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It was a Friday night and I was at an Irish Pub a few blocks from my house, drinking some beers and scoping out the women. The pub was a popular hangout for the local college kids, a place to come at the end of the night and throw down a few beers before heading back home. They had a reputation for not looking to closely at ID’s, plus cheap prices and a reasonably comfortable atmosphere.

I was dressed in a pair of cargo shorts and a collared shirt. Nothing close to my normal attire, but perfect for the occasion. I’d scored many times in just such an outfit; it seemed to attract the kind of young women that inevitably ended up at this specific location on these nights.

But tonight it looked like I was going to strike out. I’d had a few beers and so far hadn’t really gotten anywhere and was considering hanging it up for the night. I pulled out my phone and saw that it was pushing 1AM and decided to have one last beer before tapping out. It turned out to be a great decision.

I ordered a Killian’s from the bartender and sat down at the bar. I had just taken my first drink when I saw a young woman enter that was utterly unlike anyone else that I’d ever seen in the place.

She was of Latin descent, with long, silky, dark brown hair and olive skin. Young, in her early twenties at the oldest, with a gorgeous face; big brown eyes, full lips, sultry nose, and lots of makeup, especially around the eyes.

She was wearing a pink sweater that barely covered her ass and showed off her ridiculous body. Tall and thin and fit but still soft, with curvy hips, a plump ass and firm, full breasts.

On her feet she had black leather knee-high boots, making her already long legs look like they went on forever. And to top things off her toe and finger nails were painted black.

She was gorgeous and sexy and slutty and incredible. Absolutely perfection.

She’d come in alone, looking around the place as though she was searching for someone specific. It quickly became apparent that whoever she was supposed to meet here hadn’t showed up. And without a good reason to stay, she wasn’t going to be in the pub for long at all; it just wasn’t her kind of place. I knew I needed to act fast. So I scooped up my beer and headed over towards her.

I decided to test my theory in the most straight-forward way possible. Walking up to her, I simply said: “Do you want to go back to my place and fuck?”

“Are you serious?” she asked, speaking like she wasn’t all that surprised to hear that exact question, like she’d been asked it a hundred times before.

“As a heart-attack,” I replied.

She looked me up and down like I was a piece of meat, her mouth turned up in a little smirk. “I don’t know, buddy,” she said. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re not really my type.”

“What about this?” I asked, grabbing her arm and pulling her hand down towards my cock, which was already a little chubby and by no means on the small side. “Is this your type?”

“Perhaps,” she said. “But I’ve come across many guys in my life with big cocks. Most of them don’t know how to use them.”

“Well I can assure you that I do,” I replied.

“Maybe you do,” she said. “But that doesn’t mean you can give me what I need.”

“And what is that, exactly?”

She looked at me sideways, dismissing me. “If you have to ask then you probably can’t deliver.”

“If you’re talking about an aggressive pounding, you might be surprised. Deep down I’m a pretty fucked-up guy.”

“Yeah, I doubt that,” she said, drinking from her beer.

“Why?” I asked. “Because I don’t have any tattoos or piercings?”

“That’s part of it,” she said.

“And the other?”

She shrugged. “For one, you’re dressed like a yuppie.”

“That’s because I’m playing a part.”

“And what part is that?”

“A wolf in sheep’s clothing,” I said, taking a drink from my glass. “It’s a little game I like to play.”

She turned her head towards me, suddenly more interested. “How does it go?”

“It’s simple,” I said, taking advantage of her interest to hop up onto the stool on the other side of her table. “I dress up like a nice, normal, everyday prude to attract a certain kind of girl.”

“What kind is that?”

“The cute, innocent little college that are always running around this place. Like her,” I said, pointing out a little blonde in a sundress, smiling widely and acting all shy. “Or her.” I pointed to a long-haired brunette wearing a skirt and sorority sweatshirt. “I make them think I’m a nice, normal guy, just looking to screw around a little bit.”

“And then?” she asked, clearly interested.

I finished off my beer and flashed her an evil little smile. “Then I give them a night they’ll never forget, even if they want to. But it also ends up being a night they’ll dream about for the rest of their lives, even if they won’t admit it.”

