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Locked and Mysterious

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Chapter Two

Chapter Three


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Chapter One

The first thing I noticed when I woke up was the pounding in my head. How much did I drink last night? I tried to open my eyes, but the dim light bleeding into my bedroom was too much for them.

I yawned and rolled onto my side. I felt something foreign underneath me. Confused, I reached my hand down to my waist and felt warm metal.

What the fuck? It took me a second before I realized the metal thing was attached to me! I whipped the covers off my bed and my eyes shot open.

I looked down and between my legs, was a steel device locked around my cock and balls! A million thoughts quickly screamed through my head: Who put it there? Did I? Why? How? Can I get it off my fucking body?

I gently gave it a tug, but I could quickly tell that it would not be removed this way. Two metal bars kept the device secure: one behind my testicles, the other in front. To pull the cage off, I would have to crush my testicles. Clearly, I would not be taking that risk.

I started to get dizzy with panic. I tried to calm myself down. What do I do?

Fiddling with the tight, rigid device, I inspected it further. It seemed the back bar and the front plate, which connected to a small curved shaft, which covered my penis, were all secured firmly together by an eerily thick padlock.

"Fuck," I moaned, aloud. Someone really had it in for me. I started to freak out again. As the anxiety built uncontrollably inside me, I let out a scream.

I collapsed on the floor next to my bed and became paralyzed by fear.


After a while, I was able to collect myself and made it back to my feet. I slowly got dressed, awkwardly and looked around my condo. There had to be a clue or note or something about what had happened to me. After a brief search, I noticed nothing out of the ordinary.

My hands shook as I looked through my phone.

I started texting a few of the buddies I went out with last night. I asked if they remembered me going home with anyone. None of them were helpful. Apparently I wasn't the only one who couldn't remember much of last night.

A wave of depression set in over me, followed quickly by an intense worry. How was I going to get this off?

As much as it freaked me out to have this device locked around my most important body part, I decided that patience and calm were the best course of action. I had breakfast and coffee and as my headache started to relent, with the help of some ibuprofen, the urge to relieve my bladder grabbed my attention.

"Oh, no," I moaned, surprised by my new problem. How was this going to work?

Stepping into the bathroom, I took my pants off completely, to simplify things. I lifted up the cruel device and saw that there was indeed a small hole at the tip of the shaft covering. It appeared I would be able to piss out of that hole, although, not while standing up.

I sat down on the seat and released my bladder. Everything emptied normally, more or less, thank fuck. I guess I had one less small thing to stress about.

With that problem out of the way, my mind quickly fixated on the next one; how would I get this off?

I could go to the hospital, maybe. Yes, it would be embarrassing, but surely they would have tools and what not and be able to surgically remove it without damaging my... parts? The thought was too scary to accept for now, there had to be an easier solution.

Someone must have put this on me. But who would do it and why?

My phone rang, interrupting my rational paranoia. My screen told me it was my sister. Fuck, I was supposed to go to the gym and have lunch with her today.

"Hey Angie," I said, answering the phone nervously.

"Hey," she responded, sounding pre-occupied. "Am I meeting you inside the gym? Or at your place?"

"Umm," I hesitated, trying to think quickly as I stared at the abomination between my legs. "Look, Angie, I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to cancel today."

"Why?" She quacked, annoyingly, the way only a sister could.

"Because, I feel really sick today. Like, I can't leave the bathroom, type sick."

"Ugh, gross. Fine," she sighed. "Feel better, I guess."

I hung up and felt relieved only for a brief moment before frustration with my situation overwhelmed me again.

My phone beeped beside me as a text popped in. Now what?

It was a message from an unknown number. I started to feel sick for real as my face became hot and red. I opened up the message.


How are you feeling this morning?


Did I accidentally delete one of my friend's contacts? Or was this someone that knows what happened to me last night? I typed back.


Who is this?


I stared at the screen, stiff with anxiety as I waited for the response.


If you ever want that thing taken off, I implore you to answer my questions, politely.


My face felt hot and red as I read the text in my hands. Oh, god, I was so fucked. Was I being blackmailed? Who would blackmail me? Why? I don't even have money!

My hands shook as I typed back.


I'm feeling uneasy and very troubled by this situation. What do you want from me?



All you should be worrying about is answering my questions and following my instructions. This is your last warning. Understood?


I had nothing to gain at this point by remaining stubborn. I decided to just go with it and see how this developed.


I understand.



Good. Don't panic, I'm not going to ruin your life. You will be out of that device soon, as long as you behave. I assume you haven't left your apartment this morning, but if you did, return immediately. You will be receiving a package today. Message me back only once it has been delivered.


I put my phone down slowly and gritted my teeth. What did I get myself into? How did they know where I lived?

I wished I could just close my eyes and fast forward to some point in the future when I had escaped this predicament. Unfortunately, I would have to suffer through it.

Chapter Two

The day dragged on and I tried to keep my mind off of the horrible situation. I watched TV and tried not to move around much, since every time I did, I felt the prison on my cock and the fear returned.

The device itself wasn't as uncomfortable as one might think. I mean, it definitely felt tight and restrictive, but as of now, it wasn't unbearable at least. Nothing was having its circulation cut off or anything like that.

A hard knock echoed through my apartment. I rushed to the peephole and spied a delivery guy.

I opened up and signed for the package: a cardboard box about the size of a briefcase.

I sat down and looked at it. It wasn't very heavy, but there were definitely things inside it. I almost ripped open the box before remembering to text the mysterious person back.


I got the package.


