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Volume 2 of the Cast Series

April Wood

Copyright © 2014 April Wood

All rights reserved.

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To my husband Jason; I love you so much. Thank you for standing beside me and always supporting my dreams!


I would like to acknowledge all my friends. They stand beside me and keep me going.


“Run Edward!” I scream. Michael is coming at me with his sword drawn. I’ve never killed one of my children, but I’m not dying today.

“I will strike, Mother!” he shouts. His blonde hair is waving in the breeze. His full suit of armor strikes me as ridiculous. I wear a simple trench and jeans. What do witches need armor for?

“Move, Seraphine,” Jordan says stepping in front of me.

“Like hell! This is my battle, Jordan. I’m not going to stand by and let you die in my stead,” I say passing him. My sword clashes loudly with Michael’s. He may be fierce but I’m pissed. We clash swords several more times. Then he swings and catches my arm. It’s deep enough to make me stumble back and fall. Jordan catches me before I hit the ground. Edward stands up in my stead to fight his brother. I can see him for a few moments before my eyes go all fuzzy.

“Seraphine, you can’t keep this up!” Jordan was standing over me pleading. My body was weak, but I wouldn’t give up without a fight. He knew that. The gash in my arm was healing. It wasn’t fast enough. My eyes got heavy.

“I was born to fight, Jordan. A small gash won’t slow me down.”

I try to laugh but the blood is starting to pool up in my throat. It is making it hard for me to breathe or speak.

“For God’s sake, Seraphine. I love you. I can’t lose you. Not like this!” He holds me tighter. One of his tears hits my cheek. As it rolls down, I know in my heart that I love him too. This life had been lonely for me, until him.

“I’m not leaving just yet.” I raise my hand and put it on his stubbly face. The love I feel for him moves me to do something I haven’t in a century. Tears start rolling down my cheek.

“What can I do?” he begs me.

“You know what has to be done.”

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