She chuckled and finished off the rest of her beer.

“Tell me you’re not at least a little intrigued,” I said.

“I have to admit, I’m a tad bit curious,” she replied. “But I still really doubt that you can give me what I need.”

“Maybe not,” I said. “But what’s the worst that can happen if you give me a chance? You come away a little disappointed?”

“Or worse yet, unsatisfied,” she said.

“Which was probably going to happen anyway,” I said.

“What makes you say that?”

“Well, you obviously came here looking for someone that wasn’t here. And you’re clearly disappointed about that. And you’re sure as not going to find what you need at this place if you decide to pass on my offer and stick around.”

“True enough,” she said.

“So the way I figure it, you’ve got nothing to lose.”

“As much as I hate to admit it, I think you’re right.”

“Then let’s go back to my place,” I said, slamming the rest of my beer. “It’s only a few blocks away. I’m Mike, by the way.”

“I’m Isabella,” she said. “But you can just call me Bella.”

“Okay then, Bella, let’s rock.”

I took her hand and we left the bar.




“I’m guessing you like things a little rough,” I said as we walked along the sidewalk towards my house.

“More than a little,” she said.

“That’s what I figured. What about control?” I asked.

“What about it?”

“Do you like to have it or relinquish it.”

“Both,” she said. “It all depends on my mood.”

“And what kind of mood are you in tonight?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t mind at all if you took charge,” Bella said. “I kind of feel like being told what to do.” She flashed me a dirty little smile. “Do you think you can do that for me?”

“It would be my pleasure,” I said, smiling back.

“And don’t take it easy on me,” she said. “I’m a big girl. I can handle whatever you can dish out.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said, fighting the urge to lick my lips in excitement.

A couple minutes later we came to my door. I unlocked it, opened it, and let Bella in. After closing and locking the door behind her, I grabbed her arm and spun her around, right there in the living room.

“Get on your knees,” I said as I undid my belt and zipper, pulled off my pants and boxers and tossed them aside.

Bella did as she was told without hesitation. She was looking up at me with puppy dog eyes, desperate to please. My already hard cock was sticking straight out, practically poking her in the eye.

“Now suck my dick.”

Bella opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around my cock and started bobbing back and forth on the head while her hand worked the shaft.

I grabbed her wrists, yanked her hands from my cock and forced them down to her side. “No hands,” I said. “Just use your mouth.”

Bella’s head bobbed faster and faster on my cock. Spittle ran down her chin and onto the floor. Gagging sounds escaped from her throat.

“That’s right,” I said. “Just like that.”

I glanced down at Bella, saw that her eyes were closed. I gave her a little smack on the cheek.

“Look up at me,” I said. “I want to saw your pretty little eyes while you suck that hard cock.”

Bella tilted her head slightly, allowing her to make eye contact while continuing to blow me. Her eyes were huge and full of the need to please.

“There you go,” I said. “That’s more like it. Keep looking up at me. No matter what happens I want you to keep your eyes on mine. Understand?”

She nodded as best she could with my cock in her mouth.

I put my hand on the back of Bella’s head to hold it in place and started pumping my hips forward, forcing her to take me deeper and deeper.

After pumping Bella’s mouth continuously for a good thirty seconds, I held her head in place, my cock three-quarters of the way inside her mouth, pressing on the back of her head, keeping it in place.

She started to choke.

“That’s it,” I said. “Fucking choke on that cock.”

Bella tried to back away but I didn’t let her go.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I said, taunting her as she struggled. “I didn’t said you could pull off yet.”

Bella still struggled to back away. But that was fine. I didn’t mind at all. In fact, I liked it better when she struggled. It was more fun for me.

After another ten seconds I finally let Bella go. Her head flew back and she gasped for breath. Tears were leaking from her eyes, making her black mascara run down her cheek. It was sexy as hell. Not to mention hot as shit.

I grabbed two handfuls of her hair and used it to control her head. I pulled her face into me, smashing her mouth against the base of my cock. I rubbed her face against my flesh then pushed down on her head until her mouth latched on to my ball sack.

“That’s a good girl,” I said. “Suck on my balls.”

