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Amy’s Abduction Fantasy

Author: K. Hann

Copyright 2018 K. Hann

Published by K. Hann

ISBN: 9780463273395

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Chapter 1

Amy sat in her car, occasionally trembling with nervousness. Her head telling her she was crazy, turn the car on and leave, but her pussy tingled in anticipation.

She was fresh out of a long-term relationship with a very boring guy. He was very nice and treated her great, but he had a 5” cock and only wanted to “make love”

Amy was 28 with an amazing body on her 5’4” frame, perky B cup tits and shapely legs leading to her smooth-shaven pussy, which was nearly dripping wet right now.

She had been online cruising ads for sex in her area, more to get a few laughs than to actually hook up but one had caught her eye. It was title “Do you have an abduction fantasy” and contained a picture of a man that said he was in his late 30’s with a very athletic build and went in to description on how he wanted to “Abduct and Use” a willing female. A few emails later here she sat in the corner of a big box store parking lot waiting to be abducted. She wore a tee shirt with no bra, her hard nipple jutting though the thin fabric, a pair of old yoga pants with a pair of thong panties and tennis shoes. Not a typically sexy outfit by most standards but she had been told not to wear anything she wasn’t ok with being destroyed, which is also why she had a bag next to her with a fresh set of cloths. She had been told t bring a change of clothes or go home naked and dripping cum. This had gotten her even wetter at the time.

She had arrived a little early and now wished she hadn’t as her nerves were about to get the best of her.

She watched a black SUV pull into the parking lot, just like her abductor had said he drove. She watched it as it continued towards her.

It pulled in next to her, its passenger door a few feet from her door. She could see a figure through the tinted windows but couldn’t make out much more.

She steeled herself, grabbing her bag of cloths she stepped out of her car, closing and locking the door then reaching for the door of the SUV.

Amy opened the door and paused, it was the man from the ad, this was the first time they had seen each other’s faces. He was attractive, she could see the muscles defined under his tee shirt.

He smiled, “Hello”

She smiled back, “Hi” as she pulled herself into the SUV and closed the door. There was no small talk.

He looked at her, “You sure you want to do this?”

“Yes” was all she said with a nervous smile.

“Ok, you know what to do” as he reached across in front of her and opened the glove box. There sat a pair of handcuffs and a black blindfold.

He didn’t say anything else.

She glanced at the contents of the glove box then at him.

He sat with a small smile looking back at her, but there was something underneath that, she knew he was in charge, she would do as they had agreed or she would be kicked out of his car, no negotiations. The feeling of not having a choice excited her.

She reached in and removed the blindfold, placing in on her head above her eyes. Then she took the cuffs, with a clacking zip sound she secured the first then the second. With her hands secured she reached up and pulled the blindfold into place.

Amy sat there in darkness, her hands cuffed in her lap. She felt nervous and awkward. “So what..” she started to say.

“Don’t speak unless spoken to,” she was cut off. Then the radio was turned up so that was all she could hear.

She felt the SUV moving.

She didn’t have a real good concept of time, maybe 10-15 minutes, the car turned off, it was quiet. Her abductor got out of his door and closed it behind him.

She heard and felt her door open and a firm had grasp her upper arm, “Turn and step out.”

She followed the instructions. The hand guided her a couple steps then she heard the door close.

The controlling hand on her turned her, she though facing the SUV.

She felt his body press against her ass and back, his strong arms around her sides. One hand pulled her wrist back and she felt one of the cuffs open.

She was suddenly pushed against the SUV, both hands pulled behind her and quickly her free hand was again wrapped in the steel of the cuffs.

“Ok slut, like we agreed to, I can do anything I want to you as long as there is no severe marks and you don’t use your safe word. What is your safe word?”

“Unicorn” she responded.

“Ok, spread your legs.” He instructed, holding her wrist.

She scooted her legs a little bit a part but his foot kicked the inside of hers spreading her more.

“Let’s see what we have here.” As he stared patting her down and rubbing her, something between a frisking and feeling her up. His hand covered and roughly cupped each of her breasts. “I see you didn’t bother wearing a bra.” As he tweaked her already hard nipple making her flinch.

He moved down her body, grabbing her ass then his had slid around and across her pussy, down into her crotch. She let out a little whimper.

“You did wear panties though, but I can still feel your wet slutty pussy soaking through them.

Grasping her upper arm again he pulled her back from the side of the SUV. Get on your knees bitch!” he commanded. She started to kneel down but was assisted with a hard push on her shoulder. She landed on her knees of the hard concrete.

She kneeled, not knowing what to expect. She heard him moving around then walking up to her. Was he going to shove his cock in her mouth, god she hoped so.

A soft strap wrapped around her neck then tightened a little, it was a collar she figured out.

Amy felt a pull on the front of the collar. “Standup”

She was led by the collar and hand on her upper arm again.

She was being led through his house to the dungeon room she had seen pictures of.

He guided her into the room he had set up as his dungeon playroom. The room included a bondage bench, a set of chains hanging from the ceiling, bondage chair, whips and other accessories hanging from the walls and a set of drawers holding a variety of toys.

He led her under the set of chains. Moving behind her he wrapped each wrist in a leather cuff with D links. Once these were buckled in place he unlocked the cuff on her right hand, raising it over her head and snapping the lock that was hanging from the chain onto the restraint, holding her arm high over her head.

He unlocked the left cuff and let them fall to the floor as he guided her other arm up to the chain fastening it into place.

