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Chapter One: The Party

Chapter Two: Games

Chapter Three: Going Deeper

Chapter Four: Spent

Chapter 1: The Party

Laughter bounced off the vaulted ceiling of the hotel as I strolled through the hallway. As the night breeze played with the hem of my dress, I couldn't help but wonder about the merriment. Every sound heightened as I lingered behind my boyfriend, Brandon. I wondered if he too heard the crowd in the ballroom. He reached out his hand out to me to entwined my fingers into his. As our fingers molded, I smiled at him.

"You sure you want to go through with this? We don't know what kind of party they are throwing."

"Who cares. We have nothing better to do. Besides, what's the worst that can happen? They kick us out? So? Stop being such a worry-wart."

Brandon stole a second glance at me as we walked. The hesitation in his eyes grew the closer we got. The sound of laughter and merriment grew louder as we approached the wooden doors. I paused to stare at the carved sun in the wood. The golden inlaid of the sun shimmered from the tiki torches on the wall.

"Maybe we shouldn't go in."

"Come on," I scolded. The sounds of people having a good time behind the doors fed my wonder. There was no way I would pass up an opportunity like this. I was going to the party, despite what Brandon wanted. I wanted to be a part of whatever lingered behind those doors. When I reached my hand out to open the door, Brandon grabbed my hand to stop me.

"I can't," he confessed looking down to the ground. "What if this party is a funeral or something. We don't want to be disrespectful."

"Five minutes and if you aren't having fun, then we will leave." Brandon shook his head.

"I will be here waiting for you, but I wish you wouldn't go."

"You have to live a little," I said holding on to the door waiting for Brandon to release his grip on my hand.

"You don't know what you are getting yourself into."

"I will take my chances."

"Fine, but I will wait for you. I promise."

I touched Brandon's face cupping my hand under his chin to bring his face to mine.

"Go, I will be fine. Five minutes max and I will come out."

"Just try not to get yourself arrested."

"No promises." I tried to hold in my amusement at the thought of being handcuffed. Little did Brandon know, that was precisely what I hoped for. I pushed through the mighty doors and walked into the party as I held on to the idea.

Music filled the room. No matter which way my eyes drifted, all I saw were faces. Several people laughing and dancing. There was no malice here, only drunkenness. As I moved through the crowd and passed the dancers all eyes were on me. I walked with purpose towards the center of the room.

Sitting on the steps near the stage, I spied a young man laughing and flirting with a red-haired woman. She flinched each time a hand landed on her. From the way she twisted her body away from him, I could see she did not want his advances.

The music ceased as I made my way closer to them. The man stopped and turned away from the redheaded girl the moment he saw me.

"What do we have here?" he said as he rose from the steps. I tilted my head back as I stood straight. The yellow gown flowed down my tiny body like the rays of the sun. Studying the man I waited for him to approach me.

"I thought I knew all the pretty girls in this hotel. Looks like I missed one." The tall man smiled as he took my hand and drew my hand to his lips. A light giggle escaped my lips as I focused my attention on him. By his actions, he was three sheets to the wind. As he lifted his head to gaze at me, I caught a glimpse of his soft brown eyes.

I didn't speak as he waved his hand in the air. Suddenly the music stopped, and all eyes were on us.

"Tell me." His hot breath on my neck sent chills through me as he whispered and pulled me into his arms. "You don't have an invitation do you?"

"Nope." I wasn't about to lie. He held me too close for me to run, so I confessed. His laughter was hearty, and he pulled away from me.

"Looks like we have a newbie to the group," he said allowing his voice to boom. The crowd laughed as the man circled me. I kept my eyes focused on him as he moved around me. The light shining on the disco ball scattered rainbows about the room. I couldn't help but smile as the light danced and played about the place. A cascade of colors shot around the room dazzling me.

"She is remarkable is she not?" the man said. The crowd cheered and clapped as he continued moving around me sizing me up.

