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Henry loves travelling to foreign lands. There’s a few reasons for this, but mostly it boils down to two big ones, both related. First of all, most countries outside of America far more sexually open and adventurous, which usually leads to crazier fuck sessions. And two, there’s just something he loves about fucking a woman who doesn’t speak fluent English.

He’s not one for a bunch of small-talk during sex anyways, but still, it’s a different experience altogether when any of kind of detailed communication is out of the question. Not only does it essentially eliminate any chance of an emotional connection (something that Henry find very appealing) it also gives him the freedom to take a few more chances than he normally would with a random girl. The language barrier allows him to push the boundaries a little bit.

It’s not like he doesn’t get extremely freaky with strangers on a regular basis, doing things with them that most people don’t even ever consider doing to another person, but when the woman he’s with doesn’t even speak the same language as him, it’s even easier than usual to visualize her as a piece of meat, a fucktoy there for his pleasure, not a real, living, breathing human being with thoughts and dreams and emotions. Which mentally frees him up to get even more depraved than usual.

Henry know full well that this thought  process isn’t a particularly healthy, nor a socially accepted one, but he doesn’t care in the least. He likes what he likes and he doesn’t give two shits what other think of him or his sexual preferences.




Tonight Henry is in Prague. He is spending a couple of nights on his own after a hanging out in Italy the previous weekend attending a get-together put on by a famous moviestar couple at their 200-acre country estate. He’d had a good time partying at their house, but it was a closed affair consisting exclusively of people that were either there with their significant others or didn’t partake in the same kind of debaucheries Henry did.

Which is just a long way of saying that Henry didn’t get laid. So he decided to make a quick trip to Prague before going home in order to remedy that.




Henry has just checked into the hotel when he spots a blonde bombshell sitting alone at the bar, scoping things out like she’s looking for a date. She’s most likely a prostitute, if not in name at least in practice. Which is something Henry doesn’t have a problem with at all. Especially on a night like tonight, when it’s already late and he’s feeling a bit worn out from the previous weekend and the trip over. He just wants to get laid, and right quick. And he’s got more than enough cash on him to pay for it without any problem at all.

Henry has his bags sent to his room and heads over to the bar.

The girl spots him right away, smiling at Henry as he walks over. Which is no surprise, considering he’s not hiding his intentions in the least, heading straight towards her, striding purposefully, staring directly at her.

He points to the seat and raises his eyebrows. She smiles and nods and gestures for him to sit. She asks him in halted English if he’s an American. He nods and asks her if she speaks English. She says just a little bit. So far, so good. She says her name is Lisa. Henry doesn’t tell her his. She doesn’t seem to care.

Henry takes a closer look at Lisa and likes what he sees. She’s very Eastern European-looking, with dirty blonde hair, grayish/blue eyes, a round face, soft features, and full lips. He gestures for her to stand up and spin around.

Lisa obliges without hesitation, standing up to give him a view of her full-bodied figure, which is barely covered up at all by her tiny black silk shirt and even smaller skirt. She has beautiful bronze skin, long, shapely legs that are highlighted by her 4-inch heels, wide, luscious hips, a big, round ass and medium-sized, firm tits. Not skinny but certainly not fat, she’s got a rockin’ body, soft and curvy in all the right places but hard and firm where it counts the most. She truly is a fucking bombshell.

In her halted English Lisa asks Henry if he likes what he sees. He nods and asks how much for everything. Ass, pussy, mouth, whatever he wants. She gives him a price. He nods in acceptance, pulls the money out of his pocket and casually hands it to her. She counts it quickly and then offers him her hand. He takes it and they head up to his room.

Once inside Henry’s room Lisa doesn’t waste any time. She leads him to the couch and sits him down, then heads over to the other side of the room and climbs onto the bed. She slips her top off then turns to face him, sitting on her knees, her body upright. She grabs a nine-inch dildo from her purse and spits on it. Then she sticks it in her mouth, sucking on the tip, getting herself warmed up.

After taking the dildo progressively further down, Lisa slams it all the way in her throat and holds it there until she gags on it. She pulls it out and coughs up all the saliva and spits it on the dildo, coating it until it’s gleaming in the light. Then she leans forward, dropping her head and shoulders onto the bed, leaving her with her ass in the air, doggy style, sticking out from behind her tiny little skirt.

Lisa twists her upper body so her face is turned sideways, her right shoulder pressing against the bed and her left one raised a bit. Holding the dildo in her right hand, she reaches back over her body, coming from above her ass. Her left hand shoots out from underneath her body, between her legs, and moves her g-string to the side, freeing up her pussy, which she starts to rub. She slaps her ass with the dildo a few times, then slides it into her asshole.

She works it slowly, moving it gradually forward and back until it’s half way inside her. Holding it at that depth she moves her hand in a circular motion, using the dildo to loosen up her asshole while she continues working her pussy with her other hand.

After working both her holes for a couple minutes, Lisa pulls the dildo out of her asshole and sticks it in her mouth, cleaning it of her ass juices and getting it lubed up again for another round in her asshole. Once it’s nice and wet, she reaches back and plunges it in her asshole again.

This time Lisa pushes it almost all the way in, stopping only after the hand that is gripping the dildo is touching her ass. Once it can go no farther, she slides it back out, almost pulling it completely out of her asshole before plunging it back, nearly taking the entire thing again.

Lisa does this a few times, banging herself with the dildo with increasing speed, while the fingers of her other hand are still planted firmly in her pussy. She suddenly yanks on the dildo, pulling it all the way out of her asshole, leaving it gaping for a moment before it closes back up.