He ran his hand down her shapely leg as he kneeled next to her. He picked up one foot and pulled her sneaker off tossing it in the corner then did the same with the other, then fastened leather restraints around each ankle. Without saying anything he tapped the inside of her ankle.

She moved her leg out farther.

He snapped one sit\de of the spreader bar onto her ankle. He tapped her other ankle “Wider”.

She complied until her legs were spread wide open and he snapped the other end of the spreader bar into place.

He stood and walked in front of her. He looked her over, the yoga pants showing her tone legs and ass, the tee shirt pulled up now exposing some of her flat stomach but covering her hard nipples, her long blonde hair pulled up in a ponytail and a black blindfold over her blue eyes. His cock started to stiffen.

Amy stood in the room, spread eagle, waiting.

He picked up a Benchmade folding tanto blade knife. He knew this was not just about sex, if it was she would have been at a bar picking up any guy she wanted. She wanted the thrill, the fear and anticipation of the unknown.

She heard a metallic snap, then the feel of cold steel at the base of her neck.

He ran the back of the blade along the base of her neck, pulling out the collar of her shirt he inserted the blade, with a light pull the razor sharp blade separated her shirt. Not wanting it to be in the way, he then inserted the blade in her sleeve and pulled it toward the open front of the shirt, then did the same with the other sleeve. He brushed the cloth off her shoulders and her tattered shirt fell to the floor. Fully exposing the hard nipples that had been teasing him by poking through her shirt.

She felt she shirt fall off of her. It left her feeling exposed. She felt the cool steel ever so lightly running across her nipples, making her shiver with excitement.

She felt the waist of her pants being pulled out, the pants that gripped her stared to loosen as the blade slid from her waist t her ankle. The pants fell open off of her left leg. She felt the other side being cut until the pants fell off of her in 2 pieces onto the floor. It was then she realized he had cut her panties at the same time. She was now totally naked, exposed and fully restrained in front of a stranger that she had given permission, no, not given permission, she had ask him to use her.

He stood in front of her now fully naked body. He reached out placing his hand on her bald pussy.

She flinched at the unexpected touch to her pussy. She felt a finger curl and enter her wetness. It slid in easily. She moaned as it explored her inner reaches then slid out dragging her wetness to her clit and rubbing it causing her to squirm and moan.

He pulled his hand away. Going to the drawers he removed a leather belt harness. He fastened this around her waist, then attached a magic wand, adjusting the holder so the bulbous head rested on her clit and upper pussy. He clicked it onto the low setting causing it to emit a low hum.

Amy again squirmed as the vibrator turned on. It was a strong low vibration right on her clit and pussy. She began to moan quickly. She moved her hips but the harness kept it in the same spot not allowing her the relief of a brief break or a change in intensity to get her to orgasm.

She stood there in darkens focusing only on the vibrations on her pussy. She felt her nipple being pinched, then another feeling, of plastic or metal, it continued to tighten and squeeze her nipple. She was confused if it hurt or felt good, making her throbbing pussy even wetter. Finally the pressure held steady. The same thing was done to her other nipple, she was between moaning in pleasure and crying in pain.

He again stood back, admiring her body and his work. The wand hanging on her pussy and the cloverleaf nipple claps connected by a silver chain firmly grasping her hard nipples.

With a smirk she could not see he flipped the switch on the wand to HI. The low rumble turned to a high pitched buzz. The impact to Amy’s pussy that was already teased to the point of orgasm was immediate. She began flailing in her restraints.

The sudden change in the vibrations to her clit and pussy were too much, she was immediacy thrown into orgasm, her knees buckled, she could barely stand. The relentless vibrator didn’t stop. Her already sensitive clit was under constant excitement. She cried out in orgasm.

A loud “Thwack” sound filled the room as the riding crop landed on her ass.

She jumped trying to get away but again was refused. The restraint held her in place.

“Trying to go somewhere slut?”

All she could manage in response was a grunt.

Another “Thwack” on her other cheek, causing her to jump again.

Her senses were in total overload from her nipples to her pussy to her stinging ass, she thought she might actually pass out.

The riding crop landed on her ass a total of 10 times, leaving rectangular red marks. Tears had started to form in her eyes when the whipping stopped, but the vibrator continued.

Suddenly she felt one of the nipple clamps removed and it was immediately replace by a mouth sucking hard. The sudden pain followed by the sensation of blood flow returning to her nipple even faster because of the suction made her orgasm even more intense. Just as that nipple was returning to normal, in one swift move the other nipple clap was removed and again replaced by the mouth.

Amy moaned and whimpered like the slut in heat that she was now.

The wand was turned off. Amy hung mostly by her arms, her body feeling totally drained. She paid little attention to the harness being removed or her ankles being released.

A strong arm wrapped around her from behind grasping just under her tits to stable her as she heard the “click” of the locks on her wrist being released.

She slowly lowered her arms.

“You ok to stand up?” he ask

“Yes sir, thank you.” Amy replied

Her arms were pulled behind her again and locked again.

“Get on your knees.”

Amy lowered herself down slowly and carefully since she didn’t have her arms to balance her.

She felt his presence in front of her, then felt the soft warmth of a cock pressing against her lips.

She opened her mouth to accept the cock. She had came too many times to count but still hadn’t had any cock, she was ready for it.

The cock held steady as she bobbed and twisted her head to suck it.

She was rewarded with a low moan. This encouraged her and she quickened her pace.