"What should we do about this?" the stranger asked the crowd. Murmurs drifted around the group.

"Let her stay!" The woman's voice drifted over the crowd as she shouted the demand.

"Kick her out," another man stated. The stranger before me with soft brown eyes smiled as he contemplated what to do.

"Let her body do the talking," another said. That suggestion perked the stranger before me. A glint of lust flashed in his eyes, and he stepped closer to me. "Do you know what kind of party this is?" His teeth grazed over my ear he spoke.

I shook my head. Suddenly all the bravo I had when I enter drained from me. My eyes darted about the room, and then I realized just what I had gotten myself into.

Several men closest to us stood with full erections in their hands. Women with bare breasts and a single shall drape around their waist stared at us. Brandon was right, this was some kind of sex club. A smile lingered on my lips as I gazed at the dancers. Here I was in the dead center of the room surrounded by the half-dressed bystanders.

"Do you want to stay and see what kind of trouble awaits you?" the stranger whispered, tempting me with his fingers. A burst of sexual intensity flooded my senses. There was no way I was going anywhere without experiencing this first.

"I am right where I want to be," I said with a smile. His lips pulled back exposing his wild smile.

"Well then, I bet you would look a whole lot better without this on."

His hand pulled up to my shoulder and unclasped the pin which held up the right side of my dress. I didn't flinch even with my right breast exposed. It always amused me how entertained men became on shedding women's clothes. When he noticed I didn't react, he raised his other hand dropping the left side of the dress. With no further means to keep the dress over me, the fabric drifted to the ground exposing my nakedness to the crowd. Cheers and awes rolled through the group.

"A woman after my own heart," he said with a grin stretched from ear to ear. "The woman has no shame. Perhaps we should all take note and do as she does."

I couldn't help but turn my head as the stranger undress. He shifted out of his clothes allowing the pieces to fall to his feet. By the way, his cock hung down his leg, he was waiting for the opportunity to play.

"Do you like?" he asked as he caught me staring at his package. There was no denying the fact that he was bigger than Brandon in both girth and length. My pussy throbbed with each beat of my heart. I stood in the center of the room waiting for him to make the first move.

The man walked around me once more. My eyes flitted to him out of curiosity. Sure enough, he was stark naked and proud of his well-endowed semi erected penis.

"You see, we are all creatures of habit. These poor fools do not know what they are missing. The only true freedom one has is the moment when they stand naked as a baby without fear."

"Why would you be afraid of your nakedness? Everyone comes into this world that way. We will all go that way too." I stood wondering where the stranger was going with his statement.

I watched his eyebrows raise, and he approved with a smile. "What is your name?"


"Abby, do you like to play games?"

"What kind of games?"

"I think we will leave that to James. James, what should we do first?"

Chapter Two: Games

A tall, thin man stepped forward. He walked around me inspecting every inch of my flesh as a smile played at the corner of his lips. I couldn't help but notice his chiseled abs and thick arms. If I had seen him in the country, I would have taken him for a mountain man. Although his beard was trimmed, he still appeared unclean. Of course, the hair on his chest didn't help the matter, but I couldn't bring myself to stare at him for too long.

"Seems any game would do seeing as how she is new." James glanced at me as he spoke, before blowing a kiss in my direction. With a bat of his eye, my face turned a darker shade of red.

"That is true," the stranger said as he kept his eyes on me.

"Eric, tell me your impressions of our guest. What game would you have us play?" The stranger shifted his attention back to the group circling us.

A man much taller than the stranger before me stepped forward. His hair was trimmed and kept neat. Although every other part of him was ordinary, his eyes drew me in. They were stunningly blue near the color of the iceberg in the wild months of winter. Staring at him caused my heart to break as thoughts of home flooded my mind.

"Hide the sausage," Eric answered. The stranger grabbed my hands and jumped up and down. I couldn't help but giggle as his cock swung about his thighs.