Hesitating for only a few seconds, Lisa slams the dildo back into her asshole, pumping herself a single time before yanking it out again. Her gape is a little bit wider this time and lasts a little bit longer. She does this a couple more times, her gape getting wider and wider and lasting longer and longer with every pass.

Up until now Henry has been content to just sit there and play with his cock while he watches Lisa work. But now he can’t take it anymore. He walks over to lend a hand.

Henry yanks her skirt and panties off, then drops to his knees in front of the bed, so his head is at the same level as Lisa’s ass, his face mere inches away from her flesh. He’s got a front row seat as she  takes the dildo in her mouth again to clean it off then slides it back into her asshole.

Before Lisa can pull it out again, Henry grabs ahold of her ass cheeks and spreads them wide. This time when she pulls the dildo out of her ass his assistance allows her asshole to gape wider than ever before and stay gaping without closing up. As he stares down at the black hole her anus has become, he can’t help himself. He climbs to his feet, grabs ahold of his rock-hard cock, and slides it into her gaping asshole.

With his hands on Lisa’s hips Henry fucks her doggy style, quickly settling into a good rhythm by giving her half of his cock then pulling it almost all the way out of her asshole before slamming it back in.

Good slut that she is, Lisa doesn’t sit around idly while Henry fucks her. Instead, she reaches back and slips two fingers into her pussy while he pumps away at her asshole. She’s breathing more heavily now and her moans match the rhythm of his thrusts, which are getting slightly faster but not any more deep.

Henry runs his hands down to her asscheeks and spreads them apart right before yanking his cock out of her asshole.

Lisa’s gape is as prominent as ever, glorious and inviting. Henry gathers up some saliva and spits it just above her asshole and watches it drip down her crack and into her gape. He stacks the four fingers of his right hand into a little cluster then stuffs them into her asshole, finger-fucking her for a little while, pushing them as far as they’ll go and holding them there for a few seconds before pulling them out, causing her gape to grow even more.

Squatting down, putting his hands on her ass cheeks once again to keep her gape from closing up, he sticks his tongue in her asshole and works it around in circles, rimming the inner ring of her anus a couple times before jamming his tongue as far into her asshole as it will go.

Lisa reaches back, grabbing a handful of his hair in each hand and holding his head in place. Her moans growing more desperate, Lisa pushes her ass back against him, smashing her ass into his face. Uttering a string of obscenities, her entire body tenses up beneath him, then releases in a shuddering gasp, shaking and twitching for a few seconds before falling still as an orgasm passes through her.

Shortly after, Lisa releases Henry’s head, allowing him to pull back. Once he catches his breath, he picks up the discarded dildo from the bed next to her and slides it into her asshole, only stopping once it’s practically all the way in, with no more than an inch sticking out.

With the dildo planted firmly in Lisa’s asshole and his hands on her ass cheeks, holding them open, Henry slides his cock into her pussy, which is still inhabited by two of her fingers. As her two fingers pull down on her pussy, opening it up, he pummels her snatch, hammering his cock into her while she moans loudly beneath him.

Henry gives Lisa his whole cock, balls deep, his body slamming up against hers, pushing her forward at the tail end of every thrust. After half a minute of this, he pounds her pussy one last time and holds his cock there, all the way inside her, grinding away.

Lisa’s moans turn to screams and she slips her fingers out of her pussy and grabs ahold of his ballsack and squeezes, not gently but not too hard, straddling the line expertly between pleasure and pain.

Henry lets go of her asscheeks and grabs ahold of the dildo and starts moving it in and out of her asshole while keeping his cock planted firmly inside Lisa’s pussy. She releases her hold on his balls and raises her upper body, placing her palms flat against the wall and locking out her elbows.

Arching her spine and tilting her chin towards the ceiling, splaying her hair down her back, Lisa uses the leverage from the wall to push her ass back into Henry. Holding both his body and the dildo still, he lets her do all the work.

She bounces back against him, slowly at first but quickly picking up the pace, until both his cock and the dildo are moving rapidly in and out of her two holes. It isn’t long before her gyrations are knocking him off-balance, threatening to spill him backwards.

Leaving the dildo deep in her ass, Henry releases his hold on it and grabs onto her hips for balance. Now as Lisa bounces back against him he brings his hips forward, causing their bodies to meet in the middle, each pushing in a different direction, allowing his cock to penetrate her pussy more deeply than any other time in the evening.

Lisa is moaning louder than ever now, punctuated by deep guttural groans every time their bodies come together. She arches her spine further, forcing her ass higher up in the air and bringing her hair even closer to his grip. Unable to control himself any longer, Henry grabs a handful of her hair and gives it a sharp tug.

Lisa’s yelp contains elements of surprise, pain and pleasure but she doesn’t slow down one bit, still hammering her ass into him with everything she has. He doesn’t relax at all either, giving it to her with more aggression than ever before.

Eventually Lisa pulls her hands from the wall and drops her face and shoulders back onto the bed, freeing up her arms to do other things. The first thing she does is reach back to pull the dildo out of her asshole.

Henry gets the hint, letting his cock slide out of Lisa’s pussy before grabbing a hold of it and slipping it into her still gaping asshole. While he goes back to work on her asshole, she brings the dildo forward and slides it into her mouth, sucking on it and licking it clean. He brings one leg up and places his foot on the bed, up alongside her head, switching up the angle of attack and giving him more leverage.

