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All characters in this book are 18 years of age or older.


“Charlotte, I can do things to you that will make this seem like child’s play,” I said.

When our usual babysitter bailed on us at the last moment, it seemed my husband and I wouldn't be able to go on our date night. It was really too bad, because I was super horny. However, my neighbor knew the perfect girl. Little did I know how perfect she would be...

When little Charlotte arrived, I caught my husband doing a once-over of her. I couldn't blame him- with her perky tits and cute face, I found myself checking her out as well. Over dinner, my husband reminded me of some wild times we had in college. When we got home, the naïve Charlotte told me how her boyfriend broke up with her. I decided to show her exactly what she had to look forward to from boys at college, and also some of the girls...

But once we got started, once we began to explore each other's bodies, and once my husband started to take her hard and unprotected, I never asked her if she was on birth control...

This 11k word story features a married couple exploring a nubile young woman and teaching her the ways of the world. It features cunnilingus between two women, lactation, a virgin's first time, and a fantastically impregnating creampie!


She smiled, and returned her attention to Kevin. Her body relaxed as he slowly pumped into her. She wrapped her legs around him, giving a signal that she was ready for more, and he picked up his pace.

I lay beside them, playing with Charlotte’s hair, stroking her skin, while my husband fucked her. As he thrust harder, her small tits bounced, and I loved watching him watch those delicious little tits jiggle.

I heard Kevin grunt as he strained to hold himself back. At the last moment, he pulled out, shaking and barely hanging on. When the urge to come had passed, he collapsed on the other side of Charlotte. “You are stunning,” he panted, touching her face.

She looked confused. “You didn’t come.”

“I’m not done.” He grinned. “But first…” he looked at me, “my lovely wife has waited long enough. It’s time she got some attention. From both of us...”


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We Put the Baby in Sitter

I applied a touch of shimmery pink gloss over the berry-colored lipstick and pressed my lips together, admiring the results. It was the first chance I’d had to really dress up since before I’d had Jill, six months ago. I’d even bought a new dress for the occasion—a sleek black little number that accentuated my curves.

“Niiiiice,” said a voice from outside the bathroom.

Kevin was grinning as he sat down on the edge of the bed, while he gave me the once-over, nodding with appreciation.

I set down the gloss and walked over to him. “Think so?”

“Mm-hmmm.” He wrapped his arms around my ass and looked up at me. “I almost wish we could skip dinner.”

“No dice, pal. You promised me a romantic walk in the park and a fancy dinner. But…” I trailed my finger down his chest “…if you play your cards right, I might let you get a little frisky during that walk.”

“Alright!” He grinned like a boy and did a fist pump.

I laughed, then giggled when he nestled his face into my cleavage.

My phone chimed on the nightstand, and I groaned. “That better not be Harmony telling me that she’ll be late. She should be here already.”

“I’ll go check on Jill while you read our babysitter the riot act,” Kevin said, getting up with a sigh.

Two minutes later, Kevin had returned, and I was fuming.

“She canceled.” I informed him as I scrolled through the contact list on my phone. “I can’t believe it! I told her how important this was to me. If I don’t get out in public and have some real adult conversation soon, I’m going to turn into a blithering idiot.”

“Oh, man!” He sighed, throwing himself onto the bed with a sigh. “I was looking forward to showing you off tonight. You look so hot.”

“Wait!” I gasped, having a revelation. “Nicola has a great sitter! I’ve met her. She’s nice, and she’d have to be wonderful, or picky Nicola wouldn’t have her.”

“I thought women didn’t like sharing their sitters.”

“I’ll promise only to call her as a last-minute back up. Besides, Nicola owes me.”

Kevin rubbed a hand on my back, all the way down to my ass, while I called Nicola and begged for her sitter’s phone number. Nicola relented, and I contacted the girl, who fortunately had a last-minute change in her Saturday night plans.

I beamed at Kevin as I got off the phone. “Victory! Looks like we are still on for our date.”

“Our extremely hot date,” he murmured, pulling me down on top of him.


Fifteen minutes later, after reapplying my lip gloss, I answered the door and welcomed Charlotte in. She was eighteen years old, a petite brunette who was heading to college in six weeks. I caught the head-to-toe scan that Kevin managed to get in a millisecond. He still wasn’t fast enough to evade my notice.

But who could blame him? Charlotte was cute. More than cute. Her short black skirt accentuated the round curve of her ass, and revealed plenty of leg. Her turquoise toenails were displayed in strappy sandals, and her dark hair was silky and hung in loose waves halfway down her back. But it was her perky breasts that earned a second look from Kevin. Just enough cleavage revealed through the V-neckline of the sparkly pink sleeveless shirt to entice a man, without veering into “Slutsville”.

She was my kind of girl. I already liked her.

“Wow, you look nice,” I said. “Come on in.”

“Thanks, Mrs. McKenna.” She flashed us both a sweet smile.

“Call me Marissa. And this is Kevin.” I put a hand on his chest.

“Hi, Charlotte.” Kevin smiled and shook her hand. “Thank you for coming on such short notice.”

“No problem. I had plans tonight, but my boyfriend texted to cancel, like, right before you called.” She frowned down at the phone in her hand, a pout forming on her full, pink lips. “I’m still not sure why. I wish he’d answer my texts.”

“Well, we’ll be home before midnight, so maybe you’ll still be able to meet up with him later.”

“I hope so.” She checked her phone again, then sighed, slipping it into her purse. “Sorry, I’m focused now. Oh, I like your dress! You look amazing.”

I wasn’t sure if it was a genuine compliment at first, but she did seem to be admiring it. “Thank you! I had to buy a new one. None of my nice dresses fit anymore. I used to have perky breasts like yours, but since the baby… well, let’s just say they’re more voluptuous now. I’m afraid the ‘perk’ might be gone for good.”