I figured the shorter and more to the point I phrased my texts, the less room for error. I was hopefully almost out of this situation; I just had to act carefully.


Good. Open it up. Inside you will find a few numbered boxes. Only open box #1. You will find further instructions inside. Understood?





I pulled off the tape that sealed the box shut and opened it up. There were in fact several smaller boxes inside with numbers written on them in thick, black marker.

I pulled out 'box#1' and slowly unwrapped it.

Inside, was a piece of silver paper and a handwritten message on it. Under the message, were two thick leather straps with metal buckles on them and a pair of handcuffs.

What the fuck? Before I freaked out, I read the piece of paper.


1. Fasten the two leather restraints to your ankles.

2. Lock one of the cuffs to your wrist, leave the other one free, for now.

3. Text me when you have done this.

Was someone trying to kill me? Rape me? What had I gotten myself into? I thought about calling the police, but again, I worried that might end up being stupid, depending what this stranger wanted. But what if they wanted to hurt me or something worse?

I thought about it longer. If they wanted to kill me, wouldn't they have done it last night? I mean, I was incapacitated enough for them to lock this on me, they could have already done whatever they wanted to me, right?

Obviously I couldn't be sure, but I decided they probably didn't want to hurt me.

I followed the instructions, taking the note and the contents of box#1 onto my bed. I sat down and slid the leather over my ankles. They were somewhat comfortable, but secure as hell. It made me nervous to feel their firm grip around my skin.

I checked the box four times; there was no key for the handcuffs inside. If I locked it onto my wrist like the note said, I wouldn't be able to get it off.

Of course, having a handcuff attached to my wrist was not as bad as a restrictive metal cage preventing me access to my penis. I took a deep breath and locked the cuff to my left wrist. I got my phone.


I opened the box and followed the instructions.


They didn't respond. I started to get worried.

Minutes passed and my chest started to fill with anxiety.

Finally, a message popped up. I read it, slightly relieved.


Want to know who I am?



Yes, please.



Unlock your door. Remove your clothes, then sit on your bed and wait for me to arrive. Understood?


I had no idea how to respond to this. At least I still had my hands free. I would be able to defend myself if need be.


Understood. Doing it now.


After I sent the text, I unlocked my door and got naked. But before I sat on my bed, I went into the kitchen and grabbed my large steak knife. I got on my bed and slid the knife into the drawer of my bedside table. Just in case...

I waited for what was to come next, trying to stay relaxed.

Another text popped up on my phone.


In case you are thinking of trying something stupid, I'll inform you of the truth. If I don't text one of my friends a certain code word in ten minutes, she will contact the police, who will be informed of your name and address. Understood?


What the? If something happens to them? What about me? I texted back quickly.




A few minutes later, I heard my apartment door creak open and close. Whoever they were, they walked quietly, even on my hard floor. However, I heard the sound of their footsteps... it sounded like high heels.

When I looked up at the door to my bedroom, I saw who had been texting me. I saw... her.

She was by far the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. She was tall, especially with the thin, black heels under her feet. She had dark, sheer nylons that went up her thin legs and disappeared under a tight, black dress. Her gorgeous, long, chestnut hair shined, even in the shadow of my hallway.

I sat up in the bed as she stood in the doorway.

"That's enough," she warned. "Don't move another inch."

Her voice was more than enough to convince my body to remain still.

"Good, you have a metal headboard," she mused. "Put the cuffs around the bar and lock your other wrist up."

I hesitated and looked behind me. Then, back at the mysterious figure in my bedroom doorway.

"Can you just tell me why?" I argued, trying to sound diplomatic. "If I cuff my hands, I won't be able to defend myself. I'm not that stupid. You could just rob me or something."

She shifted her stance and leaned on her other arm as she pulled a long, silver necklace out from her subtle cleavage. On the end of the chain, was a key.

"If you lock up that wrist, I'll unlock your crotch," she explained, far too casually.

I weighed my options again.

"Or," she sighed, impatiently, "I can just leave now and I'll take the key with me."

"No, please," I mumbled, worried. "Fine, I'll do it." I looped the cuff in behind the headboard bar and snapped it shut on my other wrist.

I sat up against the headboard, my hands locked behind me.

"Good," the woman whispered, inching towards the side of the bed. Her shiny, thick hair bounced as she approached. "Show me. Come on, lean forward. Show me they're locked."

I leaned forward, rolling my eyes at how paranoid she was being.

She carefully leaned to the side and made sure my hands were securely fastened behind me.

"Now, what?" I asked, losing my own patience a little. "You unlock this?" I hoisted my hips up towards her, my limp penis slunk to the side, trapped inside its heavy cage.

The woman walked back around to the foot of the bed, watching me intently.

I felt so weak and vulnerable in her presence, especially being unable to free myself. Her faint, pink lips pursed themselves as she inspected me.

"Yes," came her response, finally. "You trusted me enough to follow my instructions, so I'll live up to my end of the deal."

She removed her necklace and sat on the bed, in front of me. She kept the key on its elegant, silver chain and placed it inside the lock. The mysterious, gorgeous woman turned the key, very careful not to touch my body or penis in any way, almost as if she was unhappy with all of it.

The lock pupped open and I felt part of the cage over my privates loosen slightly.

"Ugh, thank you," I offered, trying to sound genuinely appreciative. "Can you take it off now?"

"Take it off?" she asked, seeming offended. "That wasn't part of the deal. I said I'd unlock you, that's it."

"Okay," I thought. "Whatever, then unlock these handcuffs, or give me the key so I can take it off."