Leaning his body forward, Henry pushes down on Lisa’s shoulders, forcing her upper body into the mattress. He holds her down while he fucks her, his entire body weight slamming down onto her as he hammers away at her asshole with his cock. Her head is turned to the side and the dildo is still in her mouth, muffling her grunts and groans as he pummels her.

Henry gives Lisa his entire cock in hard, fast, aggressive pumps, his balls slapping up against her pussy at the end of every thrust. The dildo is no longer in her mouth. It’s lying haphazardly on the bed by her face, making her grunts and moans louder but no less unintelligible.

Feeling adventurous, Henry slides his foot along the bedspread until it’s almost touching her head. He slams his cock into her and holds it there, deep inside her asshole, grinding his groin into her ass, searching for new depths.

Balancing his weight for a moment, Henry lifts his foot up and places it on Lisa’s  head, his sole pressing down against the side of her face. Getting inexplicable enjoyment out of debasing her like this, he pounds her asshole for a short while before the physical awkwardness of the position just becomes too much. He lifts his foot off her head and brings it back down to the floor, letting his cock slip out of her asshole in the process.

Henry lightly slaps Lisa on the ass a couple of times and tells her to turn over. Her enthusiasm unabated whatsoever, she flips over onto her back and throws her legs open, leaning back so her hips are up off the bed. Then she grabs ahold of her ass cheeks and spreads them wide, her asshole gaping wide open, beckoning him, just asking to get fucked some more.

Henry obliges, stepping forward and sliding his rock-hard cock directly into Lisa’s  asshole.

With his feet on the floor, standing over her, giving him tons of leverage, Henry immediately starts hammering away at Lisa’s asshole while she continues spreading her ass wide with her hands.

After pumping her aggressively her for a good 30 seconds, Henry slides his cock out and looks down at Lisa’s gaping asshole, aided greatly by her still pulling her ass cheeks apart. Henry admires her gape for a bit, then slides his cock back into her asshole, filling it up.

While Lisa moans beneath him, Henry pummels her asshole, giving her his entire cock in fast, intense pumps, his balls slapping up against her at the end of every thrust.

Henry sees the discarded dildo on the bed and grabs it. With his cock still in her ass, he slides the dildo into her pussy and starts banging away. Her eyes open wide and she nods her head vigorously, her moans growing more intense with every passing second as he violates both of her holes simultaneously.

While continuing to pound Lisa’s asshole, Henry slips the dildo out of her pussy and jams it into her mouth, shoving it all the way down until it completely disappears. He fucks her throat with the dildo until she gags on it, then pulls it out and puts it back in her pussy.

From here Lisa takes over, banging herself aggressively with the dildo while Henry focuses his attention on fucking her ass.

Leaning his upper body forward, Henry grabs ahold of her tits, one in each hand, and gives them a good squeeze. After groping them for a bit and pinching her nipples he gives her tits a couple of light smacks. Lisa responds by banging her pussy more aggressively with the dildo in increasing intensity of the sounds coming from her mouth.

Feeling adventurous once again, Henry runs his hand up her chest and grabs her throat, not choking her, just inhibiting her air flow a little bit. Staring directly up at Henry, Lisa bites down on her bottom lip and nods her head, obviously enjoying this new turn of events.

Henry increases the pressure on her throat a little bit more while still hammering away at her asshole as she continues banging her pussy with a dildo. Unfortunately for Henry, the excitement of the current positioning is too much for him to handle. He’s decides to release her throat before he’s forced to release his load.

Keeping his cock planted firmly in her ass, Henry leans back until he’s standing completely upright. While he takes a moment to catch his breath, Lisa pulls the dildo out of her pussy and sticks it in her mouth and starts sucking her juices off of it.

Fully recovered now, Henry grabs Lisa’s legs and pulls her towards him, draping her legs over his shoulders. Wrapping his arms around her legs, using them for leverage, he pounds her asshole, rocking her body back and forth opposite of his so they are both coming towards each other at the point of entry, allowing him to penetrate her more deeply than ever.

A full minute later, Henry is about ready to cum. But he wants to try a few more things first. So he slips his cock out of Lisa’s asshole and crawls up onto the bed, folding her legs back as he goes.

Holding Lisa’s legs down on the bed, one on either side of her head, the front of her knees touching the mattress, Henry straddles her face. With his legs outside of hers and his body weight pressing down on her, holding her legs in place, he sticks his cock in her mouth.

As Lisa lies all but helpless beneath him, Henry looks directly down on her, their eyes locked together, and fucks her mouth, moving his hips back and forth in a quick, hammering rhythm.

After face-fucking her for half a minute, he pulls his cock out of her mouth, giving her a chance to get some air. While she’s catching her breath, Henry grabs ahold of the dildo. Once she’s again ready to go, he places the dildo alongside his cock and jams both of them into her mouth.

Henry fucks Lisa’s face with both cocks at the same time for a little while, then pulls his cock out of her mouth, leaving the dildo in. He hammers the dildo in and out of her mouth times then jams it down her throat until she’s choking on it.

After she gags a couple times, he slides the dildo out and replaces it with his cock, sliding it into her mouth until it too disappears. Holding her head down on the bed with his hands gripping her hair, Henry stares down at her and begins to pummel her face, slamming his cock in and out of her mouth, giving her the entire thing, balls deep, his sack slapping up against her cheek as tears leak out of her eyes.

Henry gives Lisa one final pump and holds his cock deep in her mouth, forcing her to deepthroat him. With their eyes still locked together, he holds his cock deep in her throat, watching her intently as she struggles for breath.

