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Corrupting Amelia


Hope Red

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Karen bounded into her dorm room and shut the door behind them.

“I can’t believe how boring that lecture was. Did he even think that anyone would still be listening to him drone on after that first hour? I need to unwind. Grab me a beer from the fridge. I’m going to get out of these fucking tight jeans. They’ve been riding up my ass all day. You don’t mind, do you Amelia?”

Amelia glanced over her shoulder as she reached for two bottles of beer in Karen’s little fridge.

“No, honey, it’s just me, here. Get them off and chill”, she said cheerfully.

Karen sighed in relief as she unbuttoned and peeled the restricting denim off of her round butt and down her toned thighs.

She swore as she struggled to get her feet out of each skinny leg of the material, looking ungraceful as she grunted and pulled at them, her legs flailing as she sat on her bed.

“Fuck. There, that’s better”, she said, smiling and brushing her red hair from her flushed face before taking the bottle that Amelia handed her.

“I like those boyshorts. Are they new?” Amelia asked.

“Yeah, it feels like my butt’s being squeezed by two big hands.”

Karen got up on her knees and turned around, showing her friend a full view of the underwear she’d just admired.

“You’ve certainly changed your choice in fashion recently”, Amelia said, biting her lip when she saw how tight the shorts were on Karen’s fulsome butt cheeks.

“What do you mean, Amelia?” Karen asked, bouncing back on her bed, her hazel eyes looking curiously at the brunette whose face had gone red.

“Well… I mean… you seem to be wearing really tight clothes all the time. I’ve known you for most of my life Karen and, all of a sudden you’ve gotten… well more slutty.”

Karen laughed.

“That’s the plan. I’m in training.”

“Training for what, Karen... to be a whore? You’re going to be an accountant like your sister. We both know that’s what you’ve always dreamed of doing.”

“And I’m going to be but A.W. Accounting is different. They’ve offered me an internship and a starting salary better than what most accountants make. Fifty thousand dollars, Amelia! I’d be stupid not to take it plus I get to work with Stephanie… but it comes with certain requirements. You wouldn’t understand.”

“There you go with that mysterious ‘wouldn’t understand’ shit again. I’m your best friend. I know you better than anyone. Tell me. I’m sure I’ll be okay with it whatever it is. Fuck, for fifty thousand there’s not many things I wouldn’t do.”

Karen’s mouth curled up, making her cheeks dimple.

“Fine. Do you promise to have an open mind?”

“Come on, Karen. Just tell me”, Amelia said, her blue eyes narrowing in an attempt at looking cross but only managing to look cuter and in making Karen’s mischievous smile widen even more.

“Here. Look at this”, Karen said shortly, passing Amelia a book off of her bedside cupboard then took a long swig of her beer.

“What the fuck is this?” Amelia asked, reading the title.

“It pretty much says it in the title, honey.”

How to be a Buttslut… the handbook to enjoying great anal sex… by Hope Red?” she read on, the inflection at the end of the sentence making the book title her next question to her life-long friend.

“I’m going to be a buttslut”, Karen said, sounding proud and excited.

“You’re going to be a buttslut”, Amelia stated back in disbelief as she turned the pages of the small book.

“Yeah, that guide is essential reading for all girls that want to become buttsluts. It’s a real published book for anyone but it is really aimed at those that want to be good enough to join the cult.”

“There you go again with that cult shit again. As if a society of butt-obsessed lesbians really exists. And you’re telling me that a ‘buttslut’ is a real thing now.”

“They do exist and being a buttslut is a real thing plus it pays better than most accountants could ever dream of earning.”

Amelia felt a little tingle in the pit of her tummy as she read some of the pages.

“Woa, anal orgasms? Is that really a thing? Can you cum from things going up your butt?”

“It’s very real, honey, and soon I’ll be having them everyday while you’re stuck, crunching numbers at your desk wondering why you can’t afford all the sexy clothes and accessories I’ll be wearing when we meet up for drinks. Anyway, looking at the book has just reminded me its time for my daily exercises. I have to stay supple.”

“Whatever. I’ll just drink my beer and watch you unless you need me to spot you or something. You know working out isn’t really my thing”, Amelia said, tipping her bottle back over her pursed lips.

Karen shrugged.

“Okay. I didn’t think you’d be so cool about it.”

She held her hand up to her mouth and placed two fingers inside, sucking on them and coating them in as much saliva as she could.

Amelia’s brow furrowed as she watched her friend sucking on her fingers. Surely she should be getting down on the floor and stretching into downward dog or something like that, she thought to herself.

Karen bit her lower lip as she put her arm behind her back, her eyes looking strangely at Amelia as the girl heard the twang of an elastic waistband being stretched and snapped back over her friend’s wrist.

Amelia froze as she watched her friend give out a little groan and saw as her eyes glaze over, her lids half closing then opening out wide.

“Uuh… uuh…”, Karen moaned softly as wet clicking noises came from down behind her.

“Are you… are you… fingering your ass?” Amelia struggled to even ask for confirmation of what was obviously happening.

“Aaah… yeah… and it feels so good… mmm… its recommended by the book. I do it every day… uuh… now to warm up for my other exercises”, Karen said huskily through her parted mouth.

Amelia’s blue eyes were like saucers as she watched her friend getting off on her fingers, her bottle held inches from her face, unable to move and unsure whether she should stay or run back to her own room and pretend she’d seen nothing. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d had to erase some of the things Karen had done or said from her mind. She looked down at the book with the cartoon image of a girl squeezing her pert cheeks and a yellow thong just covering her crack. The butt looked a lot like Karen’s despite her friend having the usual milky complexion of someone with her hair colouring. Then she looked up at her friend. Her face looked like she was enjoying more pleasure than Amelia had seen in… well, she couldn’t even remember.

