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Paying Debts: Part 2


Abigail Adams

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Part 2

I lay in my new prison and wished to count the minutes to my freedom but there was not a clear mark on the calendar that will tell me the moment of my freedom.

The room I was given was furnished. Everything in the room screamed money. To the outsider, this room was fit for a queen but I knew better. I was worse than a prisoner in this room, I was a slave here. No one would save me if I screamed for mercy or yelled for help.

It has been a week since the night of that horror. I have no friends here. All the people in this house are the worst kind of evils. They have no soul. They thrive on the pain of others.

I was caught unaware when someone opened the locked door with a key. The man who escorted me to the room that night was standing in the doorway. He is the worst among these thugs. He leers at my body without shame and was amused when he saw the state of my body one day after that night. I remember his name. It was Buzz.

“Your food is here, cunt.” He slide the tray on the floor.

He was trying to humiliate me. I don’t understand, why he is so cruel to me. I have done nothing wrong to him. His hatred towards me is unfounded.

“My name is, Marie.” I held my head high as I stood up for myself. No one has any right to treat me in a demeaning manner. I owed my debt to the man in a suit. I did not know his name, everyone calls him, the boss.

“You are whatever I say you are, cunt.” He shut the door behind him with a bang and came with angry strides towards me. Pointing a finger few inches from my face, he shouted. “Shove the food in your mouth and stuff your belly with it.”

I will never cover before him. He cannot subdue me. I will stand my ground. “My name is, Marie,” I said angrily. “I owe you nothing. You have no right over me.”

There was purpose in his eyes as he grabbed my hair and jerked my head back. His other hand went under my shirt and squeezed my breast rather painfully.

“You are nothing. You may think, you owe me nothing but I will take whatever I wish from you and no one will stop me. You are nothing but a whore.” He spit on my face.

I started to tremble with fear. He could crush my windpipe with one hand. His muscles were intimidating. He was right, no one will help me if he decided to rape me or kill me.

The door to my room opened again and the man who handed me the contract entered.

“Buzz, the boss wants to see you.”

The other man did not make a comment on the way his friend was manhandling me. They were all heartless and on the same side. I was alone and weak. I had no one.

Buzz let go of me and kicked the tray towards the wall. It was evident that I was going to bed on empty stomach. I looked with longing at my dinner as it lay spattered on the wall. Both of them left the room without looking back.

I fell to the ground and cried at my luck. There was no way, I was coming out alive after my debt was paid.


I was lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling. There was nothing for me to do except look at the empty walls of the room. I heard rattling of a key in the lock. Closing my eyes shut, I pretended to be asleep. My traitorous stomach gave me away with its growling. Opening one eye, I saw the other man. It was late in the night, so I doubt he was here for anything good.

“I bought you this,” He said gruffly.

He held a box of cookies towards me. I looked at the box suspiciously. Why would he want to help me unless he wanted something in return? I should not trust him but I was hungry. I had not eaten a bite for the past two days. I was a prisoner, I was only allowed one meal in two days. Due to my own stupidity, I had lost my dinner today. Taking the box from his hands, I ripped it open and shoved three cookies into my mouth. It tasted heavenly.

Looking at him, I mumbled with a mouth full of food, “Thank you.”

“You did a foolish thing today,” He said. “Keep your mouth shut if you want to stay alive.” There was no hint of emotion on his face. I had no idea, whether he felt sorry for me or was mocking me.

“Why did you saved me, today?” I asked when the cookies went down my throat. They were dry and making me thirsty. The jug of water was almost empty.

“What makes you think that? I would have stayed to the side if Buzz had taken much more liberties with your body,” He shrugged.

There must be some good in him if he was giving me the box of cookies. Maybe I was a fool to trust him but I believe, he would not have stayed to the side. He was lying to me. I was not going to call him a liar though, I learned my lesson today.

“What is your name?” I asked.

“I am not your friend, girl. Do not push your luck.” He turned to leave. Just before he went out the door, he looked back towards me and said, “I am known by the name of Jade. You will be assigned a name pretty soon too.”