"We haven't played that game in a while. Come everyone make a circle."

The crowd circled us. My eyes drifted over the faces of the witnesses. Some kept their eyes glued to the ground, while others began stroking their cocks in preparation for the game. By the way, the lust seeped from them causing their cocks to twitch, I didn't have to be told what the game entailed.

"Eric, why don't you start us off?"

Eric walked up to me. I kept my eyes on the rainbows dancing around the room as his hands drifted over my body. Towering over me, he squatted down so that his hands could grab my ass. As he squeezed my butt cheeks, I felt his hot breath on my neck.

"Whatever you do, don't scream. David enjoys the screamers a little too much."

My eyes darted up to his face locking in on his blue eyes as our bodies pressed together.

"Get on with it," David demanded.

Without warning, Eric spun me around. His hands clamped down on my shoulders as the weight of him pressed down on me forcing me to the ground. Once more his hands drifted over my naked flesh leaving no part of me untouched. As his fingers parted the lips between my legs, I moaned when his finger slipped inside of me.

Eric's finger began to jerk and flick about my insides as my juices began to flow. Slipping his finger out of me, he circled the opening of my pussy covering the area with wetness. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed his long fingers. They touched the spots that were too often missed by a man's cock. Allowing myself to relax, I let him do as he pleased.

As soon as he thought I was wet enough, I reached between my legs and held his cock, pressing it against my opening. With one hand wrapped around the meat of his stick, I rocked back towards him inserting his penis into my opening.

"What's this? A woman who knows how to play?" David's voice rose above the laughter resonating from the crowd. He stepped closer watching Eric's body slam into mine. I kept my eyes locked on David teasing him with my gaze as Eric pounded his flesh deeper into me. The excitement on David's face told me everything I needed to know.

I had heard of men like this before, those who like to watch the action take place before joining in. I flashed a wicked smile as Eric's head sloshed in and out. Pulling Eric entirely out of me, I rubbed the head of his cock around the base of my opening and through the valley of my ass. Only when I could smell the sex dripping off me, did I place Eric back into the warmth of my body.

"Oh my god!" Eric moaned rocking his hips into me harder and faster than before. With each push of his body against mine, I shifted forward. Trying to get a grip on the marble floor was tricky. It was almost like playing on ice; only ice would melt.

"What are you waiting for? Get in there!" David said encouraging others to join. James took his place near my head. I let go of Eric's balls and reached for the thick stout cock before me. I opened my mouth encompassing James' fat head and swallowed him. I let Eric set the rhythm as I continued to suck and twist my hand around James.

"Now switch." David's eyes lit up as Eric pulled out of me and walked around allowing James to take his place at my rear.

James was eager to get inside. So much so that when he pushed his cock towards me, he slipped hitting the space between my pussy and ass. Refraining from biting down on Eric's tender cock in my mouth I groaned. Eric's hands clamped around my head as his hips rocked stifling the sound.

The second attempt, James found his mark. I had underestimated the girth of his cock as he pushed his way into me. My body stretched to make room for him as my pussy swallowed his cock. Every inch of him pushed my body to its limits. It wasn't until he found his rhythm did my juices start flowing again.

With each flick of my tongue over the head of Eric's cock, I imagined what I would do to David if he ever joined in. With every inch I took of James I allowed myself to forget about Brandon. Brandon would be wondering about me now, but I didn't care. The pleasure of the moment was too much. My juices flowed through me as the men pushed and tugged and pulled me in every direction.

"Madeline where are you?"

I couldn't see the girl who stepped forward. All I could do was remain sandwiched between Eric and James.

"Get in there and lick up what drips off her. I want to taste her on you."

A petite little girl squeezed under me. Her tongue lapped the juices off James' balls as his hips continued to rock into my body. She kept her legs down as she propped herself up on her elbows brushing her breasts against my stomach.