“One big benefit that pregnancy left behind,” Kevin said, his arm circling my waist as he gave my cleavage a longing look.

“Stop!” I giggled, slapping his chest. “You’re embarrassing Charlotte.”

The babysitter had an adorable blush blooming over her cheeks.

“Oops, sorry about that, Charlotte.”

“It’s cool,” she said, blushing harder, and flicking a shy glance in Kevin’s direction.

She seemed like the naïve and innocent type. I remember those days…before college corrupted me, I thought, amused.

Awkward silence ensued.

“Well, it’s getting late,” Kevin hinted, looking at his watch.

“Right!” I cleared my throat. “Let me show Charlotte around, and introduce her to Jill, and then we can go.”

Fifteen minutes later, after showing Charlotte the emergency information, the bottles and diapers, and saying goodbye to Jill, Kevin and I were finally ready for our big night out on the town. Who knew six months ago that I’d be so excited for a simple dinner date? But if I had my way, the night would culminate in the best sex we’d had in over a year. My pussy was aching for it, and seeing the burning glances Kevin cast my way, I knew he was aching for it, too.

Pushing thoughts of sex out of my mind, at least for a few minutes, I picked up my purse and slipped my cell phone inside. “Jill should go down in about an hour. After that, your job should be really easy.”

“She’s sweet, so I’m sure it will be,” Charlotte said. I was surprised when I caught her looking again at my dress, and my cleavage in particular. I was in my element that night, and feeling very attractive and turned on, so I couldn’t help noticing how Charlotte's short skirt clung to her own body. In fact, it was hard not to stare. I think even Kevin noticed. I caught him raising an eyebrow at me, and I blushed.

Hey, it’s not like it’s easy to miss a taut young body like that! I told myself.

“We’ll be back in a few hours,” I called over my shoulder as we headed through the kitchen to the garage door.

“I’ll be here,” quipped Charlotte with a cute smile as she sat on the floor with Jill.

“I like her,” I told Kevin as we settled into the car and waited for the garage door to roll up. “It’s too bad she’s leaving for college in the fall.”

“You promised Nicola you’d keep your hands off her sitter,” he reminded me.

Not hands off her, exactly, I thought, with a naughty smile. Just that I wouldn’t hire her away from Nicola.


The food at La Bella’s was excellent, and we splurged on a second bottle of wine. Which, since Kevin was driving, ended up mostly filling my own glass.

After six months of nursing, I really wanted to enjoy some wine for once, so I would pump-and-dump later on, and just use some of my saved up frozen breast milk to feed Jill a bottle, for the night.

“This tiramisu is divine,” I said. “Mm, I don’t think it gets any better than this.”

“It would if I was licking it off your breasts,” Kevin said with a wink.

“Stop,” I giggled, and nudged him under the table with my foot, embarrassed, but still loving every minute of it.

Kevin had flirted the entire dinner, and it was heavenly. We hadn’t been so relaxed with each other in a long time. It felt good to recapture the free and easy feeling of being alone together.

“Another glass?” Kevin raised the bottle.

“Sure, why not?” I held my glass out. “I’m glad I had a full dinner. If I drank this much on an empty stomach, you’d be carrying me to the car.”

“Well, drink up. It’s your one night to feel like a real adult,” he teased.

“I know! I almost forgot how wine tasted.”

He reached across the table and squeezed my hand. “You deserve it.” Then he gave me a sly grin. “And so do I. You turn into a slut when you’re tipsy.”

“Hey, now!” I gave him the evil eye, then laughed as I took another sip.

“Don’t bother denying it. Remember that frat party our senior year? You had to borrow my sweatshirt, and make the walk of shame to your car at six a.m. wearing my fraternity’s letters, because you lost your top somewhere in the house.”

“Hey, I only made out with those other guys.” I pointed my fork at him before I scooped up another bite of dessert.

Three other guys, as I remember.”

“You didn’t seem to mind.”

“Hell, no! It was hot. And I knew you’d be spending the night in my room, not theirs.”

“I never did find that shirt.” I lifted my glass for another sip.

“Oh, it went up on the trophy wall.”

I nearly choked on the wine. “The… what?”

He laughed. “The trophy wall. I couldn’t tell you then, you’d have killed me. Hot Rod put the shirt up on the wall in the basement.”

“That super-secret chapter room you never let us girls into?”

“Yep. Brothers only. That wall was covered with bras, shirts, panties, you name it.”

“Oh God,” I shielded my eyes in embarrassment. “I would have killed you. And Rod.”

“I know. That’s why I never told you. If it’s any consolation, they all agreed you were the hottest girl we had a trophy from.”

“You know… actually, it does.” I smiled, and slipped off my shoe, running my toes up Kevin’s pants leg under the table. “It also makes me a little horny, remembering that night. Making out with those guys while you watched was fun.”

“And don’t forget that girl. Your roommate?”

I blushed. “Oh, man, I almost forgot about that.”

It was a lie. I’d been thinking about it all night. It had been my only foray into girl-on-girl action. Charlotte had triggered the memory. She was a beautiful girl, and my thoughts kept wandering back to her, and the most wanton night of my college life.

“You never did give me details about what went down in that closet with you two,” Kevin said, obvious interest in his eyes.

I looked away. I felt like a nervous schoolgirl. “I was too embarrassed.”

“Whoa!” His eyes widened, and he sat back in his chair. “You told me nothing happened, except a little kiss.” He leaned forward in his chair. “Details. Now.”

“Well...” I lowered my voice to a whisper, “I was tipsy. And turned on. I’d made out with you and those other three guys, and I was all hot and bothered.” We’d been playing Seven Minutes in Heaven, but the guys got impatient with all the waiting, so we cut it down to Three Minutes in Heaven—which was a good thing or Hot Rod and I might have come pretty close to going all the way. “So Cara and I went in. And it was just one little kiss,” I said with a mischievous grin. “At first.”

