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Ashley Embers

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My travels last week had me in San Diego, California, one of my favorite places in the whole country. With it’s perfect year-round weather and old-school California lifestyle, San Diego is as relaxing as it gets. While some of the creeps that inhabit Los Angeles and Orange County have made their way down south, it’s still quite a ways away—both literally and figuratively—from its northern neighbors.

And the women . . . well, let’s just say that it’s about as nice as place anywhere in the world for hot women.

A couple years back, I ran across one such woman. Her name is Adriana. Part Hispanic, part Irish, and all woman, Adriana is a real firecracker. She’s 26 years old, with wavy, light-brown hair, an adorable, sexy face, hazel eyes, small nose, full lips, and a body to die for. She stands right around five and a half feet tall and weighs 125 pounds, with long, athletic legs, toned arms, washboard stomach, firm, ripe tits and ass that makes me want to cry.

Needless to say I was looking forward to spending a few days with her.




After taking a cab from the airport, I knocked on Adriana’s door at just after 10pm. A few seconds later she answered it, wearing nothing but a lacy pink top and white and pink striped panties.

I stood there staring at her for a moment, marveling at her, as I always did, drinking her in with my eyes.

“Hey there,” Adriana said, flashing me a sly smile, reveling in the way I was looking at her. “Do you like my outfit?”

“I fucking love it,” I said. “You look incredible.”

“Ahh, thanks, baby,” she said. “You’re looking pretty fucking hot these days yourself.”

“Yeah right,” I said, laughing softly. I’d been on a plane for the last eight hours and I was feeling it, from my wrinkled clothes to my messed-up hair.

“I’m serious,” she said, holding the door open wide as I walked in. “I like the rumpled-up look.”

“Is that right?” I asked, moving in close to her as she closed the door.

“Yes it is,” she said, her grin growing wider as I took her in my arms.

“I’ll keep that in mind for next time,” I said before slipping my tongue between her lips.

We made out for a little while, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths while our hands kept themselves busy. I had just run my hand under her flimsy little blouse when she unexpectedly broke off our kiss and took a half step back.

“What’s the matter?” I asked, confused.

“Nothing,” she said, smiling wider now as she looked at me closely, obviously enjoying my confusion. “Why?”

“Because you’re acting funny,” I said.

“Am I?”

I raised my eyebrows and nodded.

“That’s because I’m excited,” Adriana said.

“About what? Me being here?”

“That,” she said, putting one foot in front of the other and tilting her head sideways in a playful manner. “And something else.”

“What?” I asked, laughing under my breath.

“Follow me and you’ll find out,” Adriana said. And with that, she took my hand and led me upstairs.

I was expecting us to turn into her bedroom but we kept going past it, towards the back room, which was set up like a family room, with a plush leather couch and an entertainment center. As far as I could remember, we’d never really spent much time in it.

Adriana was giggling softly, obviously excited about something. Which was unlike her; normally she was pretty stoic and not prone to giddiness.

But once we entered the room I understood exactly where she was coming from. One glance at the couch and I was starting to get giddy also.

Sitting sideways on the couch was a tall, leggy blonde. She was a couple years younger than Adriana and just as cute, but in a different way. Taller, for one, maybe 5’10”. Long blonde hair. Brown eyes. Pale skin. A softer body than Adriana, with thinner legs and smaller tits but just as sexy.

“Jesse, this is Molly,” Adriana said. “Molly, Jesse.”

“Pleased to meet you,” I said.

“Hey there,” Molly said, looking up at me with a lazy smile and sleepy eyes.

“So I was telling Molly a little bit about you the other day and she said she wanted to meet you,” Adriana said, flashing a knowing glance at me. “And, you know, get to know you a little better.”

“Is that right?” I said, my excitement level rising even higher. I was already salivating at getting freaky with Adriana, but getting her friend involved too? That was too good to be true.

“Yes it is,” Adriana said. “Right Molly?”

Molly nodded.

“Sorry,” Adriana said. “You’ll have to bear with Molly. She’s a little bit shy.”

“No problem,” I said. “I like ‘em like that.”

“What?” Adriana said, giving me a look of mock consternation. “I thought you like them loud and raunchy and out of control like me.”

“I do, I do,” I said, smacking Adriana on the ass. “But I like them shy too. And I especially like having one of each at the same time.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you do,” Adriana said, grabbing my cock and squeezing it hard enough to make me flinch while Molly giggled from over on the couch. “Luckily for you I like my women shy too. Especially when I have a strong man with me.”

“Then it sounds like a perfect situation for both of us,” I said. “What about you, Molly?” I added, flicking my chin in her direction. “What do you think of this little setup?”

“I think it’s perfect,” she said, her wry smile growing larger.

“Then what are we waiting for?” I said. “Let’s get this show on the road.”

“Indeed,” Adriana said, grabbing my hand and leading me over to the couch. As Molly sat up, Adriana turned me around so my back was to the couch and gave me a little shove. I dropped back onto the couch, sitting normally, and Adriana sat down next to me so I was in between the two women.

Sitting on either side of me, Molly and Adriana started making out with me relaxing in between them. I sat back and watched, letting them do their thing, knowing that they’d get to me in good time.

The two women explored each other’s tonsils for a bit before Adriana started going to work on Molly’s tits, licking and sucking on her nipples.

While Adriana played with Molly’s tits, Molly’s hands dropped down to my groin area. She unzipped my zipper and pulled my cock out of my pants and started jerking me off, getting me nice and hard.

Once Adriana saw my cock, she immediately pulled her mouth off Molly’s nipple and dropped her head down to the same level as my cock.

“You have such a nice cock,” she said, looking up at me. “Do you mind if I suck it?”

“Be my guest,” I said.

Adriana wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock and gave it a good suck before popping her mouth off of it.

