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JT Holland

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Matt Smith had finally had enough. His roommate Paulina had crossed the line one too many times.

It wasn’t just the practical jokes: the salt in the sugar shaker, the Icy-hot in his boxers, the Ben-gay in his body wash, and even the hemorrhoid cream that she’d replaced his toothpaste with. And it wasn’t just how she stole his food from the fridge and wore his clothes when hers were dirty and borrowed his car without asking. It was all of these things, taken as a whole, that had Matt right on the edge of losing it. But still, he’d not lashed out at her. After all, Paulina was hot as shit, and since Matt was a red-blooded twenty-five year old male, that bought her a lot of leeway.

But then she did something to put him over the edge. And for that, she had to be punished.




It was the end of October and the bills were almost past due. Not just the rent, but utilities also. And so far, every time Matt had approached Paulina about it, she’d blown him off. So when he sat on the chair opposite the couch, which Paulina was lying on while talking on her phone, Matt was already close to his boiling point.

“We need to talk about the bills,” Matt said.

“Yeah, yeah,” Paulina replied, waving him off. “Later. I’m on the phone.”

Matt took a deep breath to keep his anger down while Paulina went back to her phone call, chatting about the party she’d been to the night before and how wasted she’d gotten and how she ended up waking up the next morning in some random dude’s house.

Matt had heard similar stories from her before, and knew that Paulina was quite the slut, even though they’d never screwed around together. And to be honest, this bothered him a little bit, that she’d fuck random guys on a regular basis but not him. But that was an issue for another day. Right now it was about money. And not only that, but respect.

“Paulina,” Matt said, more forcefully this time. “We need to talk about the bills. It’s important.”

“It can wait,” Paulina said, talking to him without even looking at him. “I’m busy.” And with that, she went back to yapping away as though he wasn’t even there.

Matt took another deep breath and held it inside for a few seconds before breathing out.  He didn’t want to lose his temper, but he was certainly on the verge of doing so. Another dismissal or two and it would be all over.

“Can you call your friend back?” Matt asked, trying hard to maintain a pleasant voice. “This is a priority. If we don’t pay them today stuff is going to start getting turned off. The water, the electricity, the cable . . .”

This time, Paulina didn’t even offer him a response. She just huffed and puffed and said something into the phone that Matt couldn’t quite make out but sounded rude, then climbed to her feet and made her way down the hall and into her bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

Meanwhile, Matt was fuming. He kept telling himself not to lose it, but the rational side of his brain was losing the battle. So, after stewing on the chair for another fifteen seconds, he shook his head and muttered, “Fucking bitch,” under his breath and stormed towards Paulina’s room. He was still able to control himself enough to knock on her door, but when she didn’t respond, he opened it up.

Paulina was lying sideways on her bed.  Matt told himself not to stare but he couldn’t help it. She was just so fucking hot. She glanced at him but immediately dismissed him and went back to her phone call.

“Hang up the phone,” Matt said, speaking softly but forcefully.

Paulina didn’t respond.

“Hang up the fucking phone,” he said again, louder this time.

Paulina looked up at him with a little smile, as though she found his rapidly increasing anger comical. Which just made him more angry.

“Hang it up right fucking now or you’re going to wish you did,” Matt said. He wasn’t yelling but he was speaking quite loudly.

Paulina’s expression altered slightly as if she realized she might have crossed the line.

“I fucking mean it,” Matt said.

“Okay,” Paulina said to him. Then, into the phone, she said, “I have to go.” She ended the call and dropped the phone on her bed.

“Thank you,” Matt said, still fuming but no longer raising his voice.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Paulina asked, giving him a nasty look. She was still lying on her side, showing him her sexy profile, undoubtedly on purpose. She always used her looks to gain an advantage.

“My problem?” Matt said. “What the fuck is my problem?”

“Are you fucking deaf? That’s what I asked.”

“I don’t have a problem,” he replied. “You’re the one with the fucking problem.”

“How do you figure that?” Paulina asked.

A little smirk had wormed its way onto her face. Matt wasn’t sure what it meant. Was she actually enjoying this confrontation? Had she deliberately pushed things in this direction for some demented reason? Or did she consider Matt somehow beneath her, and this conversation a waste of her time? He had no idea. And it didn’t really matter right now. What mattered is that he made her understand that she couldn’t continue acting the way she had lately. So he started rattling off all the things that were pissing him off, his voice rising with every statement.

