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Adventures in Swinging

Five: Sex Party

Matthew James

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Part Five: Sex Party

Months went by since my wife and I had enjoyed our last adventure during which a black man named Andy had fucked her and I had been forced to watch but not participate. That had been a truly memorable experience, yet another scenario that I had never expected to actually enjoy watching and my wife experiencing but we had, there was video to prove it, and it now felt like this period in our lives was, in all likelihood, over. Probably.

While I was quite melancholic that this was the case, I still couldn't quite believe that all of this had even happened and I was immensely glad that it had so there was little reason to grumble. We had even discussed at length whether there were any other fantasies that we would like to act out and had agreed that there were probably not. She had offered to fuck George, my best friend, and that might still happen yet beyond that and repeating what we had already done, which I was more than happy to do when the mood took us, there was nothing more that we could think of that interested us. Thus, it felt that our adventures in swinging were now concluded.

So we were surprised when my wife received an invitation to a Special Event set up by the community that had been so helpful in answering any and all questions we had in regards to how we went about fulfilling our fantasies. We had no idea what the Event was, nor a clue as to whether we might be interested and so she reached out to some of the people who had previously been so helpful and asked.

It was an orgy. A good, old fashioned group-fuck, nothing-banned, anything goes bash. And now we had a quandary: we had no idea whether we wanted to go or not. It seemed that the invite was sent out to members in good standing in the community who lived nearby and that word had been passed back that we had proven to be respectable and well-behaved enough to be further welcomed into said community. Neither my wife and I could decide if this was something we were entirely comfortable with as we still didn't consider ourselves 'swingers', merely people who had managed to enact out a few fantasies with other willing adults. But the more we thought about it, the more it made sense to do so.

We also had a decision to make with regards to the Special Event. Were we interested in attending, was this something that we did and what exactly would we be letting ourselves in for were we to go? We again asked the community their thoughts and got their advice to figure out whether we should attend. The advice was overwhelmingly that we should, at least once, and we were assured that it was a fun time with consenting adults where anything agreed could be enjoyed. I thought it sounded like a blast. Surprisingly, so did my wife.

We were now intrigued. We had wondered before whether such events ever took place and had concluded that it was unlikely. Now that we actually had an invite to just such an event and we still had to decide what we were going to do about it. Could we turn up and just watch, would we want to do that or would we find the temptation too strong? And if we did attend, surely we should participate. What could we do there that we hadn't already enjoyed and what were the dangers inherent to such circumstances? But the flip side to the argument was the prospect of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that would satisfy any remaining urges that my wife and I still harboured, that might put a definite end to our adventures as a part of this community, might be worth considering. Or would it pull us further down the rabbit hole and inflame our desires in an unexpected way?

We took our time, we talked it through and then we decided that we would go. We had had a lot of fun already and this would be the finale, the climax and the end of our adventures. And what a way to go out it would be. So we sent our reply, confirmed our attendance, and began counting down the days. I don't think either my wife or I realised that we were actually really looking forward to the event far more than either of us would care to admit until it was only a week away. Then the excitement began to build and, as the day arrived, we made our preparations and set off on what we were sure would be our final adventure.

The Event required formal wear and so we were glammed up. Doubtless someone had seen 'Eyes Wide Shut' and determined that suited and booted was the way to conduct just such an occasion but I wasn’t so sure. We booked a taxi that would take us the short drive to the venue, and one for the return journey the following day.

Rooms had been provided for the use of the guests and so we prepared ourselves and settled down to wait for the time to head out, getting a few drinks inside each of us before doing so. I could feel how tense we both were on the ride over, neither of us sure whether we had made the right call or not but we had committed to nothing, merely turning up, and participating in anything more to do was for us to decide when we got there. We could even jump straight back in another taxi, should we so choose. The car pulled up to the rather impressive building, I paid the driver, and we walked the short walk to the entrance.

We walked into the foyer of the building to be greeted by a tall man in a very smart suit. He eyed us briefly and then invited us to present our invitations and we did so. These had been sent in the mail following our chats with the online community and we handed them over now. He examined them and returned them to us.

"Welcome," he boomed in a deep baritone, "to this year's Event. I assume that you both have read the rules for the engagement and that you will abide by them. Failure to have done so would mean that I would have to ask you to leave and failure to abide by them would result in severe consequences that you would not enjoy, but I might.” His eyebrow was arched as he said this and he had a smile fixed firmly in place.