I shivered and let out a little gasp.

Adriana laughed. “A little sensitive tonight, are we?” she said.

“Just a bit,” I replied.

“Or maybe just a bit too excited,” Adriana added.

“That too,” I said.

Smiling, Adriana said, “Well you’d better learn to control that. Because if we don’t get what we want out of you tonight there’s going to be problems. Isn’t that right Molly?”

Molly nodded emphatically.

“I’ll do my best,” I said.

“You do that,” Adriana replied before taking my cock in her mouth once again.

She was an electric cocksucker, attacking my cock more than sucking on it, gagging noises coming from her mouth while saliva dripped everywhere.

While Adriana worked my cock, Molly leaned forward and stuck her tongue in my mouth. We made out passionately while Adriana continued blowing me like a pornstar.

After a short while the two women traded places.

Molly’s cock-sucking technique was different than Adriana’s. She took her time, using her tongue in a variety of different ways, taking things far more slowly than her friend. On the other hand, Adriana kissed like she sucked cock, aggressively thrusting her tongue into my mouth and exploring it with intensity.

Half a minute later, Adriana released her hold on my lips and turned her attention back to Molly. While her friend continued to suck my cock, Adriana grabbed ahold of Molly’s hair and held it up above her head.

With her hair now out of the way, I could clearly see Molly’s face as she slowly went all the way down on my cock, taking the entire thing in her mouth before coming up for air.

“Goddamn that felt fucking good,” I said, shaking my head in amazement.

“Pretty impressive, huh?” Adriana said as Molly caught her breath.

“I’ll say.”

“That was amazing,” I said to Molly.

“Thanks,” she whispered in a soft voice while flashing me a shy smile.

I realized that was the first word I’d heard her say since we’d starting getting freaky. Adriana hadn’t been joking when she’d said that Molly was a shy one. But that was perfectly fine with me; the contrast between the two women made for a very interesting dynamic, one that I found quite titillating.

“Yeah, she’s coming along pretty good,” Adriana said. “But she still can’t hold a candle to the master.”

“Is that right?” I said, challenging Adriana with my tone.

“Damn straight,” Adriana said, flashing one of her trademark smirks, letting me know she’s not going to fall for my little tricks. Her look says that she’ll deepthroat me, but it will be at a time of her choosing, not mine.

Just to prove her point, Adriana stuck her tongue in Molly’s mouth and they started to make out. Half a minute later, Adriana broke off the kiss and without saying another word, dropped her head down and took my cock in her mouth.

She immediately took me all the way down, deepthroating me with ease. She held my cock inside her throat, her lips touching my balls and her nose pressing against the inside of my leg.

“Holy fucking shit,” I said under my breath as I tried desperately not to cum. Her throat constricting my cock felt too good to handle for any length of time. If Adriana didn’t pull up soon, I was going to shoot my load right then and there.

Finally, a good ten seconds after she’d gone down on me and no more than two seconds before I would have shot my load down her throat, Adriana pulled her head off my cock, leaving it glistening with saliva and the tip white with the loss of blood flow.

She didn’t so much as gasp or gag or anything the whole time, and even now, as she gathered breath back into her lungs, she seemed no worse for wear.

“You weren’t kidding about being the master,” I said.

“I told you,” she replied.

“You certainly did,” I said. I knew my cock couldn’t take any more sucking before it burst at the seams, so I decided to mix things up.

I climbed to my feet, pulling my cock out of Molly’s mouth and separating my mouth from Adriana’s.

“What’s this?” Adriana said, giving me that sly little look of hers.

“You’ll see,” I said as I picked Molly up off the ground and dropped her on the couch, face-up. As she giggled, I grabbed her legs and pulled her towards me until her ass was hanging off the front of the couch and the back of her head was where the seat cushions and back cushions met.

Once Molly was in position, I spread her legs wide, then started licking her pussy. She closed her eyes and let out a low moan of pleasure.

“I like where this is going,” Adriana said. Without saying another word, she climbed onto the couch, straddled Molly’s face, and dropped her pussy right onto her friend’s mouth.

While still eating Molly out, I inserted two fingers into her pussy. I banged her until she was moaning in pleasure, her cries muffled by Adriana’s pussy, which was still planted firmly on Molly’s mouth.

My eyes were turned up to watch Adriana lift herself up, giving Molly a chance to gulp a couple lungfuls of air before dropping her ass right back down on Molly’s face. She rode Molly with the same intensity she’d shown while sucking my cock.

Adriana looked down and saw me watching. She flashed me her trademark dirty little smirk.

“Do you like watching me sit on Molly’s face?” Adriana asked. “Does it turn you on to see me smothering her with my pussy?”

“Fuck yeah,” I said.

“It turns me on too,” Adriana said. “It makes my pussy so fucking wet. Do you want to see how wet it is?”

I nodded.

Smiling, Adriana flipped herself around so she was on her hands and knees, face-to-face with Molly, her ass and soaking wet pussy directly above my face.

“Well,” Adriana said, turning to look back at me. “What are you waiting for? Lick that pussy just like you were licking Molly’s.”

“If you insist,” I said, lifting my head up until it was at the same level as Adriana’s ass. After staring at her pretty little pussy for a moment, I dove in, burying my face between her legs.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Adriana said as I explored her insides with my tongue. “Get in there. Smash that face against my pussy.”

So I did, pressing my head forward until my entire universe existed solely of Adriana’s insides. Her juices covered my face, filled up my every pore, and I breathed her smell into my lungs.

Feeling bad for Molly, I felt around with my fingers until I found her pussy. Then I slipped three fingers inside her, banging away at her snatch while I ate out Adriana’s pussy.

I kept my face buried in Adriana’s pussy for what seemed like an eternity before finally pulling back to get some air.