She placed a finger in front of her mouth, signaling me to be quiet.

"Come on, I've unlocked your little cage, just wiggle yourself out of it," she encouraged.

I frowned. Her eyes were piercingly beautiful. If I wasn't so scared of getting out of this situation, I would be incredibly aroused and nervous of even being in her presence.

She remained stern, so I focused down on my groin. I wiggled and struggled, trying to shake the cage off my penis. But everything I tried was unsuccessful.

"Ugh, I can't!" I moaned, frustrated. "The lock bar is curved through both of the pieces, it won't come out. Come on, please just take it off me!"

The woman smiled at my predicament. She seemed to get a lot of pleasure out of this. Is that what this was all about? Was she some sort of twisted pervert who liked to do this to guys?

"I already warned you to be quiet," she cautioned. "This is your last warning. You may only speak when I ask you to. Otherwise, I will put that lock back on and you may never see me again. Is that understood?"

She spoke so softly and yet it carried a weight of confident dominance that scared me to my core. I found myself quickly nodding, desperate to show her that I understood the situation.

"Excellent," she purred, crawling right next to me on the bed. "Now, if you want me to do something for you, like pulling this lock off your cage and removing it from your cock, then you're going to have to do something for me. That sounds fair, yes?"

"Yes," I said, meekly.

"Good," she cooed, caressing my face with the back of her hand. Her skin was softer than anything I'd ever felt. "I want you to address me as 'Mistress' from now on. Understood?"

I nodded, worried. "Understood, Mistress."

"Now, what could you do for me, that would merit removing this device from you?" Mistress mused, folding her legs elegantly to her side. The black heels still sat on her nylon feet. "Do you find me pretty?"

"Hmm?" I choked, surprised, before swallowing the lump in my throat. "Yes, Mistress."

"Come on now. Don't just tell me what you think I want to hear," Mistress scolded, gently. "I want 100% honesty from you all of the time. So, let's try again. Do you find me pretty?"

"Yes, Mistress," I urged. She smelled so good; it made it hard to focus. Not that I didn't have enough distractions already. "I mean it. You are extremely attractive and I find you very pretty."

"Ohh, thank you," Mistress smiled. She then leaned forward and got her lips right next to my ear. The feeling of her warm breath was unreal. I started to tremble as she exhaled. "I've gotten quite worked up from this whole ordeal with you," she whispered.

My mouth dropped as my brain tried to understand what was happening.

Immediately, I became aware of my cock. It was suddenly much more uncomfortable inside the restrictive device. For the first time since waking up with this thing locked on me, I realized it was so restrictive, it wouldn't allow me an erection. This was somehow even worse than I'd realized.

I was overcome by the urge to beg her to unlock me, but I knew that would only hinder my chances. Luckily, I was able to control myself.

"What about you, hmm?" Mistress asked, softly into my ear. "I wonder how horny you are. When was the last time you came, hmm? Remember, we are being one hundred percent honest."

I thought back, focusing my memory. "Two days ago, Mistress," I said, feeling a little awkward about it.

"I see," she sighed, running her hand up and down my stomach. "And how did you orgasm?"

I felt my face become red. My chest was tight and her stroking my belly wasn't helping.

"Come on," she encouraged. "There's no reason you should be shy about that. Not when you're already all presented for me like this."

"I did it myself," I admitted, humbly. "Mistress," I added, as her fingernails pinched my skin sharply.

"Interesting," Mistress moaned. Her other hand slid up her nylons and disappeared under her dress, between her legs. "Porn? Or did you just use your imagination?"

"Umm," I hesitated, shutting my eyes. "Porn, Mistress."

How much longer was she going to keep me like this? I wanted to ask her, or demand it from her, but I was careless enough to get into this situation and now I had to be patient to hopefully get out if it.

"Bad, boy," she teased, sitting up slightly. She lifted her dress up a little as she pulled a pair of black, lace panties from her waist. Carefully, she brought them down her nylon legs and slid them around her high heels.

However, she didn't leave them on the bed, or the floor; she teasingly dragged them over my metal cage and up onto my chest. I could smell their aroma as she slid them over my head and hung them around my neck. The warm scent emanating off of them was too arousing too describe. This woman was the definition of erotic beauty and she knew it.

"Tell me about the porn you last came to," Mistress demanded. She straddled me, careful not to touch my cage, or hips. "Come on, be detailed."

She then gently lowered two of her fingers to her crotch and began to play with herself as she waited for my words. I was so turned on I had trouble breathing.

"Uhh, well," I mumbled, nervously. "There was a woman, umm, two women."
"Keep going," Mistress instructed, slowly fingering herself in front of me. "You want to get unlocked, don't you?"

"Yes, Mistress," I begged, humbly. "Umm, one was a teacher and she was kind of, like teaching her student, how to, you know, please a woman and stuff."

"Is that what you like, hmm?" the gorgeous woman asked. "Watching a sexy, innocent girl learn to please a woman?" Her hand moved faster between her legs now.

"Yes, Mistress. I mean, it's one of the things I like," I explained, helplessly. My cock strained against the rigid, metal device. It wasn't quite painful, but it was definitely uncomfortable and made me feel desperate to get out of it.

"Do you know how to please a woman, then?" Mistress asked, her sweet breath all over my neck.

"I, umm, I think so," I declared, weakly. I tried to wriggle my hands free from the cuffs, but they seemed far more secure than I'd assumed.

"Mmm," Mistress giggled, mischievously. "Don't worry. We're going to find out."

