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This story is about the sexual encounters that happens in the industrial factories. It tells of the sexual activities that took place in Factory that Frederick worked in. Frederick was a supervisor who happened to took part in this sexual activities.

Chapter 1

Jobs are not easy to find in Africa. In the country where the majority are unemployed the African ladies would do anything it gets to get a job even if it means having sex with the managing director or even the supervisor.  The ones who employ these young black ladies employ them on the basis that they see their nakedness and have sex with him.

The ones who run these companies are foreigners. The Indians, the Chinese, the Dutch and the Lebanese are some of these foreigners that run most of the industrial companies. Many of these foreigners are sex maniacs. They often demand sex from their female employees.

The industries are the most sex infested sector of many African nations. The bosses sleep with workers and workers sleep with one another during night shifts.

All the ladies that came at the industrial gates of industrial company with all shapes and sizes are choosen to do general work and are later invited on to have sex with the supervisor who employs them. If they refuse they are not given a job the next day to work as a casual worker.

Frederick was one of those supervisors that took advantage of their post to have sex with the employees he employed each day. He loved to choose beautiful woman with thick curves. He did this so he could prompt them to have sex with them.

Frederick was a very horny middle aged man. He aimed to sleep with any whore moving. He was out of control and was only controlled by his lust.

Frederick came out that Monday morning to pick the workers for the day. He was captivated by the beauty of Brenda and her big physic. He then pointed at her and she also spoke for her friend Merriam. Frederick wanted to have a taste of her big behind.

Her big pointed butt was turning him on everytime he saw it his big penis in his trousers started get hard. He thought of how the butt would look like naked. He wandered how her cunt might look like. He wanted to have her get naked so he could see her butt and black wuss naked.

Having many girls under his order he ordered one girl which he often pounded who was a slut and loved to give her body to keep her job. He ordered her to go tell Brenda to be his lover.

Brenda being a slut and needing the job consented. She thought if she gave him her body she will keep being picked by him and eventually become a full worker. The slut Frederick sent went back to him and replied to him that she said yes.

Frederick was happy that he was going to get a piece of big butt. He gave the woman he sent a paper on which he told her that Brenda should put her number on.

The girl took it to Brenda who wrote her number on it. Frederick was happy that his sexual fantasy will be fulfilled through this new employee. Her big butt had captivated his soul.

That same day in the night Frederick called Brenda. Who was happy to see her supervisor's number popping on her phone.

"Hello." Frederick asked curiously

"Hello." Brenda replied swiftly

"You know why I'm calling. I want us to meet tomorrow. What do you say?." Frederick asked passionately

"Yes I want us to meet which place?."

"Let us meet in town at the Indian restaurant." Frederick replied swiftly

That night she kept thinking about how his penis might look like. She made a image of his penis in her mind. She made a image of a big penis with a big purple head. A image of a big penis that was circumcised having no foreskin.

She got turned on thinking about it. Her black cunt started to get wet as she fantasied of his prick. She was in her bed in her blanket. She moved her blanket aside and pulled her yellow laced panties over her legs. Her pubic hair was a black bush. Her clit hood was long and wrinkled. Her clit head was big and visible. Her clit was pulsating from her sexual excitement. She moved her right hand over her bush unto her clit head.

"aaaaaaaaaah, aaaaaaaaaaah, aaah." She moaned as she was stroking her clit

Her vagina hole started oozing with her many creamy fluids. She was moving her erect clit side to side making it to swell out of size. She had the image of his penis on her mind making her more horny. She began stroking her vulva lips by pulling them forth. She then started finger thrusting into her wet vagina opening.

"aaaaaaaah, aaaaaaaah, aaaaaaaaaah." She moaned

Her many juices were coming out of her bushy quim. She felt her orgasm coming as she was thrusting her finger inside her wet vulva hole. She was feeling intense sensation with the image of his penis as her sexual motivation. She increased thrusting inside her cunt and rubbing on her clit. She felt her orgasm almost come and it went again. She thought more of his imagined penis stroking her clit hard. Her orgasm came on her like electricity. She felt electric shocks of pleasure inside her sensitive areas making her to quiver from her sexual sensations. She moaned loudly as her many juices gushed from her black bushy cunt. She then came back to her reality from the world of pleasure.

Frederick heard a knock on the door it was Thelma. Thelma was the landlord's naughty daughter. She was his secret lover.

Frederick was a mature bachelor. He lived on his own. He never wanted to marry cause he was a casanova.

Thelma was a very horny girl and would escape her bedroom into Frederick's house. They were both horny lovers. She was hooked to Frederick cause he knew how to make her reach a intense orgasm.

She was in her early adulthood. She loved older men. Frederick was that old man that fulfilled her sexual fantasies.