Leaving me in more confusion and fright, he closed the door. They were stripping my identity. I was indeed in hell. There was no way out for me from this place. I should probably devise an escape plan if I want to stay alive. With new resolve, I slept that night. I will not be forgotten. My name is Marie, I refuse to lose my identity.


A cold splash of water made me gasping for breath. I sat up in bed and looked at the woman who had done my makeup the first day I arrived. She was a redhead. Her hair was styled into a pixie cut with bangs.

“Rise and shine, sunshine. I am here to prepare you for the guests.”

The mention of guests drained blood out of my face. I started shaking at the memory of the last guests. From the last couple of days, all I wanted was to leave the empty room but now I was thinking otherwise.

“Please, help me. I am a prisoner here. Please, let me go.” I pleaded with her.

She snorted, “If I let you go, girl, the boss will have my skin for it. My life is dear to me. Sorry, sunshine but you are just not worth it.”

“Please, please. I will not tell anyone. I will escape on my own, just keep the door unlocked for one night.”

She seemed nice the other day. She might melt and help me. I held her hands and kept begging her. She saw the way,

“Entertain the guests today. I will keep the door unlocked the next day. There will be guests today, security will be on high alert.”

She took pity on me in the end. I saw a ray of hope for the first time. I survived the last time, I will survive tonight too.

“You will not regret this,” I said.

“I sure hope not,” she said. “This is your dress for tonight.” She held a box to me. “Someone will come for you when the guests arrive.” She patted the corner of the bed and I scooted to it. “Let me do my job now. God knows, why I am helping you. I am Minnie BTW.”

She started applying makeup and I kept still while she did her job. When she was done with me, I looked younger. I understood the purpose of her makeover when I opened the box. There was a pair of white stockings, white panties with a bow and a small pink dress inside it. I went to the washroom and changed my dress. The dress was so low, it only reached my navel. Its material was so thin, my black bra was visible in the light.

When I came outside, Minnie gave me a look of pity. “Sunshine, there was no bra in the box for a reason. You are not supposed to wear them.”

I wanted to cry at the time. This was so humiliating and degrading experience for me. I slowly unhooked my bra with shaking hands. Minnie came near me and held her hand out to me. She took me to the same spot on the bed and styled my hair into two ponytails. What sort of sick guests were coming tonight?

The door to my room opened and Jade came inside. I folded my arms on my chest when his eyes set upon my body.

He looked away and said, “Its time to go.”

“What! What time is it? I thought they were not supposed to arrive before the evening,” I said, frightened. I was not ready. This was unexpected. I wanted assurance that the guests would wait until the night falls.

“It is 9:00 pm, Sunshine.” Minnie looked at me sympathetically.

I was vulnerable and scared, I hugged her torso as I sat on the bed. My heart rate was increasing, I was frightened shitless. I sobbed against her body as she patted my head. Jade did not interrupt even once. Minnie reapplied my makeup when I ruined it with my tears.

I followed Jade out of the room. I was thinking, he was taking me to a room like last night but he took me to a car. He gave me his coat once I sat in the car. I was constantly trying to hide my nudity and his coat made me relax. He took me to a large mansion and left me at the doorsteps. He looked away from me and held his hand out for the coat.

“Do not trust anyone. Everyone is a bad person in my world. Remember that.”

With these last words, he left me to my fate. I knocked on the door and a very stern looking man opened the door. He took one glance at me and turned around.

“Follow me.”

He took me to a room that from the looks of it was meant for a teenager. It was painted purple and with small white flowers on the wallpaper. There was a small bed in the room. A bunch of teddy bears and dolls were spread around the room.

“You have been a very bad, girl. Daddy is very angry with you.”

I looked at the door where a man in his forties was standing in jeans and a T-shirt. His hair was black with a hint of grey in them. He was scowling at me. This was a game to him. I was supposed to be his daughter while this sick man wanted to fuck me.

Looking down at the floor, I twisted the hem of the dress in my hands. “I am sorry, Daddy. It will not happen again,” I said, meekly.