She removed her hand from under the skirt of her dress and presented it to me. Her fingers glistened with her aroused juices. Their scent filled my head and overwhelmed my body. I thought I was horny before, but now I needed out. I needed to cum.

"Relax," Mistress calmed. "Be a good boy and relax. Does this turn you on? Hmm? Smelling a woman's pussy-covered fingers?"

"Yes, Mistress," I grunted, closing my eyes tightly. I tried to mentally remove myself from the moment; it was just too tormenting to be teased like this.

"Mmm," she moaned, giddily, waving her fingers in front of my lips and nose. "Would you like to taste me?"

I groaned in response and repositioned myself underneath her. Unable to get my desperate cock comfortable, I tried to be honest with her.

"I'm not sure, Mistress. I want to, but at the same time, I feel like that it's just going to make me more aroused and I don't know what you want from me, for me to get out."

"Hmm, I see," she said, reclining. "You've been fairly well-behaved, considering everything going on today. Perhaps I should enlighten you on the situation, a little. Would that help?"

"Yes, Mistress," I gasped, relieved. "Thank you."

"I wouldn't thank me yet, hun," she teased, putting her moist fingers back inside her pink slit.

The way she spoke to me, made me feel like I needed her. I had never felt so lucky and loved, despite the ridiculous predicament I was in. The scent of her panties around my neck continued to make my mouth water and I yearned to touch her body; any part of it.

"Before you left the bar last night, I spotted you and got you even drunker than you already were," Mistress explained, masturbating to her words. "We got in a cab and came here, where you promptly passed out. I then sized your cock and balls and locked an appropriate chastity device around them."

She smiled as she watched my disturbed reaction. Her mouth dropped open, as her fingers seemed to hit the right spot inside her.

"I bet you're wondering why I did this, hmm?" Mistress asked, clearly approaching an orgasm. Her voice started to tremble slightly as she spoke. "I'm tired of dating men; at least, the old fashioned way. I've found this method to be much more effective at not only having a great sex life but also cutting through all the bullshit. This way, I can get to know who the man I'm dating really is. I mean, we've just met and look how honest you've been with me already."

She started to moan on top of me.

I wanted to touch her and fuck her so badly I was becoming wild. It didn't seem to matter that I had no idea who this gorgeous, crazy woman was.

Her wet pussy started to drip its honey down onto my locked cock. It was possibly the most agonizingly frustrating thing I'd ever felt. Her sweet nectar seeped through some of the metal casing and dappled my trapped manhood.

"Oh, god," she whined, removing her fingers from her sweet femininity once again. "I want to cum. Do you want me to cum?"

"Yes, Mistress," I gasped, overwhelmed by her dominance and beauty.

"Does being all locked up like this while I drip and moan in front of you make you horny?"

"Yes, Mistress. Very," I conceded.

She placed her moist, elegant fingers into her mouth and sampled them with her tongue, before sliding them back between her nylon legs.

"Tell me what you're feeling," she instructed, high on lust. "Tell me how badly you want to be unlocked."

My mind was empty as the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen, made love to herself on top of me. I wanted to scream and cry at the same time. My swirling emotions were dwarfed by the aching need surging through my groin.

"Oh, god, I need you to let me out of this thing," I begged. "I feel like I'm going to lose my mind, I feel so frustrated. You are so fucking sexy, I want to get hard for you, and I so desperately need to."

Mistress leaned forward, pressing her chest against my face as she groaned from the pleasure growing between her thighs. I could hear how wet she was and it was one of the most erotic things imaginable. It was the sound of wet gratification: the kind only possible during an extremely kinky act.

"I feel so swollen and trapped in this cage you've locked on me, please," I continued, trying to get her off with my words. "A man's cock isn't meant to be contained like this. It's so unnatural and stressful that it makes me want to beg and do anything for you."

"Oh, fuck," the woman moaned, loudly into my ear. "I'm going to come."

She bounced rhythmically as she rode her fingers. Again, I felt her hot sweetness drip out of her sex and onto my stomach. I wanted to lick and drink it up. I wanted to break free from the cuffs, rip the cage off my cock and push inside her. I wanted to make her scream in ecstasy.

Mistress convulsed and her knees tightened their grip on my body. Her mouth fell open and locked in a state of aroused bliss as I imagined she was being overcome by orgasmic delight.

She panted and sighed and then brought her fingers up between our faces. I watched her slick beauty drip down the sides of her digits. The scent of this woman's satisfied cunt was the most arousing thing I'd ever experienced. It was pure euphoria being shot into me. My hips writhed for attention.

"No, no," Mistress teased, strictly. "My pussy is not for you... you haven't earned that."

She smiled, cruelly, and then admired the taste of her fingers as she ran her tongue up and down them.

"You've been good for me today," she commended, sucking her fingers clean. She slowly returned them to her satisfied mound. "You've done what I've asked, and even though we've just met, I feel I can trust you."

She paused and gave me a stern look of elegant dominance, which almost stopped my heart.

"Can I trust you?" she demanded to know.

I wondered how a woman so beautiful, graceful and feminine could seem so fearsome.

"Yes, Mistress," I promised, knowing that I would not disobey her wishes, as long as she remained honest with me.

"Good boy," she said, warmly. She grabbed me by the chin and held my face straight ahead, then leaned in and pressed her lips to mine.

It wasn't a long kiss, but it made me feel a hundred different waves of excitement.

"I'm going to reward you for following my rules so nicely today," she explained, moving her way down my body. "That's how I like to do things in my relationships."