“You eat my food, you don’t clean up, you play cruel practical jokes on me,” he said, pausing for a moment before adding, “You don’t pay the fucking bills, you treat me like shit, you bring your friends over and trash the place.”

Matt realized he was getting too wound up, so he took a moment to get control of himself. Paulina was still just staring at him with that same little smirk.

“Yeah, so what’s your point?” she finally said, sitting up and sliding her body until she was sitting on the edge of the bed, her legs hanging down and her feet on the floor.

Matt took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “My point is, you’re a complete and total bitch.”

“Yeah?” Paulina said. “And again, what’s your point?”

Matt could feel his anger boiling now but tried hard to keep it in as much as possible. Talking slowly and flatly, he said, “I can’t fucking take it anymore.”

“Then move out,” Paulina said.

“It’s my fucking place!” Matt said, his anger boiling over again.

“Well I’m sure as hell not moving out,” Paulina said.

“What if I kick you out?”

Paulina laughed. “Go ahead and try. Do  you know how hard it is to evict someone in the state of California? It takes months. And if you think things are bad now, just wait. I’ll make your life a living hell until I’m outta here.”

Matt scoffed and shook his head. “Why are you making this so fucking difficult?”

“Well, I guess because I’m just a bitch like that,” Paulina said, her smirk in full-effect now. “So you’d better just learn to deal with it, you little pussy.”

“Pussy?” Matt said, incredulous. He started moving towards her. “Did you just call me a pussy?”

“Are you deaf?” Paulina said, her smile growing wider as he came closer. It was as if this was what she was aiming for the whole time.

“No,” Matt said, his voice still calm despite the rage boiling inside of him. “I just want to make sure that’s what you called me.”

“Yep,” Paulina said, defiant as ever, obviously enjoying herself. She was still perched on the edge of the bed but had straightened up so she was sitting taller. “That’s exactly what I called you. A pussy.” Then she started saying it, over and over, as Matt grew ever closer to her. “Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy—”

She was still repeating the word as Matt came within arm’s length of her. “Are you gonna stop now?” he asked, towering over her.

Paulina looked up at him and smiled but didn’t stop. Now, instead of just saying the word over and over, she was chanting it, as though she was cheering on a team. “Pu-ssy, pu-ssy, pu-ssy, pu-ssy—”

His rage burning ice cold by now, Matt reached out and grabbed her by the throat. That shut Paulina up immediately. But she was still smiling. And her eyes were wide with excitement.

“This is what you want, isn’t it?” Matt said, still grasping her throat but not really squeezing. “You’re just pushing my buttons to get a reaction out of me, aren’t you?”

Paulina bit down on her bottom lip and raised her eyebrow, not giving him the satisfaction of a clear answer even though it was pretty obvious that she did indeed want exactly what he was giving to her. The real question was, how far did she actually want him to go?

Matt decided he didn’t want to find out. It just wasn’t worth it.

“You’re one sick little freak,” Matt said, leaning in until he face was right in front of hers. Then he released her throat. “I’m not playing your demented mind games.”

“Pussy,” Paulina said.

Matt’s rage flared. Without thinking, he reared back and smacked Paulina in the face.

He immediately felt horrible, but the feeling quickly passed when he saw Paulina’s expression. She was grinning widely and her eyes were dancing. Now, instead of feeling bad, Matt felt a series of conflicting emotions. Disgust, rage, guilt, and (although he was ashamed to admit it to himself) more than small portion of excitement.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” he said.

This time Paulina nodded.

“Is this why you’re always acting like such a bitch? Hoping that I’d smack you around?”

“That was part of it.”

“And the other part?”

“I get off on it,” Paulina said.

“On what?” Matt asked.

“On being a bitch,” she replied, smirking again. “The other part, the smacking around, is just a bonus.”

“But that’s not all that you want, is it?” Matt said, still towering over her.

“No,” Paulina replied. She was looking up at him with eyes full of need. Her hand had drifted down to her waist and she was rubbing her pussy over her shorts.

“You want me to fuck you too, don’t you?” Matt said.

“Not just fuck me,” Paulina said. “I want you to punish me. To pummel me. To destroy me.”

