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Interracial Short Story Volume 01

Paul Wit

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Hungarian Exploration

A trip to London

Visiting Western Europe and especially London had been a long dream for Reka, a Hungarian philosophy student from a middle-class family. Her country and her parents had known communism, and thanks to the European Union, a wave of prosperity had allowed a lot of Hungarian to access a better standard of living.

But Eastern Europe was still a lot different than the powerful Western countries of the continent. There wasn’t this energy, this connection to the world, this diversity and multiculturalism you could only see on TV and in American movies in Hungary.

Reka wanted to see all of this with their own eyes, to experience globalization and have a taste of it. So, fulfilling her dream, she bought a ticket for London and went there for a week. A week without her parents, a week alone, independent and free, a week of pleasure and discoveries.

And a taste of Multiculturalism

At first, it was weird. London was full of non-White English. It was not at all like her country where you could walk for hours and never see someone darker than the snow. There was also all these Muslims she wat not used to.

A Muslim woman helped her. She accidentally dropped her walled when leaving the airport, and thanks to this woman, she got it back just before taking the taxi. What would have happened if she hadn’t been there? She barely had time to thank her before the taxi left the area.

During the drive, she had the opportunity to have a look at how diverse were the streets of London. Asian, Arab, Black men and women were everywhere. Of course she was aware of the terrorist attacks that had happened, but at this moment everyone seemed to live in peace despite this diversity, and it was beautiful.

She noticed how Black men looked taller and stronger compared to the others. More athletic, often bald, it gave them a confident and very manly way of behaving and gait.

When the taxi stopped, she remembered she had reached her destination, a cheap youth hostel for travelers, above all students. She paid the driver, took her bag and walked toward the entrance, noticing a good-looking Black man smoking a cigarette. They both looked at each other for several seconds before she entered in the building.

At the entrance, a Black woman welcomed her. She was in her forties and quite neat for someone working in a youth hostel.

“Hello young girl, what brings you here?”

“I will spend the week in London, I have a booking in the name of Reka.”

“Eastern Europe, you are a lot of girls from there here.”

“Didn’t know.”

“Don’t get back to your country with a big belly girl!”

“No! Why do you say that?”

“You will soon understand, believe me! Your room in number 106. Since there are too many people, we can’t separate boys and girls, is it ok for you?”

“Hum... yes. Not what I am used for...”

“Don’t worry, just remember my advice,” she said blinking an eye.

Reka climbed the stairs since the elevator was out of order, and discovered her room. A large room filled with eight bunk beds and only one bathroom. Happily, she intended to spend most of the time possible outside!

There were already a lot of bags at the bottom of the beds and only one remained, the upper one bed close to the right corner of the room, far from the door. She threw her bag on the bed and heard someone coming.

“Hi, you’re my new neighbor!”

“Hi, you sleep here, on the lower bed?

“Yeap, nice you are not fat, even all the contrary.”

This was the guy who was smoking outside, this good-looking Black guy.

“Where’re you from girl?”

“Hungary, and you?”

“England, Manchester.”

“Why are you here?”

“To enjoy the big city! And the girls!”

“There are no girls in Manchester?”

“Yes there are, but not so many tourists from abroad.”

“I hope you don’t snore when asleep,” she said smiling.

“Nope, if you hear noises from below, that will not be snoring.”

He got closer to her, his left hand in his pants, obviously rearranging how his balls were set in his shorts.

“You’re very sexy. If you need something, just ask me. My name is Olaudah”

He passed very close to her, grabbed something in his bag, turned over and left the room. She remained silent. Never a guy had been so direct with her. He told her she was sexy with a hand in his underpants! The thought of him pushing her on his bed and removing her tight jeans got her warm, and before she could get her mind back, she felt her pussy had become wet. Passing a hand on her jean, she felt it, her pussy was very hot.

