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The Reyblade

Part 1: Discovery

By Nel Symington

Copyright 2018.Nel Symington

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Chapter 1: An Unexpected Detour

Captain Eipom’s eyes grew fuzzy. It seemed that with every new technical advancement, every invention created in the name of convenience, the amount of paperwork that he had to contend with on a weekly basis only increased. It didn’t help that he was meticulous and read every word of every sheet he was to fill out and sign. Order forms, service reports, navigator logs, inventory analysis, performance updates of crew and machinery, morale reports, mission reevaluations, sanity checks, fuel projections, and contingency analysis. The list went on. As long as organic beings still existed, there would be paperwork. Normally The Captain would play music to help the process feel faster, but a scheduling anomaly had made it such that his First Mate Rion was free during his administration time and he much preferred to hear her work as clearly as possible.

“Mmmmphh, mmm,” his long-time officer moaned. Her throat was filled with her Captain’s shaft and she slurped loudly as she serviced his cock.

“About three quarters done,” he muttered.

Rion was still completely in uniform as she knelt, crammed under his desk. It was her seventh year serving Captain Eipom and it seemed to him that her performance in all aspects of her job had only improved. She had been holding his dick in place in her throat for the better part of three minutes as she slurped and moaned and slobbered around it. She finally began to move her head again, falling back into her smooth rhythm of head bobs and tongue twirls.

Normally The Captain had impeccable control and was able to feel the full pleasure of Rion’s service without losing focus on his work, but an especially dedicated blowjob combined with the abnormal amount of time that had passed between servicings had weakened his resolve.

“Shit that feels good,” he allowed, sliding his left hand off the desk to slip behind the Hume woman’s golden head of hair that was - as always - tightly wrapped in a bun. He didn’t grip or push her head, but rather let her head guide his hand as she sucked his cock. Rion’s moans and movements gained yet another burst of energy at this act, doing everything in her power to retain her Captain’s full attention.

“You really want that come, don’t you?” He groaned.

Rion did. She nodded while not breaking her pace. A fog descended in her brain. She loved sucking Captain Eipom’s cock, but it had been a long time since the act had consumed her like this. She increased the speed of her blowjob, feeling the weight of her heavy breasts sway in response. She lifted one hand to cup Captain Eipom’s sack and massage his balls, trying to coax the come out.

“Oh god, Rion, this is starting to remind me of the first time we met. Shit, I can’t wait to come in your slutty little face.”

Rion moaned louder. When The Captain allowed his language to sound like that, it meant he was getting close. She could practically already taste his come. Just a few more head bobs, just a few more loud slurps, just one more glob of drool making its way down his shaft, off his balls, and onto the bust of her uniform.


“Navigation for Captain Eipom. Navigation for Captain Eipom.”

“S-shit, Ami, can’t it wait?” Eipom grunted, crudely thrusting his crotch into his proud and accomplished First Mate’s face.

“I... I don’t think so, Sir.” Came Ami’s timid reply.

The Captain slowed down. Ami never ever insisted unless it was important. It was clear that she was aware of what was happening in his office, but she had still called and she had still insisted. Rion whimpered under his desk, clearly caught up in her desire for her Captain’s load.

But The Captain unceremoniously stood up, pulling his dick out of his First Mate’s face, letting her head lightly hit the underside of the desk in the process.

“I’ll be right there,” he said back into the intercom as he stuffed his cock back into his pants. He then smacked his palm down hard on his desk. “SHIT!”

The metal desk reverberated around Rion like a thunderclap and she barely had time to extract herself from under the desk before The Captain had left the room.

“Join me as soon as you can,” he shouted over his shoulder as the metal double doors slid shut behind him.

“Of course, Captain,” she said dryly to the empty room. Rion gave herself more time than usual to collect herself. She strode to The Captain’s mini-fridge and drained a canister of fizzy water without pause. Then she refilled it and placed it back in the exact spot where she took it from. With a deep slow breath, she nodded to herself and strode toward the bridge.

The doors opened to a mood that Rion had never quite witnessed on the bridge of a ship she had served on. It felt quiet and loud all at once. The Captain was hovering over the large semi-circle central console with Ami while the rest of the crew was murmuring to each other as they pretended to work. A few skittish eyes glanced at their First Mate as she entered the bridge, but the typical respectful silence didn’t wash over the room this time. She arrived at her Captain’s side and looked down at the console. Despite her many years of service on cutting-edge military ships, Rion’s ability to parse space maps remained at an intermediate level at best. Her specialties lay elsewhere. She stuck to her tasks and let the rest of the crew stick to theirs.

“What are we looking at, Captain?” She asked.