Mistress picked up my swollen, trapped privates and inspected them lovingly. She put her fingers on the lock and I felt a surge of hot excitement shoot up into my belly.

"I like to reward good behavior," she said, sliding the lock out from the device. "And punish bad behavior."

She removed the heavy, metal pieces off my desperate shaft.

"I'm going to keep the base plate on for now, because you're a little too excited for me to easily remove it," she explained. I could care less; I was in heaven.

I groaned with relief as I felt my cock stretch out. Immense, pleasurable excitement warmed its way quickly down my shaft as it swiftly stiffened.

"What do you say?" Mistress questioned, severely.

"Thank you, Mistress!" I whimpered, overcome with horny excitement.

"You're welcome," the woman smiled. "Now, close your eyes. If I see them open, I stop what I'm doing. Understood?"

"Yes, understood, Mistress," I said, almost gasping. I slammed my eyes shut.

I tried to get comfortable and adjusted my legs so there was less strain on my cuffed wrists. Also, this way, I got more leverage into my groin, so I could thrust.

I felt the gorgeous woman's hands tease the inside of my thighs. My hard member begged for attention: flinching and bouncing.

"Feel how wet I got from seeing you all caged up and denied like that," my mysterious mistress invited.

I then felt her hand touch my stiff, swollen cock. Her fingers all slathered in slick, luscious juice from her pussy. The sensation almost immediately put me over the edge. I'd never been teased and turned on like this before and I felt myself slipping away in the moment.

"You were so patient as I played with myself right in front of you," she teased, slowly dragging her wet fingertips up and down my shaft. "I like when a man can be patient."

I moaned gratefully as she continued to stroke me. She slowly increased the speed of her hand and intensified its grip, controlling me completely.

"You better not cum without asking for permission," Mistress instructed, coldly.

She removed her hand briefly, and then returned it with even more of her naughty, aromatic lubricant. "But, remember not to speak unless I ask you a question. I'm only reminding you of this, this one last time, because I'm nice and because we've just met. Plus, I know horny boys like you have a hard time remembering things when you're so worked-up like this."

Mistress tightened her grip some more and I squirmed as my groin tightened with the urge to come.

"Of course, we'll work on making you better at that, over time."

Knowing I wasn't allowed to speak, I began writhing with anxious excitement. Moaning loudly, almost in a panic, I tried to let Mistress know that my need to come was getting urgent.

"Would my little prisoner like to come?" she asked, coldly.

"Oh, yes, please, Mistress!" I whined, desperate.

She stared right into my eyes, silent as she worked my swollen shaft with robotic precision. I was afraid to maintain eye contact with her, as she just felt so above me in every way.

Waves of building pleasure made me tremble as they worked their way though my groin, belly and into the base of my manhood. I knew I wasn't going to be able to resist the impulse to come much longer. I truly didn't want to disappoint the devastatingly pretty woman treating me to pleasure unlike anything I'd experienced before.

"Well," Mistress contemplated, slowly bringing me to the edge with her wet grip. "Is there something you'd like to ask me, then?"

"Please, Mistress," I begged, trying to stop myself from exploding. "May I please come?"

I closed my eyes and prayed for her quick, positive answer. I was about to slip over the edge. I could feel my incredibly stiff tip begin to throb and leak.

The handcuffs dug into my straining wrists behind me. It was a painful sensation, which I tried to focus my mind on instead of the intense pleasure I was torturously being subjected to.

"I want to let you," she began, slowing the rate at which she stroked me. "But, I'm worried you won't properly appreciate this gesture."

I was about to promise her that I would, before realizing I wasn't asked a question. It was taking every ounce of willpower I had not to cum in her elegant hand. My cock throbbed with desperate arousal, pleading for orgasmic release.

"Open your eyes and look at me," Mistress instructed, harshly. "How will you repay this gesture if I give it to you?"

"Anything, Mistress. I'll give you whatever you want from me. I'll do anything. Please, I can't hold on any longer."

"We'll see," she whispered, almost to herself. She tightened her grip and erotically fucked me with her hand.

"Ohh!" I yelped, loudly. I felt an almost painful stripe of desperation rip through my belly as I tried to resist letting go. Every naughty thought I'd ever had flew through my mind, trying to incite an orgasm. I whined loudly and felt pathetic, as I knew I was about to helplessly ejaculate.

"You have permission to cum."

The words rang through my head in glorious wonder. At first I was in disbelief, worried I might have imagined them. But, Mistress' hand intensified its motion and I felt the incredible surge of pleasure trigger.

"What do you say?" Mistress demanded, moving her other hand above my tip.

"Thank you, Mistress!" I wailed, immobilized by the overwhelming, heroin-like sensations shooting through my lower half.

She squeezed harder as I started to evacuate my pent up excitement in powerful spurts. Mistress had pointed my cock back into my direction and I was soon covered in my own hot, sticky residue.

As soon as it was over, I had the most intense urge to cry and be held by this indescribably beautiful woman. But, this wasn't going to be the case, despite the fragile emotions bubbling up behind my eyes.

Mistress got off the bed and stood, elegant as ever, on her high heels. "I'm going to leave now. But first, I'm going to give you a choice," she explained, casually fixing her nylons.

My body was still reverberating bliss through every inch of my groin. I fought against the handcuffs, fantasizing about holding this gorgeous woman in my arms.

"Listen carefully," she informed. "I can leave now and take the handcuffs and that tight, little chastity cage with me, but I promise, you will never see me again."

