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JT Holland

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Matt Smith had finally had enough. His roommate Paulina had crossed the line one too many times.

It wasn’t just the practical jokes: the salt in the sugar shaker, the Icy-hot in his boxers, the Ben-gay in his body wash, and even the hemorrhoid cream that she’d replaced his toothpaste with. And it wasn’t just how she stole his food from the fridge and wore his clothes when hers were dirty and borrowed his car without asking. It was all of these things, taken as a whole, that had Matt right on the edge of losing it. But still, he’d not lashed out at her. After all, Paulina was hot as shit, and since Matt was a red-blooded twenty-five year old male, that bought her a lot of leeway.

But then she did something to put him over the edge. And for that, she had to be punished.




It was the end of October and the bills were almost past due. Not just the rent, but utilities also. And so far, every time Matt had approached Paulina about it, she’d blown him off. So when he sat on the chair opposite the couch, which Paulina was lying on while talking on her phone, Matt was already close to his boiling point.

“We need to talk about the bills,” Matt said.

“Yeah, yeah,” Paulina replied, waving him off. “Later. I’m on the phone.”

Matt took a deep breath to keep his anger down while Paulina went back to her phone call, chatting about the party she’d been to the night before and how wasted she’d gotten and how she ended up waking up the next morning in some random dude’s house.

Matt had heard similar stories from her before, and knew that Paulina was quite the slut, even though they’d never screwed around together. And to be honest, this bothered him a little bit, that she’d fuck random guys on a regular basis but not him. But that was an issue for another day. Right now it was about money. And not only that, but respect.

“Paulina,” Matt said, more forcefully this time. “We need to talk about the bills. It’s important.”

“It can wait,” Paulina said, talking to him without even looking at him. “I’m busy.” And with that, she went back to yapping away as though he wasn’t even there.

Matt took another deep breath and held it inside for a few seconds before breathing out.  He didn’t want to lose his temper, but he was certainly on the verge of doing so. Another dismissal or two and it would be all over.

“Can you call your friend back?” Matt asked, trying hard to maintain a pleasant voice. “This is a priority. If we don’t pay them today stuff is going to start getting turned off. The water, the electricity, the cable . . .”

This time, Paulina didn’t even offer him a response. She just huffed and puffed and said something into the phone that Matt couldn’t quite make out but sounded rude, then climbed to her feet and made her way down the hall and into her bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

Meanwhile, Matt was fuming. He kept telling himself not to lose it, but the rational side of his brain was losing the battle. So, after stewing on the chair for another fifteen seconds, he shook his head and muttered, “Fucking bitch,” under his breath and stormed towards Paulina’s room. He was still able to control himself enough to knock on her door, but when she didn’t respond, he opened it up.

Paulina was lying sideways on her bed.  Matt told himself not to stare but he couldn’t help it. She was just so fucking hot. She glanced at him but immediately dismissed him and went back to her phone call.

“Hang up the phone,” Matt said, speaking softly but forcefully.

Paulina didn’t respond.

“Hang up the fucking phone,” he said again, louder this time.

Paulina looked up at him with a little smile, as though she found his rapidly increasing anger comical. Which just made him more angry.

“Hang it up right fucking now or you’re going to wish you did,” Matt said. He wasn’t yelling but he was speaking quite loudly.

Paulina’s expression altered slightly as if she realized she might have crossed the line.

“I fucking mean it,” Matt said.

“Okay,” Paulina said to him. Then, into the phone, she said, “I have to go.” She ended the call and dropped the phone on her bed.

“Thank you,” Matt said, still fuming but no longer raising his voice.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Paulina asked, giving him a nasty look. She was still lying on her side, showing him her sexy profile, undoubtedly on purpose. She always used her looks to gain an advantage.

“My problem?” Matt said. “What the fuck is my problem?”

“Are you fucking deaf? That’s what I asked.”

“I don’t have a problem,” he replied. “You’re the one with the fucking problem.”

“How do you figure that?” Paulina asked.

A little smirk had wormed its way onto her face. Matt wasn’t sure what it meant. Was she actually enjoying this confrontation? Had she deliberately pushed things in this direction for some demented reason? Or did she consider Matt somehow beneath her, and this conversation a waste of her time? He had no idea. And it didn’t really matter right now. What mattered is that he made her understand that she couldn’t continue acting the way she had lately. So he started rattling off all the things that were pissing him off, his voice rising with every statement.

“You eat my food, you don’t clean up, you play cruel practical jokes on me,” he said, pausing for a moment before adding, “You don’t pay the fucking bills, you treat me like shit, you bring your friends over and trash the place.”

Matt realized he was getting too wound up, so he took a moment to get control of himself. Paulina was still just staring at him with that same little smirk.

“Yeah, so what’s your point?” she finally said, sitting up and sliding her body until she was sitting on the edge of the bed, her legs hanging down and her feet on the floor.

Matt took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “My point is, you’re a complete and total bitch.”

“Yeah?” Paulina said. “And again, what’s your point?”

Matt could feel his anger boiling now but tried hard to keep it in as much as possible. Talking slowly and flatly, he said, “I can’t fucking take it anymore.”

“Then move out,” Paulina said.

“It’s my fucking place!” Matt said, his anger boiling over again.

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