“Jeez! Rion! I didn’t even notice you come in!” The Captain jumped. He gave her an annoyed look and resumed his concentrated stare at the console’s hub screen.

“To answer your question, Ms. Flaks, we have absolutely no idea what we’re looking at and that’s the trouble,” Ami said. It wasn’t like her to speak out of turn. Rion looked to Eipom. Although the First Mate was perfectly within her rights to reprimand Ami without permission, this situation seemed exceptional and when her Captain didn’t even turn his head to exchange a glance, the stoic First Mate let the incident slide.

“Not to be rude, but I’m just trying to understand the situation,” Rion began. “Aren’t visual anomalies on the scanner a common occurrence, especially in neutral space like this?”

“Of course,” Eipom snapped at her without breaking his gaze. Rion felt her heart beat faster. Years of working under Captain Eipom meant that she was familiar with all sides of his personality and while the pair had shared plenty of heated moments, this particular attitude of his felt different.

“I-If I may, Sir?” Ami peeped. The Captain nodded and Ami turned her attention to Rion. “These patterns are nothing like the sorts of unknown readings we tend to run into out here. While we can often see unknown or unrecognizable elements, they always have something to trace them back to their function or nature. Weapon tests, communication tests, or transportation tests. Unknown lifeforms. Dark matter congregations. But not only are these patterns unlike any of those things, not only are they constantly changing, but they seem to be displaying on our console in a way that is... well...”

Rion looked at the tiny adorable navigator as she stumbled to complete her thought. Ami was a nervous girl, but normally she displayed calm and confidence when it came to her duties. Rion turned to The Captain.

“Our console is behaving in ways it shouldn’t even be capable of,” Eipom finished, still staring at the screen.

“Do we call it in?” Rion suggested She expected an affirmative response and was only asking out of a sense of protocol and so was surprised when The Captain continued to be silent.

“Sir, we need a course of action. Do we call it in? Do we ignore it? Do we-”

“-I know what our options are, Ms. Flaks!” Eipom snapped again. Rion exhaled sharply out of her nose. She could feel the looks the rest of the crew were giving each other. Even during their most contentious debates, she had never felt so disrespected by him. All of their disagreements - no matter how severe - had always been respectful if they took place in front of the rest of the crew.

“So then. Captain. What is your decision?” Rion responded, her face and voice were like stone.

Captain Eipom said nothing at first. He didn’t even appear to blink. Rion let more silence pass than she normally would have but her professional urge for action still eventually compelled her to open her mouth. She couldn’t tell if The Captain had heard the subtle sound of her lips parting or if it was just a coincidence, but he finally spoke just before Rion was about to.

“We call it in,” he said. “Ami.”

“Yes, Captain.” Ami said. She pulled her headset off of the console and turned to her communications panel. Rion could sense annoyance in Sophie, the Communications Officer, but it wasn’t unusual to have Ami handle a call like this. It involved her specialty after all.

The bridge was silent while Ami dialed headquarters. It didn’t take long for the image of Admiral Lorna to fill the front panel of the bridge. Although it was happening off-screen, it became immediately apparent that she was in the process of being serviced.

“A-ahhhh, can I help you Captain Eipom?” She asked. While her face did not hide waves of pleasure and she was clearly allowing herself to indulge in moaning, her tone was stern and professional.

“Yes, Commander,” Eipom began, “I’ll let my Navigations Officer handle the brief.”

“Oh yes, Amy was it?”

“It’s pronounced ‘ah-me’, Ma’am,” Ami said. Rion did her best to only cringe on the inside. Lorna raised an eyebrow, but today appeared to be the busty little Navigations Officer’s day for special treatment.

“Very well, Ami. Continue.”

Ami repeated the information she had given to Rion, but was more collected and concise about it. The Admiral’s brow furrowed, but she didn’t take long to think after Ami had finished explaining.

“Mark the coordinates of the anomaly and then jump away. Approach your mission target from the backup route that takes you farthest away from the anomaly and construct a report for me immediately.”

“But, Admrial-” Captain Eipom started.

“You have your orders, Captain. This isn’t a discussion. I look forward to your report shortly,” she said before looking down and directing her next comments to the unseen presence kneeling between her legs. “That’s it Drett, you’ve been taking my criticism to heart. Good boy.”

The Captain waved his hand to indicate cutting the call off.

“Shall I start the jump, Sir?” Ami asked.

Captain Eipom said nothing. Ami’s hands had begun to move to start preparations for the jump when she asked the question, but stopped when she didn’t hear her expected response.


“Move in toward the coordinates,” he said quietly.