She took them both in her mouth and went to town, licking and sucking and fondling them with practiced ease. Her hand flew up to my cock and started jerking me off while she continued playing with my balls. From there, she continued southward, licking my taint before returning to my sack.

“You’re a dirty little fucking slut, aren’t you?” I said.

“The dirtiest,” she replied.

“Yeah? Well let’s just see how dirty you really are.” I forced her head even further down until her face was staring directly at my asshole. “Do you like the taste of ass?” I asked.

“I fucking love it,” she said.

“Prove it,” I said.

“With pleasure,” Bella replied.

She slid her hands onto my asscheeks and spread them apart, giving her more room to attack my asshole. And attack it she did, going after it with enthusiasm and energy. She started by exploring around the edges, getting me nice and warmed up before she dove in proper. Her tongue was magic, flicking in and out of her mouth, working my asshole with skill, getting it nice and wet and slippery and sloppy.

After going to town on my asshole for almost a full minute, I grabbed a handful of Bella’s hair and roughly yanked her to her feet. Leaning in, I touched my forehead against hers, taking in her breaths from close range.

“You like that, don’t you?” I said. “You like it when I dominate you. When I forced you to do things you don’t want to. Don’t you?”

She nodded, her breath still ragged.

“What?” I said. “I can’t hear you.”

“Yes,” Bella said, her voice desperate and laced with need. “I love it. I fucking love it.”

I slid my hand under her dress and yanked her panties aside, then jammed two fingers into her pussy and started banging away, going full-bore right from the get-go. With my other hand I yanked down on the top of her dress, spilling her tits out. I gave them each a squeeze and a little smack while continuing to finger-fuck her mercilessly.

Bella started to moan. Her bottom lip was tucked between her teeth and her eyes were wide and staring into mine.

I slid a third finger into her pussy, and then a fourth, and continued banging away, hammering my fingers into her, shoving them deep inside her, as far as they would go, then sliding them back out again to repeat the process.

Bella’s breath was coming rapidly now and little sounds were coming out of her mouth even though she was trying desperately to hold them in. Her hands had migrated up to her tits and she was squeezing them with everything she had. Her pussy was soaking wet, drenching my hand and causing wet, squishy sounds as I continued banging away at her pussy.

After a particularly aggressive couple of finger thrusts, Bella’s body tensed up for a moment before releasing as an orgasm ran through her. She let out a guttural groan and her pussy squirted out a river of juices, sending a stream onto the hardwood floor.

I punctuated her orgasm by rapidly yanking my fingers out of her and then smacking her pussy a couple of times, sending her into another convulsion.

“Holy fucking shit,” Bella said quickly, like it was a single word. Her breath was ragged as she tried to recover.

But I didn’t gave her a chance to, grabbing her by the shoulders and pushing her towards the floor before she was fully recovered.

“On your hands and knees,” I said, giving her a smack on the ass to get her moving.

She scrambled down, turning her head to look up at me as she dropped, as if to ask if she was doing it correctly. She was, but I wasn’t going to let her know that. Squatting down behind her, I gave her a double smack to the ass, one hand for each cheek.

“Face forward,” I said. “Arms locked out. Ass up in the air.”

Bella did as she was told.

Staring down at Bella, I marveled at how sexy and slutty she was, especially with her heels still on and her dress framing her body, even though it was scrunched up around her midsection.

I dropped to my knees and sidled up to her. After looking down at her tight, perfect little ass and then running my gaze up her slim, well-defined back with her black hair spilled over it, I grabbed ahold of my hard cock and slide it into her wet, gaping pussy.

Bella gasped loudly as I started hammering away at her, slamming my cock in and out of her with full force right from the start, not even bothering to take things slow.

She let out an even louder moan as I grabbed ahold of her hair and yanked on it, forcing her to arch her back to alleviate some of the pressure.

I looked down at the straining muscles of her back as I fucked her doggy-style, her vertebrae sticking out and her shoulder blades protruding as she struggled beneath me. My body was slamming into hers with enough forced to make her ass jiggle with every thrust.

“You like this, don’t you?” I said, practically snarling the words at her. “You like it when I fuck you mercilessly, don’t you?”

