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A Cougar’s Awakening

Raven Black

Published by Raven Black

Copyright 2018 Raven Black

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You know one of those moments when you're doing something stupid, and you know it's stupid but that doesn't stop you from being stupid and doing it? Well, that's the kind of moment I was having. My knees ached like a 45 year old woman's knees, but I can't complain.

I stroked this young man’s shaft pointing it down for my lips as I watched his pre-cum ooze with every pump. The saliva coated my tongue while anticipated his dick sliding down my throat.

I spread my pussy lips and cood while my middle finger pressed between them feeling the slick juices and warm tightness. Squeezing on his shaft I felt him flex back into my palm. It was like a flirtatious conversation between my hand and his 19 old cock that makes him weak in the knees. I lifted his cock to his tummy still working it like the seasoned veteran of this handshake that I am and extended my tongue. The tip of my tongue touched his left testicle as I licked down and around his ball. My pink lips tenderly cradled his ball before letting my tongue ran the length of his cock all the way to the ridge of his penis.


"Ohmm… Amanda Mm!" He started.

My watering lips pressed and widen around the head of his cock as I tasted the honey I craved. Sucking and pulling my lips back on the head of his dick, I popped my lips causing enough pressure to make the young one bite his lip.

"Mmm," I slurpped at the saliva hanging at my lips my hand still working my saliva up and down his shaft. "No, Eric. I want you to call me, Mrs. Stewart. Hmm. Now come to mommy."

Chapter One

The week started with a sick day, which had been the usual as of late. The soreness from the surgery was gone now, but I was too used to four day weeks to go right back to five. The best part of calling in sick, though, was not being awake for Jeff's breakfast, though, he still felt the need to wake me up for a brief berating before he was off to work. It wasn't bad. Nothing out of out of the norm after 15 years of marriage to this slob.

"Ugly bitch, stupid bitch, fucking cunt..." It was his usual insults, but it was not fine. I wasn't like one of those battered wives on lifetime. No, he never hit me so it wasn't a big deal if he had to let off some steam. Jeff had a stressful job and he was the main bread winner of the family. So I owed him some slack

The rest of my day off alternated between reality tv trash shows and online shopping. My breasts had finally lost all of their irradiating pain that had slowly dissipated over the past few weeks since the boob job brought me up to a 40dd. My tits poured out of any bra I owned now, so I was due a little online shopping. For my age, I knew how attractive I was. Out of all my work friends I was the hottest and most popular, I knew. As I always was growing up. Flowing blond hair that hung just below my shoulders. My ass had rounded out some, but the older I became the more the fat seemed to find its way to my hips and thighs. Which left my tummy nice and taught- and now that these tits are done, my whole front is high and tight. I grinned at my reflection in my bedroom mirror. Turning from side to side and watching the angles change on my bare breasts.

Maybe Jeff's 30 second fuck will only be 15 seconds, now, I think. Bouncing up and down some, I watched my tits together in the mirror.

As I turned and watched my breasts sway, I noticed movement out the window beside me. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon I expected no one to have sight into my 2nd floor window, which is why I never bothered with curtains. But I did have a view over the privacy fence into Arlene's backyard and pool. And Eric, Arlene's youngest, did have quite the view of me.

I saw him staring at me before quickly turning away. He fumbled with his swimsuit trunks for a moment before diving into the pool. And I dove to the side of the window. Eric must be back home from college. Shit, if he tells Arlene, I'd never hear the end of it, I thought.

I clothed myself and hid my blushing face in kitchen as I prepared Jeff's dinner. All the while I rubbed my thighs together wondering if my tits made Eric stir in his trunks or not?

That's really gross to even wonder about, Mandy.

It was weird, I'll admit. I've known Eric since he was 10. I used to babysit for him while Arlene and her husband bowled. But still... it's not like he was my kid...

Jeff sent more cuss words over dinner and even more over beers while he watched the game. Fuck, assholes, dicks, low lives, idiots, bitches... most were meant for his incompetent coworkers, but some were directed towards me. But even so, the near run in with Eric left me moist and needing to be touched and I know Jeff wouldn’t get it done. Besides, beer and passing out on the couch was in Jeff's future tonight, as was most nights.

Work for the rest of the week slid by in a moist blur. I worked in HR, a dull field, but my entertainment came in the form of girl gossip and long lunches. On my first day back after the long weekend Arlene pulled me aside before I even got to my desk. I, being the nice lady I am, had gotten Arlene a job here a few years ago. Nothing on my level. More clerical work like a glorified secretary. Closer to quiet Deb's job than mine.

Why is this dumb skank upset? It was her damn son that was spying on me!

"Mandy!" Arlene whispered in the corner of one the dark conference rooms.

"Ok," I kept my eyes on my mocha late in my hand. "It was an accident."

"You're not going to believe this- wait, what?"

"What?" I back tracked carefully. "Wait what are you talking about?"

"Deb fucking quit. Like yesterday! Like in crazy fashion. In front of everyone," Arlene said wide eyed and grasping my hand in excitement. Arlene was like me in the since that we get wet when we have good gossip to tell. I could tell by her grip on my arm that this was a going to be good. "There's more! Oh my god. Just wait till lunch."