The waistband snapped back around Karen’s slim waist as the hand came back into view. The two fingers were still pointing out together as Karen held them under her nose then closed her eyes as she breathed in.

Amelia admitted to herself that she’d rubbed a finger or two over her butt crack and sniffed it and it was pretty fucking sweet but she would never dream of doing it in front of someone and definitely not what Karen did next.

Karen’s long fingers slid down to her parted mouth. She traced the tips of them over her full lips, teasing herself before putting them into her mouth and sucking on them like a lolly, purring as she tasted her anus on the digits.

“What the fuck, Karen?” Amelia managed to say, her mouth dry as she took a swig of beer.

“Mmm, it tastes like candy, honey. You should try yours. Hope says that we should enjoy the taste of ass.”

“Hope sounds like a freak that wants girls to get off on their own butts”, Amelia retorted.

“What’s wrong with that? Aw, don’t tell me you’ve never tasted your own ass before? Come on, Amelia. Are you going to be a nun all your life? It’s just us. Do it”, Karen encouraged.

Amelia looked down at the buttons on her black jeans and licked her lips. She wasn’t sure. This was all so weird but something told her she’d be rewarded for playing along.

“Do it. Do it”, Karen chanted and sipped her beer as her mischievous grin spread across her face. She knew Amelia couldn’t resist ‘the grin’.

Amelia sighed and mumbled.

“Okay, fine.”

She unbuttoned her crotch and got up so that she was kneeling on the bed with her feet under her and her butt jutting up for better access. The waistband of the jeans had loosened on the unbuttoning and meant she could now squeeze her hand down it.

She put her index finger out in front of her and copied what Karen had done with her two, coating the surface of the digit that would soon be going inside her tight sphincter.

“You might need to rub your spit on the rim first then coat your finger again. You haven’t been practising like I have”, Karen said as she placed her hand back down the back of her boyshorts.

Amelia was about to tell Karen to shove her advice right up her butt but then she already was and besides that, she was probably right.

She moved the wet finger carefully behind her and slipped it down the loosened waist of her jeans. She tugged her tanga to one side, stretching the cotton so that she could feel her anus exposed in her crack. It felt warm and inviting down there between her cheeks as she pressed her wet finger over the delicate lines of her pucker and she could feel the pursed, clenched entrance getting slippery and wet with her own spit.

As she brought her hand out from the inviting heat behind her, she became aware of something intoxicating her and it wasn’t the small amount of beer she’d just slugged down. Watching Karen’s face as she fingered her asshole was mesmerising. Her redheaded friend looked so aroused as she masturbated herself and yet so bold and unashamed that Amelia felt less weird about joining her. She held the finger up to her mouth and could smell the faint sweet caramel-like scent on the tip as she emptied her head and took a deep breath then took it back into her mouth. Her finger didn’t taste of much but then she’d only rubbed around the outside of her anus and yet there was a slight sweetness to her finger that hadn’t been there the first time she’d sucked it.

She took the finger out and looked at it. Fuck it, she thought. They were just two friend’s sharing an experience together. It was like having a beer or smoking together… just another way of releasing endorphins and sharing the feelings.

She reached her hand around and slid it down between her cheeks. She yanked her panties aside again with her other fingers and found her soft sphincter. Her finger made wet noises as it passed over her spit-covered anus and she circled it, finding the tightly clenched entrance to her insides with the tip. She pressed into it and was surprised how readily it gave way to the end of her finger. She pushed it in and out a few times, working up the nerve to fully insert it. Then she did.

“Oh… my… god… that feels… aaah… weird but… amazing”, she said, a grin appearing on her blushing face.

“I know, right. All achy and tingly… and your anus is so hot and tight but smooth”, Karen drawled, clearly getting more turned on now her friend had joined in.

“It feels… so full… but its only one finger”, Amelia sounded surprised.

“That’s the magic of anal, honey”, Karen said as she groaned again.

“Three… uuh… fingers feel so much better than two but I… aaah… need to warm up first.”

The two girls knelt opposite each other on the bed. They watched each other’s faces as they fingered their butts, driven on by the arousal in the others expression and the moans that came from their open mouths.

Amelia was soon lost in her own feelings of bliss as it waved over her body in floods of warm pulses emanating from somewhere further up her ass. She could feel her pussy lips getting all slippery and sliding and she slowly rubbed her thighs up and down against one another.

When she opened her eyes, Karen was inches from her face.

“Stop”, the pretty lips mouthed as she leaned in close.

Amelia pulled herself from the cloud that she felt she was riding on and reluctantly pulled her finger out from between her warm cheeks.

“I bet you taste good, Amelia. I dare you to stick your finger in my mouth and let me suck it.”

Amelia’s face looked puzzled. What kind of a bet was that? The person daring shouldn’t be the one to do the ‘worst’ part of the dare. Why would Karen want to taste her finger after it had been up her ass?

“Come on. It’d help my training. I’m going to have to taste lots of asses in my new role so it’d just be like a friend helping me out.”

Amelia looked at Karen, who was pouting girlishly and trying to give the puppy dog look that Amelia always gave in to but this wasn’t the same as being encouraged to go out for a drink or help her with her assignment. This was intimate. How could she look at that face again knowing that her butt-flavoured finger had been in that cute mouth?

“Just give it to me”, Karen said, grabbing out at Amelia’s arm and getting a hold of her hand.

“No. Wait”, Amelia protested but Karen had already sucked her index finger deep into her mouth and was busily swirling her tongue around it as she sighed.

“Oh fuck, that’s good”, she said, her mouth still full. It sounded to Amelia like someone who had just taken a hit of drugs, as though Karen needed to taste ass more than she valued their friendship.