Bella nodded her head.

“Say it,” I growl. “I want to hear you said it.”

“I love it!” Bella said between ragged breaths and deep, guttural moans. She was almost screaming the words. “I fucking love it when you hammer my pussy!”

Hearing her voice turned me on even more, made me want to fuck her even harder. I released my hold on her hair and let my hands slide to her shoulders. Gripping them tightly, I yanked her entire body back towards me as I moved forward, allowing me even deeper penetration every time our bodies come together.

“Holy fuck!” Bella screamed as I pummeled away at her, our flesh smacking together loudly, the sounds of sex echoing about the room.

After a few more brutal pumps, I slammed my cock into Bella one final time, holding it deep inside her pussy, grinding away, forcing it as deep as it would go. I threw my arm around her neck, choking her with it while I hold her body in place, making it impossible for her to get away. She struggled against me, trying to escape, but I didn’t let her, holding her there, my cock planted all the way inside her pussy while my arm continued squeezing the breath from her body.

“Take it,” I said, my voice not much more than whisper. “Take it like the good little slut you were. Show me how tough you are. Show me how much you can take.”

Once I thought she’d enough, I released my hold on her throat. As she gasped for breath, I pushed her head towards the floor, keeping her on her hands and knees. I angled her head a little to the right, until it was right above the reservoir of juices her pussy squirted out a couple minutes ago.

“Lick it up,” I said, pushing her face towards the puddle. “Clean up the mess you made earlier.”

Bella did as she was told, sticking her tongue out and lapping up the liquid like a cat drinking milk.

“That’s a good girl,” I said. “Now swallow it down.”

She took a big gulp and swallowed it.

“You’re a filthy little slut, aren’t you,” I said.

Bella turned her head towards me and nodded.

“Do you want me to continue to defile you?”

She nodded again.

“Say it. Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

“I want you to treat me like the slut I am,” she said, and from the tone of her voice, I could tell that she meant every word. “Do whatever you want to me. Make me pay. Make me suffer. I deserve it. I want you to destroy me.”

I shivered with anticipation and delight. There was just something about Bella’s attitude—part defiant, part punk, part innocent, and all slut—that brought out the worst in me.

I turned her head sideways and pressed her face against the hardwood floor, right into what was left of her puddle of pussy juices. Holding her face flush against the floor, I climbed to my feet until I was squatting above her, keeping my dick inserted in her pussy the entire time.

Now with my newfound leverage, I was able to fuck Bella even more forcefully than ever, and I did so, hammering away at her pussy with everything I had, my cock slamming into her with as much aggression as I could muster.

She was screaming louder than she had all night, and her face was twisted in discomfort, but still I pummeled away, fucking her like I was trying to break her in half, my hands on her asscheeks, gripping them hard enough to leave finger marks, spreading them wide and holding them open, making her little asshole gape below me.

“Break that fucking pussy!” Bella screamed. “Turn me fucking inside out!”

So I tried to, my body slamming into hers hard enough to make her ass ripple and jiggle after every collision.

The emotional turn-on of watching her willingly suffer in addition to the sheer nastiness of seeing her asshole beckoning me combined with the pure physical enjoyment of my cock hammering in and out her pussy very nearly took me over the edge.

I abruptly stood up, yanking my cock out of her pussy and took a few deep breaths, barely averting disaster. I was having way too much to finish up already. There were still so many things I wanted to do to her.

But I needed a few minutes to cool down. Not to mention give her a little extra pleasure. Sometimes that’s more fun than anything else. Especially when you are in complete control of how much pleasure they are getting.

With that in mind, I smacked Bella on the ass and then dropped to my knees behind her. Leaning forward, I stuck my tongue out and ran it up the length of her pussy.

She let out a little yelp, followed by an excited giggle.

I licked the edges of her pussy with my tongue, eliciting more excited sounds from her mouth, then plunged the tip of my tongue inside her wet, juicy snatch.

“Holy fuck,” she moaned. “That feels so fucking good. Eat that pussy. Eat that fucking pussy.”

I bobbed my head forward and back, forcing my tongue deeper into her pussy, my excitement growing right alongside hers.

