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Susan’s Black Debauchery

6. The Hot Black Neighbor

Published by Paul Wit at Smashwords

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My short stories are about interracial fuck and breeding, and are only fantasies. You will find in it only adult characters willing to have sex. The stories are not political even if taking ideas from our world is arousing. All of this is just a fantasy. Happy reading!

New Flat, Same Vice

A week after that hard gangbang, Susan decided to move. She couldn’t stay with Abasi, her sex life had become too rough and she had lost control of it. Moreover, she was now working at a local café and earned enough money to pay her own rent. Not rich, she moved to a studio in the eastern part of Paris, close to the suburbs. A multicultural area, a way of life she obviously learned to love.

Since she had quite nothing, she managed to move herself and by chance her new flat was furnished. She met an Arabic family, they seemed nice and welcomed her, even helping her to take her luggage to her flat which was on the fourth floor.

It took her three days after the gangbang to recover and not feel pain anymore. It was now her fifth days of abstinence and her libido was going crazy in her mind, so once her luggage was in her new flat, she thanked who helped her, closed the door, and walked toward the sofa.

She unzipped her tight light-blue jean while walking, pushed it down with her legs, sat on the sofa, opened her legs and passed a hand under her red panties. It felt so good, her pussy was in need of love. Her thin fingers where brushing her soft and pinky labia, she felt her pussy was already very wet. She fingered herself, discreetly moaning, a girl sensual time.

Then someone knocked at the door. One time, a second one, a third…

She put her jean back, her hand still full of her come and her pussy wet, and opened the door.

“Hi, you’re the new tenant here, I’m Dayo”

“Hum… yeah right. Glad to meet you, I’m Susan.”

“You have an accent, where do you come from?”

“USA, still learning French.”

“I live in the opposite flat, would like to know more about you.”


“No, I don’t want to disturb you, when you want, just knock.”

“Ok, thanks, I will think about it.”

“Ok, see you later Susan,” he said walking backward and winking at her.

He was so awesome did she thought, tall, well-built, and so Black! Fuck, her pussy was so wet she had to run to the sofa, then removed again quickly her jean and fingered herself as hard as possible. She was again dreaming of big Black cocks penetrating her in all her tight holes, of Black hands touching her breast, holding her ginger hair. She was relapsing in her addiction, in her fantasies about Black cocks, it felt so good. She got a strong orgasm, putting so much come on the sofa.

Did he hear her? Has he noticed her dirty hand a bit earlier? Was he listening behind the door?

Maybe, but she didn’t care, she needed sex. She too wanted to know him better, she wanted him to know her deeper at least!

An Awesome Black Neighbor

She woke up, feeling something warm between her legs. She had felt asleep with her big Black dildo between her legs, still at the entrance of her very tight and sexy pale pussy. Dried wet was covering her thighs, she really was a dirty White girl.

Turning on TV for her breakfast, the presenter was showing a graph, telling that interracial marriages and birth were on the rise across Western Europe, and had started in Eastern one. Not a surprise she thought when you consider the edge African men have with their huge cocks.

She ate some cereals with a glass of orange juice. She had not a lot of things to do today, just cleaning and tidying her new flat and buy some food. It would give her plenty of time to meet her new Black neighbor, and maybe more than just meet him…

It was now past three o’clock in the afternoon and she was available for more interesting stuff. She removed her jean and common top to put a light red dress putting to her best advantage her tight ass and round breast. After some make-up and high heels, she left her flat to knock at the door of his unknown Black neighbor.

“Hi”, he said while opening the door and looking at her from top to bottom.

“Hi, may I?”, she answered, putting a foot toward the entrance.

“Of course, I have just finished my training.”

She entered in his flat, a quite design one with nice furniture. He was wearing no top, his muscled torso still sweating. The smell aroused her, that smell of a strong and athletic male. She confidently walked toward the living room and sat on the sofa.

“Have you got something to drink, I’m thirsty.”

“Of course, soda or beer?”

“Soda, I think I will need energy.”

He came back with two glasses of soda and put them on the coffee table.

“So, what brought you there Susan?”

“I needed some freedom, an intense relation with my ex.”

“I see, was he possessive or jealous?”

“No, not that kind of intensity. Just too much sex.”

“I understand he was thrilled when I look at you.”

“Thanks, I know a lot of men want to take me.”

“Isn’t it the best compliment a woman can get?”

“Quite true, but sometimes you just get tired. What about you?”

“I’m just a Black guy enjoying life and all its opportunities.”

“What kind of opportunities?”

“I am a consultant for small shareholders, it brings some money. And you?”

“I am visiting France, so the kind of work I do is not important this year.”

“And what do you like most in France?”

“Men, especially Black men”, she answered while standing up and sensually walking toward him.

In her light red dress and with the fire in her eyes, she seemed like possessed by the Devil himself. Once close to him, she put her left hand between his legs and pushed on his cock, taking all the package inside her palm. Then she massaged it firmly, squeezing a little that confined Big Black Cock.

Next, she kissed him, landing her delicate lips on his while he began to touch her breast, two round and aroused boobs. They kissed, her still holding his phallus inside her palm, feeling it wanted to tear up that pants in order to conquer her, conquer that teasing White female.

He grabbed her by the waist and nearly threw her on the leather sofa where she bounced two times. Riding up her dress, he noticed she was totally naked under it, and let his head fall between her thighs to taste that very sexy Redhead cunt. She bent her back and felt his head and his tongue on her labia, feeling and tasting it.