“You taste so sweet and delicious. You want to taste my fingers?” Karen offered, but Amelia quickly shook her head.

“Fine. Well, you’re going to want to see this. The book says a buttslut must practice with dildos regularly to get used to having something deep on up there. I picked this up from an online toy store a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t been able to stop riding it since.”

Karen pulled the bedside drawer and took out a flesh-coloured shaft that closely resembled a penis in size and detail.

“What the fuck is that?” Amelia gasped, knowing it was a really dumb question but her shock needed to make some kind of noise.

“It’s a six and a half inch life-like penis dildo with a suction base. Squeeze it. It feels almost real”, Karen said, chuckling.

“Er… no. That thing’s been up your butthole”, Amelia said, wondering what had gotten into her friend. Then she looked down at the dildo and the book and realised a whole lot had recently gotten ‘into’ her friend and was probably making her a little too open-minded.

“It’s cleaned after every session, silly”, Karen said, tutting at her friend as if Amelia was the weird one.

“I usually put it up on my headboard like this”, she licked the base and pressed it with a splat onto the wooden surface at the head of her bed.

“That way I can pump back on it and can touch and rub myself. Want to see?”

“No, but I have a feeling you’re going to show me anyway, you fucking freak. I’m going to grab another beer. You want one?”

“No thanks”, Karen said, shifting her butt back on her knees to line the dildo up between her cheeks.

The boyshorts were pulled down and stretched around her thighs. As Amelia climbed back up on the foot of the bed, she looked at her friend on her knees in a kind of doggy position, her white strappy crop top hanging down and revealing her small pale pink nipples that pointed down to the bed below.

She watched with morbid fascination, wondering just how much more strange things were going to get. It excited her to think that her friend was being so very open with her and showing her what a slut she was. It gave Amelia a feeling that she was somehow a little more together than the girl she’d always found just that bit sexier than she was. Now here she was making a fool of herself in front of her. She couldn’t leave now, even if she wanted to. She had to know if Karen would really stick a dildo in her butt and fuck it with Amelia there in that very same room. What girl gets to see someone do that live in front of them?

Karen rubbed some lube from a big tub onto the dildo behind her. Her face showed how eager she was to show Amelia what she could do and what it felt like. Since she’d had the ‘interview’ at A.W. Accounting something had awakened in Karen and she had realised it was time to embrace what she’d always known about herself. She wasn’t ashamed or shy of being a buttslut and she just wanted to share the experience as much as possible with the girl that was like a sister to her.

“Aaah”, she groaned as she pushed the head of the fake penis past her sphincter. Her anus opened up, surrendering itself as it had learned to do through muscle memory after weeks of daily practice.

“I can’t believe you put a dildo inside your butt in front of me, Karen”, Amelia said, her mouth in a wide smile but her brow furrowed, showing her genuine disbelief.

“Believe it and now I’m going to fuck myself with it while you watch”, Karen drawled as she pushed her cheeks back until they touched the wooden headboard and she grunted loudly.


Amelia felt herself getting wet. She’d have to pull her jeans down or she’d risk walking back to her room with a damp patch covering the crotch. She slid them down her legs and took them off, leaving only her pink tanga and grey sweater on.

Karen grinned and nodded as though Amelia had somehow fallen deeper down the rabbit hole she was creating in her dorm room but Amelia scowled back and sipped her beer.

“It’s to keep them dry. I can’t help it if my pussy is confused can I?”

“Your pussy isn’t confused. It knows what it likes. Just like mine does, see?”

She rubbed her fingers down between her legs and held them up, showing Amelia the glistening, slippery juices on them as she bounced her butt cheeks against the headboard making slapping noises each time they hit the wood.

“It’s okay if you get turned on watching me, Amelia…ooh… Put your hand down your panties and have some fun”, Karen said to her friend.

Amelia snorted dismissively but found that her hand started to slide down to her cotton-clad pussy as Karen closed her eyes and placed her own hand between her legs and rubbed.

It doesn’t mean anything, she told herself. Just a bit of pleasure. I’m still not getting half as depraved as what Karen is right now. Look at her pumping her round, springy butt against that headboard. That dildo must be so deep up her asshole right now it must be squeezing up her… what’s that inner part called… rectum, yeah. Her rectum must be rearranging itself over and over again as that cock stretches her sexy hole out. Oh fuck, I can hear it going inside her. It sounds so hot, like its tight and wet and the dildo is so meant to be up there.

She put her hand down the front of her panties and rubbed her fingers over her lips as she watched her friend fuck herself in the ass with a rubber dildo.

Karen groaned out a deep breath every time she pushed her butt back, her face looked lost in the moment and Amelia wasn’t even sure her friend was looking at her when her face bobbed up and she snarled out and rubbed her pussy furiously.

“Oooh… Fuck me, Mistress. I’ve been a bad little slut.”

Her eyes stared out into a middle distance and were glazed and dreamy.

Amelia felt an uncontrollable urge to get closer to the action. Karen clawed at her bed sheets with her left hand as she continued talking dirty to herself.

“Fuck me… oh fuck me… “, She went on.

Amelia walked over to the head of the bed and put her knees back up near Karen’s pillow. She could see the dildo disappearing into her friend and then appearing again with squelches and wet clicks. She glanced over at Karen’s face. Her eyes appeared to be closed now and probably wasn’t even aware that Amelia had moved to get a better look.

She probably wouldn’t care anyway. I mean she’s fucking herself in the ass in front of me. Is she really going to feel awkward if I get a closer look? She thought to herself.

Fuck it, I’m leaning over. I just want to see it actually going in. Just to get a better understanding of what Karen’s been learning from that book, she convinced herself.