After forcing my tongue as far into her pussy as it would go and holding it there for a few seconds while Bella squirmed, I let it out slowly, centimeter by centimeter. 

Rising up a little bit, I put my hands on her ass cheeks, spread them wide, and started licking her asshole.

She yelped in surprise again, but didn’t make any move to get away. In fact, she let out a low, pleasure filled moan and pressed her ass back against my face.

“Oh, you like that, do you?” I said, pulling back just enough to get the words out.

Looking back at me, she nodded her head.

“Do you want me to do it some more?”

She nodded again.

I smacked her on the ass. “Say it.”

“I want you to do it some more,” Bella said.

“Do what?” I asked, smacking her on the ass again.

“I want you to lick my asshole some more,” she said, her voice full of need.

I smacked her ass again, and again, and again, until it was bright red. “How do you ask?”

“Please,” she begged. “Please lick my asshole with your tongue.”

“Okay,” I said. “But only because you asked nicely. But after it’s all nice and wet and loosened up, I’m going to stick my cock in there and fuck your ass like there’s no tomorrow. Understand?”

Biting down on her bottom lip, Bella nodded.

I smacked her ass again. “Say it.”

She let out a groan and said, “I understand.”

“That’s better,” I said.

Smiling widely, I went back to work, sticking the tip of my tongue into her asshole and working it in circles for a little while before jamming it as far into her anus as it would go.

“Holyfuckingshit,” Bella said expelling it all as though it was one word. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop! It feels so fucking good!”

So I didn’t, smashing my face against her ass until it felt like she was going to swallow me up. I’m not sure how long I worked her asshole with my tongue but it felt like days. And I had no desire to stop. I was totally digging it, not only the sheer nastiness of it all, but having absolute control over her pleasure.

The only problem was, it was turning me on too, to the point that all I could think about was fucking Bella’s ass proper. So I pulled my tongue out of her asshole and climbed up to my knees and replaced it my rock-hard cock.

Bella let out a gasp followed by a low moan as I worked my cock into her asshole, slowly at first, pushing gradually as she loosened up, until my cock was almost halfway inside her anus.

“Holy shit your cock feels so good in my ass,” she said between gasping breaths as I continued working my cock in and out of her asshole in rhythmic thrusts.

After a good minute of fucking Bella’s asshole gently, she had loosened up enough for me to start going after her with some aggression. And I took advantage, slamming my cock into her anus, giving it to her balls-deep with every thrust while she moaned and groaned and screamed and grunted beneath me.

Her palms were on the floor, her arms locked out, her back arched and her chin tilted towards the ceiling, causing her long brown hair to spill down her back. I immediately grabbed ahold of it and gave it a tug, forcing her to arch her back even further to relieve the tension.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she screamed while I continued pummeling her asshole. “Punish me. Make me pay for being a bad girl!”

So I did, hammering away at her asshole like never before, slamming my cock in and out of her, my hips smacking against her ass with every pump, our bodies pounding against each other.

“You like getting fucked in the ass, don’t you?” I said.

She nodded vigorously.

“Tell me how much you like it,” I said. “I want to hear you say it.”

“I love it,” Bella said, her voice loud and ragged. “I fucking love it when you hammer my asshole with your cock.”

“Do you want more?” I asked, my mouth still right next to her ear.

“Yes,” she said, nodding her head.

“Are you sure?” I said, taunting her.

“Yes!” she screamed. “I want more!”

“How much more?” I asked.

“I want it all,” Bella said. “I want everything you can give me. I want you to fuck my asshole like there’s no tomorrow!”

Turned on by hearing her talk like that, I released my hold on her hair. With my hands on her hips for balance, I climbed to my feet, squatting over her with my cock still planted firmly in her asshole. Pushing down on her shoulders, I forced her head to the hard wood floor. Then I grabbed her arms and crossed them behind her back, holding them together with my right hand around her wrists, leaving her helpless and at my mercy.

Her face was turned sideways against the floor, leaving half of it visible. Staring down at her, still not moving inside her, I said, “Are you ready for this?”

“Yes,” she said, nodding. “Give it to me.”

“If you insist,” I said. “But I have to warn you, I’m not going to take any mercy on you.”