"We have and we will," said my wife. His smile remained in place.

"Then please, enter and enjoy yourselves." He gestured to the large doors that were in front of us and invited us to open one of them. We stepped forward, I gripped the door handle and pulled, allowing us to enter. Inside there were people of every shape and size, in varying degrees of undress, all of them being fucked or fucking each other in any way that they pleased. There were also drinks and drugs of every description on display for all to see. The room smelled of clean sweat, perfume and the smell of sex all mingled together in an intoxicating mix.

"Right, where do we begin?" my wife asked.

"I have no idea," I said, genuinely unsure. Later I guessed that the man who stepped forward was there to act as a concierge, to help newcomers acclimatise and feel comfortable. He looked us both up and down, assessing what to do with us, and then took my hand and guided me forward. An attractive woman was lying across a nearby table with a man's cock in her mouth.

"Would you mind, dear?" our guide asked her. She paused for a moment, looked me up and down and before replying.

"Not at all," she said to us. "He can fuck me." It seemed that I had my invitation and so I dropped to my knees, planted a series of kisses over this woman's legs and butt and then began licking her pussy.

"Now, what am I going to do with you," he said to my wife. "Oh, I know, follow me." He took her by the hand and lead her away as I continued to lick the pussy of this woman whose name I did not yet know. I enjoyed the novel scent and taste of her as I licked and nuzzled her, focusing on her clit, hoping to help her reach orgasm. I kept going like that while she sucked the cock of the guy standing over her and as I watched he pulled back and then came over her tongue. Seeing this pushed me forward, made me want to fuck her, so I quickly slid down my trousers, pushed a condom onto my cock, and slid into her pussy. She smiled as I did this.

"I was waiting for you to do that," she said. "Now fuck me, please!" I did as I was asked, enjoying thrusting into her again and again, watching her writhe with pleasure, and enjoying as I fucked a woman who wasn't my wife and who I never met before the last five minutes. It was quite a thrill.

After several minutes of us enjoying each other, she asked me to pause for a moment. I did so, she spun to face me and I watched as she reached into her handbag and produced a small toy. It was a bullet that she placed on her clit as she climbed onto the table and invited me to step forward and push into her which I did. Then she kissed me hard on the lips, biting my lower lip hard and switched on the toy. I could feel the vibrations through my cock as I fucked her and watched as she writhed and moaned and then, moments later, she came against me, tensing and screaming her pleasure into the room.

After she was done I wanted my own orgasm. So I put my hands on her hips and pulled her hard towards me, pushing my cock into her as far as I could, fucking her with more and more vigour, feeling my pleasure rise and my orgasm build and then I came inside her. My head fell onto her shoulders, my hand on her breast, my cock still in her deliciously wet pussy. After a few moments, I looked up to see her looking down at me. She leaned down and kissed me again and I kissed her back, enjoying the taste of her. She had very pretty green eyes.

"Hi, I'm Gillian," she said. "You’re new right?” I nodded. “What's your name?" I told her and she offered me welcome, this woman whom I had already fucked. “Right, well I’m good for a while, how about you?” I smiled and nodded. “Why don’t we get a drink and you can tell me how you ended up at our little party.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said, still smiling. “Where’s the bar?” She nodded her head in a direction, took me by the hand and lead the way.

“After that maybe you could fuck me again, if you’re up to it.” The thought of that was making me hard again, and she reached over, running her fingers up the shaft, smiling. “Looks like you’d like that.” She cupped my balls in her fingers. “I might even suck your cock. Sound good?”

“It does,” I said. “Now, how about that drink?”

At some point in the evening I realised I should wonder where my wife was and whether it should've occurred to me to ask this question earlier. I guessed that she could look after herself and that I should simply enjoy myself. Later on she would tell me what had happened to her which went something like this.

At the moment that she left my side, that I began my own little adventure, she was being pulled into a side room where she was instructed to kneel. And then a long line of cocks were offered to her to suck. Strict rules had been sent out governing the conduct of those attending, which my wife and I had read thoroughly and agreed to abide to, and some of those concerned cleanliness. Everyone was to be freshly bathed and if there were not, and someone made a complaint, they would be evicted and asked not to return. So she knew that each of these cocks should be clean and she saw no reason to refuse their request and so she began to fellate what was presented to her.