The thought of never seeing this woman again scared me to my core. I needed more time with her. I wanted to be loved by her so badly. I yearned to be able to touch her perfect skin and smell her lovely, flowing hair.

"Or," she continued, calmly, like she was ordering a coffee. "I can lock you back inside the chastity device. If this is the case, I will come back and visit you again soon."

I felt my head get light as I thought over her offer.

"What will it be?"

I felt cold and scared sitting there, naked in front of her. I was covered in my own cum and cuffed in position. Would it be worth it to subject myself to more time inside this perverse device? I could still smell Mistress' delicious aroma from the panties around my neck. It was a scent I needed to experience again... I decided this couldn't be the last time I ever saw her.

"I want to see you again, Mistress," I said, humbly. "I can put that thing back on, if it means getting another visit from you."

"Very well," she sighed, collecting the unlocked pieces of my device from the bedding. "I'm sure you'll be able to clean this thoroughly, later. I'll send you something to help."

I watched silently as she bound my sensitive, limp penis inside the metal casing. She worked quickly, with an effortless precision. It felt unreal to be contained like this; to feel the control over my sex organ slowly taken away from me.

As she slid the lock through the thick, metal pieces, reality set in. Horror rushed up from my belly into my throat and I wanted to beg Mistress for help.

She clicked the lock shut and gave the whole thing a meticulous tug to make sure it was secure; it definitely was.

After giving my device a final, careful inspection, she reached around behind me and unlocked one of my hands.

"Don't move," she cautioned, backing away to the door. "I've left the key to your cuffs in there, so you can unlock yourself after I leave. I'll text you soon with regards to our next meeting. You better behave yourself, or I won't be coming back quickly."

Before I could say anything, Mistress disappeared from my apartment with a loud click of the door. I sat alone, frozen on my bed, covered in my mess. I stared down between my legs and wondered what I had gotten myself into.


I unlocked my other wrist and put all the bed sheets in the laundry. I made a mental note that I wanted my apartment to be impressively clean the next time Mistress visited me.

As I showered, I thought about the intensely emotional day I'd had. However, instead of thinking about how stressful and negative most of it was, all I could think about was her.

I felt like I loved her, in some twisted, weird way. Every time my eyes closed, I saw hers. The way she looked at me today, made me feel more human and vulnerable and alive than I'd ever experienced.

The heavy cage hanging around my genitals felt very unnatural, but I couldn't care less at the moment. I got a nice, soapy lather going and was able to clean it pretty easily.

If it allowed me to see Mistress again, I decided I could definitely get used to this.


I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow, but woke up in the middle of the night. The familiar tingling of excitement between my legs drew my attention. Sometimes, if it was urgent enough, I would quickly rub one out and go back to sleep, satisfied.

As I became more conscious, I remembered, that wouldn't be possible. I noticed how intensely frustrating it quickly became.

My cock swelled inside the tight, metal shaft. It tried desperately to get hard. I used my hand to shake the cage, hoping to relieve some of the tension or make it more comfortable, but this wasn't the case. In fact, shaking and touching it only seemed to make it worse.

I quickly retracted my hand and rolled onto my side. God I was horny.

For the first time, I really understood the weight of the situation I was now in. I had been in situations before where I was quite horny and couldn't relieve myself, because of where I was or something, but never for more than a day or two. The thought of being trapped in this and unable to scratch the itch that I knew would continue to grow with urgency scared me intensely.

It felt weird, trying to get my mind off of sex, but I was desperately trying to. It was odd to be worried about having sexual fantasies pop into my head. Also, it seemed to be an impossible task.

I didn't sleep well the rest of the night. My subconscious, I had no control over and it kept reminding me of the gorgeous woman who'd taken control of my sex organ and aroused me in ways I'd never imagined.

What would happen the next time she visited?

Chapter Three

The morning finally arrived... I got up earlier than usual. I had to get up and do something to get my mind and body off anything to do with my new, awkward situation.

The shaft of my penis was slightly sore from straining most of the night, but felt okay. It was more the aching in my testicles that had me worried. The device kept them separated and outside everything else and they felt full and large. I'd just had an orgasm yesterday, but it felt like my body had already pumped them full again, in anticipation for more release. I got dressed quickly and tried to start my Sunday morning in a way that might get all of this frustration out of my system.

I went for a nice long walk and got a coffee down the street. I was feeling much better and the device was surprisingly comfortable inside my boxers and jeans. I was very thankful for that.

However, near the end of my walk, I noticed a couple of women walk by in tight exercise shorts. They were the kind that squeezes the bum into the perfect shape. They squeezed the ass so tight, just the bottom of the cheeks peeked out with every step.

Normally I would have just glanced and enjoyed the brief sight, but today, the visual was met with a sharp pang of worry.

Before I realized what I was feeling, my mind thought about pulling the shorts down and getting to see what was underneath. I felt irrationally horny all of a sudden and headed home. The whole trip back, I tried to separate my thoughts from tight female bodies and revealing clothing; but I couldn't.

I thought about how beautiful Mistress smelled and how incredibly hot it was when she made me take in the scent of her wet fingers. My genitals begged me to satisfy them and I bit my lip in frustration. How was I going to survive this?

Hastily, I tried to reinforce my spirits by reminding myself that I would get to see Mistress again soon. The thought immediately made me warm and relaxed... but only until my next sexual thought a few moments later.


The day went on quietly. I checked my phone every five minutes, hoping for a message from Mistress, but nothing came.

Eventually, there was a knock at the door.

I jumped up from my chair and inspected my phone: nothing still. I checked the peephole to see the delivery guy again.