Matt laughed and shook his head from side-to-side. As hot as Paulina was, and as often as he’d dreamt about fucking her, he wanted no part of this. No part at all. Backing away, he said, “I don’t think this is a good idea.”

“Yeah, I figured as much,” Paulina said. “I knew you were too much of a pussy to give me what I need.”

“I’m not a pussy,” he said. “I’m just not a psycho.”

“You do realize that I’m just going to be worse now, right?” Paulina said. “The only way to get me to behave is to give me what I want.”

“Yeah, well that’s just not gonna happen,” Matt said, turning to leave the room. He had just grasped the door handle when Paulina started up the chant again.

“Pu-ssy, pu-ssy, pu-ssy,” she said.

Matt dropped his hand and hung his head. He didn’t know why that chant bothered him so much, but it did. And there was no way he was going to let her get away with continuing to say it over and over and over.

Paulina could sense the shift in his mood and started chanting it louder and faster, even going so far as to start clapping her hands in time with the words. A hint of playfulness entered her voice as he turned and again started towards her, moving quickly now.

“You’re going to pay for this,” Matt said, grinning maniacally now. He was annoyed and angry and excited all at the same time. Which is undoubtedly exactly what Paulina wanted.

“That’s the plan,” she said, no longer chanting. She  slipped her hand inside her pants and went to work on her pussy.

“Don’t expect me to take it easy on you,” Matt said as he came to a stop directly in front of her.

“I don’t,” Paulina said. She was still sitting on the edge of the bed, looking up at him while he stood over her. Her mouth was again turned up in her patented smirk. “Do your worst. I can handle it.”

“We’ll see about that,” he said.

“Fucking try me,” she said, glaring at him with defiance.

“Don’t worry,” Matt said, undoing his belt and dropping his pants to the floor. Despite his reluctance, his cock was already rock hard. Apparently his body didn’t harbor the same reservations that his mind did. “I will.”

Smiling, he pushed down on her shoulders.

Paulina knelt to the ground without any resistance whatsoever. The back of her head was pressing up against the mattress of the bed. Matt grabbed ahold of her hair and used it to hold her head in place against the bed.

“Open your mouth,” he said.

She obliged, opening it wide. Her eyes were gleaming with excitement as she looked up at him.

Matt stuck his cock inside Paulina’s mouth and started sliding it in and out, moving slowly, not giving her much more than the tip for now. He gradually slipped it further inside her until it was halfway in. Then he sped up his thrusts, causing her lips close around his cock.

Matt immediately pulled his cock out of Paulina’s mouth and used it to smack her cheek a few times.

“Did I tell you to close your mouth?” he asked.

Paulina shook her head. “No.”

“That’s right,” he said. “I didn’t. This time keep it open.”

Matt stuck his cock back into her mouth and started pumping her face again, more aggressively this time. Gagging sounds escaped from Paulina’s throat as he pummeled her mouth but she kept it open no matter how much of his cock he gave her.

“Tongue out,” he said.

Paulina did as she was told; Matt could see her tongue beneath his cock as he pumped her mouth. Saliva was pouring out of her mouth, running down her chin and neck and coating her chest. Tears were dripping from her eyes, running down her cheek but Matt didn’t feel bad. She deserved exactly what she was getting. And not only that, but she had asked for it. So he was going to give it to her.

His cock was slippery as hell as he relentlessly slammed it in and back out of her throat, giving her the whole thing, from tip to base, while still holding her head against the bed with his hands.

The gagging and coughing sounds grew louder with every thrust. A pool of saliva was pouring out of Paulina’s mouth and gathering on the carpet beneath her. He was thoroughly enjoying throat-fucking her but knew he needed to move onto something else before it was too late.

Matt slipped his cock out of Paulina’s mouth, giving himself a couple of seconds to relax, then slammed it back inside, all the way down her throat until her nose was pushing against his stomach. But instead of pulling it back out right away, like he had done every time up until this point, he held it there, his cock all the way down her throat.

“Look at me,” he said.

Paulina shifted her gaze upward as best she could while continuing to deepthroat him, looking up at Matt with tear-stained, puppy-dog eyes.

“That’s right,” he said. “Take it. Take my whole fucking cock down your throat. Fucking choke on it.”

