into my mouth.

He moaned into my mouth and I felt the sign of his arousal digging into my hip. The smoking, hot kiss deepened even more and I faintly registered Caleb moving away, muttering “get a room.”

Logan continued moaning into my mouth and I knew I had him.

I was going to make him putty in my hands.

I had no idea how, but this man was mine and I wasn’t planning on letting any skanky pussy within a hundred miles of him.

We broke the kiss and regarded each other. Logan was breathing heavily and was clearly aroused. I was pleased to see that I had affected him. He looked around, dazed and confused.

“Well, Mrs Black, that was…”

I grinned, baring my teeth. “Unexpected? Well, I was thinking that a truce was a good idea. In fairness, you’re not the worst looking guy in the world…”

Logan pushed his hands through his hair and straightened his jacket.

“It is. And, why thank you. Shall we?” he asked and held out his arm like he was the perfect gentleman.

I giggled. “Let’s.”

We made our way out of the barn and within twenty steps, we were at his front porch. The fresh air sobered me up and suddenly, I was wide awake.

As Logan opened the door, he gathered me into his arms and pushed it open with his knee before carrying me over the threshold.

How sweet.

“Best do this right. Welcome to your new home, Mrs Black.”

He was trying and I vowed to too. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

I regarded him seriously. “I still hate you.”

He chuckled heartily. “The same.”

Logan gently put me down and we burst out laughing at the whole lunacy of it all.

I had never been inside his huge, modern house before and I walked around open mouthed at the beauty of it. “Logan, this place is gorgeous.”

He grabbed me into him and placed a soft kiss on my lips. I could feel his erection pushing against my stomach and I tried to push down the fear, thinking only of Katy’s words to use and abuse his glorious body.

Logan’s eyes flashed bright orange, a sure sign of his arousal.

“Thank you. Let’s get some water and go to bed.”

He headed into the kitchen and came back with two glasses.

“We’re at the top of the stairs,” he breathed and followed me up.

I pushed the door opened and stared around the stunning room.

It was masculine and all him.

His eyes were intermittently flashing dark brown to a warm orange.

“Go freshen up in the en-suite,” he instructed pointing towards a door in the corner.

I headed in and brushed my teeth and cleaned between my legs in preparation for our love making, desperate to feel his fingers, his tongue, his dick inside me.

When I returned, Logan went into the en-suite to freshen up.

Flopping down on the bed, I yawned and rolled onto my back.

Logan walked back into the room and watched me like the skilled predator that he was. “Mm, there’s no sleep for you yet, little one. My hard dick needs some more attention, dear wife.”

* * *

~ Logan ~

She looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights, her earlier bravado completely gone. Never taking my eyes off her, I slowly took off my tie and unbuttoned my shirt, then, I let them both drop to the floor.

Eleanor’s eyes roved over my body and I almost laughed when she gulped.


“You like?” I breathed.

She bit her full lower lip and heat shot straight to my groin.

“I do. Logan, please could you help me out of my dress?”

My fingers flexed, desperate to touch her. “Sure. Stand up and turn around.”

She did as I requested and I started to unbutton the world’s smallest buttons that my fingers had the hardest time with.

Frustration and need got the better of me.

“Fuck it!” I yelled and tore the back of the gown in two.

I held the wisps of material in my fists and felt a stab of regret.

Eleanor gasped. “My beautiful dress,” she cried and I heard a sob catch in her throat.

The dress fell to the floor in a messy heap and to make up for ripping it, I held her hand in a gentlemanly way and helped her out of it.

“Bastard,” she muttered.

I chuckled, glad that I had pissed her off.

“Bitch,” I replied.

I stared down at her gorgeous ass, currently encased in cream silk and I leant forward and placed both hands on it, hefting the gorgeous, twin globes.

“Wow, you’re so fucking hot,” I whispered and brushed a few strands of stray hair away from the back of her neck.

