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The Pact

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The Promise Of You

When we were about twenty and on a mad Uni night out in York, James and I made a crazy, secret pact.

We were the last one’s standing, sitting close together around a cosy corner table in our favourite student hang out.

James took a generous gulp of his lager.

“Rosie, if we’re not married by thirty, we’re getting spliced babe. You on board?” he slurred.

I howled with laughter and squinted at him through a hazy, drunken stupor.

“You what? Me and you? Married?”

He nodded and kissed my cheek.

“Yeah. Why not? You’re hot. I’m hot, so we probably won’t have to ever worry about it.”

I blushed as even though James and I were best friends, we had been for two years, I had always fancied the arse off him.

He had these mesmerising blue green eyes that I constantly tried not to fall head first into.

Tall with a muscular build, thick mousy red hair, beard to match and a handsome face, what was not to fancy?

“Okay Jimmy, you’re on,” I laughed and chinked my pint glass with his.

He raised an eyebrow and frowned.

He hated being called Jimmy.

Then he grinned sexily.

“Come here and kiss me. Let’s seal the deal.”

I blushed again.

“Err, okay,” I mumbled hoping that my breath wasn’t stinking of lager.

James moved in closer and let his thumb gently rub across my lips. I could feel my heart beating right out of my chest.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” he whispered and let his right hand wander down and caress my neck.

His touch was setting me on fire and I could feel delicious heat unfurling deep inside my core.

I let my eyes flutter closed and felt his left hand skim across my right breast. I was dying for him to cup it and kiss and suck my heavy, needy nipple.

His touch became firmer as I felt his hand heft my breast.

I couldn’t hold the needy moan inside.

“Fuck, you’re really turning me on?” he said grabbing my hand and shoving it on to his hard dick.

It felt impressive and I wasted no time slowly rubbing my hand up and down his hard shaft.

Then it was his turn to moan.

“Jesus you’re a sexy little bitch,” he said and slipped his hand down onto my knee and let his fingers creep up my naked thigh.

It suddenly felt scorching hot.

“James, you’re a horny fucker,” I gasped, willing his hand further up my leg.

Drunken lust and pent up desire got the better of me until I couldn’t stand it any longer and I threaded his thick hair through my fingers and grabbed his lips to mine.

His mouth felt heavenly.


Made for me.

I let my tongue lazily lick the seam of his lush lips before dipping inside. James slowly explored my mouth, our tongues twisting like an erotic cyclone. I possessed the kiss and greedily sucked his tongue into my mouth never wanting to let him go.

As we kissed he rubbed my clit through my panties and I drowned in his touch.

The kiss deepened, and I felt a thick finger, then another slip inside my soaking wet, slit.

As James roughly fingered me, I could feel an amazing climax building up inside me. His thumb pressed onto my clit, applying just the right amount of pressure and before long, I splintered apart, cresting the waves of pure, unadulterated pleasure.

The boy was good.

And sexy as fuck.

I had to have him.


* * *

We broke the kiss and regarded each other seriously.

Our breathing was ragged as James withdrew his fingers and popped them into his mouth to clean them.

I goggled at him.

“Oh my God,” I breathed and flushed up.

“Mm, you taste amazing babe. I want to eat your velvety little pussy out,” he whispered and kissed my neck.

I was panting at the thought of his tongue deep inside me.

“Yes,” I groaned.

He looked at me steadily.

“Then you can suck my dick.”

“Yes,” I repeated.

“Let’s go babe.”

He grabbed my hand, yanked me to my feet and we quickly exited the now empty pub.

I honestly didn’t know if I could wait until we got back to my place without feeling him inside me.

The air hit me and instantly sobered me up.

I glanced at James and found that I still wanted him.

I couldn’t think of anything else.

“Come on we’ll go this way,” he said and yanked me down the darkening path to the large park near the halls of residence.

It was a warm summer night and my internal temperature was cranked up to boiling point.

And, I could tell that he felt the same.