“Sir...” This time it was Rion. “We have direct orders from the Admiral...”

“No, First Mate, *I* have direct orders from the Admiral. You all take your orders from me and that is something you are well aware of,” Eipom said, his hands now clasped behind his back. He stood straight and looked forward as he spoke. Rion and Ami exchanged looks. A gentle murmur began in the bridge, but Rion suddenly realized that she had been acting emotionally. It wasn’t often anymore that this would happen, but she understood that the transition from serving her captain under his desk to serving him on the bridge had been too jarring. But she could process that later.

“You heard that, everybody. We follow the Captain’s orders. Jez,” she started, turning to the Weapons Director. “We have no idea what we’re in for. Ensure all your crew is on standby and that fighters are piloted. Bridge, we are on high alert. Sophie, keep all channels and backup channels open and monitored.”

As Rion snapped the crew back to reality, Captain Eipom stepped closer to Ami and began to go over his plan of approach with her. Rion noticed his hand combing through her hair as she giggled and blushed at him. The First Mate felt resentful of her jealousy. She enjoyed serving under The Captain as his First Mate and she enjoyed serving his long, curved, thick, always rock-hard cock, but truth be told, she didn’t particularly care for him personally.

“All unit heads report when on standby to jump,” Rion spoke softly into her comm. Almost all the women, including Ami, confirmed. “Jez, we’re waiting on you.”

Eipom, overhearing Rion, turned his gaze to the Weapons Director with the wild black hair.

“I’m sorry, First. A couple o’ my girls were slacking off,” Jez hushed back, her whispering voice was thick with tense embarrassment.

“That’s not acceptable, Jez. There’s a rotation for a reason. What’s the ETA?”

“I-I dunno. I can’t even get a hold of Jessi.”

“How many pilots are standing by?”

“Ninety per cent of the bay, ma’am.”

“How urgent is the timing of the jump, Sir?” Rion asked out loud.

“Immediate,” Eipom seethed.

“Then prepare for jump, Ami. All unit heads are standing by.”

“Thanks First, I owe ya,” Jez said in Rion’s ear via private comm.

“You’re not off the hook yet,” Rion came back tersely, one close eye on the Captain.

The First Mate watched over the crew as they made their preparations. The process was so habitual normally, but this time felt more to Rion like her first year in this position. Back when her heart raced with every moment, hoping nothing had been missed, hoping they would jump without complications. But this time her nervousness came less from her responsibilities and the success of the jump, but rather what they might find. The Reyblade was technically an army cruiser, but Rion hadn’t seen one significant battle during her time on board. And then there was the matter of Eipom’s insubordination. Rion had noticed The Captain getting more restless over the past few years, especially in response to bureaucracy and what he perceived as Headquarters “sidelining their best captain for glorified delivery missions,” but this was Rion’s first time witnessing him disobey a direct order.

“Pop-in point clear, First,” Ami confirmed over public comm.

“All test cycles positive, all clear for jump,” Ripper, the Head Engineer said.

“Reyblade crew informed and secure,” Sophie confirmed. “Personnel clear for jump.”

“All clear, Captain,” Rion said, hoping her voice didn’t carry her heartbeat.

“Prepare to jump,” Captain Eipom boomed. The bridge went silent except for the whirring of machines and the blowing of air. Rion couldn’t tell if The Captain was taking a longer pause than normal or if her heightened awareness was just making it seem that way.

“Make the jump!”

No matter how many years in deep space, no matter how routine the process of preparing for a jump became, Rion never grew accustomed to the feeling of the hyper jump itself. It was as if her body was being compressed and pulled apart all at once. People always said that it ended quickly, which wasn’t untrue, but to Rion it was quick like waking up from a deep sleep of nightmares was quick.

It was no different this time. It had only been an experiential moment, but Rion’s mind was heavy with what felt like a night of uneasy sleep.

“Ami! What’re the readings?”

Eipom’s wild tone brought Rion’s mind back to the bridge. Even her novice navigational reading skills anticipated Ami’s answer.

“D-dead, sir.”

“Confirm that you interpret normal deep space readings.”

“Correct, sir. There appears to be absolutely nothing here.”

“And the jump coordinates were accurate?”

“Exact, sir.”


“Prepare to jump to nearest reasonable point in the Plan B route,” The Captain said.

“Sir, we *just* jumped,” Rion warned.

“We’ve done it before, we’ll do it again,” Eipom snapped. Rion drew a long breath.

“All unit heads report on progress,” Rion said into Comm.

“That was a lucky goddamned break.”

“Shut up, Jez,” Rion whispered back curtly through private comm.