A hand firmly grabbed a handful of her blond hair, pulling her head back and off the cock.

“Thanks for sucking my cock, that was nice, now I’m going to fuck your throat, it’s not going to be nice.”

Her head was brought forward slowly until the head of the cock was past her lips. Holding her hair tightly the cock thrust into her mouth causing her to gag. Instead of stopping so she could catch her breath it kept fucking her mouth. She was now gagging and coughing, focusing on breathing not sucking a cock.

The cock pushed as far back into her throat as it could and was held there. She tried to move but couldn’t, she couldn’t cough or breathe. Just before she lost consciousness the cock was pulled all the way out of her mouth.

She gasp for breath. Taking 2 deep breaths. The cock was thrust back into her throat. She handled this slightly better, holding still waiting to take her next breath. Spit was now oozing form the corners of her mouth.

The cock was pulled out far enough for her to get a breath then started rapidly fucking her mouth. She felt her spit dripping onto her chest as the cock was pulled from her mouth.

She kneeled there panting, trying to catch her breath.

She felt a hand under her arm lifting her. She stood on unsteady legs and was guided forward. The hand released her arm and grabbed the lock holding her wrists together and lifted.

“Lean over slut.”

She leaned forward till her stomach felt cool leather, she let some of her weight rest on it.

Her hands were released and refastened in front of her to some connection points toward the floor, holding her in the bent over position.

She jumped as a hand landed on her already sensitive ass.

He now had her leaning over his bondage bench with her hands fastened to it. Her ass and pussy were fully exposed. They had discussed anal sex, Amy had never had her ass fucked but was open to toys.

She felt a cool sensation on her exposed asshole, then something being inserted into her and more coolness inside her ass.

He set the anal lube injector down, being her first time he had used a lube with a slight numbing effect.

He selected a metal butt plug with a narrow taper on top but expanded to almost 2” diameter at its widest.

She felt a cool almost cold object press against her virgin ass. It seemed to slide in easily. He worked it in and out of her, she moaned.

He lightly laughed, “We haven’t even started on your ass yet sweetie.”

She felt the plug being pushed further into her, her ass was stretching, and stretching, then it was backed out again and she was fucked with it again.

“Ok, this is it.” He said “You may feel a little discomfort.” As he chuckled again.

She felt it go further easier than the last time, but the pressure and stretching continued.

He watched and her tight ass stretched to accommodate the plug. He saw the widest part reaching her asshole, it was very tight, but continued with slow steady pressure.

She was about to cry out when suddenly her ass sucked the plug into her, there was a slight sting. She was breathing heavily. She felt a little more push to fully seat the plug into her.

He admired the pretty little ass now with a big red jewel seated in it.

He moved closer, his erect cock pointing directly at her pussy. He rested the head on her soaking lips. She moaned.

“You want that cock in your pussy slut?”

“Yes sir,”

“Yes what?”

“Yes sir please fuck me, I’m yours and I crave your cock and cum, please fuck me.” Amy responded, she was not playing a game, she wanted the cock in her more than anything.

With no warning, no easing in, the cock buried itself in her pussy, his body also forcing the butt plug in her deeper.

She moaned loudly “Oh fuck yes”

“Oh fuck yes what?”

“Oh fuck yes, use my pussy, fuck me hard sir.”

His strong firm but smooth hands gripped her waist and he started pounding her pussy. She soon felt the first orgasm from getting fucked approaching and it was big.

She screamed as it hit her. Her pussy juice squirted onto his balls and dripped onto the floor. Her pussy and ass contracted around the objects in them.

The beautiful cock continued to pound her. She had no concept of time but she came another 4 times before she felt the cock expand in her.

“Oh yea, I’m going to fill this pussy with my cum”

“Yes sir, shoot your cum in me I want it, give it to me.”

The cock in her started twitching and she felt squirt after squirt of hot cum filling her, she came again.

She leaned on the bench breathing heavily and the cock pulled out of her. She felt cum run out of her and felt empty. She heard him walking around.

“You made a mess, clean it up” as he pushed his still hard cock in her mouth.

She tasted his cum mixed with her juices. He guided his cock and balls over her mouth so she could get all the mess they had made.

Once he felt she had cleaned him well enough he went behind her, gripping the jewel in the plug and steadily pulling.

She felt her ass holding onto the plug until it broke past that magic point and easily slid from her.

Her wrists were released.


She did so.

She heard a thud in front of her.

“Here is your stuff, you have 5 minutes to get dressed, put the blindfold and cuffs back on and be kneeling when I get back.”

“Sir, can I use the restroom, I’m pretty messy” she ask

“Fuck no you can’t. Just for that if you are so worried about being a mess, I’m keeping your extra panties.”

She heard rustling in front of her, “5 minutes” and she heard the door shut.

She removed the blindfold then her wrist and ankle restraints. Her ass was sore as were her nipples, her pussy still oozing their combined juices.

The bag with her cloths was open on the floor in front of her. She dressed as quickly as she could, sliding on her tight jeans, tee shirt, with a bra this time and finally recovering her shoes form the corner.

Five minutes later she heard the door open. She was on her knees, blindfold in place and hands cuffed in front of her.

“Good girl.” he said “You have one more task before I return you. I need a blowjob. You do it good I won’t fuck your throat.”

She felt him in front of her then felt the head of his semi erect cock touch her lips. She opened her mouth and took it in, reaching up with her cuffed hands stroking the shaft and she sucked.