“This has turned into an interesting night,” he remarked and smirked.

We barrelled down a steep embankment and James put his arm around me as we picked up speed.

As we jogged along, chatting and laughing, I remembered a covered bench area that was set right back in the far corner of the lush park.

It was the perfect secret place to fool around for a bit.

“Here, this way,” I breathed and yanked him further down the narrow path.

We took a few more steps around a corner and the shelter came into view.

“You want to fool around?” I asked and giggled.

“Fuck yes,” he replied and sat down next to me on the wide bench.

From this angle, not a soul could see us in the deserted park.

“Kiss me again,” James said and yanked me on top of him.

I squealed and spread my legs wider so that I could straddle his thick, rugby player thighs.

We kissed again and again, devouring each other, falling into each other and I felt his fingers fumbling with the small buttons of my summery tea dress.

“I want to see your glorious tits. And suck them,” he breathed and kissed down my neck onto my exposed chest.

My bra was a front fastening affair and he wasted no time releasing my boobs into his hands. He cupped them and pushed them together creating an eye popping cleavage. I loved my boobs and it looked like James did too.

“Wow. Gorgeous,” he breathed and hefted them around in his big hands.

I moaned and undulated my hips, rubbing against him to try and gain some blessed relief.

My pussy was soaking as he licked, sucked and bit my nipples.

“Mm,” he said around a mouthful of tit.

His tongue lashed the sensitive nubs alternately sucking them into hard diamond points.

“Jesus,” I cried as I speared my fingers into his hair.

“Can I push my dick between them? They’re big enough,” he laughed.

I blushed again, wishing that I was past being embarrassed with my soon to be lover.

“A tit wank? Okay,” I shakily replied.

He spread out his hoody on top of the faded grey wood.

“Lay on the bench babe,” he instructed, and I was that horny, I obediently did as I was told.

I watched with heavy eyelids as he shucked his jeans and boxers down his legs and released his rock hard dick.

Luckily there were a few slats missing in the bench, so James pushed one leg through the gap and straddled my half naked body.

“Mm,” I whispered and pushed my fingers between my legs.

“You like?” he said and gave it a couple of generous pumps.

I nodded. “I love.”

He saw my fingers pushing inside my lacy panties.

“Yeah babe, touch yourself.”

I had never been more turned on in my life and brazenly slipped my fingers inside the thin material.

“Oh,” I gasped as I thumbed my throbbing clit.

“Fuck, you’re hot,” he breathed as he wanked his big dick.

I could see the pre-cum that had gathered on the plush crown and it made my mouth water.

“Let me taste you.”

His face was a beautiful picture of lust as he moved closer to me.

James tapped his dick a couple of times on my flushed cheek then fed it to my waiting mouth.

I let my hot tongue snake out and taste him pushing inside his foreskin, licking his slit. I swirled it around making feather like strokes, teasing him.

He tasted amazing.

“Mm,” I said around his dick as I threw myself into the task.

“Jesus Rosie, fuck yes,” he moaned and slipped further inside my mouth.

I basked in his salty, musky flavour and could feel another orgasm waiting in the wings. I ran my tongue up and down his hard shaft, exploring every ridge, drowning in him. Spit started to form and run down my cheeks.

I was no expert when it came to blow jobs, but judging by the expression on his face, I was doing alright.

Gripping his arse cheeks, I let him fuck my mouth, slow, then fast until I knew that he was close.

“You feel so good, babe. Wifey material,” he laughed.

James suddenly remembered his original plan and gently withdrew from my mouth.

“We planned a tit wank, did we not?” he breathed and waited for me to push my tits together.

James leaned in closer and pushed his dick into the channel I had created for him.

I could feel him throbbing against my skin and it was a hot as fuck.

“God, you’re perfect,” he groaned and started to move.

As his dick pushed through the tight opening, I let my tongue lick the end each time he fucked my tits.

“Jesus,” he moaned and started to come completely undone.