My wife said that she didn't know how many cocks she sucked that evening, she quickly lost count. All she knew was that they were each clean and that everyone tasted a little different and felt a little different in her mouth. The way that each man held her head, or did not, the way in which each thrust into her mouth as they fucked her, and the way in which they grunted as they came and the politeness of many when that time came surprised her.

A couple of them actually came in her mouth after asking permission, much to her amusement, and many came over her face. Later she wondered whether she had enjoyed the experience. She wasn’t sure that she had but she did know that it had certainly been an experience.

After they were all either satisfied or had wandered off, my wife said that she decided that what she really needed now was to be fucked. Sucking many hard cocks had left her pussy very wet and in need of satisfaction. More specifically, in need of another hard cock, one that would fuck her. She had no idea where I was, nor was the point of the experience to go and find your partner, so she decided to go in search of a man to fuck her.

She left the little room she had been in and wandered the house, searching for what it was that she was looking for. She found it in one of the rooms, a man sitting waiting for something. His cock was already hard and my wife decided that he was who she wanted. She approached him and asked him directly if he would fuck her and he agreed. She dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth, sucking and teasing him, fondling his balls with her fingers and letting him fuck her mouth. Then, after placing a condom on his member, she mounted him and proceeded to ride him.

She thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of his cock inside her and she rode him for a while before deciding that they needed to change positions. She stepped off him and bent forward, inviting him to push into her from behind, to fuck her. He obliged and, as he fucked her, she gently flicked her clit with a wet finger. It didn't take too much more stimulation for her to reach her climax, pushing against him and screaming her enjoyment for all to hear. By this point I was enjoying a drink with Gillian and I heard her scream from several rooms away.

When she was done, when her orgasm had concluded, she realised that he was not yet finished. So she lay on the nearest bed, of which there were many, and invited him to climb between her legs and fuck her hard. He obliged, sliding his member into her and, as he pulled her head up and began to vigorously fuck her, she knew that she could come again. She urged him to proceed with more speed and he did so, pushing both them both towards their climaxes. She again screamed out, convulsing, as he tensed and came inside her and they remained that way for several moments, each enjoying the feel of their partner.

Then he pulled out of her and introduced himself. They lay together, intertwined, enjoying the sensation of their warm bodies pressed against each other.

The next little while passed in a warm haze. Gillian was excellent company and I was enjoying the post-orgasmic sensation as well as the wonderful whisky. I couldn’t believe I was here, at an orgy, that I had just fucked a woman I had only just met and that I would probably fuck her again very soon. I felt quite happy.

Gillian had told me about her partner, James, who was here somewhere doubtless enjoying himself and I could tell that she liked that idea. She told me about the job which she did and liked but that she hoped for something better soon. And she had not stopped looking me in the eyes, telling me that she wanted to fuck me again without saying anything. Finally, she seemed to decide what she wanted to do and so she said so.

“Come up to our room,” she said, having just refreshed our drinks. “I want you to wash me.” She took me by the hand and lead the way, my hard cock bouncing as we walked. I can’t wait, I thought, eager to again enjoy this rather beautiful woman.

Gillian led me into her room and straight into the bathroom. She stopped to pee, not bothering to close the door, and then turned on the shower, filling the room with steam. Then she invited me in.

She stepped under the shower, covering herself in water and then she pulled me under too. I was again hit by the fact that I had never met this woman before this evening and that now, not only had we already fucked, but now we were bathing together before proceeding to fuck again. Gillian passed me the soap and instructed me to wash her, which I did. I started with her chest, lathering each breast in turn, taking care to be gentle, before moving down to her stomach and her crotch. She turned around so that I could wash her arse and then back again so I could lather her pussy, sliding my fingers inside her. Then she rinsed all of these suds off of herself.

Gillian then took the soap from me, proceeding to wash first my chest and arms, and then my belly and finally my cock. She took great care to wash every inch of my hard member, pulling back the skin, washing my balls and arse, and always being gentle. Then she instructed me to rinse and I stood before her, clean and naked.

Then she dropped to her knees, sliding my cock deep into her mouth, and I sighed deeply. She continued to caress my balls as she fellated me enthusiastically and I wondered whether she wanted to make me come there and then. Then she stopped, stood, and bent forwards, inviting me in. I pressed against the entrance to her wet pussy, wanting to push in, but aware of the rules.

“I should get a condom,” I said, worried about spoiling the mood.