Lisa gags once but Henry doesn’t let up.

She gags again.

But still Henry holds his cock deep in Lisa’s throat. Her hands come up to his chest and trying to push him off but he lets go of her hair and grabs her wrists and pushes her arms down, pinning them to the bed.

He can feel her legs pushing up on his body, trying to force him off, but Henry keeps his cock planted firmly in her throat, even as her face starts to turn red. It isn’t until Lisa’s struggles start to wane a bit that Henry finally pulls his cock out of her mouth, giving Lisa a chance to breathe once again.

She does so in deep, gasping, desperate breaths, her chest heaving as the color comes back into her face. Unsure of whether or not he crossed a line, Henry just sits there, not doing anything, waiting to see what Lisa’s reaction will be.

After she has recovered, she gives Henry the evil eye. But a couple seconds later one half of her mouth turns up in a little smirk and he knows all is good.

Shortly after, she grabs ahold of his cock, slaps it against her cheek a couple of times, then takes it in her mouth. Henry lets her blow him for a little while, before climbing to his knees.

On the bed now with his knees beneath him, his body facing her so his cock is hovering directly above her pussy, Henry sticks his arms beneath her hips. With her legs still on the bed by her side, he rolls her up so her weight is on her shoulders and her ass is up in the air. She hooks her arms around her legs, holding them in place as Henry sticks the dildo in her pussy.

Still on his knees in front of Lisa, facing her, his face just above her ass, Henry bangs her pussy with the dildo while he works her asshole, licking it, spitting on it and working it with two fingers of his free hand. Once her asshole is good and loose again, he slides the dildo out of her pussy and sticks it directly into her ass. He bangs her asshole a few times, widening it even further, then stands up on the bed so he’s hovering over her. Henry pulls the dildo out of her asshole, leaving it gaping. Squatting down just a bit, he slides his cock into her asshole then jams the dildo into her pussy.

Lisa gasps and her legs rise up. Henry grabs her ankles, pushing down on her legs. She grabs ahold of the dildo and starts to bang herself while Henry pummels her ass, his legs straight and his knees locked out, allowing him to pummel her with his entire body weight at the end of every thrust.

Henry is getting closer and closer to orgasm with every second, but he still wants to push things, to see how far Lisa will let him go. So he rises up again, still squatting on the bed but now balanced. He takes control of the dildo from her and holds it in her pussy as he slips his cock out of her ass.

Scooting forward just a bit, Henry jams his cock into her pussy alongside the dildo, penetrating Lisa with both at the same time. Her eyes widen and she lets out a low-pitched, animalistic moan but doesn’t make any move to extract either cock from her pussy. Breathing harder now, she nods her head and starts bucking her body up against him.

Henry gets the hint and starts fucking her with more intensity, pummeling her in the piledriver position, holding the dildo next to his cock as he pumps his hips, stretching her pussy to its limits.

Lisa’s hands are gripping her ankles, holding them down by her head. Her face is bright red and covered in sweat. Her eyes are rolled up, showing the whites and she’s still moaning like an animal. It’s almost too much for Henry to handle. But he keeps a grip on himself, for the time being at least. He still has a couple things he wants to try.

Henry slides his cock out of Lisa’s pussy, leaving the dildo inside. She shudders and her body starts to relax, but before she can get comfortable he slides his cock back into her asshole.

After pumping Lisa’s asshole a few times, Henry slides the dildo out of her pussy and presses the tip of it against her anus, right above his cock.

Henry looks at Lisa with raised eyebrows. She nods. Smiling, he puts pressure on the dildo, gently sliding it into her asshole alongside his cock. The pressure is intense; the dildo pressing tightly down the top of his cock and the lower ridge of her asshole pushing against the bottom. He’s slides the dildo about halfway into her asshole before stopping. Then he starts moving them both in and out of her anus, slowly and gently, hardly moving much at all.

Lisa unleashes a guttural groan and utters a series of what can only be obscenities in her foreign tongue. Practically in tears now, her breath deep and ragged, she releases her legs and desperately fingers her clit.

No more than five seconds later Lisa’s eyes widen even further and she utters a growling scream and shudders uncontrollably as a huge, intense orgasm racks her body.

Her gyrations squeeze Henry’s cock even tighter, to the point of no return. As Lisa rides out the bottom edge of her orgasm, Henry’s rises up. Leaving his cock in her asshole, he pulls the dildo out and starts pounding away, slamming into her with everything he has, his balls slapping against the backside of her ass as he pummels her in the piledriver position.

It isn’t long before Henry is cumming too, his body tensing up for a moment before releasing. But he continues hammering away at her as he cums, sending his white, hot sperm deep into her asshole, only slowing down once he’s shot his entire load.

Laughing under his breath, Henry pulls his cock out of Lisa’s ass and falls back onto the bed. Lisa is smiling as she crawls over to him, grabs ahold of his cock, and licks it clean of her ass juices.

Once she’s done with that, Lisa grabs the dildo off the couch and sticks it in her asshole. After sliding it all the way inside, she pulls it back out. It’s covered with Henry’s cum. She licks the cum off the dildo, then slides it back into her ass. She does this four times before finally climbing off the bed and heading into the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Henry watches Lisa walk away from him, her ass working furiously with every step, her hips swaying back and forth in an exaggerated fashion, until she disappears around the corner. Then he falls back onto the bed again and stares at the ceiling with a wide smile on his face, thinking about the joys of foreign women.