It wasn’t the most comfortable place to fool around, but we were both passed caring.

James picked up the pace fucking my tits with abandon and it was the hottest sexual experience of my life, not that I was very experienced.

“God, I’m gonna…I’m gonna come,” he whispered and locked eyes with me.

I watched his handsome face as the climax ruthlessly hit him and hot, thick spurts landed on my chin and lips.

James came for some time and I licked my lips, relishing the taste of him.

“Let me clean you up,” I purred and yanked him towards me taking his still har dick into my mouth, wanking it and sucking him clean.

He groaned sexily as the full length of him hit my throat, spilling the remnants of his orgasm.

James grinned and stroked my cheek.

“Shit, you’re something else.”

* * *

James helped me up and kissed me long and deep, tasting his orgasm on my lips which I found really fucking hot.

When we broke the kiss, he grinned wolfishly.

“Now then, if I’m not mistaken, I think my future wife wants her pussy licking?”

He quickly pulled up his boxers and jeans as I flushed and nodded, trying to contain my excitement as I had never had my pussy licked before.

My previous two lovers had never done it, but always expected blow jobs which pardon the pun, sucked.

James gently pushed my back against the bench and spread my legs apart.

“Panties off then, sexy. My mouth is fucking watering to taste you.”

He rolled my thong down my hot thighs and stared between my legs.

I laughed as he shoved them into his jeans pocket.

“Mm, very pretty,” he murmured and knelt between my legs.

James started my slowly kissing up my left thigh.

His touch was sweet and feather light and I was dying to scream out but was conscious that we were in public.

When he reached my pussy, I was literally on fire.

He let his tongue run along the full length of my soaking, wet slit and it felt amazing. I let my eyes close as I was taken to another place entirely.

James hummed softly and tongued my clit lightly, lapping and nibbling around it as I thrashed around with my fingers gripping on to his scalp, desperate for some purchase.

His hot tongue burrowed deep inside and I felt his finger join it, enticing a breath taking orgasm to build.

“James. Shit. James,” I moaned and moved myself further into his face.

His finger pushed inside my swollen tissues into my wet channel and I started to fall apart under his touch. I could feel his tongue teasing and tasting every single fold of me.

He removed his finger and brought his hands onto the inside of my sticky thighs so that he could lick even deeper into me.

I had never felt so exposed as he pleasured me, completely and utterly blowing my mind.

An orgasm gathered pace, unfurling ribbons of white hot heat from inside my core. My eyes snapped open and locked with his.

It was an intensely erotic moment.

“I’m…oh God. I’m coming,” I cried as his expert tongue tipped me over the edge into wonderland.

I came long and hard in his mouth and James lapped it up.

I had never felt such pleasure and I didn’t want it to end.

Fuck I might marry him tomorrow…

James gently kissed my pussy lips and rose to his feet.

I could see a tenting shape forming in his jeans and desperately wanted him to fuck me.


“You taste incredible, babe.”

“And, so do you,” I said shyly.

He leant down and kissed me tenderly, letting me taste myself on him.

We broke the kiss and he gave me a look that was all business.

“I need to be inside you,” he breathed and again pushed his jeans and boxers down his muscular legs.

I was momentarily lost for words as I stared at him, but I eventually managed a nod.

James sat down next to me as I caught my breath.

I watched as he sexily stroked his hard dick.

“Shit I don’t have a condom. Fuck it,” he blurted.

For some reason I giggled. “Me neither.”

“You ever fucked anyone without one?” he asked.

“Nope. You?”

He shook his head.

“No way.”

“Well, no problem then.”

“Thank fuck,” he chuckled.

“Absolutely thank fuck.”

“I want you to ride me as I fill your tight, heavenly pussy.”

I clambered on top of him completely lost to desire, lust and raw need.

When I was positioned at the plush crown of his dick, I sunk down on him with a moan.

“Fuck. James. Oh God.”

“Jesus Christ,” he hissed and held my hips tightly.