“I don’t want any,” Bella said. “All I want is to make you cum.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” I said. And then, without any word, I began fucking her with everything I had, keeping her arms pinned behind her back the entire time.

Standing over Bella like that gave me a ton of leverage, allowing me to hammer away at her asshole like never before. I was absolutely destroying her ass, pounding away at it with reckless abandon. She was no longer talking, just grunting like an animal.

As was I.

I’d been fucking her ass for almost three full minutes when I couldn’t take it anymore. Her asshole just felt too good for me to last another second. I had to cum. Now.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I said, pulling my cock out of her ass mere seconds before I shot my seed all over her back, coating it with white sperm, getting it everywhere, on her skin, in her hair, on her dress.

“My god that was a huge load,” she said, looking back at me and laughing.

“Tell me about it,” I said.

“Is it always that big?” Bella asked.

“Not even close,” I replied, straightening up.

“Then I must have done something right,” Bella said as I helped her to her feet.

“You did everything right,” I said. “What about me?” I continued. “Did I give you what you needed?”

“And then some,” she replied.

“So you’re not disappointed?” I asked.

“Only that we can’t do this more often,” Bella said.

“Who says that we can’t?”

“Nobody, actually,” she replied. “But the fact that I live on the other side of the country might make things a bit difficult to do it very often.”

“The other side of the country, huh?” I said, disappointment shuddering through me.

“Yep,” she said. “I’m just here through the night. I fly back home tomorrow afternoon.”

“Well that sucks.”

“Yeah it does.”

“How often to make it out this way?”

“Once a year, tops,” she said.

“Then I guess we’d better get in another session before you leave,” I said, picking her up and throwing her over my shoulder. I carried her to my bedroom, both of us laughing all the while. It was going to be a long night. If I was only going to get one night with Bella, I was going to make the most of it.





Matt Hardy is the kind of man every other man wishes he could be.

He’s worth around $100 million bucks and spends his days trotting the globe playing in celebrity golf tournaments and hob-knobbing with the stars at high-class social functions.

If that wasn’t enough, Matt is also an attractive man, blessed with movie-star looks, a 6’2” frame with a wiry, muscular body that didn’t take much maintenance to keep up, and a full head of hair even as he climbed his mid-forties. And just to top things off, he has a natural charm with the ladies, which, combined with his perfectly proportioned 8-inch cock, allows him to not only land the hottest chicks in the world with ease, but satisfy them in ways that very few other men can. He has a gift for getting otherwise normal women to do the nastiest things possible in the sack with just a wink and a suggestion; in fact, most of the time they initiate the escalation on their own accord.

He’s been a bachelor his whole life, much preferring to spend his nights with a bevy of different women, free from the emotional attachments that are the bane of so many previous and current professional athletes. He likes to keep things simple, partying all day with powerful people and then spending the night having filthy, nasty sex with an incredibly gorgeous woman, or two, or more, depending on the night.

Matt is living the ultimate dream, the life that all men long for. All us mortal men can do is sit back and watch and imagine it is us in his shoes.




This evening, Matt is in a suite at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. He’s sitting on the white leather couch with a woman on each side of him, all three in terry-cloth bathrobes with nothing on underneath. To his left is Amber, an exotic-looking 21-year old with black hair, tan skin, and a full-bodied figure that comes with a pair of perfect, natural tits. To his right is Megan. Slightly taller and a bit thinner than Amber, she has full lips and brown hair and smaller but perkier tits, not to mention an ass that lasts for days.

Both girls are 21 years old and gorgeous, with mixed-heritage backgrounds that give them an exotic look that is unlike Matt has ever seen. They aren’t sisters, but they easily could have been, and Matt chooses to pretend that they are. Neither one is overly talkative, nor particularly playful, but that’s fine with Matt. He didn’t bring them up to his room because of their personalities. He’s far more interested in their looks and obvious willingness to get freaky.       

Matt came across them at the bar an hour ago. He had been on his way to the Poker Room to play some Texas Hold ‘Em but  once he saw them he changed his plans on the fly. They were simply too good to pass up. A few shots later, all three of them were heading up to his room. After two more bottles of wine and half an hour in the hot tub, they each slipped into a robe and made their way to the couch. Which is where we come in.