My roommate Holly and I started screwing around with each other shortly after we moved in together, a little over a year ago.

It had happened naturally; we were both young, attractive and in our sexual primes. We were both fed up with men and looking for something more. So we decided to give each other a shot. And we haven’t looked back since. We still hook up with men from time to time, and even end up in relationships with them occasionally. But we never stop fucking each other. It’s just too much fun.

Two years ago if you would have told me that I’d not only be living with another girl but fucking her on a regular basis I would have laughed you out of the room.

After all, at the time I was engaged to (who I thought was) a wonderful guy with a marriage date set in stone and plans for the future. I’d never even kissed a girl, let alone slept with one. And I never had even seriously thought about it.

Even after my engagement fell through (when I caught my fiancée cheating on me) I still never thought about sleeping with another woman. I went on a six-month sexual binge, but all with men, fucking as many of them as I could in an attempt to wash the taste of my scumbag fiancée out of my mouth.

But that was before I met Holly.

I remember the first time I laid my eyes on her, about a year after my engagement ended. I was at a bar in the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego with some friends when she showed up as part of another group we were meeting up with.

She caught my eye immediately, mostly because she was my physical opposite. Her hair was long and blonde hair while mine was short and brown. She had huge, natural, low-hanging breasts and I had small, perky, high ones. Her soft, slightly pudgy, face was completely different than my sharply lined features. She was short and stacked, with an amazingly curvy natural figure while I was tall and lanky with a body toned daily in the gym.

And the differences didn’t stop there. Pretty much everything about us was different.

Her pale skin to my dark tan. Her blue eyes to my brown. Her round, fleshy ass to my narrow, firm one. And it wasn’t only our looks that were in contrast.   

Holly was cute and bubbly while I was hard-edged and intense. She was talky while I was reserved. She was nice and I was mean. She was everybody’s best friend while I scared everyone away.

I figured we would butt heads like a couple of divas, but as it turned out, we got along incredibly well. People always say opposites attract but I never bought into it.

Until I met Holly.

At some point during that first night we ended up at the same table, both of us drunk off our asses and talking at length about our personal lives. I don’t remember many specifics of the conversation but I do remember that it was mostly about men, how pathetic and sad they were, how they didn’t know what they were doing in bed, how the only thing they cared about was pleasing themselves, that kind of stuff.

Nothing happened that night but the foundation had been laid. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I knew right then that Holly and I were going to end up fucking on a regular basis, in fact, it was the furthest thing from my mind. I’d never been with another woman at that point, and I never really expected to. And Holly felt the same way.

Hell, we didn’t even know if we’d ever see each other again after that night.

But, as circumstances would have it, we did see each other again, the next weekend in fact, out at a different bar but with the same group of friends. And the weekend after that. And the one after that.

Eventually we ended up talking more regularly, hanging out occasionally, doing things together. Until one day we realized we were best friends.

Shortly after that, it just so happened that we were both looking for a place to live and it was natural that we ended up living together. We were like peas in a pod, twins separated at birth, she was the yin to my yang. Despite our outward differences inwardly we were almost the same person; neither of us cared about stupid, petty shit. And we both liked men.

Even the first time we hooked up it was nothing planned. We were both having men problems at the same time so we decided to have a girls-night out, just the two of us. We ordered gourmet pizza, bought three bottles of expensive wine, rented a few chick flicks and locked ourselves in our apartment.

We were drunk as skunks and had just finished the second movie when the fun started.

We’d been ripping on men the whole night, each telling stories about how small this guy’s dick was, or this guy couldn’t get it up, or how this guy was a three-pump chump when Holly casually said, “Why do we need men anyways?”

“That’s a damn good question,” I replied. “It’s not like they’re good for anything. Except for their cocks of course.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” Holly said with the exaggerated inflection of someone who is well and truly toasted. “If they didn’t have those they’d be totally and utterly worthless.”

“Hell, even cocks can’t save most of them,” I said.

“You can say that again sister,” Holly said.

So I did. We both laughed.

“But seriously,” Holly said as the laughter died down. “Just imagine if women had cocks. Then we wouldn’t need men at all. We could replace them completely.”

“Who says we can’t anyway?” I replied, only half-joking. I’m not going to lie, at this point I was so drunk and so horny that I starting to get on board with this whole idea of leaving men out of the loop. And with such a pretty little thing sitting on the couch next to me, how could you blame me?      

“What a minute, what are you saying?” Holly asked. She was trying to sound all innocent but I knew her too well to believe that schtick. She knew exactly what I was talking about.

“Cocks are the easiest thing in the world to replace,” I said. “I’ve got three of them in my room right now, all different sizes. And don’t tell me you don’t have at least a couple yourself. I’ve heard you making noises in your room when I know you’re alone.”

“What kind of noises are you talking about?” Holly said, pretending to be offended.

“Don’t give me that shit,” I said. “You know what I’m talking about.”

“Are you saying that you listen to me when I’m playing with myself?”

“Not listening, per se, but I can’t help but hear you. Not with all that moaning and groaning you do when you’re in there alone.”

“Does all that moaning and groaning turn you on?” Holly said. She was still smiling but her tone a bit more serious now.

“Of course it does,” I replied. “How could it not?”

She looked at me. I looked at her. And just like that, it happened. We both leaned forward at the same time and kissed.

Holly took the lead, hopping up on top of me and straddling me while we made out.