As I breathed in, I watched Adriana and Molly making out some more, their lips pressed together and their hands running up and down each other’s bodies.

I slid my fingers out of Molly’s snatch and slipped them directly into Adriana’s. She uttered a little groan and turned to look back at me.

“Fuck my tight little pussy with your fingers,” she said. “Bang me like there’s no tomorrow.”

I did as I was told, hammering my fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy, finger-fucking her.

“Harder,” Adriana said, her breath ragged. “Give it to me harder!”

I climbed to my feet to give myself more leverage and started banging away at her with everything I had.

“There we go,” Adriana said. “That’s what I’m taking about!” And then she thrust her tongue back into Molly’s mouth and they continued making out, more aggressively than before.

After banging away at Adriana for a bit, I felt a hand around my cock and realized that Molly had reached down and started stroking me. This just got me more excited and I started pounding away at Adriana’s snatch even harder, causing her to moan and groan like never before.

A few seconds after that, Molly guided my cock towards her pussy and scooted her body forward, forcing my cock inside her. Her pussy was dripping wet and smooth as silk.

“Holy shit,” I moaned as her warmth engulfed me.

I was in a slightly awkward position, on my feet but crouching down, my fingers still inside Adriana’s snatch making it difficult to do much moving around. But Molly took care of that, moving her body forward and back, fucking my cock with her pussy.

It felt so good that I didn’t even realize I’d stopped banging Adriana until she called me on it. My fingers were still planted in her pussy but were no longer moving.

“What the hell happened?” she asked, turning her upper body to look back at me. Then she saw what was going on. “Oh,” she said with a laugh. “Now I understand.”

Adriana climbed to her feet, forcing my fingers from her pussy and allowing me to shift my position, giving me more leverage over Molly. Now, with my knees on the couch, I grabbed ahold of Molly’s ankles and pushed back on them, holding her legs against the back of the couch and folding her in half.

With this newfound leverage, I was able to pummel Molly’s pussy, hammering away at her, my body slamming into hers, causing her to yelp repeatedly.

There was a slightly pained look on her face, which forced me to slow things down a bit and not give it to her quite so hard.

“What are you doing?” Adriana said. She had climbed to her feet and was standing behind the couch, facing me, looking down on us.

“What do you mean?” I asked, still fucking Molly.

“You let up on her,” Adriana said. “Why the fuck did you do that?”

I shrugged.

“It’s because she had a pained look on her face, isn’t it?” Adriana said.

I shrugged again. “Maybe.”

“Fuck that,” Adriana said. “That look just means you’re doing things properly.” Looking down at Molly, she added, “Isn’t that right?”

With her face still screwed up in a mask of discomfort, Molly nodded her head.

“You like getting pounded, don’t you Molly?” Adriana said.

Molly nodded again. “I love it,” she said, her voice as soft and shy as ever. “Fuck that little pussy with everything you have. Give me all you got. I can take it.”

Something about hearing that shy, soft voice talk dirty to me was intoxicating. It turned me on more than anything so far. And I certainly couldn’t defy it. So I positioned myself for maximum leverage and started hammering away at Molly harder than ever before.

“There you go,” Adriana said. “That’s much better, right Molly?”

Molly nodded emphatically. The look of discomfort had returned to her face but this time I didn’t let it faze me. In fact, it fueled me to fuck her even harder.

“That’s a good boy,” Adriana said. She’d grabbed ahold of Molly’s legs and held them in place back behind her head, allowing me to grip the back of the couch and give myself even more leverage than ever before. “Fuck that tight little pussy. Show her what it’s like to get fucked by a real man. Break her in half. Fucking destroy her! Don’t let up until she cums. Not until she cums all over your cock.”

And so I did, pounding away at Molly until her entire body tensed up and then released in a burst as an orgasm crashed over her. Her legs shook and her mouth was open in a silent scream and her eyes were wide for a good five seconds before she relaxed once again.

“Very good,” Adriana said, coming around the side of the couch as I paused to catch my breath. My cock was still inside Molly but I wasn’t moving against her. “Now it’s my turn. I hope you have some more energy. Because you don’t get to cum until I do.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” I said.

“Not good enough,” Adriana said. “You need to fuck me until I cum, understand? Failure to make me cum before you do is unacceptable.”

“I got it,” I said, laughing.

As Molly watched on with amusement, Adriana climbed onto the couch, flipping herself over so she was on her knees, her ass in the air right in front of me.

I licked Adriana’s pussy from behind for a few seconds before sliding my cock into her. She immediately started bouncing back against me, as energetic as always. Loud moans of pleasure and a series of curses escaped from her mouth with every thrust.

Molly sat up on the couch alongside Adriana, but facing the opposite way, her chin lying on top of Adriana’s ass, her mouth just above Adriana’s asshole. As I fucked Adriana doggy style, Molly grabbed one of Adriana’s ass cheeks with each hand and spread them apart, opening her up to me.

“Holy shit,” Adriana said. “That feels so fucking incredible. Open me up more,” she said to Molly. “Hold my ass cheeks open as far as they can go.”

So Molly did, pulling on Adriana’s asscheeks, spreading them wide and revealing her asshole. I was tempted to start playing with it, but knew that if I did it would be all over within seconds, so I stayed away and focused my attention on pummeling Adriana’s pussy.

And pummel it I did, hammering my entire body into hers, my hips slamming into her ass hard enough to push her forward with every thrust.

After half a minute of fucking Adriana from behind, Molly grabbed ahold of my cock and slid it out of Adriana’s pussy. She took my cock in her mouth and gave it a couple of quick pumps, getting it nice and wet. Then she guided it back into Adriana’s pussy.