And Paulina did, gagging and choking as Matt held his cock there for another few seconds before pulling his cock from her mouth and backing off, taking a moment to gather himself.

Paulina coughed a couple of times before catching her breath with a few deep gulps of air. But she smiling widely, obviously enjoying herself.

“You like this, don’t you?” Matt asked.

“I fucking love it,” Paulina replied.

“Are you ready for more?”

“Always,” she replied.

Laughing, Matt bent down, picked Paulina up, spun her around, and dropped her onto the bed, her back on the mattress, her feet towards the headboard and her head hanging upside down just off the edge of the bed.

Once Paulina was in position, Matt dropped to his knees so his cock was right in front of her face then slid his cock into her mouth. He pumped her face while she hung off the couch, upside down, the blood rushing to her head. He fucked her face with everything he had, going balls-deep with every pump. He could see the bulge his cock made as it pushed the limits of her throat.

As he banged away at Paulina’s throat, one of her hands flew down to her pussy and she started rubbing her clit.

Not wanting to be outdone, Matt grabbed ahold of her tits and squeezed them as he continued to slam his cock into her mouth, his balls slapping up against her nose, saliva dripping out of her mouth and pouring down her face as choking sounds escaped from between her lips.

But Paulina took it like a champ, allowing him to have his way with her without fighting it, not pulling away in the least. So far she hadn’t been fazed by anything he’d done. It was time to change that.

Matt pumped her face a couple more times and then held it there, deep inside her throat, choking her with his cock, causing her to shuck and jive beneath him as she tried in vain to draw breath.

Paulina gagged once, then again, and she tried to squirm away but he didn’t let her, holding his cock deep in her throat. Her hands came up to his chest and tried to push him away but she didn’t have enough leverage.

“Five more seconds,” he said, trying to get her to relax. And she did. She was still gagging and her legs were bouncing up and down on the mattress but she was no longer actively fighting him.

He counted the seconds down.







But just to mess with her some more, Matt kept his cock in her throat for another couple of seconds before finally pulling it out.

Paulina lifted her head up and gasped for breath.

“Holy fucking shit,” she said once she’d recovered enough to be able to talk. “I didn’t know you had that in you.”

“Too much?” he asked.

“Hell no,” she replied, laughing. “That was fucking incredible.”

“Then let’s keep it going,” Matt said.

Leaning over the bed, he grabbed ahold of her waist and pulled her body back until her head was lying atop the mattress, her face towards the ceiling. He climbed onto the bed and turned around so they were facing the same direction. Then he squatted over her face so his asshole was directly over her mouth.

“Are you ready for this?” he asked, looking down at her.

“Bring it on,” she said.

Smiling, Matt squatted down a little more, dropping his asshole onto her mouth. A lightning bolt of pleasure shot up his spine as she moved her tongue around, licking and slurping and going to town down there.

“Goddammit,” he said under his breath, shivering with delight.

Paulina grabbed ahold of his ass cheeks and spread them apart, giving her better access. Her tongue rigid, she stuck it inside him, moving it in and out, tongue-fucking his asshole.

Matt got into the act, bouncing up and down on her face, helping her tongue get even deeper inside him. He realized he was jerking himself off, mostly because he had nothing else to do with his hands. So he decided to fix that.

He stood up and spun around so he was facing her feet, then again dropped his asshole onto her mouth.

“Tongue out,” Matt said.

Paulina obliged.

He grabbed ahold of her tits for leverage and proceeded to ride her tongue with his asshole, moving back and forth against it so it was running the length of his crack, from asshole to taint to the back of his ball sack. He was squeezing and slapping her tits and pinching her nipples as he moved, eliciting gasps of pleasure from her, which he took advantage of by applying more pressure to her face when she moaned.

Paulina reached up and grabbed ahold of Matt’s cock and started jerking him off, adding to the sensation.

“Holy fuck,” he moaned. Between the work her tongue was doing on his asshole and what her hand was doing to his cock he nearly came right there. But he was able to hold it down and the feeling soon passed. He was once again good to go. At least for the moment.

Matt leaned forward and pulled Paulina’s jean shorts and panties down until they were around her knees, then stuck three fingers into her soaking wet pussy and started aggressively banging her while his other hand still fondled her tit.