It was amazing, kissing another girl, not only because it was taboo but because she was a great kisser, much better than any guy I’d ever been with. Her lips were soft and supple, her tongue active but not crazy. She knew just how much pressure to use, not too much but not too little. I could only imagine how good she’d be with her tongue in other areas. Hopefully I’d find out pretty soon. But first there was some other business to take care of.

I put my hands on her stomach and moved them up under her shirt and grabbed her breasts.

She leaned back and slipped off her shirt, revealing her boobs in all their glory. Fat and juicy and hanging low with huge aureoles. They were amazing.

“You like my tits?” she said, bouncing up and down slightly, making them jiggle and shake.

“I fucking love them,” I said.

Holly smiled and pressed them together with her arms. “Yeah, they are pretty nice, aren’t they?”

“They’re more than nice,” I said. “They’re beautiful. Just like you.”

“Ahh, aren’t you sweet,” she said. “Deep down, despite your hard exterior, you’re just a little softy, aren’t you?”

“Sshhh,” I said, bringing my finger to my mouth in the universal sign for silence. “Don’t tell anyone. I have a reputation to uphold.”

“Don’t worry Kendra,” Holly said. “Your secret is safe with me. I won’t tell a soul.” Her voice lowered to a conspiratorial whisper. “Provided you do something for me, of course.”

“Anything you want,” I said.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Holly said. Then she leaned forward and thrust her tits into my face. “Well,” she said. “What are you waiting for?”

So I started to play with one of them, fondling and licking it, slowly moving my tongue over her nipple a few times before clamping on it and sucking it until it got hard.

I glanced up to see Holly’s head thrown back, her face towards the ceiling and her eyes closed. Soft sounds of pleasure escaped from her throat.

I figured I was doing something right so I switched over the her other nipple and gave it the same treatment.

While I worked on her other breast Holly ran her hand down my stomach and slipped her hand under my pajama bottoms and started rubbing her fingers over my panties. I was already turned on but this took things to another level.

I started working her nipple more aggressively in response to my growing excitement and she replied by rubbing my pussy with more intensity. We continued like this for a little while, each one upping the ante and the other responding, until we’d both taken things pretty much as far as they could go.

My panties were completely soaked through by now, making it feel like her fingers were rubbing my pussy directly, but I needed something more. I couldn’t take the teasing anymore. I needed something inside me. So I climbed out from under Holly and quickly slipped out of my pajamas and panties. Falling back onto the couch I spread my legs and started playing with myself, my eyes locked directly on hers as my fingers slipped in and out of my pussy.

Holly slipped out of her bottoms shortly after I did, watching me the entire time.

I was expecting her to start playing with herself too but what I got was even better. She dropped down to the floor, crawled over until she was between my legs, and started licking my pussy.

I let out a low moan of pleasure and shifted my fingers so they were rubbing my clit while Holly ate me out, her tongue working expertly in and around my pussy, hitting all the right notes as only someone with a pussy of their own can.

And then I let out an even louder moan as she got her fingers involved, touching and rubbing and sliding in and out of my pussy while she continued working it with her tongue.  

I’m not sure how long we went at it like that but soon enough I was cumming like I’d never cum before, my body shaking and shimmying as a scream escaped my throat as the orgasm wracked my body.

“Holy fuck,” I said once I’d recovered.

“A good one, huh?” Holly said, smiling, my juices covering her face, making it gleam under the light.

“Only the best one ever,” I said.

“No lie?”

“I swear.”

Holly put on her pouty face. “I want a turn.”

“Be my guest,” I said, relinquishing my spot on the couch.

Clapping her hands, she bounced up onto the couch, spread her legs wide and beckoned me over. Smiling, I obliged, dropping my face onto her pussy and going to town while she played with her clit.

A short time later I brought her to orgasm, her legs clamping down on my head while her body spasmed, her juices squirting out of her pussy and drenching my smiling face.

“Holy shit you were right,” she said, panting to catch her breath. “I can’t remember ever cumming so hard.”

“I told you,” I said.

“And to think, all these years we’ve been screwing around with boys . . .”

“Yeah, what a shame, huh?”

“Indeed,” she replied.

I stood up and fell onto the couch next to her. I dropped my head onto her shoulder then turned my face up towards hers.

“It’s pretty sad to think about all the time we wasted on those boys,” I said.

“Ain’t that the truth,” Holly replied. “Who knew that we didn’t actually need them at all?”

“Maybe those that did know kept it to themselves,” I said. “They didn’t want the secret getting out.”

“Yeah,” Holly said. “They didn’t want any competition.”

“That’s what I’m thinking.”

We fell silent for a moment. Then Holly starting laughing under her breath.

“What’s so funny?”

“I just think it’s hilarious,” she said.

“What is?”

“The fact that we really don’t need them at all,” Holly said. “They really are only good for their cocks, and like you pointed out earlier, those are easily replaceable.”

“They certainly are,” I said.

But Holly wasn’t done. “I mean, think about it: They don’t know how to kiss. They don’t know where to touch you. And they sure as hell don’t know how to eat pussy. They simply don’t know how to please a woman.”

“Where women, on the other hand, know exactly how and where to touch each other, because we touch ourselves all the time,” I said, picking up where she’d left off.


“Plus they only think about themselves,” I added. “As far as they’re concerned, once they’ve cum that’s it. They’re done. It doesn’t make any difference if you’ve gotten off or not.”

“Which brings us to perhaps the best thing about being with another woman,” Holly said, looking at me intently.

I knew exactly where she was going. I was thinking the same thing myself. It was something that came up every time we talked about boys.

“Women don’t have to stop after one orgasm!” we said at exactly the same time.