The cock grew rapidly in her mouth until it was rigid and filling her mouth. She worked her tongue along the sensitive underside, moving her head up and down.

She could hear his breathing getting heavier, he started to slowly fuck her mouth in rhythm with her sucking. His pace increased, his cock head swelled in her mouth.

The first rope of cum splashed into her mouth and then the cock was pulled out.

He grunted as he jerked his cock, shooting his cum on her neck, shirt and open cleavage.

At least 5 large shots landed on her as she kneeled, the taste of his cum in her mouth from the first shot.

The cock was put back in her mouth. She gently sucked the remaining cum from it as it softened.

“That was for worrying about being messy, you are lucky I didn’t shoot all over you face.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.

He helped her to her feet and led her back to his SUV.

During the ride he rubbed her pussy through her jeans, she could feel the crotch getting soaked, from their mixed cum and the new wetness from his rubbing and the cum drying on her neck and chest.

The SUV came to a stop. He leaned over and unlocked the cuffs, “Ok we are here. You are free to go.”

Amy pulled the blindfold off and set it in the console “Thank you sir, I enjoyed it.” She looked into his deep brown eyes.

“Me too. You have my email if you want to go again. Next time will be more intense though. This was your introduction.”

She opened the door and quickly moved to his car. This time instead of parking right next to hers he had parked 4 spaces away. Undoubtedly so she had to take the short walk with a wet spot in her crotch and drying cum on her.

She was embarrassed but even more excited. No one was close enough to see the details but the thought was still exhilarating.

She sat in the safety of her car, letting out a deep exhale as she watched the SUV pull out of the parking lot.

She made it into her apartment without encountering any of her neighbors, she could have used some tissues from her car to clean off the cum, but she didn’t.

She collapsed on her couch, unbuttoned her jeans and slid 2 fingers into her messy pussy gently stroking in and out, pulling her fingers out and sliding them in her mouth savoring the flavor of cum and pussy, her pussy.

She picked up her phone and opened her mail account.

“Sir, please use me again. I need to be your cum slut.”

Chapter 2

She pulled into the parking lot again. As instructed she wore a tee shirt, with no bra and jeans with no panties. She did not being spare cloths.

Her pussy tingled as she watched the SUV pull into the lot.

Amy kneeled on the floor, still fully dressed and blindfolded with her hands behind her back. Her eyes adjusted as the blindfold was removed. She looked up at him, standing over her, holding the blindfold.

“You will have 5 minutes to undress, fold your cloths, put on the restraints and assume the submissive position.” He pointed to the double bed in the corner with the restraints laid out on it.

“Yes sir”

He turned and left the room, shutting the door behind him.

She looked around the room. She had seen a few pictures and had even been tied and used here, but this was the first time she actually got to see it. It was actually quite large. A double bed in one corner, leather swing in another, suspended by chains from the ceiling. Near the center of the room were 2 chains dangling from the ceiling, this is where she had been tied, the was the bondage horse she had been bent over, next to one wall was a steel stockade, a set of drawers under a large screen television. In various spots on the open walls were whips, crops, and other restraints.

She snapped back, hoping she hadn’t lost too much time looking around, she quickly stripped. Putting the leather wrist cuffs on were harder than she thought to buckle with one hand but she got it done.

She had just settled into her kneeling position when she heard the door handle turn and he walked in.

He was wearing black boots, jeans and no shirt. She briefly looked up at his defined abs, chest and arms but quickly dropped her head looking at the floor as she was supposed to do in the submissive position.

He approached her until his boots were just outside of her knees.

“Suck my cock slut.”

Without a word she looked at his denim covered crotch less than a foot from her face. She reached up, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. Seeing he was not wearing underwear she gently took his soft cock out, being sure to pull the pants down enough that his balls were also free.

She placed her soft lips around his cock, running her tongue around the head. It began to swell immediately. She took it all in her mouth pressing her lips against his balls and stomach, feeling it grow in her mouth and forcing her to retreat.

She began bobbing her head and occasional taking it out of her mouth and running her tongue under the shaft and head.

He stood still making no noise, just watching her work over his cock.

“Put your hand behind your back” he commanded

She took her hands from his cock and balls and put them behind her.

With both hands he reached out taking both sides of her head in his strong hands and started roughly thrusting in her mouth while pulling and pushing her head to meet his thrusts.

She gasp for air between thrusts and tried not to gag.

He continued his assault on her mouth and throat until tears stared to form in her eyes.

One hand moved to the back of her head and grabbed her hair pulling her head back so she was looking up and him and his cock which he now had in his free hand jerking it.

The first shot of cum splashed on her forehead and into her hair, as did the 2nd.

She waited, mouth open, as he continued to jerk his rock hard cock.

“Shut your mouth.”

This was only the 2nd time they had been together but she had already leaned to obey without question.

More cum ropes landed on her cheeks and nose and her lips.

He grunted and milked the last few drop from his cock, making sure they landed on her face.

He took his still hard cock and smeared the cum that had gathered on her lips across her cheeks and chin.

“Clean my cum covered cock slut.”

Leaving her hands behind her back, because she hadn’t been told she could move them, she leaned forward taking his cock in her mouth. She could taste his salty-ness and smell the fresh cum, she got a little light headed and she forced her mouth further down on his cock. His cum was only around the head as he had used that to smear her face.

She pulled of his cock with “pop” and returned to her submissive position, hand still behind her back looking down.

From the corner of her eye she saw him walk to where her cloths were folded, he picked up her tee shirt and used it to dry his cock then tossed it in a wad back on top of her jeans.

