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Paying Debts: Part 2


Abigail Adams

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Copyright 2018 Abigail Adams

Part 2

I lay in my new prison and wished to count the minutes to my freedom but there was not a clear mark on the calendar that will tell me the moment of my freedom.

The room I was given was furnished. Everything in the room screamed money. To the outsider, this room was fit for a queen but I knew better. I was worse than a prisoner in this room, I was a slave here. No one would save me if I screamed for mercy or yelled for help.

It has been a week since the night of that horror. I have no friends here. All the people in this house are the worst kind of evils. They have no soul. They thrive on the pain of others.

I was caught unaware when someone opened the locked door with a key. The man who escorted me to the room that night was standing in the doorway. He is the worst among these thugs. He leers at my body without shame and was amused when he saw the state of my body one day after that night. I remember his name. It was Buzz.

“Your food is here, cunt.” He slide the tray on the floor.

He was trying to humiliate me. I don’t understand, why he is so cruel to me. I have done nothing wrong to him. His hatred towards me is unfounded.

“My name is, Marie.” I held my head high as I stood up for myself. No one has any right to treat me in a demeaning manner. I owed my debt to the man in a suit. I did not know his name, everyone calls him, the boss.

“You are whatever I say you are, cunt.” He shut the door behind him with a bang and came with angry strides towards me. Pointing a finger few inches from my face, he shouted. “Shove the food in your mouth and stuff your belly with it.”

I will never cover before him. He cannot subdue me. I will stand my ground. “My name is, Marie,” I said angrily. “I owe you nothing. You have no right over me.”

There was purpose in his eyes as he grabbed my hair and jerked my head back. His other hand went under my shirt and squeezed my breast rather painfully.

“You are nothing. You may think, you owe me nothing but I will take whatever I wish from you and no one will stop me. You are nothing but a whore.” He spit on my face.

I started to tremble with fear. He could crush my windpipe with one hand. His muscles were intimidating. He was right, no one will help me if he decided to rape me or kill me.

The door to my room opened again and the man who handed me the contract entered.

“Buzz, the boss wants to see you.”

The other man did not make a comment on the way his friend was manhandling me. They were all heartless and on the same side. I was alone and weak. I had no one.

Buzz let go of me and kicked the tray towards the wall. It was evident that I was going to bed on empty stomach. I looked with longing at my dinner as it lay spattered on the wall. Both of them left the room without looking back.

I fell to the ground and cried at my luck. There was no way, I was coming out alive after my debt was paid.


I was lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling. There was nothing for me to do except look at the empty walls of the room. I heard rattling of a key in the lock. Closing my eyes shut, I pretended to be asleep. My traitorous stomach gave me away with its growling. Opening one eye, I saw the other man. It was late in the night, so I doubt he was here for anything good.

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