Her breath quickened and her mouth dropped open which only led to her being even more captivated as the heady aroma of her friend’s aroused holes filled her. Karen’s pale pink rim slid back and forth along the veiny silicone smoothly and easily. Her round cheeks looked so hot as they bounced on the wooden board, pushed apart by her arched position and revealing just how deeply the shaft was going inside her.

Amelia didn’t even think about it as her hand stroked down her shaved crotch and found her dripping slit. She moved even closer, sniffing the scent as she noticed the shiny coating of lube and body juices covering the silicone each time it was released from the tight tunnel that it was being repeatedly buried into.

Amelia’s other hand slipped around her back and she kneaded and groped her own pear-shaped butt cheeks apart, feeling tingles of arousal each time her anus felt the cool air of the room on it.

She couldn’t resist it any longer. Her lips ran down her now half-empty second beer bottle in her other hand and then she hurriedly tugged her pink tanga out of her crack and twanged them down her parted thighs.

The rhythm of the sexy body in front of her, bouncing on the realistic looking dildo, the noises of pleasure escaping Karen’s parted lips and that sweet smell that was almost irresistible, Amelia was pulled in by it all.

She let out a little squeal as the bottle went in but as it slid a couple of inches up it soon felt good and she found herself sucking her breath as she pumped it in and out in time with Karen’s butt which was getting faster and more aggressive with every thrust.

“Oh fuck me, Mistress… Yeah, that’s it… I deserve it… I’ve been a bad slut… Oooh… harder… I’m your buttslut, Mistress... I’m a buttslut… I’m a butt…. Aaaaah!”

Amelia had never seen or heard of an orgasm like the one Karen had just then. Her whole body seemed to judder in a bone-shaking wave that made the redhead roar out a primal groan. The noise from her rapid frigging between her legs slurped and squelched more and was followed by several twitches that came from her hips.

“Ooh Ff…”, she hissed as she final convulsions rocked through her body, then all her muscles seemed to just relax and she slumped in a pile on her bed. The dildo was still in her anus as Amelia heard blissful giggling from Karen’s face pressed into her duvet cover.

“Mmm… that was a good one”, she chuckled huskily, then gently moved off of the dildo letting it squelch as it left the muscles of her anus.

She lifted her head up quickly, her face flushed and she beamed at Amelia.

“What do you think? Here give me that. I need it more than you.”

She grabbed the bottle out of Amelia’s hand before she could tell her to stop. As soon as Karen had finished her orgasm, Amelia had hidden the fact that she had been gently mirroring her pale friend’s anal ‘training’.

“What the fuck happened to you? I’ve never seen anything like that”, Amelia asked, her mouth open as she pulled her tanga back up.

“That’s an anal orgasm. It’s in the book. It’s the most intense feeling a girl can feel. And I’m going to feel one every day from now on. Maybe even a few times a day”, she said with a smile, her eyes dull and looking drugged as she rode the waves of ecstasy still flooding her body.

Amelia looked confused but, after witnessing an orgasm like that, her interest was more than peaked.

“So you’ll experience all this because of that book?”

“No, silly. The book trains me to love anal and get the most out of it so I can be a good buttslut for the mistresses of the cult.”

“Again with that cult shit. I’m not buying it, Karen. That was just a scary story you’d tell me on sleepovers to get a thrill.”

“It’s more than real, Amelia. I’ll show you.”

Karen tugged her boyshorts completely off and, half-naked, stretched across and fiddled around with her TV near the bed.

Amelia took the opportunity to look at the dildo on the bed and then at her friend’s leaning butt, getting a look at her anus that had gone back into a tight pale pink pucker. It looked a little like glossed mouth with the wetness still covering it.

“Sit back and watch this, then you’ll understand.”

Karen pressed the remote and sat back against the wall on the left side of her bed and nodded for Amelia to sit next to her. The slender brunette blinked her blue eyes a couple of times then shuffled her cute butt over next to Karen.

A title came up on the screen first.

The Cult presents – Awakened Bottoms series – Breaking in her ASSistant

Amelia watched as a camera in the corner of an office room filmed two girls sat at desks. One was a pretty toffee-skinned girl with frizzy wild blonde hair and the other was a cute petite pixie-like brunette. Then another woman walked into the room.

“Fuck, isn’t that Stephanie? What’s that strapped to her?”

“Yes, just watch… and you know what it is and where it’s about to go”, Karen said, smiling.

The blonde was made to stand out of her seat, pulled by her hair and without being told, squeezed out of her tight trousers as Stephanie stood behind her

“A buttslut doesn’t wear underwear. It just gets in the way”, Karen said, her left hand gently stroking her pussy lips as she sat with her knees up and parted.

The blonde smiled as she was bent over the desk, her hands reaching over the other side to brace herself.

Stephanie toyed with her butt then spoke, Amelia felt weird hearing the familiar voice in what looked like a porn flick.

You dirty whore. You’ve been licked again, haven’t you? Your butthole is all wet and sticky. It will save me having to spit into your nasty little shithole today, asswhore.”

The blonde didn’t react or move, her eyes staring ahead, her face emotionless even as Stephanie grinned wickedly and pressed the silicone that had been dangling from her waist inside the girl.

“That’s Cindy”, Karen said, not turning to Amelia who found that she too had brought her hand down to her cotton-covered slit.

Cindy’s muted reaction showed that she was used to the dildo getting shoved up there on a regular basis. Her lips parted slightly and her breathing quickened but she stayed otherwise silent and impassive. The only noise in the room was of the squelches and clicks of her asshole swallowing the big dildo.

The pixie-like girl just sat at her desk while all this was going on.

Stephanie’s hands reached across and grasped Cindy’s hair again, pulling the girl’s head up so that her back arched in its suit jacket and started to pump the dildo in and out of Cindy’s rectum.