“Bend over the bench and spread your ass cheeks.”

She stood leaning over the bench until her chest rested on it. Placing her hand behind her she grasp her cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing her pussy and asshole. She could feel the cum running over her face more as she leaned over and starting to dry as well in other places.

A cool wetness was felt on her ass as lube was squeezes on her tight hole then she felt the tip slid in and her ass being injected with more of the cool lube.

Soon after the lube tip was removed she felt the familiar feel of the butt plug press into her. Unlike last time there was no slowly working it in. With one slow but steady push pressure was applied until her ass accepted the plug.

She let out a small moan as it passed into her ass.

“Nice! Already getting used to having your ass filled. That will make it easier for you later.”

He grabbed her hair and pulled her up from the bench and quickly locked her into the chains and spreader bar again as he had done last time.

He also fitted the belt on her again and placed the wand vibrator in it. It hung lower than the last time, she notice, assuming he would tighten it.

She felt it buzz to life barley brushing her pussy lips.

He pinched her right nipple and pulled it out with one hand, the other slid a tweezer type nipple clamp around it and cinched it tight. He repeated this on the other nipple, but she noticed there was another chain hanging down.

He used 2 fingers to spread her upper pussy lips and pressed a third tweezer clamp over her clit cinching it down as well making her gasp.

He stepped back looking at her spread eagle, perky tits jutting out with clamps on them and a Y chain going down to her pussy. Cum mostly dried on her face and matting her hair.

“I am going to leave you like this until, well until I decide not to or you use your safe word, which if you do I will take you back to your car and we will never speak again. Is that understood slut?”

“Yes sir”

He walked out and closed the door.

She felt pressure on her nipples and clit but no pain. The vibrator was teasing her, providing just enough stimulation to excite but nowhere close to getting her off. Her arms were stretched above her head and her legs spread wide. She tried to not focus on any one stimulation and tried thinking of other things to make the time go by faster.

She had no concept of time, it could have been 3 minutes it could have been 30 minutes. Her nipples and clit were now throbbing, her pussy was teased to the point her wetness covered her lips and the head of the vibrator, the butt plug rested in her tight ass. Her head hung limply forward, she had leaned it back once but discovered that stretched the chain between her nipples and pussy tugging on both so she decided not to do that.

She briefly though this could all end if she just yelled her safe word, but then she realized, she didn’t want this to stop.

Time seemed to drag on, her shoulders and hips were starting to ache. She was somewhere between asleep and awake. All her efforts to not focus on her sensations had failed, be it the throbbing pain in her nipples and clit, the fullness in her ass, the un ending teasing of the vibrator or even the tightness of the dried cum on her face.

Finally she heard the door open. She lifted her head.

He walked I front of her, looking directly into her eyes. “You are a serious slut and submissive, I am impressed.”

His warm but serious brown eyes stayed locked on her. Without warning he grasp the vibrator and pressed it into her pussy and clit.

She instantly came. She screamed at the top of her lungs, “AAAhhhhhhh, uuhhhh” He body convulsed again causing her nipples and clit to be pulled on which increased the intensity of her orgasm.

He dropped the vibrator letting it fall to its original teasing position. Her juices now flowed down its length.

Her eyes were closed and her head sagging again as she panted recovering from the intensity of the orgasm.

She felt he clit being tugged on then the clamp being removed, followed by a sharp pain. Then the vibrator was pressed against her clit again, her body tensed and nearly came again but just as suddenly as it was pressed into her it was gone again.

She felt the first nipple clamp release, also a rush of pain followed its removal as blood flow was restored. She gasp with the pain, she felt a tug on her other nipple as the chain was dropped followed by a hard slap on her breast causing her to gasp as he sensitive nipple absorbed the blow.

Her head was spinning, the other clamp was removed and also slapped. She thought she was going to pass out from the sensation overload.

She hung by her arms trying to mentally collect herself. She realized the vibrator was no longer buzzing and had been removed. She blinked her eyes hard a couple time and looked up.

He was standing 3 feet in front of her, arms crossed still wearing his jeans.

“Welcome back. I thought I lost you for a few minutes. Can you stand on your own?”

“I don’t know.”

A hard slap to her right breast woke her up even more.”

“I’m sorry sir. I don’t know if I can stand up sir.” It was then she noticed her ankles had also been release. She must have really been out of it for a few minutes.

He stepped into her placing one arm around her waist while he unlocked her wrists with the other.

She felt her knees start to buckle and leaned into his muscular chest. She place her hand on his shoulders to steady herself.

“Thank you sir. I am ok now.”

“Good, get on the bench.” As he pointed.

She placed her knees on the padded rear ledges leaning forward and placing her elbows and forearms on the front set. She still felt her muscles and body softly quivering.

She felt tension on the plug as it was pulled and slowly eased from her ass. She whimpered lightly.

He applied more lube as her ass gaped slightly allowing it to run into her.

He shed his jeans and lined up his cock with her ass.

She felt the soft warmth of his cock head as it pressed on the entry to her ass. The head slipped into her well lubed and loosened ass easily. With a steady pressure he pushed further. After a few inches she tensed as it started to hurt.

“Relax and take it baby.”

She took a deep breath as he continued to push. She felt a sharp pain but it was followed with a much better near orgasmic feeling.

“Oohhhh yea” she said softly.

He continued to press into her, filling her. Her ass felt totally filled when his stomach rested on her ass cheeks. He rested there, holding steady.