I moved right up behind her, rubbing my hardness into her ass and let my mouth tease her soft skin and brought my hands around to cup her amazing tits. I held them firmly, loving the feel of them in hands. They were more than a handful for even my big hands.

She flinched around my touch and I realised that she was shaking like a leaf.

This wasn’t the usual effect that I had on women. They were usually panting like wanton, little whores by this time.

I slowly turned her around and was sad to see yet more tears in her eyes.

I sighed resignedly. “Eleanor.”

She bit her lip.

“It’s Ellie,” she said flatly. “Please can you call me Ellie?”

I pushed my hands through my hair. “Okay, Ellie. Look, I’m not going to hurt you, unless you ask me to,” I said with a waggle of my eyebrows.

She managed a weak smile.

I hoped that she believed me as I was only into consensual sex, there was no way on earth that I would ever force myself on her. My dad would have my fur pelt as a warm coat for winter…

“And, I promise that I’ll never make you to do anything that you don’t want to do.”

I gently rubbed a stray tear away from her left eye and kissed her cheek.

Wait a minute. I hate her, don’t I?

She swallowed noisily. “Thank you, Logan. I’m just nervous I guess. You’re the first man to kiss me. To touch me. And, you’ll be the first and last man that I…um, sleep with,” she said and blushed.

I gently caressed her cheek and took her lush mouth.

Eleanor’s kiss alone was better than any other.

I could literally kiss her for days on end.

“Well, you certainly can kiss. Your mouth is hot, sweet and made for me,” I whispered, buttering her up a bit.

“Thank you,” she stammered.

I brushed her hair behind her shoulders and cupped her face into my hands.

“We’ll take it real slow as it might be painful and uncomfortable for you, but it’s real important that we fuck…um, make love tonight as, well, you know the werewolf code?”

She nodded and slowly pushed the straps of her pretty, lacy bra down her shoulders. Her eyes were dry now and I could see want and lust in them.

I kissed her wet cheeks and let my mouth trail down her neck, then I nipped along her jawline. I traced a path of hot, open mouthed kisses across her bare shoulders, then slowly ran my hands down the soft skin of her bare arms, then brought her hands up and kissed them.

“Oh,” she gasped as her eyes fluttered closed.

I had originally thought that I would have to fake it, but since I had seen her butt naked, and felt her heavenly pussy, my attraction for her was real.

I was desperate to sink deep inside her and make her my own.

Every nerve ending in my body wanted to possess her.

I wanted her with a raw need that lanced and rippled ruthlessly through me.

“Relax,” I whispered.

Ellie stopped shaking and became more pliable in my arms.

“Good girl,” I breathed and unhooked her bra, discarding it on the floor.

Her gorgeous breasts came tumbling out and my eyes widened as I saw them up close and personal. Large nipples that puckered as my breath gusted over them, hardening to beautiful, diamond points, begging to be sucked and maybe fucked…

“Wow, you’re beautiful,” I said and I sincerely meant it.

“Thank you, so are you,” she whispered and flushed red.

I caressed her breasts, pushing them together, thumbing the nipples, loving the way they felt in my touch.

My eyes goggled as I took in the beauty of my wife.

She hung onto my hair as I kissed them repeatedly, suckling her nipples deep into mouth, lashing my tongue across them as she moaned softly in my arms.

She smelt and tasted amazing.

I pushed her large nipples with my thumbs and I could tell that it was really turning her on, then I tweaked them firmly and latched back on to give them alternate gentle bites. I pulled one taut tip and plucked the other one, causing her hips to mash into mine.

I tortured each nipple, sucking, biting and licking them to my heart’s content. I wanted to play with her tits all night, but my dick was literally crawling out of my pants, desperate for some attention.

“Fuck, I could play with your gorgeous tits all night.”

She looked down at me and her breath hitched.

“Mm, the way you touch me, Logan, I’d let you.”

“Come and lay with me,” I said and pushed her back onto the bed.

