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Scott Loder liked to get his head down and work. Since his split from long-term girlfriend Beth and coming out of his subsequent debt and depression around three years ago, he had done virtually nothing but work hard. Over the last year he was finally reaping the rewards for his efforts, although had given no thought to resting on his laurels. He had gotten so used to the feeling of constantly being overdrawn and under pressure to find money for bills, that he was now enjoying this relatively new feeling too much to risk going back in the red. And the way he saw it, hard work was the only sure-fire way to keep the bailiffs off your back. And so, Scott – no stranger to thirteen-hour days and with a charitable and obliging personality – was not only popular in his community, but now completely debt-free.

Despite being only twenty-seven, he had managed to break away from the larger company with whom he’d began his working career and was now going it alone. It had been extremely hard for the first year or so, but now, as he embarked on his third year of running his own business, he was really starting to enjoy it. Despite the often long, arduous hours, the thought that all he was doing he was doing for himself, was enough to keep him working hard and giving his very best.

It was his very generous and giving personality that led him to the story I am about to tell. It was a Thursday lunchtime in early October, and although he expected his next couple of weeks to be very busy, he couldn’t make a start on any of that work until the following Monday. “Oh well, I’ll take it easy for a couple of days then,” he thought to himself, mentally giving himself a rare break. But as he was eating his lunch that day, the phone rang.

The man on the end of the line had a strong Geordie accent. He sounded like a nice and reasonable man, but also more than a little rattled, maybe even desperate. The crux of the matter was: he had been down in the South-East of England (near where Scott lived) during the previous two days, working on a large job. But now he was back in Newcastle and had inexplicably forgotten to complete a portion of the work, “perhaps an hour or two’s worth” he told Scott. He had never met or even spoken to Scott before, but as he was in the same line of work and was much nearer to the site than he, would he do him a huge favour and visit the site to complete the work? The work was to apply livery to several inner doors of a huge horsebox, none of the doors bigger than two feet square, and approximately six to eight of these doors to complete, he told him.

Scott, helpful and obliging though he liked to be, had always made it his rule that he didn’t apply – or merely “finish off” – other company’s work. Firstly, it didn’t feel in any way rewarding to him, as he hadn’t produced the livery to be applied, nor had he had any previous contact with the customer. Also, whenever he did try to attempt anything like this – based on another person’s verbal description of a job – he invariably found snags and complications along the way that weren’t mentioned. Since the last time (around a year ago) he had said a polite “no” several times to similar proposed works. That’s not to say he didn’t help out at all: he usually helped colleagues out if they were also on the site, and he was happy to lend out materials or give out free advice. But here was a job he was going to have to complete on his own.

He ought to have stuck to his rule. He was certainly under no obligation to complete the work for this other, bigger company that he had no connection with. If the boot was on the other foot, would they have helped him out? In his experience, probably not. Not many businesses, it seemed, could really be bothered to trouble themselves with others’ work.

But the call seemed to catch him at a weak moment, and as this other company promised to “pay straight away” and because he had nothing pressing to do the following day, he reluctantly agreed to complete the work, described to him by his new friend, Greg from Newcastle.

The next morning he loaded his equipment into his van and headed to the location. The first thing to go wrong was that Greg had told him it was around ten miles away, but it was nineteen. And not only that, it was extremely difficult to find, so he ended up going around in circles twice before finally spotting the narrow lane that had been described to him. Then, when he was less than a mile away, his phone went off. He swiftly pulled over and answered.

‘Is that Scott?’ came a lady’s voice. Scott confirmed that it was.

‘Where are you? You’re late! I need to be gone by ten!’

Scott had told Greg yesterday that he would “aim to get to the location for ten o’clock,” and Greg had confirmed that that was fine. He had made no mention of the customer’s urgent need to leave exactly at that time. He looked at his watch and it was literally a minute past!

‘Oh, I’m sorry,’ replied Scott, even though he felt no need to apologise. ‘But I’m very close. I’ll just be a few minutes.’