James felt huge, filling my wet channel to the brim and I hovered on the delicious edge of pleasure and pain.

“You okay?” he asked and kissed the end of my nose.

“I’m more than okay,” I breathed and started to move.

We kissed as I rocked him further and further inside me until he’d reached the end of me.

When he was fully seated, I rose up and slowly started to slide up and down, his hard dick creating perfect pressure against my throbbing, needy clit.

James encouraged me into a rhythm by gripping my hips tightly.

“Go slow. There’s no rush. Let me feel you,” he whispered and took a hard nipple into his mouth.

I cried out as he gently bit down and sucked on it, laving the sting away with his tongue. He repeated his actions on the other nipple and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came yet again.

I held his head to my breasts as we moved perfectly together.

“Babe, you’re amazing,” he breathed as we fucked like we were madly in love.

It was hot, sexy and romantic giving ourselves to each other, sealing our pact under the late summer moon and I wondered where exactly our relationship was going.

* * *

I cried and moaned and picked up the pace slamming down onto his body again and again, chasing yet another orgasm.

Greedy for more and more of him.

“You sexy bitch,” James breathed.

I grinned and kissed his gorgeous mouth, claiming him as mine, if only for one night.

I broke the kiss and nearly yelped from the pressure of his hands on my hips as we drew closer and closer.

Our sweat slickened skin slipped and slid together making down right dirty noises.

We were electric together.

We were perfect.

“Fuck me harder James, I’m yours.”

He grunted and barrelled deeper inside me sending sparks of pleasure to skitter across my naked skin. His thrusts grew more urgent as he pistoned deep inside me and I was close to flying completely apart.

“I’m coming,” he cried and buried his head in the crook of my neck before roughly claiming my mouth as we ruptured gloriously together.

I could feel him deep inside me, filling me with his hot seed.

We both groaned as we rode our climaxes out and when we were spent, we silently regarded each other.

James kissed my forehead and then rested his on it.

I could feel him twitching inside me and it felt good.

“You okay?” he asked breathlessly.

“I’m excellent. Um, thank you for, um…it was amazing,” I said awkwardly.

I clambered off and suddenly felt embarrassed, knowing that our friendship was irrevocably changed forever and that saddened me.

I mulled over my confusing thoughts as I lifted myself off him ignoring the stream of come dribbling down my inner thighs.

“What’s up?” he asked as we quietly got dressed.

I sighed. “Nothing.”

“Rosie tell me. Did I do something to upset you?”

I shook my head and wiped away a stray tear.

“No, I’m just confused. We were best friends and now we’ve stepped over the line and we can’t go back. You won’t look at me like a friend now. I’ll just be another girl that you fucked,” I said sadly.

Our eyes locked and I could tell that I’d pissed him off.

“What? How the fuck can you say that?” he shouted.

“Look James, this was a mistake,” I blurted and took off.

“Come back, wait,” he yelled, chasing after me.

He was hot on my heels and eventually caught me up.

By this time, I was properly crying, sobbing my little heart out.

What a fucking mess.

James spun me around and pulled me into his embrace as we reached the halls.

“Babe please don’t cry. It’s okay,” he soothed as I cried some more.

We stood for some time in that position and I regretted us spoiling everything between us.

“What now? I breathed into his now soaked t-shirt.

James tipped up my chin so that he could stare into my eyes.

“We go to bed and sleep, then we get up and go for breakfast and talk about what happened. Is that okay with you?” he asked.

I was confused, sad, embarrassed and regretful of what we’d done.

James was my best friend, not boyfriend material.

“Okay,” I breathed as we headed inside and up to bed, knowing full well that I would let him down and bolt in the night.

* * *

For the next two weeks, like a complete and utter bitch I totally avoided James as he persistently tried to talk to me.

After about a month he gave up and we avoided each other around campus as word spread around our friends that we had hooked up, but no one knew exactly what had happened and I intended to keep it that way.