I quickly shrugged out of my trousers, leaving me in my tight, boxer trunks.

I caught her checking out my dick, that was again as hard as nails.

“Mm, you want some of this again, don’t you?” I teased grabbing my crotch.

She opened her mouth and no words came out, so she just nodded.

“Ellie, touch me,” I prompted her and pushed her hand down.

She flushed and bit her lower lip.

“I don’t know, I wasn’t very good at it last time…” she whispered.

I reigned my horny frustration in.

“It’s okay, it was your first time. Ellie, do you want me?”

Her dark eyes stared into my very soul.

“Yes. Logan, I’ve wanted you for as long as I can remember.”

This was a revelation.

“You have?”

She swallowed.

“Yes, I love to watch you working in the field, your body moving so gracefully.”

The girl was hornier that I had imagined.

“Thank you. Go on,” I urged.

She flushed and tried to fan the heat from her face.

“I would watch you and imagine us, um…”

I licked my lips and stared at her mouth. “Fucking?”

Ellie blushed and coughed. “More, making love.”

I breathed and pinched one of her nipples. “Whatever you want beautiful. I can make love to you like my beloved princess.”

She panted and giggled. “Oh, you can?”

“I can, or I can fuck you like my little slut, however, whenever, the mood takes you.”

“Right. Okay.”

“Come here, let’s pleasure each other.”

I gently kissed between her gorgeous breasts. Her hips pushed up and her plush pussy rubbed against my hard dick.

“So, Ellie, now you’ve got me. For better or for worse. Now, show me how much you want me…”

She looked totally out of her depth, but gently ran her finger along the length of me and I groaned with desire for her to do a whole lot more.

“Take it out. It won’t bite you,” I whispered and grinned at her.

Her hand started to shake and I had never been so turned on in my whole fucking life.

Ellie hesitated.

“What’s the problem?”

“I’m scared, Logan. What if I hurt you?”

She really was the sweetest little virgin. My innocent, little, virgin bride…

“You won’t hurt me. Touch me, Ellie…please.”

She reached inside and released it, then I lifted my ass off the bed and shoved my boxers down my legs and onto the floor.

I was dying to laugh at the look on her beautiful face when she saw it again.

With shaking fingers, she held it. “Now, Eleanor, sorry Ellie, grip it firmly and move your hand up and down like you did before.”

She did as I asked and her touch was warm and firm. Some pre-cum had leaked out of the top and she watched fascinated as it dripped around the wide, mushroom head.

“What’s that?”

Her virginity and lack of experience was getting me hotter by the minute.

“It’s called pre-cum, it gathers before I come.”

She nodded seemingly entranced with my stiff member.

“Mm, now, put it in your mouth. Taste it, my beautiful wife.”

She looked panic stricken, but she had to be taught how I wanted to be touched and I would soon repay her by giving her a thorough tongue lashing.

“Scoot between my legs, so I can look at your gorgeous tits,” I instructed.

She slowly and surely moved around and positioned herself ready to blow me. I enjoyed the perfect view of her tits swinging around, knocking into my knees.

Ellie leant forward and didn’t have clue what to do next.

I grabbed her hand and encouraged it to slide up and down my length.

“Mm, lick the end. It’s clean.”

I watched as her pink, tongue snaked out and gingerly licked the pre-cum from the plush head of my dick.

Her touch felt really, fucking good. “That’s it, keep jerking me off,” I said, praising her.

She let her hot tongue explore every ridge and vein of me and then she started licking up and down the full length. I grabbed a handful of her hair and encouraged her to put it into her mouth.

“Mm,” she moaned and started to embrace her dick sucking duties.

Eventually, she dipped it into her warm, soft mouth and I ascended to heaven.

She got into a sweet rhythm as I fucked deep into her throat.

Her eyes watered as she accommodated the girth of me and I started to really let myself go. Again and again, I thrusted deep inside her and it felt so much better than I had ever dared to imagine.

