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2 Interracial Short Stories Volume 16

Paul Wit

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The Black Neighbor

The Shy and Hard-Working Daughter

Emily was a very cute and obedient student. Learning medicine and still living with her parents, she was calm, smart, a beautiful Blonde young woman without much experience with men. She had some sexy underwear of course but rare were the opportunities to use it. Her neighborhood was a middle-class one, you could say a boring one, until one element changed, put some spice in her life.

The neighbors to the right moved and the family who took their house was a Black family. It was a big event in the neighborhood since there was a passive racism and a lot of biases against African-American.

She quite herself believed in it but at the same time the son was awesome, her type of guys she thought. As black as coal, tall and athletic, she needed to know him better. By chance, his room was in front hers, and she quickly managed to contact him through the windows...

Perverted and Blacked Forever

Without waiting, she greeted him the first night through her window, wearing a skin-tight babydoll, forgetting how sexy she was in it. He returned the greeting and wrote his phone number on the window pane.

His name was Umar and he was studying biology, they chatted for more than three hours that night. His father had made some money with his business but the guy had lived several years in a ghetto. He had kept a manly behavior that contrasted a lot with the preppy Emily.

For the next two weeks they spent time together, which made her review a lot less. Her libido had taken the power in her brain, that guy was hot and she needed some pleasure in her life.

They went to the mall, hanging out together and staying late in a park close to their home, discussing about their differences, how the world was, etc. All this brought them to cross their finger, to unite their skin in mutual attraction, Black and White together.

However, Emily was still shy and admitted that her family would not allow her to date a Black guy, even from their neighborhood. Umar understood, he knew how White fathers looked at Black guys dating their sweet angels. But did he need to know? She could come in her room by night, his parents didn’t care about which girl came see him.

This is what she did three weeks after he moved in the area. She jumped from her window after midnight, crossed the two gardens and entered in his house. He was just behind the door waiting for her. His parents didn’t even notice her; they were watching TV. They seemed really used to the nocturnal life of their son.

They went in his room, a room of an athletic and strong guy. A big exercise bench was in the middle of it. She was impressed by the heavy weights around the bench, he was very strong.

They sat on the bed and it was not long before he put a hand behind her head and kissed her. She was so thin and delicate; she was like porcelain. A hand on her left thigh, he rode up to her hip and then slid inside toward her pussy. She let him do it, she was not used to such confident guys but it pleased her.

He brushed her pussy through her panties, still languorously kissing her. She was moving her hands on his body, his well-built torso. Her hands went on his abs, his pecs, his arms, he had everything a true man should had.

Next, he laid her on the bed, removed her panties and started licking her shaven Blonde pussy. A nice, hot and tasty White pussy he was licking and fingering at the same time. Her waist was waving under the pleasure of his tongue and fingers, he noticed her boobs becoming harder, raised.

She had a thin waist and thin legs, with a soft and pure White skin. She was beautiful, a splendid Blonde daughter to take.

He raised his head, her come from her wet pussy still on his tongue, and then climbed on her while removing his pants with one hand. He landed on her like a huge airplane, his Big Black Cock taking all the available space on her soft belly.

He kissed her again, it was hot, she was hot, the urge to fuck her was very intense. They ended to get naked and looked at the color contrast. She was aroused and enthralled by how it was sumptuous, his Black skin on her. His was so dark and her so pale, she wanted to surrender, to let him use her as he was pleased to.

She naturally welcomed his cock without a condom. It would have ruined the moment, she wanted him all, no barrier. His cock entered slowly in her, his thick Black glans stretching her pinky labia to open the sacred gate of heaven. Then his battering ram followed and kept pushing in her pussy, digging deeper and deeper in it.

Her moans told him she loved it. She had her eyes closed, she was nearly breathless and her body was waving on the bed. Emily was completely offered to his Black cock.

He got deeper and deeper and once in, barely pulled out and then came back faster and stronger, and he did it again and again, always faster and stronger than the previous thrust.

The bed was squeaking. It must be said that she was not the first girl to get screwed on that bed. But she was the first blondie he had the opportunity to turn Black, and once you go Black...

He continued to bang her, kissing her round pale boobs and hearing her loudly moans. His Big Black Cock, contrasting a lot with her shaven White pussy, was pounding her womb like she had never been pounded before.