She set her hazel eyes on the brunette and spoke to her.

So, you must be Hannah. Jenny’s told me a lot about you. How are you finding your day at A.W. Accountancy so far?”

Yes, I’m Hannah. Um… it’s been an interesting morning.”

Good. My name’s Stephanie but you will address me as Mistress. I hope you are getting some new experiences to put on your resume.”

Yes, Mistress. Thank you.”

Stephanie continued to thrust her crotch into Cindy’s butt globes making them slap and spring noisily against her body as she pushed the dildo deep inside and continued to speak to the girls called Hannah as though what she was doing to Cindy was perfectly normal.

Cindy’s breathing quickened as she took short sharp intakes of air, holding it as the dildo was thrust into her rectum and then releasing it as the silicone shaft slid out partly.

So, Hannah. Any plans to go to university this year?”

Yes, Mistress. I start in a couple of weeks, actually.”

Very good…” she paused to grunt as she pushed the dildo inside Cindy’s asshole right up to the base. “What do you plan to study?”

Mathematics, Mistress”

Hmm, that would be useful for a job like this. Depending on how today goes, I could offer you a job here when you graduate. You would be more qualified than any of the dumb sluts in this place, like this one. Do you think I employed her because of her brains?” she said staring down at the pert ass.

Um… No, Mistress”, Hannah said knowing that Cindy’s butt, like most asswhores, was their best asset.

You hear that, asswhore? Even the temp knows that you are nothing but a fuckhole between two bouncy cheeks to fuck and eat out. You know if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have you here.”

Cindy spoke for the first time since receiving the pounding.

Yes, Mistress. I am nothing but a useless buttslut. A fuckhole for your amusement.”

The comment seemed to fire up sadistic lust in Stephanie and she grunted and snarled as she pounded into the cute grey-suited body in front of her.

Cindy’s eyes rolled up into her head as she took the aggressive ass fucking from her mistress, her panting getting louder as her butt was savagely pummelled against Stephanie’s trouser-clad crotch.

Amelia continued touch herself. She felt an overwhelming desire to squeeze a finger up her own asshole and move it in time with the penetrating thrusts that Cindy was receiving but held herself.

She noticed the point where Cindy’s eyes rolled up into her head and bit her lips, a smile curling her glossed lips as she sighed out a soft breath.

Stephanie slid the dildo out, squelching as it was removed. Cindy’s asshole made rasping noises as air entered into the gape the silicone had made.

Thank you Mistress for giving my dirty hole what it deserves”, Cindy said and immediately pulled her tight grey trousers up over her now damp crotch.

The scene shifted and now it was the Hannah the pixie in some big meeting room. Her arms were stretched up above her, tied by a rope as she knelt on a long table, naked and her small body looked exposed and uncomfortable.

Stephanie was there again and she, along with two other women seemed to be tormenting the girl.

Her tightly bound hands were drawn up above her head, her arms stretched as an ugly brunette slapped her breasts sharply but playfully, watching them bounce and spring as another placed a leather strap around her jaw, pushing a large metal ring into her mouth to make it open up into a wide, round fuck hole. Then shuffled round in front of the girl called Hannah, sniggering as she placed a red leather collar around her neck.

Your Mistress says that this is to be your collar. All asswhores have one, but yours is a little more special. It says exactly what you have proved to be today. By sticking your tongue up another girl’s ass and offering your butt out freely, you have earned the collar that says ‘Dirty Whore’ on it. There’s just one more thing that will prove the collar right and that is to gape every fuckhole on your little body at the same time.”

Stephanie pushed the girl’s knees apart and pulled her shoes off, then thick leather cuffs were strapped around her ankles. A metal rod was placed between the cuffs and clamped to hooks on the leather straps exposing her anus.

Amelia was transfixed. This was both gross and amazing at the same time. How could this even be real she thought to herself. What the fuck? She remembered the tingles she felt only a short while ago when she’d parted her own cheeks and wondered if that’s how Hannah felt then. She continued to stroke herself, getting her hand down under the pink material again.

As the three mistresses strapped harnessed dildos around their crotches, a fourth woman walked up to Hannah from one side of the table, a satisfied look of control on her cruel, snarling lips.

“That’s the High Priestess”, Karen said. “She’s the one in charge of the cult. I told you it was real”, she said, grinning.

Amelia could only look back at Karen’s Hazel eyes for a second before being pulled back with a morbid and perverse fascination as to what would happen next.

I am going to make you the dirtiest whore in the entire Kolos world. Chloe is an asset as the most desired asswhore and you, my dear, will become my most used. You will learn to love it and when you do you will make me quite proud and both of us very well off. You do want that don’t you… to make me proud of my tasty little Italian asswhore?”

Hannah nodded her head submissively.

Good”, she said and moved even closer. “Remember, if you want this to stop or you want out at anytime all you have to do is clap your hands together. It is easy for you to do that, and you can’t say your safeword with a shaft down your throat. Do you understand, Hannah?”

Hannah nodded again.

Jenny spat into Hannah’s gaped mouth and smiled evilly, then walked back to the head of the table facing the girl and dropped her own skirt to the floor and removed her blouse so that she too was naked apart from her jewellery and stiletto ankle boots.

She sat down on the edge of a chair and waited for the show she had desired to see to begin.

Stephanie had lubed up her dildo in front of the girl, the one she had fucked Cindy with earlier sliding her palm over it while staring into Hannah’s brown eyes all while the girl had a heavily lubed finger get pushed up her butt as it was prepared for her pleasure tunnel for its violation.

Ooh, we have a live one here, ladies”, the woman behind the girl said as she felt the anus tighten and loosen.

