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TOY Boy (The beginning)

Copyright 2018 by Sandy Hill

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Toy Boy is an erotic short story, the first in a series. It contains content of an explicit sexual nature such as will appeal especially to a female readership.

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I‘m not a free person! You, my dear reader don‘t need to know the ins and outs of my situation, suffice it to say that sex hasn‘t been on my agenda for so long that I can hardly remember what it was like and that, of itself is depressing and I‘m in very real danger of becoming depressed. Maybe I already am.

I‘ve got to do something about it though or I‘m going to go ‘stir-crazy‘

Cait'lin is my confidante. She is mixed Irish and Afro-Carribean. She has green eyes, uncontrollable hair and an accent to die for, albeit you can‘t always catch what she says when she is talking in a hurry. Which is quite a lot of the time.

Cindy, me darlin‘, one of these days I‘m goin‘ to find you a ‘Toy Boy‘ so I‘m puttin‘ you on notice that if you don‘t find yourself one soon, I‘ll be goin‘ to set you up with one meself!“ She grinned that elfin grin of hers and gave me a hug.

Cait'lin is happily divorced. She got an excellent settlement from an ex who had far more money than balls and she has a lovely batchelor pad in which to entertain her current one of a seemingly inexhaustible string of boyfriends. Her two offspring are off her hands now, working, university or doing a gap year in the New World somewhere – I lose track of her dizzying round.

Two weeks after this ultimatum and knowing that I would still be picking stray hairs out of my chin she knocked my door when she knew I would be free and towed me out to Cafe Nero and insisted on paying for large lattes and sticky buns.

“Cindy, I‘m gettin you on the road to promiscuity and this is how!“

I gulped a large mouthful and somehow managed not to cough half of it up again so while I was still spluttering she thrust a scrawled sheet of paper and a pen at me. “You are going to put a free ‘classified‘ in the lonely hearts column of the ‘Herald‘ and if we get a move on it will come out in this week‘s edition. Which goes out in two days time.

I was still catching my breath!

“I‘ve started it off for you“ she directed my gaze to her loopy but surprisingly clear handwriting.

‘Slim F, Att. Fortyish, tied down, seeks M (30 - 40), energetic non-smoker for fun-time. Sod GSOH, long country walks, no strings, exch. photos‘….and an email address you don‘t use for anything much else.

I met her green, flashing eyes and she burst into a fit of giggles that took even marginally depressed me with her and we spent the next minutes laughing fit to bust until the Chief Barista started giving us an unmistakeably dark glare and we burst forth to lurch, cackling down the mall to the car park and into her ‘Fiesta‘ to drink ‘Fanta‘ which actually makes me hyperactive and which is how I came to agree to this crazy scheme in the first place.

“I need your picture.“ She scrutinised me carefully. “Open your sweater.“ I winced and undid the buttons. She reached over and pulled it back. Shook her head “take it off“

There was no point arguing with her, Cait'lin can be very forceful. “Sit up straight! Better but… bra off. You‘ve got nice boobies. Flaunt ‘em!“ I wriggled around with the clasp and let them loose, shook myself and actually enjoyed the (yes!) sexy feeling of freedom. Before I knew it she had her tablet out, posed me, pulled my blouse wide open and took a string of pictures before passing it over to me. “Pick one you like“

We argued, passing them back and forth, she took some more, applied her lipstick to my surrounds and fondled me until I finally gave in to a smiling me with cleavage fully exposed, roughed nipples, by now taught with visceral excitement, enticeingly visible to the, hopefully lascivious viewer (she rolled the word ‘lascivious‘ with that positively erotic accent of hers) and I was hooked!

“None of this online crap“ she explained. “We‘re lucky to have a proper, good old fashioned ‘local‘ paper to promote you in! I‘m coming over on publication day with a bottle of bubbly and a pizza and we are going to have a laugh!“

So that was it until she turned up on Thursday evening and we settled in to a hopefully entertaining experience.

By the time we had opened the bottle and sipped the first glass, the email responses started coming in in satisfying numbers. They fell into 3 different categories. The first and by far the biggest, with 14 responses by 9pm were outrageously crude, one even featuring a picture of a large, ugly erect penis and the simple, direct message “Hi, darlin‘ Suck This!“ along with a mobile number. These all without further ado went into the trash can. The second category was the ‘kinky whiners‘, equally easy to discard, leaving a small residue of four that merited a response.