Olaudah, a journey to Black pleasure

Reka spent the rest of the day in the neighborhood, buying subway tickets, some food, visiting peacefully the area and some shops. Then, at sundown, she moved back to the youth hostel to take her shower before eating outside.

There were a lot of people in the room, some girls and White boys. She was lucky enough to have the bathroom free and didn’t miss her chance. After a quick shower, she dressed, Slavic style, a skin-tight top and a mini-skirt, and then left the bathroom with her hair still wet.

Olaudah was now there, sat on his bed and looking at his smartphone. He noticed her, raised his head and spoke:

“Yo, hungry?”

“Yes, I will look for a cheap fast-food.”

“I know a good place if you want.”

“Hum... Ok, let’s go there.”

They left together the room, the sexy slim platinum Blonde Hungarian and the very dark African-English, under the jealous look of the White boys. He brought her to a very good kebab, cheap and with good food. It was an opportunity for him to know her better, the prerequisite before banging her.

They got back to the hostel, there was no one at the reception, and quietly got to their beds. He had a boner and wondered how he could get to sleep with such a hot White girl just above him. What he didn’t know is that she was herself excited and couldn’t sleep either. So she sent him a message, very clear:

“Come, I want to enjoy my week, day and night!”

He understood the message, the girl wanted some Black-English lust for tonight and he was ready and proud to give it. So he undressed in his bed and climbed the ladder, his thick Black cock half hard but very ambitious. She had also undressed and he quickly felt how warm she was, and how pale she looked.

Even in the darkness of the night, her skin was still reflecting some light, and her platinum hair even more. On the opposite, she more heard him climbing the ladder than she saw him, as dark as he was.

He got close to her, skin on skin, mixing their breaths, and they kissed. She immediately wrapped him with her long right leg, feeling how excited he was, his cock hard on her soft belly.

The rules were strict and they couldn’t annoy the others, so they had to stay silent while fucking. She took his huge Black cock and wanked him slowly but firmly. She felt his vein getting bigger and harder in her palms, his desire to enter her becoming deeper.

He dived his head inside her delicate breast, smelling and licking her pale and soft boobs with pink tits. He loved how White girls were always so clean, pure and delicate, like porcelain.

She pushed back his cock to get it aligned with her pussy, and then let him go back up, penetrating her wet and foaming pussy. He had to put a hand on her mouth to keep her silent, biting her left hear to expel his own pressure and passion.

He kept fucking her like this, with passion, with an intense and vivid fire in his guts, a fire she had herself in her womb. His Big Black Cock was going up and down in her pussy, trying to push always deeper in her delicate body.

He heard some noises coming from other beds, it was the noise of a boy wanking under the sheet. Some of the other White boys had waking up and were now jacking off thanks to him riding that Eastern European chick. Fun to know he had stolen one of these pure Slavic beauties from these White boys.

His cock, hard and determined, gave her at least two orgasms. Silent orgasms since he kept his hand on her mouth. He could see her face now red, so much pleasure had been restrained. It was time for him now, for his own male orgasm, the big one.

She felt it and she also knew she was unprotected thanks to her very conservative dad. But anyway, it felt so good to welcome him, to fully welcome his orgasm and desire inside her. He pressed his balls against her labia and unloaded his African semen in her, hoping that she was unprotected. She whispered in his ear she wasn’t and it felt so good, so marvelous to give her his semen knowing she was unprotected, that he cummed twice, emptying all his testicles inside her fertile White womb.

Once done, he left her warm and wet in the bed, her legs still spread, her pussy filled with cum, then went down the ladder and moved under his own sheet. He had heard the other White boys jerking off like sissies, filled with a mix of guilt, weakness and thrill. None of them would taste that White pussy while he had put his Black cock deep in it, and maybe knocked her up.

Youth hostels were his favorite place, the best place to fuck White girls without any responsibility, only lust.

Coming back to Hungary, Kera was indeed pregnant, ready to give birth to a beautiful Eastern European Black baby.


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