I went on to describe how hot and heavy things had gotten with me and Cara, my roommate. The make-out session took a passionate turn, and before I knew it, I had her backed against the wall, grinding against her leg, kissing her neck while she stroked me through my shorts and slipped a hand under my bra. It was the hottest thing I’d ever done. I left that comment out of my version of the story, of course. Not long after my closet tryst with Cara, Kevin and I had stolen away to his room in the frat house, and he’d been thrilled to find my pussy soaking wet as a result of the drinking game.

Kevin stared it me, his eyes dark with lust. “I can’t believe you never told me that.”

I shrugged, trying to play it off. “Cara was embarrassed after she sobered up, and begged me not to tell anyone.”

“You’re a good friend,” he said. “And a terrible wife.”


“You owe me big time for keeping that secret from me for so many years!”

“Well,” I murmured, giving him a wink as I slid my foot up his leg again, “if you play your cards right, I might find a way to pay you back for it…big time.”


The house was mostly dark when we pulled in, with only one light on in the living room. I tried to stifle my giggling as we walked into the kitchen, but Kevin’s whispered sexual innuendo and teasing, along with the wine in my system, didn’t make it easy.

“Oh, hi guys,” Charlotte said, sitting up on the couch. She had the phone clutched in her hand, and I wondered if she’d spent the whole time we were gone texting her boyfriend. “How was your dinner?”

“Great!” Kevin said. “How much do we—?”

“Kevin.” I stopped his words with a hand on my arm. “Let me take care of things.”

He looked at Charlotte. It was easy to miss at first, with only a lamp on in the living room. Her eyes were red-rimmed, and she was sniffling. “Sure. Okay. Good night, Charlotte.” He nodded uncomfortably, and headed off toward his study.

I put my purse down. “Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She sniffed again, and wiped away a tear that escaped.

“No, you’re not. I don’t want you driving home so upset.” I put an arm around her, leading her to the couch. “Sit down and tell me what happened.”

She hesitated for a moment, then let it all out. “Ryan broke up with me,” said, bursting into tears. “I had to text him a million times, asking why he canceled our date tonight, before he responded. He said ‘I think we should take a break.’ Which means he’s dumping me, of course. He wouldn’t even answer back to tell me why. So I called him five times before he finally answered.”

“And did he say why he wanted to break up?”

“He said… it’s so humiliating. I can’t even say it! I don’t want anyone to know.” She hid her face behind her hands.

“Hey, it’s alright. Everything is going to be alright.”

“No it’s not! I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Charlotte, come on. You need to talk about this with someone, and I’m guessing it’s not something you want to talk to your mom about.”

She took a deep breath, and looked away. “Last night we were hanging out and he…he’s been wanting me to… you know… do it. Before we go off to college.”

“And you said no?”

“Not exactly. I think I’m ready. But I was nervous. And I… I thought it would be easier if we started slow, you know?”

I nodded, and grabbed a box of tissues from the end table and set them beside her.

She took one and dabbed at her eyes. “Anyway, I asked if we could just start with… you know… oral.”

“That makes sense. So what happened?”

She buried her face in her hands again. “Oh God, it was so awkward. I knew it was awkward… how could I not? He didn’t even come. I mean, he got hard, but… I guess he got frustrated. It was my first time, and I told myself I’d get better. Then things got weird. He said it was okay, we could try again on our date tonight. He said he had to go. He wouldn’t even look me in the eyes. Then today, I couldn’t get through to him. I texted him all day, and nothing. A half hour after he was supposed to pick me up tonight, he texted me that he wasn’t going to be able to make it tonight. And now he’s broken up with me!”

She dissolved into tears, and I put my arms around her, patting her back in consolation. When the tears subsided, I handed her another tissue.

“I just don’t know what to do,” she said, sniffing and wiping her eyes.

“Why is he being such a jerk about it?” I asked, acting incredulous but remember what boys were like at that age.

“I don’t know! I can’t believe it.”

“Geez, did he expect you to be a porn star right out of the gate? That’s ridiculous. No one is great the first time. Not at sex, and especially not at oral sex.”

“Is a blow job supposed to be harder than sex?” she said, looking up at me.

“Well, yeah, in a way. I mean, as a girl, you can lay there and do nothing. Not that you should, but you can, and the guy can still enjoy himself. But a blowjob... you have to put in some effort. So in that way, yeah, it’s harder the first time around. But don’t worry, it’s super easy once you know how. You just need a few pointers. Haven’t you ever seen a porn movie?”

She shook her head. “Not really. My friend put in one of her brother’s porn DVDs, as a joke once, at a sleepover. We turned it off quick. It was… weird. Not at all real, like I thought.

I wasn’t surprised. I thought the same thing back when I was young. “Maybe you just need a new boyfriend who is willing to be patient and teach you what he likes.”

“I don’t think I could face another guy again. This whole thing is humiliating. What if he tells everyone?”

“So what if he does? You’re going to school in the fall. This is a blessing in disguise. Most high school relationships don’t last past the first semester of college. It’s a new experience, and trust me, you’ll want to explore all those hot new guys in the dorm.” I smiled, thinking back to that frat party. “And none of them will know your boyfriend, or what happened between you two.”

That’s when the idea hit me. This poor girl needed a boost of confidence. If she went into her freshman year like this, she’d be too gun shy to really enjoy herself.

But I could help her.

And maybe have a little fun in the process.

I put my arm around her and stroked her hair. “Listen, you are a fantastic girl. You’re smart, you’re beautiful, you’re a nice person, and you’re good with children. And that’s just what I’ve seen since you walked in my door tonight, so I can only imagine how many other things there are about you that make you a great catch.”

Charlotte wiped away another tear. “Really?”