I heard his footsteps as he entered the room and stood before me. Pulling one of the ponytails, he jerked my head to the side until I looked up at him.

“Daddy will have to punish you, little girl.”

“Please, Daddy. Forgive me.” I made my voice as childish as possible.

The more I cooperate, the easier my life will be. He wanted to play this fetish then I will do as he asks. Last time, there were three men who practically ripped me apart with their rough handling. Last time, I cried and they made me regret that, but today I will play along.

“No more excuses, young lady.”

He dragged me with him towards the small bed. He sat on one corner of it and draped me over his knees. He adjusted my ass until it was pointing in his face. I held onto his legs as he spanked me on my bottom. He rubbed and pinched my bottom after smacking it once.

“Count to ten,” he said.

“Yes, Daddy.”

Soon I realized, his first hit was just a warmup. When the second strike came, I felt the power and strength in his palms. He was a strong man and his palm was very heavy.


There was no rest after the second spank, he rained a volley of hard spankings on my bottom as I kicked and sobbed on his knees. He did not stop at ten but kept going. I started to shriek in pain when he spanked me on the tender spot where the thighs and ass met.

I laid still on his knees when he stopped his hand. He rubbed my bottom while I sniffed.

Throwing me off his lap, he stood up and unzipped his pants. Grabbing me from both ponytails, he brought my head to his dick and looked down at me.

“Lick it like a lollypop.” He smiled down lovingly at me.

I licked his pre-cum with the tip of my tongue. He closed his eyes and threw his head back. Taking the cue, I took his cock into my mouth and sucked it like a pro. I massaged his balls and twirled my tongue around his shaft. His breathing was getting faster so I increased my speed until he started to cum into my mouth. I swallowed his load and batted my eyes as he looked down at me.

“Cherry is good. She will make the night entertaining,” He said.

A look of confusion spread over my face. Who was Cherry and what was he talking about?

“I saw her performance.” I heard a woman’s voice. “She is a perfect little girl.”

How did I miss her? She must have been standing there for a long time. I thought, the man was the only guest I had to entertain tonight but I guess, I was wrong. They were just starting. They meant to keep me the whole night.

“She is. Samuel sent his best girl tonight,” The man said.

Best girl? I was not the only one in that house. There were others like me in the house. It meant nothing to me because tomorrow I was going to escape. I was leaving that hellhole. I will cross the border, leave this country. I will change my identity and hide somewhere remote. I will be far away from their reach.

The woman came into my view when she stood beside the man. She was a mature woman, probably in her early forties. She had grey eyes and auburn, shoulder-length hair. She was wearing a red bathrobe.

“I am ready, darling,” The woman said. “Let’s begin the fun.”

They kissed one another in heated passion while I sat kneeling on the floor. The man opened her robe and slide it from her shoulders. The woman was not wearing anything below the robe. Despite my current situation, I looked away from her. I felt a tug on one of the ponytails.

“Hold this in your hands.” The man handed me a teddy bear.

The man took off his clothes and pushed me towards the small bed. Holding the bear in my hands, I looked up at the ceiling as the man came near my head.

“Open your mouth, little girl. Make daddy’s cock hard again.”

He straddled my face and held her cock near my mouth. I opened my mouth and he slowly entered my mouth. I licked and sucked at his flaccid cock.

My legs were pried open by the woman. She slide the panties off my legs. Putting my legs over her shoulders, she bent down her head and with her hands held my ass off the bed. She licked my pussy and I whimpered. The man’s dick was getting hard again while the woman sucked at my clit. I heard a slurping sound and realized to my utter shame that my pussy was getting wet. The woman kept licking and sucking while I tried my best to rein my pleasure. They can do anything to my body but I intend to stay in control. I started to sweat as the woman thrust a finger into my pussy while licking my clit. She finger fucked me slowly and I held onto my control.

The man took out his hard cock out of my mouth and looked back at the woman. She laid me back on the bed and stepped down from the bed. They started kissing again. The woman held his cock in one hand while the man squeezed her tits. It was a vulgar display. In the meanwhile, my body started to cool down.