This time Adriana did the work, backing into me while I stood there, her ass bouncing against my groin and jiggling and shaking constantly. The movement of her ass was mesmerizing. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

Adriana didn’t seem to appreciate my amazement though. After nearly a full minute of bouncing back against me, she turned her head back and said, “Are you going to let me do all the work? What’s going on back there?”

Molly giggled and I smiled.

“You want me to take over?” I asked.

“Hell yes,” Adriana replied.

“Fine,” I said, grabbing her hips and laying into her.

“That’s a start,” she said breathlessly, still trying to maintain control even though she could barely breath. “But you can do better.”

“Let’s see how you like this,” I said, grabbing her shoulders and pulling her body back as I thrusted forward, our bodies slamming together with more force than ever before.

“I love it,” Adriana said, grunting the words out. “I fucking love it!”

After hammering away at her for half a minute, I took things even further, grabbing a handful of her hair and yanking her head back while continuing to pound away at her.

Adriana was grunting wordlessly now, her head thrown back to alleviate some of the pressure and her back muscles and shoulder blades gleaming in the light.

I was grunting too, trying desperately to last just a little longer before cumming, knowing that I needed to get Adriana there before I finished.

Molly was up on the couch by now, on her back with her legs thrown wide and three fingers of her right hand banging away at her pussy while she worked her clit with her left.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Adriana said, finally approaching orgasm. And none too soon, considering I didn’t have more than half a minute left before I was going to burst.

Now that she was close, I poured all my remaining energy left into fucking her with all my heart, my hips jackhammering back and forth while I pulled further back on her hair, creating more tension than ever before.

“I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming!” Adriana screamed, her body clenching tightly before releasing with a guttural growl. She hammered her body back into me and held it there, my cock deep inside her pussy, while an orgasm coursed through her.

I glanced over at Molly and saw that she was cumming too, but in a far more subdued way, just like before, with her mouth slightly open and a surprised look on her face.

And then it was my turn.

As Adriana came, her pussy squeezed my cock tight. And once her orgasm had passed, her body relaxed, as did her pussy, and the sudden absence of pressure put me immediately over the edge.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I said breathlessly.

Adriana knew exactly what that phrase, uttered like that, meant.

She pulled forward, yanking my cock from her pussy, then quickly spun around and dropped to the floor in front of the couch, on her knees directly beneath me, pulling Molly down with her.

As I stood over them, my cock hard and waiting to burst, Adriana took my dick in her mouth. Knowing that it wasn’t going to take much, she sucked on the tip while aggressively jerking me off while Molly dropped her head down lower and started sucking on my balls.

“Ohmyfuckinggod,” I moaned, trying to hold as long as I could to enjoy every last possible second of this wondrous feeling. But both of the women working my cock and balls so expertly was simply too much for me to handle.

I was practically in tears from holding on and my face was screwed up in a painful grimace.

“Here it comes,” Adriana said, pulling her mouth off my cock but still jerking me off.

Molly released my balls and rose back up so her face was right next to Adriana’s.

“Cum on our fucking faces,” Adriana said.

“Paint our pretty little faces with your cum,” Molly added.

So I did, finally giving in and relaxing enough to let the orgasm flow through me.

“Holy fuck,” I groaned as I came, my seed shooting out of my cock in a jet stream.

Adriana took the first blast straight in the face, the thick, white sperm splashing against her cheek. Still jerking me off, she turned my cock towards Molly, spraying her face with my second stream. Most of the third ended up on Molly too, before Adriana turned my cock back towards her for the fourth stream of cum and the last few spurts.

Laughing softly and shaking my head, I stared down at Adriana as she moved her clenched hand slowly towards the tip of my cock, milking every last drop. With her face covered in cum, she licked the tip of my cock then released it.

My legs weak, I dropped to the couch. But the girls weren’t done yet. As I watched, Adriana licked my cum off of Molly’s face. Molly then returned the favor, cleaning Adriana’s face of my seed.

With both of their faces now clear of my milky white sperm, they proceeded to kiss, sharing my cum between them. After making out for a bit, Adriana ended up with the reservoir of cum.

I continued staring as Adriana grabbed ahold of Molly’s face and tilted it upward. Adriana then rose up and situated her head directly above Molly’s. Adriana pursed her lips slightly, letting my cum and their collected saliva drip from her mouth, down and into Molly’s open and waiting mouth below.

After all the liquid had been transferred, Molly flashed me a little smile, then tilted her chin back and swallowed the concoction down.

It was all I could do to keep from standing up and cheering. And then, once I realized I still had two more days of this to come, I actually did, clapping my hands and hooting and hollering obnoxiously while the girls took turns giving me exaggerated bows.

Nights like tonight reminded me just how much I enjoyed my life. And would continue enjoying it as long as I had my filthy little sluts waiting for me in all my favorite cities.

Life was good.






Steve Tolleson was on the couch watching SportsCenter when the doorbell rang. He turned the TV off, took a deep breath, walked over to the door and opened it.

Standing on the porch was his soon-to-be ex-wife Shyla, wearing a low-cut top with no bra, cut-off jeans that barely covered her private parts, high-heeled sandals and more makeup than anyone this side of a pornstar.  She looked every bit the slut she was when he’d first married her five years ago, from her surgically enhanced face (paid for by him) to her jet black hair to her fake tits (also paid for by him) to her washboard abs to her perfect tan to her long slim legs. Which was one of the many reasons why this day had been inevitable from the very beginning.

“What are you doing here?” Steve said.

“Don’t give me that shit,” Shyla said. “You called me over here.”

“Oh yeah. Why again?”

“You said were going to sign the divorce papers,” she said. “Remember?”

“I said that?”

“Stop fucking around, Steve. If this was just your idea of a joke—”

“Nah, I’m just messing with you,” Steve said. “Come on in.”

“Do I have to?”

“If you want those papers signed you do.”

“Fine,” she said, walking into his little one-room apartment with disdain in her eyes.