“Please don’t,” she said. “I don’t want you to.”

“But, the rules--“

“Fuck the rules!” she said, loudly. “And fuck me. Please.” She pushed back against me, inviting me in and I did as I was asked. I slid my hard, throbbing cock into her and she moaned as I did so.

“God, that feels great!” She said. “Now get to it!” Well, I was never one to disobey orders so I began to fuck her, pushing in and out of her with increasing frequency, holding her hips as she moaned with each thrust. I didn’t know if she wanted to come, the question never came up, and the speed with which she wanted me to fuck her ruled out me asking. She began to finger fuck herself, sliding her hands up and over her pussy and clit, pushing us both towards our orgasms and soon enough, far too soon for my liking, I pushed into her and came, just as she screamed out her pleasure. We stayed in that position for several moments and I could feel my cock pulsing inside her, pumping my come into her. I wondered whether she could feel it too.

Fuck, I thought, this is one sexy lady!

We stood under the shower for a while, enjoying the feel of each other’s bodies. We also needed to wash ourselves again and, as I watched, I saw my come dribble out of her and down her legs.

“Are you sure that was a good idea?” I asked, again thinking of the rules.

“Probably not, I mean I hardly know you,” she replied. “But I’m not going to get pregnant, you don’t need to worry about that, and I trust that you are clean.” I was, not that she had known at the time. “Still, it was sexy as hell, wasn’t it?” I nodded. It had indeed been that, even if I still wished that it had played out differently. “Your wife is here, right?” she asked, surprising me. “You should introduce me.”

I hesitated to respond. Was that something people did with those they had just fucked at a swinger orgy, introduce them to their partner? Hi, dear, this is the woman I just came in... I wasn’t sure so sure. Still, it seemed likely that I wouldn’t have a say in the matter.

Gillian and I cleaned ourselves up, dressed again and returned downstairs where I found my wife sitting in the bar, sipping a whisky, in the company of a quite good looking man.

“Ah, there you are,” said Gillian to the man. “James, meet Brian. Brian, James.” My wife just continued to stare, seemingly coming to the conclusion that she had just fucked the husband of the woman that I had just fucked. We exchanged a look that said what are the chances?

“Get you a drink?” said James, breaking the ice.

“Sure,” I replied, asking for another whisky. He returned a few moments later with my drink, as well as one for Gillian.

“So, how did you two come to be here today?” he asked. I was surprised that, given all of the intimacy that we had already experienced, that the atmosphere was so stilted so I decided to answer the question directly and I explained all of what we had done that lead us to this point. David and Gillian both smiled as I told the tale.

“Everyone here has a similar story,” he said as I concluded. “Minor variations, granted, but similar for sure. You guys’ll fit in just great,” he added. My wife and I exchanged a look.

“They’re not sure they’re staying,” Gillian said, picking up on the subtext.

“No, we’re not,” replied my wife. “But then we’ve gotten this far and haven’t stopped, so who knows!” James then raised his glass, gesturing that we should do the same.

“To new members of the community,” he said. “And to new friends!” We all clinked glasses and sipped our drinks and, for the first time, I was sure that we weren’t done, that there would be more adventures to come and that these people would very soon be our good friends.

The following day, my wife and I made love in the bed that we had rented for the night. It was wonderful to enjoy some intimacy with her before we left the party at which we had had a thoroughly enjoyable experience, made some new friends, and done things we never expected to do, even after our early adventures.

In the months that followed we continued to discuss what we had done and who we had fucked. I think we were both a little proud that we had participated in such things, while being unsure of whether we would attend next year’s event. As with previous experiences, it was one that we were not certain that we wanted to repeat, though it was nice to have the invitation, and one of the best things to come out of it was the friends that we had, surprisingly, made.

We began to see Gillian and James regularly, they became a couple that we spent time with from the community, and several others of the couples at the party sent us invitations. Before we knew it we were part of a community that we had never intended on joining but we were glad that we had.

Yet, as ever, we were unsure of what we going to do next. Should we continue our adventures or were we finally done with all of this debauchery? Of course we weren’t, we were having far too much fun! Actually, we still had the matter of my wife’s invitation for George, my best friend, to fuck her. I think I was looking forward to that as much as she was, maybe more, and I knew that I needed to set that up the next time I saw him, which I decided to do soon. I was very much looking forward to it.


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