Ellie’s tongue blessed my dick with feather like strokes and I decided that, aside from a couple of early doors tooth scrapes, this was the best blow job that I’d ever had. I panted as I made love to her pretty, sassy, mouth.

“Fuck. That’s it, suck me harder, you dirty, little bitch.”

She blushed and moaned around my shaft and I was carried away to another place entirely. I grabbed her hair even tighter and dug my nails into her scalp as I thrust relentlessly into her perfect mouth. I felt the welcome flames of heat, licking from the base of my spine. It gathered momentum, travelling through my body in waves of pure, ecstasy.

“Ellie, look at me.”

She complied and locked her eyes with mine.

“I’m going to come. And, you’re going to swallow it. Every. Single. Drop.”

Ellie nodded and carried on with the task in hand, or mouth.

Saliva dripped down her cheeks and her cheeks hollowed out as I hit the final furlong. After three more strokes, my climax burst to the surface and bright lights flashed behind my eyes.

“Jesus Christ,” I yelled and felt as if I was going to pass out.

I felt my fangs extend and the hairs on the back of my hands thicken as I came long and hard which was a first.

Ellie’s eyes widened as she noticed the first signs of my shift. Her lips felt like heaven wrapped around my dick as she greedily gulped down my cum, like the dirty, little bitch that she was.


From here on in though, she was my dirty, little bitch.

A wholesome, prim, little wife in the kitchen, baking cookies for our four or so kids.

And, my dirty, cum crazy, little whore, in the bedroom.

How perfect…

* * *

Chapter Three

~ Ellie ~

It hit the back of my throat and I swallowed down spurt after spurt of his hot cum and judging from the state of my soaking, wet pussy, found that I loved it.

I was married to Logan Black…

I would finally get to play out my wicked fantasies with him.

I still hated him, although maybe not as much as I did this morning.

He pulled me up to him and kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth, tasting his orgasm, which was really hot.

“You did exceedingly well, dear wife,” he said and patted me on the head like he would a dog.

“Now off you go and brush your teeth and we’ll get right onto stage two.”

He smacked my ass hard and chuckled.

I hopped off the bed and headed back into the huge en-suite and used Logan’s toothbrush for the second time.

Well, we were married now and I’d just swallowed a shit load of his delicious Alpha essence.

Satisfied that my mouth was freshened up, I headed back into the room to find out what Logan had in store for me next. He locked eyes with mine and my stomach did a sort of flip, then he patted the soft bed next to him.

“Kiss me. Hard,” he whispered as he threaded his hands through my hair.

Our lips connected and we started to kiss, his mouth ravenous on me, his fingers slow and deliberate, touching down my neck and shoulders.

He paused to suck gently on my neck, then more firmly and I was sure he would leave a mark. Logan kissed back up to my lips and kissed me again and again until I had reached fever pitch.

He devastated me with his mouth, his touch, his everything.

Eventually, he broke the kiss and we were both breathing heavily.

“Ellie, panties off. Let me see your pretty, little pussy,” he instructed.

I pushed the silk French knickers down my legs and moved back over to him.

His eyes greedily flickered over my now naked body and I remembered what Katy had said about sticking my boobs out, so I did just that.

Logan slowly eye fucked my body and I wasn’t shy in front of him. He was my husband now and I was desperate for him to take my virginity.

He swallowed noisily and it was thrilling to see and feel the effect that I had on him.

“Ellie, I’m a lucky son of a bitch. You’re stunning. Such a pretty little pussy.”

I gulped, getting more aroused by the second. “Thank you.”

I watched his eyes flash orange again and slowly moved closer to him.

“Hop back onto the bed.”

Logan had propped himself up on several pillows and cushions and motioned for me to lay over his knee.

I stretched out and felt his hands touching my ass. “Wow, gorgeous,” he breathed.

He cleared his throat in a serious fashion. “Now, Mrs Black, earlier on, you were a naughty girl, weren’t you?”

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