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Richard's Choice


Katie West

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Richard's Choice.

He couldn't help himself.

As he glanced down at the clothes laid out on his bed, his hand slid down his slim belly and pushed down the elastic of his silk panties. As he looked over the items he had laid out, he gently stroked himself, his cock rising to the occasion.

He laughed softly, his hand stilling as he wondered if the rest of the evening was going to be so much better than a quick jerk off now. Anyway, these were his favorite panties, which he wanted to wear tonight, so best to keep them clean. The tip of his thumb rubbed over the head of his cock, collecting the wetness and he slipped his thumb into his mouth and sucked gently.

So many weeks had lead up to this night, the night he was to meet the person he had been chatting to online for what seemed like years. He knew all about him, well at least he thought he did, but who is really what they seem to be online? That niggling doubt hit him as he wondered if everything he had read in Sam's mails was the truth and not someone else's fantasies.

Not that he had held anything back from Sam, what he had told him was the truth. Well, he thought so anyway. Sam knew that he was a man, a man who desperately wanted to be a woman. His need was more than just cross-dressing. Yes, he wanted to feel the soft caress of silk on his skin, and to feel the caress of stockings on his legs, the slight chill on his bare skin where they ended and the suspenders took over. He loved, no he adored all that. But he wanted to feel more. He wanted to close his eyes and have a mans hand caress his breasts, his nipples hard against his rough fingertips. He wanted to feel his lips grinding against his own, taking him to places he could only imagine in his fantasies. And boy did he have fantasies.

He would lie in his bed, his eyes closed, lying beside his wife of 10 years and dream. He couldn't tell her, he knew she would never understand. When they had married she had said how wonderful it was to be with a 'true gent'. Someone who was kind and gentle to her, who almost knew what she was thinking.

Oh yes, he was that alright. Because he felt he did know how her mind worked, as he experienced the same thoughts about many things.

He wished he didn't feel so confused though. He loved his wife, yet he couldn't hide his feelings anymore.

A month ago, while bored one evening when Heather was out with friends, his mind drifted from the work he was supposed to be doing on the computer and he put the words crossdresser into a web search engine.

To his absolute shock, a whole list of websites flashed up, everything from sites you could buy the clothes you craved to a site to show how to cross-dress. Then one caught his eye, it was a dating site for crossdressers.

Without even realizing it his finger clicked the mouse and opened the site. He looked through the front page and as he scrolled down it gave him the option to join. He added his email address to it and thought nothing about it. Well, that was until he checked his email the next day and saw a confirmation email for the site.

Slightly nervously he clicked on it and it opened, showing him photos of other men who loved to do what he craved.

Wow, they are lucky!! He thought. They can do what I can't, I envy them so much.

As he scrolled down the page, a box popped up. Were you looking for a crossdresser or are you a man looking for one?

He stared at the computer screen for at least 10 minutes before he clicked on that he was a cross-dresser and looking for a man who wanted one. Another box came up and it asked for his location so he put in the closest town to where he lived, Swindon. That's way close enough (he thought) and no one is going to know who I am from that.

A list filled the computer screen of men who were looking for crossdressers in his area.

Richard was amazed that there were so many. Some had photos with their profiles, some just had a blank square as if they were too embarrassed to appear in full.

I don't blame them. He thought to himself. I would do the same.

Then one photo caught his eye. He looked hard at the screen, feeling a tug against his jeans as his cock jerked slightly.

Sam Allan, he read. I am 44 and I am looking for a crossdresser who lives locally who I can show what it's like to be loved, used and controlled by a man. If you are interested, email me at this address and we can see where we go from there.

That was all it said. No location, no address, nothing. Just his email address.

Well, it would be safe to email him. Richard thought. Unless he's a tech master he won't be able to know where my Hotmail address comes from.

Without giving it another thought, in case he chickened out, he sent Sam a quick mail saying hi and how was he.

That evening, when he went to check his email, he had had a reply. His wife was sat next to him, his laptop balanced on his knee and he read it.

Sam had written that he was good thanks, and was he a crossdresser wanting to meet someone? Also Sam had added that he had received quite a few emails from men, so he had to really engage his interest or he would end up in the delete bin as so many had in the past.

Wow......... a challenge Richard thought. So even though he was sitting close to Heather he replied.

Dear Sam. I am sure that you have had many replies. Your photo is mesmerizing. When I saw it I thought of parading before you in a short skirt, black stockings, white shirt and if you wanted a tie, half tied at the collar of the shirt.

I am 32, and hopefully still in the prime of life.

And I desperately..........ohhhh Richard scrubbed that bit out. I don't want to seem too desperate.

And I would love to entertain you and be entertained by you too.

I look forward to hearing from you.


With a quick click he sent the email, and returned to watching the film about whatever it was that Heather had dialled the remote too.

Sam must have been online as 5 minutes later his computer chimed to announce a new mail. Heather turned towards him and asked him what it was. Richard just passed it off as a work email and she returned to watching the film.

He clicked on it, there is no way he could resist. It was short and sweet.

Hi you. Mr. Anon. But that's not a problem, not at the moment anyway. But we will see how things go yes? 32, ok that's not too old. And you would like to be entertained? Mmmm I am sure I can manage that. See attachments. Yours Sam.

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