Amber and Megan get things started, slipping out of their robes simultaneously, then leaning over Matt and making out directly over his midsection. He sits back and just watches, a glass of wine still in his hand, letting them do their thing, knowing that they’ll get to him eventually.

They explore each other’s mouths for a while before Megan starts going to work on Amber’s tits, licking and sucking on her nipples.

While Megan plays with her tits, Amber’s hands wander down to Matt’s groin area. She unties the belt of his robe and pulls it open and starts jerking off his cock, getting it nice and hard.

Once Megan sees Matt’s cock, she pulls her mouth off Amber’s nipple and drops her head down and takes Matt’s cock in her mouth. She attacks his cock, taking him deep in her mouth right from the get-go, bobbing her head up and down with enthusiasm. She’s an electric cocksucker, moving quickly, aggressively, gagging noises coming from her throat while saliva flies everywhere.

Meanwhile, Amber leans forward and sticks her tongue in Matt’s mouth. They make out slowly and passionately while Megan continues going to town on his cock.

After a short while the girls trade places, Amber going down on Matt’s cock while Megan brings her head up to swap spit with him.

Amber sucks cock like she kisses, taking her time, using her tongue in a variety of different ways and to different effects, moving slowly but forcefully. Likewise, Megan kisses like she sucks cock, quickly and intensely, not staying still for more than a moment, her hands touching him all over, sounds of pleasure constantly coming from her mouth.

All in all it’s a nice combination of styles, and the variety between the two women keeps Matt on his toes.

A couple minutes in, Matt is ready for something different. He climbs to his feet, picks Amber up and drops her on the couch, face-up. He grabs her legs and pulls her towards him until her ass is hanging just off the front of the couch and the back of her head against the rear cushions, right near the top of the couch.

Matt spreads Amber’s legs wide, then dives in and starts licking her pussy. Megan takes the opportunity to climb onto the couch and straddle Amber’s face. With one leg over the back of the couch and the other foot on the seat cushion, Megan drops her pussy right onto Amber’s mouth.

Matt inserts two fingers into Amber’s pussy and starts sliding them in and out. He moves them faster and faster, until Amber is moaning in pleasure, her cries muffled by Megan, whose pussy is still planted firmly on Amber’s mouth.

Megan lifts herself up, giving Amber a chance to breathe. Amber gulps in some air, her cries more audible for a moment, before Megan drops her ass right back down on her face. Matt starts licking Amber’s clit while still working her pussy with his fingers, his eyes turned upwards to watch as Megan rides Amber’s face with the same enthusiasm she’d used when sucking his cock. Megan see him watching and flashes him an evil little smile.

Matt pulls his fingers out of Amber and uses them to beckon Megan over. She climbs off of Amber and sits down on the couch. Matt picks her up and flips her over so she’s on her knees, her ass in the air right in front of him.

Matt licks Megan’s pussy from behind for a few seconds before sliding his cock into her. She immediately starts bouncing back against him, as energetic as always. Loud moans of pleasure escape from her mouth with every thrust.

Amber sits up on the couch alongside Megan, but facing the opposite way, her chin lying on top of Megan’s ass. As Matt fucks Megan doggy style, Amber grabs one of Megan’s ass cheeks with each hand and spreads them apart, opening her up even further, showing off her little pink asshole.

Amber licks Megan’s asshole, then spits on it, getting it nice and lubed up. While Matt continues pounding away at Megan’s pussy, Amber sticks her index finger in her mouth and then straight into Megan’s asshole. Megan yelps but doesn’t protest. In fact, she starts bucking back even harder against Matt.

Amber slips another finger into Megan’s asshole and works both of them around, keeping things nice and lubed with healthy amounts of saliva. Once Megan’s asshole is sufficiently warmed up, Amber grabs ahold of Matt’s cock and slides it out of Megan’s pussy. She takes his cock in her mouth and gives it a couple of quick pumps, getting it nice and wet. Then she guides it towards Megan’s asshole, which is practically gaping from the work Amber did with her fingers.

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