This group were much more reasonable in demeanour except that all four were “Disgustingly Fat! Ugh!“ Cait‘lin pulled a face, drained her glass and refilled it, topped up mine. “Glad I didn‘t put our ‘selfies‘ in!“ She pulled a wry face, at once prompting us to make new and very restrained ones.

‘Pity‘, I thought wryly ‚‘ I got a real, shivery feeling somewhere deep in my belly at the thought of anonymous men leering at my best feature, plus I had managed alluring pouty lips that had raised even my friend‘s eyebrows! We turned off the computer, drank the rest of the bottle, she staggered off disappointingly early and I was left tossing and turning agitatedly in my bed until I sought solace in my friend the vibrator which I had invested in one rather inebriated evening‘

Next evening was a carbon copy repeat of the first. Even the totals were the same including a resend of Mr “Suck This“ and, yes, the ‘hopefuls‘ were equally jowly. We were early to bed, slightly tipsy once more but we decided to give it one last shot and the next evening, with a great surge of optimism found ourselves with three quite reasonable-looking photos, albeit one was a passport mugshot.

We sent off our restrained selfies, drained the bottle and gathered next morning in Cafe Nero, each clutching a tablet to work up our responses. We took one each and set the mugshot to one side. We had two immediate replies and mine was shocking in its directness.

“Hi, I‘m Robert Smythe. What do I call you, sweetie?“

“Hi Robert. I‘m Cindy. Nice picture! You look nice? Are you nice?“

“You‘ll have to meet me to get a proper idea!“


“Tomorrow evening ok?“

I tapped on the keys with fingers that were starting to tingle“

“Yes. Where?“

“You tell me?“

I gave him the city centre postcode. “That‘s good! What time?“

“7pm OK?“

“Fine! Where do we go? Your place? Mine? Hilton Hotel?“

My hands were trembling fit to press the wrong buttons.“I prefer the Hilton. First date safety!“

“Great! 7pm in the lobby, dinner for 7.30. I can book us a room if we chime.“

If we chime!‘ My heart was in my mouth. “I‘ll post you another selfie“

A minute later I was staring at one word “WOW!“ and a photo of Robert Smythe full length wearing swimming trunks and holding weights that showed off an impressive set of pecs. My hands really were shaking to the point I could barely tap out a reply.

“I won‘t be able to sleep tonight!“

“Neither will I. It‘s been quite a while...“

“Don‘t stand me up. Don‘t be late. Please!“ and a row of anxious-looking emoticons.

“I won‘t. I promise!“ and an equally long row of smileys.

Cait‘lin was looking quizzically at me. I nodded in reply. “I‘ve got a date!“ I didn‘t recognise my own voice.

She leaned forward, shook her wild hair in my face and giggled her amazing, infectious giggle “I know who mine is from his picture. Went out with him a couple of times. Made me pay for my own meal and his conversation was mostly about how much money he was making. He was an accountant! Eugh!. But yours is... “ she poked my tablet into bringing him up to full screen. “Those biceps! And just believe those thighs!“ She giggled again so much she had to stop and blow her nose before continuing “I dare you to email him back and tell him to take his trunks off.“

“Hey, Cait‘lin, now you leave off. He‘s my date!“ I was suddenly becoming protective of his picture despite my insides positively quaking and I didn‘t want (as I thought) this fish to slip off my hook.

“You‘ll need a sitter. I‘d better sit for you and you can do a stopover if things go well. As long as you relieve me by 10am.“

I grabbed her arms and kissed her. “Cait‘lin, I‘m absolutely terrified! I‘m shaking all over. I feel queasy and I‘ve got to go to the washroom or I‘m going to wet myself!“ I almost did, too!

By 5pm I had ‘cleared my decks‘ and began to prepare myself for the evening and, hopefully the night to come. I sat with my tablet for half an hour and found out precisely nothing more about Robert Smythe. I gave up searching and ran myself a bath, tipped in just the right amount of bubbles and perfume and emerged twenty minutes later, still with the jitters, but now completely clean and fresh-smelling. I did a bit of judicious ‘bush trimming‘, enough to make me look at my most alluring but without being prickly ‘down below. and set out my evening dress. I have a dark blue silk, very figure-hugging ankle length dress that I‘m still able to fit into and, though I say it myself, look at my seductive best. Not that I‘ve had occasion to wear it for years!