Chapter 2: A New Call

Ami followed half a step behind The Captain, needing to jog every so often to keep up to his angry steps. She had no idea if she was in trouble or if she was about to be used or both. Despite a few months of service on the Reyblade and heavy flirting, Ami was surprised to not have been an object of the Captain’s whims under The Free Use Agreement especially after some of the stories she had heard of ships operating under the Agreement and of Captain Eipom in particular. She had willingly transferred to this ship after all, even with a tempting offer from the Gullcry. It wasn’t the story she told her hopelessly conservative family, but that didn’t matter. She was far away now.

“After you,” the Captain said to Ami, “go to my desk.” His tone was curt and stern and Ami wasn’t entirely sure what he meant. Should she stand in front of it? Should she sit in the guest chair? If she should stand, which way should she face?

“Bend over it, officer,” he said as if reading her mind. “Rion, sit in the guest chair.”

The two women obeyed the captain but Rion felt unsettled. Eipom used plenty of his crew on a regular basis, but - at least in Rion’s experience - it was exclusively either in private or in front of a large group. Rion had never been made to watch in this sort of scenario. She knew she had been out of line on the bridge, but they both had, hadn’t they?

“Fuck, look at this ass,” The Captain said, leering down at Ami’s rear. He put one hand on her back and raised his other hand. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to spank you, Navigator?”

Ami opened her mouth to speak but felt The Captain’s firm strike on her uniform-clad behind before she had a chance.

“Did you see that, Rion? Did you see the jiggle? I’m getting hard just from that. Do you see the way her tits splay out from under her against the desk? They’re even bigger than yours. Bigger than the whole bridge,” The Captain said. He had left his hand on Ami’s ass after spanking her and was circling and groping it now. Ami wasn’t sure if she should say anything at this point. His words seemed addressed at the First Mate, but she wasn’t speaking either. She felt The Captain grip the waist of her stretchy uniform pants and pull them down over her ass, leaving them at the top of her legs. She couldn’t help but gasp as her flesh hit the air. She felt as embarrassed and confused as she did horny. She had begun masturbating multiple times a day, believing with disappointment that it was the only way she was going to get off on the Reyblade. She certainly had never expected a situation like this.

“Such insubordination you showed me today, Rion. On the bridge. It is unprecedented. You know - and have shown in the past - that any difficulty you have with my decisions, you discuss with me later, in private,” Eipom said. He spoke clearly and directly to his First Mate, but his eyes and hands were on the busty navigator bent forward on his desk. He sunk both hands into her ass and jiggled the flesh in his palms. “Are you wet, Ami?”

“Y-yes, Captain,” she responded almost immediately.

“Do you want my big cock?”

“Yes, Captain,” she repeated in a whimper. She didn’t remember the last time she was so horny and couldn’t tell if it made it worse or if it was exacerbated by the fact that her First Mate was not only watching, but being scolded at the same time.

“Undo my belt and pull down my uniform while you apologize to me, Rion,” Eipom said, still groping his Navigator’s plump rear, using one hand to slide up under the top half of her uniform and rub the sides of her extremely generous breasts that were squishing in abundance to either side of her.

“I acted out of line, Captain,” Rion said, keeping her voice from shaking in anger as she followed his orders. “I’m sorry.”

“Grip my shaft now, First Mate. Stroke me and make sure I’m at full length before I enter Ami.”

“Yes, Captain,” Rion obeyed. She tried to prepare herself to not react when she touched Eipom’s cock. She tried to focus on her anger and humiliation. But it almost made it worse when her fingers wrapped around his hot hard length and it sent sharp bolts of desire through her body. Of course he was already rock-hard. His command was simply an exercise of power. She began to jerk him off expertly, unable to deny her lust for his cock. Feelings from the unfinished blowjob under his desk came rushing back and she realized she desired that unique taste and sensation of her Captain flooding her mouth. But at the same time, all her ignored feelings of disdain for Eipom came to the surface as well. A tornado of conflict raged inside her.

“That’s enough, Rion. Now strip naked, go into my private address booth and record a video message saying nothing but ‘I’m a bad little slut who disobeys her Captain’s orders’. Do not broadcast it, but save it as ‘Rion’s Truth’ for me.” Eipom said as he lined up his dick with Ami’s tight entrance. Ami wiggled against his cockhead. She could hear what was happening, but it didn’t really register. She was clouded with desire. She hadn’t been fucked in months and had been suppressing how badly she needed it.

“Yes, Captain,” Rion said. Eipom had never asked for something like this from Rion. Its suddenness and its nature made her numb as walked off to obey her Captain’s orders. She turned back before entering the room and watched Ami’s face tilt up toward the ceiling as Eipom entered her.