“Absolutely! If I were a college guy, I’d snap you up in a heartbeat. Look at this beautiful hair.” I brushed a strand back from her face, and my heart beat a little faster. I scooted closer to her, touching her head with a little pressure from my hand until she rested her head on my shoulder.

“You’re so nice, Marissa. You’re being so great.”

“Of course, sweetie. It hasn’t been that long since I was your age. I remember how douchey guys can be. It really hurts.” I trailed my fingers lightly up and down her arm.

“Yeah, tell me about it.” She sighed, crossing her arms and relaxing against me.

I couldn’t help myself. Her breasts lay over her crossed arms, poking through the thin fabric of the sleeveless blouse. As I made another pass with my fingers up her arm, I let them “accidentally” brush against her breast.

She tensed a little, but she didn’t move. I kissed the top of her head, softly, and continued to stroke her arm, occasionally veering off to brush her breast again. Before long, I felt the tension building within her, and I watched as she shifted her hips slightly, in a clear sign of arousal.

My own arousal was even more clear: my panties were damp, and it was all I could do to keep from squirming. All I wanted to do was peel Charlotte’s clothes off and see just how perky those delicious tits really were.

Stroking her hair, I took a deep breath, and used my fingers to tilt her chin up until our eyes met. She was nervous, but she didn’t break our gaze. I could see the same arousal in her eyes. I leaned in, touching my lips to hers. They were soft and full, and tasted of a trace of cherry lip gloss and salty tears. I took her head in my hands, caressing her face and hair as she returned my kiss, meekly at first, then with increasing fervor.

My tongue dipped into her mouth, tasting her, exploring. She was an excellent kisser for someone so inexperienced, and the scent and feel of her brought me back to my college days in the frat house closet with my roommate… and how the incident had probably been one of the most erotic in my life. I was desperate to have her, and not just a little taste, like with my old roommate, but fully and completely, in every way.

“Wait,” Charlotte said, pressing a hand to my shoulder and pulling back. She flicked a glance toward Kevin’s study. “Your husband… we can’t… and… aren’t you straight?”

“The world isn’t always that black and white,” I said with a smile. “You don’t have to choose a team. You can play on whichever side you want, when you want. I’m straight, but I’ve kissed a girl before.”

Her eyes dropped to my lips, swollen from our kissing. “Wow. I didn’t… but… your husband?”

“Wouldn’t mind.”


“Listen, Charlotte, I have an idea.”

“What’s that?” She looked up at me, her eyes betraying a mix of emotions.

“I know you’re going to find a great guy someday very soon. Someone who deserves you. But until then…” I put my hand on her thigh and squeezed. “I think I know how we can get you ready for what lies ahead. Oral sex isn’t nearly as hard or as scary as it first seems. In fact, after the first time I did it, I couldn’t believe I’d been so worried.”

“Really? I don’t know, it really freaked me out.”

“I think most girls go through that. You just need someone patient to teach you how. So here’s my idea…”

I slid my hand up her thigh a little higher, just under the hem of her skirt, and leaned forward. I could feel her thigh muscles tensing under my hand, and I saw Charlotte drop her gaze to my cleavage before tearing them away to look in my eyes.

“…if you’re up for it, I could teach you how to do it right. In fact, I can teach you how to be really, really good at it.”


Her voice shook a little, and I could tell that she already knew.

“Well, the only way to really learn is to see it done. Not just from some fake movie, but see how the real thing is done. I could show you, and give you some pointers. After that, all you’ll need is experience. I promise, you’ll give the best blow job from a virgin, ever.”

Charlotte smiled. “That would be great. But… how, exactly?”

“With Kevin. It’s perfect, really. You’d be in a safe environment with two experienced people. You can watch, and I can show you a few techniques. That’s all you really need.”

“You think so?”

“Sure. You’ll see. Once you’ve seen it done, you’ll know what to do when the time comes.”

“And Kevin won’t mind?” She flicked a glance toward the study again.

I laughed. “He’s a guy, and he’s not shy. He’d love to have a beautiful girl staring at his cock while his wife sucks it. What guy wouldn’t?”

She bit her lip, then nodded. “Okay. If Kevin says yes, then I’m in.”

“Great! And if you’re in the mood, and you want to…” I slid my hand up higher, the tips of my fingers brushing her panties. “You can join in, and try it yourself. We can teach you anything you want. Like this...” I slipped a finger under her panties and explored her slit. “Mmm, you’re wet.”

“I… I am?” She sounded breathy and excited.

“Mm-hmm. Do you like how this feels?”

“Yes,” she murmured without hesitation.

I stroked my finger, exploring her sweet folds, but never quite touching her clit. “I can teach you anything you want. We can stop whenever you want. Or we can keep going. Do you want me to keep going?” I brushed past her clit.

“Y-yes!” she breathed. She leaned back and closed her eyes, pushing her mound upward against my hand.

“Unfortunately, I have to stop and get Kevin,” I said. She pouted. “Otherwise he’ll feel left out!” I pulled my finger out of her panties and held it up, before I put it in my mouth and licked her juices from it. Then I kissed her while I cupped her breast, brushing my thumb over her nipple. “It will be fun,” I said, my voice husky. “I promise to make you feel very comfortable.”

“Okay.” She blinked, stealing a surreptitious glance at my body as I got up.

“I’ll be right back.”

I walked casually to the study and slipped inside, closing the door behind me. Kevin looked up at me from behind his desk, where he was surfing on the computer. “Done? That took a while. What’s going on with her?”

“It’s a long story. And actually, she’s still here,” I moved to his desk, and sat on the edge of it. “Sooo… Charlotte is pretty nice, huh?”

“Yeah, she seemed competent.”

I lowered my voice. “And beautiful.”

“Uh…” He frowned, as if confused. “Sure. I guess so. I didn’t really pay attention.”

“Oh come on, you’d have to be blind. That hair? Those lips? That young, supple figure? She looks a lot like I did at that age. You had to have noticed.”

