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Warming My Cold Daughter

Written by Jack Vitale

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Warming My Cold Daughter

A few months back, my only adopted daughter divorced her husband and was looking for a place to live. And since I was also divorced and living alone in a big house, I asked the forty year old Elva to move in with me. At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do. What happened a few weeks later also seemed right.

My adopted daughter and I fucked each other.

It was a Saturday afternoon when it happened. The two of us were sitting across from each other at the kitchen table, talking and doing very little of anything. Because it was a hot and humid summer day, I had the air conditioning on to the max. While I thought it was comfortable, the freezing Elva thought differently.

"Is it cold in here, or is it me?"

"Put on some warmer clothes and you won’t be so fucking cold!" I snapped at the woman who was wearing only a pair of shorts and a tank-top shirt.

Needless to say, my shivering daughter didn't appreciate my snide comment. "Jesus Christ, Dad! Feel my fucking feet then!" she snapped back at me, then placed both her two bare feet on my bare upper leg. "They’re fucking freezing!" she barked right back at her old man.

Her feet may have been ice cold, but to be perfectly honest, they sure felt good as Elva rubbed them on my leg. So good, I actually developed a massive hard-on from their touch. Yeah! That’s right! I couldn't believe it either!

The tingling touch of my daughter’s feet on my body, gave the sixty-year old man one hell of a giant boner. It was shocking to say the least, especially to my daughter when she stretched out her body and rested her feet on the bulge between my legs.

"Wow, Daddy! What the hell ya got in there?" she said with her eyes widened and a broad smile on her pretty face. "It feels to me like a Goddamn hard-on!"

I couldn’t lie. "Yeah, it is! A hard-on! I got a hard-on!"

"I can see that, silly!" she said while shaking her head disbelievingly. "But, why does my father have a big fat hard-on?"

As my fingers rubbed her ankle, then her soft calf muscle, I could feel the goose bumps on my daughter’s leg. I could also feel a tingling sensation from my hard throbbing cock. There was no doubt about it. My own daughter had excited me sexually, just like she'd done many years earlier when she was a rapidly developing teenager. Suddenly, she was doing it again, even though it’s still not right and forbidden by society.

As it is today, a man can't look at his daughter in a sexual way, or have thoughts about fucking her, no matter how sexily dressed she may be. Even though she’s adopted, it’s STILL taboo, and a definite no-no.

Times and people change. What was once forbidden and never talked about, is now read about freely in books. Many people enjoy reading about fathers and their daughters fucking. People like me. I read about it all the time, and now, from out of the blue, I’m thinking about doing what I read. Elva isn’t my daughter by blood, so, in a way, what I’m thinking is okay.

Elva looked at me for an answer. "I’m waiting, Daddy!" she teased while pressing her foot hard against my stiff cock. There was a real naughty look in her eyes and a sly grin on her face that told me something every interesting. My daughter must have read those same books I had read, maybe even enjoyed them the same way I had.

As I started to answer, she got up and walked slowly to where I was sitting. My eyes followed hers until she stopped right next to me. At that point, all I could do was stare at her massive tits, a huge set barely covered by her tank-top shirt.

"Well!" she said while standing over me with her arm around my shoulder and her big tits just inches from my mouth. "Are you gonna tell me now why you have a big beautiful hard-on?"

Since action speaks louder than words, I chose to act instead of speak. I leaned my head against her chest and pressed my mouth to her large breasts. At the same time, I gripped her ass with my hand and squeezed it. It didn’t take long for my daughter to get the message. She not only knew why I had a hard-on, she even knew what I wanted to do with it.

"Well, I'll be a son of a bitch!" she said with my face nuzzling her soft breasts and my hands squeezing her big soft ass. "My father wants to fuck me."

Still saying nothing, I moved my head away from her succulent tits and lifted the top over her two mounds. My next move was also done without a word. I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth while my fingers played with the other one. Elva said nothing either. She just stood there moaning with her eyes closed. Oh, yeah! The father definitely wanted to fuck his sexy daughter.

With Elva’s fingers gliding through my hair and my mouth teasing her big tits, I quickly began the removal of her shorts and panties. An anxious, Elva wiggled her body to help me, then opened her solid muscular legs. My horny daughter knew exactly what she wanted too.

"My cunt, Kenny baby! Finger my cunt!" she cried and without hesitation, my fingers touched the soft wet muff, feeling the sponginess of her saturated lips.

Totally aroused, Elva lifted her leg so her foot rested on a chair. In doing that, she let me move my fingers all the way into her very lubricated cunt. Without the use of any gels or lubricants, I was able to insert four fingers up into her wet and soppy pussy. This deep penetration made my very impassioned daughter extremely wild. Needless to say, it made me crazy too.

"I am baby! I am!" I told her while fingering her as hard as I could. In no time, this wild woman was primed for fucking and pleading for my cock. Can you fucking believe it! My own daughter was begging me to fuck her body.

"Give it to me Daddy! Stick it in me and fuck me!"

"Oh yeah, baby!" I said as I laid her down on the kitchen table and spread her thighs apart. A moment later, the knob of my prick touched Elva's moist opening and I leaned forward. "I'll give it to you all right!" I said to Elva just like I'd said to all the other women I'd fucked. Her being my adopted daughter no longer mattered. I was going to fuck her too.

"Ohhh, agghhhhh!" she moaned and groaned as her fingernails dug into my back and her lower body started moving wildly with mine, joining me in that long awaited fuck.

With my prick buried deep inside her cunt, and her legs wrapped tightly around my waist, I fucked my sweet horny daughter, humping and pumping our bodies together until the two of us came to our own explosive orgasms.

When it was over, Elva was no longer cold. In fact, she was very hot and sweating profusely. To cool her off, I had to take her into the shower where I fucked her again. After that, my daughter cooled me off by blowing me. I didn’t expect that from her, but I sure as shit didn’t stop her from doing it.

From that day on, whenever Elva felt cold because of the too high air conditioning, she knew where to go to get warm.

End of Story

These tales are by no means True.  They are fictional fantasies from a mind so lurid, no one’s off bounds. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. By no means did we intend any disrespect for the ladies engaged in lurid sex and speaking obscenely. Hopefully, those women will enjoy the naughty story written especially for them. 

About the Author

Jack Vitale is a writer of erotic fiction. His work is hot and graphic and told as all good smut should be told. In reality, Jack Vitale is a pseudonym for the seventy-five year old author who prefers to keep his real name to himself given the erotic nature of the material he writes to help supplement his social security income.


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