The lady huffed loudly on the other end. ‘Well hurry up,’ she said irritably, hanging up before Scott could respond. Scott, quite hard to wind up at the best of times, was suddenly red in the face and annoyed: firstly, at Greg for not informing him about this, and secondly at this unknown woman for having a go at him for being just over a minute late! For a few moments he seriously thought to himself: “you know what? I don’t need this” and considered turning around and driving back. That would teach them! But, proud professional that he was, he got himself into gear quickly and reached what was a large, country house within three minutes of the call.

The lady was already waiting outside. She gesticulated to him to drive his van up her driveway to the right, then he had to turn sharply left to go around a huge, luxury horsebox – like a large coach in shape – and then drive twenty yards down a dirt track to park up.

‘Come on, come on,’ she urged, before Scott had even poked his head out of his van door. ‘I need to be gone at ten and I’m already late!’

Scott quickly put on his toolbelt and followed the lady around another Luxury Horsebox parked alongside a huge house. There was a full-size show jumping ring to the other side of where he was parked, amid a few acres of green land. A magnificent property. She quickly pointed out to him the tasks to be completed in hurried, agitated tones, and Scott resented the fact that he was being made to scamper after her and feel like her inferior. Her name was Marianne and she was probably around forty years old. She had long strawberry blonde hair, tied up in a pony tail, a strict-looking, but not unattractive face and a nice figure. As Scott followed behind and was hurriedly shown the doors to be done, a part of him was getting even more annoyed, as clearly there were things – as he had predicted – that had not been explained to him yesterday. There were fiddly bits to take off most of the doors before he could apply the livery, then he would have to fit these back on afterwards. Luckily, he always kept screwdrivers and spanners in his van, but no mention of this had been made to him by Greg. On top of this, there were ten doors in total (not 6-8) and two of the doors were upside down when opened, so that he would basically need to lie down in the dirt and apply the livery looking directly upwards. Aside from this, however, he was trying hard not to gawp at Marianne’s figure as she leaned and walked. She was wearing tight white jodhpurs and a white polar neck sweater. Her slightly plump, well-rounded ass looked extremely pleasing to Scott, although he only had a few short glimpses as she hurried around the vehicle and he tried to take in her instructions.

After she hurriedly left him to manoeuvre two magnificent-looking horses into the other horsebox, with a moustachioed handler, Scott spent a few moments contemplating what he should do. He had his phone in his hand and he almost started keying in Greg’s phone number to inform him that he wasn’t going to do this job, that there were too many things he wasn’t prepared to tackle. But then he thought of the money he would miss out on if he went home, and his responsibilities to the needs of this (albeit rather bitchy) customer; and so he decided to plough straight into the work as best he could.

Right from the start it was a nightmare. Greg had estimated the work to take an hour and a half, but after an hour Scott had only completed two doors and was already sweating and irritated. Normally Scott could work quickly when he got going, but the job was so fiddly that he couldn’t get into his usual rhythm.

When he got to the upside-down doors it got even more frustrating. He literally had to lay on his back on soft mud and lay the decals (just plain, glittery silver) onto the doors, before taping them down, but the extra gravity caused his sticky tape to come off, and so he had to try and work quickly and apply multiple layers of tape for the livery to hold firm. The whole experience was as if designed specifically to get Scott as hot and bothered as possible. A hurried lunch came and went, and things didn’t get any better in the afternoon. Having originally hoped to be finished by midday, it was almost three o’clock before he finally had the end in sight. He stood back and mopped his brow, very frustrated and in a bad mood, but at least it was almost done now, and he only had the clean-up operation to go. He cheered himself up by thinking about the invoice he could now send off, albeit one that ought to have been much higher.

Just as he was halfway through cleaning up and double-checking his work, he heard the sound of a vehicle on the long gravel driveway. As he gazed across to where the noise was coming from, he knew it sounded like the massive horse carrier. He cursed his luck that he hadn’t managed to get away sooner. He just knew it would be Marianne, and from his impressions of her during the brief meeting earlier in the day, he was sure she would now inspect every inch of the work and probably find some fault with it. At least if he had managed to get away and she’d then found a problem, Scott could’ve just refused to come back.