He leaned back in his chair. “What’s going on, Marissa? I know when you’re up to something.”

I flashed him a sly, seductive smile. “I’m just curious if you’re interested in fucking our babysitter.”

His jaw dropped a moment, before he snapped it shut and narrowed his gaze. “Are you messing with me?”

I leaned across the desk, bracing my hands on it and giving him full view of my cleavage. “Nope. I want to know if you want to fuck her, because I want to fuck her, too.”

His eyes widened. “You’re kidding! Are you kidding?” He sat bolt upright in his chair. “Oh my God, you’re not kidding!”

“Now,” I held up a restraining hand. “I can’t promise anything, but her boyfriend just dumped her because she tried to give him a blow job and didn’t know what to do. I told her I could show her… while I give you one.” I raised an eyebrow at him, conveying my meaning. “Give her some pointers. I told her we could teach her anything she wants… and she’s in! In fact, I think she’s eager. I know I am.”

As I leaned further across the desk and closer to him, he reached out and wrapped his arms around me, our faces almost touching. “God, you’re so hot.”

“If you think I’m hot now, you should have seen me making out with Charlotte.”

“You started without me?” He raised his eyebrows, like a boy who just found out he’d missed the first half hour of trick-or-treating.

“Just a little kissing,” I teased. “Oh, and I might have felt her up a little.”

He snatched me off the desk, pulling me onto his lap and knocking the keyboard and mouse aside in the process. “You have no idea how turned on I am right now.”

“Oh, I think I do. I can feel your excitement right through your khakis.” I winked at him.

He stroked his fingers over my breast, bringing my nipple to a stiff peak through my dress. “What did Charlotte do when you touched her?”

“She loved it. She was soaking wet.”

“God, I’d like to fuck you right here on my desk,” he growled softly, pushing his erection against my ass.

“I wouldn’t mind, but poor Charlotte is waiting. And you still haven’t answered me. Do you want to fuck her?”

“Hell, yes, I want to!” He took my face in his hands and kissed me with more passion than I’d seen from him in months. “God, yes! Have I told you lately that you’re the most amazing wife, ever?”

“I’m always eager to hear it,” I giggled. “Let’s go out there before she changes her mind.”

We walked out into the living room, hand in hand. Charlotte stood, her hands clasped in front of her.

“Hi,” she said.

Kevin smiled. “Hi.”

I stepped in to break the ice. “Why don’t we sit down for a minute?” I took Charlotte’s hand and guided them both to the couch, where I sat between them. That was one sandwich I was thrilled to be in the middle of.

I put my hand on Charlotte’s knee. “I was just telling Kevin about your boyfriend.”

Charlotte blushed. “Yeah, he was such a jerk.”

“And a fool,” Kevin added, angling sideways a little, to face both of us. “Any man in his right mind would bend over backward to be with you. A real man makes sure a girl is comfortable with what she’s doing, and he’s patient with her.”

“That’s just what I told her,” I said, stroking her thigh. “She deserves so much more. A beautiful girl like this should be treated like a queen.”

“No doubt about it,” he agreed. “You’re gorgeous, Charlotte.”

“You think so?”

“Yes! Hasn’t he ever told you that?”

“I guess. Sort of.”

“Well, you are. He was the lucky one, and he blew it. He should have been more grateful to have you. Girls have all the power, if they’re willing to use it.”

“We do?” Charlotte looked to me.

“Yes,” I agreed. “Get comfortable with your body, and take control with a man. Tease him. Touch him. Like this…” I nestled closer to her, stroking her thigh, a little higher with each pass. I leaned in, relishing the sweet, clean smell of her. My breasts grazed her arm as I leaned in and kissed her cheek. Then I flickered my tongue against her ear as my hand went higher up her leg. When my hand reached her panties again, this time she opened her legs wider, knowing what came next.

I felt Kevin’s hand on my back, rubbing it, and the warmth of his touch increased my desire for Charlotte. She moaned as I nibbled her earlobe and traced a hand over her mound, circling over the fabric. Then I slipped my hand underneath, sliding my finger into her wet folds.

“Does this feel good?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” she nodded.

“If something feels good on your body, it’s likely it will feel good to a guy. The pussies and cocks are a little different, but a lot of other stuff feels the same for women and men. Stroking, touching, licking, sucking… pay attention, and you’ll learn a lot.”

I leaned in to kiss her, and I could feel her breath coming in shaky pants as I found her little clit, and pressed against it. “This is your clit, Charlotte. If you’ve masturbated, you know where it is.” I pressed a little harder, while making a circling motion. “If not… you’re in for a treat.”

She moaned, bucking her hips upward. Her lips parted as she let her head fall back. I leaned over her and kissed her. She reacted, kissing me back, her fervor increasing as I stroked and manipulated her clit faster. Soon her arms were around my waist, and my body was pressed against the length of hers.

Behind me, I heard Kevin’s own breath becoming labored. His hand moved from my back down to my ass, caressing it, and moving even lower.

Charlotte’s body began to tremble, and I sensed she was close. I wanted to keep her on edge, so rather than let her come, I pulled my hand away and moved it to her breast.

“Noooo…” she whined, squirming. “Don’t stop, please.”

“I want you to experience so much more than a quick orgasm, Charlotte.” I kissed her, and slipped my hand into the low neckline of her shirt and her bra, then grazed her peaked nipple. “I can do things to you that will make this seem like child’s play.”

She opened her eyes and gazed into mine, their dark depths betraying a desperate arousal. She nodded. “Okay. Okay, let’s do it. Whatever you want. Keep going, please.” She cast Kevin a shy glance.

“Trust me, he’s even better at this than I am. And you’ll get twice the attention.”


“Let’s show you how to do a blow job. You’re worked up, and that’s a great time to do it, while you’re horny and in the mood.”

She nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, let’s do it.” She was breathy and excited now, and the way Kevin was shifting and adjusting himself, I could tell he had enjoyed our little show.

“First, let’s give him a little something to look at while we’re ‘working’.” I stood, untying the tight black wrap dress I wore, and letting it fall to the floor.

Charlotte looked up at me, her mouth slack as I stood there wearing only my black lace thong, sheer bra, and heels. “Wow,” she said, taking me all in.

I smiled. “Would you like me to help you?”

She said nothing, but stood up in front of me. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, while she continued to let her eyes roam my body. I felt more sexy and desirable than I had since I was in college. Nothing boosted the ego like having a young girl who thought your body was amazing.

I pulled open her blouse to reveal a pink lace underwire bra. I could see a hint of her tan nipples. “God, you are so sweet and sexy.” I moved behind her so Kevin could see as I pulled the blouse off her arms. “Isn’t she gorgeous?”

“Hell, yeah. You’re incredible, Charlotte.” His gaze slowly took in every inch of her as I unzipped her skirt and slipped off it off from behind.

“Mm, look at this tight ass.” I cupped it, giving it a squeeze, as I trailed my hand down her back. She shivered at my touch.

“Step out of that skirt,” I ordered.

She complied, kicking off her shoes as well. I took her hand and we both knelt in front of Kevin.

“God, you both look so good,” he murmured.

We exchanged glances, smiling. Charlotte looked reasonably relaxed, and eager to see Kevin’s cock revealed.

I undid Kevin’s belt, unfastened his pants, and lowered the zipper, keeping my eyes on him. When I pulled at his waistband, he lifted off the couch a little, and I slid his pants down.

“Oh my God!” Charlotte burst out.

Kevin grinned. “Now that’s what a man likes to hear!”

I leaned forward and teased the tip of his cock with my tongue, then glanced at Charlotte, who watched with fascination. “Start out slow. Tease him. Torture him.” I swirled around the head, knowing that all he wanted was to be inside my mouth. “But take your cues from him. Watch his hips.”

I put the head of his cock in my mouth, sucking on it. He bucked upwards, wanting me further down the shaft, but I pulled back, staying in charge. I took my time with him, in between giving Charlotte advice. “Take control. Make him really want it. Stretch it out.” I pulled more of him in, my lips just barely skimming the sensitive ridge of flesh on the underside of his cock.

He tried again to push himself further, but I just pulled back, making him groan. I sucked up and down over one inch of his cock, always stopping just short of that spot. Then I pulled off again, whispering just over the tip of him. “If he starts getting too eager, or sounding too frustrated, move on a little quicker. Otherwise, take your time. Make it last. He’ll hate it, but also love it even more.”

I licked around his shaft with flickering, feathery touches of my tongue. “You can make a guy come pretty fast when he’s already hard, but if you’re not just giving him a quickie BJ, then make it worth his while. Now watch what I do, and watch how he reacts.”

I popped his cock back in my mouth, and he groaned, reaching out to stroke my hair. With a slow up and down motion, I sucked the end of his cock. His breathing quickened, and I knew my pace was agonizingly slow for him. But that only ramped up his desire. I edged down his cock, until at last the most sensitive part was under my tongue.

His hands reached out, first gently holding the sides of my head, then adding pressure, trying to force me to go faster. Every time he tried that, I backed off until only the tip remained in my mouth, and I stilled my movements. He groaned again, bucking his hips, desperate to thrust his full length deep down my throat. When he let go of my head, or let up on the pressure, I’d begin again.

After a few minutes, he at last managed to keep his hands off long enough for me to get him in all the way to the hilt. As a reward, I picked up the pace a little, sliding up and down his cock, and twisting my head as I went, adding a spiraling sensation to the sucking.

Charlotte leaned in to get a better look, and Kevin reached out to stroke her hair. That turned me on, so I gave in and sucked even faster, stroking my tongue side-to-side across that ridge of flesh with each pass. Before long he was panting, leaning back against the couch, with his head lifted to watch me.

“Oh yeah… oh God, that’s good,” he murmured.

I made noises as I sucked him, to show how much I was enjoying it. I could feel myself getting wetter, and it was torture to continue everything at a slow pace. All I wanted to do was strip Charlotte’s lingerie off and get a taste of that young pussy. I hadn’t gone quite that far with my roommate, and I had to admit, I was dying to go all the way with my sweet sitter.

Soon Kevin was at his limit. He was thrusting upward into my mouth, and I had to lift my chin more to keep from gagging. He was panting and desperate, one hand clinging to Charlotte’s shoulder.

Charlotte was becoming more at ease, stroking her hand across Kevin’s skin right above his cock. That made him all the more riled up, and I almost missed the cue and let him come. But he hadn’t had the real fun yet.

I popped off his cock with no warning, enjoying the frustrated groan as he was cut off just before coming. I flashed Charlotte an evil grin. “If you want to drive a man crazy, and make the whole experience last, don’t let him come. Slow down or stop, and let him regain control, then start all over again.”

“Doesn’t your mouth get tired?”

“Sure, sometimes. If it does, switch to a handie for a while, and just give a lick here or there, while your jaw recovers.”

Kevin’s eyes were pleading, and his hips still pulsed upward, missing my mouth.

“Okay Charlotte, now it’s your turn.”

I moved over to make room for her between Kevin’s legs. I couldn’t believe I was about to not only let a teenage girl suck my husband’s cock, but I was going to watch.

And enjoy it, I thought, my pussy already throbbing.

Gingerly, she took hold of my husband’s cock, leaning forward and flicking out her tongue. I encouraged her to keep going, and she licked and swirled her tongue around it, copying the movements I started with.

Kevin reached out for me, and I took his hand. Our eyes met, and I saw his desperation- he really wanted to be sucked hard. But this was about Charlotte, and besides that, I knew if she sucked him hard right away it would all be over, and he’d be kicking himself for not holding out. He needed to slow down. I gave him a look, and a reassuring squeeze, and he got the message.

