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You may never know it

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Our story begins with the acceptance of her application to college, no it was not an Ivy League college merely a local small-town college but Annette Walker was thrilled and overjoyed as were her parents that their daughter would be attending college and not end up having to work a menial labor job as they had themselves.

Preparations made now and a tearful goodbye with tears of joy and sadness as they watched their daughter drive away, with her cell phone in her possession it giving her parents a sense of security, knowing that they would be able to contact their daughter and talk to her regularly to check on her progress as well as her safety and her well-being.

Annette a small town country girl from Sallisaw Oklahoma it being the first time in her life that she would be away from her parents for any length of time, Annette having entered her puberty at an early age, sparking concern by her mother who was aware of her daughters activities of self stimulation concerned, but not making any mention of it to her husband Annette's father.

During her high school years Annette had longed to be sexually active, but living in a small rural community where everyone knew everyone else everyone knew everyone else's business, and she would be labeled a trap with the scandal as her high school friend Julie Taylor had prior to her parents selling their place and leaving town in shame by its local community.

During the hundred mile drive down the interstate she had received two telephone calls on her cell phone mother having called her twice before she could get to the big city of Russellville Arkansas where she would be attending college, Annette filled with a myriad of emotions excitement, longing, fear, anticipation and shamefully she was feeling a hint of amorous needfulness as well as she left the interstate highway entering the city limits of Russellville.

Nervously she pulls her car into the visitors parking area and gathers up the documentation she will need to take in with her which included the acceptance letter she had received, though not overly complicated yet the procedure was time-consuming as she registered herself as a full-time student given her aspirations to become a registered nurse the nursing field to become her course of study.

Annette was assigned a dorm a parking space, a parking sticker for her vehicle and then was escorted around the campus by a staff member to familiarize herself with the facility had been informed of the heaviness of the curriculum that she would be studying and how demanding her chosen field of study would be, her female escort welcoming her to the campus and wishing her good luck, after the brief tour of the campus Annette was escorted to the doom where she would be living.

Annette could see the skepticism upon the other student faces as she entered the dorm room and sensed there apparent disrespect they had for her as she appeared to be a country hick, despite the skepticism shown by the group in the dorm Annette continued to maintain the façade of being willing to conform and become another member of the group occupying the dorm.

It was two days later when one of the members of the dorm Tina came around striking up a casual conversation with Annette, after they had talked for a while, they began to openly share details about their families and discovering that the two of them had many things in common and becoming best friends though at that point neither of them realizing just how much in fact they did have in common Tina like Annette had entered her puberty at an early age and was not allowed to date and the two of them both having abnormally strong sex drives that would affect their lives in the very near future.

It was in the second week of her courses that the other girls in the dorm had begun to come around much as Tina had except their friendship was casual having discussed nothing of a personal nature that was shared between them, Annette had been speaking with her mother on the cell phone on a regular nightly basis since her arrival at the college campus going on three weeks ago she keeping her mother updated telling her about her college courses and the professors who were teaching them and the progress she was making thus far.

It was her sixth week at the college campus when one evening Annette and Tina drove a short distance to the, "A-able hamburger joint," a local haunt for college students eating there instead of at the cafeteria at the campus, as they set their consuming their fast food meal it was obvious that that a group of male students from the campus were eyeing the pair with apparently lustful intentions were the situation to arise.

Though not verbalizing her concern to her husband Annette's mother Martha aware of her daughters abnormally strong sex drive had a real concern, despite the fact that she knew her daughter was still a virgin she being so far away from home and without parental guidance worried about how long her daughter would remain a virgin and had a concern about her daughter's potential pregnancy as well were she to become sexually active as she feared she would.

Annette and Tina best friends now sharing similar stories above each other growing up in rural farming communities and now on Wednesdays having become their ritual instead of eating at the campus cafeteria to go out and grab a hamburger, fries and a cherry Dr Pepper, both freshmen's they had formed an alliance between them to become sisters the natural sisters neither had known, neither of them looked anything like Annette tall and slender and Tina stocky and short.

Both their parents had an equal concern about their daughters and the fact they were so far away from home and the fact that they were so young and innocent, Tina's mother however, had a secret she had kept from her husband being aware of the fact that at the age of eighteen, their daughter Tina had lost her virginity to Rodney Stiller a teenage boy working part-time at the seed store her husband Gerald having hired him during the summer to help me out at their dairy farm.

Months after the altercation between Tina and Rodney swearing her mother to secrecy after which Tina confessed that in August while they were gone to the cattle auction looking to buy yet another bull for mating purposes that she had gone out to the barn where Rodney was working bringing him a glass of iced tea and they were just sitting there talking when a gust of wind blew her short summer dress well above her belly button and she having neglected to put on her panties when she got up that morning it having exposed her genitals to Rodney.

Tina explaining to her mother how they both became aroused and shortly afterwards how they had climbed up into the hayloft, laying down in the hay beside each other and after Rodney exposed his erection to her how her craving became overwhelming and before she hardly realized what was happening her clothes were laying beside her and Rodney having positioned himself between her legs took her as his woman and lover and taking her virginity that afternoon.

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