This nasty little slut is trying to eat my fingers with her anus”, she exclaimed, laughing as she pulled them swiftly and cruelly out.

Here whore, taste your horny little ass. You can taste its drool on my fingers as it begs to be filled”, she said shoving the fingers deeply in between Hannah’s gag-gaped lips.

I think it’s time we gave this asshole what she’s been asking for all day”, Stephanie said, a hungry look in her eyes. She moved to kneel behind Hannah; her large dildo flopping against the eighteen-year-old’s creamy, round cheeks.

Stephanie pushed her large shaft right on up into Hannah’s rectum, making the girl gasp out loudly in shock as the silicone defiled her tight hole, stretching the tunnel out as it travelled inside her.

Look how she takes it up her nasty little rectum”, Stephanie taunted as tears ran down Hannah’s cheeks.

Stephanie pulled all the way out before stabbing rudely back inside and then repeated the motion again and again.

Stephanie continued to slam into her as she spoke in the girl’s ear.

This asshole loves being taken up her butt. Look at her pant hungrily as I spear her tunnel with my cock. What a fucking whore!”

Maybe we need to give her something else to think about”, the older brunette said, moving in front of Hannah.

She rubbed her red dildo over Hannah’s pussy lips, lubricating it with the wet, sticky juices that flowed out as she got her asshole reamed.

The girl moaned and gasped as her pussy was filled. The sensation of being taken in both holes looked overwhelming and the pummelling of her ass brought more tears to her face. The wrinkly brunette noticed and ran her tongue heavily over Hannah’s face, licking up the tears.

Mmm, I love the taste of pain on a young face”, she said coldly as she penetrated Hannah.

After a while the girl seemed to look more than comfortable with the two dildos inside her and she had the same dreamy expression, her eyes closed similar to how Karen had been earlier.

The Chinese women had left and now returned, getting up on the table to stand in front of Hannah, slapping the huge dildo she wore against the girl’s chin.

Wanna suck on my little cock, whore?” she asked in a perverted attempt at a cute tone.

Its gonna go deep in your slutty shithole so you may as well get it a little lubed up first, bitch.”

Hannah’s eyes sprang wide open as the girth of the dildo filled her mouth, blocking out any air so that she had to breathe fast and hard through her nose. It must have been at least seven inches around the shaft. Saliva coated the tip of the veiny silicone and slipped out the front as it pumped in and out of her mouth making a long strand span down to her own crotch and the red dildo thrusting into her pussy.

The brunette rubbed the saliva that had dripped over Hannah’s breasts, squeezing and pulling at the nipples as she fucked the girl as Stephanie pulled out and made way for the twelve-inch dildo that had just been in her mouth.

Stephanie knelt on the table in front of Jenny and made an offering of Hannah’s anal pheromones to the High Priestess, who hungrily took the redhead’s shaft and slurped and sucked on it.

It was all so depraved. Those women were like animals lusting over the girl’s butthole. Maybe Karen hadn’t been making up stories when she had told her about the cult of Kolos.

Karen smiled across. Her hand came away from rubbing herself as she pushed it down the front of Amelia’s tanga.

Amelia looked across, her heart racing partly because of where Karen had just stroked and partly at the debauched ravishing of the cute girl on screen.

By now the Chinese woman had lined her giant shaft against Hannah’s winking anus and was pushing to make the hole surrender its insides to her. Hannah stared blankly at the wall behind the High Priestess as the huge silicone cock made a tunnel for itself in her anus where one that size hadn’t existed before.

She moaned out as the spit-covered shaft burrowed and dug into her rectum and Amelia could make out the sweat as it started to cover the soft skin of Hannah’s face and back as the woman started to pump, slowly and without much sliding at first but then building up gradually. Saliva from her gape-gagged mouth and tears ran down the girls chin, her brow furrowed.

Look at you, whore. Taking my little dildo like a pro. Maybe your mistress should only allow shafts this size up your dirty hole”, the woman behind her said, cackling.

You should see your anus stretching over my shaft, it looks like its about to snap. So very sweet”, she said in Hannah’s ear, giggling evilly.

“I love that bit”, Karen drawled as she gulped down some beer, resting the bottle between her legs as she gently stroked Amelia’s wet pussy.

“Always makes me want to be in her place right there. Well, hopefully soon.”

Stephanie loomed over Hannah’s face and lined up her saliva-covered dildo on Hannah’s gaped lips then shoved it deep inside, right back into the girl’s throat, making her gag as frothy spit filled her mouth.

Taste your nasty rectum on my shaft, whore, and let your mistress’s drool wash down your slut throat. That’s it, take my cock down your filthy throat, bitch”, Stephanie growled as she thrust deeply into Hannah’s mouth.

All three women pummelled and thrust harder and harder and the pounding went on and on until Hannah eventually growled out a guttural noise as her body jarred and convulsed and a mind-blowing orgasm racked her petite, sweaty body.

It looked even more intense and satisfying than the one Karen had just had and trumped what Amelia had thought would be impossible to beat.

“They have orgasms like that all the time”, Karen said. “You should see all the clips. Every one ends in an asswhore being sent to the very limits of ecstasy. What girl wouldn’t want that?”

Amelia had heard that name being said in the clips.

“What’s an asswhore?”

“An asswhore is what a buttslut gets called when she is chosen to be a mistress’s personal slave. That’s when the big bucks start rolling in. Those girls you just saw all make more money than you or I could dream of and they get to have orgasm after orgasm at the hands of all those experienced mistresses. It’s like being paid to have fun.”

“It doesn’t look like fun is the right word. That girl looked like she was taking a lot of shit before she got her orgasm”, Amelia said even though her pussy betrayed how wet it had made her seeing that cute girl tied up and violated like that. She still wasn’t convinced that she would like to have that happen to herself even if she did get paid for the privilege.