“We can go all night long without a break,” I added.

“We can indeed.”

I stood up and held out my hand. “Shall we continue, my dear?” I said in a faux-elegant voice.

“We shall,” Holly replied in kind as she took my hand.

I helped her up. “Your room or mine?” I said, leading her towards the hallway.

“Does it matter?” she replied.

“Not at all,” I said, turning towards her. I pulled her close and started kissing her right there in the middle of the living room. “It doesn’t matter in the least.”

And it didn’t. By the end of the night we’d done it in both our rooms. And by the time the weekend was up, the whole house had been desecrated. And we were just getting started.






Sometimes the best hook-ups are the unexpected ones. Take, for example, Aaron. He certainly wasn’t planning on having intense, deviant, depraved sex with a beautiful woman when the night started, and certainly not once he was one of the last people drinking in the little dive bar next to his house, but that was exactly what he got. And the pure unexpectedness of it all made it that much sweeter.

For Aaron, it was the end of a long week, piggybacking on an extended string of bad luck, starting with a bad breakup three months prior, followed by being passed over for promotion at work, combined with a car accident with an uninsured driver, and topped off with the death of Kirby, the 13-year-old beagle he’d had since he was a kid. And the string didn’t look to be ending anytime soon, as far as he could tell.

With no light at the end of the tunnel, he decided to get drunk to ease his wounds. So on the way home from work on a Wednesday night (his Friday) he stopped at a little Irish-themed hole-in-the-wall near his house.

When he arrived at just after 10pm there was a decent-sized crowd, a mix of men and women, all different ages, all different lifestyles. Two and half hours later, he was only one of two people left, save for the bartender.

The other customer had been there for almost as long as he had, sitting alone on the opposite side of the bar, drinking alone just like Aaron. They’d made eye-contact a couple times but it was always fleeting. From the looks of things, she was just as down in the dumps as he was.

With her short blonde hair, pale skin, big brown eyes, full lips and meticulously applied makeup, she was an incredibly attractive woman, far too good looking for Aaron to even consider making a move on under normally circumstances. But after 9 beers and 3 shots of Jack Daniels, he was feeling less like himself than usual. Plus he figured things couldn’t get any worse than they’d been recently, so he asked the bartender what the lady was drinking and had one sent over to her.

Shortly after receiving the drink, she stood up from her side of the bar and walked over towards him.

Aaron watched her intently as she approached, unable to take his eyes off her. Up until now, he’d only seen her face. And while it was extremely cute, it was no match for the rest of her body. Thin frame, toned arms, perky breasts, flat stomach, narrow hips, long, sculpted legs—she was the full package. And dressed to impress in a short black cocktail dress and black heels.

He tried to act casual as she stopped in front of his stool but he could hardly breath. His stomach was doing somersaults and his head was spinning.

“Thanks for the drink,” she said in a high-pitched, sexy voice. “I’m Erica.”

“I’m Aaron. Pleased to meet you.”

“Same here,” Erica said. “Mind if I join you?”

“I’d be honored,” Aaron said.

“Ah, aren’t you sweet,” Erica said as she sat down. “I was wondering when you were going to get around to noticing me.”

“Oh, I noticed you a while ago,” Aaron said.

“Then what took you so long to make a move?”

“That sort of thing just isn’t my style,” he said. “Besides, the way you were all dressed up, I figured you were on your way to meet someone.”

“Actually, that was earlier in the evening,” Erica said.

“Well, considering you’re here drinking alone, I’m guessing it didn’t go well.”

Erica laughed humorlessly and took a drink. “That’s the understatement of the year.”

“Sorry about that,” Aaron said.

She shrugged. “What can you do?”

Aaron finished his beer and ordered another. “Oh, I wouldn’t sweat it too much.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Surely a woman like you has no problem getting whatever man she wants.”

“What makes you say that?”

Aaron shrugged, suddenly embarrassed.

“Come on,” Erica said. “You’re the one that brought it up. You can’t back out now.”

“I just meant . . . someone as attractive as you probably has men following you around like dogs at heel.”

“Only from afar,” she said.

“Really?” Aaron asked as the bartender set his newly-filled glass down in front of him.

Erica nodded. “You’d be surprised how many men are afraid to even talk to me, let alone ask me out on a date. Or to go home with them.”

“But it has to happen sometimes.”

“Well, yeah,” she said. “Of course. But even then it never works out.”

“Oh yeah?” Aaron asked. “And why is that?”

 “Because the ones that approach girls generally aren’t worth a shit.”

Aaron laughed and took a drink of his beer.

“What’s so funny?” Erica asked.

“I was just thinking about what you said and how right it is,” Aaron said. “All my friends who try to scam on women are pieces of shit.”


“Then why come over here when I bought you a drink?”

“Because you did it the right way,” Erica said. “You sat back for two hours without making a move. Then you had a drink sent over. That’s classy stuff. I don’t see it much these days.”

“I have to admit I’ve never been accused of being classy,” Aaron said, smiling.

“It’s not an accusation, it’s a compliment,” Erica said.

“Well thanks, then.”

“You’re very welcome,” she said, finishing off the rest of her drink. “Although, to be perfectly frank, there’s one more reason I decided to come over here. Three more, actually.”

“Oh yeah? And what are they?”

“One, I’m really drunk. Two, I’m really horny. And three, you’re really cute.”

Aaron’s heart fluttered and he could feel his face starting blush. “You really think I’m cute?”

Erica bit down on her bottom lip and nodded. “Do you think I’m cute?”