I headed home with a heavy heart for the summer holidays and had a miserable, shitty time knowing that I had fallen for him and he’d been nothing but lovely to me and I’d done nothing but hurt him. And, the reason was that I was frightened how deep my feelings had run for him.

When I returned to Uni in the autumn for my final year, I was heartbroken to discover that James had transferred to another Uni miles away and all our mutual friends blamed me.

* * *

~ Ten Years Later ~

I’d come back to York for a friend’s wedding newly single and totally sworn off all men for the foreseeable future.

James was constantly in my thoughts and one time a few years back he’d requested me as a friend on Facebook, but I hadn’t accepted him.

We both lived in Manchester, but we’d never crossed paths.

My feelings for him were a confusing clusterfuck mess.

I missed him and the fun we had all those years ago and coming back to York made me think about him all the more.

At the beautiful reception all the guests mingled on the lawn outside a large marquee and I stood reflecting on where my life was going.

I was a successful recruitment manager, but my love life was a train wreck.

It was a gorgeous day, perfect for a wedding and I didn’t know how I knew he was next to me.

I just did.

He coughed and cleared his throat.

“Alright babe,” he said cockily.

I turned my head and took him in from head to foot.

His hair had thinned a bit, but he was still in good shape and I still fancied him.

We awkwardly embraced.

“I missed you,” I whispered and felt tears gathering in my eyes.

“I missed you too. More than you could ever know,” he replied and held on to me.

We broke apart and stared at each other.

“You look good,” he remarked. “You married?”

I immediately checked out his ring finger and saw that it was bare.

My heart leapt.

“No. You?”

He sighed and shuffled around.

“I was. Not anymore.”

“Oh, I’m sorry James.”

“Don’t be. Shit happens.”

We stood in silence, sipping our champagne and I was totally lost for words.

James broke the silence.

“Rosie, you with anyone?”

“No. I was, but not now.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. Shit happens,” we said together then laughed.

I breathed in the heady scent of his spicy aftershave and for the first time in ages, I relaxed.

I loved being next to him and bitterly regretted the mess that I’d made of everything.

I needed to put things right.

Or at least try.

“James, I’m so fucking sorry for what happened. I never meant to hurt you. I was young and naïve and stupid and, I…”

He arched a dark eyebrow and I saw his beautiful blue green eyes dancing across my face.

“Go on,” he urged with a hint of a smile playing across his lips.

I swallowed noisily and stared out across the perfect lawn.

“I was in love with you. And, I still am…”

I took a final gulp of the expensive champagne and died of embarrassment inside.

What the fuck?

He turned me to face him and grinned widely.

“Well lucky for you, I feel the same. Always have. Always will. Even though you were a first class bitch to me.”

My heart soared at his words.

“I’m so sorry. Please forgive me,” I whispered and fought back a fresh round of hot tears.

Then his soft lips crashed into mine and he gave me a tender kiss that lit me up inside.

His tongue swept inside my mouth finally claiming me as his hopefully forever.

We broke the kiss and embraced again, completely oblivious to the hundred or so people milling around us.

James stared down at me and the wasted years fell away.

We had here and now and that was all that mattered.

“I take it that you remember our pact?” he breathed.

I giggled. “Of course.”

“Mm, maybe we should try living together first cos if you fart in bed, the deal is off. Understood?”

We laughed and grabbed two fresh glasses from a passing waiter.

James winked and squeezed my arse.

“Cheers darling.”

We chinked our crystal glasses together.

“Cheers love.”

As we stood side by side the music cranked up for the bride and groom’s first dance as man and wife – ‘I’ve had the time of my life.’

Sort of fitting…

“Shall we?” he asked, did a bow and took my hand.

I smiled and curtsied.

“We shall.”

We stood with our arms blissfully wrapped around each other, watching the happy couple and I wondered what our wedding would be like.

James pulled me closer and lovingly nuzzled my neck.

“Oh, and by the way later, when it gets dark, we’re going back to the park to our special bench and I’m going to fuck you six ways from Sunday…”


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