“The masochistic feeling is part of what makes the orgasms so intense. No pain, no real pleasure, honey. Besides, that asswhore wasn’t descended from the anal goddess like Kolos girls are. Just like you, she has a much lower pain and humiliation threshold. You should have seen Stephanie what she was an asswhore. She used to get treated like shit, it’s a wonder she’s not more fucked up than she is. But look at her now, she’s a mistress and she’s rich and powerful and she gets to fuck any young, pretty piece of ass she wants. That’s why I want to work at her firm.”

“That doesn’t make any of this less weird, Karen, and since when were you even a lesbian? You’d have to do things with the mistress’s bodies and maybe even other girls.”

“All the time”, Karen said. She felt Amelia’s slit getting even more slippery as she still continued to rub a finger down it. She didn’t draw attention to it in case she spooked her cute friend but things were pretty lesbian right in that moment.

“It’s not about being a lesbian. It’s more primal and instinctive than that. It’s about the sensations, the feelings on your skin and lips, the smells and the tastes that only a woman has, that and the sadomasochistic thing.”

“And you really want to be one of these asswhores?” Amelia asked.

“Hell yeah, I do. But I need to really prove myself to be chosen. That’s why I’ve been studying so hard with the book and the videos. I’ve even been reading erotic books instead of college textbooks to keep me horny as much as possible. There’s this series I’m read about a Lesbian Space Pirate called Lana. It’s even got the Kolos in it but they’re really evil in the future and they do all these seriously fucked up torture things to her and her shipmates. Do you get it? Her name’s Lana – that’s Anal spelled backwards. She’s a real hot head. It makes me so wet reading how she gets captured and fucked so many times until she goes out for revenge in the fourth book. Where is it now? Oh yeah, here it is – Rise of the Wyvern.”

Amelia looked at the cover of the book thrust at her then flicked through the pages. It did look hot and pretty extreme. The kind of thing someone that was into anal and sadomasochism would love to read plus she did love sci-fi and this novel seemed to be filled with plasma rifles and spaceships and all that stuff the kind of she loved so much.

“Maybe I will. I should be getting back. This has been really… well… fucked up”, Amelia said, removing Karen’s hand and wondering how she would ever be able to look at those almond-shaped hazel eyes again.

“Wait. Please”, Karen said, holding Amelia’s wrist and making the girl flump back onto the duvet.

Karen gave her best pout and batted her eyelids as she spoke.

“I need something from you. I mean I need you to help me... rehearse.”

“Rehearse what? A scene from this book? It looks like we’ll need a space ship, Karen.” Amelia said a little too sarcastically, this had all been so weird and the feeling she was getting in her crotch was starting to freak her out.

“I need you to fuck me… roughly… in my asshole”, Karen said, still pouting but even she didn’t have the nerve to look into Amelia’s blue eyes just then.

“What the fuck has happened to you Karen? How could you even ask me that? We’ve known each other forever. You’re like a sister to me”, Amelia exclaimed, a little louder than she’d meant to.

“That’s why I’m asking you. I trust you more than anyone else. You know deep down it’s the same Karen you’ve always known. Being a buttslut is my destiny. It’s been my dream ever since I learned about the cult”, she said softly.

“You want me to fuck you in the ass”, Amelia said slowly, emphasising the words me, you and ass as if trying to come to terms with what she was being asked to do.

“Yeah, roughly. Tied up and whipped and shit.”

“Shit. You’re really serious aren’t you?”

“Please”, she said, looking down at her own hands.

There was a long pause where Amelia considered all the options in her head including just walking out of Karen’s room and pretending none of this had ever happened. She realised immediately that was impossible. She couldn’t unsee what she had seen and this was too fascinating, addictive even, to just go back from now.

“Fine”, she said through gritted teeth.

“Really?” Karen said, springing back to life and grinning widely. She moved in to give her friend a hug but Amelia waved her hands up, still uncomfortable.

“Really. I’ll do it… if it means so much to you.”

Karen clapped her hands together and giggled.

“You’re such a good friend… my first real ass fuck. I’m excited!”

“Right. Yeah… so how do you want to do this? Do you just turn around and I use the dildo on you?”

“Slow down, honey. A harness came with the dildo. You can wear that. But first let’s get dressed like them. It’ll be sexier.”

“Right. Like what?” Amelia asked awkwardly.

“I don’t have a slave collar like the asswhores wear, they’re specially made, but I’ve got a couple of chokers we could wear. I could take the throwback one and you could wear my sexy black velvet one. Oh, and we could wear red lip gloss like Stephanie does.”

“Whatever. Let’s just get on with this, Karen”, Amelia said, trying to convince herself that fucking her best friend in her asshole wasn’t sex as much as it was a favour.

Karen stripped her top off and walked completely naked over to her dresser. She returned with the two chokers and a tube of red lip-gloss.

“Here”, she said, handing Amelia the black velvet choker and then the lip-gloss after she had used it on her own lips.

“Maybe take your top and bra off first”, she said, smiling down at Amelia’s chest.

“Why do I need to take my bra off?” Amelia asked, frowning.

“This needs to be realistic if you’re going to help me. Besides, you have great tits. I want to see them bouncing around”, Karen said, biting her lip as she cupped her own milky-skinned breasts in her hands.

Amelia huffed but hurriedly took her top and bra off then put the velvet choker on and applied the bright red gloss.

“Those’ll need to come off too”, Karen nodded down to Amelia’s pink tanga.

Amelia looked like she’d been caught out. She hadn’t planned on taking them off. Maybe that way it would all be a bit less sexual as she plowed into her friend.