He continued to clean-up as he saw Marianne’s horsebox come closer and pull up. She looked mildly surprised for a moment – presumably not expecting Scott to still be there – before joining the handler at the rear of the vehicle. Scott continued to work, not hurrying so much now as he knew he would have to at least make contact with Marianne before he left. He became reasonably happy suddenly, almost laughing to himself about what a nightmare job this had been. It determined him once again to definitely not touch other people’s work without concrete assurances that it was exactly as described.

It was when he was loading his equipment back into his van, that Marianne walked past with a beautiful-looking chestnut horse. Scott looked at her briefly, resisting the urge to eye up her body again, but was pleasantly surprised as Marianne looked back to him with an almost friendly smile. A few moments later, after she had seen the horse back into the stables and chatted briefly with her handler – and just as Scott was thinking of saying goodbye and leaving – Marianne called across: ‘Are you okay to hang on a minute? I just want to get cleaned up and then have a look at the work.’

‘Okay,’ replied Scott pleasantly, but inside cursing her again. He just wanted to leave!

Scott sat in the front of his van checking his phone messages, but really only waiting in frustration for Marianne to come out. She didn’t take as long as he thought, much to Scott’s relief, and as he saw her come out of the house and walk towards the huge vehicle, he sprang up, eager to show enthusiasm for his work so that she might “side” with him.

She didn’t acknowledge Scott’s attendance at all as she wandered around the horsebox, gently touching the decals with her hands and swinging each door open, seeming to examine every portion of work for a few seconds before moving on to the next. Scott waited with baited breath for her to say something, but on the other hand he was enjoying once more looking at her fine, chunky ass and legs in her slightly mud-splattered jodhpurs and black riding boots. Suddenly she swung around to him.

‘I’m sorry it took you longer than expected, but you’ve done a fantastic job I must say,’ she said, smiling and brushing her hair back on the right side with her hand, Scott noticing for the first time that her hair was down, unlike earlier.

‘Thanks,’ he blushed. ‘And don’t worry about the time thing – I like to get it right, and I had a free day anyway.’

‘Is that so?’ she immediately cut him off, taking a step towards him. ‘And what about now?’

‘Now? What do you mean?’

‘Well,’ Marianne edged even closer to Scott, placing her hand just above his stomach. ‘Are you free now? Or do you have to go?’

‘How do you mean? I-’

‘Let me tell you Scott. I have had a hard day’s riding and I feel…I feel’ (and here she began to whisper, aware of her handler, not in clear sight but only about twenty yards away) ‘really fucking horny right now.’

Scott was speechless, completely taken aback as Marianne continued to move in on him, her body touching his now as her hand moved down lower and brushed against his crotch. To Scott’s amazement he had the beginnings of an excited growth down there and hadn’t realised it.

‘Ooooh,’ breathed Marianne, her mouth a mere few inches from Scott’s ear. ‘I think I’m gonna like it. Come on!’ She suddenly turned and strode towards the house, and Scott walked briskly behind her, almost in a trance, but then taking in her curvaceous body again as they reached the door. She turned briskly around, and as Scott entered the house, Marianne quickly returned to the door, swung it open and called to her handler: ‘Jacimo! I must not be disturbed, is that understood?’

‘Yes, of course,’ called back the handler in a thick Mediterranean accent, immediately returning to his grooming of the beautiful chestnut horse. Marianne came back in and clapped her hands together, looking enthusiastically into Scott’s eyes.

‘Right, where were we?’ she said, her surliness from earlier completely dissipated.

Scott followed behind his host – still somewhat trancelike but battling to pull himself together – into a large, sprawling country home, up a staircase and through into the master bedroom. Marianne walked halfway towards the king-size bed, turned side on to Scott and pulled her sweater and under garment over her head to reveal a pink, lacy bra. She threw the clothes onto a nearby chair and turned quickly to Scott, who couldn’t help but ogle for a couple of seconds at Marianne’s beautiful cleavage: her breasts heaving away inside the tight bra. ‘So, what have you got?’ she asked, as if challenging him.