He pushed her legs, spreading them, and started to lick her delicate labia and clitoris. She tasted good, a clean White girl. Inserting his tongue and some fingers inside her pussy, he could hear her moans echoing in all his flat. That White pussy was hot, as hot as a fireplace in winter surrounded by a pale skin as white as the snow.

Shaven and delicate, he could have licked her until death if his cock was not hurting him. Sending signals to his brain, his massive African cock wanted to do more to that White pussy, a lot more. Once he had tasted White pussies some years ago, he couldn’t go back, the feeling of power and of conquest was exquisite. So he withdrew from her wet candy and undressed, showing her again from what African men were made, only pure muscles and testosterone.

With a Black baseball bat between his legs, raised and ready to invade her pale and frail body, she had no doubt her sexual needs would be satisfied. She loved how he threw himself on her, kissing her, nearly biting her lips while he grabbed his monstrous African phallus and put it in her opened hole. Another African meet invading her White flesh. Isn’t it the only thing that she was good at?

He penetrated her with passion, inserting a cock as big as a forearm inside her soft belly. He hit inside like a hammer, forcing her pussy to produce a huge quantity of come to make easier the penetration.

He touched, also with passion, his breast, kissing her raised tits threw her dress, biting her neck, grabbing her waist to push harder inside her. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, strangling her a little to make the pleasure stronger. Her head now vivid red, he released the pressure and without a break, kept screwing her like a bitch he would have brought home early in the morning after a drinking party.

Bang, bang, bang, the sofa was hitting a small table where a lamp was barely staying standing. Her dress was now stuck to her skin, fitting so closely to her boobs and belly that you could see her womb moving with her breast. He put his head in her breast and enjoy these wonders of nature while pounding her wet pussy.

It was so much pleasure for her to be taken like this, like a dirty and depraved White whore with no respect for herself, only begging for more Black cocks to give her the orgasms she needed.

His Black member still ramming her cunt, he got back on his knees, took her sweaty legs and spread it wide. He wanted to look at his cock invading her tight White body, wrapped by her soft pinky labia. Slowing down the rhythm, he put his right hand on her belly and felt, he felt her warm, her desire, how she deeply wanted him inside her. He enjoyed entering and exiting very slowly from her pussy, feeling each inch of his cock moving between her labia.


He loved to feel how his cock was inside a White girl body. It felt so good to be able to do it, to enjoy females forbidden for Black men for decades.

She was very pale, a pure Redhead, and he was between her legs, his thick Black cock inside her tight White pussy. The best part was that she was begging for more, she wanted to be penetrated by him, by an African man she barely knew.

But he didn’t want to do it too quickly, he had other ideas in his mind, other way to extend his pleasure. So he pulled out, climbed on her, grabbed her head, and put his Black cock inside her sensual mouth. She sucked it, and all her come that was on it, like the slut she was. Of course she couldn’t take it all, but with some effort she managed to swallow half of his African phallus.

He also put his cock on her cute face and let her lick his testicles, testicles full of sperm. His cock was longer than her face, he loved that feeling of domination over White girls, to make them understand who was leading now.

While she was licking his balls, he fingered her still wet pussy. To now please her he had to nearly put a hand inside her. Her hole was as opened as the Old Rome after its fall, ready to welcome always more African cocks.

Then he got back to her pussy and put again his Black member inside her, her face now dirty with her come and a little of his sperm.

He was banging her again, the sofa still hitting this small table with a lamp on it. How many orgasms did she have, who knows…? What was sure is that she was moaning loudly every time he pushed his cock inside her womb. What a dirty slut she was, her sweaty skin stuck with her dress, her greasy hair partially on her eyes, her mouth covered of her own come…

He wanted to soil her even more, to dishonor that White woman. So he fucked her harder to prime the pump of his testicles. His orgasm was now close but he knew how to control it, so he kept pounding her cunt harder and harder.

The pleasure was so strong, all his guts wanted to expel this sperm he had in him. He knew she was surely taking the pill. Her lifestyle would have made her a mother a long time ago if not. So why cumming inside her, it was best to shoot his sperm on her dress, breast and face, to dominate and soil her.

Once his balls couldn’t wait any longer, he pulled out, grabbed his cock as hard as stainless steel inside his left hand, wanked a few times to finish the work, and then aimed at this cute White princess body he had below him. Then, like a solar or a volcanic eruption, several spurts of his warm cum brutally landed on her dress and skin.

She was branded with his sperm, branded to show to everyone that this White girl had been used like a slut by an African male.

There was cum everywhere on her. She was breathless and her legs still wide-open. If his friends had been here, he would have surely let them use her, she definitely could welcome more Black cocks.

“What a fuck,” did she say between two inhalations.

“What a dirty White girl you are”.

“I hadn’t been fucked like this for 5 days!”

“Dirty slut, you know where to knock if you need some good African meat.”

“I might need some sooner than you expect…”

After a quarter of an hour, she left the sofa and stood up, her dress now stuck on her skin with dried sweat and dried cum. She had some of his sperm in her hair too.

“You enjoyed it, isn’t it?”

“I always like to mark my territory, above all on White females!”

She walked toward the door while he was looking at her with pride, the pride of a job well-done, the pride of having taken a female. Then she left, crossed the hallway quickly to not be seen like this, and rushed to her shower. She was so dirty, her body covered of sweat and cum was only the reflect of her soul, a soul who was always begging for more African cocks!


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