“They need to come off so you can wear the harness properly, silly”, Karen said and hooked her fingers under the waist elastic then dragged it downwards over Amelia’s creamy, smooth thighs.

Amelia grumbled but didn’t stop Karen. It was a relief to not have the soaked cotton crotch pressing against her and she felt immediately more comfortable.

Karen pulled a set of straps with a patch of rubbery latex with a reinforced hole in the centre of it just the right big enough to push the dildo through.

Karen passed the strappy harness to Amelia then reached across and popped the dildo that was still held on the headboard by its suction base, stroking it then pushing it through the hole in the harness until it reached the thicker suction base.

“Put it on”, she said huskily.

Amelia could hear the sexual urgency in her friend’s voice and it stopped her from thinking too much about what she was doing. She fumbled with the straps, not understanding which one was to go where.

“Here. Let me”, Karen said as Amelia moved back and stood next to Karen’s bed.

Karen lifted Amelia’s feet, one by one then slowly slipped the thigh straps up her friend’s shapely legs. They came to rest just at the top of the girl’s thighs, where her butt cheeks started at the back. She could feel Karen’s breath on the side of her leg as the redhead pulled the straps secure with a little buckle on each side. Amelia’s heartbeat sped up and when Karen pulled the straps she felt a tingle inside her as her butt cheeks were cupped upwards by the harness.

Karen moved in close to her crotch and Amelia almost gave out a nervous whimper as her friend’s hands took another set of straps and buckled them together like a reverse belt around her waist.

It was just a friendly pat but when Karen placed a hand over each of her cheeks and said, “there”, Amelia found herself pursing her lips just to stop a little moan of pleasure.

She looked down in front of her.

She had a cock… and she was going to use it.

Karen smiled up at her. Her hazel eyes looked aroused and submissive as she held her face near the realistic shaft.

“I’m yours, Mistress. My slutty ass belongs to you. Take it and fuck me hard”, Karen said breathily. “What do you think?” she asked in a more normal tone.

“I think you’re a fucking freak, Karen Wilson… but a sexy one. Yeah, I think a mistress would go for that. I mean, who wouldn’t?”

Amelia sounded confused.

“Cool. Now warm me up. Get me all masochistically turned on. Whip my ass for me”, Karen said, jumping up on the bed and laying face down.

“You want me to whip you? What would I even whip you with?”

“Use that belt on my chair. Fold it in half and beat me hard with it.”

Amelia could hear that Karen’s mouth was watering and her brow knotted in surprise at just how much more of a freak her best friend was than she had known.

She took the brown belt and folded it in her hand. She was careful when she smacked it down onto Karen’s left cheek thinking that was more than hard enough.

“Harder. I didn’t even felt that”, Karen’s duvet-muffled voice came.

Amelia thrashed the second blow down harder onto Karen’s right cheek.

“Fucking harder, Amelia. Try to really hurt me. Remember something I did to piss you off and fucking get your revenge. Treat me like the bitch you know I am.”

Amelia paused then she lashed out.

“Aaaaw. Yeah, that’s it… again”, Karen moaned out.

Amelia looked at the red line she’d left across the girl’s milky, round butt and pulled her arm back for another blow.

“Oooh… Oh yeah. I’ve been a bad slut… more… more”, Karen said, her hands balling up the duvet above her head.

Amelia realised just how turned on Karen was getting by what she was doing and it felt good.

“Yeah, you’re a bad girl. You deserve this”, she said a little awkwardly at first.

“Oh fuck yeah. Tell me what I am, Mistress”, Karen moaned.

“You’re… a buttslut… a dirty little buttslut… and you want me to take you in your nasty, tight asshole”, Amelia said in her ‘cruel tone’. She clearly wasn’t great at this and she couldn’t think of anything really twisted to say but she was starting to really enjoy whipping that cute butt. Maybe it did deserve it for being so hot.

“Yeah, whip my ass… and my back too… I’m your slave… punish me, Mistress”, Karen panted.

Amelia thrashed the belt down over Karen’s back and butt cheeks and even a hard one to the girl’s legs. She watched on as Karen gently slid her thighs against one another, clearly getting off on her ‘punishment’. Amelia was doing this to her. She was making friend, another girl, wet.

Karen reached her hands down and spread her cheeks lewdly apart.

“My naughty pucker deserves to be whipped too, Mistress”, she said in a girlish mew.

Fuck, Amelia thought. She looked down at the pale pink pucker. It looked so delicate and pretty. How could she whip that?

“Ooh, please Mistress. It’s a bad whore hole. It’s had so many things up it. It needs to disciplined.” Karen swirled her hips and kneaded her cheeks, making the cute rim look like it was teasing and taunting Amelia.

She struck hard between Karen’s cheeks.

“Ooowowow”, the yelp of pain was loud and real.

“Oh God. Sorry Karen. Are you okay?”

Karen groaned for a moment then spoke.

“I’m more than okay, dummy. You still aren’t getting this are you? What you’re doing is fucking amazing. It’s making my whole body tingle. Now, tell me I’m a whore every time you lash my butthole.”

When Amelia got a hold of her surprise at Karen’s reaction, she did as she was told and whacked the folded belt onto the candy-coloured sphincter.

“Whore… whore… whore…”, Amelia said on each downward blow of her wrist, getting louder and more aggressive each time she said it.

When Karen had regained the ability to speak after a long moan of masochistic pleasure, she thanked Amelia ‘her mistress’ every time a blow rained down between her parted cheeks.

After losing count, Amelia was brought back from the trance-like place in her head by Karen’s words.

“Oh fuck me, Mistress. Fuck my sore, worthless asshole, please.”

Amelia dropped the belt. This was it. She looked down at the dildo flopping about at her crotch.

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