She moaned quietly. She focused on the feeling in her ass and loved it. It was not uncomfortable as she remembered in the past.

Suddenly a hand came down on her ass with a loud “Smack”, she jolted and her hands came up which was when she realized she had not been strapped in. She quickly put them back on the rests.

Another smack landed on her ass. She still flinched but hot as much.

A hand grabbed her hair, intertwining its fingers for a solid grip, pulling her head up. His cock almost fully withdrew then slammed into her. He pulled her head back as he thrust forward driving fully into her. Her sensitive nipples rubbed against the leather of the bench surface.

As suddenly as it started the cock was pulled from her as, then shoved back in followed by another smack on the ass.

She moaned and felt her orgasm building, just from being spanked and ass fucked.

“You like my cock in your ass slut?”

“Oh god, yes sir, fuck my ass harder.”

He continued to thrust into her.

She was moaning uncontrollably, she couldn’t and didn’t want to hold her orgasm anymore. She screamed as her pussy convulsed and squired her cum onto his balls and the bench.

The hand released her hair and moved over grasping her shoulder and the other hand did the same, pulling her roughly back into the cock fucking her near virgin ass. Strong fingers dug into her shoulders as he continued to fuck her ass. The thrusts slowed and he grunted, she felt his cock throb and the warmth of his cum filling her.

She was glad to already be laying down, her body felt like jelly. The cock filling her slowly slid out and was immediately replaced by a butt plug, this one felt bigger but she couldn’t be sure.

“Stay there.” Was all he said as he walked out of the room.

She lay there, her pussy and ass still tingling but exhausted. She heard water running then him walking back into the room. He walked up behind her and easily slid his still hard cock into her soaking pussy.

He steadily fucked her, thrusting deeply, soon she was cumming again, her pussy convulsing and shooting her own cum onto him. He held a steady pace leading her to orgasm over and over again. After what she guessed was 20 minutes she was out of breath and had no idea how many times she had come or squirted. His cock twitch and he held deep inside of her shooting his third load of the day into her.

The cock rested in her sloppy pussy then slid out. As she suspected it was brought to her with a mixture of his and her cum covering it. She no longer needed to be told what to do, she started licking and sucking their juices off. She could feel their combined juices leaking from her open pussy as she did.

He pulled his cock form her mouth. “Get off the bench and get on your knees, you left a fucking mess on my bench, lick it clean.”

As she got off the bench she saw what he was referring to. There were several blobs of his white cum that had leaked form her as well as puddles of her juice, much of which had ran off onto the floor.

She kneeled and craned her neck, licking the black leather, scooping up his cum with her lips and licking the leather to do her best to get her juices off and he stood naked and watched.

“Assume your position in the middle of the room and wait. Make sure no cum drips on the floor, use your hand if you need to, if it gets on the floor you will be licking it from there.”

He walked out. She felt cum starting to seep from her, she ran 2 fingers across and slightly into her pussy scooping up what was close and sucked her fingers clean.

He returned a few minutes later dressed. He walked over to her cloths and tossed them to her except for her shirt. “Get dressed” he commanded and he looked on holding her tee shirt by his side.

Something about the situation of him watching her dress felt very controlling and embarrassing is a way and she couldn’t understand why but it turned her on still.

She was dressed minus her shirt, and standing in front of him. He grabbed her shirt at the neck and ripped it about 10 inches down, “I didn’t want it to scrape any of the dried cum off your face.” and handed it to her.

She put it on. The rip extended below her tits but the shirt still covered most of her tits and nipples.

He took the blindfold off of her in the parking lot, except not near her car. They were on the other side of the lot.

She looked questioningly at him.

“Like you don’t know how this plays out slut. You are going to get out here, walk past the front of those stores and out to your car.”

She was mortified but knew better than to argue. She had dried cum on her face, which fortunately dried didn’t show up as much as fresh, her tits were almost hanging out and there was a wet spot in her jeans where she had continued to leak, as well as still having the butt plug holding another load of cum in her ass.

“Yes sir”

“Good slut, I will be waiting by your car, don’t forget to stop and thank me.”

“Yes sir” she said as she opened the door and slid out

She walked briskly, fortunately not many people were around, she caught a few questioning looks but hoped they were far enough away to not be able to get all the details.

She finally made it to her car and he was parked next to it.

His window rolled down as she approached, she was actually smiling.

“Thank you sir for using me and filling me with cum then making me take a walk of shame.”

“You are a good sub slut. Are you mine?”

“Yes sir, I am yours to use.”

“Ok, here, Saturday 1:00, don’t care what you wear but have your butt plug in. Any questions?”

“No sir. Thank you sir.”

She sat in her car and watched him drive off, fully exhausted, sore and butterflies in her stomach of excitement for what would happen Saturday.

Chapter 3

12:59 Saturday Amy sat in her car. The butt plug in her ass providing a mild stimulation but her pussy was sopping wet waiting for him to arrive.

As the clock rolled to 1:00 he pulled into the lot. He pulled next to her car. No words were exchanged, she got in the SUV and put on the blindfold and cuffs.

The blindfold was removed and she was in the usual room.

“Here is what you will wear.” He handed her a stack of items and left the room.

Amy looked quickly through the stack of things she had been handed, black sheer stockings, black lace panties, a black lace push up bra that was only the bottom half cup and a latex full head mask.

Knowing better than to question she stripped off her shorts and tee shirt and quickly put on what she had been given.