She found him on the sofa. She kissed him by pushing her wet tongue inside his mouth as he pushed hers back. They kept playing with their tongues in their mouths. The kissing made Thelma horny her black cunt started to engorge inside her black thongs.

They went to the bed. He helped her undress. His penis was getting erect by seeing her undress. Her apple booty was huge and curvy. Her tits were big like two giant globes. She walked out of her thong panties.

Her pubic hair was short. Her clit hood was extremely long and stretched out as if it was a tiny penis. Thelma used to play with it alot in her sex crazed state.

She wanted to taste his penis so she kneeled before him and unzipped him to pull his rod out. The sight of it made her more horny. Her juices were dripping from her cunt hole unto the floor.

She held his prick in her fist and wanked it fastly. He gave out a moan. She started to lick his entire penis. She licked down his shaft all the way to his sensitive penis head. This made him to moan deeply. She kept licking and licking taking him into a world of pleasure as he lost the awareness of his surrounding. She started sucking his penis. His big black penis moving in and out of her hot mouth. Her saliva was increasing in her mouth because of her horny state.

Her vulva was exploding from her sexual feelings. She really wanted his penis to enter her. She wanted to come on his penis. She made her cunt tight for his big black penis.

She wanked her clit hard whilst she was sucking his penis. Her cunt was very wet and horny for him. Her horny cunt was ready to have his great big black penis.

She sat on the bed. He kneeled between her thighs. He then began to have sex with her the African way. She loved it when he made love to her using this African sex technique.

He held his penis in his hand. He rubbed the head of his penis on her vulva lips side to side. His penis was moving her cunt lips stimulating her genitals making the sensations and the wetness to start growing in her black meaty cunt. He then started to tap and rub his penis head over her interior vulva area around her meatus and over her inner vulva lips and up her clitoris. He stroked her sex tools with the head of his swollen penis. He was tapping and rubbing over her clit over and over again until she could not hold her cunt anymore from exploding and squirting many creamy juices. He then began to thrust is penis inside her vulva opening. His penis was opening her tight vagina opening. His penis was now fully inside her. His penis was moving in and out of her black snatch. After some thrusts he held his penis in his hands and started to move it side to side crashing her vagina walls whilst inside her meat wallet. He moved his penis out and started to rub his hard penis head on her clit that was all stretched out and swollen. His purple penis head stroked her clit side to side causing her to scream. He kept rubbing and tapping his penis on her big bean. She then came uncontrollably she shoot her fluids out of her horny cunt. He then moved his penis on her pussy hole and inserted it inside her pussy hole full of her creamy juices. His penis was covered in her creamy juices coming in and out of her cunt as he was thrusting her vagina. He gave her deep thrusting this time. She felt his prick inside her womb as he was thrusting. She came squeezing his penis hard making him to come in the process. They both moaned exchanging their juices. They both shoot out of them their sexual fluids. The came back to reality and everything was back to normal again.

Chapter 2

That Saturday morning Brenda recalled she had a date. She knew what it was all about. She wanted to be prepared for what was going to happen.

She went to bath in the bathroom. She had gone in the bath with her shaver. She wanted to remove all her pubic hair. She wanted to have his prick shaved.

She began to shave her cunt. She applied soap water on her pubic hair and began to shave her cunt. She shaved her entire pubic hair and started to shave around her sensitive regions of her genitals. She shaved around her clit and labia.

She was turned on shaving her vulva. She became horny whilst touching her sensitive parts of her genitals. Thinking of how his penis might look like she began playing with herself.

She started stroking her left tit and rubbing her big nipples. She became wet in her cunt whilst doing this. Her juices began oozing out of her vagina opening. She was turned on now thinking of his penis.

She moved her right hand between her huge thighs to start stroking her clit side to side with her fingers. She now entered heaven. She was in another world a world  only full of pleasure.

She increased stroking her tit and her black pinky cunt. She came as she was  meditating on his penis. She squirted out creamy juice as she came to her orgasm.

Frederick decided to call her to check if she was ready. He found she was ready.  He went to wait for her on the location they agreed.

She came looking more attractive than she did often. She wore a skimpy black dress that revealed her curves. She looked beautiful. She had natural black skin.

The view of her Steatopygia butt full of tallow made him to have a tingle in his penis. He had a semi erection looking at how attractive she looked.

"Hi looking great in that dress my dear." He said looking at her with lust

"Thank you." She said being amused by the compliment

The board a bus as he took her to where he stayed. They reached his place. It was not as she expected it was a simple house in a ghetto. He welcomed her in the small house. She looked around there was nothing much in the house but small household goods.

"Feel at home, you are welcome to this house." Frederick said making her feel welcome

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