Paulina let out a muffled gasp of pleasure and went after his cock and asshole even more aggressively.

In return, Matt started working her pussy and tits more feverishly, which prompted Paulina to turn up the heat even further too.

It was a feedback loop of pleasure with only one end in sight. And the end was rapidly approaching. Matt knew he had to mix things up quickly if he wanted to keep this session going on for a while. But he just couldn’t get himself to stop. He was having too much fun.

So he started going after Paulina harder than ever, slamming his fingers in and out of her with everything he had and slapping away at her tits with reckless abandon.

Paulina’s scream of pleasure was muffled by his ass on her mouth but still audible. Her hand was grasping his cock in a death-grip and expertly jerking him in long, fast strokes, getting him closer and closer to orgasm.

He was no more than a few seconds away when he forced himself to disengage. It took every ounce of his willpower to slip his fingers out of her pussy and release her tit and pull his ass up off her face but he managed to pull it off. Barely.

As Paulina took a moment to recover, Matt spun around on the bed once again, so he was facing her. He pulled her shorts and panties all the way off then nestled into position between her legs, his rock-hard cock mere inches from her soaking wet pussy.

Paulina stared at him greedily as he grabbed ahold of her ankles and spread his arms, opening her legs wide. He held her legs there, extended outward as far as they could go.

Paulina’s leg muscles were taut, stretched tight against her skin. Her pussy was wide open, gaping, glistening.

“Bang yourself,” he said.

One of Paulina’s hands flew down to her pussy and she slipped two fingers inside her snatch and started going to town.

“Another finger,” Matt said, still holding her legs wide. He was forcing himself to wait, building anticipation.

She slid a third finger in and slammed away. Her pussy was making slurping sounds it was so wet.

“Another,” he said.

Paulina did as she was told. Her breath was rapid now, her face turning red. Low moans were coming from her throat. She was staring right at him.

 “Pull your fingers out of your pussy and stick them in your mouth,” Matt said. “Lick them clean. One at a time.”

Matt watched intently as she cleaned her fingers off. He was practically shivering with excitement. He needed to stick his cock in her. Now.

“Grab ahold of your ankles,” he said.

She extended her arms and grabbed her ankles, keeping her legs in the same position he’d had them in. Spread wide, muscles taut, glistening with sweat, tight as hell. And enticing as fuck.

“Hold your legs wide, just like that,” Matt said. “Don’t fucking move them. No matter what. Understand?”

Biting down on her bottom lip, she nodded.

Matt grabbed ahold of his cock and slapped it against her pussy a couple of times and then slipped it inside her. It went in without a hint of resistance. Paulina’s pussy was wetter than any other pussy he’d ever seen.

He immediately started slamming his cock into her, not even bothering to take things slow. He was far too wound up for that. And she was far too wet. So he pounded the shit out of her, his cock going balls-deep in her pussy, his body hammering hers, making it difficult for her to keep her legs extended.

But Paulina plugged on like a trooper, holding them tight even though her leg muscles were quivering from the effort.

Her pussy was snug but not tight, providing just enough sensation for him to feel the pressure but not enough to make him feel like he had to slow down for fear of cumming too soon. It was fucking incredible.

Matt continued pounding away, Paulina’s breathing growing more and more rapid along with her moans and grunts as he slammed into her, but still she held her legs tight.

Taking it on as a challenge to get her to fold, Matt started rubbing her clit with his fingers.

Paulina’s groans intensified and her legs started to buckle.

“Hold them there,” Matt warned. “I didn’t say you could relax.”

She moaned and threw her legs back to where they were but her face revealed how difficult it was for her to hold them there.

Laughing under his breath, Matt went back to work on her clit while fucking her with even more intensity.

Paulina was practically screaming now, her legs muscles shaking as she tried desperately to keep them apart despite everything forcing them together.

Matt was almost ready to let her relax, but first he wanted to mess with her some more. He stopped rubbing her clit but wrapped his hand around her throat. So now he was choking her while he was fucking her, making it impossible for her to hold her legs in place for long.

Paulina’s mettle surprised him though; even as her face was turning red she still held on to her ankles, keeping her legs spread wide for a good fifteen seconds before folding them all at once.