He didn’t blame her. He knew the place was a shithole but it was all he could afford right now, especially since he was still paying the mortgage on the 3000 square foot 5 bedroom house they’d bought four years ago. A house that Shyla was currently living in due to a previously ill-fated attempt on his part to save their marriage.

She made her way to the living room, which had remains of last night’s pizza and some empty beer cans lying on the coffee table. Steve paid her look of disgust no mind and dropped his ass on the couch.

“Have a seat,” he said.

“No thanks,” Shyla replied. “So are you going to sign these papers or what?”

“Are you sure about this?”

“Of course I’m sure. I’ve only been asking you about it for six weeks now.”

“Six weeks?” Steve said. “Seems more like six months.”

“No,” Shyla said. “I’ve only been dreaming about a divorce for six months. But the papers have only been waiting for six weeks.”

“Six months? That’s it? I figured you’d been dreaming about it longer than that. Ever since you started fucking that guy on the side. What was his name again?”

“You know damn well his name is Harry.”

“Oh yeah,” Steve said. “Dirty Harry. The man with the magical dick that makes my wife do things she’d never done before in her life.”

“I’d done them before,” she said. “Just not with you.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you used to do them all the time.”

“Whatever,” she said. “I didn’t come hear to argue.”

“Then what did you come for?” Steve said.  

Shyla sighed and shook her head. “I should have known better than to believe you were actually going to sign the papers,” she said as she turned and started for the door.

“Hold on, hold on,” Steve said. “Bring them over here and I’ll sign them.”

She stopped and looked at him. “Really?”


“You’re not just fucking with me again?”

“Nope,” Steve said. “I’ll sign them.” He smiled. “On one condition.”

She tilted her head slightly, wondering where he was going with this. “What’s your condition?”

“One last fuck session. For old time’s sake.”

Shyla scoffed. “If I wanted your dick in me we’d still be together.”

“Yeah, well if you want this divorce you’re just going to have to put up with my dick being in you one last time.”

Shyla looked at him carefully. “You actually mean it, don’t you?”

“You’re damn right,” Steve said.

“One fuck,” Shyla said. “And then you’ll sign. Today.”

“Right after we’re done.”

“Why should I believe you?”

“Because you have no choice,” Steve said. “Unless you want to get the lawyers involved again.”

“You know I don’t.”

“Then why not give it a go? You’ve go t nothing to lose.”

“Except my pride.”

“Is it really that shameful to fuck your husband?” Steve said. “After all, we’re still married. Technically, at least.”

She considered this for a moment, then said, “Fine. What the hell.”

Steve carefully hid his surprise. He hadn’t actually thought that she’d take him up on his demented little plan. In fact, now that she had, he was starting to wonder if he could actually follow through with it. After all, she was still technically his wife. And deep down he still loved her. And did you really do this sort of thing to someone you loved?

Then Shyla added, “It’s not like it’ll last very long, mister three-pump-chump,” and just like that Steve knew he could do it. Hell, she deserved to have something like this done to her after what she’d put him through. 

 “Oh, darling,” Steve said. “You always made me feel so good about myself.”

“It’s just one of my many gifts,” Shyla said. She started to pull her shirt over her head.

Steve stood up and grabbed her arms.

Shyla gave him a funny look.

“Clothes on,” Steve said. “At least to start.”

She flashed him a curious look but pulled the shirt back down.

“That’s better,” Steve said. He stepped forward and looked down at Shyla. Even in her 2-inch heels he had a good 4 inches on her. Not to mention almost 100 pounds.

“Oh, and one last thing,” he said, suddenly inspired.

“What now?”

“I get to do anything I want to you,” he said. “For once, I get to be in control.”

“Are you sure?” Shyla said. “That’s not like you.”

“I’m positive. And no complaints. Otherwise I don’t sign.”

“Fine,” she said. “Let’s just get this over with.”

“Oh, we’ll get it over with all right,” Steve said, grabbing her by the shoulders and spinning her around. “But it’s gonna take a while.”

“Not likely,” she said.

“Yeah, we’ll see about that,” he said, slapping her ass sharply.

“Hold on just a minute,” Shyla said, startled. She started turning around.

Steve grabbed a handful of her hair and pressed his body against her backside. With his mouth right up next to her ear he said, “No complaints, remember? You agreed.”

“I know,” she said. “But this isn’t like you. You’ve got me a little worried.”

“About what? Me hurting you?”

She nodded.

“Don’t be,” Steve said. “You’ve got nothing to worry about. I promise I won’t do anything to you that I haven’t witnessed Dirty Harry doing to you over the past six months.”

“I don’t know—”

“Fine,” he said, releasing his grip on her hair and taking a half-step back. “Then I guess I won’t be signing anything today.”

Shyla took a deep breath and dropped her eyes towards the floor. After a moment of deliberation, she said, “Okay. I’ll play by your rules. You do what you want and I’ll keep my mouth shut. But don’t expect me to pretend that I like it.”

“Don’t worry, honey. You don’t have to do any pretending. All you have to do is shut up and take what I give you. Do that and I’ll sign your stupid papers. Got it?”

“Got it,” she said after a moment’s hesitation.

“Good,” Steve said. “Now get down on your knees.”

Shyla did so without comment. Steve dropped his shorts and stepped out of them. His cock was already rock hard with anticipation. He hadn’t realized that having complete control over someone else could be so exciting. It was like nothing he’d ever experienced. Especially knowing he wouldn’t have to deal with the aftermath.

“Open your mouth,” he said.

Again Shyla obeyed without comment.

Steve tried not to let his amazement show. He couldn’t remember the last time she’d actually done anything he’d asked. Weeks, maybe even months. But here she’d done it twice within one minute. He idly wondered why he hadn’t tried doing something like this earlier in their relationship. At least he could have gotten something out their time together. Oh well, too late now. All he could do was take advantage of it this one time. He’d better make it worthwhile.