The warmth of another woman was not something I had anticipated. Her skin was so much softer than a man's. Her light touch was unexpected as she began tracing her fingers over my clit and clenching James' cock to gather more of my wetness to spread around.

Eric continued to pulse within my mouth as he tried not to rock. I didn't mind though; he slipped easily enough down my throat that I could swallow him whole without gagging. At the base of Eric's body, my sweet juices lingered in the soft tender skin between his balls and shaft.

"Madeline, why aren't you playing with yourself? Doesn't this turn you on?"

Feeling Madeline's heartbeat drum faster at the sound of David's voice I realized each of them wanted a turn with me. With a steady hand, Madeline wiggled her hand between her legs. My eyes shifted down to watch. The entanglement of bodies made it difficult for the David to get a clear view. But I knew Madeline was enjoying touching herself by the soft moans she made in my ear.

"Enough," David's command was fierce causing the others to step aside. Eric was the first to step away. James, on the other hand, was enjoying himself too much and couldn't bring himself to stop. He continued to thrust and jerk his hips into me. His cock grew harder filling the tiny space as he pounded away.

"I said enough," David's voice rose as he pulled James out of his euphoria. James stepped back allowing Madeline to wiggle her way out from under me. Once more, I was alone in the circle. Sex dripped off me as David made his way around me inspecting my body.

"You didn't hide your sausage well, James. Her ass isn't red." David's lips curled up at the corners as his eyes narrowed. James stood before me, stroking his cock with his hand keeping it hard and ready.

"I thought you would want that."

"You're right. I do." David moved in closer to me and dropped down to look at me square in the eyes.

"How do you feel?"

I couldn't answer. There were no words to describe the pleasure I was basking in at the moment. All that slipped from my lips was a moan as my juices flowed out of my wet pussy.

"Did my friends do a good job? Because they certainly got me all hot and bothered. What do you say to a little one on one time?"

"I thought you would never ask," I said panting as I tried to breathe.

My eyes darted to Eric, then to James and landed on Madeline. Out of the three of them, she looked the most thrilled. Her eyes stayed on me waiting for the moment of penetration.

James kept his eyes on me as he continued to stroke the length of his erection. With every push of his hand, his cock ached for more. I could see it throbbing in his hand waiting for the chance to be in me again. Eric though stood straight like a tree. His eyes burned with lust as he eagerly awaited his turn. A woman standing next to him with blonde hair dropped to her knees and filled her mouth with his cock.

Eric threw his head back allowing the woman to please him with her tongue and roll the tip of his cock around in her wet mouth. Eric wrapped his hands around her head keeping her locked in place as he pushed his hips to her face, forcing his cock down her throat.

The others scattered about the room kept their eyes on me. People took advantage of each other as they watched David and me. It was their lack of attention that stung me. My eyes flitted to David. A wicked smiled played at the corner of his lips as he touched the head of his cock. He pressed his thumb over the crown of his cock to smear the moisture that dripped from the tip. From the look in his eyes, I knew he was just getting started.

"Tell me, James, do you want another go?"

James' head bobbed as he stared at my breasts dangling down as I remained on my hands and knees. A smile spread across my face as my body yearned for him to penetrate me once more. I lifted myself up and stared at him as I begged with my finger for him to come to me.

David's eyes widened as James took a step towards me.

"I didn't say you could have her again, selfish. It's my turn to play."

"Then come and play," I said twisted my head over to David, staring him down. Shock flickered across his face as I winked at him, eager for more.

"Are we going to talk or fuck because my body could use something hard throbbing inside of it." Allowing my fingers to drift down my body, I pushed the lips of my pussy open and slipped my fingers inside of me.

"Oh, this one likes to play! Well then, we should play."

Chapter 3: Going Deeper

David took two giant steps covering the distance between us. I bent down, sticking my ass in the air waiting for him. The pressure of his cock penetrating me sent chills coursing throughout my body. Every fiber of my being felt as if lightning had struck me as his balls slapped against my ass.