I sat on my bed and opened the new package. Inside I found a small manual about maintaining a clean, healthy lifestyle inside a chastity cage. As well, there was a note from Mistress written in pen on very expensive, ornate-looking paper.


Familiarize yourself with the manual I sent. Read it through, twice. Make sure you know how to take care of your imprisoned genitals. I'm glad you decided to continue with our relationship. I'm already thinking about our next meeting. However, I need you to have a hard copy of some ground rules. Think of these rules as your commandments. They shall be a guiding light to finding your way in this new, exciting relationship.

-You must be clean-shaven on face and privates at all times. Shave twice a day if possible.

-Only speak when you are asked, unless you've been given permission to speak freely. This may be granted during the relationship at anytime and taken away at any time. This goes for texting and calling as well.

-Unless told otherwise, always be naked in my presence. You are nude, because you are under my control. You are vulnerable in my presence. Your nudity symbolizes this. Clothes are a privilege you have yet to earn.

-Must be as clean as possible when in my presence. If I ever feel you are not clean enough for me to touch you, then you will not be touched.

Chastity terms: During the course of our meetings, you may opt out of the relationship and be released from chastity. However, you will never see or hear from me again.

For now, you are being kept on a need to know basis. I find this to be the simplest way of doing things. I will only hold you to information you currently know about. If I need to complicate things, I will do so when a complication arises.

I want to give you time by yourself to get used to your new chaste lifestyle. Enjoy the sensations and urges your body challenges you with. Trust me, in time they will make you a more attractive, fulfilled man. I will text you when I'm available for our next visit.



Putting the note down, I felt a weight in my chest. This situation was more serious than perhaps I'd thought. However, the more I looked over the note, the more excited I got. Just the thought of seeing Mistress again made me giddy.

The manual for the chastity device was only about 12 pages long. I was able to read it fairly quick and got some helpful tips on cleaning as well as ensuring I remained somewhat comfortable.

With that out of the way, my mind drifted immediately back to Mistress. The way she talked to me was just so incredibly sexy. I'd never had a woman treat me so dominantly; it was an unbelievable feeling that I knew I needed to experience again. Unfortunately, I'd have to wait until our next meeting...

I read over Mistress' letter again and memorized the rules she had set out for me: Be clean. Be shaved. Be naked. Don't speak unless asked.

I could do that, I thought, inspecting each one of Mistress' handwritten words. Just reading and memorizing the rules had my privates getting warm and tingly. My heart started to beat in my chest as I anxiously thought about how I couldn't relieve my impending horny desires. This torturous situation I'd found myself in was so complex. I found myself both incredibly excited, while at the same time, painfully frustrated by it.

I spent the rest of the day trying to catch up on household chores. I had to get groceries and I wanted to make sure the apartment was very clean for Mistress' next visit.

It was a little easier to motivate myself into getting all of the mundane tasks done, as I found it hard to sit still for more then five minutes at a time. As soon as my body and mind were at rest, my thoughts immediately went to her body and the naughty things she might have me do with it.

I managed to keep myself busy and even fit in an evening workout, which I hoped would ease some of the pent-up energy building between my legs.


I was drifting off to sleep when my phone buzzed loudly. My eyes stayed shut, until I realized it could be from her! Checking the screen in the darkness, I wasn't let down.


Tomorrow. 8pm. Be Ready. Understood?


I texted back right away.


Understood, Mistress. I can't wait to see you.


Hoping my extra comment would make her smile or at least endear her to me a little more; I waited for a response. Nothing came. I really hoped she liked me.

Although I was overjoyed at the fact that I'd get to see Mistress tomorrow, now I was too excited to sleep. My brain kept imagining how thrilling it would be to play with her again. Maybe this time I'd get to take her in my arms and fuck her hard and passionately. I'd do anything to make her scream with pleasure.

It wasn't long before my penis had woken up too and it begged for attention. I tried to lay as still as possible for the rest of the night and think of nothing. I didn't get much sleep.


On my way into work, I noticed things I'd never really paid attention to before. The way a woman's nylons hug her slender legs. The way hair falls over a woman's feminine neck and curves around an ear, or the way her tight, but wide hips subtly sway back and forth as she walks in her heels. Even noticing the thin material over women's chests; and how their breasts push and expand against it. I was seeing these beautiful details everywhere I looked.

Also, I'd never realized how strong my need for sexual gratification really was. You don't truly notice it until you're forced to abstain from it, I guess.

By the time I got to my desk, my mind was exhausted from all the mental stimulation I wasn't used to. I had no idea how I was going to get through the day.

My dick ached from constantly trying to engorge and grow. It was such a cruel, tormenting feeling to have my sensitive tip squeeze against the metal plate trapping it in.

The only thing that made me feel better, was knowing that Mistress would soon be in my bedroom, delighting me in ways I couldn't imagine.


The workday went by even slower than usual. It felt like it had been an eternity when I finally got back home. I checked my phone; it was almost 6pm. I had two hours to eat and prepare myself for Mistress' visit! I got to work.

I shaved my face and then, carefully, using lots of shaving cream, got rid of all the hair and stubble around my cage. Seeing it all bare like that really made the device that hung off my trapped genitals look even more bizarre. I felt very vulnerable, but still horny and very excited.

I made sure my apartment was tidy and made the bed with fresh sheets and everything.

At 7:45pm, I had done everything I could think about doing. I sat on the bed with my phone and waited, feeling really nervous all of a sudden.