Steve guided his cock into Shyla’s mouth.

With one hand on top of her head and one under her chin, he moved his cock in and out of her mouth, only giving her about half his dick to start. She took it like a champ, not gagging or coughing, not fighting him at all but certainly not bringing anything to the party herself, just sitting there with her mouth open and her eyes closed while he pumped her face.

“Open your eyes and look up at me,” Steve said, mostly just to see if Shyla would still do as he told her.

She did, tilting her head slightly and looking up at him, her big brown eyes ringed with black mascara. She still wasn’t into it but that didn’t matter. It was a massive turn-on to fuck her mouth while she held eye contact with him.

Steve shifted his hands so they were grasping the back of her head and proceeded to pump her faster, pulling her head towards him with every thrust, giving her more of his cock every time. And then he gave her the whole thing, shoving his entire shaft down her throat and keeping it there, his hands on the back of her head, holding her in place for a couple seconds before letting her come up for air.

She did so with a gasp and a cough. She glared at him but didn’t say anything.

“Are you still game?” Steve said, leaning down so his head was at the same level as her. His right hand still had a handful of her hair.

“I can take whatever you can dish out,” Shyla said.

“That’s the spirit,” Steve said, smiling.

He stood up and led Shyla over to the couch by her hair. She had to crawl quickly on her hands and knees to avoid falling over. Once there, Steve spun her around and pushed her head back so it was lying flat on the cushion of the couch, her face towards the ceiling, her butt still on the floor.

Steve dropped one knee on each side of her head and straddled Shyla’s face. Holding her head on the couch, he smacked her face with his cock a few times before sticking it back into her mouth. He pumped her mouth a few times, then adjusted his angle a bit so his cock was poking the inside of her cheek, stretching it out. He popped it out, stuck it back in, popped it out again.

Steve climbed up a little higher so his ballsack was hovering directly above Shyla’s mouth. Her head was framed by his legs.

“Open up,” he said, staring right at her, relishing in the control he had over her.

Shyla opened her mouth.

“Wider,” Steve said.

She regarded him with contempt but did as she was instructed.

“That’s better,” Steve said as he proceeded to drop his balls into her mouth. “Now suck on them.”

A moan of pleasure escaped from his throat as Shyla went to work on his balls. He pressed his cock down against her face, rubbing it on her cheeks, rolling it over her nose, transferring the saliva from his cock onto her face. She maintained eye contact the entire time, as though daring him to look away in embarrassment. But that wasn’t going to happen. He was having the time of his life.    

Steve stood up and turned around as though he was going to take a seat on the couch, but instead of plopping down on one of the cushions he spread his legs and dropped his ass directly onto Shyla’s face.

Squatting over her, one hand on the armrest for balance and the other jerking himself off, he rubbed his asshole up and down Shyla’s face, riding her nose and mouth with his crack, forcing her to taste his ass.

“Tongue out,” he said. “And keep it there.”  

She obliged.

“Good girl,” he said, riding her tongue with his asshole, keeping enough pressure on Shyla that she couldn’t squirm away but not too much that she couldn’t breathe.

Steve relinquished his hold on his cock and leaned forward so he could play with Shyla’s tits. He pulled her shirt up but not off, revealing her perfectly round, perfectly fake, perfectly incredible breasts. He then grabbed ahold of one and gave it a good squeeze before switched over to the other. He pinched one of her nipples and gave it a little twist, eliciting a gasp and a shimmy from Shyla.

Laughing softly, Steve pinched her other nipple, pulled on it for a moment or two, then rubbed his fingers together with the nipple still between them. It hardened almost immediately. Shyla let out a moan and squirmed beneath him but Steve dropped his ass further down on her face, muffling her cries, and continued to play with her nipple.

When he finally climbed off Shyla’s face it was red and her eyes were watering and she was breathing in deep, lurching gasps but although she was glaring at him she surprisingly didn’t seemed all that pissed off.

In fact, as Steve pulled her up onto the couch and pulled her shorts off so he could fuck her properly he realized her panties were completely soaked through. He found himself wondering if she like being treated like a slut, if maybe she actually enjoyed being tossed around like a ragdoll, if she got off on being forced to do things that most other girls would find disgusting. It was impossible to know for sure, but it sure seemed like it, even if she wasn’t willing to admit it at the moment. And to think, he’d been married to her for five years and had no clue!

For a moment he lamented the lost possibilities of their doomed marriage but quickly thrust such thoughts from his head. They did no good. Not anymore. The damage was done, the past was past, it was time to move on. And right now moving on meant taking advantage of his soon-to-be-ex wife in ways that he’d never had the guts to try before. 

With this in mind, Steve grabbed ahold of her legs and spread them apart, then pushed them forward until her ankles were up by her head. He held one of her legs in place with one hand while he yanked her panties aside with the other. He smacked her pussy with his rock-hard cock a couple of times then slipped it in.

Shyla was even wetter than he’d realized. Her pussy gobbled up his cock without even the slightest hint of resistance. He moved against her with vigor, gentleness be damned, his cock slamming into her with the insistence of a jackhammer. And though she’d never come out and admit it, she was obviously getting off on the pounding she was receiving.

Her pussy was growing ever wetter, coating his cock with her juices, opening up to him further with every thrust. And although she still wasn’t making any noise, it was apparent from the look on her face that she was indeed enjoying this. Unequivocally.

This annoyed the hell out of Steve. Shyla wasn’t supposed to be getting anything out of this, it was supposed to be all about him. Getting revenge. Making her pay. Punishing her for what she’d done to him. But she was getting off on it! What the hell? It was time to turn things up a notch.