“Goddamn, that’s a tight little hole,” The Captain grunted as Ami gripped the front of the desk, already starting in little yelps, grunts, and moans before Eipom’s first complete pump into her pussy.

Rion entered the booth and closed the door. She only removed her top, knowing that the video wouldn’t capture anything below her stomach. But as she stepped to the console, she switched it to communications mode. She dialed. Admiral Lorna’s annoyed face came into view, but turned to shock when she saw who was calling.

“First Mate Flaks, I wasn’t expecting you to call,” she said, clearly checking out the First Mate’s topless figure. “Do you have Eipom’s orders to call? Where is he? What’s happened?”

“I am calling without permission, Admiral, and willing to accept the consequences of that. May I speak to you without the presence of a lapdog?”

Lorna grimaced but then looked down. “Sorry, Drett, it’s just not our day. Go wait with the others like a good boy until I call you back.”

Rion only saw him from behind, but his defined back muscles gave the impression of an impeccable specimen. The door closed behind him and Rion turned her attention back to Lorna.

“Fuck! Yes! Shit! Fuck! Take your Captain’s cock, you horny slut!” Eipom shouted out as he pounded Ami. Her loud appreciation had collapsed into quiet panting and she let her head bounce lightly off the table with every pump of his stiff cock. Her breasts had become sore - having been squished so tightly for so long - and she was beginning to feel lightheaded, but she didn’t want it to stop. She didn’t want this to be the last time. She squeezed her pussy tighter and immediately heard The Captain’s groans of appreciation. This is what she had signed up for. Hard work with intermittent no-strings fucking.

“Please, Captain? Please come in my little pussy? Please oh please? I want it real bad! Real real bad!” Ami began to beg, the words spilling out before she had time to consider them.

Eipom had still been mesmerized by Ami’s large ass and the motions it made while he fucked her from behind, but her words woke up him. He pulled out of her. Ami was vocal in her surprise and disappointment.

“Get on your knees and pull out those fat tits. You have a long way to go if you want your Captain to come inside you. Such a greedy girl,” he sneered. He pulled on his own shaft as he watched Ami obey his orders. Rion stepped out of the booth just as Eipom began to blast his load all over Ami’s face and uniform, not able to hold back until she was able to fully unzip her top. She scrambled to pull out her tits and present them as he sent out his final few blasts. They were both panting as Rion watched, now fully dressed again, her arms folded under her chest. She caught herself looking at Ami’s wildly large bust. She knew Eipom had a predilection for busty women, but he seemed to be leaning into that preference harder with his recent hires. Ami was the most extreme example. Rion had never seen such massive breasts on such a small frame.

“Did you complete your task, Rion?” Eipom asked calmly as he shook his dick over Ami’s body.

“Yes, Captain.”

“Good. Ami, you are free to use my on-site facilities to wash your uniform and take a shower, but please leave after that and complete a report for Admiral Lorna that excludes our little detour. Rion, bring in a cabin girl to clean me up and then leave also. I wish to be left alone.”

“Yes, Captain,” they said in unison. Rion could sense the smarmy air with which Ami stood up, as if claiming a victory. She was brought back to when she used to hold that attitude, thinking that being the Captain’s choice was something to gloat about. There had been some perfect years in the middle. When she had gotten over that attitude, but she didn’t dislike Eipom enough for it to come in the way of their work and his use of her. But it would all be over soon, she hoped.

Eipom lay back and waited for the cabin girl to arrive and lick him clean. Rion sent her in just as Ami was leaving. Eipom loved staying silent as a cabin girl cleaned him with her tongue and thanked him. But this time he found himself growing hard in her mouth as she tentatively sucked. Cabin girls were in training and were almost never allowed to sexually service their Captains, but it wasn’t strictly forbidden. Eipom put his hand on the back of her head.

“That’s it. Good girl,” he said soothingly. The girl whimpered in deep gratitude and began an earnest steady blowjob. It didn’t take long for Eipom to come again, softer this time, but directly into her mouth. She cleaned him up once more and then padded out of his quarters, debating whether she should tell the others. Eipom fell into a hard sleep.


In Part II, Admiral Lorna’s fleet comes to cut off the Reyblade’s starflight path and Rion’s actions are revealed to Eipom. Meanwhile, Ami gets caught up in her new duties, growing obsessed with making her Captain come at the expense of almost everything else.


About the author:

Nel Symington loves to explore erotic possibilities through exaggerated story-telling and multifaceted characters. When she's not writing exciting literature, she enjoys reading the work of others and sitting outside whenever possible.

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