She was now holding his arms, nearly scratching him with her fingernails when he unloaded in her. He unloaded a big spurt of seed deep in her vagina, it was so good! He fell on her, still giving her seed, exhausted. She felt each spurt in her womb, each one meant a huge pregnancy risk. Everybody knows that White girls and Black men were very fertile together.

When he pulled out, her pussy was full of sperm, both their bodies were so sweaty. That night they slept naked until five in the morning when she had to come back to her home. She was still feeling him inside her, his seed was trying to conquer her ova.

Sucking is just Tasting

Horny Hitchhiker

In every woman sleeps a dirty slut and once you have awakened the devil, your libido will make men as hard as steel bars and your pussy as wet as a jungle.

This is what happened to Julia, a common White girl with chestnut-brown hair, hazel eyes, a big breast and a nice curvy ass.

One day she had to hitchhike because her boyfriend couldn’t come to collect her after work, and unfortunately there was no bus. To walk would have been a tiring activity, her home was more than ten miles from where she was. So, even if she knew she could be meet anybody, and some could be dangerous, she resigned herself to hitchhike.

Alone beside the road, she waited. She waited for half an hour before someone stopped. It was a 4x4 driven by a Black guy, not something to reassure her.

“Hey, chicky, wanna a ride?”

What did she hear?

He had just called her chicky! That was rude.

“Yes, I need to go North.”

“Going to sweety, get your ass in that car.”

Wow, that was again impolite but… so manly. She got her rounded ass in the car. Had she the choice? It was the first car for half an hour ago.

Naughty way to say Thank you

He gave her his name, or at least his surname: Black Mast. She had quite an idea about why he had this surname but avoided the thoughts.

There was this loud trap music in the car, it hurt her hears. The lyrics were so crude and aggressive against women. He was tapping on the steering wheel, looking at her tight body like a vulture on a cadaver.

“Sweety, got any money?”

“No… sorry. I forgot my purse home.”

“Would be nice to have a little payback for the ride, you know…”

She could see a bump growing in his pants. She had clearly understood what he wanted, and… men are like this, you empty their balls and they are helpful.

“I only suck you, ok?”

“Nice bitch, and you swallow!”

She unbuttoned his pants, took his huge Black cock with her right hand to free it from his shorts, and lowered her head while he was still driving. Obviously, the myth was true and the Black member which was growing in his delicate hand was already twice has the biggest cock she had ever seen. So big she hesitated about how to work it.

She lowered more her head and began to brush his glans with the tip of her tongue. His cock was quivering with excitation feeling her hot tongue sliding on it. Then she opened wide her mouth and swallowed the top of his cock. It filled her mouth to the throat and she still could take his Black phallus with her both hands. It was fucking huge, and fucking thick!

Stretching her jaw, to have this huge Black cock only for her began to arouse her. She was honored to have a true alpha male like him to satisfy.

She kept going, sucking his Black Mast like a true slut. His cock was covered of her saliva and she was now touching his balls while working on his cock. It was hard to drive but he managed to do it, his right hand pushing sometimes on her head so she got his cock deeper in her throat.

She was going faster now. She had felt his vein growing and knew he was close to cum. Sucking and wanking him faster, she felt his cock becoming harder than a stick, and his balls were also hard now, like ready to fire.

Her pussy was so wet, her panties so dirty. Faster, harder, faster, bigger, his cock was nearly exploding now, his vein inflating under the skin. Then he cummed, fast and strong spurts of sperm in her throat and mouth. It was so strong that she had to raise her head and took the final shots on her pretty face. Big load of Black seed on her hazel eyes and sensual lips.

He had a fucking big orgasm that time. He looked at her now that she got back to her seat. Her face was so dirty lol, her boyfriend would know for sure what she had done.

He put back his victorious member in his pants, and looking back again at her:

“Good job White girl, you did like a pro!”

She was not really listening to him, still wiping her face with a tissue. By chance she had no sperm in her hair.

“Oh, thanks. I liked it to.”

“Nice, I was sure you would love my Big Black Cock!”

“First time for me. If I need again a ride, I know who to look for,” she answered with a kinky smile while getting out of the car, her hair a mess.

She walked toward the front door and entered her house. The 4x4 left just after. It was a quick interracial encounter but it was dead sure that she would be craving for more from now on. She had not yet cheated, only tasted...


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