Steve grabbed ahold of both Shyla’s ankles and pushed her legs back until she was folded in half, her ankles hooked around each other above her head. Holding her legs in place with one hand, Steve proceeded to spank her ass with the other while he fucked her.

When that just seemed to turn her on even further he moved up to her tits, smacking them around while he slammed into her. But that didn’t work either. She just smiled and grew even more wet down there.

He then slapped her face a couple of times, and while this elicited a sharp gasp from Shyla’s mouth it also elicited another increase in the waterworks down below.

“Is that all you got?” Shyla said, her voice mocking.

Frustrated, Steve wrapped a hand around her throat. He stared down at her while he fucked her and choked her at the same time, waiting for her to break, but she just stared back, her eyes rolling back in ecstasy as he squeezed harder, restricting her breath but not cutting it off completely. Moments later she came, shuddering and shimmying against him as her pussy gushed juicy goodness and swallowed his cock even further, which suddenly brought him right to the edge of orgasm himself.

Cursing under his breath, Steve released his grip on her throat, pulled his cock from her pussy and grabbed ahold of her hair. He yanked her off the couch and pulled her head over towards him until her face was right in front of his cock.

He ordered her to open her mouth, which she did. Then he stuck his cock in her mouth and with his hand still holding a fistful of her hair, proceeded to fuck her face. A few pumps later and he was pulling his cock out to shoot his load all over her face. Steve came liked he’d never cum before, three huge streams, spraying her face with his milky-white sperm, his load covering her entire face. She’d kept her mouth closed, saving her from that indignity, but his cum was everywhere else; chin, cheeks, nose, forehead, eyes, even getting some in her hair.

“You’re right,” Shyla said. “That wasn’t so bad.”

She started to climb up and go for the papers to be signed but Steve stopped her.

“What?” she said.

“Not yet,” Steve replied.

“What do you mean, not yet? We fucked. You came. We’re done.”

“Yes, we fucked, and yes I came, but we’re not done. The session’s not over. I’m ready to go again.”

“Bullshit,” she said. “You’ve never cum more than once in a day, let alone twice in a row.”

“That was the old Steve,” he said. ‘This is the new one. See? My dick’s still hard. And I’m still ready to go.”

“Too bad,” Shyla said.

“For you, maybe,” Steve said.

“You said one last fuck.”

“I said one last fuck session. And last I checked, an orgasm didn’t end the session.”

“Last I checked, it did.”

“Bullshit,” Steve said. “I’ve seen you go for hours at a time with your new boyfriend, with not a single break in between. And I know he came more than once during those sessions. I saw it with my own eyes.”

Shyla looked at him with a weird combination of anger and resignation. But the resignation was all that Steve cared about. It told him that she knew he was right. Which meant that he was going to get his way.

“Fine,” she said. “But if you start to soften up at all, we’re done.”

“Seems fair enough.”

“Now can I go get a towel to wipe this stuff off my face?”

“No,” Steve said. “Don’t touch it. I want to fuck you with my cum still on your face. I want it to remind me how much of a slut you really are.”

A flash of pleasure skittered over Shyla’s face and Steve realized that she actually did enjoy getting treated like this. She was a true slut, through and through. Again he kicked himself for not taking advantage of it sooner. But at least he was taking care of it now. Better late than never.

He flipped her over onto her hands and knees and went back to work.




Steve came twice more before the day was up, but that was nothing compared to Shyla, who came at least five more times by his count. Even when he got exactly what he wanted she still was able to get more out of it than he was. Their marriage in a nutshell.

After the last romp they were sitting naked on the couch next to each other, sharing a cigarette, looking like they could have been a happy couple. Then they started talking.

“If you would’ve fucked me like that earlier I wouldn’t have started cheating on you,” Shyla said.

“If you hadn’t started cheating on me I would have never known you liked to get fucked like that,” Steve replied.

“Well, maybe if you would’ve tried it you would’ve found out.”

“Maybe if you ever sober enough to fuck me I would have tried,” Steve said.

“Yeah, well maybe if you weren’t such an asshole I would have been sober more often.”

“And if you weren’t such a bitch I wouldn’t have been such an asshole.”

“Whatever,” Shyla said, standing up and grabbing the stack of papers from the table and handing them to Steve. “Just sign so we can end this relationship for good.”

“Fine,” Steve said. “Just give me a pen and let’s get it over with.”

Shyla reached into her purse, pulled one out and handed it to him.

Steve flipped to the last page and scribbled onto the line that called for his signature. He closed the papers up and handed them to Shyla.

Her relief was painted on her face as she folded the papers up without looking and stuffed them into her purse. Then she straightened herself out and without another word, turned and headed towards the front door.

A couple seconds later the door closed. Steve leaned back in the couch, pleased with himself. Not only had he just stuck it to his wife, he had done so in more ways than one. Unless she was married to Mickey Mouse, the signature on her divorce papers wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. Smiling, he turned the TV on and grabbed himself a beer. Life was good.






First off, let me state right up front that I love escorts. I’ve been using them since I was 18 and I don’t expect the practice to end anytime soon. People always ask me why don’t I have a conventional relationship. Paying for sex is just so . . . nasty, they say. To which I reply, that’s exactly why I do it. Sometimes I feel like a nasty guy and it’s a hell of a lot easier to get truly down and dirty with a woman that you don’t have to worry about seeing ever again, unless you specifically choose to. I mean, seriously, do you want to kiss your girlfriend the morning after you came in her mouth? Or have her rub her hands through your hair the morning after she had her finger in your ass? Okay, don’t answer that. Maybe you do. But I sure as hell don’t. No, I’d rather live with the memory of that perfect night in my head, forever untainted, than deal with the reality of spending the next day together as human beings. I love the animal aspects of sex, the grinding, the sweating, the willingness to do things that you’d never consider doing under the harsh light of day. But the human part, the dealing with feelings and emotions and all that? No thanks. I deal with enough of that as it is; at work, with my family and friends, hell, even just observing strangers causes more anxiety than I like to deal with. No, I want my sex straight up, with no chaser. I want to fuck like an animal, without restraint, without having to think about the consequences in the morning, without having to wake up in bed the morning with my partner beside me and be embarrassed, to wonder what she thinks of me, of whether or not she liked it as much as I thought she did. I want to live in my dream world. I want my escort. I want to fuck. And so do you. After all, that’s what you bought this story, right? To read about the nasty stuff? Not to hear me ramble. So here you go. Enjoy. 