Jumping across the room, I found the bottle of whiskey I kept at the top of my dresser. I poured myself a shot and let it slide down my throat. It warmed my stomach and numbed some of my anxious nerves.

8pm! I unlocked my front door and sat on my bed. I suddenly realized I was still fully dressed! Fuck! How could I have forgotten?

I stripped frantically, threw my clothes into the hamper and closed the lid before leaping back into position on the bed. Just as I had resettled, I heard my apartment door open.

"This is it," I thought excitedly, as she slowly made her way into the bedroom.

She stopped at the threshold again and I marveled at her beauty. Head to toe, she seemed flawless. Every inch of her body was the epitome of erotica. Not even her breathtaking facial features seemed to give way to anything besides perfection.

"Do not look at me," Mistress demanded, strictly.

I quickly dropped my head and stared at the floor.

"You are not to look up at me unless I ask you to. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Mistress," I said, barely able to hide the nervous excitement in my voice. I couldn't fucking wait for her to touch me.

"Retrieve the handcuffs," Mistress instructed. She stayed motionless in the doorway and watched me follow her directions. "Now lay down and lock your wrists above you head."

I could feel myself tremble as I tried to follow Mistress' commands. It was so exhilarating just being in her presence, but at the same time, I was determined to do everything properly for her.

After a bit of fiddling with the cuffs, I managed to get them through the iron headboard and secured around my hands. Keeping my eyes low, I turned my head back in Mistress' direction. She finally entered the room and approached the bed.

I watched her nylon feet come to rest in her elegant, black heels right next to me. Without saying a word, she inspected the handcuffs. After a brief look, she reached over me and pressed one of them tighter. The metal clacked eerily and I suddenly felt real fear in my chest.

Fear or perverse excitement; I was having trouble telling them apart at the moment.

I kept my eyes on the floor as I felt Mistress inspect me with her eyes. Eventually, she worked her way down to my crotch. She clinically moved my swollen genitals from side to side, and then gave their cage a tug, which felt both stimulating and uncomfortable.

"Are you ready to please me, tonight?" Mistress asked.

"Oh, yes, Mistress. Whatever you want," I groveled.

"We'll see about that," she cautioned, almost forebodingly. "I can be quite demanding, I've found. And I'm unsure if you're up to the task."

She let me sit with that vague warning for a moment.

My arms were already starting to become weak in their restrained position, but I didn't care. My horny member was commanding all of my attention. I could feel all the blood in my body pumping towards the tight cage. It was immensely frustrating to feel how horny I was and know that I had to remain calm and obedient in order to play Mistress' game.

"You read my letter and the manual?" Mistress questioned, sitting on the bed. She slowly removed her heels and placed them on the floor.

"Yes, Mistress, I did."

"Good boy," Mistress said, almost patronizingly.

She climbed on top of me and curled her nylon feet over my ankles. She smelled like heaven as her hair hung down onto my neck and chest. She pulled the key on her necklace out from her tightly fitted bra and let it dangle into my lowered eye line. "Would you like me to use this?"

"Yes, please," I yelped. My hips jumped off the bed uncontrollably. "Thank you, Mistress."

"Don't thank me, I haven't unlocked you yet," she grinned. "I merely asked if you wanted to be unlocked."

I tried to relax myself a little. After all, I was already having trouble concentrating over the deafening cries of my body and the pulsing beat in my neck.

Mistress lowered her hips over mine. Lifting her tight skirt up, she started to grind her panties over my stuffed cage. I let out a moan of desperation as she rubbed her warm crotch against me.

She giggled as she pressed her hands down on my chest. I loved having her use me like this, but I couldn't stand the teasing much longer. I needed to feel my hard cock against her.

Mistress leaned forward and put her lips an inch from mine. Her breath was indescribably sweet and erotic. It begged me to reach out and kiss her, but I couldn't. Her dominant presence paralyzed me and I waited submissively for permission. None came.

She kept me like that, pressed helplessly underneath her. I felt like a small animal trapped under the fierce talons of a predator. Deftly, she removed her underwear and brought it up between our faces.

The fine material had a bouquet so sexy, I couldn't believe it. I felt its warmth as Mistress pressed it against my nose and mouth. The pheromones flooding into my head made me dizzy. I almost felt high from the erotic fumes dazzling my senses.

My lips quivered as they caressed some of the moist fabric. I hungrily stretched out my tongue and tasted the beautiful woman's arousal. How could I be this lucky? Who was she?

"Greedy, aren't we?" Mistress teased, pulling the panties from my face. She lowered her naked pussy onto my cage and carefully rubbed her slit along it. "Mmm, this feels nice."

I tried to focus on breathing, as the sensation of her pussy dripping over my trapped, swollen member had removed the air from my lungs.

"Are you a horny, little thing?" Mistress teased, slathering my tight cage with her honey.

"Yes, Mistress," I whined. "I can barely think. The pressure down there, between my legs, I need to relieve it."

Mistress continued to gently slide her dripping perfection back and forth over my desperate, denied member. I quickly lost track of time as I watched her flawless breasts dance up above me. I dared not move, or speak for fear of getting myself in any trouble. I wanted to be so good for her, I wanted to impress and please her!

"I'm pretty turned on myself," Mistress said, finally, after torturing me for what felt like an hour.

She slowly sat herself up on all fours and turned around so that her moist opening sweltered a few inches above my face. She started to tease my cock cage with her fingers as she moaned.

"I bet you want to sink your tongue into my cunt, hmm?" Mistress asked. "Would you like to do that for me? Or would you rather have me unlock your horny, little cock to play with?"

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