I wore it with nothing on underneath as it was summertime so that all the contours were simply me, unsullied by bra straps. After some hesitancy though, I couldn‘t resist trying out the ‘G string‘ that Cait‘lin had popped into my handbag and an accompanying pair of (more silk, sheer black) Kamiknickers. The G string was saucily brief, a half-handkerchief that nicely covered my ‘mound of venus‘ but the leather thong that held it in place sat tightly within the crack of my bottom and inside my outer lips at the front in an incredibly suggestive way that was instantly and highly arousing. Whenever I moved, it sent a delightful thrill through me, quivering from where it pressed enticingly against the opening of my little spider, all the way around my womanhood and rubbing my little clitty. I slipped a pad in under the protective concealment of the Kamis and experimentally walked around the room a few times, reluctantly pausing, feeling the shivery onset of an orgasm that I did not want to waste.

I sat down, took deep breaths until I felt a bit safer and finally put on my only pair of 3-inch heels and it was time to go! The ten minutes walk into the town centre made me almost faint with the sheer eroticism of it but I entered the Hilton lobby with a few minutes to spare, found a comfy seat in a discreet corner, put down my overnight bag and waited.

At just five minutes before 7 o‘clock he walked in. I had been momentarily distracted by looking at my watch when suddenly he was there striding directly up to me.

God, he was gorgeous!

“You‘ve got to be Cindy!“ His voice was deep and mellow and went straight to my groin. He was smiling in an immediately intimate way and his amazing dark brown eyes told me at once that he wanted me every bit as much as I wanted him. He made a theatrical bow, took my hand in both of his, turned it over and raised it to his lips, his eyes never leaving mine.


“Cindy! You are every bit as beautiful as I knew you would be.“

I stood unsteadily on those tottery heels, holding on to his hand, pressed forward and gave him my lips, a tentative first touch of a kiss, enough to smell and taste him. He gripped on to my arms, firmly but gently and held me, his nose just touching mine, his breath mingling moistly with mine. “I‘ve booked the room, we can go there now“ he breathed. “We can eat and drink later.“

It was a command, he wasn‘t asking me! I nodded, then put my arms around his broad, warm shoulders and kissed him with all my pent-up desire welling up out of me. And in this public place he simply picked me up in his powerful arms, bent enough to take hold of my bag and carried me across to the stairs, scorning the elevator, ignoring the shocked eyes of the other guests and delivered me to the door of room217.

I don‘t remember if I giggled but I should have done. A most decidedly girlish giggle into his ear and then begining to nibble his earlobe as he fiddled with the key fob until we were inside , the latch dropping behind us. He twitched the ‘Do not Disturb‘ sign into place, dropped my bag and took me straight to bed in the quiet, coolness of the suite. The evening sunshine lit up a dancing swirl of dust motes like tiny magic sprites around us in that incredibly romantic setting.

“I love you!“ I murmured, then tickled my tongue inside his ear. His arms went around me in a huge, but gentle hug that brought our bellies into delicious, pressing contact so that I felt for the first time the man that he was, rising hard against me through the flimsy silk of my dress. His tongue pressed between my lips, found the tip of my own then explored me over the front of my top teeth, underneath inside my lower ones, back against my own greedy one. It was deliriously sexy!

His hands found the three dress buttons behind my neck, the sheer, dark silk began to slide erotically down my back and off my shoulders until my burgeoning breasts were open to his eager eyes, eager hands then his hot, eager lips. They tingled under the press of his open palms, fingers covering their lipstick-darkened aureoles, nipples pointed into hardness, then burned where his kisses turned into a fierce suction that drew gasps of delight from me, first one, next the other. The dress had fallen about my ankles in a dark blue frothy pile as he fell to his knees, his lips savouring my belly. The kamis fell away as his hands roamed around to my behind, grasped and squeezed the quivering globes of my bottom pushing my mons up against his open mouth, his hot breath creating a fire that would burn up my whole being.

I don‘t remember the G-string pulling away, only being naked, still in my heels watching him peel off his clothes before holding me to him once more and burying his face into me, tongue-stroking my curtains as they opened in a gush of my slipperiness to admit him into my open vagina, pulsating with my need for him. My hands wound into his hair, holding him tightly into me, his beautiful back curving down before my sex-saturated gaze.