The mask was new, it took her a few minutes to figure it out. It covered her face with eye, mouth, and nose holes also with a hole for her to pull her hair though so it wasn’t bunched up under the hood.

She assumed the submissive position she had been taught, on her knees, legs spread hand on her thighs looking down.

Within a few minute he returned.

“Ok today is different, I now you have been a very obedient slut so far but I am going to ask you again. Are you my slut? Will you do anything I say? I mean ANYTHING.”

Almost without thinking she replied “Yes sir, I am your slut I will do anything for you.”

With no other words he moved behind her, taking her arms and placing cuffs on her wrists. “Stay here, my guests will arrive soon.”

Guests? Her stomach sank for a minute, she didn’t consider being shared. Here she was tied, nearly naked with strangers coming. Her stomach sank but her pussy got wetter. What was in store for her today? Even though she had only known him for a short time she trusted him totally. She kneeled and waited.

The TV was turned on and the volume turned up. She could hear the commentators talking about football using terms se wasn’t really familiar with. From her positon all she could see as new people arrived was a brief shadow as they walked into the room.

“Hey everyone, thanks for coming over.” She heard.

“I know we are all looking forward to the game and I hate to distract everyone but I have a special treat, I have a little submissive slut in the other room tied up with a butt plug in her lubed ass that everyone can use as they want during the game.”

Amy heard laughter, “That’s great, is she plastic or imaginary?”

“Ok fuckers, come over here and have a look.”

She saw him walk into the open door followed by 4 other strange men. Wait she looked closer, 3 strange men, one of them was her boss, Joe. Fuck! She screamed in her head. Thank god for the mask. Joe was a tall masculine man, she had never found him necessarily attractive, but not unattractive, she had never really thought about it. She knew he was married too.

“What the fuck Allen, you were serious?” said one of the men.

Amy had been used by him in many ways, but had never known his name, till just now, Allen.

“Yea asshole I am serious.” Allen replied smiling.

“And we can do anything we want to her?” another ask.

“Yes, well within reason, I don’t want her hurt. Go ahead give her a try.”

The man that had ask the question shrugged, “Ok, why not.” He stepped forward and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants pulling out his already hardening cock.

Amy leaned forward taking him into her mouth. It was a smaller cock, maybe 5 or 6 inches. She bobbed up and down while running her tongue around it.

“Ok Mike, I will let you have you fun, I’m going to grab a beer. She will be here the entire game.” Allen said as he turned and walked out. The other three followed.

The man in her mouth said “I will be out in a minute, as soon as she is done.” He chuckled.

One of the other men responded, “See you in about 30 seconds and I don’t think she is the one that will be done.”

“Fuck you!” the man in her mouth replied.

She was left alone with a strangers cock in her mouth. She could taste and feel his pre-cum oozing from his cock.

It wasn’t long before she felt his cock twitch, with a muffled groan he released his load into her mouth. She swallowed as she continued to suck, tasting is salty seed slide down her throat, she knew this wouldn’t be the last cum she swallowed today, and it made her pussy wetter.

He left his cock in her mouth after it quit spasming, she continued to suck and lick it as the remnants of his load leaked into her mouth.

He finally stepped back, his cock softening, “Fuck that was good slut. I will see you again before I leave.” He reached down fondling her tits.

He fastened his pants and walked out. She was left alone again the room, her pussy staying damp with curiosity of what would come next.

A few minutes later her question was answered. Joe walked into the room. Without saying anything he unfastened his jeans taking out his huge cock, it had to be 8 inches soft.

Amy wrapped her lips around the soft monster cock which quickly grew in her mouth. She pushed her head onto it as far as she could but was still only getting a little over half into her mouth.

Joe grabbed her pony tail sticking out the back of her mask and pulled her head off of him.

She admired his now fully hard cock, it had to be 10 inches and thick.

He reached down and pulled up on her arm, “Get up, if you can’t take all my cock in your mouth I will have to force it into your pussy.”

Amy became uneasy but excited at taking his monster in her. She was guided to the bench and pushed forward.

With a strong hand Joe pulled her panties past her thighs and they fell the rest of the way to the floor, she stepped out of them.

He applied pressure between her shoulders. She followed the unspoken directions and bent over at her waist leaning on the bench in front of her.

“I see he has a butt plug in your tight little ass.” He said as a hand landed on her ass cheek with a smack!

She felt his cock head rubbing up and down her pussy lips spreading her wetness. A hand grabbed the chain connecting her restraints and with no other warning the monster was harshly shoved into her.

Amy let out a scream of pain, please and shock. The cock split her wet pussy feeling like someone was shoving a baseball bat into her. It didn’t pull out but instead continued a steady push even though it felt like it was as far in as it could go. There was pain and pressure in her pussy but it tingled at the same time.

She gasp and grunted trying to control herself so she wouldn’t cry.

Finally the pressure stopped and the cock slowly withdrew from her, leaving an odd feeling of emptiness behind it. Then it was slammed into her again.

The restraints were pulling on her wrists as they were used as leverage. He continued to push into her. Finally the cock was pulled out again. She braced herself for another thrust. Her eyes already watering. Instead the cock rhythmically started stroking in her pussy, going in deep but not painfully deep.

She started moaning like the slut she was, her orgasm quickly approaching her stuffed pussy. The cock maintained its steady pace until she started convulsing and moaning in orgasm. Her stretched pussy gripping the cock filling her. It started fucking her harder intensifying her orgasm.