Smiling, Matt released his hold on her throat. He watched Paulina closely as she gasped for breath. His cock was still inside her but he was no longer moving against her. He needed a break just as much as she did. But his cock felt too good where it was for him to pull it out. So he just stayed in place with his cock inside her pussy, taking some time to recover.

It was a good fifteen seconds later before Matt was finally ready to get started again.

“Are you ready to get fucked some more?” he asked.

Paulina nodded, her eyes twinkling with excitement.

“Beg for it,” Matt said.

“Please fuck me,” she replied, her voice taking on a slightly higher-pitched, pleading tone. “Please stick that big cock of yours inside me and pound the shit out of me until I can’t take it anymore. I want it. I need it. Give it to me. Please.”

Shivering with excitement at the nastiness of the words coming out of Paulina’s mouth, Matt pulled his cock out of her pussy and grabbed the back of her legs and pushed them towards her until her knees were alongside her head, folding her in half and lifting her ass up off the mattress.

He climbed to his feet and bent over and once again slid his cock into Paulina’s pussy and proceeded to pound her while holding her legs in place up near her head.

“Holy fuck,” she cried as he slammed his cock into her, their bodies bouncing off each other in a mass of frenzied flesh. “That feels so fucking good.”

His balls were slapping up against her asshole as his hips grinded into hers at the bottom of every push.

“Pound me,” she said, staring right at him. Her voice was lower than before, guttural, animalistic. “Fucking pound my pussy with your cock.”

Every word she uttered just increased his intensity. It wasn’t long before he was fucking her with the entire length of his cock in fast, aggressive pumps, trying to break her in half with every thrust.

By now Paulina’s mouth was open and her words had turned into inarticulate cries. Her head was shaking from side to side and her eyes were wide and her body was quivering and shaking and sweating and beautiful.

Matt released one of her legs and shoved his fingers into her mouth, gripping her jaw tightly while he fucked her.

She sucked on his fingers while her hands played with her tits, slapping and groping them hard enough to leave red marks.

He pulled his hand from her mouth and wrapped it around her throat.

Paulina’s pussy was more inviting than it had been all night; it was as though something inside her had opened up and was trying to engulf his cock. Matt felt like he could fit his whole body into her. And the feeling got him wound up to a point he’d never before experienced. He completely let go of all his inhibitions and totally opened up on her, slamming into her with an intensity he’d never before reached, hammering his body into hers.

Paulina’s eyes started to roll up in her sockets and Matt suddenly realized he was choking her with the same intensity as he’d been fucking her.

He quickly let go of her throat.

Paulina gasped for breath and made animalistic sounds beneath him. Her face was flushed and her eyes were wide and full of need and lust and looking directly at him.

They stared at each other while they moved against each other, their eyes locked as though they were the only two things in the world.

And then, just like, Matt was ready to cum.

He scrambled up towards Paulina, his legs outside of hers, keeping them pinned up near her head, and stuck his cock in her mouth. He pumped her mouth a couple of times and then pulled it out and jerked himself to completion, spraying her face and open mouth with his sperm.

It was by far the biggest load he’d ever shot, leaving her face a gooey white mess of cum. Paulina swallowed down what had made it into her mouth and used her finger to clean off the rest of her face and stuck the remainder of his cum in her mouth and swallowed that too.

Laughing under his breath and shaking his head, Matt fell down onto the couch beside her.

“Wow,” Paulina said. “That was pretty fucking intense.”

“Tell me about it,” Matt said.

“I didn’t know you had that in you,” she said.

“Neither did I,” he replied.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Paulina continued. “I was expecting to get punished after how I treated you, but damn, that was almost more than I bargained for.”

“Yeah, you had me pretty riled up, I must admit.”

“In more ways than one,” she said, laughing.

“So now that this is out of the way, are you going to start being a better roommate?” Matt asked.

“Hell no,” Paulina said. “If that’s what you give me when I’m a bitch, then I’m going to have to be a bitch more often.”

“Shit, now that I know what you like, I can do that too you without even being mad.”

“You think?”

“I know.”

Paulina eyed him for a moment, then said, “Well, maybe we’ll give it a shot. But if I don’t think you’re giving it to me hard enough, then I’m going to go right back to being a bitch.”

“Then I’ll just have to make sure I give it to you hard enough,” Matt said.

“Yes you will,” Paulina replied. “Yes you will indeed.”






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