We both shifted our attention back to Charlotte, who was doing an impressive, although tentative, job at mimicking my performance. Her mouth was smaller and narrower than mine, and I was curious at how the difference felt to Kevin.

“Okay, good girl. Now go a little faster, and take him in a little deeper.”

She obeyed, and I could see Kevin relax a little, his frustration somewhat relieved as her head bobbed up and down.

“Tell her how it feels, honey.”

“Amazing,” he gasped. “You’re doing great, Charlotte.” He ran his hands through her hair. “Can you take it deeper?”

She tried, but I could tell her gag reflex was kicking in.

“Relax your throat,” I suggested. “Tilt your chin up.”

She did, but I could tell she was still a little tense. I put my free hand on her back, running my fingers up and down her bare skin. I made my way slowly down to her ass, stroking over the tiny lace panties she wore. When my hand moved under the curve of her ass, she paused in her sucking so she could move her legs wider apart as she knelt. Then she resumed sucking. When my fingers stroked between her legs, I heard her moan over his cock.

Kevin liked that, because his hips surged upward.

“She’s already wet, Kevin. She must like sucking you, because her panties are soaked.”

“Mmm,” Kevin said. “Maybe if she’s a good girl, I’ll reward her by licking her tiny little clit later.”

I knew she liked that idea, because I felt her muscles clench a little.

Charlotte relaxed more as I stroked her, and she took Kevin in deeper. She was becoming more confident, adding the twisting motion as she sucked up and down.

“Brush your tongue side-to-side as you plunge up and down,” I instructed. I assumed she complied, because Kevin was suddenly going crazy. He let go of my hand and had both hands on Charlotte’s head, his fingers entwined in her hair. Somehow he resisted the urge to push her head down on his cock, and let Charlotte stay in control.

“Faster,” Kevin whispered. “God… yes… that’s it. Good girl, Charlotte. Oh God…suck it. Yes!”

She sucked faster and harder, and I watched with amazement as this young girl bobbed her head onto my husband’s dick, the dark curtain of hair moving as she went at it with gusto.

Since she had things well in hand, I decided to have a little fun, and moved onto the couch. Leaning over, I whispered in Kevin’s ear. “I’m going to have so much fun licking her little pussy tonight. Watching her wriggling on our bed while you lick her tits, and she begs for more.”

“Oh God, Marissa…” Kevin groaned.

“Suck him, Charlotte,” I said out loud. “Let him fuck that sweet little mouth.”

Kevin was shaking as he tried to hold back, wanting to prolong the delicious feel of her mouth.

I grinned, and decided to push him over the edge by whispering again, “I can’t wait to see you pumping that giant cock into that tight, virgin pussy. I want you to bend her over and fuck her til her tits bounce, while she eats my pussy.”

“Oh God… oh yes. Yes! Yesssss!” He thrust upward one last time, and I hopped off the couch, kneeling next to Charlotte just in time.

Her eyes flew open in shock.

“Suck it down, Charlotte.” I rubbed her back, knowing the first time swallowing was strange and sometimes scary for a girl. “Swallow it. That’s it. Swallow it down. Pause to breathe, if you need to.”

She did, pausing and swallowing as Kevin’s hips pulsed again.

“Now keep sucking. Don’t stop until he can’t take it anymore.”

She sucked on. Kevin thrashed about a little, riding the wave of exquisite torture as his cock became even more sensitized. He winced, gasped, grasped the couch for support, then finally laid his hand on her head.

“Stop… stop… no more.”

She pulled off, looking at me with concern. “Did I do it wrong?”

I laughed, rubbing my husband’s leg as he gasped for air and tried to recover. “No, honey. You did it exactly right. Cocks can get really sensitive right after coming. Women are often the same way when they come.”

“That,” Kevin said, “was incredible!”

“Really?” Charlotte grinned.


I moved closer to Charlotte, eager for my turn with the nubile girl. “I know my husband, and that might be the biggest orgasm he’s ever had. Or right up there, anyway.” I leaned in, brushing hair from her cheek. “See? When you’re with the right people, it’s easy. Everything feels right.” I kissed her, slow and gentle, and heard her sharp intake of breath.

“I think you’re right about that.” She looked into my eyes, still shy, but getting bolder.

I kissed her again, delving my tongue into her mouth. She tasted of cum, and God, that just made it even more exciting- my husband’s life-creating cum all over her mouth. Reaching around her, I easily undid her bra, letting it fall away, then pulling it off her arms.

She returned my kiss fervently, and reached around me to undo my bra. She struggled for a second, then it fell away, releasing my breasts, which were heavy with milk.

Charlotte pulled back, wanting a look. “Oh my God, Marissa! Your tits are amazing.”

“Touch them,” I offered.

She reached out with both hands, caressing the sides of my boobs. She glanced up to see my reaction, and I’m sure she could see the lust burning in them. Returning her gaze to my breasts, she cupped them, lifting them to feel the weight, then squeezing.

“Wow,” she breathed. “They feel… nice.”

“Your touch feels nice.” I wrapped my arms around her waist, and she wrapped hers around mine. “Better than nice.”

We made out for several seconds, our hands roaming, touching, squeezing. I glanced at Kevin once or twice, and saw him watching our every move. I was amazed to see he was already getting hard again, stroking his cock back to life.

I guided her down onto the couch, until her head was lying next to Kevin’s leg. I knelt over her, one knee between her legs and one standing on the floor. I continued kissing her which I fondled her breast. Then I kissed a trail down her neck until I reached one of those perky tits. I looked up at her and saw her watching in eager curiosity, biting that full lower lip of hers.

Taking a nipple into my mouth, I did all the things Kevin usually does that drive me crazy. I massaged the side of it with my tongue, flickered the tip of her nipple, sucked it, and swirled my tongue around it.