Her pussy finally stopped twitching around the cock in her, and it in turn had stopped thrusting. It was then she realized he was fully in her, his balls on her clit and his stomach pressed against her ass, he had done it, gotten it all in her.

The cock slid fully out of her with a slurping sound. “Get on your knees and clean me off slut.”

“Yes sir” she responded as she maneuvered to her knees, leaning in tasting her pussy on his hard cock. Try as she might she couldn’t get anywhere near the full length in her mouth. She has to resort to licking up and down the shaft, also sucking his balls.

He stepped back tucking his hard cock in his underwear but leaving his jeans unbuttoned. “Get up, lets join the party.” He said as he steadied her with a hand around her arm.

Slightly behind her he guided her to the room where the game was on. Allen was in an overstuffed chair, 2 others on either end of a couch and the last one sitting on a love seat.

“Hey Allen, you have the keys to the restraints.”

Allen tossed them to Joe who released her wrists.

“Thought I would bring her out here so we didn’t have to miss the game.”

“Cool” the guy on the love seat said as he opened his pants.

Knowing her place Amy went to him and kneeled.

She lost track of time as she was passed around. Her nipples were getting sore from the multiple pinches and slaps and her jaw was also starting to stiffen up. She had swallowed loads from 2 of the guys. She was now slowly sucking Allen’s cock and massaging his balls.

“This game is over, I need some more pussy.” Joe stated loudly.

“Here ya go.” Allen said as he pulled his cock from Amy’s mouth.

She turned to Joe, who had not taken part in getting blow jobs like the others.

He stood up, removed his shirt then shoes and socks followed by his pants.

“Dam Joe, that’s a monster dick, fuck!” One of the guys said.

He motioned the 2 guys on the couch to move then sat down in the middle, his 10 inch cock laying on his stomach.

“Come here slut and sit on this.” He said using a hand to point it upright.

Amy straddle him and lined her pussy up with his cock. She slowly started to lower herself onto it. She got about ¾ of the way down then paused as she could feel the pressure in her pussy.

“Don’t stop there bitch, I know you can take it all, I had it all in you earlier.” He grabbed both her nipples with his thumb and forefinger pulling down.

Amy released the tension in her legs and impaled herself on the rest of his cock. She sucked in a breath as it bottomed out in her wet pussy. She started to grinding her pussy around, moving the cock in her and rubbing her clit on his pelvis.

She felt hands on her shoulders, she turned to look. It was Allen who had also stripped. He pushed her forward onto Joe.

She felt a tug and pressure on the butt plug until it finally gave way and slipped out of her well lubed ass.

Allen’s cock slid easily and steadily into her ass.

The combined cock in her made her feel like she would be ripped apart but every nerve in her pussy and ass was on fire. She moaned loudly, “Oh fuck! Fuck me hard like the slut I am.”

Allen started thrusting into her which moved her up and down on Joes cock as well. Almost instantly she was in a constant state of orgasm. She was dizzy, with her eyes closed focusing on the feelings in her body.

Allen thrust deeply into her, between the sucking from before and her tight ass he lost control. His hot cum spurted into her, she could feel his cock throbbing.

Joe was moving his hips fucking her has Allen slid his cock out, which was immediately replace by another cock, she didn’t even know or care who’s it was. It fucked her in short rapid strokes, obviously not concerned about her pleasure just desperate to shoot it’s cum into her. It must have been one she had just swallowed a load from as it fucked her for some time along with Joe.

The cock in her ass shoved fully in her and started shooting pushing her to an even bigger orgasm, her pussy contracted around Joe’s cock and pushed him over the edge. He buried his cock into her, she could feel strong jets shooting out as it pressed against the bottom of her pussy. Her body was so full there was no room for Joes river of cum, she felt it leaking form her and onto him.

She threw her head back and screamed in her most intense orgasm of the day, her pussy juice squirting onto Joe and splashing them both.

She collapsed onto Joe. Her head resting on his muscular chest as she was breathing heavily trying to recover. She felt the cock slide out of her ass.

Joe helped guide her off his cock. As it slid out any reaming cum flowed from her gaping pussy onto his abs. She slid to her knees still unsteady.

Her pony tail was grabbed and her head guided to Joes stomach, “Clean up that mess bitch.” There were several pools of cum on him along with pussy juice from her.

She obediently started licking up the salty mess, savoring their mixed flavors, this is what she craved, to just be used.

“Rick, Bobby, you want another shot at her.” Joe ask.

“Fuck yea, I will take some sloppy seconds.” Said one of them, she didn’t know which was which and she didn’t care.

One lay on his back, “Get over here slut”

She slid over and straddled his cock, it was a nice size cock by normal standards, probably 7 inches, but tiny compared to Joe’s monster. She guided it into her sloppy open pussy, sitting fully down on it.

“Fuck Joe, you ruined her pussy.”

She was pushed forward to give the other guy access to her ass which was holding 2 loads of cum already. The cock easily slid into her and she felt some cum pushed out of her ass and running down her leg as the 2 fucked her.

Even with the smaller cocks with two of them in her she could feel her next orgasm approaching. These guys were only in it for themselves but she needed more. She started moaning and grinding and pushing into their cocks, making sure her clit was getting friction from the guy beneath her.

She moaned and started squirting again, her pussy and ass clenching the cocks in her, driving them past their limits both spilling their seed into her well used holes. The pulsing cocks and cum prolonged her orgasm until that were still.

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