"What? Are you kidding?" I snapped. "You can't just not tell me now!"

"No, just wait, oh my god. Just wait."

"Mandy..." Tom called for me from his office in his annoyed voice. "Those copies I needed yesterday. Need them now..."

The morning hours dragged until finally I had my girl time at lunch. "In the office!?" I yelled. My face was stuck in pure shock for minutes. "No way, I don't believe it."

"For real!" Arlene said shoveling salad by the fork full into her mouth. "Like Deb came in like dressed ultra slutty. Like overdone everywhere- make up, tits hanging out-" Arlene stuttered a moment stealing a glance at my tits barely contained in my older bra. "Um. I mean, it was ridiculous. Anyways, so she quits right? And as she's cleaning out her desk, she stops and goes to the bathroom and Becky said Matt was already in there."

"Mmmhmm... He was," pudgy Becky said from across the table between mouthfuls of breadsticks.

"-And they were soo loud!" Arlene butted back in. "Like Deb was moaning like a hoe throughout the office."

"I can't believe I missed this... But with Matt?" I said making a face. Everyone had to cover their mouth to laugh at that. Matt was about the same age as Eric, but Eric was definitely better looking. But with Deb I guess that makes since.

In my flock of hens, Deb was the quite one. She always dressed in muted colors trying to cover her weight. She was the kind of woman you always had to tell her to speak up, because she talked so soft. Never did anything exciting or interesting...

"I think Matt quit that day, too," Becky speculated. "Maybe they got married?" She laughed.

"What a skank," I laughed.

"I know right!?" Arlene whispered through a smile. We spent the rest of lunch discussing how much of a desperate pathetic slut Deb must be. All the while, I felt a little insulted. It takes a lot of guts to pull that off. It’s bold thing to do. It felt like something I should have done. But it was Deb who did it.

The insult heated into a slow anger over the afternoon and was left at a boil all week. I would try to go about my work only to fail. Concentration no longer was an attainable thing. There was the faintest doubt sowed into everything I did. A nagging thought nibbled on my mind day in and day out. And to add to the annoyance, despite not even wearing a bra at night, Jeff never even came near me. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday... nothing.

I would spend the evenings locked in the bathroom, molesting my body to no end. Every time I came close to cumming, the thought of Deb doing something I couldn't busted into my head and I lost it. By Thursday night, I was tipping on an edge of insanity. I didn't sleep. I couldn't sleep. I lied there all night trying. Turning from side to side with no success. As dawn came about I felt myself burned by the realization of the irrefutable truth…

This is not the life I wanted…

Young, beautiful, homecoming queen. Intelligent, confident, driven. I was all those things and more. The world was at my fingertips and I let it slip through the cracks into nothingness. I hitched my wagon to a man that barely moved. My job I settled in was one of convenience not excitement. I wanted to be famous and vacation on exotic beaches. And instead I’m a middle aged office worker who’s greatest achievement was buying a pair of tits for a shit husband who doesn’t even want her.

And this is my life for the next how many years? Quiet fucking Deb. Who knows what she’s doing.

Once Jeff was in the shower I stopped pretending to be asleep and texted my boss on Friday morning to let him know it was going to be another sick day I waited for Jeff to leave for work before sitting up in bed.

My pussy actually ached from fucking myself all week with no release. At this point I figured I was at the female equivalent of blue balls. I sat on the edge of my bed exhausted, frustrated, and, most of all, horny. Grinding my teeth and thinking about... of course, quiet fucking Deb.

Forget her fucking that boy- how's she going to pay her mortgage? Bills? Groceries?

She was single and has worked there for years as just a secretary. Did she get another job? Who is she to quit like that?

Her action and courage only stood as a bright shining example of my lack there of. I didn’t think I’d ever cum again. I didn't think I'd ever sleep, again. And then I saw motion outside my window. I peeked my eyes over the windowsill and saw Eric rubbing on sun tan lotion while he sat with his legs in the pool. I eyed him for a long minute. He'd always been quiet, too... kind of like Deb. Fucking forget about Deb! She shook her head some. He was taller- 6'3 maybe, and skinny. His tattoo on his ribs was something new. Tribal, unfinished, but large and jagged peaking around his back.

After several moments I realized how wet my right hand was and look down to see my palm had found its own way between my thighs. Well, maybe I can go over there?

It was a simple thought and before I had it and all my responses to his obvious questions, my swim suit was on and I was walking down the stairs.

This is not the life I wanted…

I had yet to buy a new swim suit so the black two piece that I wore looked more like postage stamps stretched over my round tits. With a last minute self-consciousness appearing before I left, I tossed one of Jeff's baggier white t shirts over my top as I went out the door. I was horny, depressed, and sleep deprived. Those pains are what got me to Arlene’s privacy gate. But it was a voice that got me to walk through the gate. A small voice deep in the recesses of my mind whispered the faintest words.

but it could be…

"Oh... Hi, uh, Amanda," Eric said still sitting on the side of the pool.

"Hi." I said biting my lip. "I uhhh... um. Wasn't feeling well today, stayed home from work, is Arlene here?"

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