The crack of his hand on my left butt cheek stung as he buried his cock deeper into me. With each thrust, I groaned. He clamped his hand on my shoulder like talons of a falcon sinking into its prey. There was nowhere I could go, no place I could crawl to, I was at his command, and my body craved every moment.

As David rocked me, a crack would break the silence of the room. I didn't squeal or cry out as each slap grew harder and more intense. He rode me like a stallion at full throttle. David's cock and balls slammed harder and with more gusto than either James or Eric.

"Beg for me to stop," he panted trying to keep the pace.

"More!" I cried out as my juices dripped from my wet pussy over the length of him. His fingers dug into my flesh at the collarbone. I knew the moment he drew blood, but still, I did not beg for him to stop. A part of me wanted this. I wanted him to fuck me hard and take away everything else in my life. In this moment of unadulterated passion, I was free.

As I felt his pace slowing, I scooted away from him causing him to slip his hook out of me. Stealing the moment, I shifted around and pushed him back to the ground. Bewilderment tore through his face as I climbed on top of him.

"Eric, James," I turned my head to look at them. Both of their heads perked as they heard their names called. "Come here and finish what you started."

Without hesitation, James was at my side.

"Get on your knees. When I tell you, I want you in me.

"But David?" James' eyes shifted to David who was just as wild and eager to keep going as I was.

"You want to stretch my tight pussy, don't you?"

"Do as she says," David pleaded as I wrapped my fingers around David's cock. Using just the head of David's cock, I played with myself. I dipped David's little head in just deep enough to cover it in my juices before popping it out. He groaned in pleasure as I rubbed it around the valley of my legs. When I was sure I had covered every inch of his cock with my juices, I pushed the head of David's dick inside me. He panted as my body swallowed the length of him. His moans grew louder the further I buried his cock in my body. As I rose, I glanced over at James.


Reaching behind me, I grabbed the length of James erection and placed his cock next to David's. Using my fingers to guide James' cock, I pushed down taking both men at once. As they entered me together, I felt my body stretching to accommodate them. For the first time since the game started, I closed my eyes.

David's movement was so fast I could almost compare it to that of a rabbit drumming its leg on a log. James, however, moved slow trying to keep his cock buried in me as much as possible. The two cocks battle for dominance within my body. Once I adjusted to them, I opened my eyes and looked for Eric.

He stood beside me watching the men ravage me. His hand pushed and pulled at the skin around his penis as he rubbed. I could see the head of Eric's cock burning a bright red as the lust consumed him. Without saying a word, I opened my mouth. Eric took the hint and placed his cock into my mouth.

I rolled my tongue around the head getting him as wet as possible before I let him push it down my throat. James and David continued to rock me sharing the fluids that seeped out of me and on to them.

After all the waiting and teasing James couldn't hold back any longer. His cock popped out of me. My body immediately adjusted to only David's penis as James' sperm shot out like a cannon all over my backside. His moans echoed throughout the room. David's hand flew back and came down hard on my ass cheek. The sting of his hand rocked my body causing me to clamped down around Eric's penis which was lodged in my throat.

"Oh fuck yes! I love your tight little pussy!" James howled as he continued to release his sperm all over me.

"Don't stop," David said as he lunged further into me. The sight of Eric's cum pumping out of him and drenching me excited him more than I anticipated.

Within the dark recesses of my body, David's cock swelled and throbbed. The solid rod nailed me harder as it pushed the limits of my body. I adjusted my speed to help him, but I knew he was on the verge and would be coming soon.

I pulled Eric's cock out of my mouth expecting David to blow. And when I twisted my head back to glance at David over my shoulder, David's face turned a bright red as he threw his head back. With David's fingers clinging to my hips, his cum shot into the back of my womb. The explosion was so fierce that I let out a moan.