“She was holding back on me,” the woman said while looking at me.

“We will have to punish her then. We can make her cum hard before no time,” the man told the woman and she dragged out a small box from under the bed.

Taking out a pair of fluffy handcuffs. She cuffed my wrists above my head to the headboard with the handcuffs.

She opened the front of my dress and my breasts sprang free. She pinched and twisted my nipples and smiled smugly at my pain reactions.

I jumped out of the bed when I felt the sound of a vibrator. Straddling my knees the man held the vibrator to my pussy. The woman kept torturing my tits while my clit was getting stimulated. He bent her head and sucked at my nipple while rubbing the other with her thumb. I started to thrash in their hold as the man increasing the setting on the vibrator. I held on to my control as much as possible but I was not strong enough against the vibrator. They forced an orgasm out of my body while I lay defeated.

“Are you happy now?” The man asked the woman.

“Very.” She smirked.

“Straddle her face. She will make you feel good too,” The man said.

I had no other option but to lick at her pussy as she straddled my face and held my head in her hand. The man bent my knees and held them against my chest. I started to tremble as I felt his cock near my anus. The pain from the last time was still fresh in my mind. I was left with a bleeding asshole last time. The woman was moaning loudly.

“Oh my God, yes, yes,” She screamed and rubbed her pussy against my lips. I sucked at her clit and she started to squirt over my face. It was gross and humiliating.

She sat on the floor beside the bed and kissed me on my lips. When her tongue went into my mouth, I wanted to throw up. The man’s cock was entering my ass inch by painful inch. I chocked back a scream as he settled fully inside me. He moved slowly inside me and the woman’s hand snaked to my pussy. Her mouth went to my nipples and her hand started rubbing my pussy. She licked my nipples one by one and sucked hard on them. It was a confusing situation from my body. I was confused between the pain from the man’s cock and the pleasure from the woman’s hand and lips. The man picked up his speed and my discomfort increased. The woman’s hand left my pussy while the man fucked me hard. The woman held the vibrator to my pussy and I whimpered as the pleasure started to build. She increased the setting on the vibrator to the top and I became helpless yet again to the pleasure from the vibrator. The man grunted and filled my ass with his cum while I was shaking from the intense orgasm.

“That was beautiful, Cherry,” The man commented. “You are a good little girl. Daddy is very pleased with you.”

The woman switched off the vibrator and released my hands. Both of them tucked me in the bed with a pink blanket and the bear that was still lying beside me.

“Sweet dreams, little one.” The woman pecked me on the forehead. “We will take you back to your home in the morning.”

They left the room and I heard the click of the lock.


In the morning, I was treated with a bowl of fruit cereals and chocolate milk. I was hungry, I gave a crap about the fact that this was a child’s breakfast.

The stern looking man took me back to the house of horrors. He left me to a guard who escorted me to another room instead of my own. The boss was sitting behind the desk on a rotating chair while Jade standing to his one side.

“Take a seat.” The boss pointed to a chair in front of the desk. I kept my gaze averted from Jade and looked at the boss. He was observing my every action. “Do you know the name of this man?” He asked.

I looked at Jade who was staring ahead, expressionless. “No, sir. I don’t know his name,” I said.

He leaned back in his chair and kept looking at me for some time. When he was satisfied with my answer he looked at Jade. “It seems an honest misunderstanding then. You took the wrong girl to that house. Take the girl back to her room and check on, Cherry. If the girl is still unconscious, throw her to the pigs. I don’t want a damaged girl in my house. This girl could fill her place and be named Cherry.”

My heart was in my mouth as I left his office. The moment I entered my room, I ran to the washroom and emptied my stomach. One day, someone else will be named Cherry while I am being fed to the pigs. I lay curled in the corner of the washroom and dry heaved when there was nothing left in my stomach.

Jade never looked at me nor speak to me the whole way back to my room.

He left me at the door and locked the room behind me.

To be continued…

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