Scott breathed in and out slowly, taking his time. He instantly decided to get a grip on the situation and not be pushed around anymore: after all, this bitchy woman had been very rude to him earlier. He slowly took off his toolbelt and jumper, staring into Marianne’s eyes the whole time. His face was stern, but he wanted her: oh, how he wanted her! He realised now, fully, what a really good-looking woman she was; and that cleavage and the view of her smooth, naked flesh had his heart pumping hard. But he continued to play it cool, determined to even the balance.

‘No, what have you got?’ he demanded, stepping towards her, the pair staring into each other’s eyes, daring the other to blink first. ‘You brought me up here.’

‘That’s right, I did.’

She undid the belt on her jodhpurs and squeezed them down past her hips, wriggling out of them sexily, then looked up again into her younger guest’s eyes. Scott’s eyes nearly popped out of his head as she turned briefly away from Scott to put her jodhpurs down, and he got a tantalising view of her squidgy-looking round ass in a sexy pink G-string. She turned back and stepped towards him, then as she reached him, she fumbled with his belt without taking her attention from his eyes. As soon as she had the belt completely loose, she got onto her knees and pulled his trousers and undershorts down as his cock sprang up obediently to a right angle.

‘I was very rude to you earlier,’ she whispered, ‘and I want to make it up to you.’ She slowly and softly ran her fingers along the underside of Scott’s balls as she spoke, making them tingle delightfully. Then she had his erect shaft in her hand and gently stroked it, Scott throwing his head back in pleasure, his hands behind his head. ‘Will you accept this as an apology,’ she asked, and immediately after the last word her lips were pursed around the plump head of his cock as she sucked it up and down, licking the head all over with her busy, nimble tongue and wriggling her dextrous, skilful fingers all around his ballsack.

As she sucked and sucked she became completely engulfed in the task of pleasuring Scott’s cock as if nothing else existed, then she was right underneath his penis, her mouth wide open and as Scott opened his eyes and looked down, Marianne smiled at him with a glint in her eye for the briefest of moments, before she closed her eyes with full concentration as her tongue ran all the way along the shaft, back all the way to the balls, all the way along again, and then her tongue was lapping at the end of his cock, making it spring attentively up and down as if nodding in approval, and then her lips were right around that huge tool again, and she gorged on the full length of his meat, salivating over it before enjoying the round, bulbous end once more.

Eventually she stood up and took his hand, glaring at him in a determined fashion. ‘Put it inside me,’ she demanded. Scott smirked cheekily, then as Marianne clambered onto the bed, he leaned in and grabbed hold of her G-string’s waist band, dragging it off, staring into her beautiful asshole, and as she threw off her bra too, her large breasts and round nipples springing free, Scott could contain himself no longer. He knelt on the bed and pulled Marianne towards him, her back was to him and he placed his hand on her back to push her body down, taking in the incredible view of her round, plump ass and the delicious tight wrinkles of her asshole. As she groaned in pleasure he stooped down and got his mouth and nose right into her ass and licked it hungrily as it contracted to the movements of his tongue and he dug it in there and lapped at it fanatically, then when it was very moist he kissed it and kissed it from all possible angles, wanting to worship her ass all day long if she’d only let him, as he gripped her plump ass cheeks and squeezed them and then after he had eaten her asshole for a time he was slapping her ass, rapping her buttocks with his hands and she roared with delight, and then she was fingering her pussy busily before reaching under herself to Scott’s raging cock again, pulling him in.