“Take me now!“ my words high-pitched inside my throat. He lifted his shining face, squeezed my buttocks to the point of pain, his fingers probing inside my bottom, lifted me back on to the bed and fell across me. I reached down with both hands to take his massive, hot, hard member and guide the purple pulsating head of it inside me, squealing out sharp, indrawn cries as he thrust himself deeper and deeper, forcing open my poor neglected, aching vagina. I was at once drowning in waves of pain-become-pleasure, feeling I might faint, overwhelmed in my ecstasy. His groin squeezed under my mound, pressing his belly hard on to mine and we were truly one, man and woman joined in our moment of love. I wrapped my legs around his waist, heels crossing over, bucking, writhing, lifting myslf up to him, his groans of pleasure close in my ear. It was sheer heaven!

We exploded together, then lay side by side, warm in our entwinement until I felt him harden again, seemingly only a short while later. Now it was much slower, almost lazy as he gently rolled me over on to my tummy, pulled my hips up for my knees to fold under me, my cheek against the pillow, and entered my still slick, juicy womanhood from behind. It was so deep, so beautiful, so gentle yet so strong. His arms wound around me stroking, caressing my breasts as his powerful thighs flexed to drive his full, rigid shaft its whole length inside me in a sensuous rhythm that was delightfully hypnotic and seemingly endlessly prolonged. I just loved the squelchy suction as he moved within me in a cadence that very gradually picked up in intensity as the rising wave of sensation rose deep within my belly and the orgasms came again, less fierce than before but rising and falling over and over until I was completely exhausted, and only then did the pulsing, throbbing release of his seed take me there once more and we fell asleep together until the morning sunlight lit up the shining dust sprites all around us.

I gave him a quizzical smile. “God, I was so hungry for you! Except that your name is Robert I don‘t know anything about you. Except we had the most incredible lovemaking!“

He grinned lazily. He chuckled “I‘m glad! When are we going to do it again?“

“Let‘s have breakfast, I‘m famished! And you can tell me all about yourself!“

“You already know the best bit of me!“ He hauled himself out of bed, took my arm and directed me toward the bathroom “Shower!“ he commanded. We both smell rather ‘gamey‘

The water ran hot, perfumed and steamy, misting everything up so that it was a delightful shock as his strong arms wound around me, turning me face toward him and up into a fiery kiss that the gushing spray did nothing to quench. He squeezed me deliciously against his hard, muscular chest, my tender breasts tingling with pleasure. My arms went around him, pulling me hard into the intimacy of our embrace, his hands cupping my bottom as he lifted me off my feet, his fingers thrusting inside me, drawing a muffled squeal as I wrapped my thighs around him, my wide-open womanhood pulsing against the stiffness of his lusty erection. “Not now!“ he moaned into my ear. “No time now. I have to send you home!“

“Finish me off“ I gasped, then pushed my tongue into his ear.

“No! Cindy, next time.“

“Next time then. When will that be?“

“For you to say. Ring my mobile and I will come.“

I wrapped my body around him and he carried me back into the bedroom, set me on my feet and somehow we dried off and recovered our crumpled clothes. Thus it was that he delivered me home barefooted in my bedraggled evening gown and my wet, bedraggled hair into the slightly anxious care of Cait‘lin just within my ten o‘clock deadline.

When he had gone she held me at arm‘s length, inspecting me carefully before breaking into that elfin, impish smile of hers. “Cindy, darling! You‘re a different woman! You look ten years younger!“ She tousled my hair and kissed my lips. “You‘ve had the night of your life! I can smell the sex on you. He‘s just wonderful isn‘t he!“

“I‘ve just had a shower!“ I protested.

“Well you still smell. There‘s no way of hiding it. My darling, you‘ve got sex oozing out of every pore in your body!“ She took my arm and led me to look at the full-length wardrobe mirror and the wild-eyed, shock-haired woman gazing back at me. Her lips looked swollen from kissing, she was somehow curvier, her breasts bigger and more pert, her nipples standing out in a statement of their own. She was absolutely radiant.

“I‘ve been to heaven and back!“ I stretched my arms, delighting in the vision of my breasts lifting up to flaunt my wanton loveliness. “Same night next week? Oh, Cait‘lin, say you can sit for me otherwise I will die!“

She giggled conspiratorially. “Next week and every week afterwards.“ She gleefully swung me around in a circle “and any other time in between when you can get away. We‘ll have the time of our lives.“

And yes we did! Oh, how we did! This was only the beginning.

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