She moaned, writhing beneath my touch. I nestled my knee between her legs, and the pressure there must have driven her wild. Before long, she was grinding against my knee, and the feeling of her juices seeping through her soaked panties onto my skin was amazing.

Kevin stroked himself with one hand while he caressed Charlotte’s face and stroked her hair.

I stopped licking, and looked up at her. “Do you like my husband’s cock?” I asked, thumbing her nipple.

“Yes,” she nodded, panting as she ground desperately against my knee.

I pinched her nipple lightly, tweaking and twisting it. She moaned and arched her back. Kevin reached over and did the same thing to her other nipple, and before long she was writhing beneath us.

“Did you like sucking him off?”

She nodded. “I loved it.”

“Are you ready to see what it’s like to have one inside you?”

Her eyes flew open. “Yes. Yes, please.”

I got off her and helped her sit up.

Kevin stopped me with a hand on my arm. “Let’s show her how it’s done, first.” He looked at Charlotte. “I want her to watch.”

I smiled. “Then get ready to be fucked.”

He slid my thong down, and I kicked the thong and my shoes off. I slid his pants and his shoes off, then I straddled him. He held his cock in his hand as I slowly impaled myself on it. I felt it getting even harder as I settled myself down onto him, bracing my knees on the couch.

I could feel the last little bit of his semen from his last ejaculation leaking inside of me as he grew. Soon, I was filled with him, and it felt so good. I leaned over, letting my tits fall in his face as I unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it open. I didn’t bother to push it off, I just needed to get fucked.

He sat up, taking a nipple in his mouth as he pushed up into me. He held my hips fast as I rode him, while he licked and sucked my nipple. I could see him watching Charlotte out of the corner of his eye. She knelt beside use, mere inches away, which only served to fuel my lust. I wanted her to want me… to want him… to want us both. I rode him harder, and he drove up into me.

Then there was a warm trickle, and I realized that his sucking had led to my milk letting down. He noticed it, and switched breasts.

“Mmm, let me get that for you.” He licked up the trickle of breast milk, and I squeezed his cock with my pussy.

Charlotte’s eyes were wide. “What does it taste like?”

“Like skim milk, but sweet,” he murmured. “Want to lick her?”

Charlotte hesitated, then got up on her knees, leaning in. Kevin returned to my left breast, leaving my right breast for Charlotte. They both licked the milk, and before long, both were sucking and licking my nipples. It was a strange and erotic feeling. Their hands caressed my back, and it felt almost as if I was being worshiped in some way.

His cock felt incredible inside me, and he sped up his thrusting, obviously turned on by having Charlotte participating in our fucking. I maneuvered to wrap my legs around him, pulling him deeper into me, grinding my hips to drive myself fully onto him.

Charlotte pulled back, giving us room to fuck harder. She touched and stroked us both as he plunged up into me. We were sweaty and tired, but I was enjoying every moment. He felt as if he might come, and I cut him off.

“Not yet,” I panted. “Save it for Charlotte.”

“Are you sure?” I could see he was torn. He wanted to come right then, but the pay off of saving it for Charlotte must have been more tantalizing. “Okay.”

I climbed off him, reluctantly. “Let’s move to the bedroom.”

We all tiptoed quickly down the hall, with me taking up the rear. Charlotte was practically skipping. Watching my husband and Charlotte rushing eagerly to the bedroom set off feelings of amazement and arousal. I had so many things I wanted to do to her.

Charlotte sat on the edge of the bed, nervous but excited, and Kevin sat beside her. I climbed onto the end of the bed and watched. He leaned in to kiss her, taking his time, letting her adjust to switching partners. When she was returning his kisses eagerly, her arms wrapping around his neck, he guided her onto the bed, until they were lying beside each other. I gave them time to get familiar with each other, their hands moving, caressing, and stroking. Their legs were intertwined, their bodies pressed together. I moved in, running a hand slowly up and down her, cupping her ass, squeezing it.

Kevin reached around and tugged on the back of her panties—her last remaining shred of clothing. I took the hint and pulled them down and off her, tossing them aside. Then Kevin nudged her shoulder, rolling her onto her back. He continued to kiss her while he fondled her breast, thumbing her nipple. I settled in on her other side and licked her other nipple, while I cupped her mound.

She didn’t object, instead focusing on making out with Kevin. I circled my finger through her dark, damp curls, teasing her. Then I pressed against her labia, making those swollen lips rub against her hidden clit. Soon she was moving beneath me, giving signs that she wanted more. I resisted the hint, and kept up the circling. She was so wet, her pussy made slick sounds as her folds moved against each other.

When she was writhing with anticipation, Kevin got on his knees and crawled between her legs. She spread herself wide for him, but I could tell she was anxious. She was lucky to have me there to calm her. I knew just what she needed.

Kevin settled between her legs, rubbing his cock against her wet slit to coat himself before pressing at her entrance. I leaned over her face, kissing and caressing her, while I pinched and rolled her nipple in my fingers. I did my best to stay out of Kevin’s way as he eased his cock inside of her. She was petite, and I was glad to see him being gentle.

Charlotte clung to his shoulders and whimpered a bit as he took her virginity, pressing at and pushing through her barrier. I licked my finger and flickered it over her breast, trying to give her as much pleasure as I could.

It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen; my sexy husband easing that big cock and inch at a time into that tight little pussy. I had to keep stealing glances. He made little thrusts, pushing a little deeper each time. When he was finally almost all the way in, he pulled back and seated himself fully, causing Charlotte to cry out again.

I could tell the first few thrusts were uncomfortable, but once it passed, she relaxed. She glanced at me, her eyes shining with unshed tears, and I stroked her hair, knowing she was worried about her performance. “You did great,” I whispered. “You’re so beautiful. I love watching you.”

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