"Fuck yeah, she's cumming," Eric laughed he grabbed my head. Eric pushed his cock into my open mouth and pumped his dick until it was lodged in my throat. Being filled by so many men thrilled me. My juices flowed out of my body drenching the floor beneath me.

I pulled back from Eric as David slipped his cock out of my body. As every muscle in my body relaxed, I dropped to the floor.

"Are you finished?" Eric asked looking down at me. "Or do you want more?"

With my pussy aching and my muscles twitching I didn't know what to say. There was a part of me that yearned for more, but it was clear I needed time. Eric didn't give me that time. The moment David stepped away, he was right there. Eric's hands were on me twisting my body around to lay me flat on my back. I looked up at Eric as he pushed his body between my legs.

Eric's cock pushed inside me spreading me open once more. I arched my back as I received him. Eric smiled as he leaned down with his mouth open. The way he rolled his tongue over my nipples sent chills through me. My body tensed as I struggled to swim out of the current of lust that he had me in.

Chapter Four: Spent

Every thrust of his hips drove me back down again. I gasped for air as I tried to focus on the others around watching us. For a brief moment, I wondered how many of them would have me tonight.

"Tell me you like my cock," Eric huffed as his cock swelled inside me. I wrapped my legs around his body keeping him anchored to me. He smiled as he grabbed my hands and held them over my head.

"You are so fucking wet," Eric said pumping his hips into mine. Eric's balls slapped my ass as he moved.

"I want to drain your balls tonight. I want you to cum inside me." I shouted. The crowd cheered as Eric's face turned a deep red.

"That's it," I encouraged. "Fill me up. Fuck that pussy till you squirt your hot cum inside me."

"You're going to make me," Eric gasped unable to finish his sentence as his body tensed into a tight rod.

"Yes, keep going," I said slipping my hands out of his grip and curled my body around him.

Sweat dripped from his chest on to mine as I held him close. As soon as he released all his cum, he dropped. The weight was nearly too much causing me to gasp for air.

"Alright Eric," James said tapping him on the shoulder. Eric didn't move. He remained lodged in me as I continued to squirm under his weight.

David was at my side in an instant to pull Eric off me. The three men stared at me as I laid on the floor to exhausted to move.

"We have a new member to the club," David said with a smile as he extended his hand down to help me up.

As I rose to my feet, my legs wobbled under me. Every inch of my being was tingling as James helped dress me.

"Think we might see you again next week?"

"You do this every week?"

"Actually," David interjected. "We do this several times a week."

"When the next meeting?"

David, Eric, and James laughed as they stared at me with smiles stretching across their faces.

"Tomorrow night. But you don't have to come if you don't want to."

"Mind if I bring a friend?"

"Is this a boyfriend?" Eric asked as Madeline brought us over a cold drink.

"Yeah, I wanted him to crash the party with me, but he is outside waiting for me."

The four of them looked at each other and shrugged. "As long as there is no jealousy, then he can play."

"I wouldn't mind a new cock," Madeline said as she leaned in and kissed David. "These three have new pussies every other week, but for us girls, a new cock is always welcomed."

"I will see if I can't talk him into coming next time."

The four of them smiled as I tried to fix myself up and straighten my dress. The last thing I wanted was for people to look at me strangely when I walked out the doors.

"Thank you," I said as I headed to the exit. David waved as Eric blew me a kiss. James kept his eyes on me. There was a longing in them that I hadn't seen in some time. James gave a small smile as I pushed through the wooden doors.

"Well?" Brandon shot up out of his seat as I walked down the hallway. "Are you okay? You were in there for like an hour."

"Brandon," I wanted to tell him everything, but there was something about tonight that was just for me. I smiled as I took his hand and pulled him to my lips.

"I love you."

"What kind of party was it?"

"Well," I tried to find the words, to sum up, the experience, but my mind was still jumbled as I swam in the ecstasy. "One that you should try sometime."

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