She arrives at the door two minutes early, rings the bell. I looked out the peephole to check her out, my dick already hard in anticipation. The fish lens distorts her features just a bit, but nothing short of a circus funhouse mirror could have made her anything less than fucking perfect. She was done up exactly as I’d ordered: Short, platinum-hair in two pigtails, blue eye-shadow, cherry-red lipstick, her full, pouty lips turned up in a huge, innocent smile. Not too much makeup, showing off her lightly-freckled nose. She was even chewing gum, topping off the fantasy perfectly. Looking like she was straight out of high school, the epitome of my ideal girl when I was first hitting puberty.

I open the door and let her in. She’s a tiny little spinner, no more than 5’2” and somewhere right around 90 pounds. A full foot shorter than me and less than half my weight. She’s wearing a skin tight, long-sleeved pink T-shirt that ends well above her belly button, showing off her small but firm tits and rock-hard nipples the size of pencil erasers, which are threatening to poke a hole through the material. Her tan, flat stomach leads to the ultra-short, cutoff jeans, which in turn lead to her tanned, skinny but still shapely legs, all the way to the sandals covering her tiny little feet.

“So, what do you think?” she says, striking a pose. Her voice is bubbly, innocent. She plays the part like a pro. Which, of course, she is.

“I think you’re perfect,” I say.

Her smile widens. “Ahh, aren’t you sweet.” She sticks the tips of her finger in her mouth and giggles, then turns to check out the room. The frayed white ends of her jean shorts barely cover her tight, tiny ass. I can’t take my eyes off it. I can’t wait to see it in all its glory, bouncing on my cock

“Quite a nice room you’ve got here,” she says.

“You like it?” I say.

“I love it. It’s so big.”

She comes over and puts one arm around me and leans her head up against my chest. The top of her head barely reaches my chin. She drops her hand down to my crotch and looks up at me with a mischievous grin. “And it feels like you’ve got something else big waiting for me, too.”

“Maybe,” I say.

She giggles and slips out of her sandals. Then she turns around and gets up on her toes and presses the top of her ass against my crotch and starts to wiggle and shimmy. My cock is rock hard. It’s pressing up against my jeans as she rubs up and down against it.

Smiling, she turns her head and looks up at me. “So what’s on the menu for tonight?”

“Whatever you can take,” I say.

“I can take whatever you can dish out,” she says.

“We’ll see about that.” I say as I grab a fistful of her hair and spin her around so she’s facing me.

She yelps; part pleasure, part surprise, part pain. “Oh, so it’s gonna be like that, huh?”

“Yes it is,” I say.

I place my hand on top of her head and start to push. Not gentle, not rough, just guiding her down. Showing her the way. She goes willingly. Knowingly. And then her head is right in front of my crotch. She looks up at me, her eyes wide, her teeth biting the corner of her bottom lip.

“Is this what you like?” she says. “Pushing girls like me around? Making us do what you want?” There’s no malice in her voice, no fear. If anything there’s a bit of humor, as though she’s taunting me.

I nod.

“Then what are you waiting for big boy?” she says. “Pull it out and let’s see what you got.”

I undo my zipper and pull my cock out. It’s not the biggest dick in the world but it’s not the smallest either. It gets the job done. Especially when it’s as hard as it is right now. It’s stiff enough to hammer nails.

She starts to pull her shirt over her head.

I stop her. “Keep it on,” I say. Something about fucking a girl fully clothed just turns me on.

She shrugs. “Whatever you want, baby.” She turns her head to the side and spits her gum out. Then she faces me again, wraps one hand around my shaft, opens her mouth, and takes my cock inside it. She sucks the tip of my cock and strokes my shaft with her hand, working it slowly at first and gradually picking up steam, keeping eye contact with me the whole time.

She pulls my cock out of her mouth, slaps it against her tongue a couple of times, spits on it, then turns her head and puts it back into her mouth sideways. My cock presses against the inside of her cheek, poking on the skin, creating an unnatural bulge in her face. She pops my cock out the side of her mouth and presses it up against my stomach and licks my balls, staring up at me the whole time, maintaining eye contact.

“Fuck my face,” she says as she adjusts her hands so they’re clenching the back of my legs, just below my butt. “Come on, baby, fuck my pretty little face.”

I grab her pigtails—one in each hand—and pull her head towards me while at the same time thrusting my hips forward, driving my cock into her waiting mouth. I pump my hips faster, faster, faster still, her lips now pressing tightly against my cock, creating a seal, her saliva glistening on my cock as I draw it nearly all the way out, stick it back in, draw it out, stick it in, draw it out, stick it in over and over and over again, pumping faster and faster, slamming it deeper and deeper into her mouth, down her throat. She makes gasping, gagging sounds but her eyes are locked on mine and she’s begging with them, pleading for more. I grab the back of her head and thrust one final time and hold it her head there for one, two, three, four, five seconds, my cock deep in her throat, her nose pressing up against the bottom of my stomach.

She starts to gag. I pull my cock out. It’s glistening with her saliva. She coughs and hacks and spits on my cock, then starts stroking it with her hand. Her mascara is running down her face and saliva is dripping down her chin.  

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