“I think you’re fucking beautiful.”

“Even better,” she said. “So what do you say?”

“To what?”

“To going to your place and having a little fun.”

“I say what are we waiting for?”

Aaron pounded the rest of his beer, hopped off the barstool, took Erica’s hand, and led her to the door.




Ten minutes later they were in Aaron’s apartment, kissing and groping each other, practically tearing each other’s clothes off. They’d started at it immediately after closing the front door behind them, and were still right there in the hallway, not even bothering to make their way into the bedroom before getting started.

“There’s something you need to know,” Erica said between kisses. She was down to her bra and panties and Aaron to his boxers and socks. Their clothes lay in a heap over by the door.

Aaron broke their embrace and took a quick step back.

“It’s nothing bad,” Erica said upon seeing the look on his face. “It’s just . . . I’m not a normal girl.”

“No offense, but that doesn’t make me feel any better,” Aaron said.

“No,” Erica said, laughing under her breath. “Not like that. It’s just . . . I like things a certain way and I’m not shy about telling you exactly what to do.”

“Well, lucky for you I’m not a typical guy,” he said, stepping forward and wrapping his arms around her. “I’m actually good at following directions.”

Erica’s smile was wide and genuine as she looked up at him. “I’m so glad to hear that. You don’t know how many guys just do their own thing, regardless of what I want.”

“Not me,” Aaron said. “I promise to give you whatever you want.”

“Where have you been my whole life?”

“That’s funny, I was wondering the exact same thing about you.”

“I don’t know where I’ve been,” Erica said, pushing him back against the wall. “But I know where I’m going to go.”

“Where’s that?” Aaron asked.

“Down,” Erica said, dropping to her knees.

“Oh,” Aaron said as she pulled his boxers down around his ankles. “Very clever.” He took a deep breath and let it out slowly as Erica took his cock in her mouth. Looking down at her, he watched as she worked his cock, sucking on the tip while she jerked his shaft with her hand, her eyes locked on his the entire time.

After bobbing on the head of Aaron’s cock for a bit, Erica took him deeper inside her mouth, about halfway down, and held it there for a few seconds before pulling off.

She spit on his cock and started jerking him off. Looking up at him, she said, “You like how I suck your cock?”

Aaron nodded, unsure if he could speak.

“Do you want me to suck it some more?”

He nodded again.

Giggling, Erica took his cock in her mouth once again, this time taking it three-quarters of the way down before pulling back. But instead of letting his cock all the way out of her mouth, she took it right to the tip then pushed her head forward again, blowing him proper, her lips moving back and forth along his shaft while she stared up at him.

Erica sucked Aaron’s cock continuously for a full minute before finally letting it slip out of her mouth. His cock was rock-hard, sticking straight out and coated with her spit, glistening in the meager light of the hallway.

She grabbed Aaron around the waist and spun him around so his back was facing the wall, then gave him a little push, backing him flush against it.

Looking up at him with a devilish smile, Erica quickly undid her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Then she grabbed ahold of Aaron’s shaft and smacked the head of his cock against her newly exposed tits a couple times.

He let out a single, involuntary groan.

“Oh, you liked that, did you?” Erica said, her evil smile growing wider.

“Yeah,” Aaron replied.

“Then you’ll probably like this too,” she said, dropping her head a little bit lower and slapping her cheek with his cock.

“Holy fuck,” Aaron said under his breath. For some reason this turned him on more than when she’d been sucking his cock. It was just so nasty.

“Wow, you really like that, didn’t you?” Erica said with a giggle.

“A little bit too much, I think,” Aaron said.

“Tell me about it. Maybe I should just go back to sucking your cock.”

“Maybe you should,” he said.

So she did, wrapping her lips around his cock and working it with her mouth while jerking him off at the same time, keeping her eyes locked on his all the while.

Erica blew him with an experts touch, constantly altering the speed and pressure, mixing things up to keep him from settling into a rhythm that would ultimately lead to cumming way too soon.

As it was, Aaron was far more excited than he should have been, forcing him to pull away from Erica long before he would have liked to.

“Sorry,” he said as he slid his cock out of her mouth.

“Don’t be,” Erica replied. “It’s flattering, actually, knowing that I turn you on that much. Besides,” she continued. “It’s easy enough to take care of. All we have to do is switch things up.”

“What did you have in mind?” Aaron asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” she said. “Get down on the ground with your back to the floor. Legs towards the door. Head right here.” She pointed to a spot a couple inches from her feet.

Aaron did as  he was told, thoroughly enjoying being ordered around. It was liberating being with a woman that knew exactly what she wanted, especially one that didn’t have a problem articulating it.

“That’s a good boy,” Erica said after Aaron was in position. She slipped out of her panties, then took a step forward and put one foot on either side of his head until she was standing directly above his face. Rubbing her pussy while she looked down at him, Erica asked, “Have you ever eaten pussy before?”

“A few times,” Aaron replied.

“Did you like it?”

“Yes,” he said again.

“Are you any good at it?” Erica asked.

“I’ve never had any complaints,” Aaron said.

“Well let’s see if you can live up to my standards,” she said, falling to her knees and dropping her pussy onto his face.

At first Erica just sat there, not moving at all, smothering Aaron with her flesh. After a good 10 seconds, she raised up just a hair, giving him a moment to catch his breath before dropping her pussy back onto his mouth.

But this time she started moving back and forth, grinding on his face, getting him all wet with her juices.

“Stick your tongue out,” Erica said.

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