‘I WANT YOU!!’ she roared, urging him to put his cock inside her. He edged up to her gorgeous round ass, slapped his cock down a few times on the top of her buttocks to tease her, and then she roared again as he eased his throbbing cock into her wet cunt, prodding easily at first and then when she gave herself up entirely to him, he started to really go at it, ploughing hard, pushing it in deep, thrusting, hard rhythmic slams, then he became quicker, really smashing her buttocks as they quivered and jiggled as she yelled out ‘GIVE ME MORE GIVE ME MORE OH YES!!!!!’ and he continued to ram it home over and over, feeling the sweat, feeling hers, feeling her cum all over his throbbing cock and he pushed and pushed and then he slowed again and she exhaled heavily ‘OH YEAAAAH!!’ and then when he finally took it out of her he only got the chance to break for a few seconds as she clambered up onto her knees and pushed him down onto his back. Then she turned around, her ass facing Scott, carefully put both feet down on the bed either side of her younger guest, squatting downwards, the gorgeous view of Marianne’s ass making Scott’s dick ache, it throbbed so much, then she reached down, grabbed his dick by the shaft and eased herself slowly down onto it, and she groaned in extreme pleasure as she bounced up and down on that cock, slowly and easily at first, Scott gripping her buttocks, squidging them and slapping them and then she got lower and lower onto his dick, right down to his balls and she came and came all over that massive young prick as her strong rider’s legs projected her body up and down up and down and Scott was now doing nothing virtually, just watching in ecstasy the sight of Marianne’s sexy milf ass bouncing up and down on him and feeling the exquisite moistness of her tight cunt, feeling her cum, watching it on his huge cock, wondering when he might explode but holding it in somehow as he slapped her ass again and again and groaned in pleasure.


‘Woh, that was amazing,’ she gasped, lying naked on her side, facing him, lightly fingering his stomach.

‘Yeah,’ he managed, grinning.

‘But you didn’t cum yet,’ she smiled tightly, raising her eyebrows suggestively. ‘We’ve got to put that right!’

She leaned into her guest, her breasts pressed against his side and chest as she slowly kissed him on the lips, at the same time stroking his cock delicately up and down, fluttering her fingers over the shaft, gently teasing the tip with her index finger, massaging the skin of his dick so precisely and expertly that from a semi-erect state, it soon expanded again, reacting to Marianne’s exquisite womanly touch until it was throbbing hard and she groaned suggestively.

‘You like that, hey?’


‘Well, let’s see how you like this.’

She edged around the bed until she was side on to him, she looked back and raised her eyebrows again and smiled. She lent down and gave one long, extremely erotic lick to the full length of his cock, leaving her saliva on its underside, then she looked back to Scott.

‘Am I forgiven yet?’

She smiled and went back to her work, licking his cock over and over, then kissing it, first all the way down the side, then around and back up and then she was licking and giving gentle, fluttery kisses to his bulging helmet, kissing then licking long and erotically, running her pursed lips all the way up again as Scott felt all around her ass, squeezing her buttocks, rubbing her thighs with his left hand, then reaching down and kneading Marianne’s breasts with his right, flicking her nipples, as she groaned while her mouth was full of his cock, and then as she felt his cock expand even further she masturbated him with her hand and knelt up and then she eased down and began to kiss his body, his stomach his chest and then as she moved back towards his cock again he finally burst a high arc of cum up into the air and back onto himself and onto Marianne’s face and hair as she squealed with delight and squeezed every last drop of cum from his cock, then hungrily licked the surplus from his body.

‘Oh yeah, you really got into that,’ she oozed sexily.

‘Yeah,’ he managed, gasping for air. ‘That was incredible.’

Five minutes later, having cleaned up and heading downstairs towards the front door, Marianne stopped by her mantelpiece. She took a purse from the top drawer.

‘I’ll ring up Greg shortly and authorise the payment,’ she said. ‘But here’s a little bonus.’ She put four twenty-pound notes into Scott’s hand.

‘Oh, you don’t have to do that, I’m-’

‘Ssssssshhhh, you did a super job and you thoroughly deserve it. I really appreciate you coming out.’

Scott found it amazing that she was so suddenly talking as if nothing had happened, as if they had been sitting having coffee for the last half hour. But then as they got to the door, and Scott turned to say goodbye – his cock still aching from the amazing workover it had just had – Marianne smiled cheekily once more and stroked his arm.

‘In fact, as a bonus, I wonder if you might like to have a look at something else I need doing,’ she paused, eyeing him as suggestively as she had done a few minutes before. ‘Maybe…next week?’

‘Yes,’ Scott managed, struggling to control his excitement and pounding heart. ‘I’m sure I could manage that.’


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